wait what am i actually saying lmao

you guys are probably thinking damn this girl is still talking about the shooting?
oh wait you guys probably aren’t like that

because you guys actually know what it’s like. 543 am
it still pisses me off that my friends texted me saying 50 less gay people we have to worry about
it still pisses me off that they made it into a joke
it still pisses me off that my brother told me ‘911 was bigger’
…..as if that’s even connected at all?????
it still pisses me off that only one of my guy friends even said it was sad
my guy friends would rather rant about gun policies and say 'bad things happen to people every day’
it is sad that they don’t understand
and that they are trying to downplay the whole thing
it pisses me off that there is a pastor in Sacramento saying more gay people should’ve died
there really is hate in the world and you are all the fuel
I am really thinking about the people in my life and trying to see their perspective
I just can’t