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ngl the best thing I found out today is that Teru is a small baby compared to the BoKuro, it makes my shipper heart very happy~


  • finish HZD (currently on the final quest, doing the last side mission. I KNOW MY ALPHA KOHAI WOULD BE PROUD)
  • venture to gamestop today and persuade them into giving me the game at 9pm 
  • if the latter is a go, i’m calling in sick for work tonight (even though i’ve asked for 3 days off. still debating on whether i should just wait till tomorrow tbh)
  • basically wave goodbye to my social life once a physical copy of andromeda is in my possession 
  • also, my birthday is this thursday but i’m going to completely forget. so thanks bioware
Our Little Fights

“Oi, Shrimp. I wanna go on a mission or somethin’.” Gajeel growled. All day he had been watching Levy read book after book, it was amazing how fast she could read.

“Not now Gajeel, I wanna finish this series first.” She said, not even looking up at him.

“Well how many more book yah got?”


Gajeel looked at her with a blank expression. She had to be joking.

“Yer kidding me right?” he said standing up and stretching, “That means we would have to wait till tomorrow.”.

“Mhm.” she mumbled, her face still glued to her novel.

“You can kiss my ass.” he mumbled back, walking up behind her in her chair.

As he got closer he could see her beautiful face, he could see the way her eyes quickly read the words of the novel, he could see her emotions change to the words. Something exciting must be happening, because her eyes where wide with joy.

“Alrighty Shrimp, lets go!”. The tall man grabbed the book from her grasp and held it in the air.

“Gajeel give it back!” Levy squealed. She reached up toward the book, giving Gajeel an angry expression.

He smirked back at her, she had the cutest angry face.

“Yah gonna make me?” He said smiling down at her.

Levy quickly stood up on the chair and reached for the chair, “Damn it Gimme!” the small woman yelled. Her hand was just in reach of the book, about an inch away. She reached and reached, but it wasnt enough.

“Whats wrong Shorty, dont you want yer book back?” he laughed.

She looked down from the book and into his eyes. Their noses so close the could almost touch. Levy could feel her cheeks turning red, and she watch as Gajeels smirk got more intense. She wouldnt let him win.

The tiny girl jumped down from her chair and stood infront of the tall strong man. She crossed her arms and examined him. Then an idea hit her.

“You have 3 seconds to give it back.” she said sternly.

“Gehe, or what Shrimp?” he laughed in response.

“Fine. 1.” she started tapping her foot.

“What yah gonna do Shorty?”, his laughter countinued.

“2.”, her foot starting tapping faster, her anger rising.

Gajeel was still laughing.

“3.”. Her foot stopped tapping, her arms fell to her sides, anger burned in her eyes.

“Im waiting! What are you-”

He was quickly cut off my her foot attacking his shin with great force.

“Shit!” he yelled, grabbing his now bruising shin.

He thought that hurt.

Before he realised, she was running at him at full speed. He tried to dodge, but her foot was in his chest already. With great power, she kicked the breath right out of him. Gajeel violently flew unto the sofa he had been laying on for hours, landing on his back, still gasping for his breath.

“What the hell Shrimp?!” he yelled at her, but his anger faded quickly. He felt his heart warm up seeing the pride in her eyes.

“Hahaha! I did it! i beat you I beat you I beat you!” She jumped around in circles with a big smile on her face.

“Gehe, I guess you did.” he laughed. She had gotten so strong, and he was so proud of her.

He watched as she danced around with pride and kicked some invisible person…

“So can I read now?” she asked happily.

Gajeel jumped, now realizing he had been staring. Even so, he couldnt say no to such a happy face, and he was secretly to scared to say no because he didnt want the shit beaten out of him again, but she couldnt know that.

“Hmpf, fine, but yah gotta to sit over here.” he pointed to the end of sofa.


“Because I wanna be near yah.”

He watched as her face got a light red and her eyes where wide with surprise, like when she was reading her novel.

“F-Fine.” Levy studdered. She made her way to the oposite side of the sofa where his feet where laying. She pushed his feet towards him and out of the way and sat down.

“Now may I have my book back please?” She asked with her “puppy eyes”.

When she reached out, Gajeel saw his chance. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled himself down the sofa to her.

“What are you-”

This time Levy was cut off, but by his lips meeting hers. She was surprised at first, but then closed her eyes and deepend the kiss. His hand went to her cheek, pulling her in closer to deepen the kiss even more. It was a passionate kiss, they both had such a strong love for each other. But Levy really wanted to finish that book.

She opened one of her eyes to see her book laying in his lap. She had her hand hovering above it when she pulled her lips away from his, “I love you.”. “Love you too,” he said with a smile, but when he leaned back in for another kiss, his lips meet a hard surface. He opened his eyes to a shiny book cover.

His surprised face was priceless.

“Im gonna read now, kay?” she said with a smirk.

“Gehe, fine fine, you win.” he laughed, giving her one last peck on her check before laying using her lap as a pillow.

“Have fun readin’ Shrimp.” he said as he buried his face in her lap, it was his favorite way to take a nap.

“Have sweet dreams, Iron head.” She laughed as she opened her book, finding the place she left off at.

Welp, That was my first fanfic ever! Im really scared about this so hope yall enjoy!