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WHY ARE PEOPLE FREAKING OUT OVER NIYLAH AND WHAT MIGHT BE HAPPENING WITH CLARKE OR WHATEVER?! My dudes, IM SO EXCITED for these 2 episodes i cant. Whatever might happen is a one off thing. As if we haven't been through similar before. Wait til we get context. Bellarke is already on another level this season. They stare off the distance and we flip out, you guys really think we're not gonna have some sort of emotional development? JUST WAIT FOR IT.

Because people have no faith. 

They don’t see the long term narrative and the story arc that is being told, so they see every obstacle and every plot twist as an end point. 

Also they’re used to looking at stories through shippers goggles so everything that happens in the story or in the spoilers or in the gossip is IMMEDIATELY connected to their OTP or NOTP, whether positive or negative. I think. That’s what I’ve been understanding lately. In their heads, it’s a romance story, so they connected every bit of new information into a romance story. 

I like obstacles in a story. They are what makes it interesting. They are the story. So having obstacles, even in Bellarke, means that there is a story being told. 

They are absolutely telling a Bellarke romance right now, but it is not an easy or shallow romance and these kids are in the apocalypse, along with all the trauma and all the struggles and all the politics and survival and action and everything.

But as long as we think that the story is JUST a romance, then everything that happens (and a lot is happening) is getting in the way of our OTP. 


Relax. Believe in Bellarke. This is the story being told, and it always has been.




I was hiding in one of the carriages my rooks was driving and I cannot stop laughing


Lana Del Rey “Blue jeans”

Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like, James Dean, for sure
You’re so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer
You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop
But you fit me better than my favourite sweater,
and I know That love is mean, and love hurts
But I still remember that day we met in December, oh baby.

I will love you ‘til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine
Baby can you see through the tears
Love you more
Than those bitches before
Say you’ll remember, oh baby,
Say you’ll remember, oh baby ooh

I will love you ‘til the end of time

Brilliant, Absolutely brilliant. ( Fred&George X Reader)

Can I request a one shot where Fred, George, and y/n pull a bad prank on the wrong teacher, but y/n takes the fall for them so the boys won’t get into any more trouble than they already have and she ends up getting a severe punishment? :)

I hope this was sort of how you imagined it? X


“Wait ‘til Snape gets a load of this,” Fred sniggered as he finished balancing the bucket of paint on top of the office door.

George smirked lightly. “Poor guy won’t even see it coming,”

Somehow, you had asked the Weasley twins to help you prank Professor Snape. You needed their help, you couldn’t have possibly done it on your own.

This definitely wasn’t something that you would normally do, you would never even think of pranking a teacher. Think about the consequences!

But he had been such a horror in class that day. 100 points were deducted from Gryffindor for absolutely no reason.

You looked around nervously, peering down every corridor in fear that you would be caught. You were the complete opposite of Fred and George, you never landed yourself in trouble unlike them.

You should be at the library, but instead you were risking punishment - and starting to regret ever asking them for help.

“Guys, hurry. There is no way I’m getting a detention for this,” You urged, watching as Fred slipped his wand back into his pocket.

He walked over and placed his hand on your shoulder, a smirk on his face.

“(Y/N), calm down. When have we,” he spoke, gesturing to himself and George, with a cocky smirk on his lips “ever been caught during a prank?”

You furrowed your eyebrows and glanced down at the many scars on both of their hands, courtesy of Umbridge.

“I will not prank.”
“I will not prank.”
“I will not prank.”

Laughing lightly you let your eyes travel back to his face, shaking your head slightly as you looked between them both and twirled your (Y/H/C) hair in your fingers.

“Yeah, you never get caught,” your tone sarcastic as you laughed. It was nervous laughter, your stomach twisted at the thought of receiving those scars.

“That was harsh (Y/N), I-,” George started, but was interrupted by Fred’s hand over his mouth, as he pulled both of them behind a pillar.

“Shh someone’s coming,” he whispered, as the sound of footsteps grew louder and louder.

The three of you watched as Umbridge emerged from the corner, heading straight towards the rigged door.

“Oh no,” you whispered to yourself, placing your hand over your mouth as you watched in horror as she pulled open the door.

Red paint poured from the bucket, covering her from head to toe. Fred and George’s eyes widened as her scream filled the corridor.

“WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THIS? REVEAL YOURSELF AT ONCE!” She shrieked and looked around frantically for a glimpse at the prankster.

You looked at the twins, at their barely healed scars and cringed at the thought of them receiving more on top of them.

A few long seconds passed while you, Fred and George looked between each other. You took a deep breathe and stepped out from behind the pillar, into the view of Umbridge.

“It was me. I did it.” You spoke clearly, although your voice shook slightly as you looked up at the furious woman.

“You..,” she said quietly, taking a step towards you.
“Follow me Miss (Y/L/N),” her voice was firm as she turned and began walking to her office.

You let out a breathe and began following her slowly, glancing behind you to give the two boys behind you a small smile.

They watched in awe , not able to remove the shocked expressions from their faces as you disappeared down the corridor.

“Brilliant, that girl,” Fred started, still staring where you once were.

“Absolutely brilliant” George finished, staring at the same spot with a smile on his face.

Later that night you returned to the common room, your hand aching from your fresh scar. Umbridge hadn’t been forgiving at all - she had kept you there for hours.

You jumped as you were engulfed in a huge hug by two boys who squeezed you tightly.

“We didn’t know what had happened to you, you were gone ages (Y/N!)” George spoke, sighing with relief as they both let you go and stood in front of you.

“We’re so sorry we got you in trouble, how can w-” Fred began rambling, both looking at you with sad faces.

You rolled your eyes with a small giggle, holding up your hand to interrupt them.

“It was my idea remember?” You spoke, looking at the sheepish looks on both faces.

“We have matching scars now, Weasley,” your voice was gentle as you looked up at them both, attempting to lighten the mood.

Grins filled their faces as you compared your hand with theirs, although yours was slighted fresher.

Looking at each other, the three of you burst into laughter at the memory of Umbridge covered in paint and slumped down on the sofa to arrange an even better prank to play on Snape.

only the art
my main blog is full of trash. this one just has the specific trash that is my art. main tags:...

i’m setting up a [super ghetto default layout cos lol lazy] sideblog, where i’ll gather only my artwork, for ppl looking to only see my own stuff. rn it’s only got a few posts, but i’ll be reblogging my art over there every so often til i am caught up. I’m starting from the end, so it’s gonna be a lot of d*s at first xD if you’d rather wait to follow, that’s cool. i’ll post again when it’s caught up [and i will add it to my sidebar in a sec here…]

but yea, it’s only going to be my art. no reblogs. no text posts. no replies to asks. just art.

VOCALOID Lyric Starters - CircusP Edition

Note: Also includes some CirCrush and other collaborations, but all were posted on CircusP’s channel at one point or another (excluding the lines taken from Ten Thousand Stars).

  • I want to become the darkness that envelops you.
  • Are you waiting?
  • Show no mercy.
  • Show me no mercy.
  • ‘Til now, I’ve been feeling all alone.
  • I want to belong to someone.
  • Let’s run away from here. 
  • Why can’t it be perfect?
  • This love’s not even real.
  • Love was dead from the start.
  • I don’t want you. 
  • I don’t need you. 
  • I’ll forget you.
  • I know you’re not that strong.
  • I don’t know how you can’t see through my facade.
  • This is my finale.
  • It’s over, I’m over.
  • I have to end this.
  • I can’t control it.
  • I can’t hold on any longer.
  • Don’t succumb to it. 
  • I’m not going to quit.
  • I’ve tried to understand everything, but I guess I’m just a hopeful fool.
  • We weren’t anything. 
  • I won’t let him steal you from me.
  • I’ll save you and then you will love me.
  • I won’t let you do this to yourself.
  • You will see, it will finally be just you and me.
  • Why are you not here?
  • What happened to you?
  • Will I still see you?
  • Why did you have to leave me all alone? 
  • It’s breaking me to pieces. 
  • Once again, I’m left broken hearted. 
  • You don’t understand what I’m saying.
  • You think that you’re the most wonderful thing.
  • You’re stressing me out. 
  • Do you think that I’m that much of a monstrosity? 
  • I can’t tell what we’ve done.
  • There’s no way that I would expect this tonight.
  • How do I believe?
  • Fate can’t ever make us stop.
  • There was a time I thought I needed you.
  • I am emotionless.
  • Cursed for eternity is not as bad as it seems. 
  • Will my love become a poison?
  • It started with an honest, little crush.
  • Boy, I didn’t know what I was in for!
  • I’m hypnotized by the way you always know what to say.
  • You’ve got me addicted.
  • And I’ll be forgotten in time, no matter how hard I try.
  • Wake me when I have the courage to die.
  • I am a wasted life. 
  • This is my goodbye.
  • I never wanted fame. 
  • When we are dead, it’s all the same.
  • Human mortality is a test on our memory.
  • Just stop.
  • I feel so empty.
  • I’m a broken frame.
  • I’m just fun and games.
  • You can keep the last of me.
  • I don’t care, I am obsolete. 
  • You have seen the last of me.
  • Wring my neck, I won’t feel a thing.
  • I will show you what I can be.
  • I am more than what you can see.
  • It’s just a roleplay.
  • I can’t take anymore.
  • This silence can’t get louder.
  • Bolt my jaw shut and throw away the key.
  • I am a fatality. 
  • Come on, come and see!
  • I’ll cross my heart and swear I’ll never be like that.
  • I’m not okay, and I’ll never be the same. 
  • I won’t say goodbye before I go.
  • I’ve lost my mind.
  • You lead me down a dark path, but I’m the one who you blame for the aftermath. 
  • Please, someone, save me now.
  • I’ve become numb to the pain.
  • Now you’ve used up all your luck.
  • It’s time to get what you deserve.
  • I’m holding out for karma.
  • I’m holding out to watch you burn.
  • Shoot me down.
  • Of course, I’m the sinful one here.
  • I’m not usually the type to hold a grudge, but…
  • You’ve affected me. 
  • Now? I’m nothing… but rage.
  • Give what you take, take what you give. 
  • What you’ve done to me, I will not forgive.
  • I didn’t even give you a chance.
  • My spontaneity was something you said you loved in me.
  • You’re better off without me.
!A little more than a week before the deadline!

Dear artists, many of you have submitted their artworks already (thank you for being such an early birds), many of you have send us their previews or contacted us and told us they are good with the deadline.

 Thank you for taking this very seriously, it’s a big project and we gotta be sure, that you guys are doin’ great and if you have any problems you can contact us anytime, we don’t bite :)

The deadline for finished art is on the 1st of March. You still can sent your previews to the supernaturalartbook@gmail.com til the end of this week. 

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your gorgeous artworks! :)


4CC 2017

A huge congratulations to Nathan Chen for winning gold!  Although I was rooting for Yuzuru/Patrick til the very end.  Honestly I thought Yuzuru had won the 4CC in a previous season but he actually hasn’t??  If only he had a better score in his short programme….but on the bright side, there’s still Worlds! Can’t wait to see him compete in Finland!  As for Patrick, I was holding my breath the entire time and praying that he wouldn’t fall on any of his jumps but I guess the gods didn’t hear me.  He’s got an outrageous presentation score already so if only his jumps could be more consistent…I really wanted to see him on the podium at least.  Not saying Shoma didn’t deserve the bronze though, god that boy is so talented and cute. Now if he can land his 3A like Yuzuru…

Anyways, let’s just say I’m super hyped for the Worlds in April and hopefully I get to see both Yuzuru and Patrick on the podium.

They’re on tour and you've been hiding your pregnancy to them so on a Skype call with them and you tell them you can't hide it anymore and show them your tummy (BTS)

Namjoon: -you guys always talk about it. A baby. So he was so confused as to why you were hiding and scared to tell him. All he ever wanted was this moment- “why were you so scared? This is the best Skype we’ve ever had. I can’t wait to touch your bump in person”

Jin: -he was terrified. He understood why you were scared. Baby was far off on your plates, you guys were barely seeing eachother at this point. You were already 4 months along and the bump was already very much obvious. It defiantly was something you had to talk about in person - “what are we going to do? Are we even ready for this?”

Suga: -it was a topic that was talked about and in the end you guys were going to wait til you were more settled than before. He loved it even if you were scared to tell him. All his heart he was pouring out there- “look at you. That little bump. This is really happening”

J-Hope: -he was very much excited to see it in person. Just the bump alone was enough to make him want to leave then and there to see you- “why were you so scared to tell me? Look at that. All that personality growing in your belly”

Jimin: -the news really didn’t settle in until after he ended to call over Skype. He put the phone down onto the ground and began thinking about it all.- “wow we’re having a baby. She’s already so big. Things are moving too fast”

V: -he dropped his phone as soon as you told him on Skype, cracking the screen and ending the call all at the same time. All that after seeing what 3 months away from you did- “oh god. She’s having my child”

Jungkook: -he thought about it as you spoke. The words processing though his head as he saw your slightly bumped stomach. He was so confused about it not understanding how your first times resulted in this-  “well um I don’t know what I am supposed to say. I’m sorry I guess. Do you know if you’re going to keep it or not”


The penultimate technical challenge from the Great British Bake Off was Paul’s Savarin. This recipe was really good thank you Paul!

There are six separate elements but none of them are time sensitive, so I could just spend 10 minutes doing each one and then leave it for hours to wait til the end, which is my favourite type of recipe. Everything went really well, the taste and texture were amazing, and it looks SO pretty - please enlarge that last photo because I’m so happy with the appearance.

There are two issues I had: you can see there is a band of about 20% of the cake where the syrup didn’t reach. I was lazy and only soaked one side opting to simply pour it over the other, but it’s unnoticeable when you are eating it because it’s so small, so it’s a minor imperfection. The other thing was the chocolate disc, which isn’t tempered because I only realised too late that I had crappy baking chocolate which will never temper properly (also I thought I had dark chocolate but it’s milk). BUT other than those I can’t really name anything I could really improve!

For this week I will rate myself 4.5 joyous Mary Berrys, and 0.5 Paul Hollywoods telling the contestants that it’s important to get the savarin mould pattern on the cake and then not even using the mould at all for the one he made and photographed for the online recipe, good job Paul.

One more week!

man learning to cast patronuses must have been a wild ride for all the marauders

remus realizing he casted a wolf and just FALLING TO HIS KNEES IN RAGE BECAUSE ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME while sirius james and peter are crying laughing and nobody knows why

sirius trying to act like wow really my patronus is a big dog how cool what do you mean that looks like that black dog you’ve seen by the womping willow you’re on drugs shut up

everyone laughing their asses off at peter like how the fuck is a rat gonna defend you from a dementor

and james being a ~cool kid~ and waiting til the end of class to show off his bigass stag while everyone oohs and ahhs but the second to last student is lily and when he sees her cast that doe he’s so dumbstruck that he can’t even get more than a puff of smoke to come out of his wand

Meeting Park Bogum! 170113

On January 13th I got a chance to meet this humble actor. All those sayings about he’s so kind-hearted in real life is true. The show took almost 3.5hrs yet he did his best til the end. He wouldn’t stop smiling and thanking us. He chose the theme himself, he wished that day would be the happiest day for us. Yeah, you did. You made me the happiest kid alive. There was a part when he’s walking around our section, he passed right in front of me! He’s so tall….and very handsome! . . The highlight of the fan meeting is hitouch event! We got to see him with much better sight. I waited in line to hi5 with him, as my turn is getting closer, im getting nervous. The two people in front of me shook hands with him real fast…i froze for a bit that i had to take a bigger step because its finally my turn!!! . . Me: *amazed* *grab his hand immediately* *look up at him* (my jawline literally dropped!!!) Gum: *anticipating* Me: Gum: . . -we were in silent mode for a moment lmao- . . Gum: *lowered his head and he looked into my eyes so dearly* (fuck i died) Me: *came back to my sense* i love you! Gum: *smiled so beautifully* thank you very much! (he bowed to me) Me: dies . . OH MY GOD AFTER THAT MY SOUL LITERALLY GONE TO HEAVEN until my friend tapped my back. I was fucking speechless that bogum had to lower his head😭😭 he waited for my words patiently. Thankfully the security didn’t hurrying me up. It was the best moment in my life. This is my very first to be able to do physical contact with my favorite. Park bogum is indeed amazing in person. His look is perfect. He’s so freaking handsomeeee the most handsome man i’ve ever meet in my life. His eyebrows are well drawn. His nose is perfect. His lips. Teeth. HAIRRR is rly cute. Tall. What else….he’s like an angel. And he got a perfect personality as well. Everything about him is so admiring! I love you so much park bogum❤ till we meet again!

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Lyrics for the Signs


Well we’re here
We’re at the common again
Smoked six of the ten fags that
I only bought an hour ago

Said well I
I like the look of your shoes
I like the way that your face looks when
I’m arguing with you

And so when, when we all grow old
I hope this song will remind you that
I’m not half as bad as what
You’ve been told

And when I knock
At one hundred and two
And I see your pyjamas
I can’t stop smiling at you

(102) Matty Healy


She was five foot four
Getting money on tour
But her socks were at the end of my bed
Got our names tattooed on each other
Just to prove to each other
That we’d do what we said
Only took a few days
‘Til our minds were made up
And we thought we should try it again
I was only 17 when we first tried things
When she first made me feel like a man

Don’t you sit in front of me
And wait for me to talk
You can call me up
Phone works two ways, you know
This time baby
And I think that I’ll be just fine
I wish I could say the same for you
I, yeah I do

(Baby Came Home 2) The neighbourhood


Turn down the lights,
Turn down the bed,
Turn down these voices, inside my head.
Lay down with me,
Tell me no lies,
Just hold me close, don’t patronize
Don’t patronize me.
Cause I can’t make you love me
If you don’t
You can’t make your heart feel
Something it won’t
Here in the dark
These final hours
I will lay down my heart
I feel the power but you don’t
No, you don’t

(I Can’t Make You Love Me), Bon Iver


Did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts
Hot ashes for trees
Hot air for a cool breeze
Cold comfort for change
And did you exchange
A walk on part in a war
For a lead role in a cage

How I wish, how I wish you were here
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

(Wish You Were Here), Pink Floyd


Raising shadows in the moonlight
Taking chances on a hot night
And for a second there we were
Yeah, we were innocent and young

Dust clouds settle
My eyes are clear
But sometimes the dreams have impact
I still hear

Miss Atomic Bomb
And I’m standing here
Sweat on my skin
And this love that I cradle
Is wearing thin

(Miss Atomic Bomb), The Killers


I don’t know how you got into me,
down my throat and made a home in my veins.
They used to be the rivers that would take us away,
but now you only call me every Christmas and my birthday.
I still can’t believe how you look next to me,
just like a strip club bedroom scene.

Baby stay away from my friends,
'cause I need them to carry me.
When it’s over I’ll count back from ten,
and you can listen to something that you’ve never heard before.
I don’t know how you got into me,
down my throat and made a home in my veins.
They used to be the rivers that would take us away,
but now you only call me every Christmas and my birthday.
I still can’t believe how you look next to me,
just like a strip club bedroom scene.

(Stay Away From My Friends), Pierce the Veil


The sun was always in her eyes
She didn’t even see me
But that girl had so much love
she’d wanna kiss you all the time
Yeah, she’d wanna kiss you all the time

She said she won the world at a carnival
But I’m sure I didn’t ruin her
Just made her more interesting
I’m sure I didn’t ruin her
Just made her more interesting

I, I know why
Because when I look in her eyes
I just see the sky
When I look in her eyes
Well I, I just see the sky

(She had the World), Panic! at the Disco


Know that when you leave,
By blood and by me, you walk like a thief,
By blood and by me, and I fall when you leave

So tell me when you hear my heart stop,
You’re the only one that knows.
Tell me when you hear my silence,
There’s a possibility I wouldn’t know.
So tell me when my silence’s over,
You’re the reason why I’m closed.
Tell me when you hear me falling,
There’s a possibility it wouldn’t show.

By blood and by me, and I’ll fall when you leave.
By blood and by me, I follow your lead.

(Possibility), Lykke Li


Would you lie for me?
Cross your sorry heart and hope to die for me?
Would you pin me to a wall?
Would you beg or would you crawl?
Stick a needle in your hungry eyes for me?

Let’s cause a little trouble.
Oh, you make me feel so weak.
I bet you kiss your knuckles.
Right before they touch my cheek.

But I’ve got my mind, made up this time.
Cause there’s a menace in my bed.
Can you see his silhouette?
Can you see his silhouette?
Can you see his silhouette?

(Trouble) Halsey


And in my dreams, I meet the ghosts of all the people who have come and gone
Memories, they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon
Naïve I was just staring at the barrel of a gun
And I do believe that, yeah

But I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, oh, when it all comes to an end
Now the world keeps spinning
Yeah, the world keeps spinning around

(High Hopes) Kodaline


I was made to keep your body warm
But I’m cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms

My heart’s against your chest, your lips pressed in my neck
I’m falling for your eyes, but they don’t know me yet
And with this feeling I’ll forget, I’m in love now

Yeah I’ve been feeling everything
From hate to love
From love to lust
From lust to truth
I guess that’s how I know you
So I hold you close to help you give it up

(Kiss Me), Ed Sheeran


 And when you say that you need me tonight
I can’t keep my feelings in disguise
The white parts of my eyeballs illuminate

And I’ll wait for you
As if I’m waiting
For a storm to stop
I’ve heard them talking
About how I’m gonna put you off

(Glass in the park), Alex Turner


a collection of songs which have those moments that make you feel like you’ve just reached the top of the world, along with some which just make you feel fantastic.

[listen here]

blue jeans // lana del rey
  • i will love you til the end of time; i would wait a million years: taurus, virgo, scorpio
  • promise you'll remember that you're mine: aries, leo, capricorn
  • baby, can you see through the tears?: cancer, aquarius, pisces
  • love you more than those bitches before: gemini, libra, sagittarius
quick SU notes

not TOO much news but
-we saw a clip of pearl and garnet fusing into sardonyx, pearl was sobbing in joy and the dance was REALLY GAY
-they showed us a clip of the ENTIRE theme song without omissions, it’s like an extended opening that begins when Steven is a CUTE TINY BABY and during the song you see him move in and get used to the gems. it was amazing I can’t wait for everyone to see it
-show resumes in august after SU bomb
-they confirmed well see back stories between gems and how they met
-Rebecca wrote a Marceline song for AT and they performed it together and it ended with a standing ovation
-yesterday was sugars bday and we sang happy birthday to her til she looked sufficiently embarrassed
-um let me review the videos in the autograph line but I can’t think of anything else rn