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best friend!sewoon
  • the person who waits for your outside your door so y’all can walk to school together
  • also walks home with you
  • only met in junior high but your common interests stuck you two together
  • and the fact that you guys have the same route on the way to school and on the way back
  • on hot summer days, he’ll treat you to some shaved ice
  • and you would always say you would treat him next time but he always ends up treating you
  • not bc you dont got money, he just always pays before you can
  • would sometimes come over to study
  • and your mother would always say something like “you should be more like sewoon! so well-mannered.”
  • and ur like -_-
  • but most of “studying” would just be him fiddling with his guitar
  • which he brings to school almost every day
  • and when he doesn’t bring is guitar, you almost feel at lost because what in the world is sewoon without his guitar
  • people would think you would copy his homework but he actually copies yours
  • everyone knows the two of you as the duo and gets confused when one is missing
  • some days he would accidentally crash overnight because he’d be so tired after school
  • and he’ll feel guilty crashing that he ends up making breakfast lol
  • omg he would totally be the type to bring you lunch to school sometimes
  • some nice french toast bc this boy can make good french toast
  • scary movie nights while eating his specialty ramyun
  • everyone thinks he’s quiet because he just blends in the crowd
  • but you know he’s really silly and tells really bad jokes
  • but you still laugh at his jokes because y’all are on the same wavelength
  • literally dances randomly around you
  • like when he hears a song he likes, he’ll start dancing
  • walks with you with his arms around your shoulders sometimes
  • would go to you to consult lyrics with
  • and ur like “uh…”
  • but he’s like “what do you think sounds better??”
  • but everything he sings all sound so good so ur not much of a help to him
  • makes you play sports with him or at least pass a soccer ball around with him
  • really playful person
  • like he would be the type to tap ur shoulder and hide
  • also the type to try to surprise you by hiding behind something
  • tbh if u were really his best friend, a song like 오해는 마 (Don’t Misunderstand) would probably be about you
  • high key gets stressed when you’re sick
  • like he worries so much
  • he’ll buy you cold medicine and would try to play it cool bc he doesn’t want you to think he was worried
  • but he is really worried
  • “stop getting sick so easily…”
  • “thanks sewoon”
  • “it’s nothing, i just had that [cold medicine] laying around”
  • literally has cough drops with him all the time for the just in case moments
  • also has hot packs when the weather is cold
  • will purposefully wear a scarf when it’s really cold just to give it to you if you don’t have one
  • he’s like the best friend anyone can dream of
  • someone who is loyal and kind and genuinely cares for you
  • and a tsundere

This is the single greatest thing I’ve ever impulse bought.

My previous pencil pouch was a realistic juice box but the shock factor on THIS THING IS BETTER. Wait until I pull this out in class.

Over the past few years I’ve been working on a project called The Elements. It’s FR inspired and includes one full length composition for each element. This is a preview with roughly 30 seconds from each. I hope to release the full project rounds about my three year anniversary in June! Until then, enjoy!

Earth 00:03 
Fire 00:30
Wind 01:03
Water 01:29
Shadow 01:56
Lightning 02:23
Ice 02:49
Light 03:16
Nature 03:43
Plague 04:09
Arcane 04:36 

How to plan the perfect XYZ dragon

so you all might know me as that one weird girl who’s obsessed with XXY dragons, but let me tell you, there is nothing more beautiful and satisfying to look at than a perfectly coordinated XYZ dragon! they’re also super fun to dress! so this is a relatively useless guide to planning your own! I thought it would be helpful for newbies who are still getting used to all the beautiful colors fr has to offer.

Step 1: Picking a Primary

I started with a blank base so I had a clear vision of what I wanted to go for. Skink is a great gene to start with, because it usually has a stark contrast between its main and accent colors. and also, that throat gradient is to die for. it looks really great with treasure primaries like runes, lace, and contour. other great primaries with accents are poison and petals! Iri also works well on certain breeds.

Step 2: Selecting a Secondary

Here is where things actually get fun. I like to choose a color based on the accent color of the primary. Here, cyan is a perfect match for the accent of lead skink. I like that cyan butterfly just has that pale yellow accent color on the tips, but is otherwise a solid bright blue. You can already see the harmony between the colors beginning to work! Other secondaries that have great accent colors are toxin, spinner, and sometimes shimmer. Keep in mind that with certain colors like orca and metals, pretty much any gene will show off a contrasting accent color because that’s just how that color works! (Those ones are my favorite.)

Step 3: Taking a Tertiary

This is the step where it all comes together. That little pale yellow accent color in cyan butterfly matches perfectly with flaxen. Contour is a great simple gene that doesn’t overwhelm other genes or make them too busy, but adds a ton to bring the secondary and primary together. In addition, choosing an eye color is important too–here I chose light eyes to match the tertiary color. I mentioned great treasure tertiaries in step 1, but glimmer, opal and stained can also make for lovely, unique XYZ dragons!

Other Examples!

These are just a few more combinations that can look stunning. With the first dragon I started with his tangerine opal and chose his other colors to be complimentary to it. The second dragon had his primary chosen first, then his tertiary, and his secondary was picked to accent his stunning throat gradient. (Super helpful note: bogsneaks look great with glimmer and underbelly because their throat color will always show through!) The last dragon’s secondary was picked first, and her other genes were chosen to match. On to the last step!

Step 4: Cry

So you want to actually make these dream dragons a reality? Go ahead and search their colors and see what pops up.

There’s a reason it’s nicknamed “the crying workshop.” Have fun with your breeding projects!

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for a senior prank day a couple of years ago, the seniors hanged "FOR SALE" signs around the school and lined up the street to get to the school with sale signs. They also put up an ad on craigslist and left the number of the principal in case you wanted to buy the school. They sold it at 6 million dollars

wait so they sold the school fr?

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Choke me daddy

That’s one of my favorite parts of sex fr I’m just waiting for the day a girl reaches to choke me back I might marry her