wait where did he go

How to spot Damen in a crowd
  • Nikandros: *looking for Damen in the crowd at Ios* where the fuck did he go ?
  • Laurent: Wait, I know how to find him.
  • Nikandros: What ?
  • Laurent: *takes a deep breath*
  • Damen: *from inside the crowd* SEVEN !
  • Laurent: Oh, here he is.
  • Nikandros: .....

Forgetting to specify where in the scene a few characters are so your mental picture ends up like

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Ive had this idea on my mind for a while. What if Sans stumbles upon a human that can do magic, and of course he's wary, so he keeps an "eyesocket out for them", but the more he watches them the fonder he grows of them.(turns out they're a huge dork)

better late than never, right?


(hope you like this, i had so much fun and i kinda got carried away with it)

read me before following!

Pairing: Sans/Reader

Summary: Given the complicated history between monsters and humans, wariness of each other is nothing personal. Well, except between you and Sans. That’s very personal for one big reason: you can use magic.

After moving up to the surface, Sans sort of noticed that he’d been more reserved than usual.

He couldn’t really blame himself for that. Trust…was a hard thing to muster. Especially when he spent most his life watching not only over his brother, but himself.

It wasn’t as if the Underground was a harsh place to life. The camaraderie of monsters was simply more prevalent than it was on the surface. Humans had so much to learn. They focused more on what was different between them than what was the same. Despite being trapped on a small planet in the middle of nowhere, they still managed to create new wars over old ideologies.

…well. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so harsh on them for that. After all…monsters held on to a certain kind of hatred for so long that it warped their realities and morals, too.

Back to the point: Sans wasn’t as friendly to humans as he was to other monsters. He hid it well with casual banter and whacky jokes. Anything to make people comfortable with his presence. If he could make himself seem safer by putting on a façade, then he would do it with the fakest smile he could muster.

But…living on edge all the time was tiring.

Especially since nothing had changed. When he was part of the sentry back in Snowdin, he would watch the world go by and keep his upbeat attitude for his brother.

Now, everyone he interacted with – aside from Papyrus – received the same treatment. Keep the humans away. Make sure your SOUL was locked up tight. And never let your guard down.

Even here, in the park, he couldn’t rest his bones. Seated on the bench, the sun raining down on his bleached skull, there was still a prickle of uncertainty flitting down his spine. He let his eyelights go dark in his sockets, relishing the warmth of this heady summer day, and absorbed every shred of stimuli that swept through him.


“Whoa! Are you okay? I’m so sorry!” you shouted, having nearly mowed down the skeleton.

The gaggle of dogs continued to sniff and prod at him with wet, slimy noses, snuffling at his clothes and their tails growing stiff from pinpointing the source of the smell. You had your hands full. Literally. Their leashes were tangled up and around your wrist and fingers.

He had to admit, for a dogwalker, you were bold. Rollerblades strapped to your feet, wristguards and a helmet to keep you safe. You were already drenched with sweat trying to keep up with them, but luckily the tanktop and shorts were there to help you cool off from being worked so hard.

“heya, pups.” Sans reached out and patted one of them on the snout. They immediately reared back and barked playfully. “heh, yep. figured you’d get a kick outta me.”

“Sorry about that,” you repeated, burning from both the weather and sheer embarrassment. “I didn’t even see you here. The park is usually empty this type of day since it’s during school.”

“yeah, guess both of us don’t have that commitment then, huh?”

“Nope. I’m living the dream, as you can see.” You nodded to the group. “I work at the…well, it’s a nonprofit organization for rescued dogs. Maybe you’ve heard of us. ‘Bark Over Bite’?”

He hadn’t, but nodded anyway. “sure have. doin’ great work out there.” He figured as much, based on how comfortable the pups were with you.

“Anyway, gotta get back out there. I’m on a tight schedule. Thanks for not scolding me! You wouldn’t believe some of the nasty things old people say when you get in their personal bubble. I’m guessing you’re a little on the younger side, then.” You smiled politely. “See you!”

He didn’t bother saying anything back, already relieved you were gone.

Sans was content to spend the rest of the afternoon by himself, like he’d planned, but you obviously had other plans.

“WHOA! Slow down, guys! Wait!”

Even from this far away, he heard the sheer panic in your voice. Something that sent an unpleasant skittering along his bones. He glanced over and saw how wobbly your stance was, how your muscles strained as you did your best to come to a stop. But the full weight of your horde of dogs was enough to tear you from that hope and put you back into a dangerous reality.

Sans followed your trajectory and saw where you were headed. There was a small crowd of kids with ice cream cones wrapped in their sticky hands, lapping at the treats. They spotted the dogs and decided to call them all over with their afternoon sweet as an incentive. Between the high-pitched cooing and the whooping and cheering as the dogs zeroed in on the ice cream, Sans saw a recipe for disaster.


By some miracle, you’d managed to stay upright despite the leashes propelling you forward at breakneck speed. Sans stood on top of the bench to get a better view, his SOUL flaring to life in the middle of his chest, and his fingers ready to snap into action despite how little he really cared.

In a split second, he felt the CRACK! of magic.

Your body turned light blue. So did the dogs. And kids. Their SOULs were drawn out of their chests, so heavy and thick with excess magic that they ran in slow motion. None of them knew what was happening to their bodies so they all hesitated…just long enough that you passed through each other.

He couldn’t believe it.

Sans didn’t do that.

So who did?

He searched around but couldn’t find any other monster. It was just humans here.

At the end of the path, you had managed to stop long enough to tear the rollerblades from your feet. You’d met a rough stop by crashing into a tree and flopping into the grass, but the dogs were completely fine. The kids were shocked. Shaken up a bit. Some of them jumped up and down and shook out their limbs as best they could, at least not hard enough to have the scoop of ice cream fall from their cones.

Sans scanned the perimeter but for some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off you.

Maybe it was because…

You were the one who used the magic.



You approached the kids more calmly this time. The dogs panted and wagged their tails, licking the fallen ice cream cones and tears from the kids’ faces. The teacher, who must’ve stepped away for just a minute to help another kid with a bloody nose, saw the commotion and rushed over.

“Are they all trained? Will they bite?”

“Nah. These are our best-behaved dogs. Err, I mean, they’re still learning boundaries, but none of them are aggressive and work closely with kids.”

Sans watched you check the kids secretly for wounds. And then…

“Hey, I think I’ve got a few leaves in my hair.” You approached a child with a slight scrape on their elbow. “Can you help me get it out?”

She nodded and reached up, pudgy fingers tangled in your locks. You winced from her rough handling, but she managed to grab one. It looked…especially green. Almost like fresh grass sprouting in the spring after a long, earth-quenching rain. And after she took it, it almost…faded away. Her scrape didn’t look so red any more…wait, where did it go?

If he had a stomach, it would’ve dropped.

“See you later, puppy!” one of the kids cried. “Bye bye!”

You waved and the dogs followed you, satisfied with their midmorning treat and the overwhelming affection of the kids.

Sans wasn’t going to ignore this. It was crucial information.

A human. Could use. Magic.

And maybe it wasn’t that well developed. Maybe you were just the freak product of some ridiculously recessive gene soup. But he knew one thing: humans with magic once wrought havoc on monsterkind hundreds of years ago. If they had the advantage now, who knew what kind of selfish, horrible things they could accomplish?


“heading over to the animal shelter.”


Sans poked at his breakfast. The milk in his cereal bowl bubbled at him in response.

“you’re awesome, bro. i’ll make sure to ask if they want it.”


Papyrus was busy on the surface. Which was good. He had his own business going and made a lot of friends. Sans knew that his brother would flourish so long as he held on to his boundless optimism and confidence. He met so many cool people in town after seeking out friends, and Frisk introduced him to the more proper way of expanding his social network. By now, he had far more friends than he did strangers in his life – and Sans was very proud of him for that.

Sans, on the other hand, mainly kept in contact with old pals through his phone. He and Toriel texted often. Alphys tagged him in bad memes on Undernet. And he was always typing up bad jokes on the selfies his old buddies took.

For right now, he worked by himself on some independent science projects. He never thought he’d jump back into it, but after Undyne bought him that kid’s chemistry set as a joke one year, he was determined to create something that would knock the big grin off her smug face.

He parked in front of the place and managed to pull the box full of food out. He was sure that the shelter wouldn’t reject the donation.

The atmosphere inside was…nice. Seemed like a clean and friendly enough place. There was a playpen off to the corner where several puppies were barking and wrestling with each other. A cat seated on top of the counter stared at him, slow blinks and all, as it repositioned itself to lean toward the bell at the counter.

Ring me! it read.

He did as he was told, but not before setting down the box on the ground so he wouldn’t have to deal with it any more.


He recognized your voice. He hadn’t expected you to be here today; he thought maybe he’d snoop and try to pick up on some clues. Not that you would actually show up. He really hoped that you didn’t—

“Hey! It’s you!”

—recognize him.

You grinned and leaned over the counter, your hair in disarray. It looked like one of the animals had gotten sick all over your shirt. That or it was paint. “Nice to see you again. I’m glad you decided to check us out! What can I do for you?”

Sans bent down and brought up the case full of food. “got some donations for ya, courtesy of my bro. he was real touched when i told him about what you do, so this is from him.”

“Oh man, tell your brother he’s the best!” You reached over and snatched it from him without any hesitation. You must’ve been used to hauling dog food back and forth, because you didn’t even flinch from the added weight in your arms. “Hey, he should stop by sometime. The dogs would probably thank him personally. How does he feel about wet puppy smooches?”

That got a smile out of him. “eh. think he’d rather they don’t. he’s got a thing about affection.”

“Ah, no problem, then. We’ve got some oldies here who don’t wanna do anything but cuddle. Did you want to take a tour?”


He wasn’t sure why he said it. He meant to do some light spying and then take off. Not interfere with what you were doing. Maybe he was just curious because he wanted to see the extent of your powers.

As far as he knew, you could do two: blue and green magic. That was more than what he had control over, and it was unheard of for anyone to use more than one. What was your deal?

The rest of the building was basic. There were a few acres of land in the back with a tall enough fence that the dogs couldn’t jump over it. Lots of worn toys strewn everywhere. Drool around every corner, some pictures of the dogs that some kids drew hanging over their beds. It smelled bad, and the place looked like it’d seen better days, but you were trying your best to keep it together.

“crazy what happened yesterday, huh?”

You paused. Finished stacking the cans in the cupboard. “Oh, the kids? You saw that?”

“yeah. it’s real lucky no one got hurt.”

“I know. I should’ve been more careful.” Your voice was soft now. “Sometimes it’s hard to control…the dogs. You know. And they can be a little…wild, when they’re distracted. I think all they need is…practice? I can help them the best they can.”

“sounds like you’re stretched thin here.”

“Kind of. One of our supervisors quit. He moved away to retire somewhere warm and tropical with his husband. Not that I blame him. But that means longer nights for me! Which, I don’t mind, I practically live here. And overtime pay is great. Still kinda lonely though.”

He stared at your dejected expression.

“But I mean. Anyway. It’s not that big of a deal.” You shoved it all aside. But even from here he could see the uncertain waver to your SOUL. “So, uh, where do you work, Sans?”

“right now i’m takin’ a break. who knows. might end up teaching a few courses down at the community center. but eh. besides that, don’t really got a plan.”

“Man, that’s so cool. I mean. You seem pretty well put together. I never would’ve guessed.”

“heh. uh, thanks?”

It started to get dark outside. Sans hadn’t learned much about you in terms of what your magical skill was like, save for the very clear uncertainty from your awkward runaround about yesterday’s near mishap. So this was a bust.

“I gotta get back to painting this new playroom. I’ll see you around, hopefully.”

“yeah. see ya.”

From the corner of his eye, he watched you stare hard at the blank wall you’d been working on. Your clothes were a mess, the paintbrushes frayed, and it looked like you’d all but given up on trying to preserve the floor from your wrath. In the middle of it all, you managed to let out a weary sigh and push yourself to finish.

Sans headed home and found Papyrus already setting the table for dinner.


“yep. a girl at the front desk told me to tell you that you’re super cool for thinkin’ of them. think you’ve got a new fan.”




“think so.” He drew the text up to read it and respond before he shoved his phone away.

aly aly oxenfree: snas, i found the info ur lookin 4!!!

snas: ok, so what’s the deal?

aly aly oxenfree: the organization is legit. right now there are only 3 employees. they pay a little above the minimum wage, but rely on public donations and fundraisers to keep their doors open.

snas: and the girl?

aly aly oxenfree: found out where she lives. that’s about it. are u sure that u saw what u said u did?

snas: i’m sure

aly aly oxenfree: & u don’t wanna tell toriel???

snas: gotta make sure she’s ok with monsters before all that.

aly aly oxenfree: she can take care of herself, oh my god

snas: yeah but she’s too nice sometimes

aly aly oxenfree: & ur not?

snas: g2g

Maybe it was cowardly to snoop around while you were at work. But he had to know just who it was that he was dealing with.

Your apartment wasn’t too far from the shelter. It was probably a ten-minute walk. Not the best neighborhood, but not the worst either. It looked like you lived alone. And you forgot to close the curtains before you left. He was just lucky you were on the ground floor.

Inside, your place was somewhat of a mess. Wrappers and empty fast food containers piled up in the kitchen. Your décor was a little…weird. Lots of figurines and collections from various fandoms. Alphys would’ve gotten a kick out of this if she came.

In the corner of the room, almost indiscernible among the thick layers of dust, was a statue of a figure so familiar it made him sick.

A human mage.

So that explained it. You knew about your magic use. This wasn’t some sort of weird coincidence where you were discovering your powers. You had stacks of library books around the statue – maybe references about the history of your talents. Maybe techniques to help you refine your craft.

Whatever the case, this only furthered his suspicion that you needed to be kept in check.

It didn’t take him long to get to the shelter.

“Hey, it’s you!”

“name’s sans. here for a job.” He planted the flier on the counter. “you still need help takin’ care of the animals?”

For the most part, you were always suspicious of people that wanted to work at your shelter. Mostly because so many people had flaked out before. It wasn’t easy introducing a lot of traumatized dogs to new people.

But Sans seemed different, in a way. And not because he was a skeleton or a monster. It was…more because of his attitude. A little laissez-faire. A little cynical, from what you could tell. Despite all of that, he seemed genuine in his desire to work with all the dogs. It…wasn’t as if you could afford to turn anyone else away. Not when the flu was going around and the person covering your days off was sick to their stomach.

“So…what made you wanna apply here?”

The interview was incredibly informal since you were the only one who could give it.

“seems like a neat place. you’ve got a good thing going. met some of your pups, and i think all they need is some tlc.”

“Do you have any experience with pets?”

“course i do. we got our own dog back home. he mostly sleeps in my room.”

“Aww, cute. So, let’s go through some scenarios…”

Suffice it to say, Sans passed with flying colors. He was so damn charismatic despite acting so casual. It was an admirable trait.

“When can you start?”

“you got time to train me today?”

“Sure! Let’s do it!”

You had already given him a tour, so some basics wasn’t that bad. Showing him the chart of all the dogs’ diets, where the food and water was kept, the schedules with everyone’s exercise and play time. Sans approached them carefully and always respected their boundaries, especially when you included him in the scheduled fun.

Over the next few weeks, Sans performed way above your expectations, which was already high to begin with. But you noticed something…weird.

For one, Sans would barely make eye contact with you. Hey, everyone had their issues and interacted with the world differently. But it felt like he was so engaging with possible foster parents and adopters. Not you. Which kind of hurt your feelings.

Second, he never wanted to hang out with you after work. Which. Okay. You sort of understood why he wouldn’t, since work and personal lives were easiest when kept separate. But he was so cool with you before, when you first met, so you wondered why his tune had changed.

Third, and weirdest of all, Sans was never alone with you. If you needed his help with something, he would find another task to do and complete it on his own. There was no small talk between you anymore. If anything, it felt like he was keeping you at arm’s length on purpose. As if he was just around the corner, observing but never engaging. How weird was that?

“Hey, Sans. You want to grab something to eat?” It was bath day for the dogs, which meant you were in no position to cook tonight. Not with your aching body. “I know this really cool place down the street.”

“thanks for the offer, but i’m good. my bro is comin’ to pick me up. we’ve got a dinner to get to.”

“Oh. Sounds awesome. I hope you have fun.”

You were putting on your shoes when the door burst open. “SANS! THE CAR IS RUNNING OUTSIDE AND YOUR FAVORITE SONG IS ON! WE HAVE TO HURRY BEFORE IT’S OVER!”


Who was that?!

Well, obviously it was Sans’ brother. But he was so TALL. He and his brother looked like exact opposites. You expected another slouchy monster with a weird sense of humor, definitely not this ridiculously handsome and cool dude who peered at you like you’d just grown another head.



“YOU!!! I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU.” He dug into his pocket and grinned as he handed it to you. An autographed picture of himself. “I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT TO GIVE THIS TO YOU.”

“Wait a second, you’re the brother who donated food to my pups?”


“Whoa.” That was all you could muster before he reached out to shake your hand, which you returned warmly. “I’m gonna put this on my list of STAR donors! Is that okay?”

“A-ABSOLUTELY!” He put his hands up to his chin and you laughed at the faint blush dusting his cheekbones. “I WOULD EXPECT NOTHING LESS, FOR I AM THE MOST GENEROUS OF PEOPLE.”

“Seems like it. Hey Sans, your brother is just as awesome as you said he was! He’s getting washed up, I think, we were knee-deep in soapy water all day.”




“Ah, I’m okay….”



Papyrus glanced over. Sans stood in the doorway, suspicion written all over his face.

“you’re here early.”


“Oh, I don’t know…” You chewed on your lower lip. “I—I uh, don’t think Sans will want me there.”


You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Sans? Being nice and amicable with his coworkers? Treating them like friends? Seriously?


You knew Sans didn’t want you there. But you were starving. And it would be nice to get out of the house. Your couch was going to have buttprints soon with how much time you spent there.

“Sure. Thanks, Papyrus!”


Oh. The air was tense. Sans was so uncomfortable the entire ride there. Which…you really didn’t understand. Was he embarrassed of his friends? Of the place? Or…was he embarrassed of you?

The bar was one you’d walked by probably a hundred times. A cozy place that wasn’t too busy at night, at least not enough that you wouldn’t be able to hear yourself think.


“Yeah, my other coworker caught it not too long ago. She got over it, but now she’s taking care of her kids.”


It was awkward at first, sure, but Papyrus did his best to make you feel welcome. Alphys and Sans were texting on their phones all night. You were…like ninety-nine percent sure that it was to each other. Maybe they were in a group chat with this Toriel person to check up on her. Undyne wasn’t really interested in you very much, since she was watching a swimming competition on the TV. Papyrus was the one to engage you the most, asking you all sorts of questions about working at the shelter.


“…she sings to ‘em.”


“I—I definitely do not,” you laughed nervously, taking another long drink. “I just take them for a little walk, that’s all.”

“heh. not really. she’ll sing ‘my only sunshine’ to ‘em and snuggle with them in their rooms.”

“I definitely DON’T do that?”

“yeah you do. they like her voice. mostly ‘cuz she gets so passionate.”


“she dances, too. then they howl with her.”

He was exposing all your secrets! What the hell! You made sure to only do that kind of shit when he said he was going on break!


“didn’t even tell ya the best part. she has nicknames for all of ‘em. and she trains ‘em to give high fives to people when they take a lot during adoption drives.”

“W-what?” Alphys giggled. “That’s so cool!”

“It’s really not a big deal…”

Sans continued, not bothered in the slightest by your panicked protests. “she makes flower crowns for ‘em, too. most of ‘em let her put it on and then she takes photos for the website. then she backs out on uploadin’ ‘em because she thinks the crowns aren’t good enough.”

“It’s because they eat most of the flowers in the backyard or they wilt them!”

Sans locked eyes with you. The suddenness of his eye contact was jarring, to say the least.

“you care a lot about those animals. that’s real clear.”

“Oh…um. Thanks.”

“just statin’ the obvious.”

After eating a hearty meal, which Papyrus insisted he pay for in exchange for you dealing with his brother at work, he offered to drive you home. You agreed.


“Sure. Come on in. Uh, mind the mess. I wasn’t expecting company.”

The apartment was quiet, too much for your taste. You always needed the TV on to make it seem less lonely. Sans was lucky – he had a sibling to share his life with.

“OKIE DOKIE, BE RIGHT BACK!” Papyrus dashed off after you pointed him in the right direction. It was…nice?…to see him so enthusiastic about proper hygiene.

Sans stood in front of your bookshelf. A collection of all sorts of things that you were interested in. He seemed to fixate specifically on a leather book wedged between several young adult novels, though he wasn’t going to mention anything to you.

“That’s…um. Well. I borrowed that from the library that closed not too long ago.”

the precision of magic control, huh?”

“Um. Yeah.”

Awkward silence.

“Monsters are really cool. Being able to do magic. It’s normal for you guys. For humans, that sort of thing was debunked a long time ago. Now people are only beginning to understand it. Hopefully we can learn more from you.”

“hope so.”

You flinched at the coldness to his tone. “Sans?”


“Do you not like me?”

He paused for a moment, but didn’t even bother looking at you. “what makes you say that?”

“Just a feeling. It’s okay if you don’t. I’m kind of weird. I talk to animals a lot, I spend most of my time playing around, and I work my ass off to give away dogs that I really do love and am attached to. It’s kind of dumb. The two of us have grown up in different places, so…I can see why you’d have a hard time getting along with me.”

Sans reached out and plucked the book from the shelf. There were scribbled notes in it.

“why do you read about this kinda stuff? looks like it’s been here longer than we’ve lived on the surface.”

You swallowed. “Well. Actually. Uh. The thing is…I want to learn about it because…I…”

A long silence. Sans waited a few more seconds before he spoke.

“that day, in the park. saw you use magic.”

“You did.” Of course he did. You weren’t exactly subtle. “It was so stupid. But I didn’t know what else to do.”

“humans don’t even have that ability any more.”

“They don’t. I’m a freak.”

He wasn’t sure why, but his chest ached at that accusation. “nah.”

“No, really. I am. I’ve had magic for as long as I can remember. I’ve taught myself so much. But it feels like all I ever do is hurt people with it. Unless I’m alone. Then the only person at risk is myself. And it’s not like anyone would care.”

That last bit wasn’t what you meant to say. It just fell out.

But Sans closed his eyes and stuffed the book back to its rightful place.

“that’s where yer wrong.”

“I am?”


He turned toward you. Hands in his pockets. Eyes locked with yours. That signature grin of his fading to more of a grimace.


“i gotta apologize. i got you all wrong. had this…notion of ya in my head. about what you’d be like. what kinda person you were. looks like i’m just…a bonehead.”

“It’s okay, Sans.”


“Was that a pun?”


“Ewww, I regret this immediately!” you laughed. “I don’t wanna be friends any more.”

“aw, c’mon. throw me a bone here.”


Papyrus came out to the both of you laughing. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? HAVE I ENTERED A PARALLEL UNIVERSE?! OH NO. NOT AGAIN!”

Sans grinned. “relax, bro. we’re just doin’ what coworkers do. rib each other.”

“Get him out of my house!” you joked.


“Wait, Papyrus, no! I was kidding!!!” You chased after him as he carted Sans out the door over his shoulder, already starting what looked like an hour-long lecture.

It was funny how a simple forced hand could be the turning point you were looking for. After that night, Sans seemed…more like himself, if that made any sense. He joked more often, smiled more wholeheartedly, and…

Couldn’t leave you alone for a second.

“so how old were you when you first realized you could use magic?”

“Um, maybe four or five? There was this butterfly with a crippled wing. So I healed it with a shower of leaves. I thought I could show it how to fly and it would take off again. Turns out I just used the leaves as a…conduit so I could use healing magic on it.”

“so you know green is for healing?”

“Yup. I do read monster literature, you know. It’s helped me a lot.”

“ok. what about the blue magic?”

“That one came a little later. I almost got hit by some creep on one of those scooters. He was trying to scare me and get me to jump into the lake to avoid him, but I ended up choking. I just stood there when he came full force. Then he passed right through me.”


You handed him the fresh bowl of food as he dropped them down one by one. You’d trained the dogs to all wait their turn eating, and spread the bowls across the lawn so no one would have an issue with you. And some careful redirecting would be in order in case any of them decided to be greedy, but they’d been much more well-behaved lately.

“So what are we? Blue buddies?”

“heh. what?”

“Blue buddies. We both have blue magic.”

“oh my god.”

“Whaaaat. Don’t laugh at me, Sans! It could be a thing!”

“hey, i can think of something else that could be a thing.”

“Oh yeah? What?”

“you…n’ me…” He started to sweat. Was he okay? Could skeletons overheat? “uh…heh…grabbin’ those tennis balls we lost over the fence.”

“Shit, I forgot about that. Let’s go right after the dogs are done.”

Movie nights. Dog walks in the park. Touring the city’s restaurants. It was all uphill from there. Sans was always looking for an excuse to hang out, a far cry from what you experienced firsthand. He and Papyrus were experts with blue magic, so a lot of the time you would stop by their place and learn more about control and finesse. Papyrus was far more helpful in that sense, since he showed you how to do things, while Sans just distracted you from the sidelines and tried to make you laugh.

You and Sans took overnight shifts waiting for a new litter of puppies to be born. One of the strays you took in from the shelter this past week was pregnant and ready to burst, but you just knew that the breed of dog was going to be hard to adopt out, so they handed them all over to you.

It was about four in the morning when you took the phone call. It was Sans.

“hey, you wanna come down here for this?”

“Yeah,” you mumbled. “I’ll be there.”

Fifteen minutes later, you joined him on the floor, at a comfortable distance from the mother as she did her best to deliver her litter. Sans had his back against the wall, knees drawn up, watching the sight in morbid fascination. Probably not at all how monster deliveries worked.

“You okay?”

“heh. sure.”

You could tell something was bothering him. “Are you sure? You seem a little out of it. I can sort of tell these things now. You have different smiles.”

“do i?” That one was for amusement. “guess you would know. yer gettin’ to be a little too perceptive for me to pull one over on ya.”

“I guess I am.” You glanced over at his hand, which twitched against the cool tile of the sterile room. “Hey, Sans?”

“what’s up.”

“Being here with you is like green magic.”

“uh….” He stammered. “i don’t get it.”

“Feels good. Like…the feeling I get when I heal someone. It’s warm in a good way. Starts out in the center of your chest, then goes all the way down to the tips of your toes…and your fingers.”

Sans nearly choked. He looked down and saw your hand resting on top of his. He could see his reflection in your eyes. Scared. Confused. What were you doing?

“And it’s kinda weird, but blue magic too. Where you have to stop and take everything in, otherwise you might get hurt. You take your time and wait it out to see where it goes.”

Oh man. He blushed. Hard. This was not happening. Was it?

“I think maybe I might get experience with orange magic soon. Where you look at the path ahead and just…go for it. Because sometimes you have to be brave to progress.”

He didn’t have a chance to ask you if you were being serious, because you had promptly kissed him just hard enough that yeah, he knew exactly what you meant. Warmth. Hesitation. Excitement. All of it wrapped up in a bundle of static that settled in the center of his chest, sparking outwards and sending every last part of his body on fire.

You pulled back. Lips swollen from the kiss. He hadn’t even realized this earlier, but your face was flushed too.


“Whoa…is right. Is it…um…a whoa of approval?”

He could barely nod.

You laughed and your nose wrinkled, leaning forward to plant another one on him. “Oh. That’s good to know.”

At five in the morning, eight puppies were born. Sans named them after all the magical traits. Of course, you gave them silly nicknames everyone would use around the building.

At six in the morning, you and Sans left the shelter. Your coworker’s shift started and she would watch over the new mom and her pups.

At seven in the morning, you both went out for breakfast. Apparently, there was even a fight in the restaurant, but the both of you were so engrossed in each other that you hadn’t noticed. Sans picked up the bill and you promised you’d get it next time.

At eight in the morning, Sans stood outside your apartment as you sealed your new relationship with another long, ardent kiss. You struggled with the mechanics of it still, but nothing a few bouts of awkward laughter wouldn’t fix.

Sans walked on air as he made his way home to share the good news with his brother. Maybe moving to the surface wasn’t a mistake after all.


Neha: Thank you for coming. 

Silvia: This house is amazing. It really suits Jules. 

Danny: It really does. Does it have a basement of some sort?

Neha: It does. Jules insisted because he wanted his-

Danny & Silvia: Secret lair. 

Danny: He’s been begging us for one since he was sixteen. That’s probably why he moved out, because we told him no lots of times. I feel like we’ve raised a potential comic book villain.

Silvia: Speaking of our Jully, where did he go? 

Neha: He’s waiting to meet my dads, outside. 

But that was before | Stiles fluff/smut

A/N: hi guys, this is my first time writing a short story so please give feedback :) I am planning on making another part to it which will be a little smuttier.

Plot: Stiles X reader. You return to beacon hills after some time away to find that Lydia is having a party and the girls are desperate for you to go, but you just want to see Stiles, who doesn’t know your back.

  *Y/N- your name, Y/L/N- your last name, Y/E/C- your eye colour

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

“Come on y/n” Malia begs for the fifth time today as she jogs up beside you “you have to come”
“And why is that exactly ?” You say as you continue to walk down the corridor towards chemistry.
“Because it wouldn’t exactly be a pack party without the whole pack”
You couldn’t help but laugh at her naivety “I hate to break it to you Mal but this isn’t a pack gathering” you grin as you pull Lydia’s party poster from your pocket and pass it to Her “it’s a school gathering”

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Roadtrip Episode

Someone said they wanted a roadtrip episode on that post I made of a list of stuff I wanted in the LT cartoon, which I completely agree with. I said a few of my ideas for it but I decided I wanted to gather them all up and put them in a separate post, so here we go!

- Robbie got stuck in the boot while trying to cook up an evil scheme.

- Ziggy’s brought all his candy and now it’s everywhere god damn it

- All the snacks have mysteriously disappeared

- Trixie is telling bad puns through out the entire journey and ends up getting thrown out

- Milford got his tie or something stuck in the door and now he’s being dragged along on a skateboard.

- Bessie is calling every 5 minutes

- They still can’t find the snacks

- Sportacus agrees to drive but it’s not until they’ve crashed into a rock he admits he doesn’t know how to drive anything that isn’t an airship

- Stephanie is singing along way too loudly to every song that comes on

- Shut up Stephanie

- Stingy complains that he’s at the back

- Stingy complains that he’s at the front

- Now he’s complaining about the music and changes EVERY song before it ends. 

- He’s complaining he’s been tied to the roof of the car

- Robbie is about to scream. He can’t take much more of this.


- They had a pit stop but now they can’t find the car keys

- Bessie is still calling. They decide not to answer her calls

- Sportacus makes everyone do exercise while he looks for the car keys

- He still hasn’t found them but when he comes back the kids are taking turns to jump off a big rock

- Trixie don’t you dare push Ziggy off the rock


- Wait where did Stingy go

- He’s locked himself in the car. He had the car keys

- It’s MY car

- Robbie is still stuck and complaining

- They finally manage to convince Stingy to let them in the car

- Off they go

- Oh fuck we forgot Ziggy

- We found Ziggy


- Everyone’s tired and complaining.

- Except Pixel

- He’s been on his DS the whole time and has no idea what’s happening

- Robbie finally escapes from his prison

- rObBiE rOtTeN!1!??1!?1

Cheer Up

[BTS] Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Romance is taken entirely to a new level for a young man when he falls for a girl who has him wrapped around her finger without her completely realizing what she was doing to him.
Originally posted by cyyphr

Music blasted loudly from every corner of the living room, mingled with the idle chatter and drunken laughter of the teenagers with a alcoholic beverage in their hands. This campus fraternity had a reputation for throwing the wildest parties and pulling the most dangerous pranks. While its members were some of the most social butterflies and the most popular students attending the college. Although their parties were common, this celebration was very special, as the sister fraternity was welcoming their most recent member.

Instead of choosing to mingle around with strangers, you stood in the corner of the living room with a styrofoam cup in your hand full of something that reeked of bitter beer. Your lips were pursed slightly in distaste as you watched partygoers carelessly dance the night away. There was nothing more that you desired than to be laying comfortably in your bedroom with a good book. Setting your untouched drink down onto the table, you scan the room once again with bored eyes.

“Join the party, she said. It’ll be a blast, she said.” You mumble bitterly after searching the crowd for Hyuna, but no luck in finding the brunette. She had promised to keep you company for your welcoming party, but you hadn’t spotted her since the party started. Sighing, you pick up your cup again and tilt your head back quickly as your mouth soon takes on the taste of tart beer.

“Slow down there, babe. I know this is your party, but don’t get drunk immediately.” A young man seated beside you chuckled softly, studying you with bright mischievous eyes. You lowered your cup, glancing the stranger with a skeptical gaze. Sure, he was extremely handsome, but that wasn’t an excuse to talk to him.

“This is going to sound rude, but who are you and why the hell are you talking to me?” He finds your response hilarious, seeing as he laughs lightheartedly at your words. He shakes him head in amusement, letting his laughter die down before holding his hand out towards you.

“How rude of me. I’m Taehyung, I’m one of the members of the fraternity next door.” Your fingers softly grip on his palm as you give it a firm shake. It made sense that he would be attending the party if he was from the Sonyeondan fraternity. They were just as much as parties as your fraternity was.

“I’ve heard quite a bit about the amazing (Full Name), but they weren’t kidding about how beautiful you are.” Taehyung winks playfully as his arm wraps over your shoulder. At the action, you’re pulled closer to his body, making your cheeks flush at the sudden extra body heat.

Sighing, you duck under his hold and scoot farther away with a bittersweet smile on your lips. “How many girls have you used that on, Taehyung? I’ve heard that you’re a bit of a flirt, but this is just disappointing,” Your voice sounds like you’re speaking to a child as your fingers delicately grab his chin.

Taehyung’s cheeks are now a faint shade of scarlet as his face is brought closer to yours. “You’re going to try a little harder if you want to trick me, sweetheart.” Your lips are close to his earlobe and whisper the words into his eardrum as your grip on his chin loosens. His mouth is opened slightly out surprise and you smile as if nothing had happened.

You hum delightedly under your breath as you stood up from your seat and leave him in the crowded living room. When you enter the kitchen, your shoulders are immediately in Hyuna’s tight grip. “Do you know what you just did?” She squeals excitedly, holding your hands in her own. You peek from the kitchen doorway to see Taehyung sitting with his friends, dazedly staring at the carpet. Giggling softly, you take another sip of your beer.

“Only a freshman and you already have some admirers.” Hyuna nudges your shoulder teasingly, laughing giddily. Your cheeks flush and her laughter grows louder. Sighing softly, your lips form a grin when you nudged her in return with no mercy, making her yelp.

“Hey, stop spacing out. You’re starting to freak me out.” Namjoon lightly slaps the back of Taehyung’s head, who is brought back from his train of thought. He stares at his older friend with dazed eyes as he answers with a confused ‘hmm.’

“I know that look, Taehyung. Alright, which one is she?” Namjoon smiles mischievously as he looks around the crowds for any girl that could’ve caught the boy’s interest. Said boy does not respond, but only turns his attention to the kitchen where he can see the familiar face of the mysterious girl with the president of this fraternity.

“You are seriously whipped, you know that?” Taehyung ignores his hyung’s statement as he takes another long drink from his cup and continuing to stare at you from afar. He received another slap to the back of his head, this time from Yoongi.

“Get your ducks in a row and go talk to her again. Don’t think that I didn’t see what was happening earlier.” He mumbles sleepily, readjusting his beanie. Taehyung sighs, shaking his head in response.

“This is a first. The famous Kim Taehyung can’t talk to a girl.” Namjoon chuckles, subtly laughing at his friend’s behavior.

“It’s not that I can’t talk to her-wait. Where did hyung go?” The boy searches for his older friend until he turns to your direction seeing that you were already speaking to him.

“Oh shit.”

Hyuna had left and returned to the crowds to find the others to spill the event, leaving you to drink from your plastic cup. You are surprised to feel a tap on your shoulder and turn to see the one and only Min Yoongi. “Can you do me a favor and give my friend your number?” Your eyes widen as his blunt sentence. His thumb is pointed back to the couch where Taehyung watched with horrified eyes.

You clear your throats and force yourself to not burst out of laughter. “Um, no problem. Tell him I’ll give it to him in class tomorrow.” Yoongi nods his head curtly as he returns to the couch, where you see Taehyung whine to him with a pout on his lips. You snicker as you turn on your heel and finally lock yourself in your room for the rest of the evening.

In the morning during class, Taehyung is surprised when you come sit next to his desk before the lesson starts and hand him a piece of scrap paper. He decided to play it cool and open it until you left. His even more shocked to see the message on the paper and chases after you once the bell rang.

‘Did you think that it’s be that easy, sweetheart? You’ll have to try a little harder. Cheer up, baby. I’m willing to give you a chance.’
Kpop Parents Connections #The3rdMeeting #TheDadsAreInCharge

( @lxnchiii gave me this idea for this post a while ago and I’m finally doing it now. Sorry for the lateness I’ve just had no time to write.)

Jaebum: Welcome Dads and Maknaes! As you can see we decided to do this meeting a little differently. Change things up, and really connect as famil—

Rap Monster: Did Jinyoung make you sleep on the couch again?

Jaebum: Lol *starts shuffling notes* why would you say that?

Yugyeom: Because he did.

Top: Been down that road bro. You gotta show him who’s in charge. A good marriage is about give and take. Trust and loyalty. Love an–

Jaebum: Um didn’t the story just break about GD’s secret girlfriend?

MJ: *snickers*


Sungyyu: Woah! no reason to get upset with the kid. It’s pretty funny, you have to admit.

Top: *calms down* Yeah i guess you’re right bro

Jaebum: I’m happy you were able to settle tha–

Top: Shut up

Jaebum: Yes sir

Changkyun: Okay sorry, I don’t want to be rude but Kihyun told me I couldn’t go home unless Monsta X was appreciated fully at this meeting.

Tao: Lol why?

Jungkook: You guys can’t even get appreciation on the charts.

Sungjong: *chokes*

Leo: I’m going to go make some coffee.

Jaebum: Tao?!! Why are you here??? Why are there so many Exo members?

Kris: Well everyone knows Yixing kind of stepped up as a father figure once I left-

Yixing: *nods*

Kris: So Suho decided it may be good if the “ex” and the “next” teamed up to support our dysfunctional families.

Seungcheol: Question though. Why are Tao and Sehun both here? Shouldn’t there be only one Maknae?

Yixing: Well see Exo is made up of M and K and toget–

Sehun: Shut up dad, they don’t care.


Sanha: I don’t feel comfortable being here.

Yugyeom: *whispers to Hyuk*  pretty sure my dad would kill me if I ever said that.

Hyuk: Mine already did.

Jaebum: Let’s get back on track. Vixx just had an impressive comeback. Way to go guys! ….Wait…Where did Leo go that fast?

Zelo: Pretty sure he went out the back door when he said he was going to go get coffee.

Hyuk: Not again.

Kris: Lol I’m usually the absentee father. But that’s the past, I’m fully committed to being in my kid’s liv-

Seungri: Yo Yifan! I got the score on 3 models with daddy issues in a hotel room in 5 minutes! First 3 rounds of soju are on me! You down?

Kris: *stands up* I never liked Exo anyway *leaves with Seungri*


Dino: *to Seungcheol* Just in case I never said it. You’re a great dad.

Sungjong: *to Sunggyu* Same

Changkyun: *to Shownu* agreed

JungKook: *looks at Namjoon*

Namjoon: *smiles back*

Jungkook: Nahh *pulls out phone and starts texting*

Yongguk: Yo Yugyeom! Did Jinyoung make any cookies for the meeting this week?

Yugyeom: Oh yeah I almost forgot! *pulls out small container and passes it to Yongguk* Jinyoung said he made them especially for dads meeting!

Yongguk: *takes a bite*

Yongguk: These taste like ass

Yugyeom: Ohhh wait!! Those were the ones I was suppose to only give JB! My bad bro.

Zelo: Wouldn’t be the first questionable thing he’s put in his mouth.

MJ: *covers Sanha’s ears*

Sehun: Is this almost over? BamBam just sent me a message about an Fboi meeting down the hall.

Yongguk: *pulls out phone* I got the text too!

Yixing: Same *high fives him*

Namjoon: *checks phone* I did to- Wait it’s just a por–

Jaebum: NOOO the meeting is not almost over! Bap came back and we haven’t even acknowledged them yet!

Top: Let’s be honest nobody is saying anything because Zelo has roadkill attached to the back of his head and Yongguk is–

Yongguk: I’m going to go make coffee

Yongguk: *leaves*

Yugyeom: *to Zelo* You think he’s coming back?

Zelo: Nah fam he’s gone, and he was my ride.

Hyuk: Don’t worry bro, i got bus fare.

Dino: You act like you get left a lot

Hyuk: 3 times a week

Tao: I feel your pain


Tao: Honestly I didn’t have anything to do and I wanted a cookie before i left.

Seungcheol: But they’re ass flavored.

Yixing: He doesn’t mind.

Sungjong: Why are you all so gross? I feel like I have to be a fake person to even fit in here.

Changkyun: *mutters* Says the person who makes all the plastic detectors go off in the airports.


Shownu: Ouch

Jaebum: Hey Shownu! You’ve been so quiet. Is there anything you want to say?

Shownu: no

Sunggyu: We are literally the nicest people here, why in the world are we getting dragged?

Top: Calm down gramps, you’re like 5 years late to the insult, they already moved on.

Sunggyu: *cups ear* A gas station in Tuscon???!!

Jungkook: You remind me of someone old I once knew….

MJ: So we’ll be leaving….this was…something

Sanha: Daddy what does Fboi mean?


MJ: SEEE YOU ALL NEXT TIME!! *drags Sanha out*

Namjoon: We’ll be leaving too. I heard that Jin may be cheating on me with some statuesque type guy an-

JungKook: And i just thought we were too good to be here *leaves*

Dino: We need to leave too, we have a comeback to practice for *leaves with Seungcheol*

Seungcheol: *stops in doorway*

Seungcheol: But we did enjoy “Checking I-

Top: *Slams door in Seungcheol’s face* Oops…it slipped….. I’m rolling too, don’t invite me to anymore of these. *opens door and pushes past Seungcheol*

Seungcheol: I think my nose is broken

Changkyun: We’re bouncing out, Starship is getting sick of our losses and said we can’t stay out late as punishment

Zelo: But it’s only 2pm


Shownu: *whispers* not again *leaves too*

Jaebum: You know, sometimes i wish i could go back in time and save him.

Sunggyu: Well we’re out! I’ll be here next time with Woohyun he really wanted to come! *leaves*

Sungjong: I’ll be busy the next meeting

Jaebum: But it’s not even scheduled ye-

Sungjong: *slams door behind him*

Hyuk: Yo Zelo, you ready to go?

Zelo: Yeah dude, but I mean I was ready after the first 5 minutes *both leave laughing*

Jaebum: *mutters* Being around these idols is starting to make me sick.

Yugyeom: Nah it’s just the coffee. Jinyoung had me slip something in that too.

Sehun: Come on Yixing, I want to go home. This was boring and no one complimented my “boyfriend look” today. *leaves with a humph*

Yixing: Thanks for having us, It’s nice to be recognized for something more than being Chinese *follows Sehun*

Jaebum: Whew finally this meeting is over!

Tao: *clears throat*


Tao: So about the cookies…

Jaebum: Why don’t you do something you’re actually good at and just leave!


Yugyeom: Damnnnn

Tao: You cut me deep bro…you cut me real deep *adjusts prada leather coat with panda fur and leaves*

Yugyeom: Yeah so I’m going home too Jinyoung made dinner and I don’t want my plate to get cold.

Jaebum: Yugyeom

Yugyeom: Yes?

Jaebum: Can you ask him if I can come home now?


Yugyeom: Probably not *leaves*

Jaebum: I quit.

Seungcheol: *from hallway* MY NOSE WON’T STOP BLEEDING!!

Jaebum: *leaves*

MariChat May Day 4: Romeo

This one is for my own personal Romeo, who has been my “creative consultant” on much of what I’ve written.  Thank you, WarBond, for helping me brainstorm.  And, you know, for making our story a happy one.  I love you!

Chat Noir heard a clatter and a shriek as he approached Marinette’s balcony, and he picked up his pace.  Had someone broken in?  Was she ok?  He dove in through her open window rather than using the trap door, and landed in a tense crouch, poised to attack if the situation warranted it.

The situation did not warrant it.

Marinette stared at him dumbly, frozen in the act of collecting several scattered pieces of fabric and sewing supplies from the floor.  A huge grey-blue cat was similarly frozen, with one paw stretched out to bat at a seam-ripper.   He stood from his crouch.  “Um, hi?”

“Chat!  What are you doing?”

“Um, saving you?”

Marinette blinked, and sat back on her heels to look up at him.  “Saving me?”

He shrugged.  “I heard the crash, and a yell and—”


They both looked at the cat, who’d used Marinette’s distraction as an opportunity to jump up to her desk.  He’d just knocked a tin of pins to the floor, and was busy knocking around a spool of black thread.

“Romeo!  Romeo, no!”  Marinette stood to take the spool, but fell into her desk chair with a gasped “Ow!”

“Are you ok, Princess?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.  I’m just stepped on a pin.”  She plucked it from her foot and snatched up the spool.  “Can you help me clean all this up?   Please?”

“So, who is this?”  He knelt and began collecting pins with a smirk.  “Am I not enough cat for you?”

She gave him a withering glare, but otherwise ignored his second question. “I’m cat-sitting for Rose while her—ROMEO!”  She scooped up the big gray cat and dumped him on the chaise, then knelt by Chat to collect her fabric.  “Ugh, that darn cat is going to destroy my room!”

He chuckled.  “Just cat-sitting, then?”

“Yes. I can’t wait for Rose and her family to get back.  He’s a sweet cat, but he’s still young and really playful.”  With all of the fabric stacked neatly, and the pins returned to their tin, the both began to collect the various items that belonged in her sewing basket.

“How long will they be—huh?”  He glanced behind himself to see that Romeo had captured the end of his belt tail in his front paws, and was kicking at it with his hind feet.  “It’s a good thing that isn’t a real tail.”

“Ugh, I’m so sorry,” she groaned, tugging the tail away.  “He’s been cooped up in my room, since we can’t risk him getting into the bakery.  I think he’s going a little stir-crazy.”

“It’s alright.  Have you been playing with him?”

Marinette blinked.  “You’re supposed to play with cats?”

“Well, sure.  Especially young ones.”  He frowned.  “Didn’t Rose bring any toys for him?”

“No. But, maybe I can make something?”  She finished putting away her sewing things, and pulled out some yarn scraps.  “Do you have cats?”

“Just my kwami.  But, I did a bit of reading on cats back when he first showed up.  He’s not a house cat, but it definitely helped to explain some of his personality quirks.”  He watched curiously as she began wrapping the yarn around her fingers.  “What are you doing?”

“Making a yarn puff for Romeo,” she replied.  She continued wrapping the yarn until she came to the end, and then worked it off of her hand.  “Here, hold this, and don’t let it unravel.”

He did as she asked.  She picked up a second yarn scrap, and tied the end of it tightly around the middle of the bundle, so that there was one very long tail.  Then she took it from him, and cut the loops at either end with a pair of sharp sewing shears.  “There!”  She fluffed it into a poofy ball, and dangled it from the long tail triumphantly.  “Instant cat toy!”

“That’s perfect!  May I?”  She nodded, and he took it from her fingers.  But when he turned to the chaise, the cat was gone.

“Wait, where did he go?”  Marinette frowned, looking around her room.   “He’s got to be here, somewhere.”

He jiggled the string, making the puff bounce at the end, but the cat stayed hidden.  “Do you have a little bell?”

“I do!  Hang on.”  She went to her stash and rummaged around a bit, and returned with a small gold bell similar to the one at Chat’s throat.   “Will this work?”

“Perfect!”  He threaded the tail of the yarn through the loop on the bell, and slid it all the way down to the fluff ball at the end.  He jiggled it again, and this time, it made a gentle chiming sound.  “Romeo, Romeo,” he called, still shaking the toy.  Then he stopped, and grinned at her in sudden delight.

“Chat,” she began, with a horrified look on her face.  “Don’t you dare!”

His grin broadened, and he waggled his brows.  “ ‘Oh Romeo, Romeo, where the heck art thou, Romeo?’”

“Ugh, Chat!!!”

Author’s note:  Romeo is a Russian Blue, and was based on a cat that my mom had forever ago.  Zeus was beautiful and enormous and I have always wanted to have one, myself.  If you want to see a few pictures, I’ll be posting them here in just a bit.  :)

Small Feet

Request: “Could you do a Pan imagine were y/n is like 5 when she gets to Neverland and he treats her like his little girl and protects her and then he lets her go but she ends up coming back to the island and is older and he falls in love with her.”

“Sorry for taking so long with this, but here you go, hope you enjoy it!” - Tiger Lily. <3

Small Feet

Peter watched the shadow lower a small girl into the clearing. “It’s a girl.” He said and eyed the shadow which blue eyes sparkled. The girl dropped to the ground and landed on feet which were embraced by black shoes. She was wearing a purple dress, and she tried to steady herself on her short legs.
She grinned playfully and spun around to see her surroundings, Peter’s eyebrows shot up. He watched her with great interest. Felix came into the clearing. “What…” He gawped. “Oh my, she’s so cute!” He squealed and jumped forward to lift her up. Peter watched her y/c/h dance when Felix spun her around and she giggled when he settled her down again, eyes gleaming.
Peter went over to her and kneeled down in front of her. “Hello, Love.” He said while smiling, looking up at her.

   “Hello…” She replied with a cheeky smile and Peter chuckled, his green eyes twinkling.

   “Welcome to Neverland,” Peter said and held out a hand. “My little lost girl.”

Her name was y/n. She was absolutely adorable and the lost boys treated her like a princess. Whenever you saw Peter you saw her come walking hand in hand with him and he showed her all the beautiful places in Neverland, even some of the scary ones, loving how she clung herself to his leg when she felt scared. Felix got the honor of taking care of her when Peter had other things to do. He taught her how to read, which Peter actually wasn’t that good at, and helped her braid flowers into her hair. Peter joined in, but it always ended up with the two boys staring at the mess they have made of her hair and then they tried to find a way to fix it. Once it ended up with them having to give her a haircut. They found out that short hair suited her, it went to her chin and Peter found joy in ruffling it up.

The day came when she missed her parents dearly, and Peter watched her cry into his lap with a pained expression as he realized that meant he would have to take her home. He grabbed her small hands in that moment and looked into her y/c eyes and bit his lip. “Promise me something then, y/n. Promise to come back when you’re older, when you feel ready for more adventures, you come back to me.”

 Y/n had smiled and cupped Peter’s face with her hands. “I promise.”

Years passed and Peter spent his days remembering his little girl and feeling lonely whenever he sat on his bed in the morning, remembering how she had run in too early and awoken him. Though as about 10 years in the other world’s time passed, he had forgotten her face only remembering the color of her eyes and her hair and slightly remembering her voice. Peter was currently walking with Felix, talking through some more serious matters when suddenly a lost boy came running down the path.

   “Why are you running this fast, Curly?” Peter asked with a raised brow, he and Felix watching the boy catch his breath.

   “A girl…” He got out through pants. “The shadow… has brought… a girl… to-” he inhaled deeply. “To Neverland.” Then he collapsed and Felix grabbed him. “Oh god…” Curly gasped and looked up at Peter but found his sight empty of him. “Wait. Where did he go?”

 Felix looked up at saw only jungle around him. “I have a feeling of who the girl might be.” He said and stood letting go of Curly who fell to the ground with a bump.


Peter froze in the spot when he entered the camp and saw a tall girl with now long y/c hair and a nervous smile on her pink lips. It was her. It was y/n. She had come back to him.

   “Princess?” Felix asked breathlessly when he entered the clearing as well, looking at her with a surprised expression.

 The girl smiled. “I’m back.” She said and opened her arms. Felix ran over and wrapped his arms around her, spinning her around in circles like he did when she arrived, this time with a small grunt since she was much heavier than she was when only 5. He set her down and grinned down at her. “You look beautiful, y/n.” He said and turned around to face Peter who had come closer. He kneeled down like he had done before and y/n chuckled.

   “Welcome home, y/n, my little lost girl.” He said with a crooked smile.

   “I am not little anymore, Peter.” She replied and embraced him with a gleeful laugh.

Y/n had now been there for 14 days and Peter and she had spent a lot of time together like they always did, something was just different when he took her to the scary places of Neverland and she held his hand when she was scared. Something was just different when he took her on a flight above the island holding her hand and looking at her beautiful smiling face.
Peter felt something that he had never done before, and he felt slightly nervous whenever she came close. One evening 5 days later they lay in a clearing amongst flowers and looking up at the red, orange and purple sky, Peter felt the urge to hold her hand and he frowned as he tried to figure out what he was feeling.

   “Peter.” Y/n spoke and Peter turned his head to look at her, she was very close. “Is something wrong?”

 Peter wanted to say yes, but he wasn’t too sure about how he would explain what was wrong after saying yes so he just smiled and told her no.

 Instead y/n looked up at the sky, seeing stars appear clear now. “Well… for me there is something, different.” She said and eyed him nervously, but she looked away when he turned to look at her. “I feel something different.”

 Peter pushed himself up in a sitting position and also a little away from her. Her words scared him. “What do you feel differently about?” He asked and she sat up as well, trying to move closer but he stood up and stepped back.

 Y/n stood up as well and looked at him with a pained expression. “You.”

 Peter looked down at his hands. His stomach felt weird.
  “Listen, Peter, it’s alright if you do not feel the same about me.”

   “What do you call this feeling, you say?” Peter muttered, still not looking at her.

   “Love.” She said with a frown and she eyed him nervously.

   “Then I think… I feel love too.” Peter looked up at her and watched her y/c eyes reflect the evening sky, a small smile appearing on her beautiful face. She chuckled and he did too, both just looking at each other.

 At the edge of the clearing stood Felix and Curly. “What is love?” Curly asked and Felix looked down at him.

   “Something good…” He muttered. “Something great.”


So much fluff! Please like if you enjoyed this, I’ll be back with more imagines!^^

Tiger Lily. <3

What A Beautiful Mess We Have Made

Title: What A Beautiful Mess We Have Made 

Pairing: Alice Cooper x FP Jones 

Warnings: Some slight cursing, smoking, implied smut, pregnancy, unprotected sex, angst. 

Summary: Every love story has to be messy in some part, right? But what if every part is just as messy as the next for some? 

A/N: As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! 

Tag List; @sunshine51879 @dempsey-mantle @day-dreaming-nightmare @emotional-wrek-hello @aezthetically @nafa1604 @angstylittleteen @theselfishllama

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Can’t Stand You Pt. 7

Admin K: We’re pretty much half way through the series now! Hope everyone’s enjoying it and I’ll continue to post more soon :) 

(Kim jongin voice) Playboy 

word count: 1,549

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Never would’ve thought him to be a threat, not really.  Seemed so quiet.  So focused on his work.  Smiled and was civil to everyone, but, for some reason, you just couldn’t get any closer to him.  He was the exact ideal of a model diplomat who just somehow every conversation skipped over him like water droplets teflon bouncing.  Before you could blink, he was somehow just gone, and your question hung in the air where he was.  You were sort of aware that he had answered you and that you were satisfied, but if you tried to remember what it was he had actually said only about thirty seconds ago, your missed words just kind of skip around blank.  And the harder you tried, no matter how determined you were to remember forget exact but said good there were before gone leaving left.  Eventually, it just wasn’t really worth it anymore and everyone just kind of left him alone to do his own thing.

But you, you’re different, you had to push harder than everyone else, you just had to be more curious.  You couldn’t help yourself, you noticed how everyone just sort of avoided him, almost subconsciously, like water flowing around a rock.  He had achieved a sort of invisibility, and you were kind of jealous of that.  You can’t lie that it also sort of turned you on, which inspired both shame and a bit of frustration.  To be invisible like that.  How does it work?  You had to know who this guy was.

In the elevator, the doors are closing, and his hand slips inside to stop them.  He waits until the doors have backwards halted their progress for him and then, once he stood inside, they respectfully whooshed - was it an increment more slowly than they had on you? - shut.  The two of you stood in the silence.  He never seemed to make any noise.  Never coughed, cleared his throat, sneezed.  He had even seemed to mute any sound of breath, his chest beneath the crisp, unlined white shirt and taut. perfectly knotted necktie just simply rose and fell, evenly, naturally. 

You turn to him in your last act of free will and extend your hand.  You speak, too loudly, and it falls acoustically flat in the tiny box, like a flower wilting from abrupt and extreme heat.  You announce your name and you ask his.

He lets the silence in the elevator heal itself, and then words he mouth eyes smile familiar.  Thoughts skip word holes information file dark.  Memory sparks and fizzles, like a TV channel coming in suddenly poorly, broken pixels color fragments.  When you blink, you are alone in the elevator.  A tinge of scent in the air, something clean, but woody, spiked with a citrus undertone.  His cologne, perhaps.  He wore cologne?  Wait, where did he go?

You felt like you’d been gassed, and just now swam up to consciousness.  The lights in the elevator seemed slightly dimmer, colors a little duller.  You coughed into your fist and exited the elevator, feeling slightly embarrassed for no real reason, as though you had been caught doing something naughty.  What had you the minutes of into building door whoosh colors swim back between?  Had you been alone in the elevator?  Or else name person gone suit? 

A day or so passed and you still noticed him.  It frustrated you to no end that you didn’t even know his name.  You had even asked a coworker, and they had shaken their head and changed the subject, somewhat abruptly.  You were beginning to think that he was a ghost and that only you could see him. 

But every night, in dreams, that smell, bright and sharp, clear, but wrapped in musk, like a glass knife in a dense fog.  Every morning, waking up to that smell, lingering, curling in your nostrils like freshly-baked bread. 

It was when suits started showing up in your closet that things started getting sort of weird.  Suits like the ones he wore at the office.  Not as nice, but similar in cut.  Three-piece suits.  When hair gel showed up suddenly on the sink in your bathroom.  You weren’t the worst dresser, but you had to admit to yourself that you were kind of a slouch.  But you could get away with that, a little.  As long as you wore a nice tie and tied it right.  As long as you shined his shoes to a bright gleam.  As long as you went to work on time and got your work done quickly and efficiently.  Those were the conditions, which you had agreed to.

As it got colder outside, the days seemed to grow so short so fast.  Wake up get dressed.  Office.  Do work.  Almost noon.  Go get lunch and make sure you get it right.  Then you blink and it’s night time, and maybe rush car bright, shiny.  Pulse bright dark beat bodies bump.  Breath, breathing.  Wake up and get dressed.  Same smell, every day.  You came to love it, actually, it woke up you so focused, so sharp.  And the days got shorter and shorter.  Wake up get dressed [Office] night time sleep dream up scent dressed suit gel tie [Office] night club sleep dream up scent suit tie hair office boy for Master [Dream]

I Thought You Were Different (Part 10/?) (Barton/Stark/Rogers x reader)

Part 9

Every time I think I can wrap this up, it just gets longer.

Pain was too weak of a word for what you were feeling; the procedure had finished without complications and Dr. Cho was very pleased with the outcome, but the recovery had now kicked in with a vengeance.  You knew there would be pain; after all it was a major surgery, but you weren’t expecting this.  The upper half of your body was writhing while the lower remained still, though your legs felt like they were on fire.  

“(Y/N), try to stay calm,” Helen said as soothingly as she could despite Tony practically breathing down her neck as he watched you suffering.  “This is normal, and it will pass.”

“Can’t you give her anything?”

“Her nerves are regenerating.  If I give her pain medications it will alter her receptors and could jeopardize the repair. I can’t.”

Clint was still at your side, and Tony now took his place on your other.  The two men looked at each other with both anger and fear in their expressions, feeling completely helpless to you and beginning to wonder if you had made the right decision.  “Honey, listen,” Clint whispered, “I need you to slow your breathing, okay?  Just focus on my voice.  Don’t focus on the pain.”

If the pain hadn’t been so gripping, you could have replied.  You could have forced your eyes open even just to look at him, but you were trapped in your mind and the pain that was like nothing you had ever experienced, even worse than any wound you had suffered in battle.  

All you wanted was Steve.

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Headcanons - Drunk Inquisition Members: 

Cassandra: she is not drunk! What are you insinuating?! The Seekers are highly trained to avoid this type of… wait, where is her tankard?! Did Varric take that? Did he?! And she’s not going to put down her sword! Speaking about swords, you know, Inquisitor, that the last chapter of “Swords and Shields” was positively obscene and she really, really liked it! But it’s a secret, ‘k? 

The Iron Bull: drunk? Boss, he’ll be drunk just when he’ll be snoring under a table. For now, he’s very, very happy. Here, take this, it’s some shit from Tevinter. Do you wanna sing? Krem! Guys! All here, we’re going to sing! Who cares what! Ehi, wait, do you want an arm wrestling challenge, instead? Ehi, everybody, let’s gonna see if there’s some real warrior here! The loser pays the next round of drinks!

Blackwall: has he ever told you about that time when a bunch of bastards from… oh, who can remember from where, the important are the details about how deeply bastards they were and how hard he hit them. Yeah, great times indeed, but you know, Inquisitor, that he’s really happy to be in Skyhold now? Sometimes you need some friends to really enjoy a drink. And now, let’s gonna challenge The Iron Bull!

Sera: yo-oooh, Quizzie Inquizzitor, come here! Did you hear that joke? Ah, and did you know that… wait, where’s your drink? Well, don’t think to take hers, ‘kay? Listen, what if next time you two will put salt in the cookies? And why not? Boooooring! Ah, you know what, maybe salt in the bees bomb it’s a better idea!

Solas: would you like to see an ancient trick someone taught him a long time ago, Inquisitor? Someone? Ah, the drinks… he meant somewhere. He learnt that somewhere, once. In the past. In some past ruins. You know how much he enjoys visiting them, don’t you? Oh, sure, maybe he’s a bit drunk, but not enough to can’t control his magic! See? 

Varric: oh, don’t misunderstand him, Your Inquisitorialness. Despite his calm behavior, he’s actually very drunk. So drunk, that he’s almost starting to believe you all can win the war, survive, and have a sort of full happy ending, for once. Ah, don’t mind him, Inquisitor, just old memories from a story which it’s not worhty of more words. So, speaking about stories, he was thinking about his next novel. Would you mind answer to a question of two?

Vivienne: my dear, she’s a lot of things, but surely drunk is not one of them. Althought,  she won’t deny she enjoyed the drinks, this night. It’s such a pleasant change having something a little more sphos… sophist…  better than the usual beer. No, of course that wasn’t a a hiccup, don’t make a fool of yourself! Cheers, dear Inquisitor… she’s a little tired… maybe she’s going to take a nap.

Cole: no, he didn’t drink that much. After a couple of cups, the others say that was enough. They worry for him, because they care. Yes, they care because they’re his friends. But he’s not sure if he liked the drink. It makes his head… strange. And he can twirl with the toughts in the air, they’re really loud, this evening. Loud and cozy and shining. Well, he has to think about this.

Dorian: ah, my dear, dear friend! Here you’re! And with your twin! He’s joking, don’t worry, he’s not that drunk. At least, not yet, give him time. But anyway, you’re such a precious person that wouldn’t be bad having two of you, in this messy world! Come here, give him a hug. What about a Wicked Grace match? His coins need to be spent and he cannot offer another round of drinks to all the tavern, or they’ll start to think he’s a good Vint! And they’d start to be friendly with him! Dreadful!

Josephine: she’s crying because there are so many innocent and defenseless creatures in the world. And she wants to help all of them! And all the people who need! Yes, even Sera! She won’t comment anymore her clothes or Bull’s manners or Varric’s novel, promise. She wants to be their friend! Oh, and she wants to tell you you’re an amazing leader and she’s proud of you and sorry if she’s crying on your chest, covering your shirt with melted make up.

Cullen: Inquisitor, it’s good to see you! Oh, it’s a nice evening indeed! Did you try the new ale? In truth, he should be at work, right now… maybe it’s better if he goes now! Alright, maybe he can stay for a little longer. Blackwall didn’t finish to tell his tale yet. He likes tales. He has an interesting one too, would you like to hear that?

Leliana: oh, do you think she is too quiet? She was just enjoying the night. It’s good to see all of them having a moment for jokes and… sorry, she didn’t want to yawn straight on your face.Ah, sadly the alcohol makes her melancholy. Oh, listen this song. It’s really enchanting… mh? No, she… she wasn’t singing. Now, hush and enjoy the music.

Puppy Love || Newt Scamander x Reader

could we please have a reader x newt scamander in which the reader is an animagus (maybe a cat or dog)? like when they first met and newt doesnt know theyre an animagus or something. thanks c:


You and Newt had been busy all day caring for animals. You two had meet just last week, and you enjoyed getting to know everything about him. It was only a few days ago when Newt had introduced you to the magical place inside his case, and you had fallen in love with it ever since. However you still hadn’t brought up the fact that you were an animagus, to be more specific you turned into a dog with long, soft hair. So you decided that maybe you should tell him soon.

So while Newt was busy sorting out some of the food buckets, you slipped behind a tree and transformed. You trotted out and sat beside him, your head cocked sideways as you waited for him to notice you. Finally you got tired of waiting and walked over, nudging him with your nose. Newt seemed to think you were another creature, not turning around at first but when he did, he froze on sight of you.

“A-ah.. where did you come from little one?” He questioned, looking around as if trying to figure out how you got down here. You wagged your tail, walking closer to him again. Newt realized that you wouldn’t bite or anything and kneeled down, beginning to stroke your fur.

“Wait a second, where did Y/N go?” He murmured, this time calling out your name. Once he did yell your name, you barked, pawing at the ground. This caused him to look down at you in surprise.

“Y-Y/N? Is that you?” Once he asked that you transformed back, laughing softly. You just couldn’t help it with the look he gave you.

“Yes Newt it was me, I wanted to tell you that I’m an animagus, so I thought that would be one of the easiest ways.” You replied through your chuckles.

“That was the easiest way in your mind?” Newt asked, finally relaxing again and giving his own quiet laugh.

“Well it made the best impression right? I thought it was the best idea for the moment.” You grinned, sitting back down as you let the niffler crawl up to you.

“Well it certainly made an impression, and that explains why you can get along with the creatures.” He replied with a smile, he sat down beside you and looked over.

“You know you were an adorable puppy.” He said with another more mischievous grin.

“What no, I’m not a puppy, I am a fully grown dog.” You huffed with a flushed face, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Hmmm I dunno about that, but either way you were adorable, I mean just as adorable as you are now.. heh.” He smiled sheepishly and blushed a light red when he said that.

“Oh..” you let out a giggle and flushed even darker, looking over at him as you both sat there smiling at each other.

Came for you (Fell!Poth) Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 

2 weeks passed but Fell!Goth didn’t come back home… Fell!Palette was still in street, despite it was midnight. ‘I can’t believe she left home like this!’ He was talking to himself. When he rised up his head, just for a moment he tought he saw Fell!Goth. 

“Goth..?” Fell!Palette cime near to this. But it disappeared in the corner. “Wait!” He souted and ran after from her. 'Where did she go?’ Fell!Palette searched every where of street. Finally he gave up, and decided to go to Waferfall. He can calm down and rest here. Time skip Fell!Palette was siting near the river. He was thinking about his Goth. It was first time he was really missing him… At this moment Fell!Goth was walking on other side of river and Fell!Palette saw him. 'Goth? What is he doing here?’ Fell!Palette asked himself. He passed river abd run toward Fell!Goth. 

“Goth!” Fell!Goth turned and saw Fell!Palette. 

 "Where were you?! I loked everywhere for you!“ He yelled at got. Fell!Palette didn’t even notice he was holding Fell!Goth roughly. 

"Let me go!” Fell!Goth shouted and strugled. She was acting like she doesn’t who is front of him. 

 "Goth it is me.“ Fell!Palette now noticed that, Fell!Goth was looking at him with angry and scared eyes, like she didn’t know him… "Goth? What is wrong… why are you looking at me like i am a killer or something…?” Fell!Palette gently put Goth down. 

 " What are you talking about! I even don’t know you" Fell!Goth steped back. “What?” Fell!Palette suprised. Fell!Palette saw dark shadow rises from Goth’s back and it seemed someone standing near Fell!Goth. He put his hand on Fell!Goth’s left shoulder. 

“Hey Goth! Is this guy bothering you?” He stared at Fell!Palette. This person was looking like copie of Fell!Palette but more dark.

 "Palette!…“ Fell!Goth blushed when she felt, shadow'shand on her shoulder. "What the hell?!!!” Fell!Palette was shocked….


Here is second part. If you wanna know how “Shadow Fell!Palette” looks like i will draw him soon. For now here is describtion of him. White bone color, black white army uniform.