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 FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 1 (january)

Roots by cherrystreet (43k) ONE SHOT

There aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous. He’s spent the past couple of years on and off various stages, filled with screaming fans, all chanting his name, loud and adoring. He’s done countless interviews, some even on live, national television, never faltering over his words, answers meticulously planned out, smooth and steady. He’s signed countless autographs, taken just as many photos, and even when he sat in his label’s studio, waiting to see how high up on the charts his single made it, he didn’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable. It’s all been unbelievably fun. No, there aren’t many things that make Harry Styles nervous.

Enter Louis Tomlinson.             FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS

King Of Wishful Thinking by Star_Henderson (38k) CHAPTERED

“Don’t umm don’t get on the bus, come inside.” Louis blurted the words out, speaking quickly.

Harry looked startled.

“Just. Look I don’t know if I want..” Louis scrubbed his face with his hand. “I’ll pay for your time. Just come in.”

Harry stepped away from the bus stop and the bus sailed straight past.

“What’s umm what do you guys make these days?”

Harry shuffled his feet. “Depends. Like two hundred an hour.”

Louis hummed. “Reasonable.” He gestured towards the hotel. “Come up for a drink or some room service or something.”

Harry scraped the toe of his already scuffed boots on the floor. “You don’t have to do this, I feel like… like you’re a nice person who feels bad but it’s fine. I get it. You don’t have to make it up to me.”

Louis stared at Harry. It’d been so long since he’d even spoken to a guy let alone hung out with one. He’d enjoyed the banter and the flirting.

“Come up.” Louis’ voice was soft.

Harry’s face bloomed into a smile. “Ok.”   SEX WORKER AU, FAKE/PRETEND RELATIONSHIP

Off The Record by Tomlinsontoes (90k) CHAPTERED

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

“I’m not your personal assistant you know,” Harry says once he gets there and Louis lets him in and he shoves the bag into his hands. “I’m your publicist.”

“I know that,” Louis smiles a devilish grin patting Harry in the middle of his chest as he takes the bag, “but look at you personally assisting me,” he says looking in the bag and pulling out the Cheetos. I also know that my PA turns his phone on silent at night, and clearly, you don’t. Waiting for a booty call or something?” Louis says turning on his heels and scurrying over to his sofa and plopping down. Harry swears he sees a puff of orange dust soar into the air when Louis opens the bag. He’s amazed that couch is as clean as it looks.       ENEMIES TO FRIENDS TO LOVERS

A Love Like War by sincewewereeighteen (173k) CHAPTERED

“I want your help.”
“Are you sure validation isn’t the right word?” Harry frowns. “Because, Louis, my professional opinion won’t change just because you’re being nice.”
“I don’t want your professional opinion on my work to change. I wanna do better work, so you and everybody else can have a new opinion”, he states simply.

Or: the one in which Louis Tomlinson is a cliched rock star, he’s got everything except for love. But then he meets Harry Styles; the man that, against all odds, saves him in every way a person can be saved, even when Louis didn’t know he needed saving in the first place.               FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS, READ THE TAGS

Pinkies Never Lie by emma1234 (83k) CHAPTERED

“I just think if we’re both into it and neither of us is looking for something serious, why not?” Harry asks, eyes soft and voice sweet. He pauses and gives Louis a moment or two to answer.

There are countless reasons why Louis shouldn’t agree to this, but in the end, none of them really matter. This will end with Louis in pieces, but he’s been in love with Harry for four years. There was only ever one answer.

“Yeah,” Louis answers finally, hoping his voice sounds normal. “Why not?”

AU in which Louis hates his job and loves Harry, Harry just wants a distraction, everyone else wants them to get their shit together, and Louis learns the hard way that new beginnings are only possible when something ends. FRIENDS TO LOVERS

I’ll Be Flicking Stones At Your Window, I’ll Be Waiting Outside ‘Til You’re Ready To Go by rockdatbody (5k) ONE SHOT

Soulmates AU where you can’t see colours until you meet your soulmate.

Harry never thought he would find his while performing on stage in front of thousands of people but hey, things happen. SOULMATES 

A Fallen Star That Shines No More by jwdish98 (25k) ONE SHOT 

Louis might have a problem.

Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other.

Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.

Yeah, he’s screwed. FAMOUS/NOT FAMOUS, KID FIC

You Made Your Mark (Here In My Heart) by AllTheseLittleWritings (15k) ONE SHOT

Louis is slowly caressing the baby’s cheek. He’s looking into bright green, wide eyes, which seem to look at Louis in wonderment. Louis picks the baby’s hand into his and holds it. He looks at it and then at Harry, who starts to chuckle with his cute baby voice.

When Louis is just a small child, he meets a chubby baby named Harry. He doesn’t realize that he meets the same boy over 20 years later and finds his soulmate. SOULMATES

Together til' the End

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Request: (in pm)Can you do a poly!hamilsquad x fem!reader where you are dating hamilsquad and you’re all very close and something bad happens. Idk someone dies? Make it angsty!

AN: Modern AU and this will have more than 1 part!

Words: 1140

Warning: Death; some angst; little swearing, some fluff in the beginning


“Y/N can you grab me a beer since you’re in the kitchen?” Alexander asked you. Rolling your eyes, you opened the fridge to grab what one of your boyfriends had asked for but their wasn’t any. Sighing you stood to your full height and closed the fridge.

“Who drank the last beer?” You asked the guys as you walked back into the living room of the apartment. The guys looked at each other before all pointing at each other. You shook your head. “Really? Whatever but seriously whoever drank the last beer has to go on the beer run.” You stated as you sat down between Lafayette and John.

”I think someone forgot the popcorn.” Hercules teased. “I got it.” He stood up and left before you can throw a smart ass remark at him.

Alexander reached forward for the remote and pressing play to start the movie just as Hercules came back and set the popcorn on the coffee table. As the movie began you moved into a more comfortable position where your head rested on John’s shoulder with his arm wrapped around you, pulling you closer as you stretched your legs out having them lie across on Lafayette and Alexander’s laps.


By the end of the movie the guys aside from John was asleep. You giggle at the sight of them. The biggest surprise about this was that Alexander was asleep as well.

“Aw, they’re so cute.” John cooed, at the sight of them. You giggled, getting up and putting your camera on, on your phone and quickly took a pic.

“John pretend you’re sleeping!” You whisper. He nodded and sprawled out in the spot you and him preoccupied and looked like he was asleep as well. Lifting your phone up you took another picture. After that John stood up, wrapping his arms around you. You hugged him back smiling.

“Should we wake them up to get them to bed?” John asked you. Nodding you pulled apart. He took care of waking Alexander and Hercules while you got Lafayette.

“Laf wake up.” You gently shook his shoulder. His head shot up.

“What is it mon amour?” He asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was adorable when he wakes up.

“It’s time to go to bed. Up.” Saying this, you grabbed his hands and pulled him up and guided him to the shared room. Glancing over your shoulder Alex was following, dragging his against the floor as John tried keeping Hercules awake long enough to get him to bed.

Lafayette and Alexander didn’t bother getting changed as they took their spot on the king sized bed. Walking out you found John still struggling to get Hercules up.

“It’s been a long day for him, I’m not surprised he won’t get up.” You stated, picking up the blanket from the couch and draping it over Hercules and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Yeah. I don’t even know why I try.” John stated with a shrug. He looked at the time. “It’s not too late. I’m going to run out real quick to buy more beer.” You gasped dramatically.

“So it was you! I thought it was Alex.” John chuckled, grabbing his car keys.

“Nah, it was me. You wanna come with?” He asked you as he put his sneakers on. You shook your head, declining.

“I’m heading to bed. But if you really want me to come I’ll go.” You offered but he only shook his head.

“No, go to bed. Well I’m off! Goodnight Y/N.” He said, throwing you a wink. You chuckled.

“Goodnight John.” With that John closed the door quietly behind him as you went off to your shared bedroom to get changed. Afterwards you crawled into bed, pulling the blanket up you snuggled into Lafayette’s side.


The clock ticked on the wall, it now marking 12:00am. Alexander’s phone went off incessantly.

“Turn it off.” You groaned softly into the pillow. Alex turned over and answered his phone.

“Hello?” His voice came out hard. That was to be expected, he was always grouchy when he first wakes up.” “What! Where?” HIs voice alarmed you and Lafayette.

“Alexander what happened?” Lafayette asked worriedly, sitting up in bed.

“It’s John.” Alex’s voice cracked.

“What the fuck is going on?” A new voice asked, stepping into the room.

“We need to leave, now!”



“Look a shooting star make a wish!” You exclaim pointing at the sky, clamping your eyes shut. It was quiet for a moment before Hercules asked,

“What did you wish for Y/N?” You grinned, sitting up looking at the guys.

“That nothing will break us apart.” The guys ‘awed’ at you causing you to blush.

“You’re too adorable mon amour.” Lafayette commented with a smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes shoving him playfully. He laughed. Arms wrapped around you…John.

“We’re not going anywhere, right guys?” The guys nodded.

“Together til the end?” You asked softly. They all smiled looking at one another.

“Together til the end.” Alex agreed.



Once the door slid open Alexander, Lafayette, Lafayette and you were running to the front all asking about John Laurens. The nurse told you to sit and wait for the doctor.

Everyone was tired, and restless, unable to keep still. Your knee’s were to your chest as you sat in your chair watching Alexander pace, Lafayette besides you, his knee bouncing and Hercules playing with his hands or tapping his foot impatiently.

“I’m going to see if they’ll tell me anything.” Alexander quickly tells us before stalking off for the front desk again.

“John Laurens?” Your head snapped up to a doctor. Scrambling up from your seat the others followed you as you went right up to the doctor.

“How is he? Fuck where is Alex?!” You asked the doctors before turning to the guys.

“I’ll go get him.” Lafayette stated but Alex was running down the hall towards us.

“How is John?” Alex asked, breathless. The look on the doctors face made you feel sick.

“He had a head on car collision, he was unconscious when he arrived and lost a lot of blood-”

“Can we see him, please?” Alex begged. The doctor nodded and led the way.

“But you must know, he’s in critical condition he may never wake up-”

“What do you mean not wake up!” You exclaim as you’ve stopped in front of the room where John is staying.

“He’s in a coma and seeing in his state he may never wake up.” He explained before opening the door.

One by one you all flooded the room, gathering around John’s bed. John was beaten up pretty badly. You pulled up a chair and sat next to him, the others did the same.

You all were by his side, when he died.

I Don’t Think I’m His Type

Bucky x Reader Oneshot

Summary – Bucky keeps asking you out, but the dates never quite go the way he plans them.  He’s finally forced to take drastic measures.

Warnings – Fluff and angst

Word Count – 1,541

Notes – I got this idea from @justforabuck.  Thanks so much, my dear!  I feel like after I Hate My Job, we all need a little fluffy Bucky as a salve to soothe our wounds!  (I know I do!)  I hope you enjoy!  As always, please feel free to leave comments or reblog, it’s always appreciated.


Originally posted by bellasmith45

Bucky looked a bit nervous as he approached you in the common room.  You were curled up on the couch with a blanket, surfing through Netflix for something to watch.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he began. “I was wondering if you might like to go bowling this evening.”

“I haven’t been bowling in ages!” you replied.  “I’d love to! Let me go get changed.”

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Keep Away

Imagine all these superheroes playing an intense game of keep away with Tony.
Maybe it starts out small Bucky wants an upgrade on his arm but Clint asked for new arrows before him. And they’re all shouting in each other’s face when suddenly they both get this mischievous look on their face. Tony who was sitting on the couch peacefully watching this fight squeaks when they turn that look on him. Cue Bucky shoving Clint before scooping Tony into his arms and taking off.
This goes on for a couple hours, but then suddenly more people slowly start getting involved.

So Clint is sitting all content in his perch, Tony is sitting on a mountain of pillows like a prize. Having succumb to his fate he simply sits there playing solitaire on his phone. Bucky is tied up in the pantry. Suddenly Pepper walks in, “I’m taking Tony and if you fight me I’ll make you regret it.”
Tony calmly climbs down from the perch while Clint throws and “adult” temper tantrum. Cries of “not fair!” being ignored as they stroll out.

Later when Tony is sitting in a meeting with the board and Pepper, Tony at the end of the table a Pepper on the opposite end. Standing tall as she goes over their budgets. She only turns to look at the screen for a moment but when she turns back Tony’s seat is empty. When the board turns to look at what she’s staring at many or amazed to see the billionaire gone.
In the kitchen twenty floors up a bag is being removed from Tony’s head. “Natasha.”
He waits til he has the other woman’s attention. “I think I’m slightly more terrified of you because I have no idea how I got here.”
Natasha just smiles.

Somehow Natasha is able to keep Tony for the next 24 hours without anyone finding him. It isn’t until Phil Coulson is going to file a report and realizes Stark hadn’t filled out his portion that he goes to retrieve the genius.
He knows for a fact that Natasha is working out in the gym, Bucky and Clint pestering her for answers as to where their favorite genius is. So with his “competition” distracted he calmly enters Natasha’s floor and heads straight for the bedroom. Inside he finds Tony curled up in a blanket fast asleep with Monty Python and The Holy Grail turned on low playing in the background.
Snapping a quick picture he wakes the genius and then they head off to SHIELD.
When they arrive Phil texts Natasha the picture with “Need a better hiding spot.”

And so the game continues….

Twenty fingers, twenty toes - round 5

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3



The old-time expression, “it’s all fun and games, ‘til someone gets hurt,” is the ultimate saying within life when you’re married to a boxer who’s heart and soul stays within the ring. A boxer harbours a considerable number of injuries within his career, ninety percent of boxers will receive at least one head or neck injury within his career, there have been ten deaths a year reported since the 1900’s. Holding your breath and waiting for every bout to end, is something you— along with the other girlfriends, and wives have become prone to doing. Nobody wants to see the love of their life knocked out cold in the middle of a boxing ring, nobody wants to see the gushing blood, the dislocated bones, or even the tiny cuts that leave scars. But, how promptly things change when one open cut is the only disadvantage to the titling win of a bout.
You shake off the nervous feeling as Harry stays focused on the road. With five months of recovery and training, he’s finally made it to his very last debut as a boxer, (with no more exceptions), determined to claim his title and go out with a bang. Nothing is going to stop him tonight from having his ultimate round, you’ve spent the last five months trying to bribe him and convince him not to even bother with tonight’s fight, but he’s determined to win his final match. Somehow he managed to talk you into allowing him this round. His “last” round he threw in the towel and refuses to allow that to be his last. At just over eight months pregnant with twins, who have managed to cause havoc on your body, causing you many aches and pains, your somewhat caring husband tried to convince you to stay home, to miss his last ever fight— of course there was no way you’d let him have his last fight without you being there. After all, you have to make sure this is the ending round. No more ifs of buts. He’s done. “You’re making me nervous by shaking your leg and moving around, love.” His voice is calm and collected as he continues to focus on the road, gesturing towards your bouncing leg and your tendency to be unable to keep still. You can’t help it, you’re nervous and tremendously uncomfortable as the twins decide to have their own boxing match for the night, evidently they got their impressive kicking, and jabbing skills from their father. “It’s not too late to back out if you’re nervous, Harry.” You smile, still hoping that he changes his mind before the two of you manage to reach the venue. A light chuckle escapes from his lips, an indication he still has no interest in not attending the fight. “My love, this is my last night. I’m fighting, even if the biggest storm of the century rips through. I’m going to win.” He assures you, notifying you that absolutely nothing is going to stand in the way of his major win. He’s sounding outrageously arrogant, something that is a turn on, but also bad trait. You’ve seen the bad end of his cockiness before— specially you’ve seen the aftermath of his pridefulness. Two years ago, his ego and arrogance were at an all time high for one specific event, his confidence was high, he had persuaded himself there was no losing. Not only did he lose that night, he ended up in the hospital for two nights. His eagerness and determination to win, doesn’t always put you at such ease. The prior contest he had, he was determined to win, it was going to be the final time he enters a prized ring, he forgot to incorporate the slight chance of losing and getting hurt further.
That of course didn’t stop him.
“What if you lose like last time?” You gently challenge, burning a fire within his eyes, he shakes his head,
“There’s no room for me losing. I’m winning.” He presses, “I’ve spent five months recovering, training, and there’s no room for error, not tonight.” He continues, parking the car and taking the keys from the ignition. He turns to you, a small smile becoming eminent on his face. “Just wait in the car for a minute.” He instructs, getting out of the car, promptly getting his athletic bag from the back seat. He closes the door and strides towards the passenger side, graciously opening your door for you. He offers his hand and gently helps you out of the car, his more caring and protective side making itself known. You place a small kiss to his cheek, showing your appreciation before your hands press to your back, the aches and pains hurting a little bit more this evening. “Yeh alright?” He sweetly examines, his own hand pressing to the small of your back, delicately rubbing it. You give him a nod, “c'mon, you have a fight to prepare for.” You crack a smile, stepping up on the sidewalk and walking towards the back entrance, his arm staying securely around you.
He leads you down dissimilar hallways, passing a few irregular enclosed areas before he drops his bag off and is forced into the routine check by the athletic physician on duty. You’ve never considerably understood how the physician can manage to put up with the injuries and the problems associated with boxing. They’re always dealing with miscellaneous things, bruises, blood, broken bones, concussions, and what not. Surely they get sick of the routine checks they have to perform before every boxing match and after every bout. Their job doesn’t just begin when the boxers enter the ring, or when they leave. There’s a lot of other hours away from the ring that gets put into their duty.

Your eyes meet Harry’s as he bounces up and down to get his blood pumping, bounding energy radiating from him, his arms practicing his tactics mid air. “Alright tough guy, relax for a minute.” You chuckle, his eyes instantaneously rolling at you before he steps closer and places a kiss to your lips.
“Just gettin’ warmed up. I heard he’s playing with an injury, which means he’s weaker than usual.” He enlightens you and you raise a brow, unsure if he is mindful of how many times he was underestimated because he was either fighting with an injury or just coming off of injury recovery. Not to mention he’s currently still a bit weak and sensitive around parts of his own body. “Need I remind you of your injuries?” You challenge and he shakes his head, your hands instantly pressing your back again as you take a deep breath.
“Sit down.” He instructs intently, “need I remind you of your own discomfort?” He raises a brow, intentionally trying to be a pain in the ass and use your own words against you.
“I don’t need to be reminded of the two bundles of joy causing havoc on my back.” You murmur, closing your eyes for a moment before the soreness leisurely wears off. “Are you ready?” You ask, knowing it’s getting closer and closer to fighting time. He nods, beginning to bounce again on his legs, “I was born ready.” He confidently discloses, arrogance again becoming known. “I’m so ready.” He goes on saying while you hold back a groan, a rippling pain shooting through you, your eyes wincing as you try not to show too much discomfort. “And it’s time for you to sit down.” He gently takes your hands, forcing you to take a seat on the bench. He continues his warm up in the small area, bouncing around and going through his techniques, on occasion taking a peek over at you as you sit in a tolerant manner, waiting for him to be escorted towards the boxing ring. “It’s about time.” He clears his throat and you stand to your feet, “I love you.” He says in a low voice, the usual routine commencing, you smile up at him,
“I love you, too! Good luck. Remember; float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” You remind him of the all so famous saying, allowing him to mimic you as he reiterates, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” He presses a sweet kiss to your lips, his hand gently pushing a few strands of hair away from your face. “Sweetheart…” his voice distracts you as you find your hand squeezing his shoulder, “is it your back, still?” He nicely asks while you exhale and let out a small whimper,
“It’s my whole body.” You whine, your toes curling as your body stiffens with another shrilling pain.
“Harry, you’re on in five.” A familiar voice calls from down the hall, distracting you from your own discomforts. Another breath leaves your lips and you gently let go of him, “go, good luck” you falsify a smile,
“I have a few minutes. C'mon let’s sit.” He gestures again towards the benches. He sits with you and gently rubs your back, whispering how much he loves you in your ear as you become calm and collected.
He places a kiss to your cheek before standing, knowing his fight needs to begin. “Are you ready?” You stand to your feet, watching as he nods, doing his best to keep his energy under control. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” He confesses, a feeling of something popping inside you before a warm liquid soaks your pants,
“Great. You’re not fighting.” You moan,
“Yes, I am.” He shakes his head with a firm tone, taking no notice of your moist pants, “I told you nothing will stop me, not even a bloody storm.” He continues to shake his head,
“My water just broke and someone needs to take me to deliver the babies.” You brief, looking down at your damp jeans, feeling excessively uncomfortable as your pants continue to become soaked.
“You’re not serious.” He scoffs, his eyes lowering to look for himself, widening as he sees precisely what you’ve felt. “You had to pick right now?” He complains, promptly shaking his head before taking your hand, “Uhm, okay. This wasn’t part of the plan. Erm… shall we go?” He babbles uncomfortably,
“No, I’ll just stay here and wait until you finish your bout.” You sarcastically respond, unable to control your mouth as the pain begins to start up again.
“As much as I’d love that, it won’t happen.” He shakes his head, grabbing his jacket and forcefully pulling it up his arms before grabbing your hand,
“Do you have anymore pants?” You question, the feeling of soaked jeans being something that you cannot bare to stand, no matter what the circumstances may be. “Yes, in the car. Come on, I don’t plan to deliver these babies on the side of the flippin’ road.” He gently tugs you away, guiding you around the hallways, disregarding all the staff and inquiries.

By hour nine, you feel entirely fatigued, more than ready to be asleep and resting. You can feel your hair sticking to the side of your face, your body still feeling excessive ripples and pains of contractions as you near the birth of the first baby. With a heavy breath you’re given the permission to push, something you’d been begging permission to do for a while. With great strength and agonising pain the shrilling cries of the first baby fills the room, immediately melting your heart as you take the lovable moment to breathe. “It’s a beautiful baby girl.” Someone blissfully broadcasts, “born at two-ten in the morning.” She continues, the joyful announcement being music to your ears. A gorgeous baby girl, “ten fingers, ten toes?” You wearily question, wanting to make sure there’s nothing missing from the infant since she decided to come earlier than anticipated.
“Ten cute fingers, and ten cute little toes.” She assures you, graciously passing the healthy little baby to your other half, his eyes straightaway shining down at his latest pride and joy, his little girl that’ll have him wrapped around her little finger. “Her eyes are still closed.” He whispers, sounding a little nervous,
“They’ll open in a few minutes.” You’re both hastily assured as the baby girl is held proudly by her father.
“Okay Y/N, looks like baby two is almost ready, take a few deep breaths for me.” The midwife informs you while you do as she says, doing your best to take deep breaths while you have the chance, while Harry coos over the few minutes old baby girl. “She’s beautiful just like you.” He coos, swooning over his baby girl,
“Okay, you’re second baby is getting ready.” The lady graciously advises you, monitoring baby B.
“No, I’m not ready for the second.” You shake your head, not prepared for the second baby to leave your worn-out and pained body. “I want to go home.” You mumble uncomfortably, hearing slight chuckles from your content husband beside you.
“Sweetheart, you survived nearly ten hours, just a few more minutes and it’ll be over.” He whispers, taking your hand again and giving it a gentle squeeze, “c'mon, you can do it.” He comforts you, persuading you to hang in there for a little longer. You shake your head, “I’m tired.” You whimper, pain still radiating through your body.
“I know, but you can do this. I promise you can do this.” He presses sweetly, the lady good-naturedly interrupting, a reminder that you have to deliver the second baby. With the last bit of strength left in your worn out body, the shrieks of the second baby echoes through the room and you relax back with relief, “and we have a handsome baby boy.” The lady releases brightly, “ten little toes, and ten little fingers.” She answers your question before you can even ask. You smile to yourself, proud of the accomplishment of bringing two new humans into the world. “Born at two-nineteen in the morning.” She informs you, “here’s your precious little one.” She smiles, gently placing the baby boy into your arms as he is wrapped in a warm blanket. You look down at the newborn, unsure of how you managed to create two beauteous creatures. “Look, her eyes are opening.” Harry distracts you from your son, your own eyes shortly flickering towards the baby in his arms as her darling eyes flutter open, “hi precious,” he coos, her eyes radiating a blue-grey colour, a smile appearing on both your faces. You look at your son, his eyes already open and gazing at you, his eyes the exact same colour as his sister. “Here, do you want to hold her before they take her?” Harry graciously asks, already placing her into your arms, taking his son into his. “Aren’t you just a pretty princess.” You coo cheerily, admiring her the same way you appreciated her charming brother. “Y/N, we have to take them for a little bit. You’ll get them back soon.” The lady enlightens you and you carefully hand back your children, trusting her with your biggest accomplishments. “Twenty fingers, twenty toes.” You wearily smile over at your husband. He gives you a nod, leaning down to place a kiss to your forehead, “I’m sorry you missed the bout.” You mumble, remembering you interrupted his ambition for the night. He shakes his head,
“This is much better. Twenty-fingers and twenty toes is worth more than anything.” He says in a low voice, delicately pushing the hair away from your face. “You did a wonderful job, I couldn’t be happier.” He beams, the typical radiant fatherly glow bounding off of him,
“They’re so precious.” You tiredly whisper, holding your husbands hand as he beams down at you. “What about the match?” You challenge, unsure of what Harry intends to do to make up for what he missed. He shakes his head,
“I’m trading my gloves in for formula and sleepless nights with our babies.” He reassures you wedding his darling dimples, melting your heart. There’s nothing better than knowing that he’s swapping boxing gloves for twenty fingers, and twenty toes.

quicklikelight: Think about Danny doing random room checks and walking in on Scott kissing a boy. And suddenly, Danny really wants to be the boy Scott McCall is kissing.


Danny fumbles over whatever he was about to say and backs out of the room before either Scott or his gentleman caller can react. Except he doesn’t do it so quickly that he misses Scott’s slow, deliberate lick of his lips, just a casual little post-kiss self grooming that umm. Does things. To Danny.

Who beats a hasty retreat to his room, where he stands in the center of it, frozen while his mind mentally revises years worth of interaction with his former classmate. Then, in a move worthy of neither his IQ nor his education, he dials Jackson on his phone.

Look, everyone has their own unique ways of self-sabotaging. Some people skip class. Some people party more than they should. Danny asks Jackson for advice. It is what it is. 

“What?” Snaps a groggy voice, answering the phone. Which is Jackson speak for ‘hello, I missed you.’

“Scott McCall kissing boys is a thing. Why didn’t you tell me Scott McCall kissing boys was a thing?” Danny demands in response. It isn’t really code for anything.

“You’re saying words, and I feel like I’m expected to know what they mean, but I don’t,” Jackson yawns. “Also, I don’t care. Can this wait until you’re coherent? When answering, keep in mind that I don’t care.”

“Scott McCall goes to UC Davis now. He lives in my dorm. I just walked in on him with his tongue down another guy’s throat. This is highly relevant information that would have been really helpful to know, there was that monosyllabic enough for you?”

“You started strong but then it got away from you at the end,” Jackson drawls. Faint pew-pew sounds from the other end of the line convey that he’s not paying this conversation the attention it deserves, and he still has terrible taste in video games. “Still not seeing the part that makes any of this something I care about. What’s your point?”

“My point is how come you never told me Scott was into guys? Aren’t you supposed to be able to smell that or something?“ 

“Maybe if I’d ever sniffed his underwear or something,” Jackson verbally rolls his eyes. “You realize I only ever got the Cliff Notes version of the How To Werewolf Good manual, and weirdly enough, how to smell where your loser classmate points his boner wasn’t a chapter heading anywhere in it.”

“Maybe I’d realize that if you ever bothered to tell me about any of this stuff. Instead of having to figure it out for myself while I was DATING a werewolf…”

“Oh my god how many times do I have to say I’m sorry - ”

“Once would make a good start.”

“Look, we’re never going to get anywhere on that front. Mistakes were made,” Jackson says magnanimously. No, its actually a hell of a concession, coming from him. And people wonder why Danny now has an actual, honest to god vetting process when making new friends. “Seriously though, what’s the big deal? So McCall looks both ways before crossing the street. Who cares? You’ve never been into gossip before.” 

“I never knew Scott McCall kissing boys was an option before,” Danny all but yells into the phone. “I now have to reevaluate every single time I’ve ever spoken to him….do you even know how many of those times might have been him hitting on me, in light of this new information? I don’t even know because I can’t count that high and I can count pretty goddamn high, Jax.”

“We’ve both been hit on by losers before, Danny. It’s not the end of the world. You’ll survive.”

“Why are you being like this? We both know that you’re not actually as oblivious as you pretend to be. There’s no possible way you missed that I’ve had a crush on him since sixth grade.”

“No, I noticed. I was just hoping if I ignored it, it’d go away. Like gum on the bottom of your shoe.”

“That’s not a thing that happens Jackson. Ignoring gum on your shoe doesn’t magically de-gum the shoe.”

“How the fuck would I know that? I don’t step on gum, it would ruin my shoes. It was a metaphor. Jesus.”

“Stop it.” Danny places a palm to his forehead, reflects on two decades of poor decision making, beginning with befriending Jackson on the playground first day of kindergarten. "Stop doing your WASP-y Whittemore boilerplate evasion tactic thing where you piss me off until I hang up on you, hold a grudge for several days and forget what I originally called you about by the next time we talk. This is happening. Me having a thing for your high school nemesis or whatever is a thing, him kissing a boy is a thing, and you getting on board and helping me is a thing so get on board, Jackson or so help me god -”

“I most certainly will not,” Jackson hisses dramatically. Its times like things where you can really tell the whole ‘he used to be part snake’ thing. “I have standards, and I won’t be party to some path-”

“I am cashing in my chips,” Danny hisses back equally dramatically, and he may not have ever been part snake but goddammit two musical theater electives have got to count for something.

“What chips?”

“ALL THE CHIPS Jackson. All the chips from being your friend and putting up with your shit for year after endless year and never asking for anything in return other than the occasional wingman at the Jungle and okay, you know what, so I do ask you for stuff and you’re not actually as terrible a friend as everyone assumes but there has still been some shit and I most definitely have chips and I am cashing them in, so here’s what’s going to happen.”

Dead air reigns. Then. Begrudgingly. As though being tortured: “I’m listening.”

“You are going to call Lydia,” Danny intones, holding up a finger that Jackson can’t possibly be expected to see, but he feels powerful, intoning while holding up that finger so he decides to stick with it. “You are going to apologize for the many, many things you have yet to apologize to her for. You are going to make it good so she doesn’t just hang up on you. You are going to grovel. And then, when she’s been entertained enough that she’s willing to listen to your obvious ulterior motive for finally calling her out of the blue after all this time, you are going to find out everything she knows about Scott McCall kissing boys. How long has he been kissing boys? How many boys has he kissed? Ballpark, I don’t need hard data points. Is kissing boys just a euphemism for other physical interactions with boys or the sum of his experience?”

He pauses for breath and Jackson seizes the moment.

“Wouldn’t it be easier for me to just slip her a note that says ‘Does Scott like Danny? Check the box for yes or draw a frowny face for no.”

“I fucking hate you so much, I swear to god.”

“I’m just saying, I feel like you were less pathetic when you were actually twelve years old, and you were a pretty pathetic twelve year old.”

“I hope were-cheetahs eat your face.”


“Where the fuck did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” Danny sighs. “Look I’m in a very strange headspace right now. I don’t even know what I’m thinking. Can you just do this for me? Please?”

“Fine,” Jackson draws out through obviously gritted teeth. “I want it on record though, I’m doing this under extreme protest.”

“Noted. Irrelevant.”

“Just saying. He’s beneath you.”

“Not yet, but give it til the end of the semester.”

“Eww. If I do this, you have to promise not to disgust me with references to McCall’s anatomy or anything you might do with him.”

“Too late. Negotiations are over, you missed your window.”

“Ugh, dammit. You suck.”

“And thanks so much for helping to facilitate my sucking of your most hated -”

“You’re such a shithead. I hate your guts. Don’t die because of werewolf drama, I’ll call you when Lydia tells me something worth passing along and I swear to god you better not be waiting by the phone when I do.”

“Aww, see you do care,” Danny manages to get in gleefully before a click announces Jackson’s hasty departure.

He flops onto his bed like the pathetic twelve year old he is, and wonders if they still made the line of Armani aftershave he wore while in high school. He was pretty sure Scott liked that one.

Plus its not like he can be accused of waiting by the phone when he’s out buying aftershave, now can he?

Obviously not.

Title: Would You Mind

Warnings: None

Author’s Note:  Malkin imagine will be up tomorrow. Bonus Auston Matthews smut up on Saturday. Feedback is appreciated.

Word Count: 853

The bottled crashed to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces, the dark liquid washing across the floor. You groaned, grabbing the pan and broom off the wall behind you; the bar filling with a chorus of drunken “oooohhhh!”s as the late night crowd got rowdier. 

“You alright?” he asked from his seat at the bar, taking a sip from his own glass, watching intently as you swept the broken pieces off the ground. 

“Um, yeah. I’m fine.” you responded: your face flush with embarrassment as you took the glass shards out to the alley and emptying the pan into the dumpster. You looked up the sky, the stars dim under the bright lights of the city. 

Of course, you were bound to drop a bottle when he was sitting there, always doing stupid things in front of cute guys. Niklas, after every home loss he seemed to make his way to the same seat at the bar, facing the TV, watching highlights from the game. He would order the same drink, leave a much bigger tip than you deserved for serving one drink, and would leave. 

You hadn’t known who he was when he came in the first time, your coworker explaining in a hushed whisper as you poured drinks. He came in fairly often and started talking with you, staying longer than usual to keep you company during your long shifts.

You shook it off, walking slowly back into the bar, your coworker already wiping up the spilled alcohol from the floor. “Thank you.” you said as she stood up, nodding as she took the dirty rags into the kitchen. 

“I hope you never played baseball.” he said with a smirk. “Or basketball.” he added thoughtfully, swirling the straw in his drink. “You seem to have a pretty severe case of butter fingers.”

“Stop.” you said, laughing. “I’m exhausted; my hand-eye coordination is failing me today.”   

“Did you work late again yesterday?”

“I did. Then today my car broke down, so I’m working a double so I can catch a ride home with a someone who has equally crazy hours.” you said, leaning on the bar in front of him; having a few extra moments, the bar emptier than usual. 

“So, another loss tonight?” you said frowning, knowing his usual routine.

“Nah, we actually won tonight.” he said, sipping from his glass.

“A win? That’s great!” you enthused. “And yet you still come out to a bar and drink alone?”

“I’m not alone, you’re here.” he said with a shrug. 

Your boss appeared from behind the stainless steel kitchen door, his large frame filling the doorway. “(Y/L/N), you’re done. Crowd seems to be clearing out early tonight.”

“Could I stay til the end of my shift? I still have 20 minutes until my ride can pick me up.”

“I like you kid, but I like my profits more. Clock out. I’ll see  you tomorrow, alright?” he said, disappearing behind the door. You sighed, saying goodbye to Niklas you made your way to the employee room, clocking out and grabbing your belongings. You had just settled onto the bench outside the restaurant when a familiar form sat down next to you. 

“What are you doing out here?” 

“It’s late, you shouldn’t be waiting outside alone.” he said. You shivered, the late night air chilling you to the bone. He pulled off his jacket, ignoring your protests as he draped it over your shoulders; scooting closer to you on the bench. 

“Thanks.” you said, pulling the collar tighter around your neck. “For the jacket and for waiting with me. That’s really sweet of you.”

“So I never asked, who’s picking you up?”

“A friend.”

“Not a boyfriend?”

“No.” you said with a laugh. 

“So no one would mind if I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” he asked.

“Nope, no one would mind.” you said softly, turning to look over at Niklas. 

“That’s good, that’s good.” he said, slipping his arm around your shoulders. “Because you do look beautiful tonight. Well, you look beautiful every night.” he said genuinely. “Especially in the glow of this streetlamp.” he said, a smile cracking his serious facade.

You laughed, relaxing into his side. “Thanks.”

“I guess if no one minded that I called you beautiful, I guess no one would mind if I do this…” 

Your breath hitched in your throat as he leaned his, your eyes fluttering shut as he pressed his lips to yours, the taste of his drink still stuck to his tongue. He pulled away slowly, gauging your reaction. “Maybe, if you’re free, you’d want to go out with me sometime?” he asked hopefully.

A car pulled up in front of the curb, the window rolling down. “You ready, (Y/N)?” your friend called from the driver’s seat.

Standing up, you turned to face Niklas, unwrapping yourself from his coat and handing it back to him. “I would love to.”

“We can make plans when I stop in after our game on Friday?” he questioned, watching as you slid into the passenger seat.

“Sounds like a plan.”

“See you then, butter fingers.”

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Fix a Heart 20

Chapter 20 - Wrap Your Arms Around Me

We’re all fragile underneath
This coat of armour isn’t thick or deep
When we break it’s hard to hide
The way we hurt inside
When I come undone at the seams
My heart is on the floor for all to see
Do that thing that I need
Wrap your arms around me

“Babe, I’m going to cancel my meeting today.” Val said as he looked down at his wife who was tucked into his lap.

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The Birthday Massacre: Sentence Starters

“My belief is gone.”
“So how do you portray the sentiment?”
“The circle starts again, deception pulls us in.”
“You’re falling into season.”
“There is no time for reason.”
“You are a child of privilege, your reputation.”
“From this broken heart, by nail and by tooth, by the blood of my youth.”
“Falling like the rain.”
“These bitter words recall all that’s left and hard to swallow.”
“All she’s got to lose is everything she never had.”
“Intuition is awakening suspicion.”
“He tells me not to preach to the choir.”
“My tradition is the art of superstition.”
“I’m in the dark. I’m alone around you.”
“I’m losing my faith in every way.”
“Every minute shared is never mine.”
“Why can’t I just trade a dream for a way?”
“It points to you.”
“You just kept on pretending for both of us.”
“All the days that i’ve counted. You’ll never know.”
“Lets burn the path that was chosen.”
“Don’t let me see the light.”
“I remember the clouds in the summer and how the light kissed my eyes.”
“Now that you’re here, it is always this.”
“I fall to the night and the sky.”
“All that we know is all that remains.”
“I’m afraid i’ll disappear.”
“I know you’re in there. I sense your fear.”
“You can hide in the night while I’m waiting here, all alone.”
“By the end of the night we’ll be far from here.”
“I know where you’re hiding.”
“A painting for every face.”
“Broken hearts are never true.”
“Empty as the shadows walking over you.“
“Take me away from this.”
“This will be my last mistake.”
“Your hero’s worn and thin.”
“Today is the first of unnumbered.”
“Sometimes there’s a voice when I close my eyes.”
“I don’t need anyone to show me what I’ve done.”
“I just can’t get my fill.”
“We dance with our devils and dine with the snakes.”
“We’re falling to our hands and knees as the past and the future bleed into the world below.”
“A truth that we can’t unknow.”
“It’s a glass cage so I can’t pretend.”
“Tell me what I want to say.”
“Break me, it’s the game you play.”
“A boyish notion of false emotion.”
“I see it coming, but I can’t defend.”
“I’m not the only one whose bleeding.”
“It’s underneath my skin, it won’t die.”
“Before the past is done repeating.”
“This time if I can’t win then I wont try.”
“Every turn of the face can help to break the fall from a domestic disgrace.”
“One hand to cut the other.”
“You’re not a friend, you’re just a lover.”
“A loss of innocence, one hand to wash the other.”
“Be a perfectionist, you’re nothing if you’re just another.”
“We’re all dancing to the same sad song.”
“Don’t fall asleep.”
“There’s nothing to see below.”
“From here, I know, it’s a long way home.”
“Feels like pins and needles in my heart.”
“It’s always a nightmare it’s never a dream.”
“It’s been so long.”
“I can feel it tearing me apart.”
“A pity they’re not pretty like they used to be.”
“You’re not here to compromise.”
“Words fade as time goes by.”
“Repeating words until they’re true.”
“Before you walk you’ll learn to fall.”
“The beauty starts to die when it’s over.”
“I’m looking for a place I’ll never see again.”
“The time is getting late here.”
“I’m all washed up and graced with faint applause.”
“A second of affection.”
“There’s nothing here worth taking.”
“My reflection fading on the wall.”
“If I don’t come back here, will you remember me?”
“We all fall down into the fire.”
“I don’t want it if I can’t be with you.”
“We never could run faster than the passing years.”
“I’ll only want it when it’s gone.”
“I wish that I could fake it, but I don’t know how.”
“Time’s over now, can’t wait. It’s too late.”
“-And my wishes have all come true.”
“Leave me here.”
“I’ll never see tomorrow til my eyes are clear.”
“We’ll never see the light until we step into the dark.”
“Our time is never, ‘cause we’ll live forever.”
“You’re a curse.”
“I cut my lips on your diamond hands.”
“ I’d shown you the way but you won’t try.”
“You’d tear us apart but this won’t die.”
“Need me for my heart.”
“ This is a fantasy, projecting the vanity.”
“ It’s my execution, and you’re joining me.”
“The end is here and now.”
“This is a tragedy. I meet with it gratefully.”
“It took the best of me. Dissolving my sanity.”
“Over the roads like the blood in our veins.”
“I believed I could wake up from this dream.”
“You know I can’t stay here, and I won’t pretend, all that begins never comes to an end.”
“A heavy hand is holding me down.”
“What awful things happened in the dark?”
“Take just one last dare.”
“1.. 2.. 3.. 4 Underneath the cellar floor 5.. 6..7..8 Lovers will all suffocate.”
“You supply the rumours and I’ll provide the wrath.”
“Romance is breaking every heart in two.”
“I’ve been waiting here for you.”
“Fate changes faster than the death of light.”
“You provide the envy and I’ll provide the spite.”
“We’re drowning in cliches, so desperate to love.”

Avengers Preferences: Lana Del Rey songs

Steve Rogers: National Anthem

Originally posted by lufelicity

I’m your national anthem,

God you’re so handsome…

Red, white, blue’s in the skies

Summer’s in the air and baby heaven’s in your eyes

Tony Stark: Shades of Cool

Originally posted by idontwikeit

My baby lives in shades of blue
Blue eyes and jazz and attitude
He lives in California too
He drives a Chevy Malibu

And when he calls
He calls for me and not for you
He lives for love, he loves his drugs
He loves his baby too

Thor: Lolita

I could be yours, I could be your baby tonight
Topple you down from your sky forty stories high
Shining like a God, can’t believe I got you and so
Look at what I bought, not a second thought, oh, Romeo

Clint Barton: Swan Song

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

And you’ve been gone so long, you missed everything
The world can change in a day if you go away, but
Nothing could stop the two of us
If that’s what we want, we could just get lost

Bruce Banner: Black Beauty

Originally posted by avengers-ultron

Ohhh, what can I do?
Life is beautiful,
But you don’t have a clue.
Sun and ocean blue,
They’re magnificent,
It don’t make sense to you.

Natasha Romanoff: Carmen

Darling, darling, doesn’t have a problem
Lying to herself ‘cause her liquor’s top shelf
It’s alarming honestly how charming she can be
Fooling everyone, telling how she’s having fun

She says you don’t want to be like me
Don’t wanna see all the things I’ve seen

Loki: Honeymoon

Originally posted by amalgamads

We both know the history of violence that surrounds you
But I’m not scared, there’s nothing to lose now that I’ve found you…

There are violets in your eyes
There are guns that blaze around you
There are roses in between my thighs and fire that surrounds you
It’s no wonder every man in town had neither fought nor found you

Bucky: Blue Jeans

Originally posted by sebastianstahp

But when you walked out that door, a piece of me died
I told you I wanted more, but that’s not what I had in mind
I just want it like before
We were dancing all night
Then they took you away, stole you out of my life
You just need to remember….

I will love you 'til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine
Baby can you see through the tears?

Wanda Maximoff: This Is What Makes Us Girls

Originally posted by dinahslaurelance

There she was my new best friend
High heels in her hands, swayin’ in the wind
And she starts to cry, mascara runnin’ down her little Bambi eyes

Pietro Maximoff: Terrence Loves You

Originally posted by dailymarvel

But I lost myself when I lost you…
I lost myself and I lost you too…

I put the radio on
Hold you tight in my mind
Is it strange that you’re not here with me?
But I know the light’s on in the television
Trying to transmit, can you hear me?

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How to Play Every Overwatch Character
  • Genji: rapidly press SPACE, press E if you see a Bastion
  • McCree: E, M2, wait, E, M2, Q, repeat
  • Pharah: click click click click click click click click click
  • Reaper: E right in front of an enemy, M1 a lot, SHIFT and run away, repeat
  • Soldier76: hold SHIFT, go crazy
  • Sombra: just press whatever button isn't in cooldown
  • Tracer: keep spamming SHIFT and hope you end up facing the direction of an enemy
  • Bastion: hold M1 (NOTE: this will aslo guarantee you POTG.)
  • Hanzo: just keep clickin and hope somethin good happens
  • Mei: M1, wait til the enemy is frozen, aim for the head, M2, repeat
  • Torbjörn: juśt jërk yœurself øff whįłê ÿêr tūrrėt dœs thã vwęrk
  • Widowmaker: can you play Widow? if yes, you know what to do. if no, don't play Widow.
  • D.Va: M1 in the mech, M1 outta the mech
  • Orisa: throw a shield down and barage them. hope you don't die. also hope you don't need to reload because then you will die.
  • Reinhardt: M2 for shield. when it's down, wait for it to go back up. when it's up, M2 for shield.
  • Roadhog: SHIFT for hook, M1 to the face, run away, E to recharge, repeat until ult. then, press Q and do mediocre damage and then die.
  • Winston: if there's a Symmetra, find her turrets and take them out. if there's not a Symmetra, don't play Winston.
  • Zarya: be annoying and get shot at. then press SHIFT. then, be annoying and slightly more dangerous. also, prepare to have your ult coordinated by every single other teammate
  • Ana: E E M1 E E E E M1 M1 E SHIFT E E E M1 E E Q E E E E M1 E
  • Lúcio: run to the objective, press SHIFT, and... just hang out. like it really doesn't matter from there, maybe press E if someone yells at you
  • Mercy: SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M2, SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M1, SHIFT, M1, Q, SHIFT, M2, SHIFT, M1, pleasekillmeohmygod, SHIFT, M1,
  • Symmetra: throw 6 turrets down in a circle. chase after people while holding down M1. (NOTE: this will get you a card at the end of the game.)
  • Zenyatta: spam M1. see an enemy? spam E. see an ally? spam SHIFT. continue to spam M1. (NOTE: this will ALSO get you a card at the end of the game.)
They’re on tour and you've been hiding your pregnancy to them so on a Skype call with them and you tell them you can't hide it anymore and show them your tummy (BTS)

Namjoon: -you guys always talk about it. A baby. So he was so confused as to why you were hiding and scared to tell him. All he ever wanted was this moment- “why were you so scared? This is the best Skype we’ve ever had. I can’t wait to touch your bump in person”

Jin: -he was terrified. He understood why you were scared. Baby was far off on your plates, you guys were barely seeing eachother at this point. You were already 4 months along and the bump was already very much obvious. It defiantly was something you had to talk about in person - “what are we going to do? Are we even ready for this?”

Suga: -it was a topic that was talked about and in the end you guys were going to wait til you were more settled than before. He loved it even if you were scared to tell him. All his heart he was pouring out there- “look at you. That little bump. This is really happening”

J-Hope: -he was very much excited to see it in person. Just the bump alone was enough to make him want to leave then and there to see you- “why were you so scared to tell me? Look at that. All that personality growing in your belly”

Jimin: -the news really didn’t settle in until after he ended to call over Skype. He put the phone down onto the ground and began thinking about it all.- “wow we’re having a baby. She’s already so big. Things are moving too fast”

V: -he dropped his phone as soon as you told him on Skype, cracking the screen and ending the call all at the same time. All that after seeing what 3 months away from you did- “oh god. She’s having my child”

Jungkook: -he thought about it as you spoke. The words processing though his head as he saw your slightly bumped stomach. He was so confused about it not understanding how your first times resulted in this-  “well um I don’t know what I am supposed to say. I’m sorry I guess. Do you know if you’re going to keep it or not”

Dear lost friend,

When did our stares become awkward instead of hilarious? When did we stop passing goofy grins, and started passing fake smiles? When did the good times get lost?

I wish I could come to you for advice: how to fix a friendship (especially ours), how to get over someone I loved, how to grieve a lost loved one, etc. So many questions to never be answered. So much advice to never be given.

When did we stop being friends, and start being strangers? Friendship isn’t supposed to be a cycle that never ends. It isn’t supposed to go from strangers to friends, all the way back to strangers again. It isn’t supposed to happen - and yet it has - and if this is the case, when will the cycle reach the point of friends again? When will I be able to enjoy seeing your face instead of feeling pain of memories? I relish the memories we had. The memories that I have to relive in order to remember our friendship.

I miss you, lost friend. I don’t know how I lost you, but I cannot wait til I find you.

—  letters to the lost ones #1 // ( offdxys )

I was hiding in one of the carriages my rooks was driving and I cannot stop laughing

Love Is Patient | spontaneous worship
Love Is Patient | spontaneous worship

Love is patient, love is kind
Love will move when it is time

You have my life
Every second of every day
You have my heart
Every moment, in every way

And if You find me hardly waiting
I know You’re near to see me through
And when You come
I’ll love You ‘til the end

Put a spell on you *Spencer Reid*

A/n: so, uhm i'l just leave this here. WARNING- mature content-

I can’t shake it off. The feeling that’s been haunting me for more than a month now. Why does Hotch has to pair me at every single case with the one guy that my mind seems to be haunted by.
Right now, we’re undercover as Emily is meeting our UnSub in a restaurant. I had to put on the best dress I had as our UnSub has very expensive tastes. Of course Hotchner found it most appropriate for me and Reid to pose as a couple having dinner. I climb off the cab and step towards the restaurant. I take a deep breath and for a split second i even forget that I’m undercover. I look at Spencer waiting fore at a table with a red rose. I smile as I reach the table.
“Hi, sorry for running late, but the trafic was terrible.” I see Reid standing up softly kissing my hand. I furrow my brows slowly and just go with it.
“Are you sure it wasn’t your trying to overshadow every woman in this place?” He smiles and i chuckle.
“This is for you.” He says adjusting the rose near the glass of wine.
“Oh red rose. Nice touch Dr. Reid. And btw I never have to try to do that.” I joke about his earlier statement and i see his lips forming a smile.
“That’s true.” He nods and I feel a little tension in my head created by all my imagination.
“So how’s Emily doing?” I ask him and he fills me in.
I look over and see Rossi sipping on his scotch across Emily’s table. We’re all her backup and listen carefully to Hotch’s order.

Every now and then i catch him biting his lip and it just drives me crazy to have to stay here and have everyone listen to our conversation. I would probably slip some inappropriate words, but i still have to keep my head in the game as Prentiss’ lofe is on the line.

At the end of the evening Emily gets the confession we need and we arrest the serial killer we’ve been onto for more than a week now.

“So Y/L/N, are you heading home?” Reid asks me as we both step outside from the restaurant looking at Morgan driving the Unsub to the station.
“Yeah, this whole case got me so tired.” I sigh searching for my phone to order a taxi.
“Yeah, it got us all tired. Good thing we’re done with it.”
“Well i just want to get into my bed before Garcia calls us in for the next one.” I smile sighing and he nods.
“I can give you a ride, if you want.” He suggests pointing at his pearl white Volvo Amazon P130. I look back and forth between my phone and his car and i nod to his suggestion.
“That would be amazing.” I follow his moves and step towards his car.
“Why thank you.” I chuckle at his gesture of opening the door for me.
“You’re quite the gentleman, aren’t you?” I smile and he smirks as he closes his door.

“Well i figured since you were my date tonight.” His eyes study my face and i just chuckle a little.
He starts the engine and neither of us is saying a word, not that i mind the silence, but i can’t let my imagination run too wild so i turn on the radio.
“Can I?” I ask him before pressing the button. He seems a little startled as i moved my hand towards him.
“Oh, sure, yeah” He tinkers his voice a little traveling one of his hands through his hair.

I hear Nina Simone’s voice fill the car and I just look on the window focusing my attention from the red rose to the stars om the sky.
Suddenly I hear him smile and i flinch my head to him to see what’s so amusing.
I raise my brows waiting for the explanation but he just smiles now looking at him.

“Since when do you sing?” He asks and my eyes widen as i realized i just did that thing when i don’t realize but i sing along with the song that’s playing.
“I uhm, shit. It’s - i don’t sing.” I ramble and he giggles.
“Wow, that bad?” He asks smiling looking at the road ahead.
“What do you mean?”
“Well I’m the one usually rambling. So you’re embarrassed that bad to have someone listen to you?” He asks and i shake my head laughing.
“No. It’s just i didn’t realize..” i sigh “ok yeah. You’re right again Dr Reid.”
“What happened though?” He asks smiling and i can tell he’s enjoying this. He stops the car as he arrives in front of my place.
“Nothing?” I smile and he looks at me.
“Well whatever it is you shouldn’t be embarrassed cause i liked it.” I catch his softly biting his lip again.
“The song?” I ask studying his beautiful features.

“The song. The lyrics. You singing it.” He catches my attention as he says that. I feel my heart slowly raise its beat.
“Yeah. It’s a good song.”
“It is.” His eyes are locked on mine amd i can feel tension building up. I gulp slowly nodding.

“Well thanks for the ride.” My voice breaks anything created before and i see his eyes move from me to the door.
“Your welcome. Here, wait.” He seems so clumsy in this moment as he gets out of the car moving to my door opening it.
I giggle seeing him like this.
“My lady.” He jokes offering his hand to help me get out.
“Gentleman til the end, I’ve gotta admit i envy the women you date.” I chuckle and he licks his lips smiling.

“Thanks again for the ride, Reid.” I say as we step on my porch. “Do you want to come in?” I ask and he looks bacl at his car.
“I think I’ll head home too.” He says looking back at me and i nod trying not to laugh at the way his eyes keep resting on my cleavage.
“Ok then. Good night.” I open my arms to hug him and he wraps his arms around my waist.
“Goodnight.” He whispers in my ear tightening his hug.

I lean out, but we’re still close and i can feel his breath on my face. His eyes move from mine to my lips and i can see him gulping as i move slowly back and forth an inch. Ughh, this can’t happen, we’re colleagues, and we have strict rules about not dating each other at the BAU. But my mimd needs this little gesture of reward for all those nights it made me feel so good providing me with images of Reid filling me up.

I feel his hands grip tight my waist and he leans in crushing his lips on mine. ok i had had it. I part my lips and snake my hands around his neck allowing my fingers to touch those brown curls. Our tongues meet each and softly brush against one another making me want more of Reid. I know this is wrong, oh, but it really feels good.

He stops the kiss breathing slowly on my face.
“Y/n.” He whispers and I know he’s probably gonna tell me how this is inappropriate and all the things i already know.
“Is the invitation still available?” he asks not moving an inch. My brows raise involuntarily followed quickly by a smile and i can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful night.
“Yeah.” I nod feeling his lips get closer to mine. We kiss again, neither of us mentioning our work rules.

I unlock the door and as we’re inside i feel Reid’s hands in my hair pinning me against the door. His plump pink lips crush on mine letting his tongue invade my mouth and explore every inch of it. My breathing increases as i didn’t expect him to ever do that.

He kisses down my jaw until we reaches the neck. He takes his time to find the most sensitive spot, trailing his soflty wet lips on my skin causing my goosebumps to raise. I let a moan escape when he finds the spot that’s most sensitive on my neck and i can feel his smirk. He let’s his teeth slowly nibble on the spot making me already go insane.
“Oh, Dr. Reid, that feels so good.” I moan as he comes up in kisses to my lips.
He stops and looks at me, pure lust remarkable in his dark eyes.
“I love hearing you call me that.” He tells me still having me pinned to the door.

I pull on his collar and attach my lips to his slowly going to his ear.
“Then how about making me scream your name?” I whisper seductively feeling him growing harder and harder as my hand moves to his crotch area.
“That’s exactly what I’m planning to do.” He smirks putting his hand over mine to stop my actions.

He cups my head and makes my tongue tango with his. Feeling his hands move down my sides make me lose control of my voice and i feel moans from my throat as his hands rest on my butt. He caresses it lightly squeezing it through the black dress I’m wearing.
I start unbuttoning his shirt after i take off his jacket and he stops my movements turning me around. I feel his long fingers trace circles on back while his lips come in contact with the skin of my neck. He grips the zipper and slowly pulls it down trailing kisses on my bare back.
He lets the dress fall down and turns me back facing him.
He grips my hips and lifts me up causing my legs to wrap around his torso. His lips are leveled with my chest and me not wearing any bra tonight makes his job a lot more easy.
I feel his lips sending pleasure from my chest to my mind making me wanting to get closer to him when he sucks my sensitive nipples.
I snake my arms around his neck and kiss those pink lips of his like is the last thing i get to do in this lifetime.
“Bedroom?” I hear him asking.
“First right.” I breath and feel him carry me as we’re still kissing.

I open the door and he steps towards the bed slowly laying me in it. He takes off his waistcoat and quickly gets rid of his shoes. He climbs into the bed kissing me, but i manage to get on top of him. I straddle his lap unbuttoning his shirt while i let my tongue play with his and i hear light moans from his as i let my body grind on his hardening bulge. His hands rest on my bottom, caressing it.

I hear a loud groan from him and suddenly i feel my back laying on the bed.
“I want to taste you.” He tells me as he kisses my lower stomach. His thumbs go under my panties and i arch my back to help him pull them down.
I look between my legs and see his head slowly kissing my clit.

I moan as his tongue starts doing circles around my sensitive spot. I travel my hands down and into his hair to live the imagine I’ve always had. His eyes stare back into mine while his tongue is sending me immense pleasure. I feel his long finger play around my folds slowly entering me, shortly adding a second finger.
“Oh damn you Dr.” I moan feeling him go on a painfully slow motion teasing me all the way.
“You know I can’t stand it” i moan starting to sing the lyrics of the song in the car.
“You’re runnin’ around, you know better daddy. I can’t stand it cause you put me down” as the lyrics leave my mouth i feel him smirking on my skin speeding up the process so good.
He licks in circles making sure to put just the right amount of pleasure. He’s paying so much attention to the details my body language is giving that he feels just what i do and i love it.

“Wait.” I moan feeling my orgasm building up. “I wanna come while you’re inside me.” I add but he doesn’t seem to mind me continuing flickering his tongue between my legs.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done with you.” He groans on my sensitive skin.

His fingers pump in and out and just as he curls up his index, i feel the tale teller flicker in my lower stomach making my juices spill all over Reid’s fingers.
“F.uck.” I breath seeing him smirk.
He licks his lips whiping his chin up with the back of his hand. Reid undoes his belt and puls down his trousers.
He leans to my lips and i kiss him hungrily feeling my taste on his tongue. His hands move up and down my chest feeling me close.
I travel my hands to his white boxers and rub through the the elastic material.
“Turn around.” He tells me and i furrow my brows.
“Just. Turn around.” I give in and lay on my stomach. His hands press on my back and i feel a relaxing chill taking over my body. He moves his hands lower onto my bottom and squeezes softly my cheeks making me go insane. A moan yet escapes my mouth as my butt is lifting itself as my hands push my body closely to him
I feel his hands spreading the wetness around my folds and i know he will enter me soon.

My legs start to shake in anticipation and i can’t take it anymore.
“Please.” I say as his hands massage my body so good.
“What do you want Y/n?” He asks soflty into my ear.
“You.” I moan and his grip tightens on my cheeks.
“Me?” He plays so innocent now.
“Yes Spencer, you.” As i say his name i can hear him grunting slowly and i hear him unwrapping a condom.

“You like this? Me calling you Spencer? Dr Spencer Reid, come on now. Let me feel-” i can’t even finish my sentence as i feel him enter me and my words are replaced by moans. He gives me 3 seconds to adjust to his unfamiliar size and then i feel him penetrating my walls so deep. His hand rest on my hips holding me still as he fucks the shit out of me.

“You have any fucking clue how many times I’ve wanted to do this to you? You’re just as tight as i assumed you’d be.” He groans moving fast turning me on even more as i hear him cussing.
My hands grip the mattress as i was already so sensitive and now he makes my second orgasm building up inside of me.
He stops his movements feeling me almost reaching the climax and turn me around again and I’m so happy because now i see him. He grabs my legs and pulls me closer to him.
“And that dress you wore tonight. You should be banned to wear it at work cause all i wanted to do was take you on that table in the restaurant.” He positions his length at my entrance and without a warning he pumps into me.

God damn, hearing him say all this to me makes me lose my mind.
I lift my body to reach his lips as i got the desperate need to kiss him.
“F.uck Spence.” I moan as we kiss so sloppily both coming so close.
“It drives me crazy to hear you say my name.” He breaths out starting to move even faster.

My body completely loses control as we both ride out our high. I feel little convulsions in my lower abdomen as he keeps on moving slowly.
“Damn.” I start laughing and it’s so hard to catch my breath. I see him collapse near me and i can see a genuine smile.
“Well it’s nice to know you didn’t fake the orgasm as i can clearly see the effects of the dopamine and oxyt-”
“You can’t help it even in bed?” I smile asking as he starts rambling. He shakes his head feeling a little embarrassed.
“It’s okay, you talking facts so fast is a thing i like about you” I smile and i can see him smiling back to me
So if you’re still reading I’ve gotta admit you’re amazing.

So what to you think? Should i post some more of my imagines with the criminal minds cast? Also requests are open at the moment so don’t be shy ^.^

Now remember all i want in my mouth is: chocolate, candies and Spencer Reid’s ….
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Brendon Urie smut

warnings: teasing in public, nsfw

Originally posted by datbrendonboyd

You looked in front of a mirror adjusting your skirt which was above knee length and loosened your band t-shirt that had the Panic! logo in it – obviously showing how a supportive girlfriend you are to your boyfriend.

Both Brendon, your boyfriend, and you decided to go on a date in the cinemas to watch Conjuring 2. As the childish pair your both were, you didn’t hesitate to book tickets. “Movie stars in 2,” You told turning around and facing Brendon who had a smug grin on his face, “I can’t wait.”

Though you weren’t that easy knowing Brendon of course would start running his hand up your thigh and between your legs at some point in the movie, so you decided to play the games too by not wearing any pairs of panties below. Knowing Brendon wouldn’t like this but you’d want to see how he would react on it.

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