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Them Realizing They’re in Love but Don’t Know Anything About Her: B.A.P


LoL…. Gukkie, our tough looking but an actual softie Leader… Yes, I can clearly see him just idly lazing around the spot he saw you in last, waiting till you appear so that he can come up and start a conversation with you.


The moment HimChan laid his eyes on you he knew that you were going to be his, and so he was the one who set off on the journey to ask about you from everyone he knew were your mutual friends.


Would casually ask about you from his friends, hoping that they will have a better knowledge of who you are and how did you come there.


Would use all of his reputation and ask everybody he knew, you knew and your parents knew to give him something about you. People might call him stalker, but he will call himself your future boyfriend because he’s a determined piece of shit.


I think that instead of lingering around the place like Gukkie did, JongUp would straight up walk up to you the first time he saw you, instantly striking a conversation even if he made things extremely awkward.


I don’t think that Zelo would try much to find out at least anything about you, since he was always a shy kid, that lacked a good bit of self-confidence. If something, it will be you starting a conversation with him.