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Sugar Daddies

I think we can all agree that we love “cinnamon buns.” No matter which otome game you play, there’s sure to be at least one character of the “cinnamon” or “sinnamon” variety who is to your liking.

Now, I say cinnabuns– probably because I used to get them all the time from a store called Cinnabon, and they’re buns; but whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, there’s lots of flavors to choose from:

The Precious Angel cinnabun:

These types are almost too sweet. You just want to step back and admire their adorableness. They could be awkward like Yukimura, or adorkable like Albert. Preternaturally perfect like Saito or unexpectedly vulnerable like Kondo. You can’t help but fall for them.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Virgin cinnabun:

This type of bun has two layers. The background-driven facade and the gooey deredere center. Don’t get thrown off by the outer shell– these cinnabuns usually have some kind of secret that keeps them from getting close to anyone and as such, they have very little or in some cases no experience; the complete opposite of what you’d expect from their personality. 

In Ieyasu’s case, he’s more virgin than extra-virgin olive oil. He hasn’t even finished the Lover’s Guide and gets frustrated just untying your obi. Nico is super busy being a double agent and pouring tea, and Kyo literally has an evil twin trying to kill him. 

You can see why they haven’t found the time to do the deed with anyone. 

But don’t despair!

The Closet Freak sinnabun:

Do not be fooled. They look and act like the Precious Angel types but they’re sinning left and right when night falls– and sometimes they don’t even wait that long. Yukimura (slbp) and Yuki (DtL) also fit in this category.

The Get Rekt sinnabun:

Your body will probably never be ready. 

You’ve got, in order: Saizo, who wrote the Lover’s Guide, Takasugi, its faithful practitioner, Sid, who can’t even wait until he gets indoors, Haru, who makes sure you can’t get up out of bed, Shingen, who makes sure you can’t even walk, and Hijikata, who canonically likes it rough. 

Gird your loins!

The Maverick sin/cinnabuns:

 Depending on the situation, these guys can fit into any category, so look out. You may not know what you’re getting into, but you probably won’t be complaining. They’ll reel you in with that sweetness and then you’re done for.

The ZFG sinnabun:

For these fine purveyors of sin, not a single hot buttery eff will be given with regard to who’s around, what time of day it is, or your location. All they know is MC indicated s/he wanted them and they’re more than happy to oblige.

Proceed with caution.

The Buns of Indeterminate Origin:

404 Sins Not Found. These Citation Needed buns haven’t been given a fair chance to tell what type they are yet.

My guess is Robert (Get Rekt), Shigezane (Maverick), Kageie (Closet Freak), Rayvis (ZFG), Kagetsugu (Precious Angel), Toramatsu (Maverick).

Caught in the Flashes

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,062
Warnings: none
A/N: Here is my entry for @mysteriouslyme81‘s gif challenge! My prompt was the gif above. HUGE THANKS to @iwantthedean for brainstorming this and giving me a premise and @ellen-reincarnated1967 for the title. Italics are a flashback. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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lotus-eater: part 1

Summary: Maka should have known nothing good could come from making big life decisions on too little sleep. When she breaks her own promise and sings to Soul on his birthday, will this slip up bring them closer, or will her secret break their bond? modern siren au. Alsooo be ready for asexuality talk! c:

this was supposed to be a valentine’s day oneshot for @soundofez but now it turned into a multi-part thing that’s very late, as per usual, but it’s here now (and on ffn and ao3)! shoutout to @professor-maka , @the-brightest-fell , and @thefishywitchy for the support and eyes and patience :)

In the four am serenity, a solid blackness stares at them through the small window above the sink while a surreal yellow light surrounds them from above. It heightens everything, from the content exhaustion between them to the mess they’ve created. Spots of flour blanket the things Maka loves most - the smooth marble surfaces of the Evanses’ kitchen, her best friend’s fingers, the soft cotton of his shirt, and the curve of his eyebrow.

Even her lashes are coated with it. Flashes of white flutter in and out of her vision as she blinks and screws up her face at his request.

In response, Soul leans back to rest his elbows on the counter, the dollop of pink frosting she had painted over his dimple moving with his sheepish grin. “That’s my one wish. For you to sing me ‘happy birthday’.”

Instinct means Maka echoes him without thinking - leaning forward to stay close, hands splayed on either side of him for balance. They’re in sync, one never too far behind the other, but what numbs Maka’s mind right now is the view from here. Normally he towers over her, but at the moment he’s perched on the bar stool, ethereal in her shadow as she hovers over him, and it’s both intoxicating and humbling.

The sleep in his eyes is hypnotic.

“I don’t sing,” she says.


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This is something that you should read. All the way through.

A physician hospitalist colleague posted this today regarding what the average person has at stake in healthcare reform and the domino effect of Medicaid cuts:

Hi there Average Person,

We probably haven’t met. Mostly, I meet really sick elderly people when they come to my hospital. Not for tea, but for high quality inpatient medical care. You being an average person and all, we likely haven’t had the pleasure of the 7am exam in which I poke and prod you and then ask you weird personal questions. (“Why the hell does she care so much about my poop?” “I do, average person. I care… regretfully for me and somewhat embarrassingly for you. But it’s my job.”) since we haven’t met before, I thought I’d write you this letter about a topic that is important to both of us.
It would seem that many people don’t understand Medicaid. You may well be one of them. And even if you are not, please humor me. I promise that it will be worth it. Grab a beverage and put your feet up. This will be long. Long but so very important to Y.O.U.
Many people think that Medicaid is only for poor people who are not working. And yes, it does cover some people in that category. As Conway recently said, they can just get a job. Amiright? Slackers. Damn toddlers and 98 year olds should be working for their medical insurance. Wait, what?! Yeah, Ms Conway <shockingly> got that statistic wrong. As did you.
Did you know that Medicaid pays for about 50% of nursing home stays? Did you know that if your elderly relative breaks her hip or has a stroke etc, that Medicaid is the insurance that will be used 50% of the time to pay for their stay in a nursing home for rehab?
This is one reason that the senate’s healthcare bill is so destructive. Cuts to Medicaid (making it per capita and ending the expansion) will greatly impact the elderly in nursing homes. And it will impact YOU!
Let’s get real here. A lot of people think that they have no skin in this game. They have employer based insurance and live a healthy lifestyle. They are young enough with no bad health issues. They make a comfortable salary. So let’s forget about helping less fortunate people. Forget helping sick kids. Forget helping the elderly. Forget helping the disabled. I get it. You think that you won’t be affected by this bill.
But you are wrong.
Do you have a parent? Do you have a grandparent? An elderly aunt or uncle? As a doctor, I can tell you that old people fall and break bones. Old people have strokes. Old people have heart attacks. Old people get dementia and are too confused to take care of themselves. Heck, old people get colds and end up in the hospital, weak and infirm. And after their hospital stay in which those issues were patched up, cared for by yours truly, those elderly patients (your relatives) are ready for discharge. Where to? Well, if it was a serious malady, usually not home. They can’t care for themselves. They are too weak. They need a month or more of rehab to regain that ability. Sadly, sometimes they never do.
That rehab usually takes place at a skilled nursing facility. These magical places are usually covered in part by Medicare and supplementary private insurance. But at an average of $10,000 a month or more, those benefits quickly run out. And then your loved one will quickly blow through their savings. And that’s where Medicaid comes in. Medicaid ends up paying for about 50% of nursing home costs. It is a major factor in the care of elderly people in nursing homes.
The senate, in their infinite wisdom, has seen fit to make drastic cuts to Medicaid. Meaning that those benefits will not be there for your Nana or Mom or Great Aunt Cecelia when they fall and break a hip. What does that mean?
It means that your elderly relative will have to pay out of pocket for nursing home care. That’s $10,000 a month. Does your Dad have that in his savings? Guess who the nursing home is going to come to for payment? Y.O.U. Do you have an extra $10,000 a month to pay for your Dad’s nursing home? No? Well then, he’s going to be discharged home. He can’t care for himself, so that means he is going to be discharged home to your spare room! And since he can’t care for himself, you’re going to have to do the caring. You know, the stuff a nursing home has 24 hour specialty trained staff to do with expensive equipment like hydraulic patient lifts. Not to mention the rehab therapy that your dad needs to regain his ability to care for himself. Are you going to do physical therapy with him? How about feeding him after the stroke? How about bathing and cleaning him? How about moving him every hour so he doesn’t develop bed sores? And during all of that, when are you going to work? Forget home care, because that’s also covered under Medicaid. And private duty nursing is oh so expensive.
Are you starting to hyperventilate yet?
But, you say, I just won’t take dear old Aunt Martha home from the hospital. If I don’t take her home, she’s not my responsibility. They can’t toss her out on the street, right? Right?!?! Well, probably not. Sometimes we do. But often we don’t, because it’s a safety issue. So you have chosen to abandon your elderly parent in a hospital. Beyond the fact that that is just morally reprehensible and I will be calling dcf on your ass, let’s examine how that can also impact you.
So a bunch of people get wise to the fact that they can dingdongditch their sick elderly relatives. That means that the hospital is left holding the short straw: Uncle Marty. Uncle Marty had a stroke. He can’t feed himself, much less walk or care for himself. His Medicaid benefit was capped by the senate, so he can’t go to a nursing home for rehab. His family abandoned him. He does not have the tens of thousands in his bank account to pay for nursing home care. So for the next two months, Uncle Marty gets to sit on my patient list. I grow to call him one of my permanent residents. He starts getting mail delivered to the hospital. The nurses all know him by name. He gets a full two months of therapy until he is finally able to care for himself and be discharged home (sweet jeebus, don’t let me get stuck with that discharge summary). The problem is that for the past two months, dear old uncle Marty has been sitting in a hospital bed for no reason. He is well enough to be discharged, but he needs rehab. So that means one less patient could be admitted to the hospital for two months.
But remember, it’s not just Uncle Marty who had a stroke. There’s Aunt Bedelia with her broken hip. There’s Gramma Hortence with her pneumonia and resultant debility. There’s Grandad Glenn with his heart bypass. The list goes on. And for the time that they need rehab, they will be taking up hospital beds. And before long, especially in Florida where our state bird has blue hair and enjoys the early dinner special, hospitals quickly fill to capacity with people who don’t need to be in the hospital. Hospitals become the new nursing homes.
But what, dear young reader living a healthy lifestyle, does that matter to you? Well, when hospitals are full, wait times go up. Car accident? Appendicitis? Migraine headache? Back strain from helping your buddy move last week? Uti on the weekend? Your er wait time just went from 3 hours to 12 hours. Need to be admitted for emergency surgery for your appendicitis? Too bad, so sad. Thank a senator. This hospital is full of nursing home patients.
You have skin in this fight. You may not think you do, but you are wrong. Everyone has skin in this fight. Even the young. Even the healthy. Even the people with great employer based healthcare plans. Even the wealthiest among us. And yes, even your senator and Ms Conway. This bill will impact us all.
So call your senator. Tell your senator to vote no on the senate healthcare act. Senate switchboard: (202)224-3121
If you won’t do it for the disadvantaged, the disabled, the children, the elderly, the pregnant women, the people with organ transplants, do it for yourself. Illness will come for us all eventually. Don’t you want affordable easy to access healthcare when it does?
Your Friendly Local Bitter Hospitalist
PS Don’t be a dick to your elderly relatives. They took care of you. Now it’s time to take care of them. Call them. Visit them. Send them a friggin card and some flowers, dude. They’re lonely. They think of you often and have probably told me all about you, complete with showing me photos.

Friends to lovers!au: Yuta


• it’s time for yuta to take centre spotlight after featuring as the savage one in my other bulletpoint aus

• tbh this is more of a friendly enemy to friends to lovers one because it just seems more natural

• this is gonna be more…of a salty fluff

• let’s gooo

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anonymous asked:


omgHAHAHAHA okay let’s whip up a quick thing and tag @geek-fashionista​​ @krzed​​ for their idea for the dorks’ reactions.

“Okay, so we each get one of these,” Nino said, handing Adrien an answer pad. “Here’s where we write down the answers to these categories over on this list here.”

Adrien nodded, determined green eyes examining his answer pad carefully as one would a legally binding contract. Goodness, but he was an enchanting mix of adorable and intense, and Marinette could barely keep herself from sighing.

This was a great idea. Alya was always full of great ideas, but this was one of her stellar ones as of late. Scattergories was not only a fun game, but it was one that helped people get to know each other better by finding out what kind of things were at the top of their head. And Marinette definitely 100% would like to know more about Adrien. 

“So, for example–” Nino was saying, but Marinette barely heard him. How many obscure color names would Adrien know? she wondered.

“–if we roll the die and get a ‘B’, all your answers have to start with a ‘B’–”

How about Adrien’s knowledge in pizza toppings? Is he even allowed to eat pizza as a model?

“So for the Nickname category you can put–”

What thing with spots would he think of first?


Marinette jolted out of her daydream, shoulders tensing and brain torn between Don’t call me Buginette! and oh my god I’ve been discovered– and wait, was that Adrien who–?! Across the table from her, Adrien’s smile was broad, and in his eyes was a mischievous sparkle that Marinette found foreign and familiar at the same time.

“What kind of a nickname is Buginette?” Alya snorted. Marinette was sure that was the only thing keeping everyone else from noticing her mini freakout that was edging its way out of “mini” holy–

“It’s a perfectly good nickname,” Adrien defended, looking almost offended, almost as if he used it on a regular basis but that couldn’t be right because who would Adrien call Buginette on a regular basis–

“A nickname for what, your pet butterfly?”

“Or ladybug,” Adrien muttered, effectively pouting by now and oh my god did he mean ladybug or Ladybug because those were two very different things and the difference was Very Very Important–

“C'mon, Alya,” Nino cut in, laughing a little, “cut him some slack, yeah? It’s his first time to play this game.”

“Okay, okay,” Alya conceded. “But for clarity and simplicity, let’s stick with nicknames typically used for people. So, for example if we rolled a ‘C’, the nickname could be–”


There was no taking back the name that slipped from her lips. Marinette could only watch, fascinated and mortified, as Adrien went rigid, his eyes blowing wide as his gaze jerked up to collide with hers.

“Marineeeette,” Alya all but whined. “That’s not a nickname for people.”

“It could be,” Marinette answered slowly, not looking away from the boy who was looking like his throat was tight from keeping a scream from escaping, "if he had magical cat ears.“

The Oscars - Jake Gyllenhaal x Reader

Prompt: Hi Can I have a imagine where The reader is married to Jake Gyllenhaal (4 years) and they go to the Oscars and she wins her 10th Oscars and she thanks him! (requested by @trueblue80s)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“I don’t know where you’re going to put it.” Your husband shrugged, gazing at the award filled cabinet in the living room.
“What are you talking about?” you asked as you ran around the house trying to find your missing earring.
“The award you’re going to win tonight!” He put his hands on your shoulders, forcing you to stop running around.
“Do you really think I could win?” you asked, “I mean I’m up against some pretty fantastic people.”
“Of course you will,” he placed a delicate kiss on your forehead, “you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, and I know this is a big one for you – winner of ten Oscars is a prestigious group to be part of!”
You took a deep breath, pausing for a moment. “I’m just so nervous!” you breathed.
“I can tell,” Jake replied, with a concerned look on his face, “you just looked in the toilet for your earring.”
“Yeah, I did do that” you buried your face in your hands.
“Did you look on the dining room table?”
You looked up, “Of course I did, I-”
“Are you sure?” he cut you off, “I put it there myself.”
You rushed into the dining room to fetch your earring; it was exactly where Jake said it would be. “This really speaks to how nervous I am” you whispered to yourself.

When you arrived at the huge theatre, there were hundreds of not thousands of people queueing up just to get a glimpse of their favourite celebrities. You walked up the red carpet hand in hand, stopping at various press points and chatting with the other nominees; signing autographs and taking selfies fans as you passed.

Then the time came to take your seats and wait for the ceremony to start. Your category was towards the middle of the night, which gave your butterflies plenty of time to double and make you even more nervous.
Jake placed his hand on your lower back as he whispered into your ear. “Don’t worry, no matter what happens up there, I’m always going to love you.”
“I know,” you replied throwing him a smile, “I love you too.”

Your category rolled around. They read out the names of the other nominees.
“And the winner, of best actress 2017 is-” the pause taken seemed to last forever. “Y/F/N Y/L/N!”  There was an eruption of cheering from the crowd. You couldn’t quite believe it.
“What did I tell you?” Jake stood up to pull you into a congratulatory hug as he spoke into your ear, just loud enough for only you to hear him over the sound of the crowd.
You laughed; he was almost always right about these things. As he began to release you from his grasp, you gave him a quick kiss and ran up to the stage to collect your award.

The only thought going through your head as you made your way up the stairs was ‘oh my god, I hope I don’t fall’. Once you had made it to the podium, you were handed your award. The presenter hosting your category then hugged and congratulated you before making their way to the side, indicating that you were going to give your speech.
“Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this,” you laughed as you looked down at the statue next to your hand, “there were so many amazing women in this category. I’m truly honoured to be stood up here right now.” Your eyes began to scan the crowd for Jake, who was looking on proudly. “Yeah, so I’d like to thank everyone who worked on this film, the cast, the crew, the hair and make-up team!” You paused for a moment, feeling yourself choke up.  “Without any of you we wouldn’t have created the amazing film we did and I am so thankful that I got to work with you all. There is also one other person I’d like to thank, my husband Jake, thank you for always believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself, you’re my best friend and I love you.” thank you for always believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself, you’re my best friend and I love you.” You stopped to wipe the tears from your eyes. “Thank you everybody!” you shouted, raising the award above your head, “Here’s to ten more!”

Great tension in the Miss Fisher fanfic – post number 2

The tension is palpable.

Some weeks ago, I wrote a post on the theme of Unresolved and resolved sexual tension in the Miss Fisher fanfic, where I collected great quotes submitted by the fanfic readers. Here is post number two, and I apologise for the delay. A third will come soon! 

Thank you to everyone who took their time to send me recommendations – you are the sweetest! The text about every fic is from the recommender!

So, here goes:

Kneel” by @edeainfj/deedeeinfj (chapter 1 of “Investigations”). Recommended by @firesign23:

In “Kneel” from deedeeinfj’s “Investigations”… well, there are times I am just going about my totally not Phrack-centred life and moments from this drabble cross my mind. (I could actually say the same about pretty much all of her work, to be honest, but this was one of the first ones I read so it’s getting the shout-out). But It’s a beautiful story about pleasure and control, and the unexpected depths of passion in our beloved inspector. And I can’t reduce it, every piece integral to the outcome, so you can get it in full:

Phryne judges her lovers on their first reaction when she kneels to pleasure them with her mouth. She doesn’t like being told that she doesn’t have to, as if she doesn’t know that damn well already. As if she, Phryne Fisher, would kneel and put a cock in her mouth if she didn’t want to. A man who is forthright about wanting his cock sucked is a man who truly understands the pleasure of giving pleasure. He is a man who will put himself at the mercy of his lover—even a woman. He is a man who isn’t afraid of losing control of his power or his body. He is a man who is willing to take, to submit to what is freely given. When she kneels and her partner begs her to continue, she aches with desire.

So, the first time she kneels before Jack, her heart sinks a little when he lays a hand on her head and says, “Wait.”

She should have known that he would fall into the gentlemanly, chivalrous category, but still she had hoped—

He continues, though. “Wait. Let me sit,” he says, out of breath, voice hoarse, fingers curling in her hair until it’s almost painful. “I can see you better this way. And I don’t think I’ll be able to keep standing while you do that.”

His smile is sheepish, but the one she flashes in return is devilish, happy, adoring. She doesn’t give him time to beg.

Perhaps Another Time” by @mercurialbianca / TheHonorableMrsMcCarthy. Recommended by @geenee27:

The author writes a delightful epilogue to “THAT SCENE” containing a lethal dress and dangerous lingerie. What happens, after these two have thrown charged words and filthy looks each other, is superbly explored from Phryne’s point of view:

“Perhaps another time. At a less dangerous hour, in a less lethal dress.” Phryne Fisher knew “a tell” when she saw one and the flutter of his eyelids confirmed her suspicions. His lips may have said he was leaving for the evening, but his eyes had given her an I.O.U. And his voice had unmistakably lowered half a register. A little thrill ran through her. Flirting with Jack Robinson had become a favorite pastime, she was now thinking there was a very real chance it might become a contact sport.

I love how much Phryne recognizes a worthy opponent when she sees one.

Not always, Miss Fisher.

Appropriate” by @whopooh. Recommended by @geenee27

Aunt P interrupts Phryne and Jack’s “Not Always, Miss Fisher” moment; however in this wonderful tale it happens later as she catches them in a scenario not particularly ‘appropriate’. There is lots of delicious reactions from Phrack, Mac and Aunt P, about the interruption, in the following days, but I particularly chose this passage relating to Jack’s thoughts as he beats a hasty, embarrassed retreat and is driving home:

He already knew something about kissing Phryne, but he hadn’t imagined the difference it would make that she was now fully aware of what was happening, and focusing on him. He took her in his arms, like he had wanted to do more times than he could count. He revelled in feeling her against him, sensing her through that thin robe she was wearing. As their kiss grew heated, he felt a bolt of lightning burn straight through him, almost incinerating him. This was how it felt to kiss Phryne Fisher – to press her to him, to hear her whisper against his lips. It was like containing electricity in his arms, like being scorched beyond recognition and not regretting it for a moment.

First real kiss – perfection. Is it getting warm in here?

For jeneep’s “Sweltering”, I received two recommendations:

Sweltering” by @jeneenp/Collingwoodgirl. Recommended by @federalistdarling:

Can I quote the whole thing?

I love this piece because it seems such a realistic crescendo to the will they/wont they nature of their relationship. It seems typical Phryne to catch Jack off guard and even goad him a bit then to have her quote Shakespeare to him almost as an olive branch for her naughty behavior.

A frustrating beginning and a sweet and somewhat sweaty ending. Haha!!

God, she wanted him. Months of doing this little dance - this slow waltz with Jack - had left her feeling dizzy, almost desperate, with desire for him. The feeling was mutual, she knew, but whether out of propriety or fear, he had managed to parry each and every one of her advances. Well, not this time, she assured herself. (from chapter 1)

When Jack dared take his eyes off the road, he could see Miss Fisher attempting to nonchalantly observe his every move through her dark sunglasses. It was far too loud in the roaring motor car to talk and he could feel the expectation and anticipation building between them. (from chapter 2)

Sweltering” by @jeneenp​/Collingwoodgirl. Recommended by @kanste:

A heatwave, a picnic and a hail storm – what more do you need? Ah, yes, Phryne seducing Jack with Shakespeare. Here is one great quote from this wonderful story:

The last of the ink residue long since vanquished, her fingers continued to caress his hand. He finally allowed himself to look up at Phryne’s face and found that his gaze was met instantly by darkened eyes. A sultry smile was bestowed on him, her lips twisted in a bright red bow that he ached to unwrap. Jack was so caught off guard by her unmasked attraction, he actually smiled back. He saw her eyes widen in surprise and triumph and he felt immediately wrong footed.

“Ah, thank you,” he murmured, half surprised that he could speak at all and reluctantly wrenched his hand and eyes away from her.

Phryne let his hand slip away but continued to smile, a wicked glint sparkling now in her eye. She had been watching him closely as he had given himself permission to take her in, indulge in her touch and proximity. She could practically feel the heat smoldering from him. All she needed to do was strike the match and pray that the fire would consume them both.

“You’ve got more,” she informed him, her voice as smooth as the whiskey.

She raised her hand to his face and skimmed a curled finger across the soft skin under his chin, her thumb braced against the small cleft.

“Just here,” she breathed, reveling in the feeling of his tender flesh, how his eyes fluttered shut at her touch, the tiny shudder that seized through him and electrified her fingers.

A tiny huff of breath escaped his lips, sharpening his features. But before he could protest, she brandished the whiskey-soaked handkerchief again and was blotting his throat, careful to let the backs of her fingers brush against as much of his exposed skin as possible.

Jack sat stock still, seemingly in utter anguish as his body rejoiced at her touch while his brain stuttered for a reason to stop her.

Phryne had lowered her face so close to his, she could feel his breath ghosting against her, count the green flecks in his aquamarine eyes. She felt his adam’s apple bob against her hand and knew his self-control was tenuous at best.

“Phryne,” he whispered. His nostrils flared as he spoke and it was the sound of her given name on his lips - the pleading tone in which it was uttered - that provoked her.

“Are you alright?” she asked - the very picture of innocence. “You seem a bit overheated, Inspector,” she challenged, looking him directly in the eye and refusing to give an inch.

Are we on stage or not, Miss Fisher?

Nine Times Out Of Ten” by @ollyjayonline. Recommended by @whopooh:

There is such delicious tension in this story, in the way Phryne and Jack have one relationship in reality, and then plays up another version – where she needs to pretend to be interested in him, while he not in her – and @ollyjayonline explores the uncertainty about what is play and what is real in such a wonderful and very tense way.

Here is a lovely passage showing the two layers:

“I’m making things right, everyone here is now very clear that I have decided to put an end to your budding romance with Miss Bowen - oh and I’m about to seduce you.”

“Really?” his eyes flashed back to hers, “Am I going to enjoy it?”

“No. I need you to look uncomfortable and perhaps a little angry, remember we’re only professional colleagues and you know better than to get romantically involved with a woman like me.”

He nodded, this was a role he knew how to play.

And this is a wonderful example of how the two layers are starting to blend together for Phryne:

“I think that’s enough for tonight,” she had whispered, gazing up into his eyes, as she let her hand wander possessively over his upper arm, “I want you to look like you’re telling me how inappropriate my behaviour is and then leave.”

“This is me telling you Miss Fisher that I would appreciate it if, next time you decide to play match maker, you leave me out of it,” he spun on his heels and walked away.

She stood there for a moment, unsure exactly how much of that had been acting.

And then it gets even more tense, because their play also harks back to hurtful actions in their relationship, reminding them of their own pain – and then the fic gives us an incredible release of the tension, after the break in this quote:

“Can we start again Jack? As friends? Please?” She would never admit, not even to herself, how often she had dreaded having to say these words to him.

He shook his head, “I don’t think that would work, last night you reminded me of feelings that I thought I had conquered.”

“Sounds serious,” the words were out before she could stop them, damn him for unsettling her like this.

A flash of pain appeared in his eyes and it took a moment before he replied, “It is.”

Upset at having unintentionally brought up their previous estrangement she reached out, seeking the comfort of what they were to each other now, only to have him step away.

“Good night, Miss Fisher.”

For the second day in a row she was left behind, alone and off balance.


As soon as he stepped in her cabin she threw him up against the door, claiming his mouth with a wild hunger. “Don’t you ever walk away from me like that again Jack Robinson,” her voice was dark and threatening, “You don’t get to leave me behind. Never!” Her hands moved roughly around his body undoing buttons, ripping off his bow tie, pushing off clothes in a frenzy that left him groaning helplessly against her.

Dragging her dress up over her hips she ground herself hard against his thigh, leaving him in no doubt exactly how much she wanted him. Her frantic desire was intoxicating and he spun them round, her back against the door, lifting so she could spread her legs around him.

(…) Her kiss in response was savage. Her teeth hitting against his, her tongue so deep in his mouth he was almost choking, her finger nails digging into his scalp until it hurt. And he came so hard he almost collapsed.

Reluctantly letting go of her thighs so she could take her own weight, he did his best to keep them both upright.

When he had finally caught his breath, “Dare I ask?”

“Its what I should have done,” she confessed, “all those months ago when you told me you were giving me up.”

“I’m fairly sure if you’d done that then, it would have scared me to death.”

“Not quite the reaction I would have been aiming for,” she conceded.

That Moment is Now” by @phrynesboudoir/Sassasam. Recommended by @quiltingmom:

“That Moment is Now” by Sassasam is one of my absolute favorites (top 3 but they change positions all the time, lol). This fic for me has it all, the setting, the romance, the banter, the casefic but the sexual tension (resolved and unresolved) is off the chart. I really consider it probably one of the dirtiest and yet… I love it so much. Shhh don’t tell anyone.

Here’s one part that references URST and the anticipation of the possibilities as well as feeling Jack’s mind churning is just one of many moments in this fic that gives me goose bumps:

“I can feel your eyes on me,” she said, reaching for her wine and taking a sip. 

“I like watching you, what can I say,” he replied.

He faltered a little under the intensity of her gaze. Her eyes darkened as she appraised him and he felt like a child blundering through asking out a girl he fancied. But broach the subject he must. He couldn’t resist the siren call that was Phryne.

“About earlier,” he began. “What exactly did you mean?”

She leaned into him and whispered something in his ear. His eyes widened.

“Do you mean to tell me,” he kept his voice low and quiet, “that some people actually enjoy that?”

“Some people, yes,” she affirmed. “It can be very liberating. Once you relinquish control to someone else.”

“I imagine it would take a great deal of trust,” Jack remarked.

“A very great deal. But I trust you Jack. I’d let you try some things, if you wanted to,” she answered.

“I’m not certain I could,” he leaned into her, whispered in her ear, “I mean could I? It wouldn’t be – gentlemanly. Some of the things I might want to try.”

She chuckled and batted her lashes at him. “But that’s the point, Jack. It’s like playing a role. We’re miles away from home. No one knows us here. To them we’re honeymooners wildly in love.”-

She smiled softly at him.

“What if I hurt you?” he asked.

“We could have a word. If things get uncomfortable for either of us, we could say- I don’t know- ‘Prudence’ and we’ll agree to stop,” she said.

Jack chuckled and ate a mouthful of chicken fricassee. “Well that would certainly put me off,” he admitted.

Phryne laughed and sipped her champagne. “You like the idea though, don’t you,” she said at last.

Jack took a deep breath, eyes downcast before looking her in the eye. “I do.”

She smiled. “It excites you.”

He nodded slightly. “It does.”

“The thought of what we might do.”

“Don’t,” he warned. “I’m not certain I’ll be able to control myself.”

“Something of a Miracle” by @heavyheadedgal. Recommended by @firesign23:

@heavyheadedgal’s “Something of a Miracle” is a fantastic first time fic, mingling expectations and reality in a way that’s both amusing and hot, and keeps the deep and abiding friendship between these two. It’s hard to choose an extract, but I suppose I’ll go with:

In some dim corner of his mind still capable of rational thought, Jack registered that Phryne liked it when he cursed. She liked it a lot. Years in the army and police force had earned him an extensive vocabulary of foul language, though he rarely used it. So much for romance, he thought, then put his mouth to her neck and murmured every filthy word he knew. She was sweating and scratching at his back and looked absolutely glorious.

It’s perfect for this challenge of restraint and tension: Jack letting go of what he thought he wanted to do what satisfies them both, and the image of Jack Robinson with filthy words is just too delightful for words.

A Glass Splinter” by @firesign23, chapter 31. Recommended by @whopooh:

I completely adore this fic, and just reread it. I seem to especially love the “false RST,” where there seems to be a resolvedness to the sexual tension, but it’s not properly solved. Like in chapter 26 that I never seem to stop alluding to, where Jack and Phryne have excrutiatingly different views of what they’re doing – as well as here, in chapter 31, when they have a night of farewell. They are more sincere and open to each other than they have been previously in this fic, but it’s still tinged with sadness and parting, and the resolution of the sexual tension is only half:

“Miss Fisher.”

She reached up to cup his cheek.

“Say my name, Jack. Please. Just for tonight.”

He shuddered, the hastily erected walls between them crumbling once more.

“Phryne,” he breathed.

Nobody in the world said her name the way he did, like it was everything precious in the world, like it was a secret to be treasured, to be used sparingly in moments that mattered.

She kissed him, a light brush of her lips against his tampered with hesitance. His returning kiss was slow and shallow, his hand cradling her head. They pulled away at almost the same moment, sharing a small smile.

“One last gaudy night?” she said softly, hoping he would say yes. She couldn’t bear to end it already; there were hours before her ship left.

“No,” he said, and her heart fell. He gave her a sad, lopsided sort of smile. “A farewell, perhaps, but there is nothing gaudy about tonight.“

And then a bit further on:

“Do you love me?”
He had been tracing circles across her skin when she’d asked; he’d shaken his head.
“Would it change anything if I did?”
“No,” she admitted; it was both freedom and duty that called her away.
“Then spare me that one indignity,” he’d said, so quietly that she had almost missed it.

I hope this makes you want to go and reread some fics – it sure makes me want to do it! More recommendations will come very soon. 

“—So as I was telling you, it looks like Iza-nii…our brother is up to something again.”

“…Shock (I’m so tired of it)…”

Raira Academy’s pool was open to students during summer vacation.

Two girls muttered as they sat by the poolside making ripples in the shining water with their feet.

The one they were talking to—a boy leaning against a wall behind the girls—looked from their backs to other places and back again as he sighed and asked, “…Why are you telling me this?”

Kuronuma Aoba, the boy who was talking in a more frank tone than the one he usually used with Mikado and the others, continued with a confused look.

“Why did you tell me to come here anyway?”

He looked like he wasn’t planning on swimming. Instead of changing into swimwear he still wore a summer coat over a black Kartah shirt that opened at the front and chose to stand where he wouldn’t be splashed.

Orihara Mairu, however, threw a handful of water at his feet.
She had a sports swimsuit on her appropriately worked out body. Next to her Kururi was wearing a bikini with spider web print.

Neither of them was wearing the school’s designated swimwear, but since it was not during the semester, there were no rules saying that they couldn’t.
Raira Academy had an eight-story building that kind of looked like a university’s.

Strangely enough, the pool was located on the sixth floor. The glass ceiling allowed swimming lessons to continue uninterrupted even on rainy days, and the windows on the walls looked over Ikebukuro.

During the summer the pool was open to all students who had a student ID when the Swimming Club was not using it for practice.

It looked like the Swimming Club was not using the pool today. Students were spread out in both the lanes reserved for tournaments and the regular space for free swimming, taking advantage of the pool in different ways.

Kururi and Mairu were of course sitting and splashing water about in the free swimming area. Beside them boys either whistled as they saw the two in swimwear or stole quick glances and immediately turned their eyes away.

Aoba belonged more to the latter category, but compared to the other boys at the pool, he enjoyed the advantage of being told to come by the girls themselves.

But he still did not know what their intention was. All he could do was wait for their response with feigned composure, his classmates’ figures in swimwear making the wait all the more miserable.

Mairu, meanwhile, was smiling as she splashed even more water at Aoba.

“Come on, Kuronuma-kun, aren’t you curious what our weirdo of a brother is up to?”


Aoba smiled slightly at the girl’s words.

“What I’ll say to you is this: I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
For Kuronuma Aoba, the girls’ brother—Orihara Izaya—was one of his enemies whom he despised.

He had confronted Izaya indirectly on several occasions in the past. The enmity had been brought into the open ever since a certain incident took place.

He had told neither Kururi nor Mairu about this, but it seemed that they already knew something.

Aoba was surprised, but not really scared of that fact.

It had only been four months since he first spoke to these twins. But he had made a point to find out what they were.

Compared to your average family, there was next to no communication between the Orihara twins and their brother. However, it seemed that they had their own information network and were surprisingly knowledgeable about the “underside of the city” that Aoba was dabbling in.

“There’s no need to hide things from us. It’s totally fine. We’ll never tell Iza-nii.”

“You can tell him if you want. I’d expect him to know what I’m up to, too.”

After that, looking around to make sure that no one was within earshot except the twin girls, he muttered, “Though I think in any normal family you’d have been warned to ‘stay away from Kuronuma Aoba’ if your family knew what kind of person I am, Kururi-chan, Mairu-chan.”

“When you put it like that it really sounds like you’re obsessed with yourself, you know.”

“You (Aoba-kun)…expect (you’re so interesting)…”

Aoba sighed again at the twin’s relaxed responses and smiled hollowly.

“Sorry, I let me carry myself away.”

“Well, we wanted to see a little bit of your real colors, but we are not going to hate you for it or anything. Not after you helped us out such a tremendous lot, Aoba-kun.”

“You guys are giving me too much credit.”

“Earlier there was this girl who was drawing up a plan to bully us on Raira Academy’s secret posting board, but all of a sudden she disappeared from the Internet, didn’t she?”

Mairu and Kururi glanced upwards at Aoba, who darted his eyes away and tried to change the topic.

“I see I’m no match for you. …So what exactly is your perverted big brother involved in this time?”

“Yeah, this person called Tom-san told us about it…I don’t know if it was a Color Gang or bousouzoku, but he got the girlfriend of one of those groups’ leaders involved. Iza-nii has always walked around with lots of girls. Is he a playboy?”

“Lewd (He’s a libertine)…”

Aoba paused to think after he had heard more from the girls.

It has to do with women.

Would that Orihara Izaya really invite enmity so openly?

…But then I don’t really have a good idea what people would or would not do for women.

Still, he’s certainly not the type to be too infatuated with a woman to properly strategize.

As he was busy being bothered by these thoughts, the attractive twin girls continued their frolicking in the water.

“Kuru-nee, did your breasts get even bigger? At this rate you’ll soon be like Sonohara-sempai, President Kine of the Art Club, or the Vice President Yumikawa-sempai!”

“No (Stop that).”

“You keep saying that, yet you still wear a bikini to the pool, Kuru-nee. You’re so sulky and erotic at the same time! I love you!”

“…Public (There are other people around).”

The jolly banter continued between the girls as the groping went on in the water. Aoba kept his poker face intact, but darted his eyes away with a slight blush.

“…I’m so at a loss as to where to look at.”

His attitude was still kind of childlike just as his face was. Aoba brushed away the pink haze that threatened to take over in his chest and went back to analyzing the doubts he had about Orihara Izaya.


I know that he’s back in Ikebukuro.

If I told Heiwajima Shizuo where his apartment is, maybe I’d at least succeed in harassing him, but…

He’d probably just flee and change his address.

I’d rather stay in the know about his whereabouts than make him disappear again for no good reason.

It’s probably safe to assume that he, too, is aware that I know where he lives.

Aoba believed that having faith in his opponent’s competence was the best kind of vigilance.

Should I try looking into this matter?

It would be better to keep Mikado-sempai out of it at this point…

Someone showered water as forcefully as they could on his body as he thought.

“That was cold—! “

Even his Kartah shirt under the summer coat was soaked. The momentary coldness of the water soon began to turn lukewarm.

As he turned to look wondering what had happened, he saw Mairu slashing the water with horizontally outstretched arms like an elementary school kid. That was how she was able to attack Aoba with a wall of water.

“You’re like an elementary school kid!”

No whistles were blown. She must have done it when the lifeguard wasn’t looking.

“Ahahah! Sorry about that! You were making such a scary face by the poolside, I couldn’t resist!”

“Don’t give me that ‘Sorry.’ Now my clothes are all wet. What am I supposed to do about that? Honestly.”

Did I really let so much of that show on my face? Aoba thought as he complained about his wet clothes and took a step towards Mairu—

But something soft was already touching him from behind.

“Game (We were just kidding)…”


It was a quiet, seductive girl’s voice that had just whispered into his ear.

As soon as he realized that it was Kururi’s voice, he also realized that he was being hugged by the girl.

Eh!? What? Kururi-chan? When did she!?

Wait, this soft feeling on my back…don’t tell me that is…!? Am I in some sort of adult game?

Wait, is she pressing herself against me? Eh, calm down…

Excitement and shock complicated his expression as Aoba turned around while falling into the pool—

He saw Kururi standing there with a deflated beach ball in her hands. Ah.

A beach ball!?

So it was not Kururi-chan’s chest after all.

I don’t know whether to feel disappointed or grateful for that but calm down arghhh—

Aoba ended up landing in the pool next to Mairu without finishing his thoughts.

As he hastened to get back on his feet in the water, the bespectacled girl giggled and Kururi’s voice was asking “Health (Are you alright)…?” “Oi, you over there, stop fooling around!”

The lifeguard must have seen them this time. The voice of warning rang throughout the pool.

“We’re sorry—!”

“…Regret (Sorry about that)…”

“Ah, sorry…but there’s nothing I should be sorry for, really…”

After the trio had apologized in three different ways, Aoba took off his completely soaked shirt and left it by the poolside. Through half-closed eyes he kept watching Kururi and Mairu.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect Kururi-chan to be the type to do something like that.”

“When we pull pranks on people, we’re the same person!”

“Same (Yeah)…”

“Kururi-chan, don’t tell me you got all excited because it’s summer and we’re at the pool?”

Instead of answering Aoba’s question, Kururi got into the water herself and, together with her sister, trapped Aoba in his swimwear in the middle.

“Wait, I’m out of here, I’m out of here.”

No longer able to stand being sandwiched between two girls, Aoba tried to clamber up the stairs to the poolside. His arms, however, were seized from both sides and he was pulled back into the water.

“You’re actually enjoying it, aren’t you? Kuronuma-kun, you always put on such a sulky face just to look cool!”

“…Like (That’s cute).”

Aoba’s male classmates passing by the poolside began to talk in a jealous tone as they saw the weakling of a boy being bullied by two girls.

“Oi oi, Aoba, what’s up with that? Are you really going out with those two?”

“Looks like he’s just being toyed around to me.”

“There’s no way Kuronuma would have the guts to go out with women.”

To hide their jealousy and bitterness the boys managed to remain calm by making fun of Aoba. They were of course without girlfriends.

But Aoba had no retort since what they said was the truth.

Our villain who created the gang called “Blue Square,” who ingratiated himself with Mikado and who was currently plotting something using Dollars’s power had almost zero experience in dealing with the opposite sex even if it was just as friends. Right now he was completely at a loss as to what to do about the twins in front of him.

To his classmates who knew nothing about the real Aoba, however, it just reinforced the image that he was the lucky guy hitting it off with pretty twin girls despite being as useless as he was.

His classmates continued to chitchat as Aoba remained unable to say anything in return.

“But then I’m seriously jealous of that little bastard.”

“Should we go pick up girls later?”

“Speaking of which, I heard that last year there was this Raira sempai going around the city trying to pick up girls until he dropped.”

“Ah, I saw him a lot when I was in middle school. But I also heard that he dropped out of school.”

“For real?”

“Yeah, he eloped with this girl or something.”

“I heard he found a job to save money for getting married.”

“Either way that makes me jealous as hell. He has a girl!”

“…You’re making me sad.”

They were no longer paying attention to Aoba as they walked with lowered heads to the locker room.

Having watched them leave, Aoba plunged his face into the water and sighed heavily underwater as he waited for both his head and his heart to cool.

Had he not done this in time the girls next to him would have made even the evil residing in him melt away.

Somewhere in Tokyo

“…So as I was telling you, that really bothered me. Both of them were so cute. I was this close to just burying myself in Kururi-chan’s chest and letting everything else go screw itself.”

“…I’m going to kill you!”

As he heard Aoba’s voice on the other end of phone, the tall boy ground his teeth loudly and yelled.

But Aoba’s voice remained as calm as ever on the phone.

“I’ve heard you say that line too many times already, Yoshikiri. But the guy those two really have the hots for is Hanejima Yuuhei. They’re not just fans, mind you—they really are after him. I can’t blame them for thinking that they actually have a chance, though, since they know his brother and everything.”

“Aoba, you bastard…did you have to mention the name of that idol who’s like the representative of all popular guys in the world? You did that just to annoy me, right? Right?”

“You may want to reserve your rage towards popular guys for when we’ve finally crushed Orihara Izaya.”

“That Orihara Izaya, is he really that popular?”

“Ever since high school he’s had this following of girls who kind of worship him or something. What is more, Kururi-chan and Mairu-chan call him ‘onii-chan’ or ‘Iza-nii.’ What else do you want?”

“…Great, I see. Since you were giggling when those twins splashed water on you at the pool, I’m going to kill you, too.”

“Looks like I’m getting killed either way.”

Aoba’s chuckle on the other end of the phone infuriated the boy named Yoshikiri further.

“So are you trying to get me mad on purpose because you have a death wish? Is that why you called me? It is, isn’t it?”

“It’s not like that. After I had supper with Kururi-chan and Mairu-chan I looked a bit into that thing Izaya is involved in right now.” “Supper!? With two girls!?”

“That was not my point at all. Just listen. There’s this strange group called ‘Heaven

Slave’ dealing in drugs in Tokyo. They got into trouble with Awakusu-kai.”

“…Never heard of that. So where did you eat?”

“Russian Sushi. …Heaven Slave isn’t really active in Ikebukuro, so I didn’t expect you to have heard of it. Ikebukuro is a relatively safe area in itself, and the one in charge of the places such groups would usually go happens to be Awakusu-kai’s Akabayashi, who’s kind of famous for hating drugs.”

“I see. So basically you’re on a drug-free high from treating two girls to a meal, right? Lucky bastard.”

“No, I was the one treated to a meal. Those two have a lot of money on their hands for some reason.”

“‘I was the one treated to a meal’! Hehhhhhh! If you split the bill it would have been another story, but you let two girls treat you to sushi? You gigolo bastard!! ‘I was the one treated to a meal’! And you had the guts to say that to my face! Hehhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m going to kill you! Die!”

“I know, I know. So this ‘Heaven Slave’ is both the name of their drug and their branch that sells the drug. That is but my own speculation, though. Anyway, it seems that those people are looking for information on Orihara Izaya for some reason.”

“…How did you know such stuff?”

“An old acquaintance of mine works at the nightclub they’re now using as their headquarters… I was asking around about Izaya, and he just happened to know. He said those guys were staying in a certain room in the club and coming out to the hall to sniff around for information on Orihara Izaya.”

“Wait a second. If even Aoba knows where to find them, the yakuza at Awakusu must have been aware of them since long ago. Why have they not crushed them yet? Are they backed by some other yakuza group?”

“I don’t know if there are other yakuza groups involved, but Awakusu-kai probably just thinks now is not the best time. There’s this guy called Shijima among the members…he’s a college student, but it looks like he comes from a rich and powerful family of pretty high status. There seemed to be no way to get information on the group’s leader even if I tried. Awakusu-kai could just have got hold of one of his underlings and made him tell everything. They’re probably waiting for the best time to act to make the job cleaner.”

“I see. So are we going to do anything about them?”

“Just keep an eye on them. I don’t know if and how Orihara Izaya is involved, but it’s better to consolidate our own territory first for now. Of course, we can’t risk letting their moves go unnoticed either, so make absolutely sure that we have our eyes on them at all times.”

“I see. Die.”

“I see you don’t even know what you’re saying anymore when you say ‘Die,’ Yoshikiri… But that’s fine. Anyway, it’s true that certain groups are acting weird recently. I heard that the remnants of the Yellow Turbans are acting kind of weird, too.”

“Is that your brother’s doing?”

“No…I wasn’t talking about the Blue Square people who infiltrated them before…I was talking about the same group of people who first confronted us.”

“Huh. Those guys. That was back in our first or second year in middle school, right?”

“Back then you were already fighting high school students, Yoshikiri. You hardly ever lost.”

“It made no sense at all. They were older than me, yet they were weaker. Is seniority just an urban legend now?”

“That’s not how you use the word ‘seniority.’ Speaking of which, I’m surprised you even know that word, Yoshikiri. Whom did you hear it from? Your grandma?” “…I’m going to kill you!”

“Your death threats carry less and less weight now, Yoshikiri. I’ve gotten so used to them they don’t scare me at all… Seriously, is that all you’ve got in your vocabulary, Yoshikiri? Do you know any Japanese besides ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ‘seniority’?”


The cell phone was squeezed so hard that it began to make cracking sounds as Yoshikiri yelled something that didn’t sound like words.

As soon as he did so, a boy called his name from afar.

“Oooi, Yoshikiri—pass me the phone.”


“I’m finished. All that’s left is him.”

As he heard him Yoshikiri ground his teeth and tossed the cell phone to the boy who just spoke—

And immediately stopped the metal bat being swung at his side with his other hand.

“Hello? It’s me, it’s me. Send some money my way.”

Aoba answered in an even tone to the teasing male voice, “Ah, Gin. Where’s Yoshikiri off to?”

“To finish the last one of them off.”

The boy called Gin was looking at Yoshikiri as the latter kicked a delinquent in the front

teeth with the heel of his shoe.

“That guy’s really something. How on earth does he manage to fight while speaking on the phone?”

As Gin looked again he saw that several more men had already fallen at Yoshikiri’s feet, either unconscious or groaning in pain. It looked like all the while he had been on the phone with Aoba he had been fighting multiple men using just one hand, both feet, and a forehead.

“Seriously, I was having a hard time dealing with just three. Anyway, neither Yoshikiri nor I made it to the fight with the stalker earlier. That stalker kicked several of our Blue Square men’s asses. The shame, man, the burning shame.”

“Don’t say it like that. That stalker was far stronger than we expected. I’m actually more interested in the Yellow Turbans guy who beat two of our people.”

“Well, that is quite embarrassing too since we lost two to one. Shame on our members is shame on us, isn’t it? I’m so embarrassed I gave it my fullest today. Yoshikiri feels the same way. I thought it would be piece o’ cake today since we called all our best men to come, but the Nitari* brothers said there was this anime they wanted to watch so they passed, Neko’s with his girlfriend, Houjou’s sleeping, so we ended up having to beat these guys flat on our own anyway, you know that?”

* Nitari, Neko: Nitari (“fox shark”) and Neko (“cat”) are most likely nicknames.*

Several men were sprawled out on the ground at Gin’s feet. His head was injured. Blood trailed down his face from his temple. From the phone dirtied by Gin’s blood, Aoba’s voice continued regardless.

“Well, Yoshikiri’s good at fighting, not at thinking. All he said to me on the phone was pretty much just ‘I’m going to kill you.’”

“What? Was it something you said, Aoba?”

“I told him that I went to the pool with Kururi-chan and Mairu-chan.”

“Die, you. Just die. Why aren’t you here, anyway?”

Aoba laughed as Gin gave a straightforward reply.

“I will die. I’m human after all. I’d like to live until 80 if possible, though.” “We’ll see if you’ll still be alive after 80 seconds. Shut your mouth.”

“Why is it that everyone in Blue Square has such a nasty tongue?”

“Be grateful that at least we are there to hang out with you. If not for us a bastard like you would have ended up nothing more than a lonely petty criminal for life.”

As he heard the vicious remark Aoba answered as if to get Gin mad on purpose.

“I put on a good show at school, so I actually have quite a lot of friends.”

“Is that so? I get it now. Die. Or, in English, S-H-I-N-E*!”

*“Die” is pronounced “shine” in Japanese.*

“That’s still Japanese. SHINE is English for ‘emitting light.’”

“I was telling you to trigger a nuclear fusion inside you, emit as much light as you want, and die. Just explode already, you fool.”

As Gin kept behaving like an elementary school kid Aoba switched back to the topic in all seriousness—probably because he knew it would be futile to stop him.

“…So, how is it going? Is Mikado-sempai alright?”

“Yeah, he’s alive. But honestly, that one’s not carved out for fighting at all. He fell unconscious halfway so I took him back to the van to let him sleep. He’s almost as bad as you and Yatsufusa. I don’t even know why he insists on coming to our ‘cleansings’ of Dollars himself. Since he’s basically the god on the portable shrine he should just stay behind and smile upon us.”

“No, actually…I don’t think I could have won against him in a fight, either.”

Aoba laughed pleasantly and muttered as if to himself:

“Because I have no idea how Mikado-sempai is going to turn out, really.”

♂♀ After hanging up the phone, Aoba looked at the scar on his left palm and muttered, “I can’t wait to see how this is going to turn out, Mikado-sempai.”

At the same time he was reminded of what Gin had just said.

“…What if there was no one willing to hang out with me? I don’t even want to think about it.”

In his mind’s eye he saw the brother of the twins he rather liked—the man toward whom he could feel nothing but animosity.

“Because the last thing I want is to turn out like that shitty bastard.”

- Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 9

You know that side mission (not sure which category it was in btw) where you chase after the first pregnant woman in Andromeda? It pissed me off so much. And I didn’t even get the chance to call this person a selfish egocentric asshole either.

Think about it, she decided to bring a child into the world because she couldn’t wait any longer, and what kind of world was she bringing that child into? One were starvation was a very real possibility! In no way was the Initiative ready to take care of kids. It couldn’t even take care of its own damn people at that point. But noooo let’s steal some of the limited supplies and fuck off to have a kid that will either starve or at best end up in Kadara Port? And the hellscape that place was before we arrived. UGH.

Really, if Ryder hadn’t shown up and started making the Initiative viable that kid would have been fucked. All because their mom felt they couldn’t wait any longer. Even though I’m fairly certain it must have been discussed before that the blockers were there for a reason and that any one signing up for the Initiative had to respect the fact that they would have to wait to bring in tiny vulnerable babies into the world until the Initiative could support them.

And that’s not even getting into the fact that by doing this this stellar mom also almost condemned this kid to a special kind of loneliness. I mean now that the Initiative is growing I’m sure they’ll remove the blockers for more couples, but if that hadn’t happen (and stellar mom had no reason to believe it fucking would), her kid would have been the only person of that age, he’d be much younger than most people and possibly much older than the generation closest to him.

Presuming he hadn’t just ended up being one of the last humans as I’m not sure the people who left the Nexus can ever have their blockers removed (now they can but before would the nexus have helped them? did they take medication with them?)…. so he could very well have ended up being the Omega man.

Not Fair

Request~  Okay seeing your trans fic inspired me. So could I request one with Natemare who has an s/o who is genderfluid? But they’ve like only really had masculine or gender neutral days around him. And one day they’re just suddenly wearing a dress and make up and stuff which they never do and Natemare is just like “wtf” bc like this is the first time they’ve done anything like this. How does he take it? Does he like how they look in it? I must know.

Man you guys are really liking the Natemare here huh? Not that I’m complaining *holds up giant fangirl picture of Mare.* But in all seriousness, I sincerely hope that nothing here offended anyone, and to the lovely anon that requested this, I hope it was what you were looking for.

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Please remember that even though you didn’t get featured content this week, it does not mean your piece was anything less than outstanding! Nearly every category was almost tied between three or four pieces! And Fic did end in a tie. Not a single piece this week went without a vote! It was amazing!

You guys are all amazing and so, so talented, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with this week!

We love you!

Alex, Asmo, Kate & Riz

Phanfic Awards

Hey guys! I’m happy to say that some of my fics have been nominated for the phanfic awards so I’ve decided to do a lil post about which ones have been nominated and how to vote for them! ^-^ There are different sub categories, which you can vote for in each major category. I’ll link where you can vote for them as well as what my fics have been nominated for! I’ve also linked to where you can find the fanfic nominated!

voting for best overall fics

Best Collab: The Summer - insanityplaysfics & phansdick
Best Collab: Your Love’s a Fucking Drag (But I Need it So Bad) - whalefairyfandom12 & phansdick
Best author: phansdick

voting for genre awards

Best Angst: Nobody, Not Even the Rain - phansdick
Best Fluff: Waiting, Hoping With Each Breath - phansdick
Best Combination: Nobody, Not Even the Rain - phansdick
Best Slow Burn: Nobody, Not Even the Rain - phansdick
Best Oneshot: Nobody, Not Even the Rain - phansdick
Best Chaptered: Nothing Burns Like the Cold - Phansdick
Best Chaptered: The Summer - insanityplaysfics & phansdick

voting for best universe awards

Best Universe Augmentation: Nobody, Not Even the Rain - Phansdick 

voting for best other awards

Memorable Award: Painted Constellations - phansdick
Originality Award: Conspire to Ignite - phansdick


If frat guys were REALLY into Broadway. 

“Aw, dude. Are you kidding me? Right off the bat, Jessica Lange? LET’S GO. TV, film, theater? You name it.” 
“Fucking legend.”

“Oh my god. Can we just talk about that category for a second?”
“I mean, right off the bat, Cynthia Erivo, who is JACKED.”
“Dude, never misses arm day.”
“NEVER misses arm day.”
“Wait, Carmen Cusack? C-squared?”
“Chords for days.”
“What about Jessie Mueller, dude?”
“Dude, she’s got a Tony!”
“She already has a Tony!”  
“She’s like, ‘I’m good!’”
“I’ve been here!”
“I’ve got it!”
“Where you at?”
“Phillipa Soo?”
“She doesn’t even act. She doesn’t even act. She just IS Eliza Hamilton.”
“She BE Eliza Hamilton.”
“She just BE her.”
“She just be.”
“But don’t even get me started on Laura Benanti.”
“My GIRL.”
“My GIRL!”
“My GIRL!”
“She’s the perfect woman. I mean, funny…”

Alex Brightman. “Bright-bro.”
Danny Burstein. “Beard-bro.”
Zachary Levi. “Chuck-bro.”
Lin-Manuel Miranda. “Hamil-bro.”
Leslie Odom, Jr. “Burr-bro.” 

Hannibal Advent: 2

1.2 - Amuse-Bouche:

(Okay, I didn’t really have anything for Amuse-Bouche, I’m just titling it with that for the sake of symmetry. Aesthetics are ethics, after all.)

So here we have the traditional alignment chart re: Hannibal and I know you have questions and considerations so I will forthwith present my arguments for these arrangements (also this took so much fucking longer than I wanted it to, please appreciate it even if you don’t 100% agree with my choices)

Lawful Good: Alana Bloom
Also: Bella Crawford
Alana wants to do things right because they’re right. She wants to do them by the book because she trusts the book. There is no stronger lawful good mentality, that is it in summary. Interestingly though, alignments on this show are not locked in, which is different from many other shows. By season 3, after being royally fucked (both definitions of the word) she is so traumatized she reverts to True Neutral: I want to keep me and mine safe, screw the rest of you. That big, justice-minded heart of hers gets so damaged that she goes from advocate to jailer. That’s powerful and not many shows have the guts to let characters change that much.

Neutral Good: Beverly Katz
Also: Miriam Lass, Brian Zeller, Jimmy Price
Beverly, as well as the whole team Sassy Science and Miriam Lass, is also interested in doing the right thing. But, they are willing to break the rules to do it. They’re willing to let personal bias guide them instead of holding themselves to an abstract concept of right and wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes this backfires. Although, to be fair, both Bev and Miriam actually found the Chesapeake Ripper, their rule breaking paid off. Just… don’t fuck with Neutral Evil.

Chaotic Good: Freddie Lounds
Also: Abigail Hobbs (though being groomed to become Neutral Evil)
I know what you’re thinking, how can Freddie Lounds be good when she’s only out for herself? Well, that’s where you’d be wrong. Yes, Freddie has an ego, but what does she want above all else? The truth. She’s actually a very good investigative journalist, her practices are disreputable and her personality is a bee sting, but she does in fact search for the truth. The ‘I’ll do anything to get what’s right’ mentality is her core. We may not agree with her definition of ‘right’ but nonetheless that is what she perceives herself to be doing. The Chaotic part I think goes without saying, have you seen her methods?

Lawful Neutral: Jack Crawford
Jack, too, is a very interesting choice. Because Jack has been known to break the rules, hasn’t he? Even for the right reasons… maybe. But Jack never gets his own hands dirty. He makes Will or Miriam break the rules and lets them face the consequences. And Jack experiences guilt over this, but it doesn’t stop him. He is not settled in his role as Lawful Neutral, but he holds it well. For example, while he does feel guilty, he holds himself to a lawful authority, not a moral one. Any moral questions are undiscussed in his character, his only fears are the reprimands from his job, not the beyond. Jack moralizes and rationalizes on a need-based system. He is a practical-minded administrator. One can argue he moves towards Neutral Good in season 3 when he is relieved of the burden of his position. But even then “maybe I need you to kill him”… maybe not.

True Neutral: Margot Verger
Also: Chiyo, Reba McClane
Margot is probably the definition of a True Neutral. She has no stakes in this game. She has no interest in the moral high ground. Neither is she interested in fucking anyone’s shit up. What she wants is freedom, she wants revenge against those who have wronged her, and she wants to protect those she cares about. But she does not care one whit for the larger games being played here and, if at all possible, would like out of it, please.

Chaotic Neutral: Will Graham
Also: Abel Gideon
Ohhhh, Will Graham. The unpredictable lynch-pin on which this great game rests. Will’s number one priority is to avoid being used. Of course, that works out splendidly, but nonetheless, it is his priority. Will isn’t afraid of using unorthodox means to achieve his ends and he also never consults a higher power or… anyone on his actions. Will feels guilt or doesn’t feel guilt based solely on his own evolving sense of right and wrong. In fact that may be an overstatement; Will has no right and wrong paradigm, he’s too subjective for that. There is only right and wrong in the moment, in the action itself. He only knows what the right thing to do is when he’s in the situation. He is a Neutral because all his motives are personal and unpredictable, intuitive; he is Chaotic because he will use any means for his motives, whether that’s killing or not killing or breaking a homicidal  megalomaniac out of jail.

Lawful Evil: Frederick Chilton
Also: Bedelia DuMaurier (though was previously probably Lawful Neutral before Hannibal got his hands on her)
Frederick likes nothing better than to rain on someone’s parade. There are many, many things he won’t do and he certainly plays by the rules. But he is chiefly motivated by a desire to cause misery in others and to elevate himself as much as possible. Because he is bound by fear of consequences, he’s never really a threat, at the same time, he’s never someone you could depend on to do the right thing because he wouldn’t. And you wouldn’t want to depend on anyway.

Neutral Evil: Hannibal Lecter
Evil that plans, evil that watches, evil that waits. Evil that insists on wearing a three-piece suit to murder people but is so afraid of stains, puts clear vinyl on over it so that you can still appreciate the suit without worrying about the clean up. There was never a more intimidating force of Neutral Evil in the world than Hannibal Lecter. The bad news is he does whatever he wants simply because he wants to. The worse news is he has the self-discipline and the patience not to get caught doing it. He controls his impulses (sort of) and waits for opportunities. Or I should say arranges opportunities as Hannibal is a master of manipulation. He does play by his own rules, which might incline one to put him in the Lawful Evil category, but Hannibal never balks over means. His goals are primary and if he has to change tactics, he will. That’s what makes him so good at presenting Lawful Good, taking moral umbrage even. Beware evil like him, it is insidious.

Chaotic Evil: Mason Verger
Also: Francis Dolarhyde
And on the other hand, we have the animal category. All of the carnal, selfish urges of Neutral Evil, none of the restraint or fear of the consequences. The good news about this is they’re relatively easy to catch, cage, overcome. Mason is lead solely by selfish desire, no matter how dangerous or perverse that desire is. And he has the means to obtain whatever he wants. As a result, he is narrow-minded in his pursuits, blind to the possibility of downfall, and so very easy to trap. Chaotic Evil is violently self-destructive and you just basically have to wait for the burnout. But lord, what a mess there will be in the mean time.

A/N - I was halfway through this when I remembered that Jin is 5 years older than Jungkook and 3 years older than Jimin and Tae, but I was already in too deep. I needed them all to be the same age for it to work. Sorry about that.

Jimin had always enjoyed being part of the yearbook staff. It had always been fun. Except today. Today was torture. 

Jimin dropped his head to the stack of papers in front of him and groaned, loud enough to drown out the sound of his friends chatting. It was the 21st century, why on earth were they still using a paper ballot to do senior superlatives? Wouldn’t it have been a million times easier for everyone to vote on-line? And how on earth did he and his friends get roped into spending a Saturday morning counting them all manually?

“One last category and then we’ll break for lunch, yeah?”

Jungkook and Taehyung immediately agreed to Seokjin’s proposal and Jimin lifted his head, ready to finally take a break after four hours of mind-numbing boredom.

“Most attractive male is next,” Seokjin announced.

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OG’s Fic Rec List

aI’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now but just haven’t sat down and gone through the massive amount of stories I’ve read/favorited to compile a list together. So, here you are! 

There are a lot of authors who have multiple stories I rec so for them I’ve done their name and everything listed under that is their stories that I highly, highly recommend you read. 

[Edited April 13th, 2017]

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anonymous asked:

Weird theory: do u think he was tired n kind of distraught yesterday coz he's out the Sham finally and was dreading that someone might ask him about the missing wife? Someone where dodging the ansr would create a headline? Hence the Huff at the end?

My personal take on last night is that, while he was walking the red carpet, he was quite nervous about being asked after his missing wife.  Once he realised no one cared, he breathed a sigh of relief and started smiling more naturally.  

From the gifs I’ve seen from inside the auditorium, I think he was dreading winning the award more than he was excited at the prospect, simply because he knew he’d have to give a speech that would be dissected by everyone listening.   From what I understand, once his category had come and gone, he visibly relaxed.

And then he went to the after party to network with his peers and have a drink (or three), not even considering the fact that he supposedly has two baby boys and a wife waiting for him back home.

through the entire 5-hour train journey home, soraya couldn’t for one second wrap her head around what the hell she had managed to get herself into.  it just didn’t make sense. these kind of things just didn’t happen to soraya - if this kind of thing even had a category. after an exchange she couldn’t even remember, robin turner - the robin turner - would be waiting for her at the station. waiting to meet her. as she got off the train with her heart in her throat, dragging her little case along behind her, she ditched the food she’d been too nervous to graze on all the way home, and placed a stick of minty gum between her teeth. soraya was sensible enough to know that she’d be the one looking for him - surely he wouldn’t recognise her after just a few photos sent his way. besides, she was only small, and would blend into a crowd far easier than the tall star with the unmistakable face. and sure enough, she didn’t mistake it, meeting the gaze that had somehow already found her. wow. he was mesmerizing. / @rainbcwmuses