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Concept: Philip Shea loves wearing Highlighter and occasionally loves doing make up- especially costume make up. But if he’s going out somewhere fun like a club or something he’ll just pop on some gold on his cheek bones and on his nose. maybe put a little glitter in his hair 

Context: During a one-shot campaign, we were searching an NPCs house because we were told to wait around. Said NPC looks like a living toasted marshmallow.

Bard-Magician: Can I search (NPC)’s house for erotica

DM: Uhhhh…. Okay roll for that.

Bard-Magician OOC: *nat 20* Oh god, the toasted marshmallow has the biggest erotica collection in town.

DM: *dying from laughter* Yup, that’s canon now. You find a loose rug. Under it is a small, marshmallow-shaped stairway to the basement. It’s filled to the brim with erotica. This is the biggest erotica collection in the world… Aside from the Royal Library of Erotica they have in Al Majiik.

Bard-Magician: I pick one up, scan through it, and think to myself, “What is this boring shit, I want swords and adventure dammit”

Paladin OOC: Oh there are swords alright. Just not the ones you’re thinking of.

christmas morning - c.h.

summary: you and your best friend calum always spend christmas together.

holiday masterlist

Everything was ready for you and Calum. Two steaming mugs of hot chocolate were placed on the coffee table, the yule log channel was playing on the television, you turned on some jazzy holiday music, and your presents for your best friend were wrapped neatly and waiting underneath the tree. You were walking around the house in your most festive holiday pajamas, excited for you and Calum’s eighth Christmas together. 

You couldn’t help but squeal when you heard a familiar rhythmic knock at your front door. 

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This Is What the Resistance Sounds Like
Governor Jerry Brown says in this rousing, confidence-inspiring speech that if Donald Trump shuts down satellite collection of climate data, “California will launch its own damn satellites.”
By James Fallows

That’s my governor.

Me: *sees crush.*

Me: Maybe it’ll work out this time.

*Patrick Warburton enters the room.*

Patrick Warburton: A very common, but cruel, occurrence in Lydia’s life is one known as dramatic irony. It is when someone says something, but there are people around them who know something else. For instance, if I said ‘I can’t wait to eat this almond cookie’ but there were people around me who knew that the almond cookie had been poisoned, that’s a case of dramatic irony. Likewise, when we hear Lydia say—

Me: Maybe it’ll work out this time.

Patrick Warburton: —-we should brace ourselves for the arrival of dramatic irony that will shortly follow.

Does He See What I See?

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Request: Hello!! I’m so excited for your blog!! For a request: could you do one where reader knew Newt back at Hogwarts and Jacob asks you about wizarding schools and the reader tells him all about Hogwarts while teasing Newt cause he was a Hufflepuff to which Newt gets defensive? Fluffy? (And I would love you eternally if the reader was a Slytherin, but one that loves Hufflepuffs) thank you 💚

A/N: Thank you so much for giving me this prompt! I wrote it the entire time I was in class, and I’m so excited to share it with y’all! Also: Let’s pretend slightly that Newt didn’t get expelled from school. 

Newt, Queenie, Tina, and yourself were lounging around in Newt’s suitcase waiting for Jacob to come back from feeding the Erupant when the subject of school came up. Newt automatically grinned ear to ear as he mentioned that “Hogwarts is the best Wizarding School of all time.”

“Hogwash?” asked Queenie innocently, the sarcasm subtle, although her eyes glistened with mischief. Newt stared at her in slight disbelief while you giggled to yourself. You knew very well that Queenie was only joking around with Newt, but it was still humorous to you the way Newt would puff up in defense whenever someone said anything ill-mannered regarding Hogwarts.  

The slight dispute over which Wizarding School was the best was over in a matter of minutes as Newt, Tina, and Queenie left to go check up on the Creatures, leaving you giggling to yourself as you hacked fish to feed the Grindylow that was floating around the suitcase. Jacob arrived moments later with an empty bucket in hand as he looked around questionably. “Everything alright, Jacob?” You asked as more chunks of fish was being loaded onto the Grindylow bucket.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m fine, it’s just that I ran into Newt on my way, and he kept muttering something about school-” he stopped for a moment before he quietly gasped, his mouth forming a slight ‘o’ “-wait does that mean there’s a Wizarding School where yous is from?” You couldn’t help but grin rather largely as images from Hogwarts flooded your mind. “Yeah,” you said, “It’s called Hogwarts. You all have one in America too- Ilvermorny.”

Jacob looked fascinated as he took three steps closer to you, his eyes the size of dining plates. You couldn’t help but chuckle at Jacob’s reaction. “What’s it like?” he asked, “were you and Newt in the same year?”

As you threw one last piece of fish into the Grindylow bucket, you nodded. “Oh it’s amazing, Jacob. You’d love it there.” You said as you started to walk towards the floating Grindylow as an amazed Jacob followed you. “Is it better than this?” he asked, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “If you think that Newt’s suitcase is amazing, Hogwarts is going to blow your mind,” you said, as your eyebrows raised. “A great big castle with moving stairs and friendly paintings.” you recalled, “even the ghost’s are fun- and although Newt and I weren’t in the same house, it was still-”

“Wait-” interrupted Jacob as he raised a hand, his eyebrows furrowed in question. “Not the same house? I didn’t know that you two used to live together?”

You stared at him in confusion for a moment, not understanding what he was trying to convey with his question, before you realised your mistake. “Right,” you sighed, “sorry- I. no we never lived together, but I should’ve mentioned before that as a first year in Hogwarts, you get sorted into one of the four houses there. They’re kind of like ‘Teams’,” You explained as you ran a hand through your hair. “Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.”

“And what house are you in?” Jacob asked.

“Slytherin,” you replied proudly, “we’re the cunning bunch.”

“What about Newt?”

“He’s a Hufflepuff,” you responded again, “They’re the friendly bunch.”

“I can see that,” Jacob replied, nodding as he grinned, but before you could respond Newt appeared almost causing you to bump into him. “Sorry!” he stumbled, his ears turning a slight pink. “I was in a hurry to ask you if you had fed the Grindylow.”

“Just about to do it” you said as you lifted up the fish bucket, however just as you replied Jacob cried “Newt! I didn’t know you were a Hufflepuff!”

Newt stared at him blankly for a second before bursting into a fit of giggles, “I’m assuming you and (y/n) were talking about school then?”

“Actually I was just explaining the concept of ‘Sorting,’ “ you said as you grinned ear to ear, “I was just about to tell Jacob of that time where you tried to stop me from throwing those bullies off of the Astronomy tower.”

“It’s not like I succeeded,” muttered Newt, his ears turning slightly red, “You still yelled some pretty awful things to them (y/n).”

“Okay, well,” you started as you rolled your eyes, “not all of us can be Hufflepuff’s and be kind and give everyone twenty chances, Newt. Sometime’s you need to draw the line.” Jacob’s eyes kept darting back and forth between you and Newt as the both of you playfully bickered.

“It’s not like I needed saving (y/n),” continued Newt, his hands on his hips, “I was doing fine on my own.”

“I know, I know,” you said, placing the Grindylow bucket on the floor and raising your hands in surrender, “I know you didn’t need saving, but we wanted those bullies to stop picking on us forever, not temporarily, dear.”

“No, see!” complained Newt, “talking to them is one thing, but throwing things is another!”

At this point Jacob was dumbfounded at what Newt had said and he stared at you confusingly, “(y/n) did you actually throw something at them?” he asked, his eyes wide, a small smile peeking from his mouth.

“She threw a Squirrel at him, Jacob!” Newt exclaimed, “that poor creature did nothing to do you, (y/n)!”

“Oh, the squirrel was fine Newt,” you retorted as you picked up the Grindylow bucket, and started to walk off, sticking your tongue out at him. “They stopped bugging us, didn’t they?” you finally asked as you walked past him, with a small smile on your face.

Not Good Enough (Newt X Reader)

Request : Reader ignores Newt because reader feels like Newt could do better than them and Newt finds out and then like lots of fluff pls and thank you.

~I LOVE WRITING FLUFF YAY. I hope you enjoy! <3~

Newt was worried. More worried than he had been since his niffler escaped a few weeks ago.

He watched you from across the case as he fed the mooncalves, something you loved doing together. You were with Dougal, following him around while you waited for Newt to finish for the night.

He quickly fed the rest of the mooncalves until they were content and set his bucket down on a table.

“Y/N, time to go home.” he called to you. You glanced up briefly before nodding and heading to the shed to climb up home. Newt sighed and trailed behind you. Something was wrong.

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REQUEST: “how about one day Credence does something stupid and starts beating himself up for it, and it ends up with a kiss? Please and thank you”

Warnings: None, really, just a really upset Credence for a little bit there.

Word Count: 1,124

You’d been good friends with Tina and Queenie for a while now, being their next-door neighbor. They were both so good-hearted and kind that it was hard not to be their friend, and because of that, you said absolutely nothing when Newt, Jacob, and Credence came to stay in their apartment. And to be completely honest, you were more than a little fond of that delicate-faced boy with raven-black hair and honey brown eyes. He had been super shy and nervous for the first few months around, but you were patient and waited for him to warm up to you as you attempted to befriend him. You didn’t, and never would, mind his silences and spent most of your time babbling at him when he was around, something which you did not realize Credence appreciated tremendously.

So tremendously that he was not totally afraid to knock on your door one mid-afternoon when everyone in the apartment he lived in was busy. You opened the door in a towel at the soft knocks on your door, assuming that Tina had finished the book you had lent her, and came face-to-face with Credence—Well, face-to-chest—he was very tall. As you stared wide-eyed up at him, Credence’s entire face flushed red all the way to his ears. “Oh, Credence! I should have looked first, I’m so sorry! Please, come in, I’ll get dressed really quickly, I’m so sorry!” You couldn’t help the embarrassed shake to your voice as you stepped aside to let him in.

“N-No, Y/N, clearly it’s a bad time. I-I can come back w-when you’re not busy, I’m sorry, I—” Credence stopped himself before he could ramble on too much.

You were smiling now, the embarrassment fading, as you waved him in, saying, “Really, Credence, I’ve got nothing else planned today anyway. I would love the company!”

Credence ducked his head at that, flattered and a little bit disbelieving still that you enjoyed his company, as he shuffled his way into the apartment. “Y-You’re sure you don’t mind?” He asked after you as you disappeared into your room, presumably to find clothes.

“Of course not, Credence! I’ve missed you these last few days; I’m really quite happy that you came over because, if you hadn’t, I would have come to find you! Please, though, make yourself at home. Take a seat. I’ve got tea brewing, and I’ll be out in just a minute.”

Credence sat at the very edge of his seat on your couch, smiling softly to himself at your kindness and how receptive you were to his presence. He folded his hands across his lap as he waited for you to come out of your room, excited to spend some time with you, though he’d never show it so much externally. When you came out of your room in some loose-fitting pants and a white t-shirt, wet hair falling in damp waves around your face, he couldn’t help but smile a little wider at you. He followed you into the kitchen, happily accepting the cup of tea you offered him, before noticing a picture over your fireplace. “W-Who’s in that picture with you?” He asked, gesturing.

“Come see!” You waved him over as you walked toward the picture. His heart almost dropped when he noticed it was a man only a few years older than you, but then you began to say, “That’s my brother. I haven’t seen him in a while, since he moved pretty far away, so I like to keep the picture up.”

You were smiling fondly at the photo, and Credence couldn’t help extending his hand toward it, which is about when things went horribly wrong. Well, horribly wrong for Credence. His long finger accidentally clipped the edge of the frame, causing it to teeter on the edge of the mantle before toppling to the floor, shattering the glass frame. You gasped before setting your cup down next to where the frame had been and leaning down to pick up the glass shards. “Be careful, Credence! I’d hate to see you get cut on the glass!” You were picking up the shards carefully, not caring overly much since you had plenty of frames, but you were so focused on making sure there was no glass left lying on the floor that you didn’t see the shame on Credence’s face.

He felt his face heat and tears swell in his eyes before spilling over. “I-I’m s—I’m so s-sorry.” You jerked your head up at the sound of Credence’s absolutely broken voice cutting through the silence. “I’m so—so s-stupid, I broke your p-picture and your frame, and I—”

You jumped up quickly, cupping Credence’s face in your hands gently, trying to be careful as he jerked away from your touch. “Credence, it’s okay. It’s just a frame; I have plenty of them! The frame isn’t important to me at all. Please, don’t worry.”

Credence wasn’t pulling away from you anymore as you wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and his cheeks, but he was still talking and punishing himself for his action. “I’m so—I didn’t mean t-to though. I am s-so terrible, and st-stupid, and Y/N, I r-really didn’t mean to, I-I’m so sorry.”

Your heart hurt at how often he was calling himself stupid because clearly his mother had convinced him that was true, and you couldn’t really stop yourself from pressing forward to put your mouth on his—both to stop him from babbling about something so trivial (to you) and to convey how much you cared for him—regardless of the broken frame.

It definitely stopped him from talking for a solid minute, freezing both of you in place—your hand resting on his face with your thumb just brushing against his bottom lip and him just staring at you with wide, wondering eyes. “W-What was that for?” He whispered so quietly that, had there been any other noise in the apartment, you wouldn’t have heard him.

“Well— Because I care for you, Credence. A lot. And I don’t care about the frame; I care about you.”

Silence settled between the two of you, not uncomfortable, as Credence took in your words. Tentatively, he reached up to put one hand on your hip and the other on the back of your neck. “M-May I—May I kiss you again, Y/N?”

You nearly died at how cute he was, his lips tilting up softly at the corners and tears drying on his angelic face, but restrained yourself as you nodded and smiled up at him. Both you and Credence ignored Queenie’s muffled “They’re finally getting together!” exclaimed through the wall in favor of the feeling of gentle, persistent kisses.

“Ever since the twins were born, I’ve had a new urgency in terms of my art. I want to figure this all out so the girls can have a nice house and a nice childhood. Right now I make animations for commercials, but maybe one day I can sell a show idea. Or make a book. Before the twins were born, I used to wait around for inspiration. But I don’t have that luxury anymore. So I try to sit down and draw something every single day. I’ve learned that inspiration is kind of baloney, anyway. Ideas will come along if you do the work. This is a story idea that I’m working on. It’s kind of corny, but I want to make a book where my girls are the heroes. I call it ‘The Hoods’ because they love to wear matching sweatshirts. Here they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.”


You didn’t like winter.
It was cold and the nights were even longer than normal. The mundanes were running around happily, not knowing the danger that waited in the shadows.

Even tonight, on Christmas eve, they were amazingly happy. It made you feel sick. All you could feel were the cold getting to you, the helping runes not helping at all.
When you finally were back in the Institute from your patrol with Alec, you didn’t keep quiet with complaining.

“Why does it have to snow all day and night!”, you murmured, rubbing your arms in hope of warming yourself up.
Alec didn’t replie but started a fire in the fireplace. When it was getting bigger he smiled and waved you to him.

Still freezing, you did what he wanted and you let yourself fall down next to him. It didn’t take a second and he threw a blanket over your shoulders, pulling you closer in the same movement.

With the fire in front of you, the blanket and Alec’s arms around you, you finally warmed up again.

“Thanks”, you said quietly, feeling the exhaustion taking over, now you felt warm again. “Maybe winter isn’t so bad.”
“No, it isn’t”, Alec agreed and you didn’t have to look to know he was grinning.

Cuddled into the blanket and his arms you closed your eyes, drifting off to sleep, while Alec was stroking your hair, the fire cracking in the background. 

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Gym class

So we finished gym class 4 minutes earlier than usual, and we had all changed and were milling around the gym waiting for the bell to ring. In our gym, there is a balcony above and behind the bleachers, where the weight room and boy’s locker rooms are located. There was this one kid who decided he was bored, so he started giving us an inspirational speech about not giving up, while standing on said balcony

Date Night.

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Pairing; Dean Ambrose X Reader

Word count; 1,094

Warning; maybe swearing

Imagine; Reader and Dean go on a pool date in the local bar in his little pickup truck and you have just a cute casual date night.

Note; My request box is always open! 


You were at home waiting around for your boyfriend to come home from work and you were so excited because tonight was date night. Your boyfriend was always on the road working for WWE and you had been waiting for this date night for what you thought was years but really it was just a couple of months, you really missed him when he was on the road though because you was always at home on your own so tonight was so exciting for you to see him. You turned on the television and turned over to the sports channel to watch Smackdown Live, when you saw Dean your boyfriend squaring off with John Cena in the middle of the ring, he was a very sassy person and that was one of the main reasons you loved him, you couldn’t wait to see him. 

A couple of hours passed and you noticed that a red pickup truck and had just pulled up outside your house, the reason it caught your eye because you had not seen it around here before or that was what you thought. A male figure got out of the door and as soon as you saw the figure in the moonlight you knew exactly who it was. The leather jacket, the messy hair and blue jeans, it was Dean! You ran outside the door and run straight into his arms, he caught you and pulled into a tight hug. You had missed his company so much, you had been waiting for this moment all day and you refused to let him go.

“I missed you so much.” You said into his chest.

“I missed you too baby, it’s good to see you” He replied to you, this moment was perfect nothing could ruin this at all. 

You both walked into your house and walked towards the front room, you was just so excited to finally be reunited with Dean. You both sat down on the couch and just sat in silence but it wasn’t one of those awkward silence it was nice and just felt like a safe place. You could have definitely stayed like that forever, in that moment everything was okay and all your problems had disappeared.
“So I want to go to the local bar down the street, you in?” He asked you after moments of silence.

“Of course I would love to go with you!” You replied smiling at him.

You grabbed your jacket and you and Dean headed outside and you got into his pickup truck. His car smelt like his aftershave that he always wear and it was one of your favourite smells ever. You loved that smell because ever since Dean would be travelling he would give you one of his hoodies that always smelt like him so it was like you were never away from him even though technically you were. The bar was only about 10-minute trip so the car journey wasn’t that interesting but because you was with Dean it really didn’t bother you at all, just being in his company was enough for you. 

You arrived at the bar and headed inside, the bar was very old looking and it was pretty dim lighted but you had the best memories in this bar. This bar is where you first met Dean, you were sitting in the corner of the room watching your guy friends playing pool when you noticed this shaggy hair guy staring at you and you feel in love with him it was generally love at first site. His eyes were the first thing that you feel in love with him, he came up to you and started randomly chatting to you when you both realised that you had the same thing in common and you both enjoyed sports and this bar. You exchanged numbers and the rest is pretty much history and you’ve been together ever since. So coming back to this bar whenever Dean had some time off was one of your favourite things to do. 

“Hey I ordered you a drink, do you want to play a round of pool with me?” Dean asked you.

“Of course but you’ll have to get used to me beating you!” You laughed.

“Oh, sweetheart that will never happen” He smirked at you and you both headed over to the pool table. Dean started to set up the game as you watched him. You were just standing admiring his jaw line it was so defined and you generally loved every little thing about him.

The game was set up and you and Dean started playing. The game was about 45 minutes since every time you tried to take a shot Dean would either distract you or he would want to try and help you take your shot, you appreciated it but you knew how to play pool and you were determined to beat Dean just once.
“How could you beat me again?!” You exclaimed, pretty annoyed you lost but you never really wanted to take it that seriously.

“Because I’m clearly better than you” He laughed at you grabbing you into a hug.

“Wow, thanks for the confidence boost babe.” You said sarcastically this is why you loved him so much it was like you were generally dating your best friend.

“You’re more than welcome, that’s my job, let’s go I am done embarrassing you for one day” He smirked and started to walk away from you. 

“I will beat you one day, believe that” You replied running to catch up with him. You both left the bar together and headed back to his pickup truck, you were so happy this had been the best evening you have had in such a long time and you truly didn’t want this to end. You started driving back to your house and you were so content with your life right now you didn’t want anything to change. You arrived back at your place and headed inside. You sat down on the couch and Dean came and sat next to you and pulled you into his chest. You laid with him for the rest of the night, you truly find the man you love inspiring and you loved what he did. This was everything you wanted and you wouldn’t change anything for the world. Dean Ambrose may be a lunatic on television but in real life, he was the sweetest man you have ever met and you were so damn lucky to have him in your life.

  • Yixing: What happened to you?
  • Chanyeol: I was attacked by a raccoon.
  • Yixing: Awww, poor baby. Come here.
  • Kyungsoo: Wait, what were you doing with the raccoon?
  • Chanyeol: We were just driving around and he wanted to go to Mcdonalds but I was running late and he got upset.
  • Yixing: Aww, he didn't have to attack you like that.
  • Kyungsoo: Or Chanyeol could stop trying to befriend wild animals.
BTS Reaction: Care Package

Reaction: You send a care package to him while he’s on tour :3

A/N: Short and sweet~ lol, jk, I can never seem to make these short…

Jin: He had been complaining recently about missing all of his favorite foods and his eomma’s homemade kimchi while he was on tour, so you decided to put together a little surprise to bolster his spirits. You called his eomma, made the kimchi following her exact recipe, and placed it and a few other of his favorite snacks into a sturdy box. You also put one of his Nintendo games, his old but super soft sweater, and a picture of the two of you that you had sprayed a bit of your perfume inside. You then called his manager, stuck a few stickers on the box, and sent it off. 

Jin and the boys were sitting around the waiting room when their manager comes in with a medium-sized box in his arms. 

“Package for Jin,” he calls with a secret smile.

“Did you order something, hyung?” Jungkook asks curiously.

“No,” he mutters, confused, as they all gather round. He opens the box with a pair of scissors, pulls the colorful protective wrapping out, and spots his presents. 

“Ah! Oh my god,” he says excitedly, pulling the container of kimchi, the box of snacks, and the photograph out, grinning from ear to ear. “Y/N, you’re too sweet.” He immediately calls you to gush over the gift and thank you.

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Suga: Several days on tour and three times that still to come, Yoongi is miserable. He’s had so little sleep that the group members, the managers, and even the staff hesitate to engage with him, and he’s being extremely grouchy with you. Being the loving, increasingly less patient by the day girlfriend that you are, you know that you’ve got to head off this oncoming doom. So you pack his beloved neck-pillow (the root of this problem), snacks, a new set of travel headphones, and the sweatshirt that you had borrowed since forever into a box and sent it to his manager with a note that said, “Pabo fighting!”

He’s in the middle of glaring mutinously at the maknae line who are holding a V App session and giggling loudly when the manager comes in with a box. He sets it on the ground next to where Yoongi is laid out over a bench and backs away quickly. Yoongi glares at the box but sits up and rips open the sides. He looks at the small assemblage of items, feeling both supreme relief and guilt over how he had been treating everyone. 

He pulls his neck pillow out and immediately wraps it around his neck, laying back down and pulling his phone out for one last text before his first hopefully successful nap in nearly two weeks: Thanks, babe.

Anytime, pabo.

Yeah, you’re getting a real nice present when he gets home.

(The rest of the groups sends thank you messages as well, and the staff sends a fruit basket.)

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Rap Monster: While the rest of the group has a free morning in a new city, Namjoon is going over the concert schedule the following day and discussing the arrangement of songs with the head coordinator. He’s definitely a bit jealous of the other members and disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to explore the city a bit as well, but these are his responsibilities as leader so there’s simply nothing for it. 

After an hour of work, the head coordinator lets him go, but their manager called him back. 

“Yes, hyung?” Namjoon asks, tired and wanting to head back to his hotel room. 

“You have a package. Here.” 

The manager hands over a large package, and it’s heavier than Namjoon was expecting. He takes the elevator up to his room, awkwardly smashing his elbow into the button for his floor, and looking at the shipping label. The managers usually screen any fan packages before distributing them to the members. Had his mother sent him something?

He arrived at the room he was sharing with Jungkook and sat the package on the bed, prying the tape from the side and opening the box. He pulled the bright white wrapping paper back to see several books nestled in a stack on the left, two of which he had hoped to buy that day on the outing, one that he did not recognize. Another small plastic container held his favorite dessert from the bakery near your apartment, and a letter with his name on it folded under the cover of the first book. He sits on the bed with the letter, smiling at the opening greeting.

“You make everything better, Y/N,” he says softly, laying back with the letter held over his face.

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J-Hope: The next round of international touring would be for over a month, and you know that one of the hardest parts of touring for Hobi is being so far away from his family and from you for so long. This time, you decide to try to make that a bit easier for him. You prepare the surprise ahead of time and give it to him when you say goodbye for the next few weeks with the order to open it when he feels disheartened or sad. 

Three weeks in, Hoseok is running on three days with little sleep, eight hours of choreography practice and review a day, and bickering amongst the members when he remembers your gift. He pulls the package out from the bottom of his suitcase where he keeps his important items and pulls the wrapping off of the box. After he cracks open the cardboard, he finds a flat black item that looked like a tablet with a small button on the bottom. A small note is attached to the back in your handwriting: “Video Album.” He presses the button, and the device turns on. It loads for several seconds when a folder pops up titled “Hobi <3,″and a video begins after he touches the screen. 

Hello, Hoseok,” his father says from the sofa in the living room at home. “I hope you are doing well and working hard while on tour.” His father continues on, talking about what the family has been doing back home, how they’ve been watching his concerts on the internet and following their tour, how proud he is of his son. Like when the boys had made a similar surprise video on his birthday, Hoseok starts tearing up throughout the video, feeling the stress and pressure melt from his shoulders. He watches for nearly an hour as his father’s video finishes, and his mother’s begins, and then a video of the family all together. 

At the end, you appear on the small screen, sitting at the kitchen table at your apartment, smiling sweetly into the camera and wearing his favorite dress of yours. “Hobi, I know how hard it can get, being so far away and working so hard. I just want you to remember that you’re amazing, and I know you can do it. I believe in you. Keep working hard. Love and miss you.” You blow a kiss to the camera before the video ends, and Hoseok sits back against the headboard of his bed, brushing tears from his cheeks and smiling.

“Love and miss you too, Y/N.”

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Taehyung: They’re eating dinner at a local Korean Barbecue place not too far from the hotel, and Taehyung has been distracted all day. You had let slip in a text that you had sent him something, and the manager had confirmed that it had arrived earlier that day. He’s been looking forward to opening it all day, so he’s been bragging a bit to the other guys. It’s good that dinner is finally over and they’re all headed back to the hotel, because Yoongi is clearly at the end of his patience with Taehyung. 

“Hyung,” he begins excitedly, “can I have it now?” He follows the wearied manager back to his room and grabs the package, dashing back through the hotel to the room he’s sharing with Hoseok. His roommate is in the shower when he gets back, so he puts the box on his bed and opens it eagerly. 

You’d picked out a bunch of colorful balls as stuffing for the package, so he grabbed a couple handfuls and throws them on the bed before moving on to the contents. The box is full of his favorite Korean snacks and candy, the sunglasses he’d left at the dorm, a couple wallet-sized pictures of the two of you together. The best surprise is nestled into the corner: a little hiphop monster plushie that looked like you. A note is attached to the back of the head: Now we match <3

“Daebak,” he says in awe, holding the plush up to his eyes. He opens one of the snacks right away, hiphop monster tucked against his chest, as he thinks about how he can return the love.

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Jimin: You know how hard it is for the boys to eat reasonably healthy while touring and being constantly on the move. Jimin in particular is really conscious of his body and health, so you always worry a bit extra when he heads off on tour. So you decide to send a surprise to their hotel one morning so they can have a really great breakfast.

Jimin is awoken by Jin shaking his shoulder that morning, and he crawls out of bed and heads to the bathroom while his hyung struggles to drag Kookie out of bed. When he comes out, Jin has left and Jungkook is pulling a sweater on. “Jin-hyung said that noona sent us a surprise downstairs.”

“Noona? You mean Y/N?” He’s surprised and excited all at once, new energy putting a bounce in his step. 

They take the elevator with Hobi down to the conference a few floors down, Jimin hopping in place. The staff are gathered outside of the small conference room, and they usher them in to where Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, and Taehyung are sitting around a long table. The table itself is covered in different breakfast foods from around the area, a couple baskets of pastries, two large pitchers full of water and orange juice, and three huge sets of different kinds of fruit arranged into colorful shapes. 

Taehyung has already popped a slice of cantaloup in his mouth and is reaching for another. “These are really good.”

“It must’ve been pretty expensive too,” Namjoon commented appreciatively, filling his plate now that the whole group was here. “We’ll have to call Y/N later to say thank you.”

Jimin had pulled out his phone to take a video while they ate, grinning from ear to ear. He feels really happy that you’re looking out for him even an ocean away.

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Jungkook: He gets back to the room he’s sharing with Yoongi after the concert, exhausted, sweaty, and ready to crash, only to find a small box sitting on his bed. He drops his travel bag on the ground and looks at it curiously.

“What’s that?” Yoongi asks from the other side of the room, where he’s stripping off clothes that cling to his skin from sweat. 

“Not sure, hyung,” Jungkook replies, peeling back the tape from the side and folding the flaps open. He digs through the bubble wrap until his fingers find something soft. He pulls out two plain white t-shirts, the same style and brand that he loves, and laughs at the unimpressed look on Yoongi’s face. He finds a bag full of snacks and candy from home, several energy bars and gels, and a new Iron Man themed wallet. He grinned happily, bringing the shirts up to his face–you’d washed them before packing them, so they smelled like your detergent.

“Ugh, Y/N knows you so well,” Yoongi mutters on his way to the bathroom,

“Well, yeah, hyung, she’s my girlfriend,” he replies, dodging the balled-up shirt that Yoongi lobs at him from the bathroom door. He pulls out his phone and shoots you a snap of the opened package before turning the camera on himself.

“You’re the best, jagi.”

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I don’t know if I told you guys the full story but basically at the beginning of this year, like January/February, I was in this terrible slump of depression. It was probably the worst I’ve ever had it and I spent a lot of time in bed wishing I didn’t exist anymore.

Anyways about this time someone sent me an ask and wanted to know if I’d played Dragon Age and I said no and everyone was like “omg? Pike you need to play it?”

And I was dubious at first and I was running on low energy because of the depression but finally I caved and bought Dragon Age Origins and started playing it.

At first I didn’t really know what I was doing but soon it sucked me in and that game, that game single handedly pulled me out of depression because I had something to look forward to, every day I could load up Dragon Age Origins and these loser friends of mine were standing around the campfire waiting for me no matter what.

And I know it’s lame and all but Dragon Age honesty saved my life