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Are you interested in seeing Deadpool? It's a breath of fresh air in the superhero movie genre.

I think it will be great because  Ryan Reynolds is in it and producing it. That guy is hilarious. Have you seen Van Wilder? Waiting? If not, those movies show just how hilarious he can be. Blade Trinity is gold just because of him. He’s a master of improv too. Since I know he works a lot with improv I can’t wait to see what hilarious stuff he’s going to make Deadpool say.

I’m glad it’s rated R because a rated PG-13 Deadpool is not Deadpool. 


perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”

14 Days of Olicity

Day 11 – The website

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“Why is the nursery still not set up?”


“Why is the nursery still not set up?”



“Sorry. What did you just say?”

“I said… Wait, what are you doing with my tablet? O my god, you destroyed it, right? You destroyed it and now you are trying to fix it which of course you can’t do, so you’re just destroying it even more and now my baby is useless and- O my god, I feel like I am having a panic attack. Am I-?”

“Felicity, I didn’t destroy your tablet.”

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Hey, once a cat catches you, there’s only one way for it to go right? Plus she’s a professional hunter. There’s no escaping what comes next.

Commission part 1 for @meddwynn

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alright so anyone wanna legit set up that party idea with me bc im down and we can work out a date and everything and like we can use @jordansgreenshorts platform which is a bomb idea thanks it would be a lot of fun and a way to meet up with some of the other mianitees of the fandom




  1. jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury.

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Chapter Sixteen

Previously in Whiplash

I throw my phone down and collapse back on the bed with my hands over my face. I am amazed that I have somehow managed to do this to myself again. I really am a fucking genius when it comes to relationships. The phone stopped ringing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s done trying and sure enough two seconds later I hear the soft chime of a text coming in. Reluctantly, I pick it up and read it.

“Since you obviously aren’t going to answer the phone, I guess I’ll just have to explain here instead.”

I roll my eyes as the tiny little bubbles appear again under his words.

Great. I can’t wait to read what he has to say for himself now.

I sit chewing my nail with nervous energy surging through me when four texts arrive in quick succession. He must be typing like a madman, anxious to lay on me whatever new excuse he has come up with for this. Part of me is more than curious as to how he is going to weasel his way out of this one and the other part of me just doesn’t give a shit. Not anymore. Knowing Niall, I’m sure he’s got some trick up his sleeve to win me over but it’s going to be hard work. I read the first slowly and purse my lips in a scowl that matches my attitude.

“So I’m going to assume that since you won’t answer the phone that you’ve lost the ability to use your arms.”
“Which also means that you can’t text so I’ll just answer for you.”
“Really, it’s no trouble.”
“I know you pretty well anyway, so I should be good at this.”

I clench my jaw. He thinks he knows me well. If he knew me well, we wouldn’t be in this fucking position in the first place. But he went and screwed it all up. Again. I can see that he’s typing more so I wait.

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