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When I was in 8th grade a friend of mine and I were fucking around during our study period and he accidentally stabbed me in the arm with a pencil and the pencil was partially stuck in my arm but I was really shy in social situations so I just raised my hand and waited for the teacher to notice which took about five minutes so when he finally asked me what I needed I said “TJ accidentally stabbed me with a pencil a few minutes ago and now it’s hanging out of my arm, can I go see the nurse?”. He freaked out and yelled “OH MY GOD SEBASTIAN WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME RIGHT AWAY?” And I said right back “please don’t yell at me, I have a pencil in my arm, if anyone is yelling it should be me” and that sums up my attitude and personality fairly well tbh


k so there is just too much going around that Clarke and Lexa never had a build up and its kind of annoying like HELLO where have yall been ? Episode friking 9 was my first hint that maybe there might be a ship coming…wait no actually the first time I noticed anything was in episode 8…when Lexa allows Clarke to say goodbye to Finn!! watch it again there is no hiding the expression on the grounders faces when Clarke asked and Lexa lets her….moving on to episode 9 where Lexa opens up to Clarke about Costia guess what she didnt need to do that in fact its shocking that she did, Lexa trys to help Clarke get over what she is feeling and the truce had only just began…but thats not what i’m trying to get at, Episode 9…..the fact is as soon as Lexa mentioned that she lost someone close to her and HER name was Costia was the FIRST hint that there might be a ship happening because it is revealed that Lexa is interested in girls!! honestly as soon as I heard that I started looking at their relationship differently and if you didnt I suggest going back and watching Clexa scenes things will become clear and you’ll notice Lexa has a HUGE weak spot for Clarke 

Lets take a look at Lexa:

Episode 8 -> letting Clarke say goodbye to Finn..then protecting Clarke when her people started to charge at her probably wanting to kill her…Lexa stops them “its done”

Episode 9 -> letting Clarke start the fire - you all saw the surprise on the grounders faces when Lexa offered over the torch 

-> opening up to Clarke about Costia, trying to help Clarke get over her pain

-> Letting Clarke speak after she thought her people tried to kill her 

Episode 10 -> Huge hints all throughout this episode and it all starts with Quint noticing it

-> Clarke stands up for herself against Quint and he says “you’re very brave under the commanders protection” ding ding yes it was brief but make no mistake he noticed something was there and Clarke knew she would be save if Lexa was there for some reason 

-> When Quint tried to kill Clarke Lexa stops him and after taking her knife out of his arm says in Trigedasleng “attack her & you attack me” hey is everyone forgetting Clarke cant speak grounder? I wonder why Lexa didn’t want her to know what she was saying? maybe because she had started to develop feeling for her?

-> after Clarke saves Lexa’s life against the gorilla, Lexa is some what ungrateful but guess what foreshadowing was introduced, after Lexa says saving her life was weakness Clarke responds “I thought love was weakness” im guessing that would not have been said if it didnt contribute to the plot in some way…and it does especially in Blood must have Blood part 1

-> the last Clexa scene in episode 10 is where a major build up point is…where Lexa is basically on watch to make sure Clarke is safe as she sleeps even when Clarke wakes up Lexa says “its okay, you’re safe” then as that scene progresses yet another build up point is revealed…where Lexa feels the need to tell Clarke that she was WRONG and her heart shows no weakness…

****note how Lexa looks at Clarke from here on out..Clarke even looks at her a few times**

Episode 12 -> Clarke finds out that there is a missile going to hit Tondc and knowing that Bell was worried about Octavia knowing that, she still did not warn her instead she went straight to Lexa whether it was not to cause a panic or simply to warn Lexa we aren’t sure…because even Lexa calls her out on it

-> While Lexa and Clarke are fighting about the missile and Clarke grabs Lexas arm the look Lexa gives Clarke is so raw and out of character that it even throws Clarke off a bit **we later find out that the only reason Lexa brought Clarke with her is because she cares about her in episode 14**

-> The last scene in this episode of Clexa…Clarke runs off because she sees her mom in this scene you can tell on Lexa’s face that she wants to go after her but she cant - love is weakness and she needs to be alive to save her people

Episode 13 -> Lexa is the one to find Clarke and snap her back into reality if you watch that episode with subtitles Lexa says “No. no. Clarke” bringing her back..

-> during their talk Clarke shows us the most grounder she has ever been and Lexa likes it Clarke says “I want the MM dead all of them” the look on Lexa’s face after that says it all.

-> throughout this episode Lexa trys to calm Clarke down and bring her to thinking logically but she is too focused on killing the sniper..see Lexa trys to help Clarke a lot and I think its because she likes how much they have in common but she also likes how Clarke isnt exactly the same as her because Clarke shows Lexa how to lead by thinking with both your head and your heart…Lexa knows all to well that the only reason Clarke wants the sniper dead is because her emotions are taking over but it is important to note that after Lexa sees the smoke from the missile she too is game for killing this person

Episode 14 -> all the looks when they are talking 

and the fact that Lexa gets a little jealous when Clarke shows concern for Bell…its written all over her face…you can tell she is taken back by it because she knows she has feelings for Clarke but now she thinks Clarke might be interested in someone else….Lexa “you care about him” - Clarke “I care about all of them” - Lexa “yet you worry about him more”

-> ***also it should be noted how comfortable Lexa feels around Clarke at this point…her coat and entire outfit is relaxed and she was lying down resting while Clarke was in the room

-> When Clarke confronts Lexa for having one of her warriors try to kill Octavia…Clarke storms in all hot and bothered and confronts Lexa on all her shit…breaking down any walls Lexa had left, the second she took a step back all those walls were down and it didnt help that Clarke brought up Costia and Gustus…I think it is very symbolic the fact that Lexa backed into the crate because that forced her to bring up and show her true feelings for Clarke 

-> Then BOOM “not everyone, not you” she says holding back tears!! like there is such a build up is bugs me that people claim there not to be one…it might just be because not enough people were paying attention to Lexa because guess what the build up is basically all to do with Lexa….like it is in most TV shows where one character falls before the other and then the other character realizes

-> once Lexa says that the look on Clarkes face is interesting and she reacts quick “if you care about me, then trust me” but Lexa doesnt know how to think that way its not the grounders way…so Clarke being a hard ass after Lexa says “I cant do that” makes Lexa think in the way Clarke does hence why she called off the order to kill Octavia

-> after Clarke leaves the tent both characters have a moment like DID THAT JUST HAPPEN 

-> When Clarke is called back, notice Lexa’s tone has changed completely and anyone watching this show would have picked up on that especially once Lexa reveals that Octavia is in the clear, and you can tell Clarke doesnt know how to take that and Lexa notices this adding that she trusts Clarke then that sparks the whole you think our ways are harsh then “shouldnt life be about more than just surviving” when Clarke takes the pause LOOK at LEXA’S face its like that thought had never crossed her mind then Clarke says “Don’t WE deserve better than that?” OMG like Clarke says WE…god these writers know what they are doing…did anyone ever think to relate the WE to her and Lexa it changes how you look at the whole scene

->”maybe WE do” then the long waited kiss where by the way Clarke 100% kisses back…if you are a true fan of the show you know that for Clarke THAT was HUGE

I know this post was mainly supposed to be about the build up but I’ll put my thoughts about episode 15 read if you would like 

Yes Lexa 100% betrayed Clarke and that sucks but the writers had been preparing us for that all season, once Lexa was introduced there was not one scene or one episode where Lexa didnt do something completely ruthless or mentioned ‘her people’ or ‘the ground way’ or ‘weakness’ legit even in episode 10 “I thought love was weakness” said by Clarke after Lexa is confused as to why she saved her maybe that relates to the deal Lexa made with the MM…had she not accepted the deal the only reason behind it would be her feelings for Clarke and since love is weakness her people would have seen that and it was mentioned by Lincoln in episode 9 that her people could have tried to kill her because they were upset about the alliance….so not taking the deal would have probably resulted in more of her people being killed and herself in return being killed…how do you think Clarke would have dealt with that ** also look how hard it is for Lexa to say those things to Clarke, its written all over her face that she is upset but for her people she has to look and act strong …funny enough when she turns away from Clarke utter pain is all over her face and I would like to note that Lexa is The ONLY grounder to ever say “may we meet again” anyone have thoughts on that