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how to survive waiting in line at concerts: a guide

so i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do while you wait in line at shows so i made a big ol post about it! all this applies no matter if you get there an hour early or six hours early or 12+ hours early. this is leaning more towards a longer wait tho so use your discretion. also this is such a long post so its under a cut! thank you to anyone who gave their suggestions!!! 

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as someone who’s been a fan of twenty one pilots for almost four years, i am infuriated by how embarrassing the clique is. i try not to associate myself with the kind of people that are in the clique, but being such a big fan of twenty one pilots gives me a front row seat to the shit show that they are the nucleus of. and i know this is old news. i know i am not being radical by expressing my hatred for the clique. i am fully aware that most people are put off by the clique. but i have just become so incredibly fed up with them that i have to say something. 

the clique needs to fucking calm down. i cannot express how fucking annoying it is to pull up a new tweet from josh, tyler, or the band account and see “I LOVE YOU” and “DADDY” and “FUCK ME” and “KING.” it’s embarrassing. you all act like you’re fucking children unable to form coherent sentences. you are functioning human beings, most likely between the ages of 16 and 18 and you act like you’re fucking prepubescent tweens. this shit is so unnecessary. like, what is the thought process behind that? do you legitimately think tweeting shit like “FUCK ME DADDY” directly to either of them is worth it? at times, tyler and josh take to twitter to actually connect with their fans and you all love to pull shit like that. i wonder why neither of them tweet very often.

another thing that never ceases to piss me off is how the clique cannot handle conflicting opinions. everyone has to like twenty one pilots. no one is allowed to dislike them. anyone who does express their dislike for them will get sent death threats. that’s absolutely fucking vile. is someone’s negative opinion about a fucking band worth telling them to die over? especially since twenty one pilots’ fucking message is centered around positivity and staying alive and overcoming obstacles? you call yourself part of the clique yet you tell someone to kill themselves because they dare say something you don’t like about tyler and josh? get off of the fucking internet if you cannot deal with conflicting opinions. someone disliking your favorite band is not worth fighting over. it is superficial. grow up. move on. 

and the last, main thing that pisses me off about the clique is the fucking fake deep shit. stop making every fucking thing tyler or josh does into this long, drawn out story about how broken they are and how this symbolizes this and this thing shows how they overcame this. tyler himself has said that he’s sick of this. not everything has to have a story to go along with it. stop it. 

i hate the clique with every fiber in my being. they’re not just an annoying group of overly sensitive teenagers. they are opinionated, rude, and aggressive people who have ruined twenty one pilots’ reputation. i cannot tell you how often i hear or see people talking about how much twenty one pilots don’t deserve awards or this or that because of how annoying their fans are. 

this is what you have done for “your band.” all i can say is that i hope that you’re happy.