wait what this looks really shitty

At Annie’s, after coming out to the crew...

Bitty: Wait, you guys all knew? How?

Shitty: Well, Jack’s crush on you was pretty obvious.

Jack: What

Holster: You were not subtle about it, bro.

Ransom: The looks, the coffee dates, the smiles-


Holster: OMG you can’t forget the pictures- His whole photography final was a shrine to Bitty!

Ransom: Kinda sad, but in a cute way?

Jack: …

Bitty: …He was obvious? I never noticed! What about my crush on Jack, did y’all see it coming miles away too?

(They all look at each other)

Shitty: …no? Not really? We all thought Jack was pining after you…

Ransom: We were preparing a Captain’s talk about not leading him on, he was having a hard enough time on the NHL…

Bitty: But- I was being SO obvious! I did all that too, the looks and the smiles and- and- and I was being super nice to Jack, feeding him pies and stuff!

Shitty: Bits, my dude. You do that with everybody.

Lardo: We were kinda surprised he managed to land you.

Ransom: You’re so out of his league.

Jack: They’re kinda right.

how to take down pentagon

kino: first, ya gotta take down kino. if you look past his killer dance moves he’s just a big softie and softies are the easiest to take down. just tell him a shitty joke and wait for his face scrunch and lift up-then just zone in and deck him. in his pocket, youll find a black sharpie. keep it with you-you’ll need it for later.

hongseok: it’s really hard to take him down, not gonna lie. he’s strong as fuck. those abs didn’t make themselves. you can’t beat him with physical strength. it’s just not reasonable. what u gotta do is, beforehand, mess up their dorm. mess up the beds, throw clothes on the floor, etc. after blaming everything on wooseok, he’ll go crazy and try to clean everything up in record speed. after that, deck his ass and leave

yuto: it’s a 50/50 chance with him. either you can take him down or he can totally obliterate you. he’s tall so you can’t overtake him using your height, so there has to be something else. luckily for you, all ya gotta do is make it to the corner of the room and turn off the light switch. easy. while he’s flailing in the dark just overtake him and keep the light off when you leave just in case he gets any ideas 

 edawn: the only hard part about taking down edawn is the fact that hes nearly impossible to find. after some deduction, i found his location. since hes such a fucking troll, you’ll find him under your neighborhood bridge, pranking people and then laughing at them. he’s probably really surprised that you found him, so use that surprise to your advantage and deck him. 

 shinwon: this headass is so easy to defeat it’ll take 0.2 sec. he may seem all cocky with that arrogance but he’s scared of literally everything so consider this a break from all that fighting you had to do. buy a dog whistle and use it. a puppy will come running towards you. just let it come and shinwon will be scared shitless. you probably won’t even have to do anything, just let the puppy express its undying love for shinwon and you just sit back and chill 

 yeo one: he can also be really easy to take down, if you don’t mind being the Biggest Asshole Ever™. when he asks you if you’ve eaten, just say no and watch as he faints from shock. done. 

jinho: hes short as fuck. take him and those squishy cheeks down. 

wooseok: this boi got noodle arms and legs. chances are he already tripped over his long ass legs and fell into a pretzel formation. you didnt even need to do anything. he took himself down. 

yanan: yanan is one of the harder ones to defeat. he takes no shit and is a diva through and through. he’ll probably try to leave as soon as he sees you. you cant beat him physically bc hes ready w that signature whine that puts the kardashians to shame. you remember that marker u stole from kino? try to get close enough to draw a crude dark line right in the middle of his face. now all u gotta do is watch as he flails about screaming “what the fuck is this shit” and “my handsome face is ruined”. none of those chingudeuls can help him now. 

hui: believe it or not, he may seem easy, but he’s really not. he’s probably super pissed that all his members are down, so according to the quadratic formula, his anger fuels his strength making him even harder to take down. however, it’ll take him about 5min to realize hes in a fight, so just take him down before he even realizes he’s been taken down. afterwards he’ll probably thank u and invite you to grab food sometime. say hell yea and get all the burgers that shinwon probably wanted to eat. gobble them all. you deserve it.

Gotta be honest I only partially learned how baseball works like a year ago, and I grew up watching american cartoons.

I wished they explained it as clearly as SU does.

Ohhh I get it, our Ruby is gonna try to savotage the others.

Pretty smart.


“Sigh… looks like it’s another failed mission for us. Can’t wait to be scolded by Yellow Diamond.”


“Man this game of soccer is really getting intense!”

“… Did I leave the gem stove on in the ship?”




I dropped my brother off at work and I’m in my stupid sweatpants and lazy hoodie and I go to order my food and the cashier girl is looking at me funny and I can feel her judging me.

And I sit there for ten minutes waiting for my take out, not really paying attention to anything.

The girl then calls my name, and actually walks over to me on the bench and puts my food in my lap and actually smiles like, making full eye contact, and I smile back cuz what else are you gonna do, and say thank you.

And then I leave.

And I’m looking at my bag and she-

She wrote her number on my takeout bag.

Holy fuck

I thought this shit only happened in shitty screenplays oh my god

rival team au (daegu boys vs. busan boys)

inspired by this tweet by @a6

“fucking shit this lawn is better than my future.” min yoongi gawks at the school’s entrance, looking more like a european castle rather than a place where they cram kids inside to learn. he cannot believe he’s only in busan and not in rome or something.

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I really like funkos
They obviously aren’t my favorite? Or what I wish my collection looked like?
But they’re cute & cheap. They’re the poor man’s collection. And, frankly, as nerds we spend a LOT of money on our beloved franchises. So, yes, give me the little toy with questionable quality.
The $200 figure can wait. In the meantime, I’ll be collecting these cute, shitty toys at a tenth the cost & feeling much less regret over my financial choices

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Thank you I was like really confused I just woke up and people were saying stuff and I was like wait what I was pretty much your Url

No problem! I’ve just been seeing a lot of “Carey Price is shit/not good” and like yeah he’s not having a great season but he’s been consistently pretty good. When I praise someone I’m usually looking at a sample size of at least two seasons, usually more, plus international experience. The fact that people are using like 10-20 shitty games to wipe out how good he’s been consistently since like 2011 is fucking mind-boggling.

Anyway sorry for ranting all over your ask


  • arms and 1 2 switch will be the wii sports games of the switch; interesting titles, but not much lasting appeal
  • splatoon + xenoblade 2 look very promising; will definitely keep players occupied for a long time
  • fire emblem warriors and shin megami tensei have potential, but i need to know more information about both… there have been great and not-so-great games in each series (i mean just look at fates)
  • new mario is… unsettling but will no doubt be amazing
  • the octopath rpg is intriguing, i like the graphics
  • a lot of the features for the switch look really cool and could have neat applications
  • Zelda looks phenomenal, can’t wait!  
  • we’re paying for a shitty online service… can’t wait….
  • wheres the virtual console information?  i need to know if gamecube games will be available. it’s important. 
  • what about the mario kart game shown?  
  • where’s kirby?  it’s his 25th anniversary the little guy needs some games!
  • the launch lineup, with the exception of zelda, is a very lacking
Reactions on upd8
  • Homestuck fandom: Wow Vriska is really in some RPG shit
  • Homestuck fandom: Omg look at Dirk he is beauty and he is grace
  • Homestuck fandom: Thank you Karkat you truly speak for our artist feels
  • Homestuck fandom: Let praise for Karkat's shitty diagrams
  • Homestuck fandom: Yes please let PM meet the mayor again please
  • Homestuck fandom: Protect Jane Crocker 2k15
  • Homestuck fandom: "You're probably right but fuck you nevertheless"
Note to Self: Always Cuddle Molly

This is a little fic for lilsherlockian1975 who was having a crappy day earlier. I hope this fluffy fluff cheers you up a bit deary!

When Sherlock walked into 221B at the end of a long day of work the first thing he noticed was a pile of blankets on the sofa. Those weren’t there when I left…Wait, they’re moving! In a moment a head peeked out from underneath the blankets and Sherlock saw that the figure was his girlfriend Molly Hooper. 

She looked like a wreck. He almost told her that, but realized quickly that that would be the wrong choice. Instead, he asked “What’s wrong?” in the most empathetic tone he could manage. (After all, he and Molly had only been living together from three weeks and he had no idea what to do when she was like this.)

“Oh, I just had a really shitty day at work. Had a row with Mike and he sent me home early. He said that if I stayed any longer he might get out of control and fire me without even meaning to. It was just a misunderstanding, and I think he was having a bad day as well, but I just feel so bad now and all I want to do is stay curled up in a ball forever. But don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine in a bit.”

For a moment, Sherlock thought about taking her word for it and just leaving her alone as it would be easier, but then he looked down at his girlfriend and saw tears collecting in the corners of her eyes. This is my job now. I am the one who is supposed to make her feel better. I want to make her feel better. 

“Okay, just hold on, Molly.” the detective said as he rushed into the kitchen. He had to push aside several experiments just to reach the stove, but once he got there he put the kettle on. Then he started poking around in the pantry to see if they had any comfort food. (He didn’t really know what they had in the flat because Molly had decided that she would do the shopping since the only things Sherlock liked to buy were coffee and chips.) To his dismay, there were only healthy foods in the pantry and no biscuits in sight. 

Quickly gauging the time before the tea would boil, he decided that he had enough time to rush down to Mrs. Hudson’s flat and borrow some biscuits if she didn’t want to talk for very long (unlikely, he knew). 

So, Sherlock rushed down the stairs and into Mrs. Hudson’s flat without knocking.

“Oh, my, Sherlock you are in such a rush!” exclaimed the startled landlady. 

“Yes, well. Very busy. Molly is sick. Can I borrow some biscuits?” he asked, practically running all the words together. 

Mrs. Hudson smiled, grabbed a box from the countertop and handed it to Sherlock, saying “Only if you promise not to give them back when you’re done!” 

Sherlock took the snack and forced a laugh before running back up to his flat just as the tea was boiling. He put together a tray with the tea and biscuits and presented it to Molly, who just grunted. 

“Come on Molly, please eat something. Or at least have a little tea.” Sherlock pleaded. The lump on the sofa only groaned again. Sherlock felt himself beginning to panic. “Okay then, lets watch some telly. What’s the show you like? Downton Abbey? Let’s see if that’s on.” Another groan and possibly a sob came from his girlfriend. 

Sherlock decided to take a break from trying to cheer her up, and just curled up next to Molly. Her head suddenly popped out from under the blankets and she smiled a teary smile for the first time in hours. She adjusted herself so that she was properly cuddling with Sherlock and he draped his arm around her. Soon enough she had fallen asleep in his arms and he carried her off to bed. 

When he laid her down in their bed (she had woken up a little), she whispered, “Next time, don’t bother with the food or the telly. Just cuddle me like that and everything is alright.”

He kissed her on the forehead. “Note to self: always snuggle with Molly. Got it.” She fell asleep smiling. 

  • Hanji: *looks for her scarf*
  • Hanji: *can't find it anywhere*
  • Hanji: *still looks for it*
  • Hanji: *it's really cold outside so she decides for the very last necessity*
  • Hanji: *goes ask Levi*
  • Hanji: Oh, Levi, tell me...
  • Levi: Whatever it is can wait. First take your shitty scarf and gloves from my wardrobe you muddler.
  • Hanji: *grins* Sure, clean-freak.
  • Levi: And now what do you want?
  • Hanji: ...it's nothing.

Here’s some shitty phone pics of my Lewis cosplay from sakuracon. This is what I’ve been working on for the past few months. I’m still looking online for photos others may have taken of me, and I plan to get a nice pro photo shoot done at some point.

If you haven’t seen the music video this is from, it’s really freaking cool.

And apparently mysterybensmysteryblog was at babsconsf, so too bad I had to miss him.

Prompt fill for a college, friends-to-lovers AU. 

Author’s note: I would be remiss in not pointing out that this fic was inspired by scones-and-texting-and-murder’s Practical Considerations (here on ao3). It’s a DeanCas fic but it is just so so SO good that everyone should read it, regardless of ships/fandoms. Honestly, just go read it now. I read it at least once every few weeks if not more. I have the whole thing almost memorized. It’s absolute perfection from beginning to end. Really, just go read that instead of this. My shitty terrible mess of an imitation can wait.

“So, what am I going to do Oliver?”

Oliver turns his head to look at Connor, who is still looking up at the stars. They’re spread out on an old blanket on their building’s roof, under the inky night sky. Connor’s got his arms pillowed under his head and Oliver’s resting his on a folded up jacket. They’d come up here to celebrate but their celebratory beers are still unopened by their feet near their phones, both of which are turned off. Connor’s was buzzing too much with congratulatory texts and Oliver didn’t have anyone he wanted to talk to at the moment, present company excluded of course.

Connor had gotten the big envelope from Middleton Law School today. Not the small, thanks but no thanks one. The big one. The Congratulations Mr. Walsh we are pleased inform you envelope.

Connor had gotten in.

Connor is going to go to law school three states away.

Oliver had known this was coming, of course. He’d known since that first week freshman year. They’d lived on the same floor and bonded quickly over the shared experience of having a terrible roommate. They’d been spread out on the floor of Oliver’s room, almost like they were now, and were having one of those deep, philosophical discussions that college freshmen love to have.

“I’m going to go to law school at Middleton Law School,” Connor had told him.

“Where’s Middleton?” Oliver had wanted to know.


“Never been. I always wanted to though,” Oliver had said and then asked, “Why there?”

Connor had let out a deep sigh. “My dad applied there when he was going to law school and got turned down.” Then, Connor had turned his head and his gaze was confident and sure as he met Oliver’s. “In four years, I’m going to get in to that school that turned him down and he is going to be my very first phone call.”

Four years later and that’s exactly what happens.

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Harry sighed heavily, running his hand through his hair as you went to sit on the couch, taking your face in your hands. You were in the middle of a big fight and Harry had just said something really mean he had immediately regretted. But it was too late. You were not mad any more, just hurt. Really hurt. You started to sob, your whole body shaking. After a few seconds, Harry finally let out “I’m sorry Y/N”. You didn’t even bother looking at him. A simple “I’m sorry” wasn’t enough after what he’d said. You felt the couch subsided next to you and he put his arm around you. “I shouldn’t have said that. I..I don’t even mean it babe, I swear. Please, I’m sorry..” He waited a little while for you to answer, but you didn’t. “Please honey, you know I say shitty things when I’m mad..It just blurts out of my mouth before I can even think it.”. “Yes, but you still said it Harry.” You finally said, raising your head to face him with your eyes full of tears. “I know, I’m a jerk. I’m a fucking asshole and I don’t deserve you..” he ducked his head, ashamed. You sighed, shaking your head. “You’re not, don’t say that..”. When he lifted his head up, you could see that now, his eyes were watery too and it broke your heart. You hugged him tight, not adding anything. You had both been wrong during this fight and you thought it would be better to forget everything the sooner as possible.


“Hey babe i’m home !” Liam shouted when he passed the front door. Usually, you would have run to him and jumped in his arms. But not today. He waited for you to come to him and frowned when he understood you wouldn’t. “Y/N ? You here ?” he asked. “In the kitchen..” you finally answered with a low and husky voice. He got worried when he heard the tone of your voice and walked quickly to you. He found you leaning against the work surface , your arms around your waist, your cheeks wet because of the tears. “Oh my God what happened ?” he ran to you. “Somebody’s dead ?!”. You shook your head. He kept going with propositions as you couldn’t talk because of the sobs. “You got harassed by paparazzis ? You had a car crash ? You got hit ? Are you physically ok or not ? Come on Y/N please answer me !” He panicked. “I-I’m ok..It’s j-just that I-I had an argument with my m-mum.” You eventually replied. “Oh..” Liam knew too well that the relation you had with your mum was very complicated. She was very strict and always criticized every single thing you would do since you were little. You had always let yourself be pushed around until you had met Liam, that’s when you started to answer back and everything went ten times worse. “What happened ?”. “She called and didn’t even ask me how I was doing, she directly started to yell at me because she saw a magazine with us getting out of the club on the front page. She insulted me, she said I was just a slut looking for attention.” A shocked look appeared on Liam’s face. “Seriously ?”. You nodded and kept telling the conversation : “Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. That’s when she started to insult you that I got really really mad. And it got worse and worse and I just hung up because it was going way too far. And I just broke down because it was too much to handle. I just didn’t want her to hear me crying. That’s exactly what she wants.”. Liam let out a heavy sigh. He hated your mother maybe as much as you since the very first moment he met her. “Come here” he said, opening his arms. You snuggled into his arms and he hugged you tight. “You know what ? I think you should stop seeing her and answering her calls. She’s nothing but a pain in the ass.” He said. “You think ?..She’s still my mum..”. “You call that a mum ? No, she’s not a mum, she has always treated you like shit and put you down. My mum can be your mum too, I can share, but please, stay away from that woman. Ok ?”. You nodded. “Ok. You know, when I met your mother, I saw her more like so to me than my real mum.” you admitted. “Yeah, my mummy’s amazing” he smiled proudly, making you laugh.


You and Louis were both on the couch, watching TV. It was a day off for him and you had decided to stay at home to relax and to spend some time together, just the two of you. Louis was captivated by the show you were watching but you weren’t. You took your phone and started to check social networks. Facebook, Instagram (you saw that Louis had posted a photo of you a couple hours earlier and you smiled at the cute comment he’d done) and then Twitter. You frowned when you saw you had more mentions than usual. When you saw what all the tweets were about, it tugged at your heartstrings. Despite yourself, you couldn’t stop reading them. Harry was so right when he said that if one person tells you ‘you’re amazing’, you don’t really wanna look any further, but when 10 persons tell you they hate you, you do wanna know why. All those mean comments, each one meaner than the last, were bringing tears to your eyes. Eventually, you started to cry silently. It’s only when you let out a loud sob that Louis looked at you. His eyes opened wide when he saw all those tears on your cheeks. “Hey, what’s wrong sweety ?” he asked, taking you in his arms and putting a kiss on your cheek. “No…Nothing…” you hiccuped. “So what, you’re crying for nothing ?” he raised his eyebrow, not believing a single word you had just said. When he saw that you had your phone in your hand, he took it away from you and read all the tweets. “Holy shit” was all he could say. You saw the look on his face becoming angrier and angrier at every single hate message he was reading. “This is just not acceptable Y/N ! I’m not letting them do that any more.” He started to write something, first using your account and then using his. Then he threw your phone away and comforted you until he managed to make you laugh. Later, you checked what he had written. “It’s Louis. Would you please leave my girlfriend alone ?!What are you seriously, animals ? You managed to make her cry with all your horrible messages, hope you’re all proud of you.” was on your account and on his : “I’m sick of all this. @Y/T/N is an amazing person, I love her more than anything and you don’t have anything to say when it concerns my private life. Just deal with it because it’s gonna last.”


When Niall saw your distraught face, he knew something was wrong. You were on the phone with your sister and usually, your sister was so hilarious that you would spend your time laughing. That’s why he quickly understood that something was not normal. “You ok princess ?” he mouthed. You didn’t answer. You were speechless. Your sister kept talking to you on the other end but she got no answer. Eventually, Niall grabbed it and talked to her. She told him that your grandma had passed away the previous night. He thanked her for telling him and hung up. He looked at you with a sorry look on his face. “I’m so so so sorry princess…I know you loved her and..yeah I don’t know what to say..”. Your poker face changed and you started to cry your eyes out. He took you in his arms and rubbed your back for about twenty minutes. Every now and then, he would kiss your temple or your forehead and  whisper cute things in your ear to calm you down. You were glad he was there to help you through this hard time. After some time, you eventually managed to talk, the first thing you said was “She had a heart attack… My mum had told her to put the little necklace with the alarm button the doctor had given her. You know..in case she had a medical problem, to warn someone. She didn’t want to. She said she didn’t need it…”. “She was a bit stubborn, wasn’t she ?” he asked. “Oh yes, she was.”. “My grandma’s like this too.” he smiled.  “I’m gonna miss her so much…” you sighed, resting your head on Niall’s shoulder.


“Boo ? Boo where are youuu ?” Zayn shouted from the living room. No answer. He went in every room of the flat you were sharing to find you and ended with your bedroom. You were laying in bed, under the covers. “Y/N ? Are you alseep ?” he whispered. “No”. He walked to the bed and sat next to you. “It’s 6:30pm and you’re already in bed ? You sick ?”. “No.” He frowned. You had never been that sharp while talking to him. “Do you want to be alone ?” he asked. “No…”. He looked confused. “What’s wrong hun ? Is there a problem ?”. Before he could do anything, you broke down in tears. He started to panick. “What ?! What did I say ?”. He put his hand on yours with a worried look on his face. “N-Nothing it’s j-just that I f-feel like everything’s going wrong for me those t-times when it actually doesn’t and I always feel d-depressed and I don’t really know why and I…” you cried, not able to finish your sentence. Zayn laid down next to you in bed and took you in his arms. “How long have you been felling that way?” he asked. “Too long…” you answered. “I told you you could tell me anything boo. If you need to talk, I’m here for you, I’m always here for you.” he whispered. “I didn’t want to bother you with my non-existent problems…” you said. “You never bother me honey, how can you even think that? And I do think that there is a problem somewhere because there must be a good reason for you to be in such a state.” he answered. “No there’s not. I absolutely don’t know why I’m having a mental break down. I mean, I love my life, for nothing in the world I would change something. I just don’t know Zayn…What’s wrong with me?..”. He sighed before kissing your forehead. “You know what, I’m going to cook you a nice diner, we’ll watch the movie you want tonight and you’ll have a good night’s sleep. And tomorrow we’ll go to the doctor’s, ok?” he said. “No, I don’t want to go to the doctor’s…” you whined. “Babe, if you’re suffering from depression, we should take care of it as soon as possible.”. You put your head in the pillow. “Listen [Y/N], I love you more than anything and I want you to be happy and physically and mentally healthy so we’ll go to the doctor’s tomorrow, end of discussion.”

A/N : English is not my first language so if there’s any mistake, my bad :)

- USA v. Australia -

Post-game commentary: “Tobin Heath was a game changer. Putting her in the midfield was the reason the US won that game.”

- USA v. Sweden -

Jill Ellis: *doesn’t start Tobin Heath*

Jill Ellis: *wait that’s odd the midfield is looking shitty as fuck*

Jill Ellis: *um why is the team is unable to create chances for the forwards*

Jill Ellis: * okay I’m just gonna have tobin warm up during the entire second half and never sub her in*

Jill Ellis: *because the obvious solution must be to sub in forwards as midfielders and throw players into positions at random*

Post-game Jill Ellis: *my lineup and subs were such smart decisions i really dont understand what went wrong….*

Ben nervously waited at the flower shop as he waited for a bouquet to be made for Vienna. He honestly did feel incredibly awful about what had happened and he wanted to do his best to try and make up for it. He paid for the flowers before heading to the girl’s place, knocking on the door with a soft smile as he waited for her. His heart raced on she opened the door.

“Hey Vi, I got you these. I mean, I know you said it’s cool and stuff but I really do feel shitty about what happened. I also brought you some chocolates as well” he said, holding up the box as he awkwardly peeped over the flowers to look at her. “I really am sorry.”