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hey maddie, as a fellow senior in high school i just wanna wish you luck in all your college endeavors. i just committed to a college so this whole graduating high school thing is like really real to me now and getting through this year was a Struggle™ (esp for people like us who take hard classes like AP Calc senior year- whyyyy was that a good idea again?!) so yeah. good luck with your decisions and senior year and stay fabulous

HEYYYYY congratulations on committing!!!! That’s so exciting :D :D :D

Hahaha I know right??? Calc is killing me BUT we had a quiz today and it went super well!!! I’m also taking 3 other APs (so 4 total) but I mean *shrugs* *finger guns*

I also have literally no idea how I’m going to pick a college BUT WE’LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH THAT

Three's a Crowd

Cormac: *sits down across from Hermione* You look lonesome, Granger. Allow me to buy you a drink.“

Hemione: "No, than-”

Cormac: “Rosemerta, two butterbeers! Actually, make it one. Two straws.”

Hermione: “Honestly, I don’t care for any. I’m just waiting for my fr-”

Cormac: “Ah, thank you, Rosemerta. To us, Granger. Cheers!

Draco: *storms up, snatches butterbeer, throws straws, chugs entire drink, slams empty mug, wipes mouth on sleeve, stares Cormac dead in the eye and leaves without a word*

Cormac: ”…Granger, what the fuck just happened?“

pros of no steady stream of new connor content: ubi isn’t trying to suck out everything that was good about him and fans aren’t as likely to get tired of him the same way some got tired of ezio

cons of no steady stream of new connor content: my crops r dying………. theres tumbleweeds blowing thru his tag……. i feel like a widow waiting fr my husband to come back from the war………………………..