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Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 1)

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Talk about a third date. 

If it were any other boy you’d probably be out at a restaurant or something on a night like this, flirting nervously across the dinner table while you try to decipher if he likes you enough to take your relationship to the next level. You’ve gone through the dating routine once or twice before, and had a pretty good idea of what to expect; if someone had told you a month ago you’d be standing right outside of a boxing ring while your date and another shirtless man beat each other to a pulp, you would’ve thought they were crazy. 

The crowd around you gasps and your own stomach lurches, empathetically feeling the punch that Ashton just took to the cheek. Blood is already dripping down his face, the source of it located just over his left eyebrow. He looks like a mess yet he’s still on his feet somehow, determined to keep retaliating, apparently even if it kills him. 

“Don’t worry,” Calum says next to you after noticing your concerned expression, “I’ve seen him win in worse conditions.“ 

You want to smile, appreciative of his effort to ease your mind, but every couple of seconds Ashton keeps getting hit, hard. It doesn’t matter to you whether he wins or loses, you just hope that your fourth date won’t have to take place beside a hospital bed. 

"Is it almost over?” you ask Calum, too new to this sport to know the ins and outs of the rule book. 

“One more round after th–Oh!

You missed what happened, but look back at the ring to find the opponent, a man named Donovan Diaz, struggling to stand up. Given the cheers from the audience, it sounds like most of the people here have their money on Ashton, and he just brought them one step closer to profiting. 

The round concludes and the fighters return to their separate corners, two teams quickly making their way into the ring to begin fixing up their boys. You wish you were allowed up there, yearning just to talk to Ashton, to treat him gently after witnessing the beating he’s taken for the last half an hour. Sitting on the short stool between rounds is the closest he’s been to you all night, each break like a minute-long tease that only makes you want to be near him more. You haven’t even said hi to him yet, not given the chance to do so before the match started. 

He knows you’re here, though. He spotted you next to his friend Calum after walking away from the first round, and lost focus for a brief second to give you a smile and a flirty wink. Some crowd members noticed, chiming in with playful remarks and whistles, causing your cheeks to burn bashfully. Ashton seemed so confident and well put together then, but that spark isn’t as evident now that he can barely keep his swollen eyes open while his crew tidies up his blood-splattered face. 

"How long has he been doing this?” you turn to Calum again. 

He snorts. “Boxing or fighting?" 

"Is there a difference?" 

"Ashton only started boxing a little over two years ago,” Calum explains, “But he, uh, used to get in a lot of trouble before that." 

"You mean he used to get in street fights.”

Calum pauses too long for it to go unnoticed. “Look, his childhood wasn’t the best, y'know? His old man used to come home from the bar every night and use the kid as a punching bag." 

You glance at Ashton as he spits a mixture of water and blood into a bucket. His face is clean enough now to show the dark bruises rapidly blooming under his eyes. He’s nodding along to something one of his crew members is saying to him, his earlier enthusiasm overcome by exhaustion. It hurts your stomach to picture a younger version of him having to endure the same type of pain. 

"Maybe don’t tell him I mentioned that,” Calum says. “I don’t think that’s what he meant when he asked me to put in a good word." 

You almost laugh, reminded of Ashton’s charm. Of course he asked Calum to talk to you about him. Even when he’s busy in the ring, knocking the hell out of another man for the entertainment of hundreds of people, he still wants you to like him. 

The next round begins sooner than you’re ready for it to, signaled by the chime of a bell. Ashton and Donovan force themselves to their feet, meeting each other and the referee in the center of the ring. The audience is much louder now that the end of the match is in sight, aggressively encouraging their favorite boxers to win for their own selfish reasons. You unintentionally hold your breath as the men begin circling each other; every movement sets you on edge, unsure of how many more times Ashton can get hit without collapsing. You’d like to think he’s as tough as Calum says he is, but that doesn’t defeat the fact that he’s human. 

Ashton stealthily dodges a sudden punch swung at him, and doesn’t hesitate to backlash with a few of his own. If anyone in the stands wasn’t already ejected from their seat with adrenaline, they certainly aren’t sitting now. Ashton seems to have found a groove, delivering a number of rhythmic hits to one targeted area on Donovan, mercilessly backing him into the ropes. You bite your lip anxiously. Calum cheers beside you. For a moment it looks like Ashton might actually win this thing. 

But Donovan refuses to go down that easily, and at the last second pulls a move that switches his and Ashton’s positions, forcing Ashton against the ropes instead. With his momentum Donovan makes up for the blow that missed before, striking Ashton’s exposed stomach directly, and sending him to his knees. He buckles over, extending one gloved hand to hold himself up while the other instinctively covers his newly found weak spot. 

"Come on, Ashton,” you whisper under your breath, your words of encouragement getting lost under the roar of the relentless crowd. 

It takes a second or two for him recover, but Ashton proves to have not run out of strength yet. He begins to sit up slowly, giving the audience the show they came for, but before he can get his second knee off the ground, Donovan returns with one last malicious strike to Ashton’s jaw, and then it’s over. Ashton limply drops to his side, and he doesn’t try to get back up. 

Your eyes widen with fear. The crowd immediately starts to shout at Donovan, booing and cursing amongst derogatory names. It’s one thing to be upset over the results of a fight, but these people sound genuinely offended. 

“Diaz better get disqualified for that,” Calum remarks angrily. 

You look to him, hoping he’ll fill you in on what’s going on, but he’s too caught up in his own rage to be of any informant to you. 

Ashton still hasn’t gotten up yet, and that worries you. This is the first time you’ve ever seen someone get knocked out; you don’t know how long it’s supposed to last. The referee and the man who cleaned Ashton’s cut earlier have surrounded him, trying to get him to respond. What’s probably less than 20 seconds feels like an eternity to you, but to your relief you finally catch a glimpse of Ashton’s hand moving, followed by the rest of his body. The two helpful men grab Ashton’s toned arms to lift him up while a third person joins the ring to contribute to leading Ashton down the steps. Once he’s on his way to the locker rooms, the ref exchanges hushed words with a few other officials on the side, then crosses the ring to talk to Donovan, who looks more angry than ever.

“Can we go see him?” you ask Calum, not completely expecting an answer. 

“Hang on,” he brushes you off, keeping his focus on the referee. Your attempt to wait patiently fails miserably, the nerves in your stomach driving you insane. 

Eventually the announcement is made that Donovan, as Calum predicted, has been disqualified from the fight. You’re not sure what he did wrong and quite frankly you don’t really care, as long as Ashton’s okay. 

“Good,” Calum mutters his distaste, glaring at Donovan. “Alright, let’s go." 

Nobody’s sitting in their chairs anymore so you have to keep your eye on Calum as he guides you through the sea of people, taking a turn down the wide hallway that Ashton disappeared through. The noise behind you begins to lose its volume the farther down the hall you go, and you’re grateful to be able to hear yourself think again. Crowded areas have never been your favorite. Calum takes a left turn and you follow suit, almost running into him when he stops in front of a door guarded by a tall man in all black attire. 

"Go ahead,” he says to Calum, opening the door for him. Calum walks in without a hitch but you aren’t given such an easy privilege. “Who are you?” The guard holds out his arm to block your path. 

Before you can try to reason with him, Calum speaks on your behalf. 

“She’s his girlfriend." 

You swallow, knowing that’s not entirely true. 

But it’s enough. "Go on in,” the guard steps back, granting you access to the private area. 

You thank him politely as you walk into the room, even more nervous now that you’re this much closer to being face-to-face with Ashton. He’d have every right to be in a bad mood after what just happened, so you hope you’re not intruding, that he still wants to see you. 

The people from Ashton’s team come into view and Calum offers a passing greeting, turning right to walk into a second section of the room where the lockers are actually located. 

“He asked to be alone,” one of the individuals warns, and you recognize him from the breaks in between rounds. 

“Yeah, yeah,” Calum waves them off, walking into the area anyway one pace ahead of you. 

Over Calum’s shoulder you see Ashton sitting on a bench, holding what looks to be an ice pack to his colorfully bruised face. His hands have been relieved of the boxing gloves but not the tape that’s still wrapped around his tattered fists. The sweat his body was sporting in the ring doesn’t shine over his skin as much, the air conditioning of the locker room cooling it down, but loose curls of hair that managed to escape his bun still stick damply to his forehead. He’s a proper mess, but a handsome one at that. 

“You look like crap,” is the first thing Calum addresses. 

Ashton opens his eyes, apparently unaware that the two of you walked in, and smirks. “You should see the other guy." 

"Mess him up pretty good?" 

"Him and his five friends." 

"Right, mate, now you’re full of it." 

They both chuckle, and you’re relieved to find that Ashton still has his sense of humor. He takes a deep breath, directing his attention to you. 

"Hey, gorgeous." 

You smile sympathetically. "How’re you feeling?" 

"I’ve been worse." 

"Not by much,” Calum interjects. “Quit letting people beat the shit out of you, would ya?" 

"Good advice. I’ll try that next time.”

“Happy to help.” Calum lets his hand fall on Ashton’s shoulder, who grunts in pain. “Anyway, glad to see you’re still alive,” he takes a step back, glancing at you, “I’ll give you two a minute." 

Calum strolls into the other part of the locker room, leaving you alone with Ashton. Over your last few dates you’ve grown used to having him all to yourself, and this is how you prefer it. 

He turns to you again, his expression one that suggests he knows he’s in trouble. 

"Ashton,” you sigh, closing the distance between the two of you by sitting next to him on the bench. 

“You shouldn’t see me like this,” he says. 

“A little late for that, isn’t it?” You reach for the ice pack pressed to his cheek. “Let me." 

He allows you hold it there for him as your other arm snakes over his shoulders. He scoots closer, cuddling into your chest, accepting your affection like a sleepy child. He’s hurting more than he’s letting on, and you’re the only person he doesn’t feel obligated to put on a brave face for. 

Your fingers tamper with the band holding his hair back, pulling it out and catching the short strands between your fingers. He lets out a content breath, relaxing into your touch. 

"You scared me,” you confess.

“Did I?”

“You weren’t getting up." 

He smiles inappropriately, taking away from the seriousness of your concern. "You don’t have to worry about me, angel." 

You beg to differ, but opt to delay that talk, unwilling to admit how much you’ve grown to care for Ashton over the short amount of time you’ve been seeing each other. The information Calum spilt earlier about Ashton’s childhood only added to the fire, and you can’t help but wring your heart over the thought of the unconditional nurturing little Ashton was denied as you run your nails soothingly along his scalp. 

"You’re much better at this than Calum is,” he murmurs. 

“At what?" 


You laugh, still impressed by his lighthearted attitude. "He told me you asked him to put in a good word." 

Ashton smiles, shifting to curl one arm behind your back to wrap around your waist, and lazily grazes your stomach with his other hand. "How’d he do?" 

"I’m here, aren’t I?" 

He gives your side a light squeeze. "You are,” he says appreciatively, then comes to a realization. “You are. Don’t take this the wrong way, but how’d you get in here?" 

"Oh–Calum, uh, told the guy outside that I’m your girlfriend, and he bought it." 

"My girlfriend,” Ashton echoes to himself. “I like the sound of that." 

You’re about to vocalize your agreement when you’re cut off by a sudden commotion coming from the entrance. It sounds like someone forced their way inside, despite the many demands yelling for them to stop. 

"Where is he?” an accented voice disrupts the otherwise calmed atmosphere. “Irwin!” is shouted before the man the voice is coming from storms around the corner, turning out to be none other than a fuming Donovan Diaz. 

He comes to a halt when he sees the two of you cozied up on the bench, mockery already taking form in his eyes. “Aw, isn’t this a sweet picture.”

You’re not surprised that Ashton retracts his arms from you and sits up, internalizing the pain in the face of someone less forgiving. Recomposed and impenetrable, he addresses you softly. “Will you get me a water bottle?” His eyes flash to a cooler on the far side of the room, making the message clear. He’s not asking for the sake of a favor, just to send you away from this confrontation in case Donovan unpredictably tries anything. 

Begrudgingly, you get up and leave Ashton’s side, trusting that he knows what he’s doing.

“Yeah, grab one for me, too,” Donovan taunts, clearly enjoying himself. 

“What do you want?” Ashton cuts to the chase. 

Donovan rolls his jaw, taking a threatening step closer. “I’m just making sure you know you didn’t win that fight.”

“Nah, I didn’t win. You were just disqualified,” Ashton retorts. “Thanks for that illegal hit, by the way." 

"What can I say? You piss me off. I couldn’t help myself." 

You open the lid of the cooler, shuffling the melting ice as you remove a plastic bottle from it. 

"Hope it was worth it.” Ashton leans against the back of the bench, tilting his chin up to rest his head, a smug smirk plastered across his face. 

“What the fuck is so funny, huh?” Donovan steps closer again, and you flinch despite not being in his path. Would he really start another fight right here? 

You’re not willing to find out, knowing that even in his current condition Ashton would have too much pride to back down. With a full water bottle in hand, you begin to make your way back over to the bench, standing behind its corner cautiously. 

“Get out,” you dryly demand, protective instincts kicking in. 

Donovan raises his eyebrows, almost acting impressed. He glances you up and down, chuckling patronizingly. “That’s cute, princess. You think you’re bad?" 

"I wouldn’t mess with her, Don,” Ashton warns from his seat. On the outside he looks unbothered, but there’s a new, intimidating edge to his voice, one that you hope you never find yourself on the receiving end of. “She’ll win." 

Donovan must notice it as well, staring you both down one last time before rolling his jaw again and leisurely retreating, acting like it’s his choice to walk away.

Your shoulders slump after he’s gone, unaware of the tension you were holding until this point. Now that you can think clearly again you’re not sure where everyone in the other room went–surely they would have interfered if they had been around to see Donovan walk in. 

"Well we’re even,” Ashton declares, “You sure just scared the hell out of me." 

You refill the seat beside him, and he repositions himself to face you fully, placing his hand on your hip to slide you closer. In the process you cup his face, careful not to irritate his injuries, and connect your lips to his. 

It’s a short kiss that Ashton wasn’t expecting, but craves more of as soon as you pull away. 

"That was nice,” he says sweetly, feathering his fingers down your cheek and pouting your bottom lip with his thumb. “If the feeling in my face would just return I’m sure it’d be even better." 

You laugh, defeatedly lowering your head to his shoulder and hiding your face in his neck. 

"There’ll be plenty more for you to feel later.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello, for my one and only soul, could I get Dans 20th birthday where Phil waited to have The Full Sex™ with Dan because he didn't want to be that creep that bangs a teenager?

can you write a bit where phil’s always been rlly loving and soft and vanilla and dan says “harder” like 38291928 times and phil keeps being gentle af but then dan like looks up at phil and says “h a r d e r .” in like a “sex” voice and phil just fickin loses it and p o u n d s him into the mattress and also detailed orgasms thank you so much bby

Plus dirty talk. If you have problems getting past the cut on mobile, open in your phone browser.

There isn’t much competition when it comes to Dan’s top three best birthdays. Now, his top three worst, that’s another story – so many of them have been so downright awful it’s hard for him to choose. There was that time in Kindergarten when he’d had a barbeque at the local park and a freak storm had blown through, tearing down their gazebo and knocking his Winnie the Pooh cake to the ground. Or his ninth birthday, when his cousin sprayed him with Poundland silly string, which had given him a severe allergic reaction and he ended up spending the remainder of his party in A&E. And who can forget his twelfth, when he’d climbed onto the roof of his single-storey house on a dare and broke his wrist on the way down? The list goes on, but, physical injury and heartbreaking loss of desserts aside, nothing will ever rank higher than his sixteenth, which he’d spent crying into half a dozen share-sized packets of Doritos when none of his guests turned up.

So, yes, Dan’s got a plethora of bad birthdays to choose from, but good ones? Honestly, his top three is probably just his nineteenth listed three times. It was the first he’d spent with not only an actual best friend but also a boyfriend – and okay, technically they’re the same person, but give him a break. He’d never expected to have one of those, let alone find both wrapped up in the miracle that is Phil. Dan had gone to spend his birthday week up in Manchester with him, where Phil had taken him to dinner and a movie and, sure, it was cliché and cheesy as hell, but that’s exactly what Dan had wanted. They’d eaten overpriced meals and made out in the back of the cinema and drank on a rooftop bar and it was by far the best birthday Dan’s ever had. Today, however, that’s about to change. Today, Dan is going to have a new number one, because today his boyfriend is finally, finally going to fuck him.

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Love is for Idiots - Peter Parker

Summary: You have been alone all your life, and from a young age, you learned that love doesn’t exist. However, as soon as you met Peter Parker, you learned to love again.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Words: 2,477 (goddamn that’s a long one)

Warnings: kinda agsty, kinda fluffy, couple of swears, my really bad spanish skills (I SPEAK FRENCH STILL LEARNING SPANISH) also first fic so there’s that

A/N: guys i did it. first ever fic. i don’t know if y’all will hate it or love it, but it was so much fun to write. ALSO THERES AN IN THE HEIGHTS REFERENCE.

You didn’t need love.

You were an independent person who didn’t need to feel satisfied by having someone love you.

You were strong, independent, and brave.

That’s what you told yourself everyday when you looked in the mirror.

Truth be told, you lied to yourself everyday. Everybody needed somebody, but you just weren’t used to that. With your mom out of the picture, and your dad always gone for work, you had convinced yourself that love was for the weak.

You just never realised how emotionally weak you actually were.

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Which One (NSFW)

Originally posted by anotherscarlettblog

dom!Bucky x sub!Natasha x dom!Reader

Warnings: Smut, dear god so much smut, Принцесса = princess, Мадам = madam, Котенок = kitten, сержант = sergeant

A/N: I’m just cranking out fucking stories today, jesus. This is such a long fucking fic and I’m not even remotely sorry about that. I might need to bathe in holy water after this…

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Not An Athlete (3/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)

 <Previous - Next>

Your mum once gave you advice, it wasn’t exactly handy advice at the time and you didn’t really understand why she gave it to you in the first place but you still took it in, still often think about it because it’s some good advice. She once told you that if you ever have an argument with your partner, you should go for a long drive, no destination and no one else just you. It’s meant to help clear your mind, let you drive your feelings out and really think about what was said and what you want to say. You’ve done that, many times, over mostly friends but it worked.

You can’t say it’s working well for Tucker. The closer you got to Las Vegas the angrier you become, the more irrational your thoughts got, you were white-knuckling the steering wheel as you glared at the welcome sign to Las Vegas. You have no idea, how in the hell, Lance got your number and what possessed him to phone you; doesn’t he have friends? A girlfriend? One of his booty-calls that could’ve picked him up?

You pulled up to Caesar Palace, it was a little much. The fountain, the valet that gave a judgemental look at your old Volvo. The outside, although grand, couldn’t compete with the interior design of the palace. The marble floors, the gold lining and decor, and the columns: it was breathtaking. You walked to the reception, oil paintings behind the gold-mirrored desk, everything just screamed pretentious but yet, it was impressive. You pulled the denim jacket you wore closer to your body, the woman grinning from ear-to-ear at you.

“Hello, welcome to Caesars Palace, what can I do for you this morning?” Her name tag stating that her name is Sara.

“Hey, I’m here to pick up a guest, I don’t know what room he is in or if he’s under his name,” she nodded as you looked utterly dumbfounded, “the name is Lance Tucker and he requested me for pick-up, for some reason.” She nodded as she typed onto a keyboard, looking at a screen.

She picked up a phone just beside her and dialled a number, grinning at you as she waited for whoever to pick up the phone, it’s a few short, awkward, seconds of silence. “Hello, Mr Tucker. This is reception calling, a guest is here for you, a young female.” You tap the counter absent-mindedly. “Should I send her up?” is the next question, “she said you were expecting her, okay, I’ll be sure to do so.” Sara puts the phone down, “he’s in one of our penthouse suites, in the Palace Tower, I’ll have someone escort you.”

You followed a young male, a bell-hop, through the building. You had only ever seen pictures of Caesars Palace, it was bigger than you expected, at every turn, there was something to look at and admire. Pools and spas, plus showrooms and obviously, casinos; no wonder Lance came all the way here. You were shown right to the door, where he swiped a keycard and let you in, telling you to enjoy your stay.

The penthouse, well, it was bigger than your entire apartment. It had a balcony the size of your kitchen, bigger from where you were standing. Black marble floors, the furniture looked brand new, and it had its own kitchen; not that you expected Lance to be cooking whilst here since they have Gordon Ramsay’s Bar & Grill. You could see it went off in three different directions; you looked down one hallway, seeing a door slightly ajar, hoping that Lance was somewhat decent you walked down towards it. 

You pushed the door open, it was dark with the shutters down and a body was laid in bed, you assumed it was Tucker. 

“Tucker, wake up!” You yelled and heard him grumble his reply, a muffled ‘fuck you’ being thrown in. “No, get the fuck up, I didn’t drive all the way here for you to treat me like shit. Get up now!” You flicked the light switch on, you could just see his brown, messy hair from under the plush duvets before you walked back out of the room calling his name again.

You sat on the barstool when Lance finally emerges, eyes still half shut and squinting against the bright lights, his hair a mess and only grey sweat pants that were hanging low on his hips; how the hell was they staying up was a good question. His eyebrows were furrowed as he looked at you, he blinked rapidly as he sat on the cream sofa.

“Why the fuck are you here?” He asked, voice still hoarse from just waking up and scratchy from whatever drinks he consumed last night when he texted you.

You sighed with annoyance. “Of course, drunk texts, I shouldn’t have bothered. You text me asking for me to come get you, you threatened my job.” He was still frowning before he sighed, head falling into his hands as his elbows rested on his knees. “Why did you call me? Don’t you have friends to come get you? Aren’t they here with you?” You glanced around, looking back at the hunched over Lance.

“You’d be the only one that would actually show up, you need your job,” he muttered, “it was an easy bribe.” He lifted his head, hands covering his mouth as he stared right at the blank flat screen TV. “I drank a lot last night.” He sighed to mostly himself.

You crossed your arms, “I’ll bite the bait,” he looked at you with an unreadable expression. “Why did you need me to come pick you up, you’re in Las Vegas, isn’t this your ideal hunting ground?” His lips curved up at that comment but set back into a frown; he slouched against the back of the sofa, arms crossing over his chest.

“…I came here for an event, it’s kind of a big deal but…” he trailed off, a look you haven’t ever seen on Lance before, well, he never really showed anything but a smirky confident idiot. This was different, by far, it was shyness and embarrassment. “My parents are here, celebrating my father, forty-six years of being in the sports industry.” An edge of bitterness harshened his words, he wasn’t looking at you but you could tell he felt vulnerable; exposing a side of him like this.

“Isn’t this meant to be a fun occasion? A party?” He rolled his steely blue eyes at you, chuckling lightly at that.

He shakes his head, “You haven’t met my parents. You hate me, you would loathe them, I can’t stand the bastard and my mum isn’t any better. I guess, last night it got to me.” It’s silent, “You should probably go. Before they get back, don’t speak of this, to anyone. Got it?” 

Before you can answer that the penthouse’s front door opens. A couple walks through, talking amongst themselves, the older male looks a little like Lance but the woman looked a little young to be his mother, maybe his sister? 

The male had slicked back, dark hair, and piercing, hooded eyes with a grey suit. He was old, obviously but he was tall and very lean, clearly he still kept in shape despite his age. The woman beside him was small, tanned and young, you could say, younger than you! She was skinny, really skinny but had great… assets. You weren’t one to judge but you felt insecure in front of this girl. 

Lance’s P.O.V

“Harry, you’re up.” Lance froze on the spot at the sound of his father’s voice, he glanced to you for a moment before turning swiftly around and meeting his father’s piercing gaze. “I’ve come to collect you for lunch, your mother has arrived and insisted we all gather,” he didn’t sound to keen on the idea, not that Lance was but, at least he could stand to be around his mother.

It takes a few seconds for Lance to remember how to speak, “Uhh yeah, it must’ve slipped my mind,” he runs a hand through his hair messily before turning back to you. “I was just saying goodbye to my…friend, then I’ll get dressed.” He nods for you to stand up, beckoning you quickly to the door before you could be roped into his messed up life.

“And here I thought you’ve changed,” Lance’s father began and made you stop in your tracks, Lance sighs heavily. “Why can’t you find a nice girl, instead of these groupies, life isn’t about alcohol and fucking, Harry.”

“Spare me the lecture, you’re the one that cheated, not mum.” Lance snapped back, “she isn’t a groupie either, she’s… working for me,” he doesn’t have to look at you to know how uncomfortable you are, he can feel it.

Harry Senior, shakes his head. “Hookers don’t work for you, Harry.” Lance hears you scoff at the mention of the word hooker, he wants to laugh, he’s been with and seen hookers; you were definitely not one of those.

“She’s not a hooker, babe.” Sabrina, his new wife smiles, “that’s his girlfriend, obviously. He didn’t want you to know, meeting the parents is always scary, look at how protective he got over her.” Lance watched as his dad’s posture changed, straightening his back as he glanced you over, analysing you and Lance didn’t like that.

“That’s quite the accusation, he hasn’t had a girlfriend in years, is she your girlfriend?” The stare he received after the question had Lance stammering for an answer, apparently, the word ‘no’ no longer existed.

“Yes, she is.” Lance found himself saying in a moment of weakness, “I…-” he’s cut off by his dad, who walks around him and to you, extending a hand your way.

“Harry Tucker, the third,” you look at Lance over his father’s shoulders with wide eyes, raised eyebrows and a look of shock. “This is my wife, Sabrina.”

Lance watches as you shake his dad’s hand in silence for a few seconds, “Uh-I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” His dad stares at Lance, as you hug Sabrina, his eyes are piercing through him almost. He recognised that look, the same look he received when he won that silver once; disappointment and disgust. You weren’t good enough for his son or maybe, that’s just how his dad looks at him, neither answer would surprise him. 

“You should accompany us to lunch,” Lance already begins to excuse you from that awkwardness, “nonsense, I insist. She must meet your mother, get dressed, we’re leaving in twenty minutes.” Harry nods before opening the door and leaving with Sabrina behind him.

It’s silent as Lance watches the door close, not really believing what had happened just now, it only becomes reality when you start yelling at him. He didn’t really have any excuse other than his dad scared the shit out of him, he could never form a sentence around him and he was always intimidated, even as a child; the way his dad would glare if he messed up, you’d think he would have become the perfect son.

“I don’t know what just happened,” Lance admitted quickly, “he’s just really intimidating sometimes, I couldn’t think and… you should’ve left when I told you to.”

Oh, so it’s my fault.” You asked, E/C eyes full of rage, “I didn’t come here to play your girlfriend, Lance, or should I say… Harry!” You poked his chest firmly, he slapped your hand away with a slight glare. “Fuck, Lance, I can’t stay here. I can’t have lunch and meet your parents, this is insane. You have, to tell the truth,” you panic to him.

Lance exhales slowly, biting his lip as he thinks everything over. “Okay, listen, I can’t tell my dad I lied. He’ll give me the lecture, it’s one weekend, one lunch. I’ll… pay you!”

“I’m not pretending to be your girlfriend, Lance Tucker.” He rolls his eyes, “you know how stupid this sounds? One day ago you couldn’t stand me, now I’m here being asked to be your fake girlfriend and get paid…this is ridiculous,” Lance crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow. “How much?”

“How much do you want?”

Lance watches as you debate a little with yourself. “I’ve got to buy new books, at least, four hundred dollars worth.” Lance frowns, “I don’t want to ask for too much and have you laugh at me for it.”

“I’ll round it up to five hundred, think of it has compensation. You don’t mention this to anyone, got it? Last I need is you running your mouth,” you shrug and Lance finally looks at you for real. You’re in a denim jacket plus blue skinny jeans, your hair up and hardly any make-up, you’re pretty but not dressed correctly. “You got clothes with you? Like a dress?” You shake your head and he sighs.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” You place a hand on your hip jutting it out with a sour expression; your attitude was going to be a problem too but he couldn’t fix that. 

“Everything, you can’t have lunch with my mother and be dressed like that,” he walks off and towards his room. “I’ll have the hotel send something up, what’s your size?” He turns and looks at you, “nevermind, you’re like a ten. Do something with your hair,” he slips back into his room, hearing you follow behind him.


Lance paces in front of the walk-in wardrobe doors, hearing you grumble to yourself about the dress and him, mostly him. He hated that you were roped into this, his life, it was embarrassing and humiliating. He tried, so hard, to remove himself from his home life because of his father. The man was cold, cruel and manipulative, everything that Lance tried to not be but ended up being like his mother; competitive, in every sense of the word and egotistical.

Growing up with Harrison Tucker as a father was torture. Lance had to be like him, he had to be a great athlete, the best. Even that isn’t good enough; he wins one silver amongst his many golds and instantly he’s a failure.

“So, you’re name is Harry?” He hears your voice through the doors.

“Yeah, after my dad and his dad, and his dad before him.” Lance rolls his eyes, crossing his arms, “It’s like some stupid tradition, my middle name is Lancelot, my mother liked it and I decided since there’s already one Harry Tucker on the scene.” He explained leaning against the wall as he waited for you.

It’s a few silent seconds. “And the woman beside your dad… guessing, not your sister.”

He laughed loudly. “No, definitely not. My parents divorced when I was sixteen, he was messing around with a young gymnast, of age, not that it mattered. Anyway, Sabrina is his third or fourth wife. My mum always turns up to his awards because she thinks it’s important for us to still be a family, she’s twisted that way,” He shrugs to himself, “she was always better at business relationships than actual relationships; I rarely see her outside her office,” he trails off and stares at the wall ahead.

“That sounds rough,” he hears the doors slide open, “explains a lot about you, to be honest.” He rolls his eyes and glances at you, raising his eyebrows. “What’d ya think? Will this fool them now?”

Shamelessly he let his eyes trail over your body, he may still hate you, but he wasn’t one to pass up the opportunity of appreciating a female’s body. The bodycon dress was a royal blue, off the shoulder and mid-length, it fit you perfectly, a little too perfectly. When he, finally, let his eyes drift back to yours, you were glaring a little, only making his cocky grin grow.

“I’m setting rules,” he raised an eyebrow at that, “No getting too handsy; an arm around the waist is my limit, Tucker. I am not kissing you, ever, even being your fake girlfriend. Are we clear?” You asked sternly, he shrugged a shoulder in reply, “No, are we clear? I can leave, right now and not help you. I guess, your father already told your mother that you have a girlfriend, so are we clear?”

“Fucking Christ, we’re good. I don’t want to kiss you anyway, even faking it.” He watched as you rolled your E/C eyes at him, brushing a piece of Y/H/C hair behind your ear. “Let’s go, they’re waiting for us.”

He leads you out of the door and to the elevators, a nervous fluttering happening in his stomach. He always got like this when having to be around his parents, it was heightened a lot more with you next to him, having anyone meet his parents was sickening. He always avoided it, never told them when he had girlfriends because they’d run for the hills; if it wasn’t because of them getting fed up his arrogant ways, his parents would chase them off, for sure.  

“I’m nervous,” you admit to him and he scoffed, hiding his own behind the facade he built himself. “I’ve never had to meet someone’s parents before.” He frowned and looked down at you, you didn’t look at him, eyes remaining on the elevator doors. “It’s only for lunch, I’m actually a good actor, I got an A for theatre in school.” You mainly told yourself.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked abruptly, you finally looked up at him but the doors open before you can answer, people waiting for you to walk out. He sighs gently and escorts you through the crowd and towards the outside pool, where his parents are meeting for lunch.

The sun shines on the beautiful pool, people splashing and swimming around, more sunbathing on the loungers. His eyes land on a table by the bar, his father and mother sat, not talking as Sabrina yaps away about something uninteresting. His eyes connect with his mother’s, who smiles brightly and she hadn’t changed a day. She had aged, grey hairs that were mostly caused by the stress, blue eyes like his and an infectious smile- like yours- he shook that thought away.

“Lancelot,” she called and waved, standing up and walking to him. He met her with a hug, you trailing behind. “Look how you’ve grown,” she grinned looking at her son, “you look so handsome, of course, my genetics.” He chuckled at that, “I’m angry with you, by the way,” she tells him and he frowns. “I had to hear from your father that you’ve got a girlfriend! Hello, dear, I’m Erin.” He rolls his eyes as his mother pulls you in for a hug.

“Harry wasn’t supposed to meet her, she came as a last minute thing for me,” Lance explained, only being ignored as his mother fusses over you with a happy smile, taking your hand and leading you to the table. He trailed behind helping both, you and his mother, into chairs before sitting beside you.

It was awkward as his mother ordered more drinks, a sly comment of her drinking habits from his father, this was going to be the worst experience of his life. 

“So, how did you two meet? I want details.” His mother grins and Lance chokes a little on his drink, shit, he hadn’t thought about the questions she would ask.

(I had to cut this because it became too long, that’s why it ended kinda choppy. Anyway, I got this idea from my friend Amber, my original idea has altered, meaning instead of ten chapters it’s gonna be around twenty; thank her for that lol. Let me know what you think, so far. - Rosalee) 

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Well Respected Man

Wincest Writing Challenge: (August) | @ilostmyshoe-79​ vs. @soy-em

Prompt: A Well Respected Man by The Kinks

Pairing (s): Swesson, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson

Word Count: 2700

Summary: Sam lets loose on the weekend and runs into someone he works with.

Tags/Triggers: smut, rimming

“Hey Wesson, you doing anything fun this weekend?” Ian asks, leaning across their cubicles. “I’ve got a date. Meeting this chick I’ve been talking to online. She’s wild, man. Crazy hot pictures.”

Sam snorts and taps his pencil against the bobble-head he keeps next to his computer screen. “Yeah? What if she shows up and turns out to be a middle-aged man or something?”

“If he can do half of the things that we talked about in our messages, then I wouldn’t even care.”

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(something for your way to work? Have a good day!)

So I kinda want Jons first date to be with someone who ISNT Damian. Like he has the biggest crush on Damian in the world, but he thinks its not reciprocated (cause you know damian and feelings). So this cute boy from his high school asks Jon out and Jon agrees. Jon tells Damian and Damian is just SO JEALOUS. Just grinding his teeth to dust jealous. But he can’t complain, or do anything about it. Some other guy just had the guts to tell Jon, “Hey, you’re cute. Wanna get dinner and watch a movie with me?” While Damian can barely manage a nice thing to say to Jon. (even though the thought of Jon laughing or smiling at a dumb joke keeps him up all night). So what does he do? He tells Jon to enjoy his date and that he’ll see him on patrol the night after his date; calling himself a coward the whole time he writes out the message and sends it.

The next day is just a moping Damian. After training and a shower, its just moping all around the manor. Eating breakfast? Full of sighs. In the library? Titus is sitting in his lap and hes curled around his dog, looking out of the window. Listening to music? Sad songs. 

“Damian?” Dick asked, carefully removing one of Damians earbuds. Damian grunted. “Everything okay, bud?”

“Peachy, why do you ask?”

“You seem…off.” Dick said careful of his words. 

“’M fine.” Damian grumbled, taking his earbud back. 

Tim comes strolling in with some tea for Damian, and ruffles his hair. “Jon’s going on a date because poor Damian here can’t sort out his feelings like the rest of us.“ 

“How do you know?” Dick asked

“Kon told me.” Tim answered, typing something on his phone. “I told him that i’m gonna sabotage his little brothers date.”

Dick perked up and was about to open his mouth until he heard a gun getting loaded. “WE’RE NOT GONNA KILL HIM, JASON.”


Stephanie comes skipping in with some pictures, “his name is Clay. What an unattractive name, CLAY. Like Ew. Put a face after that and you have a villain name.
ANYWAYS. Cute kid. Gray eyes, blonde hair. He’s on the basketball team. So if Mad Dog Jason gets out, make sure he doesnt break his wrist.” Stephanie relays all of this information while stroking Damians hair. Damian would normally hiss and growl and promise her demise, but today he just lets his head rest on her hip. (Damian ofc cant hear anything. He just thinks his siblings + steph are just keeping him company)

“Fuck you, Steph.”

“Don’t you wish, honey.”

So it’s friday night. Jon and Clay are at a diner. (Damian is patrolling with batman. B notices that Robin is a little more aggressive tonight than normal) 

Jay steals Clays wallet making Jon pay for everything.Jon doesnt mind. Hes just a little annoyed cause Clay said it was his treat.  

Since Jay still has Clays wallet, Jon also has to pay for the movie tickets. 

Anytime the other boy wants to touch Jon, hand over shoulder holding his hand Dick shocks him. 

Jon is miserable. This was a shit date. Why did he even come? Even during dinner he realized they had nothing in common besides sports, and the fact they’re in AP Calculus. And they’re not even on the same sports team! (Jons in baseball) Every conversation he had with him was an absolute bore, He seemed so charming in school! Jon sighed as they finally pulled into the driveway to his house in metropolis. 

“Sorry about tonight! I guess, I just wasn’t on my game.” Clay laughs. Jon tried not to cringe at yet another sports reference. 

“We all have our off days.” Jon smiles, ready to put this dumb date behind him. 

Clay holds his hand, and Jon finds himself desperately wishing that it was someone else holding his hand. Someone hes trying to get over. Someone whos too tied down to crime fighting. Someone whos passionate about animals and art and literature and his city. 

“Thanks for being so understanding.” Clay says leaning forward. Jon found himself leaning forward too. The hell with it, maybe at least the kissing will make up for this lousy excuse of a date. 

Tim hacks the boys car before his and Jons lips touched, making the car alarm go off in the dead of night. The batboys tried not to snicker, that would tip off a certain someones super hearing. 

Jon grits his teeth and get out of the car. “Thanks for the ride.” He calls over his shoulder and retreats into his house. 

Jon sees his mom waiting up for him in the living room. “Hey, honey.” Jon super speed runs to her and plops himself on her lap. 

“Im taking your date went bad?”

“Oh you have no idea.” he mumbled into her lap, holding her closer.

“Think of it this way, this just sets the bar for all of your other dates!” Lois said, carding her fingers through her sons thick black hair. 

“Mom, anything lower than this would be my date not showing up. And honestly, that’s still probably better than tonight.“ 

Lois had to laugh at that. 

"I dated the captain of the basketball team when I was your age too.”

“Howd it go?”

“God awful. He ran off with god knows who in the middle of our date. I had to walk home myself.”

“What happened after that?”

“I started dating your father.”

“Think he asked batman to scare the other guy off?”

Lois laughed at that. “Somehow, I dont doubt it." 

Lois pressed a kiss to Jons cheek and went off to bed. He could hear his Dads thunderous snores as she opened the door to their bedroom. 

Jon pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Damian. 

Worst date ever, and it was my first one. Tell you about it on patrol tomorrow. Night!

Damian opened the message as he waited for the GCPD to pick up the would be bank robbers he just busted. A big smile spread across his cheeks. Looks like Damian will get his second chance soon.

BONUS: when Batman and robin strolled into the cave, Tim, Jason, and Dick were all napping in random spots with their suits on. 

"They didn’t tell me they went on patrol.” Batman frowned. The pieces clicked into place for Damian rather quickly. He had to hide a smile from his father. He also made a mental note of finding out ways to thank his brothers. 

@desolationofzara OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And i legit laughed out loud, thank you so much darling!


// character: peter parker/spider-man

// pairing: peter x reader

// summary: “I knew you’d catch me. You always catch me.”


You didn’t expect there to be this many guards.

The amount of black-clad, heavily-armed, and well-trained soldiers chasing after you could probably fill a stadium, you think as your feet pound against the sleek floors of the hallways, searching for a way out.

The bio-weapon is tucked neatly in the bag slung around your shoulder. It’s a simple retrieval mission, get in, acquire the weapon, get out. But you start to think maybe you’ve bitten off a little more than you can chew. As a bullet whizzes directly towards where your head was seconds before, you grit your teeth and run harder.

They’re everywhere, and closing fast. Yet another hallway leads to a dead end, and you curse, ducking into a nearby door and shutting it softly behind you. “Where the hell are you?” you hiss into your comm link.

“The cops just picked up the ringleader,” comes Peter’s swift reply. “He’ll be behind bars soon. I’m coming.”

You bite your lip. “Hurry. I can’t get out; they’ve got all the exits blocked.”

“Air vents?”

“Sealed, all of them. Peter,” you breathe, and for just a moment, the fear creeps into your voice, “there’s too many of them. I can’t take them all.”

There’s a slow exhale on the other end, and you can picture the tiny downturn of his lips, the way he fidgets with his hands when he’s nervous. “Listen to me, just sit tight, okay? The police are on there way, and I’ll be there in a bit.”

You pause for a moment, listening to the thundering of footsteps. "I don’t think waiting is an option.” Silence replies, and you take a deep breath. “Meet me on the northeast side of the building, okay? Three minutes. Be ready.”

“What? What are you–”

“Three minutes, Peter. Just trust me.”

You hear him sigh,  and there’s a long hesitation. “Okay.”

Your fingers are shaking ever so slightly as they set a timer on your watch. You open the door, just a crack, barely enough to see out of. The hall looks empty. Holding your breath, you push it further and slip out, barely making a sound.

You slip into a rhythmic jog, keeping your footfalls muffled while sticking close to the walls. When you stop, across from you is a floor-to-ceiling window, orange light from the sinking sun streaming in and making the room glow. There’s two halls spreading out from here, but both of them lead to locked doors. You take a deep breath and glance through the glass. You’re standing on the fifth floor, the concrete sidewalk looking merciless beneath you. The elevator’s shut down, the stairs blocked. There’s no other way out.

Maybe this isn’t one of your best ideas. Just a second off in timing could leave you splattered on the pavement or overwhelmed by guards. But there’s not much of a choice right now. Two minutes, fourteen seconds. Your heart thumps uncomfortably as you watch seconds tick down, waiting. You’re nervous, but Peter always has your back, you remind yourself. Even before he got his powers, he was your hero. He’ll catch me. He always does.

You hear the attacker before he pulls the trigger, ducking out of the way as his bullet hits the glass behind you. As a web of cracks blooms from the hole, you throw yourself at the man, easily swiping his gun and knocking him to the floor. Fortunately, he doesn’t get back up, but a fresh wave of soldiers streams into the room. Peter’s still a full minute out.

For a few more seconds, you can stand your ground. You hold them off fairly well, except they just keep coming, like some multiplying hydra; every time you take out one soldier, four take its place. You’re backed further and further against the glass. Swallowing hard, you eye the street below you nervously. Your timer’s still ticking down from twelve, but right about now, you don’t have many options.

“Peter?” you say, and, without waiting for a reply, “I love you.”

Glass explodes from the window as you throw yourself through it. You’re falling, spiraling towards the ground, a helpless victim of gravity. You can’t even hear the scream rip from your throat, don’t even feel the glass slicing your skin. Adrenaline rushes through you. The air is all-consuming as you cut through it, the concrete getting closer and closer.

You’re vaguely aware of onlookers staring from the ground at the body falling from the sky. Your body, soon to be nothing more than a splatter on the pavement. He’ll come, you tell yourself, screwing your eyes shut and letting your heart race at the speed of sound as fear washes over you. He’ll catch me.

He’ll always catch me.

And then he’s there. Suddenly, you’re pressed against his chest, with his heartbeat in your ears alongside your own, and he’s the only real thing in the world. You’re in his arms, you’re in Peter’s arms, and here, you’re safe. You let yourself breathe again.

He’s yelling something, but it’s lost to the roar of the wind and the rush of blood in your head. You’re low enough to brush the tops of cars if you point your toes, and it hits you how close you came. But you’re alive. You’re with him.

Peter touches down neatly on the sidewalk, clinging to you for a long moment before yanking you into an alley, away from clicking cell phones and prying eyes. He pulls off his mask, revealing pale cheeks and wide, terrified eyes beneath them.  "What were you thinking?“ he yells, his hands clutching yours tightly enough to make his knuckles go white, even now. "Jumping out a freaking window? I thought…God, Y/N, I thought I was gonna lose you.” He pulls you close again, your body curving into his as he presses his head against your shoulder. “If I had been even a second later–”

“You weren’t,” you say softly.

“But I could’ve been.”

“Peter,” you pull back, tilting his chin upwards with your hand and wrapping your arms around his neck, “I’m okay. You saved me. I knew you’d catch me.”  You look at him, his deep brown eyes finally locking on yours. “You always catch me.”

He lets out a little breath of laughter, running his hand through your hair, and it brings a smile to your face. “I swear, if you scare me like that again…” he warns.

You smirk. “You’ll what? Ground me?” Grinning, you slip the bag over your head and dangle it in front of him. “I got the weapon, Webhead.”

A smile eases its way onto his face as he swipes it out of your hands. “After we return this to the police, you’re buying me a coffee as an apology” he announces, slipping on his mask. “And a biscotti. I think I deserve it.”

“Pig,” you say with a snort, playfully bumping your shoulder into his.

Peter laughs and grabs your waist, letting you hook your arms around his neck. “I’m glad you’re okay,” he whispers softly, letting out a small breath as he launches a web at the rooftop and swings into the sky. “And I love you, too.”

Giving a hand pt.4 [BTS Smut]

Originally posted by jjks



COUNT → 5155

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not the typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed by it you’re comfortable with it. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you would use your abilities to please seven guys.

The day arrived.

You could pretend you weren’t nervous, but who were you kidding at the end of the day? Truth was you were terrified, but in a good way. You weren’t scared of Taehyung, but of how would you react alone with him. So far you failed miserably at your work because you’ve never lose on yourself with your past clients, but Jin and Hoseok made you forget you were working. And you were more than sure that Taehyung could do the same as well.

You needed to keep it professional. Use your lube, speak just if necessary, have him came and be done with that. Nothing of getting aroused, or worse, act on it, during or after the session. You were hired to do a job, and that was what you were going to do. You repeated the same thing over and over during the morning.

It was easier said than done. You were a completely mess during the whole day, because you couldn’t tear the image of Taehyung alone with you from your thoughts. You had Stigma on repeat, and his deep voice only reminded you of how he sounded yesterday when he had you pinned against the wall. You fantasied about the idea of taking him to the bathroom.

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I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore (Jughead x Reader)

Warnings: Mild cursing, a mention of sex, the mention of taking ones virginity, alcohol.

Summary: The one where Reader doesn’t think her and Jughead Jones should be together anymore.

Part 2

Today was your one year anniversary with your first ever boyfriend, you were excited to say the least, today you planned on finally letting him take your virginity.

You had the whole night planned out, first you’d take Juggie out to pops(his favorite place on earth) then you’d take him back to your apartment to watch pulp fiction and then from there you’d seduce him. He had never pressured you into having sex but you finally felt like you were ready. 

You had spent the entire day cleaning up your apartment, making sure everything was in place. You had bought snacks for the movie and you had also bought condoms, just to be safe. You were on cloud nine, nothing could ruin your day.

It was almost 6 and you had yet to get ready, Juggie promised to come pick you up at 6:30 pm. You got up and headed towards your restroom, making sure to grab a towel on the way there. You took your time in the shower, shaving, washing your hair with a different smelling shampoo, moisturizing and whatnot, you were out of the shower by 6:15. You quickly put on a nice red dress with some black kitten heels, your hair was braided loosely but you somehow made it look nice and elegant. At exactly 6:30 you finished getting ready and you were impressed with yourself. 

By 6:45 pm you had begun to worry, sure Juggie was often late to picking you up but never by 15 minutes. You refrained from texting him, he could be driving and you didn’t want him to get distracted. At 6:57 pm he finally messaged you.

6:57 pm:
Hey babe! Won’t be able to make dinner tonight, call you later, I love you.

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K A I R O S | 02 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 6 912 -ish
Author’s note: Surprise!! :DD bet yall didnt see this coming hmm. okay but im really nervous about this one.

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Just Ask - Part 5

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: I’m at a coffee shop, taking full advantage of their free internet to queue these up, aahhhh I hate moving and being Internet-less. 

This one is for you @nathalieruaudel! You beautiful french macaroon you ❤️

Part 4

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Right Here

Sami Zayn/OC (smut): You and Sami are best friends and get into an argument over him not liking the guy you’re seeing. But when you get dumped, he’s there to comfort you and later on, your true feelings for each other come out. (Slightly fluffy as well, because come on, Sami Zayn is sweet lil’ ball of sunshine.)

Tagging: the lovely @xfirespritex

I’m so excited to finally be posting this, I hope you guys like it!

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A/N: Hey loves, this is my first Jughead Jones imagine! I’m so excited to post more writing on this page:) I’m uploading this from the mobile app so there is not bold or italics but when I get my computer fixed I’ll come back to edit my writing so it’ll be obvious where the lyrics are. Thank you for your support ❤️

Jughead Jones wasn’t one to truly believe in love. He saw how all of his friends had fallen in and out of love with their partners, eventually he thought, love runs out. He saw love as just a chemical reaction that burned out as soon as another attractive face came along, he had no ideas how wrong he was. But when a girl named y/n y/l/n ran into him in the hallways, Jughead felt love for the first time.

It was very cliche how it happened. Jughead was walking to class with his headphones on listening intently to his favorite artists when out of nowhere a beautiful girl had ran into him, causing Jughead’s books to fall to the ground. This earned jeers and laughs from the jocks. He sighed and lowered himself to the ground, she began to apologize also bending to the ground. Her hand grazed his as she gave him his textbooks. He looked at their touching hands and up to her eyes. In those y/e/c orbs Jughead saw the entire universe. He’d seen stunning shades of eyes before but none have ever compared to y/n’s. She blushed at the awestruck boy before her.

/Jughead’s POV/

“I’m sorry about that. I’m y/n y/l/n.” She said cheerfully as she stood to her feet. I snapped out of my trance at her voice, looking into her face I felt my heart flutter.

“Jughead Jones, it’s quite alright.” The breath seemed to escape my lungs when I caught myself admiring her. She had a sharp jawline, a y/b/t body type, mesmerizing eyes, I thought I caught freckles dotting her nose as well. It was strange really, I’ve never seen anyone quite like her in my entire life. Her beauty rendered me speechless.

All of me is in your hands
I could go to Rome, go to Japan
And find nobody, not even anyone, like you
If the stars fell out of the sky
I know I wouldn’t have the time
Cause all I know is that I’m just too into you

“What class are you going to next?” She asked.

“I’m going to h-history.” I stuttered. I cursed myself for being such an idiot. Normally there was no way in hell that I’d care what others thought about me, but standing here in front of y/n I wanted to seem like the king of the world. Consciously I straightened up. My eyes flicked to her lips as she began talking again. They were plump and pink shining from the chapstick she applied religiously.

“Hey, I’ve seen you before…do you visit Pops regularly?” She questioned while leaning against the locker.

“Yeah, I go there to work on writing.” I felt a blush creep onto my face. What the hell am I doing? I of all people never stutter or blush! Y/n’s eyes lit up, she flicked her eyes to my lips and I subconsciously bit them.

“Wow. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. What do you write about?” Her voice was smooth like honey, her eyes shone with stars when she looked at Jughead. She twisted her foot nervously as she gazed into his murky eyes.

/Regular POV/

Unbeknownst to him, y/n had been trying to work up the courage to talk to Jughead since the day she saw him in Pops a month ago. Y/n thought he looked like a model even with the bags under his deep, poetic eyes. She would watch him from her booth her eyes trained on his lips which were always between his teeth as his beautiful mind tried to find the next perfect sentence. She had studied his slender fingers as they typed furiously across the keyboard, hard at work. His raven hair was always hidden from the world under his signature grey beanie. Y/n had developed a secret crush on him and now she couldn’t believe that she found herself talking to him.

/Y/n’s POV/

When I looked back up into Jughead’s eyes I could feel the butterflies in my stomach take flight. I smiled giddily to myself as I nervously twisted my foot into the tiled hallway flooring. Jughead was so attractive even when he wasn’t trying. His voice was low with an edge of mystery when he spoke.

“About Riverdale and the murder of Jason Blossom.” He revealed with a small smirk. My heart drummed in my ears when I locked eyes with Jughead.

When I look into your eyes
They hypnotise me, I can’t move;
There’s nothing more to say now,
There’s nothing more to say

I froze instantly as If I had been turned to stone. Jughead stared deep into me, both of us at a complete loss for words. His lips parted in what I believe was awe. I felt myself being drawn to him. The world around us faded into the background we were the only beings in the universe that mattered at the moment. The shrill ring of the bell made us jerk back into reality. I blushed a deep shade of crimson. Jughead chuckled to himself.

/Jughead’s POV/

Never in my life had I kissed a girl but that moment when y/n and I locked eyes I felt thrown into a trance. The noise of the bustling hallways cancelled out, the blur of blue and gold lettermans jackets faded to black and white, in that moment I felt gravity pull our bodies together. As I stared into those gleaming y/e/c eyes I felt the urge to kiss her. I was giving in slowly leaning forward but the shrill shriek of the school bell made me jump back. Y/n looked down at her shoes attempting to hide the blush that slipped onto her high cheekbones. I chuckled lightly my mind racing along with my heartbeat.

“Hey…” I began. Her eyes flicked back up to mine.

“Yes?” Her smooth voice sang.

I scratched the back of my neck. I felt my cheeks heat up as I gathered my courage.

“Do you want to come to Pops with me tonight on a date? I know we just met and all but-” Her giggle cut me off. I froze waiting for her reaction.

“I’d love to Jughead. I gotta get to science class but I’ll see you tonight. Here’s my number.” Y/n passed me a slip of paper and waved before turning on her heels and walking down the hallway.

I sighed in relief smiling at the number before tucking it in my jacket pocket. A smile snuck onto my face and didn’t leave all day.

At lunch I smiled down at my sandwich thinking about my date later on tonight. Archie, Veronica, Kevin, and Betty were conversing amongst themselves. My eyes scanned the cafeteria for her. Y/n sat at a table with a group of artsy looking students. Her delicate eyes crinkled at the corners as she tossed her head back in laughter. Her sea of y/h/c hair flowed behind her head. Her pearly white teeth gleamed in the fluorescent lighting of the noisy cafeteria. Y/n wiped happy tears from her eyes as she shook her head at her friends. Her glossy, full lips flashed a smile. For a fraction of a second her eyes floated among the ocean of faces inside the lunch room. Her orbs met mine and a chill rushed down my spine. In the blink of an eye she turned back to her friends.

If the sky turned pink
I know that I wouldn’t blink
Cause all I know’s that I’m just too into you

Betty waved her hand over my eyes.

“Yo hoo! Earth to Jughead!” I didn’t move a muscle. Her voice sounded far away like she was miles under the ocean and I was on top of the Empire State Building. My chin rested in my right hand as I gazed dreamily at my newfound crush. I was hypnotized by her beauty. It’s ironic really, me of all people falling hard and fast in love with a stranger. Suddenly, I felt a pair of strong arms shaking my shoulders back and forth. Archie stared into my face his features contorted in concern. All of my friends stared at me with worried expressions.

“What?” I blinked several times and slipped back into my regular sardonic facade.

“Dude you were totally spaced out. I’ve been calling your name for five minutes.” Archie said.

“Yeah you were making dreamy eyes across the cafeteria at the art table.” Betty laughed.

“Who caught your attention? Is she cute?” Veronica prodded. I rolled my eyes and pushed my food around with my fork.

“C'mon Jughead! Who is she?” Kevin pressed with a sly smirk on his face.

“Don’t freak out guys…” I said, raising my hands slightly in mock surrender, “But I have a date to night with y/n y/l/n.” I muttered hoping they wouldn’t hear me. Archie’s eyebrows flew up towards his forehead.

“You what?” He practically screamed. I jumped and spilled water on my shirt.

“What the hell Jughead? Since when do you go on dates?” Betty said with an air of disbelief.

“Oh my god Jug! You have to tell us everything! What’s she like? Is she nice? She’s obviously pretty, how’d you meet? When did you meet? Are you dating her? Have you used her yet? Are you going to kiss he-?” Veronica rambled.

“Veronica!” Everyone stopped her by whisper shouting in unison, before she could ask anymore questions. I felt an embarrassed blush flush my cheeks. I pressed napkins against my shirt and rolled my eyes.

“This is why I didn’t want to say anything! Just forget it guys.” I huffed. They always overreacted to anything I told them. I slung my bag over my shoulder grabbed my lunch tray and left the table. I dumped my lunch in the trash and began to walk to my next class.

That night y/n and I met at Pops at seven o'clock. She marveled at me all night long, listening intently as I talked in depth about my story. All of the stars danced in her irises she put the moon to shame with her radiant smile. She sipped a strawberry milkshake while asking me what my favorite constellation was. The entirety of the date we discussed topics ranging from classic American literature to what our favorite candy bar was. Y/n was endlessly fascinating. She told me about how she started painting pictures at the age of six. Her first being a woman with four heads and purple skin. We laughed above our burgers genuinely enjoying each other’s company. By the end of the night her hand was laced in mine her smooth fingers drawing invisible figures onto the back of my hand.

My face ached from smiling so much that night. When the date ended y/n drove me back to Archie’s house in a souped up chevy.

The classic chevy’s engine grumbled to a halt as she parked on the sidewalk in front of Archie’s.

“Jughead, I had an amazing time with you tonight. Thank you.” Her lips shined from the lipgloss she applied earlier as she spoke. I tore my gaze from her lips and met those breathtaking eyes of hers.

“Y/n tonight I got to thinking…
I’ve never felt so connected to another person like I have felt with you. From the moment I met your eyes I wanted to be your everything. Forgive me for being forward, but will you be my girlfriend?” The words escaped my lips before I could register what I had said. Her pearly white teeth beamed at me she held my gaze and I felt it. That feeling that gravity was pushing us towards each other; All noise and objects melted away as it was just our two souls floating in the universe. This time she leaned in, her gentle hand cupped my cheek as she inched closer to my face. Her soft lips grazed mine. I tilted my head and captured her in a sweet kiss. Her lips tasted like strawberries as we moved in a perfect motion. The kiss deepened as I brought my hand to the back of her neck. My nerves eased when I felt her lips push gently against mine.

We pulled apart for air. She didn’t let go of my hand.

“Jughead Jones, I felt the same connection. All my life I’ve been waiting to find another soul like mine. Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend.” She placed another kiss to my lips. My mouth tingled with a slight burn laced between them. A smile creeped across my face. I looked out the window of her car to see Archie waiting on the porch, the night sky consumed the world in darkness the only lights being Archie’s porch light and y/n’s car headlights. I pressed a kiss to her hand. We broke into identical blushes when our eyes met again an electric shock ran through my body.

“Goodnight y/n. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I grinned. I stepped out of the car and waved as I watched y/n drive away into the night.

I climbed the porch steps and leaned against the railing next to Archie who had an amused smile plastered on his face his arms folded over his chest. I shoved my hands in my pockets. An energy bubbled in my chest as I smiled at my shoes.

“So, how’d the date go?” Archie asked. The ginger turned his brown eyes upon me waiting for my answer. I sighed dreamily. Looking him in the eyes I said

“Archie, I’m in love.”


/Regular POV/

As y/n and Jughead delved further into their relationship, Jughead found himself changing. He smiled more often, he could walk the halls without tense shoulders, he was openly kinder to people. Not that he was rude before he just…changed for the better. Y/n made him feel like he was on cloud 9, whatever that was. He never lost the feeling when he looked into her eyes.

You taught me how to be
A better man, a better being
And I’ve been thinkin’

Jughead had taken her on several other dates to Pops. The two of them would spend hours there laughing hysterically and sipping dozens of milkshakes. Y/n never once complained about only going to Pops. She fell in love with the small town diner just as she had fallen in love with Jughead; at first sight. They were inseparable. Jughead had never been the type to always talk about their significant other but he just couldn’t stop himself. All of his friends found it adorable, this side of Jughead Jones was happy for once in his life.

/Y/n’s POV/

‘Hey love.’

The screen of my phone lit up with a text from my boyfriend Jughead.
I smiled feeling my heart flutter. Quickly I typed back.

‘Hey sugar:)’

'Meet me at the drive in, I have a surprise for you.’

The butterflies in my stomach took flight.

'Aww Jug, did I ever mention that you’re my favorite person ever? Because you totally are.’

'You’ve never failed to mention it. Hurry up babe I don’t want to wait any longer:)’

'Okay! See you in 10.’

I slid out of bed and pulled on a sweatshirt and a pair of comfy jeans. I quickly combed my hair and slipped on a pair of red sneakers. I brushed my teeth and chewed a piece of gum before looking myself over in the mirror. Satisfied with my smiling reflection I dashed for the front door.

“Dad I’m going to the drive in be home soon!” I yelled as I ran down the stairs.

“Okay be safe!” My dad called from the kitchen. I grabbed his chevy keys. The night smelled of fire as I stepped outside. Walking to the car I felt my phone buzz in my pocket.

One new message from: Kevin Keller

I unlocked my phone to view the message as I sat in the drivers seat.

'Oh. My. God. Girl!!!!’

'What happened Kevin?’

'I’m at the drive-in with Archie V and B and Jughead has this huge grin on his face. He keeps telling us to “be ready” when you get here!!!! Hurry up I’m dying to find out what he’s gonna do.’

'Be there in five minutes Kev, omg I’m crying!!! Thanks for the heads up.’

'No problem girl. hurry!!’

I revved up the engine and sped towards the drive-in with my heart hammering in my chest.

When I pulled my chevy up to Archie’s truck I felt a rush of anxiety. I cut the engine and steeped out of the car. Jughead shot me a cheesy grin as he engulfed me in a loving embrace.

“I missed you y/n.” He breathed into my ear. I inhaled his earthy scent from his jacket. I could feel his heartbeat in his chest.

“I missed you too Jughead.” I pressed a kiss to his cheek when we pulled away. He intertwined our hands as we walked towards his group of friends.

“Y/n!” They all cried in unison. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin all rushed to give me a hug. I laughed against Archie’s chest.

“Hey guys! It’s great to see you all again.” I cheered. They all beamed at me with toothy grins. Archie waved us over to Kevin’s truck. I climbed into the back taking a seat next to Jughead. He passes me a bag of my favorite sour gummies and I snuggled into his chest. Kevin sat to my left with Veronica and Archie and Betty sat on the truck hood above Jug and I.

“Hey guys?” I asked. My eyebrows crinkled in confusion when I surveyed the lot and saw that the only cars that occupied space were the cars of Archie, Kevin, and I.

“Yes?” Betty answered.

“Where are…. the other cars?” I questioned.

“The screens all ours tonight, love. I have a special movie I want to share with you all.” Jughead answered. I looked up into his eyes. He smiled down at me and placed a kiss to my head.

Even though I know that I don’t deserve this
I know that I’m worth it, I want prove to you

The screen came to life. From all of the speakers came a familiar song.

Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you….

I turned my full attention to the screen. Pictures of Jughead and played in a slideshow. My hands covered my mouth.

“Awwwww.” Betty cooed at us.

“Jughead it’s beautiful.” I whispered.

Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help falling in love with you….

A video of Jughead and I walking hand in hand appeared on the screen. The next picture was of Jughead asleep on my lap with a small trickle of drool coming out.

We all erupted into laughter. I could feel happy tears pooling in my eyes at the next images.

The next video clip was of Jughead and I playing in the snow. It was taken last winter when I invited him over to my house for Christmas. We were building a snowman together. The video showed Jughead setting up the camera and then walking towards the snowman with a top hat in hand. He held it out for me and when I reached for it he yanked it back. This happened a few times. Jughead held the hat above his head and I jumped for it. My fingers just barely grazed the top hat when I came crashing down on top of the snowman. It crumpled into a heap of snow. I looked at the camera with a stunned expression before Jughead and I burst into laughter.

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be

The next pictures showed Jughead and I outside of Pops leaned against my chevy. He closed his eyes with a dopey grin plastered on his face while I pressed a kiss to his cheek. After that picture, one of us lying on the football field with flowers in our hair popped up.

I giggled to myself. The slideshow played on. Momentarily the song faded away and Jughead’s voice came over the speakers. It was a video of Jughead and I slow dancing at the school dance.

“This here is the most ethereal being that has ever graced this earth. This lovely girl is y/n y/l/n. This is us at our school dance, I remember being so nervous that night. When I saw her in that dress I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. That night I knew that there was no holding back, I had to do this. Y/n if you’re listening to this, I love you more than anything.”

Jughead’s voice and the video of us faded away, the original song started playing again as more pictures flashed on the screen.

Take my hand,
Take my whole life, too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

I heard a sniffle from behind me and turned around to see Betty weeping against Archie’s shoulder.
She smiled down at me. I returned the gesture and cuddled back into Jughead’s chest. All around me I heard sniffles as the slideshow continued.

The next picture was of us at a park in the fall. The colorful leaves fell around us as we kissed under a maple tree. Next was a picture of Jughead, Veronica, Kevin, Archie, Betty, and I at Sweetwater River in the summertime. We were all soaked head to toe but smiling nonetheless. Then a picture of me asleep on Jug’s shoulder flashed across the drive-in screen. Everyone awwed in unison. I blushed a deep red. The last few pictures were of us being goofy with our eyes crossed and tongues stuck out at the camera.

For I can’t help falling in love with you.

The music faded away. The slideshow showed a video of us laughing together at Pops diner we were both clutching our stomachs as tears streaked down our faces. The slideshow ended and we all began clapping.

“Jughead that was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely amazing. I love you!” I cried pressing a kiss to his lips. He smiled against my lips.

“I love you too y/n.”

“Awwww!” Betty cooed while wiping happy tears from her eyes.

“I have another surprise. Everyone follow me.” Jughead announced. We all climbed out of Kevin’s truck and walked with Jughead behind the huge screen. I gasped at the sight before me.

In a clearing behind the movie projection screen was a circle of trees. There were fairy lights hung around the trees, and a small table with a bottle of pink rosé on ice and several champagne flutes. Jughead led us near the table but suddenly dropped to the ground. I felt my arm tug down being as I was holding his hand. My brows furrowed in confusion as I looked him over.

“Are you okay? Did you fall?” I inquired trying to help him to his feet but he remained on one knee.

“The only falling I did y/n was falling in love with you.” He beamed. Our friends stopped inspecting the beautiful display of fairy lights and turned to Jughead. Betty started crying happy tears again when she realized what was happening. Kevin and Veronica were shaking each other with excitement, Archie looked absolutely dumbstruck.

“Y/n Y/l/n since the day I met you I knew there was no turning back, I knew that from that day in the hallways that you were the one. I couldn’t stop thinking about you nor did I want to. You’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met and you’re beauty is ethereal something I can’t fathom. Y/n you’re so genuine. You’re a true angel. I love you y/f/n I don’t ever want to lose you. Will you marry me?” Jughead had a brilliant twinkle in those breathtaking eyes of his. His features were alight with joy. Tears brimmed my eyes as I shook my head yes.

“Jughead Jones I love you, of course I want to marry you!” I cried. He broke into a grin and I pulled him into a hug as applause from our friends rang through the nights air. Jughead snaked his hand around my waist as he led us all to the table with the rosé. We sat with our fivers interlocked, Archie, Betty Veronica, and Kevin began gushing about Jughead and I. Archie opened the bottles and poured us each a glass. I held the flute in my right hand. Jughead slipped the engagement ring onto my left hand ring finger it sparkled under the fairy lights reflecting our pearly smiles.

When I look into your eyes
They hypnotise me, I can’t move;
There’s nothing more to say

Jughead tipped my head up with his chin and captured my lips in an intoxicatingly alluring kiss. His plump lips were buzzed with alcohol but nonetheless the kiss was sober as ever. His lips were telling a story, one of love and obsession, one of how the colors seemed brighter with her by his side, a tale of two hearts merging into one steady heartbeat the melody that intertwined their souls. His story ended when air was needed. We separated and his hand came to cup my cheeks. His eyes locked with mine and this time I didn’t fight the feeling of the Earth slipping into a void. I embraced the feeling of us being the only two people on Earth, we emitted such an intense energy that we fell into a hypnotic state of mind. No words escaped my lips, no movement was made, we just stared intently into each other’s eyes completely consumed with love.

I’m hypnotized
When I look in your eyes
There’s no disguise;
You got me hypnotized


Kai Parker x Reader 
word count : 5 397
warning : smut
summary : dom!kai  / Kai goes away for a couple of days and when he comes back he finds Reader at a bar with some guy’s hands around her. [sorry, jealous Kai was too h o t  to pass on 😅😈]
*gif by me

   “You have lost your mind !” she opened the car door, slammed it shut and stormed down the driveway towards their house. “How can you even think I’d do that to you ?! To us ?!”
Y/N kept walking, her skin feeling as if it was on fire due the emotions coursing in her veins and the colder air outside did nothing to help her cool off. and by the looks of it – it did nothing for Kai either because when he gripped her forearm forcing her to turn around, his eyes burning with anger, jealousy and pain. He didn’t want to believe what he had seen or what he thought he had seen because the events unfolding before his eyes made no sense. But a part of him was terrified it had been exactly what it had looked like.
   “I know what I saw!” he snapped. “I come home after five exctruciatingly painful days without you and instead being home, you are at a bar … with – with some guy’s hands around your waist and you about to kiss him ! What am I supposed to think ?! Or do for that matter ? That guy’s lucky you were there or he would’ve exploded in blood –”
   “You are supposed to believe me when I tell you nothing happened !” she yanked her hand back and kept walking up the stairs towards the porch. “I am your –”
   “– everything. You are my everything, Y/N! Which is why this hurts so much.” he braced his hand against the door, pressing his body against hers from behind. “I can’t erase that image from my head. Every time I close my eyes it’s right there ripping my heart out all over again.”
   “You know what I see every time I close my eyes?” she asked unlocking the door. “A stranger. Not someone who has been in my life for two years and knows me better than I know myself.”
Y/N pushed her jacket off her shoulders and tossed it over the stair railing, storming towards the liquor cabinet while he lit up the fireplace and closed the door with a flick of his wrist. He watched her bend over, her skirt lifting up her legs while she looked through the bottles until she found the oldest whiskey and opened the bottle. Or tried to before he grabbed it from her hands, shoved it back from where she had taken it and pulled her up. Electricity coursed through her veins from the spot he was holding her wrist and they gazed into each other’s eyes, both of them standing so close she could feel his breath on her face.
   “A stranger ?“ he questioned. “Is that what I am to you now ? I thought I was your boyfriend. The one person you couldn’t live without…”
   “Malachai –” she protested. “Let go off m–“
Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and his lips crashed against hers cutting her off mid-sentence. Without realising it he slipped in her mind, more specifically the memory from about 30 minutes ago.

Y/N sat at the bar, glancing at her phone screen and a smile showed on her face seeing a picture of her and Kai on her screen show up followed by a beep. Her fingers tapped on it and she read a message from him ‘I miss you. Be with you in a jiffy.’ A smile spread across her face, her heart fluttering at the thought he is probably on his way and she’d be in his arms again. Her fingers moved swiftly on he screen as she started typing a message to him, a text he had gotten just as he was parking the car down the street from the bar. ‘No one says jiffy anymore. ;) I can’t wait. Miss you more than words.’ Not too long after that the guy he had seen with her showed up, sitting next to her. He eyed her up and down and put his hand on her waist which she instantly pushed away.
   “What is a beautiful girl doing all alone sitting at the bar?”
   “None of your business. Why don’t you get lost before my boyfriend gets here and makes you feel sorry you were even born ?”
Y/N took her phone and bag deciding to wait outside for Kai and started to get up when the guy grabbed her and his lips almost forced themselves on hers. She stepped on the guy’s foot with her heels causing him to flinch, pushed him off her and her palm connected with the guy’s face who
still refused to let go off her. His grabby hands found their way where they shouldn’t be, which had been the exact moment Kai had walked in and the guy had ended up choking at first and nearly set in fire afterwards before Kai had dragged her to the car without saying a word to her until they were on the road.

Kai pulled away, his eyes piercing into hers for a long moment before she slapped him, the sound hanging in the air.  “What the hell was that I just saw?” he demanded. “You kissed him ?!”
Y/N stared at him. Every now and then when he caught her off guard this would happen and on purpose or not he’d slip in her mind. He was still new at the vampire thing and mostly this happened by accident and usually she didn’t mind much because there were no secrets between them, except now it only fuelled her anger towards him. How can she be upset with him and want to tear his clothes off him at the same time ?
   “Stay out of my head Malachai !” she shouted pushing him off barely taking two steps when he grabbed her hand and spun her back until her body pressed against his. Y/N stared into his eyes. He looked so beyond hot right now, unshaven with his hair a bit longer and slightly messed up her breath got caught in her throat and a tingly feeling spread through her body like wild fire. “I didn’t kiss him. He tried to kiss me and if you saw the full memory you know I pushed him off –“
   “And that’s supposed to make it OKAY ?” he snapped.
   “Kai –“
   “Is that what happens when I am away ? You act like you are some kind of sl–” he didn’t get to finish when she slapped him so hard his neck cracked. Or maybe it was her wrist, she didn’t know or care. For a moment he stood frozen. Silence fell in their home and the only sounds audible were the light cracking of the fire in the fireplace, her heartbeat and breathing. Then he turned around with his jaw clenched and she tried to get herself free but his grip on her tightened. Five days without her and all his emotions were running on complete overdrive – he missed her touch, her lips and her entire presence. Jealousy courses through his veins burning everything in its path with his lust for her following right after burning everything that remained. His self control was slipping fast and the slap only added to it.
   “Hmmmm….” he stared into her eyes.
   “I suggest you carefully pick what you say next. You are about to cross a line.” she warned, pushing him off but he didn’t give up and pulled her towards him so suddenly she didn’t have time to react before his lips smashed against hers again more demanding than ever. Without realising it he slipped into her mind again, only this time he got pulled in a different memory and when he pulled away, his expression softened. It didn’t seem she had noticed because she raised her hand and he barely managed to grip her wrist before her palm had connected with his cheek again. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment and his lips smashed against hers again. Y/N thrashed against him for a few seconds and then melted in his arms. Her fingers tangled in his hair, lightly playing with the scruff in the back of his head while he shoved her against the wall by the fireplace kissing her as if his life depended on.
Five days without each other combined with everything that had happened boiled over in an instant in one emotion – hunger for the other. Their lips barely parted with each other, craving more with every second and Ka pushed his crotch against hers, making her moan into the kiss while she pushed his jacket off his shoulders and lightly pulled at his shirt. His body pressed against hers and he slipped his hand under her skirt, brushing his fingertips against her bare skin while his lips moved down her jawline towards her neck leaving wet sloppy kisses on their way.
   “You are driving me completely mad.” she muttered, her eyes fluttering closed. Her back arched off the wall lightly as she threw her head back. “You and your jealous rage… How is my first thought  ‘how fast can I tear those clothes off him’ ? How is that thought capable of overwriting almost everything else?  What have you done to me?”
   “Same thing you have done to me.” he said into her skin. Y/N pulled his lips against hers, kissing him so hard it almost hurt. Everything that had happened in the past half hour seemed to both dissolve and fuel their actions at once. Their lips moved fiercely passionate against each other, leaving both of them completely breathless before he suddenly wrapped his hand around her neck lightly, holding her up against the wall and gazed into her eyes. A different fire burned in them as she gazed back at him, her gaze drifting slighly towards her finger’s movements as she gripped on his shirt, tearing it in two. Her hands roamed his bare chest as she lightly dug her nails in his flesh. His eyes fluttered closed for a second and his grip on her neck loosened. Instantly she pulled him towards her, their lips colliding in such a deep passionate kiss she nearly dissolved into atoms in his arms. Her hands shot for his jeans, undoing the belt and button when he gripped her wrists and chucked.
   “No, no.“
   “Kai, I –”
   “Shhh – “ he lovingly brushed his fingers against her cheek and leaned in whispering in her ear. “I think you are in need of a reminder to who you belong to so accidents like this don’t happen again.”
Kai scooped her up in a flash, seating her on the large desk. He tore off her panties, ripped her shirt to shreds and her bra flew off her body while their lips moved fiercely against each other. A split later second her skirt was gone. Her legs hitched around his waist, holding him towards her and his crotch grinded against hers making her moan into the kiss. A devilish smirk flashed in his eyes and the second her hands reached for the bulge in his jeans he gripped her wrists and tied them together with her panties, pushing her down onto the desk. Kai’s hands roamed all over her chest, not taking his eyes away from her for a second while he cupped her breasts and his lips connected with her bare skin. His tongue swirled around her left nipple lightly tweaking the other, sending shivers through her body all of which concentrated on her core. Quiet moans escaped his lips and he sucked on her nipples, lightly pinching and nibbling on them it almost felt as if she could cum just from his actions in that moment. Everywhere his lips touched her skin or his fingertips glazed against it or his nose lightly brushed against her skin felt like fire while his fingertips brushed against her inner thighs so agonisingly slowly it drove her completely nuts. Her back arched off the desk the closer to her heat he got, every particle in her body craved his touch like never before.
   “No, no.“ he said as if scolding a little child. “Keep those beautiful eyes on me. And no touching or I will have to stop and start all over again. No sounds either.”
Y/N’s eyes widened, trying to figure out how she could possibly comply with the last one knowing how when his fingers and tongue start to play there is no stopping him. “You are not serious.”
A devilish spark flashed in his eyes and he laughed under his breath. “No, but you should’ve seen your face. I missed listening to you moan my name too much to punish myself like that. You, however, are in so much trouble young lady.”
Her legs spread wide with a snap of his fingers and he leaned in, his tongue lightly lapping around her clit. So lightly it was almost as if he wasn’t touching her at all. Y/N bit her lip and moaned quietly unable to look away from him.
   “Look how wet you are.” he cooed, blowing a light stream of air onto her clit before brushing his fingers against her folds spreading her arousal around. “So wet you are dripping. Hmmm – ”
He leaned in licking a bold stripe directly through her clit, slurping some of her arousal about to drip on the desk before sliding his tongue in her warmth as deep as it could, twirling it around slowly. Her heart was racing in her chest, her breathing becoming a little more ragged every time his nose brushed against her clit and his scruff rubbed against her heat. He was driving her completely out of her mind and he had barely started. His fingers brushed up her stomach towards her breasts, cupping them and playing with her nipples while his tongue slid inside and out of her faster each time. His tongue curled inside her going in a little deeper every time and her eyes started drooping but what drove her completely insane and truly set her skin on fire was the way he was looking at her. How hadn’t she noticed how dark his eyes were before ? There was hunger in them, a thurst he couldn’t satisfy and the longer he devoured her, the more it appeared he couldn’t get enough.
    “Such a naughty girl.” he cooed replacing his tongue with his fingers, pushing them into the last knuckle, slowly curling them around and pulling out to the fingertips again and again.  “Do you have any idea what you did to me?” he started, slowly picking up the pace with each curl. “I’ve never had anger like this burning in my veins. I didn’t even know it was possible to get that jealous.” he said a little amused. “Feelings are… hard.”
His fingers curled inside her feeling every inch so agonizingly slowly it drove her completely out of it, but not as much as when he roughly pushed them inside her going in deeper every time until his fingertips hit her spot. It felt as if he had thrown her into a wild fire and slowly poured more gasoline, with each pump. They’ve been in situations like this before – they bickered, argued and fought which always ended up with them nearly breaking every horizontal surface in the house, going at it for hours until they were both completely exhausted and everything was forgotten. And even though she hadn’t told him about it, she had a suspicion he knew the dominant side of him turned her on like crazy. His entire personality did, especially the danger vibe around him that had pulled had her in like a magnet since the moment she had laid eyes on him for the first time.
   “What am I going to do with you ?“ he thought out loud. “Maybe I will keep bringing you right on the edge, not letting you cum. Or maybe I will make you cum again and again.” he pushed his fingers roughly inside her, feeling an animal instinct slowly take over him. “Or I will fuck you so hard you will feel it for a week.”
Kai watched her squirm, trying hard to keep her eyes open as he had demanded while he pumped his fingers faster, going in a little deeper every time and her walls clenched around them. Her mind was getting foggier by the second with her orgasm building up fast and her moans turning into small screams until she was right at the edge and he slowed down his finger’s movements long enough to delay her release before starting all over again. Whimpers started mixing with her moans while he flicked her clit with his tongue, his fingers slowly curling around inside her and he enveloped her clit between his lips, listening to her breathing become erratic all over again and her heart rate increasing to dangerous levels. Her eyes fluttered closed and almost instantly he grabbed her face, chuckling, forcing her to look at him. She bit her lip moaning a little louder when his fingertips hit her spot, lightly throwing her head back without taking her eyes off him while he sucked and tugged on her clit as if his life depended on it.
    “Please –“
    “No.” he moaned, the vibrations directly hitting her clit. Y/N blinked and her breath got caught in her throat. There weren’t just devils dancing it his eyes. It was almost as if the Devil had positioned himself between her legs in that moment, lighting her on fire with every pump of his fingers with every moment he tugged on her clit, slurping on her arousal from time to time. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she grabbed on the desk to stop herself from reaching for him while he grabbed her face again, forcing her gaze on him. Her grip grew tighter with each second until her knuckles were almost white, the vibrations of his moans as he devoured her and the way he was looking at her alone enough to push her right over the edge.
    “P-please Kai –“ she begged.
    “Please what ? You want to cum ?” Y/N hummed. “Naughty girls don’t get what they want. They get punished, you know that. Or did you think I’d let it go that easily ? Tonight you cum only when I say so.”
    “FUCk K-Kai –“ she semi-screamed, feeling her walls clench around his fingers a little more intensely while he curled and pumped them inside her at a steady pace, getting her right to the edge and delaying again until suddenly he pulled out. Y/N almost groaned in frustration before he shoved them in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around them, their eyes locked on each other the entire time. He hummed quietly, a quiet moan escaping his lips feeling his jeans tightening around him more and more with each second while his mind got flooded with thoughts about her and he leaned in, continuing to eat her out as if she was his favourite ice cream. His tongue lapped round and around going directly through the middle of her core before sliding in her warmth; his nose brushed against her clit and his scruff tickling her folds, getting her closer to another release. Y/N moaned around his fingers, her hips lightly grinding on his face and she reached her hands towards him pushing his mouth further. Her entire self was vibrating at a different frequency because of his actions.
   “Fuck Kai –“
Kai felt her fingers tug on his hair and closed his eyes for a second enjoying the feeling, humming and moaning while devouring her as if wanting to swallow her whole. He trailed his wet fingers around her nipples, lightly pinching on them making it even harder for her to hold it.
   “K-Kai, ple-ase – I need it.”
   “No.“ he hummed, slowly crawling over her leaving kisses on his way until their eyes were on the same level. “I don’t think you realise the trouble you’ve gotten yourself into going out looking so bloody irresistible. I would’ve torn your clothes on the spot then and there –” he thought out loud. “I almost did in the car –”
Y/N swallowed air, lifting her head up enough to kiss him. He pulled away studying her face. His anger had subsided and the only thing that remained was his lust for her. Kai loved seeing her like this – her eyes rolling in the back of her head, moans and whimpers leaving her parted lips along with his name constantly rolling off her tongue. He loved how she responded to his every movement, how her walls clenched around his fingers so intensely she nearly let go. A devilish spark flashed in his eyes and he leaned over her whispering in her ear.
   “You can’t cum.“ he cooed. “Must be torture to be right on the edge, feeling your skin on fire. Now you know how I feel every time I see you wearing that skirt and those heels. I just – hmmm – ”
   “Please –“ she begged again, watching him smirk at her. He mouthed a ‘no’  and curled his fingers inside her again while his thumb drew slow circles on her clit. Just as she was about to tip over he stopped and pulled out his fingers, watching her hips grinding on air for a few seconds before slowly sliding them in again to the last knuckle. “I want you. I need you…”
Kai smirked devilishly at her, feeling his jeans tightening around him even more and laughed for a second.  “So eager. You are dying to feel me inside you, aren’t you?” he whispered in her ear. “To have the air being knocked out if your lungs while I make you scream my name –”
   “Yes.” she said, barely able to take a breath. Her heart was thumping like crazy, almost as if trying to push its way out of her chest. “Please Kai –”
He snapped his fingers, his remaining clothes flying off him in a second and getting her hands free. Y/N reached for him but he held her hands behind her back, rubbing his hard lenght against her soaked core. His forehead rested on hers, his hot breath hitting her face and their eyes piercing into each other while he continued to drive her nuts. With every passing second her skin flamed up even more and the unusually cold air from outside entering the room through the cracked open window somehow turned her skin on fire even more.
   “Please Kai –” she begged, lifting her head enough for their lips to touch but he pulled away, pulling his signature smirk and pressed the tip of his thick shaft against her entrance.
   “Please ‘what’?”he asked innocently. “Tell me, what does my girl want.”
Y/N bit her lip trying to wriggle her hands free and pull him towards her just as he pressed just the tip inside her, slowly sliding it in and out and rubbing it against her clit from time to time, watching her lose it completely.
   “Fuck me. I want to feel every inch of you inside me –“
Kai grinned at her and his lips collided with hers drowning her scream as he entered her with a heavy thrust going in all the way, and withdrawing slowly making her feel every inch before he filled her in to the brim again. At first his thrusts were slow but hard and deep, each of them knocking the air out of her lungs almost completely, picking up speed every time. His grip on her hands loosened a little and he pulled her towards the edge until she was almost off the desk and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder allowing him to go deeper. He held onto her hips with one hand, the other exploring every inch of her body lighting a thousand fires on its way as he slowly leaned in towards her, almost resting his forehead on hers. Kai couldn’t get enough of her, of her lips on his, her touch and the way her walls tightened around him. Or the way her eyes rolled in the back of her head while he withdrew slowly. Y/N’s eyelids kept drooping and each time they closed he entered her with a heavy thrust waking her up turning her soft moans leaving her parted lips into small screams. She held onto his biceps with one hand, pulling his face towards hers with the other. Every thrust that followed was rougher and deeper than the last leaving her craving more and she couldn’t possibly get enough. It felt as if he was trying to catch up on five days without her in one go while trying to bury his entire self inside her and even though it wasn’t possible he kept trying.
    “M-Malachai –” she moaned. Kai growled, purple/black veins flashing under his eyes hearing his full name. “– fuck me harder.”
He smirked at her and a blink of an eye later she was tossed on the soft carpet by the fireplace. Kai crawled over her and his lips collided with hers. He held her hands on either side of her head and entered her so hard the carpet shifted the floor, withdrawing slowly and entering her rougher and deeper every time. Every thrust lit her entire body on fire and the warmth from the flames in the fire licking up her skin feeling more like a slight chill compared to the way Kai and only Kai alone could make her feel.
   “So tight around me.” he moaned, brushing his nose against her cheek his lips barely touching her skin. He hummed quietly, moaning into her ear feeling her walls contract around him more intensely than ever and he knew she was close. “Cum for me baby girl.”
Kai watched her throw her head back, feeling her chest pressing against his and her orgasm tore though her body while he used his vampirism to thrust inside her faster.  A loud moan tumbled off her lips and he gazed into her eyes, smiling to himself. He loved seeing her like this, knowing only he can make her feel this way. His bloody lips crashed against hers slowly loosening the grip on her hands, and instantly her fingers tangled in his hair lightly gripping on it while he continued to pound her senseless. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire and for all she knew the flames from the fireplace have consumed them both. Not that it mattered if thats what had happened. All that mattered to her was Kai – how his hard lenght filled her in perfectly hitting her spot every time, how their lips and bodies were seemingly made for each other… and like an addict, she couldn’t get enough and wanted more.
   “Oh Fuck K-Kai g-go faste-r –” she moaned, her nails digging in his back almost drawing blood while his lenght twitched inside her almost at the same time her walls contracted around him.
A louder moan tumbled off his lips and he pushed her legs almost over her head allowing him to go deeper and leaned in their foreheads almost touching, neither of them wanting to look away from the other. He couldn’t even remember what they had argued about this time, all he could think about was how good and right it felt to be with her in that moment. To feel her come undone around him and fall apart because of him. To listen to their moans colliding in perfect harmony completely drowning the sounds of the wind blowing outside and the cracking of the fire a few steps away from them.
   “S-so close –“ she cupped his face, lightly playing with the scruff in the back of his head. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes, his hot breath hitting her face every time his thick shaft slid inside her knocking the air out of her lungs. His thrusts were becoming a little sloppier yet keeping their roughness and speed. Her walls clenched around him and she felt his lenght twitch inside her. Y/N bit her lip mouthing ‘So hot’, watching his vampirism showing again and he sank his fangs in her carotid artery, lighting up her skin on fire yet again just like every time he fed on her.
Kai moaned a little louder in her ear, his lenght twitching inside her again and he whispered ‘Cum for me.’ almost the same second he came in hot spurts inside her and her orgasm tore through her body, his thrusts never stopping or slowing down until they were both finished and he collapsed on top of her. Kai buried his face in the crook of her neck, his tongue swirling around the two holes in her skin not letting a single drop of her blood go to waste. Y/N’s tangled her fingers in his locks, lightly pulling his head up until their eyes met and their lips collided in a gentle kiss and he rolled on the floor next to her, pulling her into his arms. For a few minutes they just stayed like this, enjoying the other’s presence and watching the flames dancing in the fire place. Y/N closed her eyes and sighed when he brushed his fingers against her cheek. Instantly her eyes opened, both of them gazing into each other’s eyes.
   “I am incredibly sorry … for the way I reacted. For almost saying that word.” he said softly. “You are right. I should’ve trusted you. You’ve never given me any reason not to. You’ve always been ready to sacrifice it all for me.”
Y/N studied his face remembering his eyes after the second kiss. “Which memory did you slip into this time ?”
   “Oh, um…” he smiled nervously. “Remember that time at the Salvatore house right after the wedding when I was chained up in the cellar while your buddies were trying to figure out what to do with me ? You never told me what you told them that day.”
   “‘If you kill him, you will have to kill me too because I can’t be without him.’” he quoted her word for word. “And then you slapped Damon who said it’s not up to you. I was delirious when you opened the cellar but I can swear you looked like an angel and – I after the way I acted tonight, I don’t deserve you. I should let you go. Allow you to find happiness with someone else, someone deserving. But I can’t. I can’t because the only way for me to continue living is if you are by my side.” he said softly. “That’s a little selfish to say, isn’t it?”
   “If you are selfish, then I am selfish too because that’s the exact same way I feel. I am a human, you can have any girl you want. A witch or a vampire … they throw themselves at you all the time –”
Kai listened to her heart beat noticing a slight change.  “Awwh you get jealous ?“ he teased. “That’s kinda hot.”
Y/N rolled her eyes and tossed herself onto the carpet starring out the window. Where those snowflakes ? No. Not possible.
   “Those girls can’t even remotely compare to you.“ he brushed his palm against her cheek, lovingly gazing into her eyes. “You are human. So beautifully human. So brave and strong. Stubborn as hell, so defiant sometimes. You made me fall for you in an instant and I know I am horrible at feelings but I love you and –“
Her lips smashed against hers not letting him finish. “I love you too.” she tapped his nose, leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You look so hot when you are jealous. I just –” she bit her lip. Kai grinned at her and tried to roll on top of her but she was faster.  “– I can’t get enough of you.“ she finished.
   “Round two ?”
   “Five days without you. What do you think?” Y/N smirked devilishly at him and her lips crashed against his more greedy and demanding that ever, giving him the answer to his question.
note : so, i may have strayed a little from the request … tbh i wasn’t even planning on posting this one 😅 (sometimes when i hit writers block i ‘distract’ myself writing something else) but i hope you guys like it anyways 😈😜


A difference between like and love

You and Harry are best friends stuck in the uncomfortable transition between being friends and becoming lovers. 
This One Shot is a little longer than my previous ones. I apologize but I couldn’t help myself. 
I hope you still take the time to read it and that you enjoy it. :) 

Warning: Tiny bit mature 

Picture is not mine.

“You’ll call the second you feel like you need one of us, yeah?” Louis instructed me and rubbed my back soothingly while Niall squeezed me tight in an embrace. I nodded and smiled at him over Niall’s shoulder.

“Will do. I already promised to Liam.”

Niall lessened his grip on me and stepped back. I pushed some loose strands of hair out of my face and let my eyes shift from the three of them to the rest of the bar. The bar filled with a crowd of people sipping on their drinks and humming along to the music playing in the background, enjoying their friday night.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked, “I haven’t said goodbye to him yet.”

“I think he went to get us another round of drinks,” Liam informed me, pointing to the counter on the other side of the room. “I’m sure he’ll come with you should you need him.”

I quickly shook my head. Spending time with him on my own was not an option, given the situation we were in.  And knowing how excited he had been to spend time with his friends, it seemed unfair and selfish to demand him to abandon them.  

“I’ll go say goodbye to him now and then leave. Thank you guys for understanding.”

I turned around and began to fight my way through the drinking people. I decided to just quickly inform him would be the best, as it was hard to hide from him. Finding him, however wasn’t difficult. He was stood at the bar, conversing with a man I had never seen before, obviously having a great time. When I softly touched his shoulder and he turned to face me, a big smile appeared on his beautiful face.

Harry and I were always all over each other the moment we were reunited. We held hands, linked arms and hugged tighter than we did anyone else. He made me feel incredibly comfortable and happy whenever I was with him.

He always swore that it was mutual but I had always found that hard to believe.
Harry had snatched my heart in an instant and not not given it back since, while all I had taken was the position by his side as his best friend.
That was until a couple a weeks ago when after he had downed a few drinks, he confessed that he liked me. I was thrilled. At first.
We had kissed an entire night before we had agreed to take our time and to not jump right into a relationship. The proposal had come more from him since I was sure that all I wanted was to be with him, to hell with all the doubts cruising though my head. It was Harry. I would’ve risked anything.

Though soon I realized something that had made me almost reluctant to agree to a relationship. It even made me avoid him for the past few days.
Harry liked me, but I was in love with him. For him, this wasn’t something particularly serious while I had waited for this for years. It meant everything.
It wasn’t just his looks, it was his incredibly kind and big heart and his beautiful, intelligent mind. We had spent many nights with me clinging to every word tumbling from his pretty lips because I loved being the one he entrusted with his most sacred thoughts.

“Hey, babe!” Harry called, waving me over to sit next to him on the bar stool. His torso was adorning a rather tight fitting black shirt that emphasized his handsome body. The short hair was styled up so his forehead was free from any strands and it allowed his green orbs to sparkle at me.
“Can I get you something?” he offered, reaching out to casually place his warm hand on my wrist.

“No, don’t bother,” I declined and placed my own hand over his, squeezing it gently. “I came to let you know that I’m gonna head home.”

“What? No,” he protested, his clear eyes wide with surprise and a hint of disappointment. He turned so that his torso was facing me completely, giving me his full attention. I giggled when he pouted but when I reached out to playfully pinch his cheek he batted my hand away.
“Don’t you distract me. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I answered quickly. “No need to worry.”

He rolled his eyes and took a long sip from his drink before setting it down. “You were excited about going when I picked you up and now hardly an hour later you want to go home. You can’t just say that there’s nothing wrong.”

He wasn’t playing fair, with the look he gave me. His lips were still in a pout and his green eyes looked at me in a way I wanted nothing else but to melt right into him. If he looked at me long enough it always made me confess all of the worries troubling my mind, which was why I had avoided seeing him too often in the past days. When I didn’t answer, Harry squeezed my fingers.

“Darling, did something happen when I wasn’t at the table with you? Don’t tell me someone came onto you,” he chuckled when speaking, though I knew, he’d step up for my defense if necessary.

I smiled softly and shook my head, stroking his slim fingers with my own. “Nothing happened, Harry. You won’t have to play protector.”

“M'not playing when it comes to you,” he mumbled, a smile tugging on his lips. “Tell me.”

I huffed at his whiny tone and let my gaze drift to our touching hands.

“I’m not…” I hesitated, searching for the right words to explain how I felt. Harry waited patiently, his eyes never leaving me.

“Comfortable.” I decided to say. “I feel physically drained and should just go lie down. ”

He didn’t seemed to ponder over my answer for very long before pulling his hand from mine to use it to push his stool from the bar.

“I’m coming with you,” Harry decided and hopped to his feet.

“There’s no need for that, Harry,” I said quickly, “I’ll really just go to bed. It’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, well, fine is not the same as good, Y/N,” he answered, grabbing his jacket, “I’m coming with you.”

He smiled at me confidently and ignored my shaking head. Though part of me wanted him to join me, another big part of me really didn’t.

“That’s not your responsibility,” I fought.

He released an annoyed huff and rolled his eyes.

“Lately nothing concerning you is any of my business, right?” he muttered while pulling out his wallet to pay for his drinks.

“I didn’t mean to ruin this night for you,” I said apologetic.

“Don’t give me any of that, love,” he stopped me, “Nothing’s ruined. And you can’t fight me off when I want to be there for you. I’ll go say goodbye to the others and we’ll head right on out. Wait for me here, yeah?”

Before I could answer he began to make his way through to the group of our friends and I felt my lips stretch into a smile. He was always eager to jump to my aid and after I hadn’t let him for what felt like so long, I had almost forgotten how it felt to be this close to him.
Once by my side again, Harry held his jacket in one hand and the other he held out for me to take. He smiled when I let him clasp my fingers in his tightly and asked:

“Your place or mine?”


Harry had parked close to the bar entrance and as he fumbled with his keys, I asked: “You’re okay to drive, right?”

“I only had one beer before the drink that you didn’t let me finish. Wouldn’t drive if I wasn’t feeling good, love” he answered before successfully unlocking the doors. “In you go, love.”

“Thank you, Harry,” I said quietly and stopped to stand in front of him.

“Of course,” he smiled.

The drive was silent, yet not awkward. My eyes followed the lights passing by. London was as busy as ever even at this late hour. Once the car came to a halt in front of his apartment building, I released a breath I hadn’t consciously been holding in. Harry rested his hand on the steering wheel and I noticed him peering at me.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?” he asked. “Your distance is starting to freak me out a little. There’s nothing you couldn’t tell me. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know, but there is nothing to tell,” I answered, meeting his patient eyes. My own probably screamed at him that I was lying.

“I’ve been really tired this last few days and my studies have gotten so much. That’s why I never made it to any meet up recently. I’m sorry”, I apologized once more. “I didn’t think I would feel so tired otherwise I wouldn’t have come out with you guys tonight. It was stupid of me.”

Harry shook his head and reached out to rest his hand on my arm. “You were right to come out with us. I don’t think that being alone would have done you much good after distancing yourself from us like you have.”

“I bailed on you guys barely an hour after we arrived. Again. Only this time I forced you to come with me! I’m a terrible and selfish person.”

Harry chuckled and shook his head.

“You, out of all people, are certainly not selfish or terrible.” He moved his fingers down to clasp mine. “And you didn’t force me.” He frowned and broke our locked gaze. “Recently you never do.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He cleared his throat and shook his head, thinking hard before he expressed himself.

“You never seek my presence anymore, Y/N. Not like you used to.”

I bit my lip, knowing that I couldn’t talk my way out of this as he was right. I had been avoiding him out of fear that it might shine through how much my feelings for him had grown.

“Did I do something?”

By the look he gave me I knew what he was implying and I felt terrible for making him even think like that.

“No, Harry,” I reassured him softly, “You did nothing wrong. I wanted to kiss you the other night. Don’t torment yourself by thinking I didn’t.”

He sighed and leaned further back in his seat, his shoulders visibly relaxed at my words.

“You’ve got no idea how relieved I am by that, Y/N. And I don’t mean to make this about myself, but… I don’t know, I guess I just miss you and I don’t like seeing you so unhappy.”

“I miss you, too.”

He smiled and squeezed my hand before letting go and reaching for the keys. He pulled them from the lock and sat up straighter again. “Listen. Everyone faces stress that can get to their head sometimes. What you have to do is surround yourself with what makes you happy. Don’t hide yourself away.”

“You make me happy,” I admitted.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, letting his lips rest there for a few seconds. His hair tickled my skin and when he sighed I could feel the breath against my skin.

“That goes both ways, love.”

He pressed another kiss to my skin and hummed when he inhaled my scent. He seemed glad that I allowed him close again and it made my heart ache. Both of his hands had settled to rest against my ribcage as he leaned in even closer and I tensed at the warmth radiating off of him. Maybe it was due to being this close to a very affectionate Harry after having avoided him for several days, but suddenly I was overwhelmed. I pressed the palm of my hand to my lips when the first sob wrecked through me, but it did little to stifle the noise. With no words and with a bit of difficulty Harry pulled me into him and onto his lap, allowing me to bury my face in his neck. His hands brushed over my hair before resting against my shoulders.

“Breath, my love,” he breathed against the shell of my ear. “Don’t hold it in.”

“I’m so sorry, Harry,” I sobbed pathetically and clung onto his shoulders tightly.

“No,” he protested and hoisted me up to sit closer to his lower stomach, “no, darling, don’t you say that. It’s alright.”

“I hate crying”, I mumbled, trying to pull away from him again.

Harry shrugged it off and gave me one of his breathtaking one-million-dollar-smiles, refusing to budge or lessen his hold on my body.

“You’ve seen me cry before, too. S'only fair to return the favor.”

“This is hardly a favor that I’m doing you,” I disagreed and turned my head to wipe some snot off with my sleeve. “And you’ve only ever cried in front of me out of joy. Or because you were laughing too hard. Doesn’t count.”

He chuckled, but stopped when I cuddled myself even closer to him. He was quick to caress my back, knowing how desperately I needed his comfort and squeezed me once more.

“You’re doing so well,” he assured me, “S'long as you don’t let yourself drown in your emotions it’s fine to feel upset sometimes. And now that you’re letting me I’m gonna keep that from happening and only let you out so much before your in for a fun cheering up program.”

“Great,” I hiccuped with a giggle.

He laughed. “Yeah, you better be excited.”

He gently moved to push me by my shoulders so that he could look me in the eyes again. A cheeky smile graced his beautiful face.

“Your best friend, aren’t I?”

“You are,” I agreed without missing a beat, my voice barley above a whisper. The words ‘best friend’ tugged at my heart. I didn’t necessarily like the sound of that anymore.
His green widened at my hardened expression and he turned serious again.

“You never have to feel left alone with your worries”, he continued, “You can always come to me.”

“That,” I mumbled, pausing to take a deep breath, “goes both ways, too.”

Before I could fully register it the smile I had watched appear on his lips was pressed against my own. I didn’t exactly know who had started kissing whom, but once our lips connected neither of us dared to break apart anymore. My fingers shook when I raised them to fist his hair.
The kiss felt even better then it had in my memory. Harry’s lips were so warm and soft, it was difficult to focus on anything else. His tongue was careful to pry my lips open, gentlemen as always, it felt as if he was waiting for me to allow the invasion. While lightly pulling his soft hair between my fingertips I willingly deepened the kiss by opening up for him.
When I whimpered upon feeling him moving his head back he giggled and let his hands fall down to my hips, holding and pulling me closer. My hands still held him close by his hair and I enjoyed scratching gently against the skin, as did he when a small moan escaped his throat.

Finally I allowed him to pull away. Harsh breaths fell from his lips as they stretched into a smile, a smile I returned, my tears long forgotten.
I moved my hands to wrap my arms around his shoulders and scooted closer on his lap. He gasped when I accidentally touched his crotch and I quickly apologized with an embarrassed laugh. Harry’s green orbs were wide and had something in them I couldn’t quite place.
He reached up and brushed his fingertips over my cheek and down to my lips. Another adorable giggle left his lips when my own closed around the tip of his index and I bit lightly.

“Are you okay?” he wondered.

I nodded and leaned in to place a small kiss on his nose. “Feeling much better. Thank you, best friend.”

“Good,” he answered and than added with a smirk: “Maybe I’ll be a bit more than just your best friend.”

“Would you want that?” I confessed as I pushed his, now untidy, hair from his forehead with a brush of my hand. His eyes locked with mine, concern in them.

“You think I don’t?”

I shrugged, looking away from his green orbs and down to where his hands rested on my thighs. “We kissed before and nothing happened after.”

“Yeah, because I don’t want to push you,” he defended. He frowned and looked at me with his head tilted to the side. “With what none sense of an explanation did you trouble yourself with?”

I shrugged, tugging at his hair at the back of his neck. With the evident disbelief in his voice, I felt like a child, being told off.

“Did you think that I didn’t love you?” he asked.

My head shot up and my wide eyes met his clear ones. “You do?”

“Of course I bloody do,” he scoffed, “Are you being serious? Tell me you didn’t add this ridiculous doubt to the worries clouding your mind.”

“You said you liked me,” I muttered stubbornly. “That’s not the same as love.”

He huffed and rolled his eyes. “Jesus, you girls got to make your life harder with all this silly rules.”

“Great,” I muttered sourly, “make fun of me.”

Harry squeezed my thighs before moving his hands up to cradle my face in his hands.

“I’m not,” he leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. “If only you could look into my head for as little as one minute. You’d know how much it cost me to keep from reaching out to touch you whenever I was in your presence. There would be no doubt in your mind of how desperately in love with you I am, Y/N.”

My heart beat rapidly and it squeezed almost painfully at his words. I inhaled his familiar smell and felt warmth settle in the pit of my stomach.

“Please be with me, then?” I requested timidly. “As more than just best friends?”

Harry hummed at my question and leaned in to connect our lips in a soft kiss once more. His warm lips moved against my own and he pulled at my lower lip ever so slightly.

“Happily,” he answered, once we pulled apart, his face reflecting pure joy.

I had been in Harry’s apartment many times before. Everything was as familiar to me as my own home. Today however it felt different. Maybe because instead of having to imagine laying next to him on his sofa I was actually doing it.
Or maybe it was the fact that  I didn’t have to fight the urge to kiss him but could go on and do it whenever I wanted to.
Harry’s hands played with the ends of my hair before traveling up to caress my cheeks. His eyes locked with mine, a smile playing on his lips as he searched for any sign of discomfort in my expression.

“I want to try something,” he confessed, “and it’s okay if you feel uncomfortable. All you gotta say is stop and I’ll stop. Okay?”

I felt him move to lay on his side before he gently hitched his leg up and over my own.

“It won’t be what you’re thinking off right now,” he promised when his hands pulled at the hem of my jumper. “I just wanna love you.”

Once my stomach was revealed bare to him he leaned down to press soft kisses to it. He even nuzzled his nose against the skin and a giggle fell from my mouth.

“It’s only me”, he reassured and pressed his lips to the skin just above my belly button.  "You can trust me.“

"I know,” I mumbled, breathless already.

My fingers desperately reached down and clutched the nape of his neck, pulling him back up while his hands traveled even lower. My breath hitched in my throat and I whimpered when his fingers tugged at my jeans.

“I want to,” I assured him when he stopped. “Go on.”

With a small nod, he unbuttoned the jeans and fumbled with the zip. His warm mouth had settled on my neck, distracting me from the action of his fingers with wet, open mouthed kisses against my skin.
More clothing was being pulled from my body and I blushed. Never had anyone seen me this bare before. Harry, sensing my slight discomfort, reached up and cupped my cheek, connecting our lips in a heavy kiss.

“Your beauty is stealing my breath,” he promised. “You make me crazy.”

“Add that to the things that go both ways, boyfriend.”

Harry laughed and dipped his head to kiss just above my chest. Suddenly aware that I could touch him too, I moved my hands from where they had timidly rested on his shoulders to the end of his own shirt and tried to pull it over his head. Noticing my struggle he quickly moved off of me and swiftly pulled it over his head himself before leaning back down to kiss me. His newly naked skin pressed against my partially clothed chest and it drove me mad.
My fingers clutched at his tattooed arms when I heard the faint sound of a belt buckle opening and a pair of jeans falling to the floor. I gasped in surprise when his hand reached between my legs and pried my thighs apart.

“Harry,” I whimpered.

“Relax,” he shushed me, pressing another kiss to my lips. “You’ll like it. Promise. I’m just-” he swallowed hard when I nipped on his neck. “-loving on you.”

His lips touched to my eyelids. Fingers brushed my cheek. A hand gently massaged my hip. It was as if he couldn’t get enough from touching me, I hoped he never could, so that he would always want me the way he did now.
Harry moved his arm around my waist and pulled me against his chest, holding me still before rolling his hips up. He repeated the action until he chocked on his breaths and I pressed my lips to his neck to quiet my whimpers. Pleasure cursed through my veins and I clung onto him when a feeling of falling apart spread through my body. Afterwards he continued to press lazy kisses to my exposed shoulder.

“Wait here for a second, yeah?” he whispered.

He climbed from under me and off the couch, disappearing in his room. I clutched the covers to my chest, covering my body. Harry returned with a shirt in his hand and a fresh pair of boxers clinging to his hips. He smiled widely upon catching me stare and I felt my cheeks redden.

“No need to be embarrassed now, babe.” He winked and leaned over me to connect our lips in another heavy kiss. “I brought you a shirt.”


I took it from him and pulled it over my head, inhaling his smell. Once done he crawled back in beside me and pulled me flush against his warm and very naked chest.

“I just want to shield you from anything that could cause you harm,” he exhaled.

“You always do,” I answered and kissed his jaw.

I fumbled with the blanked next to us and pulled it up until we were both fully covered. My head nuzzled into his neck and he rested his cheek against my forehead.

“Just doing a boyfriends job, aren’t I?”

Thank you to anyone who took their time to read this! If you want, feedback is always very welcome and I’d be happy to write a request for someone. :) Also let me know if you want me to write more mature things. I may experiment with it in the future.

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The Best Present Awards

Summary: @spnaddict11283 asked:
Well, if you wanted a suggestion… my birthday is next Friday. Maybe a fic where it’s the readers birthday and Dean didn’t know, but Sam or Cas told him? (Deanxreader btw. And maybe they’re in a relationship?) If not that’s fine, just a suggestion!! 
btw, smut it pretty cool *wink wink*

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Word Count: 3375 (Yeah, I got lost in this one for a bit)

Warnings: Smut, fluff

A/N: @spnaddict11283  I’m so SO sorry I’m a couple of days late with this!! This is my general failing as a human being. I hope you had an amazing birthday!! Now go enjoy it with Dean ;) 
Unbetad so all mistakes (which there no doubt will be plenty of) are mine!
Feedback always appreciated guys!

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I Can’t Love You Back

Summary: You try to make sense of lingering feelings for Jensen, even as you find your own happiness without him. Third part to Two-Prompt One-Shot #43 and Heart Won’t Lie
Pairing: Jensen x Reader (more implied in this installment)
Word Count: 1400
Warnings: None, I think?
Challenge: @wayward-oneshots 300 Follower Challenge! Brook, I’m so sorry this is so late. My prompt was Easton Corbin’s I Can’t Love You Back

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The Long Island crew receive a provocative picture from MC

Anya took one last swig of wine before setting the bottle down and standing in front of the mirror. She ran her hands through her hair, trying to make it look more voluminous, and smiled when her raven locks fell down in sultry waves around her shoulders. She rarely fussed over her appearance, and almost never bragged about how she looked, but at that moment - that exceptional moment of drunkenness and lust - she thought she looked damn fine. She was clad in a lacy and risque black ensemble; the bodice pushed snugly around her breasts, her panties hugged her hips perfectly, her stockings ran down her legs, sticking to her like second skin, and her red bottom heels made her feel feel ridiculously powerful for some unknown reason. 

Now that her outfit was done, the only problem left to tackle was how to pose. She wanted to look sexy and inviting, but also classy. Anya spent a considerable amount of time awkwardly posing on the bed in different positions before she finally gave up and googled pictures of models posing. She found one which she thought was achievable and set the camera on the desk in front of her. The bed was deliberately unmade just for the occasion, and the room was darkly lit by a number of strategically placed candles. She positioned herself on the edge of the bed and sat slightly sideways, with one leg bent and the other jutting out gracefully, accentuating the length of it. Anya looked at the camera, and as the red light blinked in time with the countdown before it took a shot, she thought of her husband. An unquenchable heat coursed through her body, clouding her eyes with lust and making her smirk.

She walked over to the camera and checked the shot. It was perfect. She gave a low, husky chuckle as she took out the memory card and hooked it up to her laptop.


Yamato sighed, rubbing his temples as he finished grading another disappointing test paper. Do any of these damn kids listen to him in class? He had half a mind to take these papers home and use them as kindling for their fireplace. The buzz of his phone disturbed the silence of the room, and upon seeing the email notification from Anya, his eyebrows furrowed. ‘She usually calls,’ he thought to himself. It would be the last coherent thought he would have for the next minutes; the picture that filled his screen wiped his mind clean of any rationality.
His wife was clad in the most precious, sultry lingerie he had ever seen her wear, and as if that wasn’t enough, the look on her face made him feel warm and his pants tighter.
His hands shook as he texted her. “What are you doing?”
It did not take long for Anya to reply. “You, if you get back here fast enough.”
Without another word, Yamato gathered his students’ test papers, shoved them into a drawer, and walked out of the faculty room as fast as he could. He kept a straight face as he passed by and greeted his colleagues along the way, strategically positioning his briefcase in front of him to hide his raging erection.
He finally reached his car and drove out of the parking lot like a mad man, muttering about how Anya was trying to fucking kill him all the way home.


Ren adjusted the microscope, keeping his eyes on the specimen of fungi he was studying. His research on it had been taking up most of his time and attention, much to his guilt. Anya had reassured him time and time again that she understood, but he knew that she was nonetheless disappointed. It had been months since he’d taken her out for a date, and even longer since they’d been intimate.
‘Just a few more days,’ he thought, trying to comfort himself. ‘Just a few more days, and this will be done.’
He just hoped Anya could wait a bit longer.
An email notification appeared on his phone, and when he opened it, he knew his wife had finally had it and could not wait a second longer.
His screen was filled with the image of her beautiful posed body, accentuated with dark shadows from the ambient lights of candles. She was wearing the most alluring lacy ensemble he’d ever set eyes on; all thoughts he had a while ago about his research disappeared at the sight of Anya in all her seductive glory.
A short message came with the picture. “Just in case you need a break.”
Ren took his lab coat off and carelessly flung it over his chair.
“Not staying late tonight, Ren?” his colleague asked from the table beside him.
Ren smiled politely and shook his head. ‘Not here, at least,’ he thought.


Saeki tried to focus on the task at hand. Any other day, he would have enjoyed talking to countless of beautiful women to shortlist for the show, but not right now. He kept remembering Anya, who, in a jealous fit after knowing what he would be doing, locked herself up in their room without saying another word to him. He was hoping that this was something that would pass once she had cooled down. But, so far, Anya had not called or texted him, and he was getting nervous.
‘I should contact her,’ Saeki thought. He turned to the producer and asked to be excused. Just as he was leaving the room, his phone buzzed, notifying him of a new email. It was from Anya.
Saeki raised a brow and opened it hesitantly. What greeted him was something he never expected to see. His wife was posed on their bed, breathtakingly delicious in a lacy black number that left nothing for the imagination. Her face was dark and inviting, and he was instantly drawn in.
He did not know what this meant, but if this was Anya’s idea of extending the olive branch, then he’d better start making her jealous more often.
“I’m on my way home,’ he texted, heading out of the studio without bothering to let the others know.


Takao let out a sigh of relief as he finally closed his report on the case he’d been working on for weeks now. It had been a tough one, but they were able to defend their client successfully and the job was done.
He thought of Anya, and in his excitement, took out his phone to call her. He saw an email notification from her, which surprised him. He opened it, and all the blood left his head…and went to another head.
Anya was posed her body invitingly in the most stunning lingerie, seducing him through the screen. Along with the picture, she sent a brief message: you deserve a long-awaited break, attorney.
Takao clenched his jaw tightly, breathing hard as he tried to abate the lust that flooded his veins and coursed through his body. It had been too long since they had been intimate, and with this image feeding his libido, he wasn;t sure if he could be as gentle with her as he usually was.
But maybe that was just what she wanted.
“I’ll be home soon,” he replied.


Yuta groaned, pulling at his hair in frustration. He was at the Kunian, trying to write a new skit for their comedy show next week, and he had zilch. Inspiration needed to strike him like lightning fast or he would be in big trouble; he depended on his shows for money, and he wouldn’t like to burden Anya with covering most of the expenses at home.
The thought of Anya gave him the sudden need to contact her. He found that she was online and chatted her up. 
“How are you doing, Ani?” he asked.
“I’m fine. How about you?” she replied.
“Not good. My brain’s a desert.”
“Well, I hope this helps you.”
To his surprise, Anya sent an email. Yuta gasped loudly upon opening it, his whole body freezing at the image of his wife posed like a sexy pin up girl. Her face lacked the usual sarcastic calmness she usually had on; instead she looked feral, and inviting, and very, very hungry. For what, he already knew, and it made his head swim.
“I think I’ll continue working at home,” Yuta typed in fast before shutting his laptop close and bolting out of the bar, ignoring his friends’ calls.


“Why the long face, Kuni?” Saeki asked, leaning against the counter beside Kunihiko. The latter had his arms crossed, and his posture slouched with the heaviness of a man with a problem. When he didn’t answer, Saeki snickered. “So, it’s Anya.”
Kunihiko raised an eyebrow at him, ready to retort, but no words came. He just didn’t have it in him today. Instead, he just sighed and took his hat off, running a hand through his wavy hair in a dejected manner. God, only Anya could make him feel this pathetic; but he couldn’t blame her. She was right. She wasn’t some naive little girl, so he had to stop treating her like one.
His phone buzzed loudly on the counter, making him and the others turn towards it. It was an email from Anya.
“Ah, reconciliation is sweet,” Saeki purred, pushing the phone towards Kunihiko, who grabbed it eagerly. He opened it, his hope and excitement quickly disappearing and turning into something more…primal. Of all the things he expected his wife was capable of doing, he never - not in a million years - would have thought she could do this. Anya had sent him a picture of herself in a provocative pose, wearing the most daring black number he had ever seen her in. She looked ravishing and painfully delicious. Along with the picture, Anya had sent a short message. “How innocent do I look now?”
“Sweet Jesus.”
Kunihiko was snapped out of his lustful reverie by Yamato’s breathy gasp to find his friends gathered around him, all eyes trained at his phone.
“What the hell - seriously?” Kunihiko cried out, covering his phone with his hand and giving each of them a threatening glare. They backed away immediately, throwing him teasing smiles despite the blush on their own faces.
“So, I take it you’re going home right now, eh, Kuni?” Akito sniggered. Kunihiko frowned at him, but did not say anything as he walked out of the bar.


The models rushed pass him, laughing among themselves as they celebrated the success of another show. A few of them thanked him for his work on their makeup, and he replied politely to each one.
The room was bustling with statuesque women wearing elaborate haute couture, and the scene was a colorful mess of glitter and sparkles. Akito took out his phone and took a picture, sending it to Anya to let her know the show was done.
“Congratulations, sweetheart, but you’re still up for another show,” Anya texted back to him.
“What do you mean?” he replied.
His phone buzzed. Anya had sent him an email.
He opened it and held his breath. He was surrounded by a sea of models in daring ensembles, but none of them knocked the wind out of him the way his wife did in a simple, lacy number, posed provocatively on their bed. She was a vixen, and he was smitten - mind, body and soul.
“I’ll be home soon,” was all he texted back as he waded his way through the crowd, trying to leave as fast as possible.
One of the models clasped his arm and asked if he wasn’t staying for the after party. He smiled and replied that he had his own party to go to.


Kyoichi growled in frustration as he threw his papers away from his desk, sending them scattering all over the floor. It had been two days since he and Anya had last spoken, and it was getting on his nerves. He couldn’t sleep, or eat, or do his goddamn job. He can negotiate treaties with other countries but not with his own wife?
Unable to take it any longer, he took out his phone to call Anya. Just as he was about to ring up her number, an email notification arrived. It was from her. Kyoichi scrambled to open it, nervous at what she had to say. There was no message, only a picture of the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Anya was wearing lingerie he had ever seen her wear before, seducing him through the screen with dark and lustful eyes.
He did not know if she was still mad, but he would take this as an invitation - and one he certainly wouldn’t turn down. And in the case that she was still angry with him, then at least he finally had the opportunity to appease her.


The convention had gone on longer than Haruka had expected, and as much as he wanted to leave, he had to keep up with the formalities, seeing as most of his family’s business partners were present. He kept smiling and nodding politely at every conversation, but his mind was somewhere else.
He had cancelled a date with Anya over this, and the guilt was clawing at him the entire day. His wife assured him that it was okay, but he knew better. When the chance came, he snuck to the bathroom and drew out his phone to call her.
There was an email from her, which confused him because she usually called. He opened it, curiosity quickly turning into shock, then to lust as the picture that filled his screen drew him close like a black hole.
Anya was dressed provocatively in lacy lingerie, posed on their bed like a work of art. She looked breathtaking and painfully tempting. His whole body ached with the longing to touch her, to hold her, to make love to her. But this confounded convention was showing no signs of ever ending.
He stayed in the bathroom, thinking hard, before he finally decided to ditch the event and fly home, consequences be damned.
He’d explain things to his father tomorrow. Right now, he just wanted to leave and indulge himself in a different kind of flower.

P.S. I attached a quick sketch of how I think Anya had posed. :)