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Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 23 Stockings

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

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I was beyond irritated. People were being dicks to the tenth degree, traffic was literally bumper to bumper and I was ready to scream.

So much for the holiday spirit.

I could’ve cried when I pulled into the drive way. Resting my head on the steering wheel, I took a much needed deep breath before getting out of the car.

The gift bags in the back seat would have to wait until later.

As soon as I entered the house, I toed off my sneakers and hung up my jacket.

“Negan?” I called out, as I put my keys and wallet in the decorative bowl that was on a side table.

When I didn’t get a response, I cracked my neck, rubbing where the tense muscle of my shoulder was.

Rounding the corner to the living room, I paused, my eyes wide.

Negan stood in front of the fireplace in a red robe and a Santa’s hat… and he was fully erect.

“The hell are you doing Negan?” I asked, amused and bewildered.

He snapped his fingers, pointing to a chair that was placed in the middle of the floor.

I bit my lip, wanting to see where this was going with morbid curiosity.

Complying to his voiceless command, I parked my rear on the chair, my legs crossed at the ankles.

He turned to the stereo, pushing play. Salacious Christmas stripper music began to flow through the speakers.

I covered my mouth, trying to stifle the giggles.

Negan did a dance around me, slowly revealing bits of his naked body to me.

Coming to the front, he bent at the waist, placing his hand on my shoulder as he gyrated his hips.

When he took the robe completely off, I busted out laughing, falling over to the floor.

Hanging from his erect member, was a stocking.

I got to my knees, holding my stomach.

It was just adorably funny!

Negan stood proudly, a smirk on his lips, trying not to laugh himself, “Gonna see what’s in the fuckin’ stocking, baby?”

I wiped my eyes and cleared my throat. Reaching out, I took the stocking off of his member and peered inside.

I pulled out two small bottles, one was lotion and the other was KY brand lube.

“Seriously?” I asked, laughing.

Negan licked his lips, “I’ve got plans for you tonight, Sweetheart.”

“I suppose I should give you some sort of thanks in advance then.”

Leaning forward, I kissed the head of his hard length. I gripped him gently, smirking at his grunt when I slowly licked him.

Negan’s chest heaved when I took him into my mouth, the skin smooth against my tounge.

I hummed when he grabbed a handful of my hair, “Fuckin’ hell,” he groaned.

I ran my hands up and down his thighs as I slowly bobbed my head, taking him as deep as I could in my mouth.

He pulled on my hair gently, pulling hips back slowly. When just the head was between my lips, I gave him a firm suck, flicking my tounge on the slit, tasting him.

“Jesus, fuckin’… fuck, enough!” He groaned, his hardness leaving my mouth with a wet plop.

I wiped the corners of my mouth, smiling up at him.

Negan helped me stand up, walking me backwards where my back collided with the bookshelf.

I gasped when he kissed me, his tounge caressing mine as he unbuttoned my pants, shoving his hand into my panties.

He growled when he fingers came in contact with my wetness.

“So fuckin’ wet, Darlin’.” He said, in between kisses.

As he began to slowly slide two fingers into me, he kissed his way to my ear, “Mrs. Claus has been a fuckin’ minx this year,”

I moaned when he wiggled his fingers.

“She best get that fine ass in the bedroom.” Negan growled.

He slowly pulled his hand from my panties, giving my ass a firm slap as I moved past him.

I guess I was in the Christmas spirit after all.

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so I went to get icecream with two friends of mine before we go back to school, and this group of high school boys came in (fresh with their basketball shorts even tho it’s 40 degrees and raining)
and when they left,  they waited in their car for 30 minutes until we left to get in our car……..and right as we stood up, they backed out and started driving away, and when we got outside..man…one of their doors opened and they threw out a small piece of paper and yelled “GIVE ME A CALL”
i picked up the wet card and it had a number on it

chivalry isnt dead

Heart Nebula - IC1805

Ive been waiting to capture this for a few weeks now but it was either too low in the sky, too cloudy or I had to get up early the next day. Conditions were perfect last night so I stayed up imaging until 2am and shot 12 x 9 min subs all in Hydrogen Alpha.  Its still actually quite low in the sky here, about 38 degrees so I think more detail will be possible once its in its winter home. 

anonymous asked:

You have 2 degrees, can write and draw, and you know high valyrian? How did you do them all because that is a level I'd like to get on this year.

Okay, wait, first I feel like I should point out that I do not know high valyrian. I didn’t even know what it was before yesterday. I’ve never even watched GOT.

As for the rest…just keep in mind that, while yes, you should strive to achieve things, push yourself, etc, also know that there’s an opportunity cost for everything. Getting those things, especially those first two things, took a lot of time and sacrifice, and I’m sure I missed the chance to do or learn other things.  

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I study psych and getting into arguments with people over it is so infuriating because I've studied this for years and they like read a psych fact on tumblr once. Honestly I can't wait until I finished my degree so I can be like "I'm qualified in this fuck off". I mean I know all the shit it would just be nice to have more weight to it.

I study psych too and honestly…… I don’t know a single damn thing about psych and I only have electives left to complete so I ain’t trusting anyone who’s like ‘I know what I’m talking about I study psych’ unless they’ve at least done 4th year

Sometimes I just feel an immense need to be on the next stage of my life already

It’s probably this whole school for six years when everyone else only has four (until they get a degree anyway) thing

But man. I can’t wait until I can get a tiny home with Jake (not Tiny Home I literally mean small place of residence) and be done with school and like… doing something with my life. Ah.

02/01/17 [Day 70/100]

I haven’t been posting much but the countdown is still happening. I have a headache from drinking last night, it wasn’t even that much but I don’t really drink. Last night called for drinking though, I haven’t told anyone in real life yet but it was my farewell. A year from now I plan to be halfway across the world. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be back this way

Anyway we have 30 days to go until India and an exam. Everything is set except for the immunisations (I was too sick to get them). Gonna take some painkillers and try to power through a chapter of this textbook because apparently the exam for this Masters degree is going to be very important now that I might lose a bunch of marks for handing in the coursework late. I’m still waiting to hear about that extension but whatever.

Check out some of ITT Tech’s wonderful Testimonies

I went to ITT Tech’s hands on class about railroad spikes.  They gave me the sledge hammer and I was able to knock down my teacher in one swing.  HAH!  Soul Calibur!

My professor said I’m privileged, so I’ve pursued a long distance relationship with her father!  Only 37 more days until my flight to Jacksonville!  Can’t wait to blow her dad!

*distorted voice*  I was q-q-q-q-zzzz-qquite a long-zzz distance away from the nearest crrrr*dial up noises* campus, and they offered zz-m-zree an online coourse course coouurse.  I was able to upload my *you’ve got mail!* ccccconsciousnezzzzssszz to their cloud databank.  I don’t feel anything anymore, but I’m getting a ggggrrrrgrrrrggrr great GREAT great great great ededededucation!

All my classes were great until the teacher took away my soldering iron.  How am I supposed to solder without a soldering iron, dipshit?!   I’m getting my degree in soldering!

Might as well make this official on here.

I will be attending the University College of Dublin next fall to pursue my Master’s in Coaching Science in Sport! I’m so incredibly excited for the opportunity to advance my coaching expertise while simultaneously exploring a beautiful country. I can’t wait for the adventure.

I’ve been hesitant to post about my applications until it was finalized, but now I’m getting everything ready.

It’s crazy to think that in high school, I strongly considered not even going to college. I hated school and wanted to get out of it as soon as possible. Now, at 25, after almost 3 years of being a college graduate, I’m going back to pursue my Master’s degree. Voluntarily. Life is a trip.

I defended my thesis this afternoon, so now I am officially* a doctor with a Ph.D. in Aradiaology mathematics! It’s really exciting to finally be done after 5 years of grad school, and all of the ups and downs that come with that. In honor of this I’ve upgraded the corner Aradia on my blog theme to a Doctoradia, and soon she will be appointed a Visiting Assistant Professoradia. :D

* - Well not officially officially, I think that has to wait until some official date next month when the degree gets granted. But for all intents and purposes I’m done; I’ve accomplished all of the academic requirements and all that’s left is submitting paperwork and waiting for the degree conferral date to roll around.

I came home from another long day of classes feeling especially exhausted. I feel like I’ve been running on fumes for the last couple of weeks, wondering how in the world I’ll be taking the NCLEX and graduating with a second degree by fall of 2017. I can feel my body coming off the adrenaline high, but I have miles to go until I can go to sleep without a lingering fear that I coulda/shoulda/woulda studied more. Of course I have another exam tomorrow, but as I reluctantly closed my laptop and books to get ready for bed, a wave of encouragement washed over me that surpassed my understanding.

In these first 7 weeks of nursing school, I’ve learned that the little things are actually big things. Perfectionist, type A Elizabeth finds herself waiting for “the moment” where everything clicks and the lightbulb goes off immediately, but I’m learning to appreciate the more humble victories along the way. For example, I FINALLY stimulated the brachial reflex on BOTH of my partner’s arms during health assessment this afternoon, and was able to complete a pretty darn good head-to-toe assessment in under 20 minutes from memory. Is testing reflexes likely to be the assessment tool I use to save my patients and the world? Probably not, but being able to do it excites me in a way that I didn’t think it could. Just a few weeks ago, I gasped in disbelief that I would be able to do this by July 5th. I know how to visualize the eardrum and know how to use my stethoscope to listen to heart, lung, and bowel sounds (PSA that your tummy rumbles are “hyperactive” bowel sounds). I’m not looking forward to waking up at 5 AM for clinical on Thursday morning, but I’ve been eagerly awaiting another day on the floor. I know I don’t need a Snellen chart to determine that hindsight is 20/20, because as bogged down as I feel during the day when I keep writing new things into my planner, I am amazed at how much I have already learned.

I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning with a spirit of courage rather than fear, and drive my butt to Starbucks for a biiig iced coffee 👍🏼

“Filling out college applications is exhausting, but I, for one, am glad that I’ve finally gotten through the bulk of them.” He smiled proudly at the other. If there was one thing Zaki excelled in, above all else, it was time management. Disorganisation of any degree made him feel perturbed; he wasn’t the one to wait until the last minute to complete a task. Procrastination simply was not a word in Zaki Kattan’s dictionary. “I still have a few more to do…” His voice trailed off as he pointedly refrained from mentioning the fact that the applications he had yet to complete weren’t actually his own, “But I’m hoping I’ll get them done before next week.” His eyes lingered at the other beside him. He then cocked his head slightly to the side, “How about you? Have you applied anywhere yet?” He inquired, expressing genuine interest in the response the other was about to give.

seeing fiatc

okay so nonofficial-ray-toro and I got to the venue at abt 3:45 and the doors didn’t open until 6:30. it was VERY cold, abt 15 degrees I wanna say? I met singitforfrankiero and he was super chill and super super nice and we talked at various points in my like 3 hours of waiting to get in. my toes were VERY numb. aislinn and I regretted not bringing extra socks. when we finally made it in, modern chemistry didn’t come on until abt 7:30. they were fuckin KILLER and super rad and honestly so incredible . like seriously they did amazing, nonoffic and I went hard. then homeless gospel choir came on….and honestly his performance was very, very,very touching and very moving. ais nonoffic and I bought his cassette tap after the show. he was so inspiration and kind and an incredibly talented musician. like. I cannot stress this enough. please listen to the homeless gospel choir. also between hgc and Frank this girl like shoved in front of me and we got in a Minor Argument but it ended up in is complimenting each other and becoming good pals and like looking out for each other and girls are great for that reason??? (forgot to mention like 5 people recognized me and that was super cool and really really sweet and if you’re one of those people you made my night thank you). then Frank came on and I’m gonna be honest I did tear up a little bit because Frank Iero Himself was like…8 feet away from me……I went really really hard to literally every song and nonoffic and I got pushed up to like the second row. which was fantastic. when they played joyriding he turned the mic into the audience and then jumped into the crowd :))) right on top of me :))) like honestly :))) he was singing above my head literally 8 inches away for like a minute and it was Affecting Me but I kept my cool fairly well. they played sunsets are for muggings and I went REALLY HARD I cannot exaggerate how hard I went that’s my favorite leathermouth song and I was really not expecting it and I was screaming every word and pretty much everyone around me was staring at me because I was seriously like the only one singing it no one recognized it or knew it maybe???? and then they played neverenders ais was SO HAPPY like she was dancing like MAD and it was Great and they ended with weighted and everyone was feeling it like……damn……..I would talk abt every song they played but this post is already ridiculously long. okay so then we waited in like for like an hour to meet Frank, we met modern chemistry and made Harry Potter jokes with them, we met homeless gospel choir and I told him how touching his show was and he shook my hand, ais and I bought his cassette tapes and he gave us free bumper stickers. then I met franks merch girl (I don’t know her name im sorry) and she was super sweet and helped me get my hoodie which I will definitely be wearing for the next 9 years. and THEN ((drum roll)) I met Frank!!! I shook his hand and I said “hi! I’m Sam it’s so nice to meet you” [or something along those lines] and he said “hi Sam! I saw you singing the entire time, you were really a focal point of the show” [slightly paraphrasing don’t remember his exact wording but I’m positive he said Focal Point] and then I was like :D oh my god :D thank you! and I said “It was so cool that you played sunsets, I wasn’t expecting it and it really made my night” and he was all “that’s rad!!!” and then I was like yooo will you write this lyric out so I can get it tattooed? and he was like “sure Sam” [he said my name like 6 times I was like byeeeeee] and I was like “can u write I traveled all these miles just to get back home” and he smiled his Little Smile that Fucked Me Up and wrote it and his hands were right there like holy shitt???????? honestly???? like What The Fuck? and then he took a pic with me and Put his Arm around me and I was like ::::))))) and he shook my hand AGAIN like an ANGEL and was like “thanks so much for coming out sam” and I said thank u like eight times…..then he meet nonoffic and he called her nice and took a pic with her and signed two shirts she bought and I was like wait im sorry can u sign this and took out my pencey cd and tbh he looked kinda impressed….he opened the case and the cd wasn’t in there [i intentionally didn’t bring it] and I was like “oh yeah I left the cd at home so I wouldn’t lose it” and he said that was a good idea and then I thanked him again and he thanked me again and we left and I’ve been smiling ever since? he was SO genuine and met every person and was very soft spoken and thoughtful and made a lot of eye contact and said my name like literally so many times….I was really nervous and kinda shaking and he made me feel so comfortable and oh my god I’m so fucking happy guys I’m so fucking happy sorry this post was so long I just want to remember everything and I knew everyone would ask anyways so yeah!!!! I met my hero and it was the best night of my life!!!!