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theamericanginger  asked:

What kinda of tattoos would the Open Tab Squad have?

Yo. Let’s see. (I’m slightly drunk so I am probably gonna forget some people but shhhhhh…..)

Kuroo would dead ass just have Kenma’s name on his hip with like little hearts and flowers around it. He’s had it since high school and showed it to everyone like, “Yo, look at my sick new ink.” And no one had the heart to shatter his “I’m totally straight” soul into dust so just kinda went along with it like, “Yo, yeah, Kuroo that’s totally sick and not gay at all.” Like… Dude… you’re so gay. How did you never fucking notice.

Bokuto has the Tootsie Pop owl on his ass. But also something really cool like a badass angel or some shit on his back. Maybe some tribals on his beautiful biceps… Mmmmm

Oikawa said that the only thing he’d ever allow someone tattoo onto his body is his own damn portrait, and Iwaizumi didn’t want to be known as the dude dating the narcissist so he forbade him to have it done. But then a few years later, he got really drunk and Hanamaki and Matsukawa dragged him off to get a pink dolphin with butterfly wings on his wrist. When he went crying to Iwaizumi, he kicked Makki’s and Mattsun’s asses, bought Oikawa an expensive watch that hid the tattoo and then took him to get it covered up once it had healed. (He replaced it with a peony and Iwaizumi’s name.) (he wears the watch on the other wrist now.)

Iwaizumi has had Oikawa’s birthday in Roman Numerals on his left bicep since high school graduation. (Also Godzilla scales breaking through the skin of his right shoulder.)

Hanamaki’s entire back is a huge Yakuza-esque koi fish. Also dickbutt on his ankle.

Matsukawa has “Ph.” tattooed next to his dick for the sole purpose of being able to use the line, “Wanna see my Ph.D?” as a proposition for sex.

Kenma has the Hylian crest on his right forearm, Majora’s mask on his left shoulder blade, the Triforce on the back of his neck, and a half sleeve of various characters from Nintendo games.

Akaashi has Bokuto’s name because he’s been hella thirsty since puberty first struck. He got it when Kuroo got his Kenma tattoo. No one but Kenma and Kuroo know about it because it’s on the back of his thigh, directly underneath his left buttcheek. Just wait til Bokuto gets a load of that.

Kiyoko has a half sleeve of flowers and the cycle of the moon down her spine. (Which adds to the appeal of her wearing backless dresses…. if ya feel me.)

Yukie has a pair of lips on her collarbone, a cliche tramp stamp with roses and shit, and a dream catcher on her left calf.

Misaki has the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland on her ribs. Also a flower garter belt.

Asahi is terrified of pain and didn’t ever want to get a tattoo in his sorry life, but was eventually forced into it and now has small, minimalist elephant on his right pectoral. (It’s so cute and perfect for him that no one can ever make fun of it so I guess Asahi won that round.)

Nishinoya definitely has like a mother fucking phoenix on his chest. and like, an octopus on his back, taking down a pirate ship or something, with tigers on board, and lightning in the background.

Miya has some gorgeous tree on his back and one of those geometric cuff looking tattoos around his wrist.

Shirabu is untouched. Pure™. (for now)

Hinata and Kageyama: voll-ball

Daichi has like a fancy lookin liquor bottle on the back of his right calf and that’s pretty much it. But a few years down the line, Suga drags him off to get some lame couple tattoos to prove to Oikawa that their love is more special than his and Iwaizumi’s. They probably get some lame quote like, “You’re the one that I want.” or  “Stick it in.” or “Surprise me”. Or I guess Suga could draw something, being a lame ass artist and all.

Suga has Luffy’s straw hat on his right hip. He got it with Tendou one day on a dare. He’s also got Yukie’s name on his ankle with a line through it. Then Misaki’s name directly above it, also crossed out. A little later on, he and Oikawa decide to add a little to the list, such as Daddy’s Dick and Being Gay. (Both of which Daichi takes Suga in to get crossed out.) Suga also has a small, simple paint palette behind his right ear that most people don’t know about. He eventually takes in a note that Daichi wrote for him and snuck into his pocket before he went on a business related trip. He has the artist tattoo the entirety of the note in his handwriting on the inside of his right forearm. It reads something like, 

Dear Love of my Life,

Come home soon. 

Love, Daichi”

Suga looks at it when the stress gets too heavy. It reminds him to stop what he’s doing and go home.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment. I know I probably missed some people but oh well. Good enough. Tatts are great. Let all get a matching tattoo.

Newsies things that keep me awake at night:

Buttons helps makes fun of the Jacob siblings for having parents, but then later he says “wait til’ my old man gets a load of this! I won’t be last in line for the tub tonight!” Was he joking, or was he unrightfully making fun of Davey and Les?

The Story We Need to Write

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Steve Rogers x Reader


Warnings: None?

Today was the day. Steve Rogers was going on a mission. He wasn’t going to be back until early the next morning, so now was your chance.

You had been a Captain America fangirl since you were a preteen, even before he was recovered from the ice, and certainly before you had discovered your powers and become an Avenger. You had Captain America everything. Pajama pants, t-shirts, travel mugs, blankets, slippers, socks, posters, you name it, you had it. However, you could only ever wear your merch or fan out when he was out of the house.

With this in mind, you put on your gear, grabbed your comics, and booked it to the living room. You figured you had an entire day to read all of your comics and watch some of the Marvel movies.

“Someone’s looking a bit festive,” Tony teased as you walked down the hall to get to the TV before anyone else claimed it. If you were lucky, Clint hadn’t woken up yet.

“Shut it, Tony!” You walked right on past and into the living room. You set your box of comics on the glass coffee table, spread your Cap blanket on the couch, and put Captain America: The First Avenger into the Blu-Ray player. You looked around at your merch and realized that you were missing your Cap plush!

Leaving a note on the TV to warn Clint that the space was yours until the next morning, you sprinted back to your room, grabbed little Cap, and made it back to the couch in record time.

“Does Steve…know you do this when he leaves?” Sam asked, looking into the living room. You held your finger to your lips shushing him.

“Either join me or leave,” You hissed. He laughed, shook his head, and walked back to the training room. Once he was gone, you pressed play and cracked open one of your comics.

“What is she…?” Pietro asked Natasha quietly from the threshold.

“Shhh…” Natasha shushed him. “Just let her go. Just let her go…”


You watched every movie. The First Avenger, the Avengers, The Winter Soldier, that one scene from Thor: The Dark World, and even Age of Ultron. You even managed to plow through most of your comic books. After a while, you drifted off, resting your head on a Captain America pillow while cuddling a Captain America plush.

“I’m telling you, Steve,” Tony whispered into his phone. “You should come home now. Like right now. I promise you won’t regret it.”

“What are you doing?” Bucky asked Tony roughly, looking at your sleeping form. Bucky knew that Steve was hiding feelings for you, but he also knew that if Steve found out, you would never forgive Tony. Ever.

“What needs to be done,” Tony answered. “You know how they are. They need a push.”


“But yeah, Steve. It’s an emergency. You have to come home right now.” Tony said before hanging up. He was smirking. “He’s on his way. We just have to keep her asleep for a few more hours.”

“And how do you plan to do that?’ Bucky challenged, crossing his arms. Tony pressed a few buttons on his phone and a lullaby/music box version of ‘Star Spangled Man’ started to play over the speakers. You snuggled deeper into the couch, humming with content.

“Like that, Barnes.” Tony motioned to you. He was giddy with anticipation. “Steve’s gonna flip.”

“I know,” Bucky nodded. “That’s what I’m worried about…”


“Tony, what’s the emergency?” Steve asked, still in his uniform with his shield strapped to his back.

“Follow me, Rogers.” Tony smirked, taking a sip of his latest alcoholic beverage. “Wait til you get a load of this,”

“Okay then…” Steve raised a curious eyebrow, but followed Tony down the hall anyway. Tony walked into the living room and motioned to your sleeping form. Steve’s expression softened as soon as he saw you, curled up and fast asleep. He put a hand over his mouth.

“What…?” Steve asked Tony.

“She does this every time you leave.” Tony shrugged and left the room without another word. Steve kneeled beside the couch, his heart racing. He smiled, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you to your room. He opened the door and set you on the bed beneath the covers. He pulled the blankets around you and gently kissed your forehead.

“Goodnight Steve…” You murmured, though he doubted you knew what you were saying.

“Goodnight, (Y/N)…”

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  • “Sorry, I’m kinda drunk.”
  • “I wish that this night would never be over.”
  • “I’m not broken, but I need a fix.”
  • “I’m here for your entertainment.”
  • “All I ever do is overthink and drink until I attack.”
  • “How do we take back what’s been done, what’s been said?”
  • “My heart’s beating faster, I know what I’m after.”
  • “Once I’m in, I own your heart.”
  • “No one wins when love breaks down.”
  • “I could never leave your side, no matter what I say.”
  • “Just keep holding my hand.”
  • “If I wanted to leave I would have left by now.”
  • “I bet you thought I was soft and sweet.”
  • “We don’t need any diamonds and gold.”
  • “Wait ‘til you get a load of me.”
  • “I really need you near me to keep my mind off the edge.”
  • “Who are you and where are you from?”
  • “Give it to you until you’re screaming my name.”
  • “It’s not the first time, it’s not the worst crime.”
  • “If I had you, life would be a party.”
  • “It’s late at night and I can’t sleep.”
  • “I wanna see you strut.”
  • “Once upon a time, I didn’t give a damn.”
  • “Walk that walk like you don’t give a fuck.”
  • “I’m gonna lose my mind!”
  • “Have you lost your way?”
  • “Would you be mine?”
  • “I’m sick of laying down alone.”
  • “I’m so sick of living for other people!”
  • “Come on and follow me.”
  • “You make me want to listen to music again.”
  • “I’m not giving up on us.”
  • “Thanks for loving me.”
  • “None of us are promised to see tomorrow.”
  • “I don’t wanna hide any part of me from you.”