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it's 02:15 am I have school tomorrow but I just went through all your voltron headcanons tag and I'm kajdjsjdjskndnsnsnsnndndjsjdjdjdn thank you so much they're amazing oh my god

i’m finally what i’ve aspired to be all my life: a bad influence

  • lance: “[gasps in spanish]” keith: “did you just say ‘gasps in spanish’ out loud”
  • coran doesn’t really get why lance keeps putting expired food goo on his face but i mean whatever makes him happy i guess
    • he’s mostly just excited someone likes the goo
  • *allura voice* “wait you mean humans can actually ‘pull a muscle’?? i thought pidge just made that up as an excuse to get out of training”
  • pidge judges lance for getting tricked by pretty girls but. like. lowkey if a robot ever asked her to follow it…..
  • hunk: “okay. stay calm. stay calm” keith: “i am calm??” hunk: “i’m talking to myself”
  • hunk teaches allura those elementary school road trip songs
    • he gets to the song that never ends which. causes some confusion
    • “but how do i know when to stop singing??” “well you kinda just go until you get bored”
    • but allura’s so!!! jazzed!!!! to be doing earth things that she can go for hours without getting bored
    • the team eventually votes to ban the song from the castle
  • shiro: “lance, can i talk to you?” lance: “oooh, someone’s in trouble. and it’s me. i don’t know why i did that.”
  • Pidge: *successfully hacks into something that saves their asses* Guys i'm in!!!
  • Lance: *was looking over her shoulder the whole time* Holy crow, Pidge, I could kiss you!
  • Pidge: *looks at him seriously* What's stopping you?
  • Lance: what
  • Pidge: what
  • *awkward silence*
  • Pidge: *expectantly waiting* Well?
  • Lance: *secretly hoping that it was some joke*
  • Pidge: *keeps staring*
  • Lance: *realizing that holy s h i t its not*
  • Lance: *internally screaming*
  • Lance: *points to person in the corner* KEITH YOU JERK *gets up and starts arguing*
  • Keith: what did i even do what the fuck

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ur post about fic & racism in the supergirl fandom really got me thinking (especially about my own biases so thank you) but also like, how there’s this incredibly pervasive but subtle new form of racism I haven’t seen b4 in other fandoms? Like on one hand u have this loud condemnation of how racist monel is & how he was a slave owner blabh blah but no corresponding attention given to the existing Black characters. 1/4

I get wlw not wanting to write m/f fic but a lot of the fandom doesn’t reblog (or make) any of the gifsets, they don’t meta for him they don’t call for more screen time for Mehcad. Same for M’gann. SO many posts talking about how awful monel is compare him to Lena and strangely don’t mention the Black female character who also came from an oppressive society to become a hero? And there are like, idk, 4 people? Who write or post wlw fic with M’gann in it? 2/4

Same with Maggie. A huge segment of fandom decided Floriana is white (even tho hollywood clearly won’t cast her in roles for white women) so they use that as an excuse to exclusively stan the very light skinned white wlw. And the way it carries over to the characters, like, okay Flo is white? but Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character while overtly supporting lighter skinned characters ¾

And that same part of the fandom doesn’t ever seem to create content for Lucy or Vasquez either. IDK this isn’t something u can probably explore with stats but ur post really got me thinking and it just feels really gross now bc I see all these posts condemning racism but there’s still this extreme perpetuation of privileging white characters at the same time? & I haven’t seen this particular trend in fandom b4 4/4

Oh, anon, this made my day. I have a bunch of notes waiting in a doc to address the whole Mon-El thing with regard to the racist undertones and the rhetoric used by the show to frame his storyline, and I will do my best to write it before the season comes back again, because I genuinely think they tried to aim high and just … missed completely. (But I make no promises because my thesis defense is on Tuesday.)

To your first point re: fandom attitudes – I was surprised in the early half of S2 when so many people came out of the woodwork making posts in the main tag like “wait, why did they get rid of Kara/James??” because, oh right, nobody acted like they cared for almost twelve straight months. If y’all were so okay with this ship, where were you to acknowledge its social significance when it was canon? Where are you now? Why hasn’t there been an outpouring of tweets week after week at the execs and the writers for sidelining an interracial couple in favor of what we’re getting, especially since the storyline literally handwaved away human trafficking and slavery as minor plot points?

Not only that, when there’s unrealized potential for a non-canon ship there is typically an outpouring of fic in response, and while there’s been a statistically significant amount of new Karolsen fic in S2 because it’s pretty easy to top zero percent, the writing there is not keeping pace with any of the other dude-involved pairings. 

And you’re right, anon: it is not possible to prove anything with stats. HOWEVER, thanks to the addition of these new characters for S2, I *am* at the point now where it’s possible to see correlation between character race and fan engagement with different pairing choices. And the bias is there, whether it’s in the het pairings, the femslash, or even the m/m pairings. The whole reason I started tracking fic outputs in the first place was that any attempt to have this conversation last year devolved into yelling and finger-pointing because “you have no proof!” that racial bias is a thing. Except, yanno, all the POC who live with it daily saying that it’s a thing. Well, congratulations y’all: your choices leave digital footprints behind that are pretty easy to follow and chart for everyone to see.

This isn’t actually a new problem, by the way – racism and preferencing of white pairing happens a lot, in almost every fandom. The only difference maybe is that I’ve experimented with quantifying it, which is not something that people usually do when they study fandoms or fan behavior.

It pains me to no end that M’gann has been so overlooked, because her story has just as many dark character beats to it as Lena’s, if not more, plus the added bonus of her sharing a sense of “otherness” with Kara in a way that few other people can. And there is no way the disinterest in that pairing isn’t about race, because there are a whole bunch of ships from S1 between white women who’d never even met each other in canon that have more romantic fics than M’gann/anyone.

And the nonsense about Floriana, which I’ll remind everyone again was started by a white girl, had a demonstrable chilling effect on interest in Sanvers as a pairing. Like. I can actually show that on paper. And you’re absolutely right with what you said above, which bears repeating: Maggie is absolutely treated like a woc in how parts of fandom aggressively ignore her & find ways to demonize her character.

There’s also a treatment of Floriana herself that reminds me uncomfortably of how people went out of their way to demonize Naya Rivera’s personal life whenever she reminded the world she was black instead of just “very tan.” And a lot of the rhetoric people are using to talk about Floriana’s racial heritage is almost verbatim the same as what you’ll find on white supremacist discussion boards about Italian people. I’d love to think this is an accident, but I’ve made some people pretty angry for pointing this out in the past, so I suspect it’s at least partially deliberate.

Lucy was another case that drove me insane, for two reasons:

  1. The vast majority of femslash fans flat-out ignored her as a romantic choice even though there were a whole lot of good reasons to ship her with either Kara or Alex, and a whole lot less negative reasons not to. (And it’s not like Supercat was already dominating the scene before Lucy’s character was introduced. That ship only became popular after the movie Carol came out during the winter hiatus of S1.)
  2. People had the same fight last year about whether or not Lucy counted as a WOC and ultimately insisted that the answer was no. But then people kept on ignoring her anyway like somehow dubiously legal boss/employee relationships, potential treason, and incest were more logical bases for attraction.

Also, to the people who have been like “oh yay we could’ve had Dichen as Maggie, a real WOC” like somehow this would have made the fandom love her more – you’re full of shit. If you mean that, why has there been so little fic about Dichen as Roulette? Like, last year there were a whole bunch of shipfics featuring Livewire. There was Kara/Siobhan. And yet … no dark scenarios of Supergirl/Roulette? No Alex ones? There were even a bucketload of those for each Danvers sister + Max Lord, and this fandom isn’t even that into dudes. You’re telling me no one is interested in this kind of hero/villain dynamic with the Asian chick and somehow that’s not also about race?

tl;dr I suspect that a decent chunk of this problem is the result of subconscious bias, but some of it’s not. And what’s really sad about it is that, for all the talk on Tumblr about representation being important, we’re really doing no better as media producers than Hollywood when it comes to race. If anything, we might actually be doing worse.

Bf!Tom and Spiders
  • Inspired by the massive spider in my room. Btw here did you go while I was making dinner??When I came back you were gone!



  • Tom and spiders
  • What a beautiful story
  • Okay let’s be real
  • He’s so afraid of the
  • Like how adorable is that
  • Okay so imagine you’re in your apartment
  • Under the shower actually
  • You had a long and kind of stressful day
  • You didn’t turn on many lights cause they would wake you up
  • So you were just having some time for yourself


  • Until you heard the loudest scream ever
  • Like e v e r
  • turning off the water,you stood there waiting 
  • What a drama queen
  • But you took your time
  • “I AM DYINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!111!1!1”
  • You made your way downstairs
  • And the sight was kind of very amusing
  • Tom stood on top of the table
  • Having nothing but pure panic on his face
  • You still thought he was overreacting
  • Turns out he wasn’t
  • Cause girl


  • You climbed on to the table next to Tom
  • “I think we won’t survive this and I just want to let you know, I love you. I really do with all of my heart.”
  • Awwww
  • That’s so cute
  • My heart can’t take this
  • “I love you more Holland.”
  • As kind of an response he leaned in and pressed his lips on your
  • Wow
  • Can you imagine kissing him
  • That’d be so amazing
  • Like he would so gentle ahhhh
  • But at the same time there was some eager
  • And he always had one hand on your waist and the other on cupped your cheek
  • Oiiii
  • And your hands would be either in his hair or his aRmS
  • I want this now


  • After some time it got pretty heated
  • Aka meaning you and Tom laying on the kitchen table
  • You wouldn’t have a shirt on anymore
  • And loverboy didn’t either
  • You’d be so lost that kind of forget about the
  • “Spider!”
  • You saw it while you were kissing him
  • It was on his upper back
  • Just laying there
  • You quickly moved away
  • “Okay love don’t panic.Just stay still.”
  • “Why do I feel something on my back?”
  • “Breathe.”
  • “Y/n what’s on my back!?!??”
  • He was only whisper shouting now
  • But you stayed silent
  • “God damn it what’s on my back right now!!!?”
  • After some time you mumbled a word that sounded like
  • “shwiner…”
  • “What? Love stop fucking around.”
  • “A spider okay! The spider is on you right now.“


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“Muses” - Jikook Social Media AU

Jimin is a writer who is struggling with his creativity and Jungkook is a YouTuber who travels and paints all of the places he visits. What happens when they both become each other’s muses without knowing?


-guys sorry for the long wait on them, but like this is cute isn’t it? I wish this would happen to me haha-

Drawing of Jimin’s lips credit: TYV-ART off of DeviantArt

(Also- I would just like to tag @ladygaffes because their comment made my life on the last part. It seems that your comment did make it 100! XD)

Negan/Rick Fic List

(Last Updated: April 28, 2017)

List of fics I personally loved. Made this so it’s easier for me to find them. Prolly the closest thing to a fic rec list I can do (I’M SORRY)…

Chaptered (Complete):

Chaptered (Ongoing):

  • All the Hallowed Roads -If Negan met Rick in TWD season 1 
  • Excess -Negan coerces Rick into marrying him amongst other things (PRETTY DARK.)
  • Ready for Another Life -canonverse!Rick wakes up in an AU where he’s been in a relationship with Negan for years (SAD STUFF AHEAD) 
  • Bloodsport -Negan asks Rick to marry him (the Sanctuary/Savior characters as the supporting cast)
  • The New World Order -if Rick met Negan in TWD season 2 (Negan’s already with The Saviors) 
  • Your Body’s Borders -If Negan was with Abe’s group, and happens upon Rick who seems extremely troubled post-Terminus
  • hallelujah -AU Rick picks up a mysterious hitchhiker (Non-con, VERY VERY DARK and violent)
  • Red riding hood and the big bad wolf -Childhood friends AU
  • All Roads Lead to Terminus -If Negan was in a different group searching for Terminus and ends up defending Rick’s group/the prison from the Governor’s attack
  • Heart In A Blender -AU friends to lovers
  • The Delegation of Power -Simon takes an interest in Rick, handling things a little differently when Negan’s not around (Non-con)
  • Parallax -AU Sci-fi, Rick and Negan are part of a crew sent to investigate a distant planet, which their ship crash lands in. Stuck, they have to work together to survive and find a way out


Fic Collections/Answered Prompts:

By @hatterized​ :

By @neganstonguething​ :

By @psychosexualnegan

By @ocegion 

“One shot where Rick is saved by Negan after he stops breathing and it’s hella awkward.” (I see what you did there anon ;D )

That’s it for now. There are other fics that I’m interested in and currently following, but I’m still waiting to see how they go and how I feel about them??? So I won’t add them here for now… Will be constantly updating this post I guess.


often times, i hear the words “oppression” and “liberation” be thrown at me. you are oppressed because you are not liberated enough in what you wear. you are not liberated because you are oppressed in what you wear. so what’s liberation? is it me standing on a beach in western clothes with the skin on my arms showing, basking in the sun? is that what being liberated means? or is that me showing too much skin for a muslim girl? is liberation me wearing a tight fitted flowery maxi dress? or is that a little too tight?

and am i oppressed by covering myself entirely with my abayah, with no skin showing? but wait, i’m wearing a face full of makeup, though? is that too much? or wait, is me wearing a bright pink colour on top of my abayah too “out there”? is that me being a bit too loud and calling attention? 

and then i wonder … how can i be oppressed if i can wear all these things, make all these choices in how i want to dress myself, and be happy and myself in all these things? wearing a full face of make up, wearing bright colours, wearing western clothes, and showing my skin a little bit, whether that be at home or on the beach, or covering myself entirely in my abayah with nothing on show. how am i oppressed when i, a happy muslim girl, can make all these choices in what i want to wear, in what i decide to wear, and noone can tell me, or has the right to tell me, if what i am wearing is “oppressing” or “liberating” enough. 

since when did judging my level of freedom and happiness come from how you perceive it, and that too, in what clothes i am wearing? but wait, if i do this, then i’m being too much, and if i do that, i’m doing too less. 

how about this: we simply let people, be.

In the spirit of the same rhetoric-style, you tell me why Kubo had Ichigo ignoring Orihime time and time again?

And its a fact he KNEW she liked him, it’s confirmed apparently in We Do Knot Always Love You (Renji says “Haven’t you kept her waiting long enough”, and Ichigo says “I know”)

So, Ichigo knew she liked him and still did this;

LETS NOT FORGET all he cared about was her failure of a shield –

“You shouldn’t make such a nice girl wait for so long.” (Renji)
“…I know,” he answered in a voice that seemed to vanish. (Ichigo)

So, Ichigo canonly knew her feelings and still mistreated her?

The IH ending wasn’t planned, it was crammed because god knows what reason. The statements made makes the retcons look even more obvious and also depreciates Ichihime even more than it already was.

Stop putting this stuff in our tag.

Language of Love (Lafayette x Reader)

Requested by anon: sorry to bother u but: readerxlaf, the reader works at a book store and laf is trying to get books to improve his english but keeps coming back even after he speaks english very well

TW: Poorly translated French, Swearing in French

A/N: I feel like this was really sloppy. I am so sorry.


Lafayette wonders the large bookstore, dragging his fingers across the spines of the books that he can’t read. He picked up a few words when he arrived, but he still barely knows how to say “Hello”. He looks at the covers for some sort of picture to represent translating. Since he isn’t paying attention to where he is going, he bumps into one of the most beautiful people he has ever laid eyes on.

You bend down to pick up the book you dropped. “Do you need help?”

“Oui,” he answers.

You nod slowly. “Translate?”

He nods frantically. “Oui.”

You smile and motion for him to follow you. You guide him to the front where the reference books are. He flips through a few of the books to make sure that they actually are French and heads to the front desk. After the old lady in front of him leaves, he approaches you with a stack of books. You smile when you see him. “I see you found some books.”

He gives you a confused look.

You giggle. “Hopefully, these will help.”

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Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.9K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This oneshot is loosely based around Howling by RY X, it’s more of a soundtrack for the fic rather than based entirely off the lyrics.

You lay back on your bed and let your eyes roam around your room. This could be the last time you were a free woman. Every day after tonight, you would be living in limbo, always anxious that the government would storm into the compound and arrest you. You been allowed a month to sign the Accords after you joined the Avengers, or retire before your Avenger life really began. As a new Avenger, you weren’t allowed a free pass like Steve, Bucky or Sam. Ross was turning a blind eye to their resistance to sign, for the better of Earth safety. Bucky had almost begged you to take refuge in Wakanda, like Wanda and Bruce, but you’d refused. You were expected to sign the Accords, but you were against it.

Your eyes linger on your cork-board, littered with photos and your bucket-list. A thought strikes you, if you were looking at certain imprisonment after tonight, you were going to at least cross off a dream before you were locked behind bars. You were determined to live every day like it was your last.

You jump up and shove a few pieces of clothing into a backpack before ducking out of your room. The compound was quiet, and this was the best time for you to slip away. You make it to the compound garage without running into anyone, and thank your lucky stars; there was no doubt that someone would stop you from leaving.

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Okay, okay, I’ll tell you the best way I’ve ever warded off street harassment.
I was at a traffic light, waiting for the green. I’m sitting there, sipping my coke, and a guy rolls up, looks at me, and makes kissy noises at me. So I did what any logical person would do. I look at him dead in the eye and let out a foghorn of a belch. He just said, “What the FUCK??” and sped off as the light turned green.
I’ve never had a prouder moment.

Far too young to die Part II

Request by @mr-robot-x : How would Jeff react when the reader dies in the accident instead of him. Clay and Justin support him.

A/N: Okay so a lot of people were asking for a part 2 of this and i know i took really long with this. i apologise, it’s just that senior year is kicking my ass more than i thought. I promise to get all my other requests out, i just ask that you be patient with me please

Originally posted by bluerangerpower

Jeff’s POV

What does Sheri have to do with y/n dying that night? What the hell did Hannah say? I know what happened that night, I’m the reason she died.

Justin’s POV

“Sheri, hey wait up”

“Justin, hi”

“You have to tell Jeff”

“What! no i can’t, I’m not ready”

“Sheri he lost it out there on the field and you’re here thinking about yourself’

“Justin this is the worst thing i have ever done in my life”

“He needs closure, he still blames himself for that night, he still thinks he killed the love of his life”

“Okay, I-I’ll give it to him tomorrow”

Jeff’s POV

I messed up at the game on Friday, I thought I was doing okay, I thought things were getting better. I feel like I can’t even talk to Clay after what just happened with Hannah. I knew he loved her and now he also lost the love of his life. Justin asked me to sit with them in the cafeteria, he was probably just feeling sympathetic after i froze out on the field during the game. I still couldn’t stop thinking about what he said to me about talking to Sheri because apparently something happened between her and Hannah but i don’t understand what i have to do with it.

”Hi Jeff”

“Hi Sheri, how are you?”

“Good as can be expected, uh-do you have a second to talk?”

   I couldn’t help but feel like all eyes were on me and i stood correct when i turned back to the table and Justin, Marcus, Alex, Zach and Jessica were looking at me but averted their gaze when i caught them staring. 

“Yeah, this won’t take long though right? because i have a history quiz next period”

“No, I just need to give you something”, She said nervously as she handed me a USB.

“A USB?”

“Yeah you won’t understand right now but after you listen to it you will. I just ask that after you listen to it please don’t look at me differently because i would do anything to take it back. You need to know that this is the worst I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

 She looked like she was about to cry and i didn’t really know what to do so i just placed my hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner, “hey listen, it’s okay”

“Jeff just please listen to it when you get home”

“I will, i promise. Are you gonna be okay?” i asked concerned. She just ran off without answering me, i don’t think I’ve ever seen her that way.

“Everything good with Sheri?”, Zach asked.

“uh-yeah i think so. She just gave me something and said that i need to listen to it.” Zach’s whole body language changed and i felt like he knew something I didn’t but then again maybe i was just overthinking everything.

The first thing i did when i got home was go up to my room and listen to whatever was on this USB. It has been consuming my mind the whole day. Was I ready for whatever was on here? No. But i have to know what’s so bad that Sheri was on the verge of tears. And play…

“Hey it’s Hannah-” holy shit, is this some kind of sick joke?

“-Sheri if you’re listening to this then it means you’ve already heard your tape-” Tape? what tape?

“It also means that others know what you did that night. You’re probably wondering why you received this right? Well this is for you to hold onto until you’re ready. And no, this isn’t something that has been passed on, neither will it be passed on to anyone after this. There is only one person in particular that you will give this to when you’re ready or when you know that person will need to hear the truth. And you know who that person is….. Jeff.”

“So Jeff this part is for you, if you’re listening to this. Hi! You have to understand that what I’m about to tell you could change everything, it may change the way you look at Sheri or even myself. I don’t really know where to start with this. I guess i want to firstly thank you for always making Clay go to any social event because if it wasn’t for you, Clay and i wouldn’t have had the moments we had. But this isn’t about Clay and I, it’s about the night of Jessica’s party, the night y/n died in the accident. I was pretty drunk that night and my phone was dead and Sheri was leaving so she offered to take me home. As she drove I told her that I was really drunk and that my parents would be really angry if i got home in the state i was in. So she suggested i call home and tell my parents that i was staying over at her house. And as i mentioned before, my phone was dead so as she was driving, Sheri was looking for her phone and we both had our eyes off the road and then we knocked something. We both got out of the car and saw that it was a stop sign. I tried telling her to call the police but she refused because she didn’t want her dad to know so she drove off leaving me alone with a knocked down stop sign and a dead phone. So I ran to Blue Spot Liquor to call the police and when they said that someone had already reported it, i thought it was Sheri. That was until that morning when i heard what happened and i tried talking to Sheri to say something and i even called y/n’s home and when it went to voicemail I didn’t know what to say so i ended the call and i walked pass her house so many times but i couldn’t bring myself to knock on their door and say something. Then when i tried telling Clay he just blocked me out. Jeff I’m so sorry about what happened, if i had maybe just stood there until somebody drove by I could’ve called the police and y/n would still be alive. I’m sorry I left you to blame yourself for what happened to y/n. I hope this brought you some closure.” 

*the next day*

“Sheri! can we talk?”

“uh-Jeff hi! yeah sure”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Jeff you have to understand-”

“No, there’s nothing more to understand, Hannah was pretty clear on what happened that night”


“I’m not done, you didn’t do anything Sheri, you just continued with your life and watched as my life fell apart without y/n. You did nothing as i blamed myself for losing the best thing that ever happened to me.” By now I was crying and I couldn’t care less what everyone thought.     

 “Jeff this was the worst thing I have ever done, if I knew the consequences of what i did that night, I would have done everything differently.” She was crying now.

“That’s just the thing Sheri, you don’t see this kind of stuff coming, That’s why it’s unforeseen. You couldn’t have possibly known that you were going to be the reason y/n died. But you could have done something that night. You could have just called the police and told them what you did and she would still be here every morning waiting for me at my locker and flashing me that innocent smile of hers and going on about another crazy dream that she had.”

“Jeff I’ll do anything. What can i do to make you forgive me even a little bit?”

“They deserve the truth, y/n’s parents deserve to know what happened that night.”

“Jeff her parents will never look at me the same again.”

“They need just as much closure as i did, you need to explain why you did what you did and you know it’s the right thing to do.”

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Check To The Heart (Part 9)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

CTTH Masterlist

It had been a whole week since you had been to the arena.  You had holed yourself up in your apartment, you had blamed Bucky of course, for you getting sick.  Technically it was your fault, but you weren’t gonna tell him that.   You were finally feeling a bit better, but knew there was no way you were able to go to the game and sit in the cold.  The Avengers were playing another rival, The Ironmen.

The ironmen were lead by Tony Stark, a cocky player who was almost as good at hockey as he thought he was.  Steve and Tony had a lengthy history, their fathers had played together in college.   They had also played together off and on throughout the years, but for some reason, unknown to you, they had a falling out and never reconnected.   It seemed as if Tony had it out for Steve and vice versa.  This game wouldn’t be as brutal as a game versus Hydra but it would still be bad.

You bundled yourself up on the couch with a blanket and grabbed your beer and a slice of the pizza you had ordered earlier.  It was the last period of the game and it was tied two to two. Tony Stark, the captain of the Ironmen, had been taking shots at Steve and Bucky the whole night.  It was like he had a personal vendetta against the two of them.  He purposely was hitting them into the boards every chance he got.

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J-Hope x Reader

Genre: Do I write anything that isn’t smut? The answer is no.

Summary: Look up from your books once in a while. A good dick down might be on the other side.

Word count: 4,267

A/N: I’m appalled at the lack of Hoseok smut so I thought I’d polish this piece I had about him and post that. Enjoy! Feel free to request stuff as well.

You glanced at the silver and pink watch on your wrist as you typed continuously onto your laptop. You sighed deeply as you pressed enter to switch line. This essay was taking so long to write and you could feel all your focus slip away, tiredness taking over in heavy presses on your eyelids. You met eyes with your charming boyfriend on the other side of the table. He smiled at you sweetly before looking back down at his papers. Unlike you, he was enjoying himself, writing lyrics and listening to some music on his laptop, calmly sipping a warm cup of tea. You glanced to your left and reached for your nth cup of coffee promptly sitting atop a messy pile of books. You tilted it. Empty. A sigh made its way between your dry lips and soon enough your cold hands found their way back onto your keyboard, resting lifeless on the keys.

You were so focused on getting this paper done that you didn’t notice Hoseok getting up to make you another warm drink. His presence lurked tall behind your back as his left arm entered your peripherals, putting a black mug down on the table, making sure to push away all your scattered papers. He grabbed your other mug under your soft stare. You lazily reached for the new drink and brought it up to your mouth.

“Thank you Hobi.” you murmured.

He put the other mug in the sink before standing behind you again, his gentle hands on your shoulders, massaging the sore muscles. You took a long awaited sip. Hm… Chocolate?

“Hobiii… that’s hot chocolate.” you whined cutely.

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Innocent Doctor? (Part 1).

As requested, a dom!spencer multi-fic for you! (Dom!Aaron multi-fic can be found here)

Not too much dom!Spencer in this but hey, it’s definitely there. On the other hand…..Part 2 is going to be a killer hahah. Please let me know if you want to be untagged for this series lovelies!

Warnings: oral sex

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The doctors low growls were silenced as he slammed the door behind him, groaning slightly in annoyance as he rested his hands against the table. The deep tones of his voice made Y/N’s breath hitch in the back of her throat, dark eyes fixated on the frustrated man as she shifted subtly, thighs pressed together firmly. Spencer exhaled through his nose before glancing up at the intern, eyes intensely observing her reddening cheeks as she dropped his gaze, fingers fumbling with the ends of her hair nervously.

“He’s tough to break.” Spencer uttered but Y/N simply nodded in response, not trusting herself to form coherent words as she cleared her throat slightly in attempt to rid herself of her inappropriate thoughts regarding her temporary co-worker. Though, her mind wouldn’t let go of the way his voice sent shivers down her spine, his dark eyes sending her into frenzy or the way his jaw clenched and muscles tightened when he grew frustrated. However, her thoughts were quickly halted when his soft voice interrupted her but when she adverted his attention to him, she didn’t realise he had moved inches in front of her.

“Earth to Y/N?” He murmured, smirking devilishly when she glanced up at him with blown pupils, cheeks painted pink.

“Ah, sorry. What is it?” Y/N replied, voice cracking slightly as Spencer chuckled lowly, inching towards her gradually.

“Come with me, I have some things to show you.” Spencer ordered, voice merely a whisper as he briefly brushed her hair away from her blushing face, his hot breath making her inhale sharply as she unthinkingly glanced down at his lips.

“I-I thought you were supposed to be teaching-” Y/N began, voice wavering nervously but Spencer cut off her train of thought by brushing his fingers against hers slightly.

“I will. Just follow me, Y/N.” Spencer laughed, pushing past her, smirking softly to himself knowing she would be quick to follow after him. She swallowed anxiously, glancing behind her to see him walking away confidently without looking back. Y/N bit her lip lightly, knowing her internship wasn’t going to be easy.

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“he thinks he’s the black el chapo”

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requested Carl Gallagher imagine

Carl imagine w the name Kristine please? Where she’s biracial (half white half Puerto Rican) and it’s her sweet 16/ quinceanera (whatever you choose) and she and Carl go to pick her dress?

“Shit,” Carl cursed appreciatively as Kristine crawled up his body and turned to lay next to him, flat on her back as well, before she lit up a joint. She took a hit before passing it to her boyfriend who flashed a lazy grin as he took it, pressing it to his own lips. “If I’d known that staying out of trouble meant getting congratulatory blow jobs, I never would’ve went to juvie” he said in a slightly strained voice as he held the smoke in his throat, before exhaling with a laugh. “Honestly if sucking your dick keeps you off the streets, I’ll do it. A small price to pay to keep your dumb ass from getting shot,” Kristine replied as she rolled off of her bed and finger combed her hair that he had completely wrecked. She picked his basketball shorts up from the floor and tossed them over to him, watching as he slipped on his boxers and then the shorts. His phone vibrated on the nightstand and she picked it up and typed in his password, while grabbing the joint that he was handing back to her. “Fiona wants you home,” she summarized the text before handing him his phone, laughing when he tossed it back onto the nightstand and pulled her onto him; gazing up at her as she straddled him, one hand still holding the joint to her lips, and the other resting on his chest that was still exposed as he hadn’t bothered to pull his shirt back down from its bunched up position at his collarbones. He’d never admit it to her, but just being in her presence completely eased his mind.  “You coming with me? Debbie said she’d fight my ass if I came home without you again,” he asked as he stroked her thighs. Kristine rolled her eyes and sat back on his hips, making him bite his lip, “She threatens me like every time I see her!” “Yeah the pregnancy hormones are really fucking with her. She’s in full bitch mode 5 out of 7 days a week.”

Carl shut his eyes as Kristine leaned forward and lightly touched his lips with her own, exhaling smoke as he inhaled before his hand was tangled in her hair and he was pushing her lips against his. She let out a quiet hum and placed the joint on the ashtray on her window sill and was about to grind down on him when his phone began vibrating again, this time with a call. The teens groaned and untangled themselves from each other before Carl picked up the phone, making a few annoyed remarks to Fiona on the other line, before hanging up. “I gotta go. I’ll call you tonight,” he announced as he pushed her lightly onto the bed and stood up to slip on his sneakers and fix his hair. Before he left her room he rested his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her up for one more kiss, and then he was out her door and stomping down her stairs to get to the front door. But he couldn’t help but stop when he saw his girl’s parents at the dining room table, surrounded by paperwork, sad expressions on their faces.  “You guys good?” he asked as he approached them, trying his best not to check out Kristine’s mom; at least not while her father was in the room. “Hey Carl, how are you mijo” her mom asked him, clearly too lost in her thoughts to ask why he had been in her daughter’s room for an hour on a Monday night with the door locked. “I’m good. What’s up with you?” “Fucking bills, as usual. We were hoping we could throw a party for Kristine’s birthday this year since we couldn’t afford the quinceanera last year but it doesn’t look like we can do it after all the medical bills,” she replied. Kristine’s father had gotten hurt just before work (20 minutes later and they could’ve been swimming in workmans comp) and they lost a huge portion of their income, meaning Kristine spent many nights having dinner at his house.

“I could probably help out,” Carl volunteered, only to be shot down almost instantly. “No, really, she doesn’t want anything crazy. Debbie and I can throw her a little … get together. We can get her like, a dress and shit. She’s not that hard to please; we just need some music and a shit-ton of wee- friends” he caught himself. Kristine’s mother rolled her eyes, but she found herself nodding. After all how can you turn down a free party. After receiving the okay, Carl made his way home and climbed the stairs to his room. But just as he was passing Debbie’s room, her door swung open, and he watched her enter the hall and dramatically look around. “Coulda sworn I told you not to come home without Kristine,” She said, making him roll his eyes. “Coulda sworn I told you to fuck off and yet here you are,” he replied as he continued walking to his room where the door was cracked open and he could see Nick sleeping on the floor, hammer clutched tight to his chest. “Were you with her? Tell her I need to talk to her.” “Tell her yourself, white girl.” “You take your braids out today? I can tell, cuz your hair looks like shit,” Debbie insulted before he could get a word in and just as she was about to slip into her room again, Carl put his hand on the door, keeping it open. “Hey, so her fam can’t throw her that birthday party they got her all hyped about,” Carl announced, and the door quickly swung open. “Oh shit, that’ll be two years in a row.” “I know, and I knew she’d pretend like it didn’t bother her so I told her parents we’d take care of it. I figured we could clean up the crib and throw a party and go get her a dress and shit.” Carl stated his plan, looking at her with an annoyed expression on his face when she leaned against her doorway with a stupid grin. “You’re gonna throw her a party and buy her a dress? How sweet of you, White Chocolate,” she laughed and he just shrugged. “Gotta keep my girl happy.”

Debbie agreed with his plan and with that he made his way to his room and climbed onto his bed after pulling off his clothes and pulling on some sweats. He then grabbed his phone and tapped on the first name on his favorites list, waiting patiently for the phone to be answered, a smirk working its way onto his face when Kristine answered, “Hey, so what are you wearing.”


Debbie tore through the racks in a way that made Kristine cringe. So she found herself following behind the red head, picking up the messes she left behind. “Why are we here again?” she asked, once she had returned another discarded dress onto its hanger. “We need party outfits. I’m trying to meet a rich guy to help me raise my baby, remember?” Debbie lied, she hadn’t tried to keep a secret this hard in a while. Kristine rolled her eyes at her friend’s response, “Yeah I know that you are, but why am I getting dressed up. I already have a man.” Carl smirked, from a rack over, at her response.

“What about this one?” Debbie asked, ignoring her statement to hold up a sheer body suit. “It’s see through, put it back,” Carl replied, before Kristine could make a comment. “It’s sheer, Carl. She can put a bra on underneath it.” “And yet here I am, still telling you to put it the fuck down,” Carl continued, protectively, turning his head back to the rack he was sifting through himself, making Kristine laugh. She walked around the store, waiting for something to catch her eye, and when it did, she quickly pretended that it hadn’t. She didn’t need to see the price tag to know that the little silk dress was completely unattainable. But despite trying her hardest to appear unphased by it, Carl saw right through her.

“Yo, can I get that dress?” Carl asked an employee who gave him a hard stare in return. “Take it off the fucking mannequin,” he demanded and soon enough he was standing outside the door of the changing room, Kristine on the other side. “Can you tie up the back for me?” she asked as she pulled open the door and turned quickly, and he wasted no time tying up the thin string on the back before he rested his hands on her hips and looked over her shoulder at their reflection in the mirror. He let his gaze drop from her pretty face, down to her chest, then waist, then let go and took a step back, examining her ass. “Nah, take it off.” Kristine’s eyes widened at his response to her in the dress and turned to him, “You don’t think I look good in it?” “No, I think you look too good. How am I supposed to enjoy myself if I show up with you in that dress. I’d deadass spend the entire night keeping guys away from you.” “Then,” Kristine started, resting her arms around his neck and pulling him close, “how about we skip the party and stay in. I can wear that little sheer one Debbie picked out; minus the bra underneath.” Carl’s blue eyes stared into her own and he almost found himself giving in before he shook his head, stopping when she went to move the tag away from its position digging into her arm. She pulled it away slightly and her eyes instantly widened before she reached behind her back and tugged on a string, letting the dress unravel from her body before she was shimmying out of it, confusing him with how quick her movements were. “You don’t want it anymore?” he asked, nodding at the dress that was now laying on the floor as she pulled her leggings back on, not pausing as she shook her head quickly in response. “Hell no, it’s more expensive than our rent,” she answered as she picked up her things and opened the change-room door making her way back to the racks of dresses. “Yeah, so..?” “So do I look like I have that kind of money Carl? If I did, we’d have heat and water at my house.” And with that she let Debbie lead her to a different store while her boyfriend hung back. He picked up the little dress and carried it to the register, dropping it onto the counter and raising an eyebrow when the cashier gave him a once over, failing to hide the fact that he clearly didn’t think the teen had the money to purchase the item. Carl sighed and dipped his hand into his back pocket, pulling out a large wad of cash that he flashed in the employees face, “I want this one. So stop fucking around and wrap it up in a box, I want it to look good for my girl. Now, you want hunnies or small bills? Oh and grab that little see-through one to.”

“Fuck, Debbie, really?” Kristine yelled in pain when the flat iron touched her neck. “It’s your fault, stop moving!” “I’ll stop moving when you stop fucking burning me!” Debbie scoffed and finished straightening Kristine’s hair and looked at the girl through the bathroom mirror. They both had their hair and makeup done, but were still in their pjs. “We look so good and we’re not even dressed yet,” Debbie complimented as Kristine pushed open the bathroom door. She had intended to go to the kitchen and grab a drink but decided against it when she saw Nick standing tall in front of the stairs, daring her to try and pass him. “Hey Nick,” she greeted the older boy with a huge smile that made the corners of his lips twitch up slightly before he returned to his normal stony look. When she had started to make her way back to Debbie’s closet and grab the dress she’d gotten, she found herself being pulled into a different room. “I’m not having a quickie before the party,” she announced holding up her hand and making Carl laugh. “As down as I am to fuck you right now, I actually pulled you in here for something else. I got you something.” He then motioned to the box on Ian’s bed, complete with a red bow. Kristine instantly groaned and crossed her arms, “If you bought me another fur coat with your drug money, I’m gonna be pissed, wannabe black El Chapo.” Carl grinned at the nickname and pushed her over to the bed, watching with loving eyes as she lifted up the top and stared into the box, before covering it up again. “Bring it back,” she stated, making her boyfriend frown and grab her before she could leave the room. “What, no, I thought you’d like it.” “I do, but it’s too expensive.” “Nothing’s too expensive for my girl.” Kristine glared at Carl and made no move to reach for the dress.

“Look, I’ve bought you a lot of useless shit, but it’s because I like spending money on you. You’re my girl and I love you and I’m not gonna let you struggle when I can help. And I’m definitely not returning that dress after seeing how good you looked in it. So go put it on, before I put it on you myself.” He watched with heart eyes as her ears turned slightly pink with a blush before she picked up the dress, and started to leave the room. “I’m surprised you didn’t grab the sheer one.” “Don’t worry I grabbed that one for later.”

Kristine slipped on her thigh high boots before standing up from Debbie’s bed and making her way into the hall. When Debbie had told her that Carl had slipped out to make a deal, she hadn’t expected him to be gone until damn near midnight, especially not when he knew that it’d be her birthday the second it turned 12. “Can we go already Debs? I’m getting tired waiting around,” she complained to the redhead who sent a quick text to her brother, waiting for the ‘ok’ before she replied to her friend with a nod, grabbing her arm to lead her down the stairs. When they stepped onto the floor, Kristine squealed when tons of people appeared in front of her screaming the word, “surprise” at the top of their lungs. “What the fuck is this?” she cursed making Carl laugh as the music was turned on and the people began drinking and mingling. “It’s your party; I mean I know it’s not ‘my super sweet sixteen’ but I figured you’d like it,” he answered, nervous about what she’d say. “You bought me a dress and threw me this party? Carl… do you like me” Kristine responded with a bright smile, and he shook his head with laughter. “Yeah I thought I made it pretty clear that I like liked you when we went on that date to the movies and I slipped you ‘the shocker’.” He said with a smirk, laughing through his nose when she slapped her hand over his mouth to shut him up. “Too late; I heard and I’m disgusted,” Debbie cut in, before dragging the too toward the party.

As the sun was beginning to rise, Kristine, Nick and both Gallagher siblings were lounging on the couch together, watching late night reruns of old shows. Debbie rested a hand on her stomach, picturing what she’d look like when the bump finally appeared and then turned to Carl and Kristine. They weren’t sitting close to each other, in fact Kristine was practically laying on top of Debbie, but she noticed how they still kept contact through intertwined fingers. “You guys think I’ll find someone who loves me like you guys love each other?” the red head asked, breaking the comfortable silence. Carl raised his eyebrows at his sister before looking down at Kristine who had begun to sit up. “Yeah, obviously. But you’re not gonna find it running around with Frank looking for rich old guys. And you’re especially not gonna find it if you keep being so superficial. Like you thought you loved Derek because you thought he was hot but you didn’t know anything about him. You’re supposed to, like, love all their flaws and know about their hopes and dreams and shit,” Carl answered, looking at his sister, “Like even on their worst day they need to be special. Like Kristine is hot as hell right now in that dress, but I know that when we go to bed she’s gonna wake up looking like a hot mess, but I’m still gonna think she’s gorgeous. Shit, remember when she had braces? That shit was bad. So bad; but she was still fine as hell. And you should know about shit that they’re embarrassed about. I know that she still doesn’t know how to roll a blunt, and that she can’t hold her piss once she’s been drinking so if you’re walking her home you gotta stop every 5 minutes to help her pee in some bushes, and that when she’s brushing her teeth in the morning and she goes to brush her tongue she always gags which is crazy because I’ve never seen her gag on my-” “Okay! I get it!” Debbie yelled, cutting him off and making Kristine laugh. “The point is, I know all this great shit about Kris, but I also know what makes her sad and pissed off and embarrassed and she knows the same about me and we still love each other. You just gotta find someone who sees you at your lowest point and still wants to be with you and make you better.” When Carl had finished ranting he turned to Kristine who had attempted to stay quiet as not to interrupt the sibling bonding. “You okay?” he asked as an emotional smile spread onto her face as she relayed his words over and over in her head, “I’m gonna cry” she admitted letting out a few tears accompanied by a laugh before Carl rested his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side pressing a kiss to her temple, whispering a quick happy birthday into her ear and placing one last kiss just below her ear.

“Okay you can stop now. You already set my standards too high, don’t make this any worse for me.” Debbie groaned as they continued to watch their reruns.

Professor Evans (5/?)

Summary: Chris and Y/N text each other and they spend time together at a field playing catch with Dodger. And Y/N feels sad at the end

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Student!Reader 

Word Count: 1,686

Warnings: Chris wearing grey sweatpants, yea that needs a warning 

A/N: I haven’t uploaded a part in so long, forgive me darlings. I give this part with Chris being flirty and wearing grey sweatpants as a peace offering :) 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -

Their car ride was normal, well as normal as a car ride can be. Chris was somewhat of a good driver, he did got honked at a couple of times and Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at him. When they arrived at her apartment, they traded phone numbers and from that day, they couldn’t stop talking to each other. They would talk day and night about the most random things, but each time they both found whatever they were talking about interesting. Truth be told it was only because they were talking to each other and that made their relationship become stronger, day by day. Y/N’s friends knew something was up since she always smiled crazily when his name was displayed on her phone or how she would choose to ditch them to do other things with Chris. But Y/N never told them she would go to Chris’s office or that she had his phone number, knowing they would make it a big deal. So she kept it a mystery and her friends were enjoying the thrill too.

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  • Rumple: So, now that Gideon's a baby again and I did the right thing... makeup/makeout session?
  • Belle: Hell no.
  • Rumple: Wait, what?
  • Belle: You did ONE good thing, that doesn't excuse the hell you put me through or what you were planning to do to him. Every time you make it seem like you've changed, it always ends up coming back to bite me in the ass, and until I get good, solid proof that this is permanent, Gideon and I are moving into Snow's apartment, since the Charmings are getting a farm.
College AU! Hoseok - Partners

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Previous AU: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung

A/N: This for whatever reason was one of my faves to write?? Though I think it may make the least sense??
Anyway, This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • College life wasn’t as great as everyone painted it out to be
  • With the parties and the socialising aspect
  • As you have done none of that
  • In fact, all you have done is gone to your classes and straight back to your dorm
  • You just blamed your lack of socializing on being busy with school work
  • Which wasn’t the case at all
  • You were just super shy
  • Your roommate always tried getting you to go out with her but you always declined
  • You felt bad because you knew how she really did try for you to get out more but you didn’t want to ruin her night by her having to watch and make sure you’re having fun
  • She asked you to come out with her tonight and so you told her you would consider it
  • But you have to get to your Economics class before you’re late
  • You always get to that class early
  • Mostly because Economics wasn’t your strong suit and you had to prepare and study the hell out of that class
  • You usually sat in the back so no one would be by you
  • But here comes some boy that throws his stuff in the seat behind you
  • You’ve seen him before dancing around campus
  • But he rarely showed up to class
  • You’re kind of shocked he decided to sit by you when there are a ton of available seats open
  • But you just ignore it and pay attention to the lecture
  • As soon as you think the class is finally done, your professor has a sudden announcement to make
  • Apparently there will be a project for the class, where you need to partner up with someone
  • It’s also worth a huge grade
  • You see people pairing up together and the thought of just e-mailing the professor some lame excuse about why you can’t pair up with anybody and will just do the project solo crosses your mind when a body plops down in the seat next to yours
  • You realize that it’s the dancer boy
  • Who literally just climbed over a row of seats to get to you ???
  • “So what do you say? Do you want to be partners?”
  • When you look over, all you see is this big grin that just radiates happiness
  • And ears poking out of his beanie
  • You’re left stuttering for a few seconds because you really didn’t expect anyone, let alone such a radiating, positive-looking person to ask to partner with you
  • “I kinda suck at Economics”
  • “Is that a new form of rejection now?”
  • “What, no. I don’t actually mean rejection. I didn’t say an answer.”
  • You just wanna bang your head on the desk at this point because you aren’t sure how to express your thoughts on it to him
  • He just keeps smiling throughout your embarrassment
  • “So, yes?”
  • You nod your head meekly because what else are you going to do
  • But then you realize that this boy never shows up to class
  • And you internally freak out a little bit
  • But then you rationalize that really, he can’t be any worse than you
  • So you fully agree to partnering up with him, Hoseok
  • You guys agree to meet up to start working on the project tomorrow night instead of tonight because he had plans
  • When you get back to your dorm, your roommate instantly ushers you to her room where she lays out an outfit for you
  • The plans
  • You never really declined them
  • Which is why you were at some party, a shitty drink in your hand and people all around you
  • You promised your roommate you’d be fine so she could go off and have fun
  • In reality you weren’t that okay and we’re freaking out a bit
  • Because damn there are so many people
  • And it’s so crowded
  • Eventually you begin getting so light-headed and dizzy that you decide it’s best to just get outside where hopefully there wouldn’t be a ton of people
  • You feel bad for shoving people but luckily most of them don’t seem to mind and finally you get out to fresh air
  • You go to the side of the house where almost nobody is and lean against the cool brick of the house, trying to calm down
  • You’re not too sure how long you stood like that
  • But you hear some shouting from the back of the house rounding the side you were at
  • Several boys round the corner, all laughing and almost running, turning to look back behind them a couple of times only to laugh more
  • It’s pretty dark where you’re at but the backyard was pretty well lit so you can see just what the boys were laughing at
  • A sopping wet Hoseok and some other boy
  • Who looked a little pissed at the giggling group of boys
  • You have to stifle a laugh yourself when you see just how soaked and angry Hoseok looks
  • The group of boys dart in your direction, the two drenched boys following
  • When they get to where you’re at, Hoseok notices you and stops in his tracks
  • His anger seems to dissipate when you make eye contact and a smile instantly lights up his features
  • He comes to stand next to you, “Ah, Y/N! I didn’t expect to see you at one of these things”
  • You’re not too sure how to take his words but you just smile and nod, gesturing to his soaked/drenched attire
  • He grins, raising his hand to the back of his neck to rub it sheepishly
  • He nodded his head over to his group of friends that were still laughing and getting hit by the other soaking wet boy
  • “Namjoon and I got pushed in the pool.”
  • Namjoon comes over to you guys now where Hoseok’s smile widens
  • “This is Y/N! My Economics partner. They’ll be stopping by the dorm tomorrow.”
  • Namjoon and Hoseok remain eye contact for a few moments, seeming to have a silent conversation before Namjoon nods his head slowly, a sly grin spreading across his face
  • You stay with the boys for the rest of the night, laughing and talking with all of them before your roommate comes by and asks if you’re ready to go
  • You wave goodbye to the boys and when you get home your roommate is instantly bombarding you with questions about them
  • “Look at you! Going to your first party and hitting it off with so many cute guys.”
  • You wave her off though and she just laughs
  • The next day when you go to Hoseok’s dorm you see all the boys from the previous night also there
  • They all begin teasing both you and Hoseok for reasons unbeknownst to you
  • You surprisingly don’t mind, instead laughing at how flushed Hoseok gets as he kicks them all out for you two to work on your project
  • As you begin working and figuring out the basics for it, you notice that although Hoseok doesn’t really show up to class, he knew what he was talking about
  • He notices you’re struggling with the subject and helps you out by giving you mini lessons and tutoring you a little bit
  • You guys continue working on the project for the next week or so
  • You quickly become more comfortable around Hoseok as the more time goes by with you two together
  • Eventually the deadline is fast approaching and you and Hoseok are pretty much done with it, just needing to add a small detail here and there
  • You guys are taking a break, just talking and snacking
  • “I’m telling you, it’s a proven fact.”
  • “No way, that’s too stupid!”
  • “Search it up then, Y/N”
  • You pout, throwing a piece of popcorn at him because you know he’s right but still doesn’t disprove the fact that the fine for selling gum in Singapore is 85 million won (almost $75,000)
  • When you two go quiet, you’re tempted to ask a question you’ve been wanting to ask Hoseok since the first day you met him
  • “Hoseok? Why did you choose to be my partner?”
  • “Why did you agree?”
  • “I had no genuine reason to say “No.” Now answer my question.”
  • “Oh is the popcorn low? I’ll go cook up some more”
  • As he reaches up to grab the bowl from you, you pull it closer to you
  • “Popcorn is fine. Why are you avoiding the question?”
  • “I just wanted to be partners”
  • “Why? And why didn’t you ever really show up to class, but you’re there on project day?”
  • You get closer to Hoseok as you notice him getting more flustered when you ask more questions
  • You’re so close to him that your nose is brushing against his cheek, trying to pressure him into answering you
  • “Namjoon and Jin hyung took the class before, that’s how I knew about the project.”
  • “And you just randomly chose to sit by me? And jump over a row of seats to ask to be my partner?”
  • “Everyone needs to practice their parkour skills every once in a while, Y/N.”
  • “Hobiiiiii”
  • Your nose is literally pressed against his cheek now
  • Just enjoying teasing him
  • A lot
  • “Okay, so what if I wanted to partner with someone cute and who I happened to have seen in class and around campus always with their books spilling out of those tiny hands and so what if maybe I thought said cute person was a hard worker and it was a bonus that they were so attractive? Doesn’t matter.”
  • His words are so rushed together that it takes you a couple moments to decipher them
  • “Awww, Jung Hoseok thinks I’m cute and attractive? I feel so honored!”
  • His face is a beet red and you can’t help bursting into a fit of laughter
  • “Honestly Hoseok you are the cute one here. How did I get so lucky to have met you?”
  • He turns to look at you and his gaze is iNTENS E
  • You really didn’t expect such a reaction but you’re frozen in place, waiting to see what he would do after your words
  • His hands shoot up to grab your face and you’re pulled right into him
  • Your lips are brushing and he pauses right before actual contact to just stare at you
  • You figure he doesn’t wanna make the move because he wasn’t too sure where you stood even after your compliment
  • So you close the gap between you two
  • A+ kiss
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The Beginning of the End

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Mark x Reader x Jinyoung

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Mark waited on the roof top of the JYPE building.

“Where is she? Why is she so late?” he thought to himself as he constantly checked his phone for messages. He had just come from  meeting JYP-pd and he needed to tell you something right away. Everything was gonna be different now. You two have been dating secretly for 2 years. Both of you decided it was best to keep it a secret from the public and the members while GOT7 was just debuting. As well just like the rest of the members Mark signed a No Dating contract.

Mark’s phone rang “Ah, Jinyoung-ah I’m still at the JYP building, I’ll come back to the dorm later tonight.”

“No problem, I just finished dropping Y’N off at the airport. Just wanted to know if you wanted to meet for a late night meal”

Mark’s heart dropped. “What do you mean you just dropped Y/N off at the airport?”

“She’s leaving hyung, she was in a hurry but she told me she couldn’t say bye to the rest of the members, I’m not sure why she’s leaving but she looked so distraught.”

Mark hung up the phone and immediately ran down from the roof and out of the building, hailing a cab and got in. “The airport! Hurry!”
“Y/N hurry up! Manager-hyung is already here to take us to the set” Jinyoung’s voice echoed through the hallway.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” You said walking out the bedroom, clipping your earrings on. You stopped and faced the mirror by the front door. Looking yourself over once more.

Jinyoung came behind you and slid his arms around your waist, nestling his head on your shoulder. “You look beautiful my love”

Your turned around and faced him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “are you sure? Will I live up to the expectations of being Park Jinyoung’s girl?”

He smiled softly as he pulled you closer towards him and planted a kiss on your forehead, “well, you exceeded my expectations. ”

You gave him a quick peck on the lips then untangled yourself from him and made your way towards the closet. “I still can’t believe you talked me into this, a celebratory couples game show? I’m not even a celebrity.”

“But you’re wonderful boyfriend is, manager hyung and the publicists say it will be good for us to show the viewers our relationship more publicly, so that hopefully they will come to support us, Mark hyung and Julie will be participating too” Jinyoung said as put on his coat.

“Oh yeah” you said trying to conceal your distaste. “Alright, let’s go show everyone how in love we are” you teased as you kissed Jinyoung on the cheek and walked out the door.

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