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franchise films carried by white actresses

franchise films carried by actresses of color….

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You play D&D? I seriously doubt that. I bet you don't even know what dice are.

Wait wait wait so you’re telling me

That these things aren’t elaborately shaped slightly mathematical candies?

I’m still gunna check



#in which Kara likes to use her secret weapon now and poor Mon-El couldn’t stand a chance

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(Monii) JikookThrowback Ep.3: Remember that time when we caught jikook in the back of another boy group's interview. Or those times in bon voyage when they were WAAAAY to the back or off to the side just chillin'(with no cam focused on them). Or those times when they share a car (just them). And those times they were the last to leave (together). Or those times JK waited for JM because he's slow or even when he wasn't. It's interesting how they just fall into pace with each other. #GOALS

#jikookthrowback ep3

they enjoy each other’s company

 it’s very well known that they are always the last ones to leave, because jimin is always slow and jungkook always waits for him , i think there was this time in “bon voyage” where jimin was late / left behind, and jungkook kept saying”oh! he’s driving me crazy!”and kept looking back for jimin , but still waited for him anyways. and in that same day when the other members complained about jimin being slow/late he suddenly got so defensive about it , and found excuses for jimin sounding a little too offended. 

they even once said it themselves once that  they were always the last ones to leave! 

they’ve been caught hanging out, just the two of them in the back, in several occasions, when there was no camera on them , they’d choose to stick togther “ alone “ on their own free will , like all these times where they waited for each other/ walked together in the back -while having deep conversations-  when there was no cam focusing on them . which poves how much they enjoy each other’s company.

they share a car most of the time, even when it’s not the tow of them only in the car they’d be with taehyung, like jungkook’s graduation day, despite the presence of taehyung with them in the car they pretty much acted as if they were alone, especially in the video that jimin uploaded on twitter,you can see tae in the bg laying there watching something on his phone while they were having a talk , because it was clear that jungkook was in the middle of saying something when jimin suddenly started filming him. 

also remember the time jimin waited for jungkook for over five hours so that he could go home together with him , no one would do such a thing unless they really really enjoy that person’s company, and are attached / attracted to that person beyond imagination , because here’s the thing,in jimin‘s case can you imagine how tired he must have been that day because of the promotions/practice/+he spent all day filming ! and after he was done, instead of choosing to go home and have some rest like the rest of the members did , he chose not to, and waited for 5 damn hours for jungkook! and most importantly he still didn’t look that annoyed by it,he looked very chill actually even when he was complaining that jungkook kept drawing even after finishing filming, he couldn’t stop smiling.. rapmon once said; quote:[when someone falls in love and really likes the other person, they’d feel happy and sweet even when they wait for an hour].

“the hotel room analysis” i’m pretty convinced that jimin was staying in jungkook’s hotel room that night (the analysis i’m talking about is taken down because it was too risky for them)  but it was too accurate that’s why they took it down in the first place… in this vlive, jungkook looked a little more disturbed than usual, he took a little too long to open the door for tae when he was supposed to be only throwing a robe(?) which btw he was still in the process of wearing after opening the door (+jimin’s phone/shoes/sweater were there too)  the real question is why was jimin hanging out with him there, with lights dimmed and with some soft music playing and with jungkook’s make up “smeared all over his face” (he kept pointing that out btw which made tae change the subject) , hmm… 

i can’t find the gifs of jungkook being caught back hugging jimin in the background when some boy group was having an interview, but it happened so there’s that. it just proves how genuine the whole thing is! i mean they were sure that they weren’t being filmed and jungkook still back hugged jimin. it shows how intimate their relationship is, even with no cams  are involved which proves that their whole relationship is indeed not for fanservice but very genuine! 

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Do you have podcast recommendations?? I’m currently 100% obsessed with hardcore history but once I run out of episodes I’ll need a new podcast!

YES always. Ok buckle up. 

So I do love the good ol’ standbys like This American Life and Serial. They’re just so well produced and engrossing. 

Undisclosed is kind of an off shoot of Serial and it’s taking a much more detailed, hyper obsessive look at possibly-wrongful convictions (including Adnan Syed’s) from a legal perspective. Rabia Chaudry started it as a way of delving into Adnan’s case after Serial but currently they’re looking at the death of Freddie Gray and the aftermath. It’s harrowing, honestly, it goes into so much detail that I have to take breaks  when I’m too stressed to listen to how a boy was basically murdered by police, but anyway. It’s great. 

Missing Richard Simmons - I’m only on episode 2 of this but it is absolutely fascinating and a little horrifying in that “I can’t look away” way. I hope it continues in that fashion. And I didn’t know I could care this much about Richard Simmons. 

Missing and Murdered, Who Killed Alberta Williams is a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) original podcast about a cold case of an indigenous woman back in the late 80s. It begins with a tipoff to a reporter from a former RCMP (mounties) officer and there’s no turning back. It’s a bit more formal and distant (very much in a newscast style), but I’m not too far into it so I’ll see how it goes. 

S-Town - if you haven’t listened to the preview for S-Town, do it. It’s by a combo of Serial and This American Life folks. It comes out on March 28th and it’ll be released all at once, Netflix style. 

Someone Knows Something is another CBC podcast, again tackling cold cases. The first season is about a boy who went missing in rural Ontario in the early seventies. In contrast with Missing and Murdered, this one is deeply personal and feels much more connected. You get a lot of atmospheric setting and effects. The host actually grew up in the town where the boy’s family is from, so you can tell it’s personal for him. 

The Black Tapes is a fictional docudrama by Pacific Northwest Stories told in the style of Serial. You can tell pretty much from the beginning that it’s being acted out, but that makes it almost endearing. The characters are memorable and the pace is super engaging. It’s episodic with a big arc and it deals with the paranormal, mostly in the realm of ghosts and especially demons, as well as conspiracy theories. I listened to both seasons within a week of hearing the first episode. Maybe less. It was a wild ride. 

TANIS is another docudrama by PNWS. This one focuses on a more dreamy, undefined paranormal event. The pacing isn’t quite as tight as Black Tapes, and it gets a bit repetitive, but I still recommend it if demonology isn’t so much your thing. Tanis is much more heavily conspiracy based, surrounding kind of interdimensionality, possible aliens, ancient mythology (think more Cthulu than angels/demons), etc. 

Rabbits is the first PNWS docudrama I listened to, even though currently it’s only on episode 2. This podcast’s focus is on a super secret sinister Alternate Reality Game. So far, again, it’s not as tightly woven as Black Tapes, but it’s still really engaging. It’s a more personal story, with less focus on the paranormal and more on conspiracies/secret societies/channels of power/etc. That’s way more my thing than demons, even though demons spooked me in Black Tapes. I’m much more intrigued by secret societies and stuff than I am by demons, so Rabbits is more my style. 

Then there are some random podcasts that I listen to and really enjoy: 

Writers and Company: another CBC podcast, Eleanor Wachtel interviews authors. Very simple. 

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: a comedy quiz show based on that week’s news with celebrity guests. Addictive, really funny, light hearted but still cathartic. Formulaic in a good way. Comforting. 

2 Dope Queens: Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson host a bunch of stand up comics and turn in into a variety show. Makes me smile big. 

OK that was a lot lmao but ……. I recommend all of these ahaha. 

I can’t stop thinking about flint’s Name Origin Story lately

Did I ever tell you where that name came from?…I told you of my grandfather who raised me…Well, in his youth he was a deckhand on a privateer off the coast of Massachusetts. And one night he was alone on the late watch at anchor in the Boston Harbor when he sees this man climbing out of the water and onto his ship. A stranger…The stranger approaches my grandfather and asks him for a little rum. Man said that he’d fled his fishing trawler. Accused of killing another man. And when asked his name, the man simply replied Mr. Flint. This stranger, he never said whether he was guilty of the killing or why he chose that ship or where he was bound, he just sat there. Eventually, he asked my grandfather for a little more rum from below. My grandfather went off to fetch it, but when he returned the man was gone…It was as if the sea had conjured that man out of nothing and then taken him back for some unknowable purpose.

I feel like they have to be circling back to this in some way. this idea that some iteration of treasure island flint’s end has already been told. a man named flint who asks james mcgraw’s grandfather to fetch aft the rum?!? a man who has been accused of doing dark things, but who seems nothing but a ghost, conjured out of the water and then taken back?!?

every time I read this I’m just……..can this story really end in any other way than with Flint™ being returned to the sea…….

“There may be ways of severing oneself in that way…sacrificing one part to save the other.”

or is part of the tragedy of it all that nothing is ever sharp enough to make the cut

[running around in circles]

  • *221B*
  • Molly: *playing with baby Rosie; wearing the deerstalker*
  • Rosamund: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *feigning annoyance* Do you have to wear that stupid thing?
  • Molly: *shrugs* She loves it.
  • MP Mary: *watching over Rosie; smirking* She's not the only one.
  • Sherlock: *ignores her* I-I don't want her getting attached.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; tickles her goddaughter* Is Uncle Sherlock being a grumpy pants?
  • Rosamund: *squeals happily; kicking her legs*
  • MP Janine: *sitting on the sofa* She does look good, though.
  • MP Irene: *nods* Even I didn't look that good.
  • MP Jim: *peering dramatically out of the window; sighs* I would've.
  • Molly: *nudges his leg* Well?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Hmm? *looks up*
  • Molly: *still wearing the hat; frowns* I was going to order takeaway. You want anything?
  • Sherlock: *staring; nods slowly*
  • Molly: *nods; goes to the laptop*
  • Sherlock: *blinks*
  • Sherlock: *stands* I need some air *marches out of the flat*
  • Molly: ...okay *shrugs*

I just found out Annie, queen of my heart and soul, has her own song. To top that off, it’s fantastic and super insightful.

And since I’m as predictable as they come, I just had to see the EreAnnie.

What is freedom and to whom does life belong to?
You don’t think about such complicated things…
You simply charge straight ahead.
And I… was a little jealous of you.

No question about it: Annie’s talking about Eren. Which means that this:

I had a dream… from within… a cold coffin…
Will there ever come a day… when I… tell you this dream?

Is aimed towards Eren, too. Because these are the only two instancess where Annie outright talks to a “you” throughout her song; so the subject must be the same.

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please note trigger warnings for: blood and sharks?

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  • TIM GUNN: Yes. My father was a career FBI agent, 26 years. And he was - well, he was an agent but he ended up being J. Edgar Hoover's ghostwriter, speechwriter - took care of all the correspondents and his office was two doors down from Mr. Hoover's office.
  • And growing up, my sister and I loved the FBI tour. And this one particular year, I was nine or 10 and my sister was therefore six or seven. And my father said, you kids are going to be so excited - Vivian Vance is in Mr. Hoover's office. And I was a huge "I Love Lucy" fan. Would you like to meet her? Well, yes, of course. So we did and it was lovely and she was charming.
  • Years later, my father's in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease - he's not at the Thanksgiving table where family has gathered. And all these rumors are out about Hoover being a cross-dresser.
  • GUNN: So I was reflecting upon that time in his office with Vivian Vance.
  • And I turned to my sister and I said, upon reflection, I know it was years and years ago - doesn't it strike you as odd that Hoover wasn't in the office?
  • MO ROCCA: Wow. My question is.. How was J. Edgar Hoover as Vivian Van dressed - which is really what matters?
  • GUNN: A stunning house dress.
  • KLEIN: If that's the look he wanted, he got a good one.
  • GUNN: But I have to tell you this too, I wrote about this in one of my books - "Gunn's Golden Rules." It was published by a division of Simon & Schuster. The Simon & Schuster legal team went to task on that book. They spent two weeks with it and they contacted Vivian Vance's two biographers - neither of whom knew anything about this visit to the FBI, and then they went to the FBI to look at their visitor logs - no Vivian Vance.
  • SAGAL: That is...
  • KLEIN: ...Your dad is a betrayer of secrets and a sweetheart. It was so nice to feel like - my kids would love this.
  • GUNN: And that's true.
  • SAGAL: So let's follow logic. So J. Edgar Hoover wants to dress up as Vivian Vance, but that's not enough. He wants to meet children as Vivian Vance.
  • GUNN: Exactly.
  • SAGAL: And so he says your father - he says, get me some kids.
  • GROSZ: It's weird 'cause it's like your father was the Ethel to J. Edgar Hoover's Lucy.

we also need to keep in mind that, unfortunately, heteronormativity is the norm alison was raised into, so she’s not only coming to terms with the fact that she likes emily, she’s coming to terms with liking women after a lifetime of believing she was straight. in addition, she’s not only admitting it to herself, but she has emily awaiting her answer which only puts more pressure into whatever she ends ups figuring out. if you weigh in that she’s also a religious character, there’s yet another wall she might have to break before being able to admit to herself and others that she’s not straight. so yeah, one would expect emily would give her time to figure these things out before turning around and kissing someone else


Image: Amy Dickinson. (Dede Hatch/Hachette Books)

Amy Dickinson says her hometown of Freeville, N.Y, is mostly a town of leavers and stayers — and she managed to be both. Dickinson went away to college and lived in Chicago, New York, London and Washington, D.C. Eventually, as her mother was nearing the end of her life, Dickinson returned home.

Dickinson is the author of the syndicated Ask Amy advice column and is a regular panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Her new memoir, Strangers Tend to Tell Me Things, chronicles marriage, parenthood, divorce, single-parenthood, being on your own, moving back, saying goodbye, saying hello and starting over.

In ‘Strangers Tend To Tell Me Things,’ An Advice Columnist Comes Home