wait that would be thief of breath

They’re Very Humerus

A/N: This was a fluffy request for a reader who makes a ton of nerdy and science-y puns around the office for Spencer, which he of course loves. However, it drives everyone else insane. @coveofmemories


“A neutron walks into a bar and asks the bartender how much for a drink,” you said to Spencer, coming up behind him first thing in the morning. “The bartender replies, for you, no charge.” You were unequivocally the queen of corny puns. As you passed his desk, setting down the cup of coffee you’d promised you’d pick up for him, he inhaled so hard he snorted. 

Garcia was coming off the elevator just as you began to tell another crappy pun. The punchline was dropped and you could see Garcia dragging her hand down her face. “You must stop!” she moaned. “It’s so early in the morning. How do you have this much energy? I mean, I know I’m a shining ray of sunshine in the darkness, but even I can’t have that kind of energy at-” She pulled her phone out of her pocket, barely awake enough to read the time. “It’s 7:15 in the morning. How?”

Spencer smiled as Garcia walked toward her office and you took a deep breath. He could tell you were about to drop another pun that would make Garcia want to scream. “Hey Garcia,” you called after her, stopping her in her tracks. She gazed at you with the best death stare she could possibly muster.

“What?” You could see the smoke coming out of her ears. She really was cranky first thing in the morning.

“They’re finally making a movie about clocks…it’s about time,” you snorted, watching as she said nothing, took a deep breath and walked to her office.

Spencer held his hand in front of his mouth, attempting to hide his cheesy grin from anyone else that was coming into the office. “That was a really bad one, Y/N,” he laughed. “I’ve got a worse one though.”

“Bring it, Spence,” you chuckled. 

“Why can’t skeletons play church music?” Because they have no organs, you thought to yourself. A classic. 

“Why, Spence?”

He giggled. “Because they have no organs.

Both of you began laughing like fools as you waited for everyone else to come in. “These are so, so bad,” he laughed.

“I know,” you replied. “Hey, Spence…skeleton puns…bone puns…they’re very humerus.” You cackled, slapping your knee. “So great.”

“What’s so great?” Emily asked. Everyone was filing in early in the morning because they had to be on the jet by eight. “Oh no…” She could see your face light up with glee, the glee only brought to you by a shitty pun.

“Oh yes…” you giggled. 

“Not again!” Morgan screamed coming off the elevator and immediately taking not of you and Spencer laughing under your collective breath. 

“Oh yea. I got one for the two of you. Spencer will probably know this one.” 

Emily took a sip of her coffee and Morgan looked her way with envy. “I haven’t even had my coffee yet, Y/N. Don’t make me listen to this.”

“But you have to and you love me even though I like shitty puns. So here we go, how much room is needed for fungi to grow?” You swallowed your laughter. God, it was so hard.

They cut their eyes at each other, then at you, and finally back toward Spencer, who had definitely figured it out. “How much room is needed, Reid?” Emily deadpanned. “I absolutely need to know.”

“As mushroom as possible,” he said, his mouth opening wide as a bellowing laugh emanated throughout the bullpen. “God, they’re so bad. I love it.”

“It’s such a good thing I love you, kid,” Morgan said, turning to the coffee machine. “Normally, this kind of energy in the morning would be met with a swift punch to the face.” When JJ got off the elevator, her hair still a mess from just rolling out of bed and driving to work, Morgan motioned for her to walk away before you had the chance to shower her with crappy puns. There were times she could deal with them and others…not so much. You and Spencer seemed to be the only truly morning people, although Rossi wasn’t too bad of a morning person.

“You’ve been working here for a year now, Y/N,” Rossi said, calmly sipping his espresso as he walked toward your desk. “How is it possible that you still have a slew of puns in that head of yours that we haven’t heard yet? I could practically hear the stifled giggling from the parking garage. How many people have you drive crazy this morning so far?”

“Garcia, Morgan and Emily,” you laughed, sitting on Spencer’s desk. “Spencer appreciates my crappy jokes. And Morgan robbed me of the joy of watching JJ’s face this morning. I have a special one for you though, Rossi. I can’t believe I haven’t used this one before.”

“Go ahead,” he sighed. “It’s so rare that we get people smiling in here, I can’t deny you that.”

“What do you call a fake noodle?” you asked.

“Oh, come on!” Spencer cackled, throwing his hands up in the air and nearly knocking over his cup of caffeinated goodness. “Everyone knows that one!”

“He’s right you know,” Rossi replied, taking his thumb and pointing backward toward the Boy Genius’s desk. “An impasta.”

Dammit. That was an easy one. “I’m gonna have to come up with a better one for you.”

“Especially if you’re going with the Italian theme,” he laughed. “Impress me.” Now everyone was in. The only person that hadn’t had one of your jokes showered upon him was Hotch, and honestly, you weren’t sure how much you were willing to test him, no less first thing in the morning.

As everyone filed into the conference room, cups of coffee in hand, you opened your mouth to speak - not tell a joke - speak, but you were cut off by Emily. “Unless you plan to whisper one to Spencer or bestow a crappy pun on Hotch like you did the rest of us, you must stop.”

She was hoping that would be enough to keep you quiet, but she had no that you ran on puns and if you didn’t keep spouting them you’d lose your mind. Actually, the case could be made that was already starting to happen. “If you’re going to tell one to Hotch, it better be bad,” JJ mumbled. “A really bad one.”

“Okay Hotch,” you said. Spencer was waiting with bated breath to see his reaction. Last week, he’d dared you to bring out your worst pun for Hotch and you’d chickened out because he wasn’t in a good mood. But now… “A thief fell and broke his leg in wet cement…He became a hardened criminal.”

Much to your surprise, as well as everyone else’s…Hotch started to chuckle under his breath, trying desperately not to smile. “Don’t encourage her!” The rest of the team screamed. 

JJ banged her head into the table, still barely awake after a half a cup of coffee. “Or she’ll never stop.”

anonymous asked:

What if the Host can't even really feel pain anymore or he can just narrate away wounds? Like he's walking out alone and he's in an alley and he's not really paying attention when he gets stabbed in the back by a mugger and he pulls the knife out and turns around and just kind of has this "really?" Look on his face before he narrates the mugger to their death

He’s probably walking around at night trying to look inconspicuous with a pair of dark sunglasses over his eyes (made awkward by the bandage) and it’s one of those rare instances where he actually uses his cane. He might even have his hair down because it’s long enough to fall into his face.

And there’s some dude waiting in the shadows, drunk and waiting for a vulnerable victim and this guy walking by in the dark, slow and quietly murmuring under his breath looks like that Markiplier guy. He looks distracted and if he’s who he thinks he is, then he’s gotta have nicely stacked wallet.

So he sneaks over, sinks his knife into his shoulder and delights in the way the man stumbles under the force of it.

But then he straightens, rips the knife out of his shoulder, shakes himself a little. He turns and the would be thief who finds himself confronted with a pair of hollow eyes. Some strange force stops the scream building in his throat from tearing from his mouth.

And the man hands his knife back, whispers something the thief doesn’t catch (but his voice is deep, somewhat gravelly) and he take the knife to his own neck.

The Proposal

A/N: This is my canon divergence for the CS proposal and the big secret that came out. I am happy they’re engaged but feel like there was such a missed opportunity. This story picks up after Killian sees the pages August brought him of David’s father. This was written right after 6x13 and before watching 6x14. This is all fluff, no smut (yet 😉). I may add to it as the story progresses. It is fun to give an alternate option and a look at another way it could have played out. I hope you enjoy it!

He knew he shouldn’t have drank so much bloody rum. But learning that he had been the one who killed David’s father had been too much. How can I be the man worthy of the savior when I’ve killed her grandfather Killian thought to himself? He was going home, it was time for Emma to learn the truth of what he’d done. He would beg her forgiveness and hope she gave it. He knew his hope of making Swan his bride had been killed the moment those story book pages hit his hand. He felt as if he’d been hit by a cannon when he saw the picture of David’s father. He had done so many things wrong, hurt so many people, but knowing he had done this…he wasn’t sure he could live with himself. Killian felt sick to his stomach and it wasn’t the barrel of rum he had swishing in his belly. It was guilt. Agonizing, painful guilt. He stopped, he could see the house up ahead. It was his home, the home he’d made with Emma and Henry. The moment he had seen the house he knew he wanted to live in it with his Swan. This home with her was easily the most scared thing he had and he knew the moment he told her the truth, it would be ripped away from him. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard. One thing he was not was a coward. He would tell Swan and he would tell David. He steeled his spine and continued the journey to his home for the last time.

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There once was a ghost of a boy who liked to live in the shadows, so he wouldn’t frighten people. His job was to wait for his sister, who was still alive. She wasn’t afraid of the dark, because she knew that’s where her brother was. At night, when darkness came to her room, she would tell her brother about the day. She would remind him how the sun felt on his skin, and what the air felt like to breathe, or how snow felt on his tongue. And that reminded her that she was still alive.

November 18th, 2014 - Sapphires & Emeralds

AUTHOR: Anonymous

18th of November, 2014 - Sapphires & Emeralds

Arthur took a shallow breath as he examined the glittering ballroom. Twinkling lights and sparkling gowns filled the room, but his gaze was focused on the gems he saw spread before him like a dazzling jewellery buffet.

Fluttering his eyelashes, Arthur convinced a leering old man to dance with him. His feet glided smoothly across the floor, although his graceful footwork was nothing compared to his skill in liberating the man’s cufflinks and rings with him none the wiser. The jewels were safely ensconced in a hidden pocket by the time the music ended and the old man patted Arthur on the rump, thanking ‘such a fine young lady’ for a wonderful dance.

Hiding his anger, Arthur tittered politely and moved on to find his next target. For once, he was grateful for his short height and slim build. Combined with those natural advantages, a blond wig and a well-padded corset made stealing jewellery so easy.

But Arthur wasn’t the only one who had seen the potential in the ballroom’s abundance of finery and oblivious owners. The sound of someone stepping close behind him made the English thief whirl around. He found himself face to face with a fellow thief. Alfred was dressed handsomely in a fine coat and tails, and he even had the audacity to wink at Arthur as he said, “Good evening… miss. You look lovely tonight.”

“Thank you,” Arthur replied with a tight-lipped smile.

Alfred’s eyes sparkled mischievously. “I’ve seen how… nimbly… you move on the dance floor. Can I have the pleasure of the next dance?”

“You may.” Arthur held Alfred’s gaze, silently daring him to call the guards. The night would end poorly for them both if he did. They danced a competent waltz, although Arthur was too focused on trying to decode Alfred’s plan to add his normal flourishes to the dance. He wished he knew what the American thief wanted. It wasn’t as if they had the same targets at the dance. As Arthur felt Alfred’s hand roaming closer to his hidden pocket, he slapped it away and gave the other man a glare. “Watch your hands, sir.”

“You were very familiar with those old men,” Alfred accused, his jaw clenched.

Ah, jealousy. Alfred’s sudden interest now made more sense. Arthur shrugged and ended the waltz near the open doors that led to the mansion’s gardens. “This isn’t Vienna,” Arthur warned. As fondly as he remembered their brief dalliance, he would never become a master thief if he couldn’t separate work from pleasure.

Alfred opened his mouth to reply, but a woman’s shriek cut him off. “My bracelet is gone!” she cried from across the room.

The two thieves shared a glance and in the ensuing confusion both slipped out into the gardens. Once out of sight, they ran over flowerbeds, making a beeline for the tall stone fence that marked the edge of the manicured gardens. In the heady rush of the escape, it took Arthur several moments to realise that they were still holding hands.

Constrained by his tight corset, Arthur struggled to breathe as he tried to keep up with Alfred. He felt himself slowing Alfred down, and he half expected the American thief to let go and keep running on his own.

“Guards!” Alfred hissed under his breath, tightening his grip on Arthur’s hand.

The Englishman spotted them a moment later. Knowing that running wasn’t an option, he tugged Alfred into a nearby stone gazebo and collapsed on one of the benches, dragging the American down on top of him. Before Alfred could speak, he pulled the young man into a passionate kiss. They were still embracing amorously when the guards found them.

“Halt! What are you… oh.”

Arthur didn’t need to fake his breathless panting as he gave the guards a startled look. “Please! Don’t tell my father!” he cried.

The guards averted their gaze. “Have you seen anyone run past?” one asked.

“Uh… no?” Alfred said, unable to take his eyes off Arthur.

“As if they would notice anything,” one muttered. The others agreed and they left to continue searching for the elusive jewellery thief.

Arthur waited until the coast was clear, and tugged Alfred back to the wall. With a little boost from the American, he clambered over the stone fence and agilely landed on the leaf-covered ground on the other side. Alfred joined him a moment later, but Arthur didn’t feel safe until they were safely hidden in his small attic apartment back in the city, where he could unlace his corset and gratefully inhale a deep breath of air.

“Did that kiss mean anything?” Alfred asked as soon as the door was closed.

“No. That was work.” Before Alfred could speak, Arthur grabbed him by his lapels and pulled him closer. “This is pleasure.”

The next morning, they compared their hauls and Arthur noticed something interesting about Alfred’s pile of bracelets and rings. Ranging from deep forest green to peridot, they all shared the same verdant hue. “You have an eye for emeralds, don’t you?”

“I could say the same about you and sapphires,” Alfred replied, smiling as he lifted up a lovely set of Fabergé cufflinks.

Arthur bit his tongue instead of admitting that the cufflinks paled in comparison to Alfred’s shining eyes. He shrugged. “They sell better than diamonds.”

“Uh huh.” Alfred grinned as he slipped a gold and emerald ring onto Arthur’s index finger. “You should keep this one. It suits you.”

“I… ” Arthur swallowed. “Thank you.”

“This isn’t over, you know,” Alfred promised as he slipped his stolen gems back into his bag and walked to the door. “Someday, I’m going to steal your heart.”

Arthur waited until he heard the footsteps reach the bottom of the staircase before closing his door. He smiled at his new ring. “Perhaps someday I’ll tell you that you already have.”


Thank you to GelatoKitty for the prompt!






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You sat squashed on the floor of the living room on a pile of knit blankets. Emma, Mary, David, Killian, & Henry sat around the room holding steamy mugs of hot tea. You sipped your chamomile drink, vaguely listening to their conversation. The bottom line of it was: Emma was going to help Hades go after Pan and Rumple. After finding a dead end when searching for Peter, you knew he had gone with his son to get up to no good, and stealing Zelena was in fact, no good at all. Your eyes glued to a patch on the floor as the rest of the group discussed the outcomes of the next day, which was your biggest worry. Emma was going after Peter, so he might get hurt. But if Peter knew about the plan then he may hurt Emma. And Emma being hurt meant Zelena could get hurt. And Zelena getting hurt meant Regina and Hades getting hurt. And so the chain continued, making it clear that if anyone was at fault here, it was the person you just so happened to be in love with. Suddenly aware that someone was staring, you glanced up, catching Henry’s gaze. He spoke silently to you through his thoughts; he was worried for you, he knew what you were thinking. You just sighed, mouthing, ‘I’ll be fine.”

“Well, I’m exhausted, let’s head off then?” Emma said, rising from the couch and taking a hold of Killians hook as he and she left the room.

“You go to bed,” Mary Margret said sternly to you and Henry. The she smiled, giving you both pecks on the cheek before heading out with David.

Now it was just the two of you.

“(Y/N),-” Henry started.

“Shh. Don’t worry about me.”


“Henry,” you breathed, your hands massaging your forehead, “please, just…worry about yourself, I’ll handle this, okay?”

Henry opened his mouth and then shut it.

“Goodnight,” he said softly. He stared at your hands, gently taking your empty mug, and in the second where your eyes met and your hands touched, you sensed something in his eyes.

“Goodnight, Henry.”

Then he was gone. 

You sat on the quilts for a minute before rising and walking to the window. You pressed your nose against the glass, looking at the underworld stars and dreaming of neverland, and in this sleepy haze you could almost see Peter. But then, that wasn’t it, you could see Peter, for he stood outside, eyes right to the window where you stood. A tilt of his head was all it took for you to know.


“It’s c-colder than I t-thought,” you chattered once outside.

You stood around the edge of the apartments beside Peter, the wind snapping at your exposed skin. Peter tilted his head and smiled, using his arm to roll you under the side of his toasty coat.

“Mmm..” you muttered sleepily against his shoulder.

Peter held you tight, his eyes to the sky, yours closed.

“I miss the stars,” he said out of nowhere.

“Me too, and I saw them more recently than you.”

Peter grimaced, “Neverland seems like a lifetime ago.”

You bit your lip, holding your breath.

“What is it?” Peter asked, sensing you shift uneasily.

“I-” you began, but then stopped.

“Love, is there something you want to tell me?”

Your mind said yes, but you said, “No.” You didn’t tell him about Emma, you didn’t ensure his life was no longer at risk, you just didn’t say anything.

“I love you, you know that right? So just-” Peter sighed.

“I want to tell you,” you said, pulling out of his coat, “that I really want to kiss you right now.”

Peter smiled, hand cupping your cheek as he brought his lips to yours. You hung on to his collar, lips molding into his soft round ones as you bent your head to the side. You held your lips lightly to each other, pulling back after a moment of quiet.

“Get up to bed, you’re as cold as ice,” Peter said with concern.


“See you soon, lost girl. See you soon up where we belong,” he grinned with excitement.

This time you didn’t say the words back to him. You turned and ran for warmth, eyes stinging as you moved away from Peter for who knew how long.


“Peter is fine,” Henry said the next day.

You were the only two at home, and the storybook was set out open in front of you has Henry scribbled a piece of art depicting the events that had gone down at Granny’s.

“Hades tore up the contract, and then Rumple left,” Henry recited.

“Without Peter,” you noted.

“Peter is fine,” Henry repeated.

“For now,” you concluded.

“But Rumple, how do we, how can, I don’t-” you stammered.

Henry put down the quill and turned to you, his voice trying to hide his annoyance, “If you want to know what Rumple is up to at this very moment because you really don’t trust him, then you need to track him.”

Your eyebrows creased in frustration, “Fine.”

Then you bit your lower lip, facing Henry, “but you can write the story.”

Henry shook his head, “No, (Y/N), you know that’s not how things go with me. Every story has a start and finish, and I’m not the one who wants to decide that, I’m just the one who writes it.”

“Fine,” you said again, your cheeks flaring as you rose.

This was ridiculous. Why did Pan have to help Rumple when you could split hearts like he had said? You knew why. He wanted his son’s trust, and plus, a whole heart absolutely ensured he would escape.

“I’ll figure it out on my own then,” you said calmly.

Henry shook his head, “(Y/N), I’m sure I can still help you.”

“Well,” you muttered stiffly, “apparently not.”

Henry was taken aback by your tone, but calmly, he said, “I know you chose to keep us safe over Peter. That was really brave of you to do that.”

You shut your eyes, breathing in slowly, “I know.”


You had no idea how to track Rumple since you had no clue where he was, so you secretly followed Emma and the gang like a spy the whole day, but it paid off. It was easier to follow them because you knew Rumple would target one of the group members individually, and this way you could look out for them all at one time. He only needed the single heart, after all. You were sat outside the building and through the glass, you watched as Rumple emerged, and you watched as he took Robin’s heart. You opened your mouth to scream at him to stop, because Peter’s plan was never worth the life of Robin, and never, had you imagined, would Rumple actually keep his word and do this for Peter. But as your fists came to the window, Rumple  muttered something, & slammed Robin’s heart back in his chest. Too late, you had realized your mistake. Rumple turned to the glass as you ducked onto the ground, but you knew you’d been seen. Without a moment of hesitation you were sprinting, sprinting until your feet took you to the place you had to be. Rumple was never going to hurt Robin. He didn’t need to, because it was never part of his plan to give Peter a heart, or a functioning one at that. You had no idea which heart he could give, for he had to give one to fool Peter, except that it certainly wouldn’t be one that would save Peter. You had been right. Rumple was a thief, a liar, and a little boy filled with regret and with revenge set in his mind. Breath heavy, you skidded to a halt outside Gold’s shop. You could see Peter inside, waiting patiently, and you were shocked as to why Rumple wasn’t there yet. You flung your hand out to the doorknob, and the door flew open.

Peter turned, “Hello?”

“Peter!” you gasped, “I have to warn you, you can’t trust-”

“Hello?” Peter said again.

“Peter?” you said, “It’s me!”

Peter stared right where you stood, shrugging and turning away as if you were invisible.

“Peter!” you pleaded, water brimming at your eyes, “Peter, please!”

“See…you, dearie, need to learn when to stop interfering,” came a familiar voice in your head.

You tried to move but found you couldn’t. You were stuck silent and unseen.

Rumple walked straight past you, reaching for the doorknob. The door jingled as he stepped inside.

“Hello, papa,” he said calmly.

“The portal will close soon,” Peter replied flatly, “Ready, son?”

Rumple nodded and turned slightly, his eyes locking right to where you stood.

Trapped in Tangled

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2200+

Theme Song: I See The Light

A/N: So, a long time ago @daydreamingintheimpala asked me to write a story based on Tangled, so here it is. :)

Read the prologue of this story Here

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300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 1. Shuichi.

[My fingers are pretty much flying. I’m loving this whole idea & I can’t get my ideas down fast enough.. I’m not sure if I captured Shuichi properly but this is what I came up with. Again, Thank you to @teresa-yukibito. She is my partner in smut crime. ENJOY!]

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There once was a ghost of a boy who liked to live in the shadows, so he wouldn’t frighten people. His job was to wait for his sister, who was still alive. She wasn’t afraid of the dark, because that’s where she knew her brother was. At night when darkness came to her room, she would tell her brother about the day. She would remind him how the sun felt on his skin, and what the air felt like to breathe, or how snow felt on his tongue

and that reminded her that she was still a l i v e.

Valhalla (Sam Drake x Reader)

Note: Weyo, I wrote some more rubbish. There will almost definitely be another part to this (if y’all want it) but I feel like people aren’t as interested in my stuff anymore, so if you like it, please let me know by giving it a like or whatever so that I know I’m not posting stuff that nobody wants. :) Enjoy!

Summary: Three years after leaving Libertalia and parting ways with the gang, you find yourself in Egypt; on the hunt for a mysterious artefact that seems to lead to the demise of anyone who involved in removing it from it’s burial place. It’s dangerous, difficult, and extremely stupid, but that has never stopped you in the past. 

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Happy Birthday, Mari! <3

Alright, I’m still sick but I’m trucking along here! I do it for you, Mari!

If you guys don’t know, Mari is such a sucker for Prince!Percy so that’s what I’m giving her as her super special awesome surprise present. So let’s do some medieval Percabeth? Enjoy!


“That is the worst effing disguise I’ve ever seen.”

Annabeth had been thinking it before Piper even said it. The pair of them watched as the cloaked figure walked through the market, pausing here and there at each wheeled cart to see what was being sold. He stood out worse than a sore thumb. Sore thumbs, though, could be hidden beneath bandages. No, this was truly, truly awful. No one wore burlap cloaks in the middle of summer, not even the old crone who lived in a hut around the corner. She had enough room in that addle-brained, cat-clawed head to remove a layer when the time called for it. Whoever was trying to hide was either very dumb or in a lot of trouble. Either way, he must be really hot. As in warm. She couldn’t see his face shining with sweat.

But she definitely knew it was a he, based on his gait, and the breadth of his shoulders, and his shoes. Surprisingly enough, she could tell a lot about a person by the way they dress their feet. His shoes were a size too big for him, based on the way the heel dragged through the dusty road. He probably stole them. And they were muddy and had holes and the stink could likely be smelled across town.

Annabeth brushed her fingers over her nose as if she could already catch whiffs of it.

Thieves could spot other thieves, the same innate ability that wolves have when spotting other wolves. Predators amongst the prey, despite how some try to wear sheep’s clothing. 

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A Thief in the Night

Alright, so this is only like… a month late. Heh…This is for @theartisserie‘s super hero AU, though it isn’t quite as consistent (or well-written) as I’d like it to be with the original idea. Nonetheless, I hope you like my take on it, and any feedback you have (positive or negative) would be much appreciated.

The idea (as I interpreted it): It’s obvious that the villain is going down… The question is: who will take him down?

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Day 239: Insomnia

Our next request is from @lindyhopbot, who gave the prompt of “Insomnia.”

It’s two am, and Sniper is awake.

He should be exhausted after spending the better part of the day trudging through the New Mexico wilderness, and he is. But he still can’t sleep. Outside he can hear the hum of insects as they fly through the warm night air. When he was young, it was almost a lullaby, but now it brings no such comfort. Deep down he knows the problem, and he hates himself for it. It’s why he always tried to steer away from getting tangled up with anyone. Because eventually the world would come tumbling down around you.

And it had three days ago.

Tossing off his blankets, he slides to the floor and starts to look for a pair of clean clothes. The camper is parked closer than normal to the base, but it’s still a walk. Middle of the night or no, he can’t go on like this. He manages to find a pair of dungarees and socks when there’s a knock at the door. For a split second he freezes, his hand instinctively reaching for the machete that hangs nearby. There’s a moment’s hesitation, but he leaves the knife where it is. Danger doesn’t knock in the desert, so he opens the door.


The Frenchman is disheveled, with wisps of his salt and pepper hair slipping out from under a hastily donned mask. He’s bothered to get dressed, but the suit is unbuttoned and his tie hangs limply from a pocket.

“I am sorry to wake you.”

For the first time in three days that voice addresses him, and Sniper’s heart flutters as quickly as his brain holds back. The last words they’d spoken had been harsh and angry, with each man firm in their own beliefs. Leaning to the side of the narrow door, the light from the camper falls across Spy’s face, causing him to wince. It’s then that Sniper sees the dark circles that are framed by the edge of the mask.

Spy hasn’t been sleeping either.

“You didn’t.” Sniper finally replies as he steps down to meet the other man as Spy takes a step back. He’s obviously not used to this sort of thing, and stiffens as Sniper’s hand raises to come to rest on his shoulder. “Come to bed.”

A gentle tug is all Spy needs to follow obediently, closing the door behind him as he’s guided into the camper. From here on out there are no more words. They’re both too tired for them to hold any meaning. The mask is pulled away without ceremony, and Sniper returns his trousers to the floor. Once undressed, Spy hesitates for only a moment before climbing the short ladder to the bunk. Sniper turns out the lights, then follows a moment later.

They take a minute to settle in. The camper’s cot is narrow and high, and this is unfamiliar territory for Spy. So far the rogue has always insisted on “a proper bed” in his own quarters, so Sniper moves himself between Spy and the edge. As he pulls the blankets up around them, Spy’s arms timidly wrap around his waist. It surprises him a little. Spy’s never been one to be shy, but he is now. Maybe it’s guilt or remorse that seems to be trembling in every muscle that his fingers ghost across, but it doesn’t really matter right now.

They lay there in silence as their breathing slowly falls into a sympathetic rhythm. The noises outside that had seemed so loud are now nothing compared to the soft breaths coming from the man pressed against him. A hint of lavender reaches his nose as he nuzzles into the tousled hair. There’s a loud sigh as Spy’s body relaxes against his, and Sniper is lets out a breath that he hadn’t realized he was holding. Tomorrow they would have to talk, to sort things out between them. But that can wait. Right now, all that’s important is that Spy’s here.

Soon, Sniper’s eyes start to drift shut and, for the first time in three days, he sleeps.

How the Bidders look after MC when she’s feeling lonely - KBTBB Request

Second request from the same anon - How the bidders would look after MC when she’s been feeling lonely. I apologise this took so long! Explanation in the note at the bottom. Lots of fluff! 


Baba - Being the boyfriend of a well renowned thief was sometimes a difficult thing. While the other guys assured you that he was away much less since meeting you, you still felt disheartened each night when you discovered that he still hadn’t returned. He had kept contact with you, but you didn’t want to worry him and opted to not to tell him how you were feeling, though it was quite clear that you missed him.
Following work one day, you went up to the penthouse floor and found Eisuke with the others in the living area having a lively card game.
‘Hey! Come join us!’ Ota grinned cheerfully.
‘Kids can’t play poker and don’t they have to be a certain age to gamble as well?’ Mamoru chipped in, though you ignored his jibes as you politely declined.
‘Aw, you’re no fun when Baba’s not here,’ Ota pouted.
‘I am!’ you responded, glancing over their shoulders when you had a small smile on your face.
‘What’s with that look?’ Mamoru asked, raising an eyebrow.
‘Nothing, it’s just that, for a kid, I know how to play Poker better than you do it seems,’ you smirked, making Ota and Eisuke burst out laughing.
‘See, now this is why you need to join us!’
‘I’ve got to admit, you do bring a certain level of amusement,’ Eisuke added, taking a sip of his drink as he placed his cards on the table.
‘Damn it!’ Mamoru grumbled, ‘I’m gonna go have a cigarette before next game,’ he sighed, throwing down his cards and leaving the room.
‘He’s been like that all night,’ Soryu remarked with a wry smile.
‘So have you heard anything from Baba?’ Eisuke asked casually, sitting back and offering you a seat.
‘No…not for a couple of days now. But really, I think I’m just going to take a bath and get curled up with a book.’
‘Well if you want someone else to take care of you, let me know,’ Ota grinned, making you despair as you bid them goodnight and went into the suite that you shared with Baba when you were at Tres Spades.
Letting out a sigh as you shut the door behind you, you couldn’t help but feel wistful as you glanced around the room. While Baba was away, you had been staying in the penthouse suite that you shared as you felt even lonelier staying in your apartment.
Deciding to take a hot bath, you drew one and put in some honey scented bath melt, the calming aroma soothing you as you considered calling Baba. Then again, if he was doing something important, you didn’t want to get him into any trouble.
Putting your phone aside, you got undressed and freed your hair from the bun you had worn it in during the day. As it fell over your shoulders, you ran a hand through it, teasing free any tangles in your hair before switching off the water.
Once in, you had settled yourself in the warmth of the water and leant back. Though the book you had brought in with you remained untouched as you rested your arms over the edge and thought about your thief.
It was just too quiet without him. You were even starting to miss his teasing. The thought of that brought a smile to your face. Baba would be delighted if he knew.
That was when you heard footsteps outside the bathroom. One of the others wouldn’t have come in without knocking surely? Waiting with bated breath, you had gone to reach for a towel when you heard a familiar voice.
‘Where is my pretty lady? I’m sure they told me she came in here…’
Hearing the footsteps pause, you saw a hand slip around the bathroom door as Baba spoke up again.
‘May I come in beautiful?’
‘I-I’m in the bath. But, you can,’ you responded, feeling your heart flutter at his thoughtful actions as his face appeared and he came in.
Feeling yourself smiling in spite of your situation, you felt undeniably thrilled to see him as he took off his fedora. He looked a little tired in the light, but his smile warmed your heart.
‘I missed you sweet lady…’ he uttered softly, coming closer to you when you reached out and hugged him tightly.
‘I missed you so much…’ you breathed against his chest, only realising after a moment that you were still wet from the bath and had gotten water on his suit.
‘I-I’m sorry…I just…’
‘Never apologise for being you…do you have any idea how happy it makes me to know that I was missed?’ Baba asked, smiling gently at you as he kissed your forehead. ‘I’m sorry for making you wait for me…’
As he went to stand, saying that he would let you finish taking your bath, you took his hand again, looking at him shyly as you asked if he would like to join you, making him blush.
‘Of course…’ he responded, loosening his tie as you turned from him, letting him undress when you felt the water ripple and his warm arms slip around your waist as his lips found the nape of your neck.
‘Forgive me, my lady, I cannot resist you any longer…’
Turning to face him, you surprised Baba as you hugged him and rested your head on his chest.
‘Don’t leave me alone again…’
As he paused at your words, Baba soon regained himself, his lips finding yours passionately as he promised you between kisses. After that night, you had no doubt just how much Baba loved you.

Ota - It had been a week since Ota went to Italy for an art exhibit that was displaying some of his work. You had wanted to join him, but his management were being strict on the subject, citing that it distracted him. While he had initially been defiant that he needed his muse with him, you encouraged him to go regardless, not wanting to come between him and a great trip.
Truth be told however, you felt disappointed once he had left. You knew that you needed to remain upbeat, but you had never spent so long away from Ota before and it was unsurprisingly difficult.
‘You’re quiet tonight…’
Having gotten a call from him one evening, you realised that you had been distant as his calm voice brought you back to the present moment.
‘I’m sorry Ota…’
‘Has something happened? Are the others not taking good care of you? Is Erika giving you trouble again?’
‘No no, nothing like that…well Erika is still being a spiteful as always, but it’s nothing different…’
‘So what’s on your mind? Tell me what I can do,’
‘It’s nothing really. I just miss you a little. But I wanted you to go on this trip and I’m glad that it’s going well. I want to be supportive,’ you remarked, trying to sound as cheerful as possible, though Ota fell silent for a few moments.
‘You’re always such a good girl. You never just honestly say what you want when it’s perceived as selfish…do you?’
‘I know this is what you do, your work takes you all over the world and I’m so proud to be able to see the wonderful pieces that you create.’
‘None of it compares to you. You are the most precious piece of art…’
Once you had gone off the phone, you managed to drift off to sleep after a while, though Ota’s words continued to play over in your mind.
The following morning, you had the day off so had slept in, though you were surprised to feel something stroking your hair.
Turning sleepily, you were shocked awake by Ota’s presence, his warm smile making your heart melt as you threw your arms around him and embraced him, feeling his warmth.
‘Ota! What are doing doing here?’
‘I couldn’t just stay in Italy when you were being so sweet, could I?’
‘You came home early…for me?’
‘Of course, who else?’ he asked cheerfully, his bright smile winning you over completely as you kissed him. Not realising just how caught up you were in the moment, you missed the way Ota blushed deeply at your sudden and bold actions. Once your lips parted however, all his sense of holding back was gone as you stammered over your words.
Not allowing you to apologise, Ota was suddenly on top of you.
‘You shouldn’t be so cute…’ he remarked breathlessly, tracing kisses along your collarbone.
‘I couldn’t handle it when you told me that you missed me…’
‘But what about the exhibit?’
‘I told them that if I couldn’t have my most precious treasure with me, then I have no intention of doing as they ask me. I cannot be without you…You’re not just my muse, you are the woman who brought colour to my grey life.’
Smiling shyly, Ota took advantage of the moment and kissed you passionately, letting you know just how much you had been missed.  
Pushing you back onto the bed, his hands intwined with yours as he trailed kisses along your neck, his smile apparent as he heard your gasps.
‘Always so vocal…’ he murmured approvingly, his voice laced with lust as he looked into your eyes with love and devotion.
You had no doubt in your mind that Ota had missed you. After all, his actions often spoke louder than words…

Soryu - You knew the life of a mobster was a busy one. Soryu was often kept up late with paperwork, dealing with various people and getting his subordinates to assist with certain deals and contracts. Then of course there was the auctions and sometimes, it all got on top of him.
While you understood and tried to be as supportive as possible, you couldn’t help but feel a little lonely as of late.
Soryu had hardly been home over the past few nights. While you did your best not to let it affect you in the few moments that you did see him, you couldn’t help but feel lonely without your boyfriend by your side.
As the rain poured down heavily outside one evening, you could hear the wind howling outside as you curled up under the comforter that you had brought from the bedroom while you waited for Soryu.
Upon checking the time and realising how late it was, you finally decided to bite the bullet and call him. While you normally wouldn’t disturb him, right now you just wanted to hear his voice.
As the phone rang, you felt an instant warmth in your chest as you heard Soryu’s voice on the other end of the line.
‘Hey…’ you breathed softly.
‘Is everything okay? I thought you would have been asleep by now?’ he admitted, sounding weary himself.
‘Actually, I’d been waiting for you to come home…I…I really miss you.’
Hearing an intake of breath, you thought something was wrong until Soryu spoke again.
‘I’m so sorry…I’ll be home shortly. If you fall asleep, can I wake you?’ he asked, somewhat shyly.
‘Of course…just please be safe,’ you responded, unknowingly making your boyfriend smile as he promised he would be, while assuring you that he would be back soon.
Once you had spoken to him, you felt so much more at ease knowing that you would see him soon and wondered whether he had eaten. Deciding to take a chance based on your knowledge of Soryu, you were certain that he would have worked through dinner and made the decision to make him an omelette.
Leaving the comfort of the sofa, you could feel the chill in the air as you went into the kitchen, the only comfort being the knowledge that Soryu would be home soon.
As you cooked dinner, you had just been about to put the omelette on a plate when you heard the door open and Soryu’s deep voice.
Walking out of the kitchen to greet him, Soryu extended his arms to you and wrapped you in a loving embrace, his lips tracing kisses along your forehead as he made you smile.
Sighing in contentment, you rested your head against his chest and breathed deeply, inhaling his welcoming scent.
‘I’m so glad to see you…’ you uttered, making him smile as he held you tighter.
‘I missed you incredibly…’ he remarked, surprising you as you glanced up to him.
Kissing you softly, Soryu was surprised when you moved away, though you took his hand and led him to the sofa as you told him you had made dinner.
‘You knew I hadn’t eaten?’
‘I took an educated guess,’ you responded, making him smile further as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you forward so that you were straddling his lap.
’S-Soryu…’ you stammered, though he quickly silenced you with a deep kiss, your moans being drowned out by his lips on yours as he caressed you.
‘I apologise for making you feel lonely…I promised I’d always protect your happiness and I hope that I’ll be able to make this up to you…’ he uttered, his lips finding yours again as he reminded you just how important you were to him.

Mamoru - ‘The hell is that supposed to mean? Look just get some officers down there and don’t take all freakin’ night to do it.’
Lately, things had been pretty busy at the precinct with a large amount of cases coming in. As detective, Mamoru had been pulling a lot of overtime in order to try and get on top of everything that was going on. It had, as such, left very little time for you and Mamoru to enjoy each others company.
Having heard his heated discussion on the phone as you put your head around the office door, you decided not to disturb him and left before he could see you.
Heading back to Tres Spades in low spirits, you considered picking something up from the bakery to try and cheer you up, though you quickly decided that it wasn’t worth the teasing from the others as you went inside and up to the penthouse.
‘Hey,’ Baba greeted cheerfully. ‘How are you doing pretty lady? I thought you were going out with Mamoru tonight?’
‘No, he’s working overtime again and I didn’t want to bother him,’ you responded, sounding more deflated than you realised as Eisuke and Soryu glanced over.
‘It’s not like Kishi to actually be working hard,’ Soryu remarked with a light smirk.
‘Well, I suppose he’s gotta keep his job somehow,’ Eisuke chimed in, returning to looking over the papers for the next auction.
‘You know Ota and I can always keep you company if you’re feeling lonely,’ Baba offered, a playful smile on his face though you shrugged it off.
‘No thanks, I think I’m just gonna go and get some rest,’ you responded, sounding entirely unconvincing as you left the living room area.
Getting to the room that you and Mamoru shared, you couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh of disappointment once you were alone. You missed your detective incredibly and you were beyond certain that he was completely unaware of it.
Having hardly seen him for two weeks, you were beginning to feel the weight of it take it’s toll. Trying not to let your emotions get the better of you, you knew that you should have just waited to speak to him. But you couldn’t bring yourself to disturb him.
It would be selfish after all…At least, that’s what you told yourself.
You had hardly gotten yourself settled on the sofa and began to look over your work schedule for the next week when the phone rang. At first you intended to ignore it, not feeling like speaking to anyone, though as you considered that it could be an emergency, you glanced at the screen to see Mamoru’s name.
Answering it, you tried to sound as normal as possible as you greeted your boyfriend.
‘Hey, is everything okay?’
‘Yeah, as good as it gets workin’ all these damn hours. I did just here somethin’ of interest though. One of my colleagues was just sayin’ that he saw you in the precinct earlier and that you had gone within a few minutes. Did somethin’ happen?’
Sensing the concern in his voice, you realised he must have been worried that something was wrong.
‘Oh, no, I did pop by, but you seemed so busy I didn’t want to disturb you,’ you responded, though your usually lazy boyfriend wasn’t falling for it.
‘Come on kid, I know there’s more to it than that.’
Taking a breath, you didn’t know what to say or where to start when Mamoru caught you off guard.
‘Sweetheart, I can’t help if you don’t talk to me. You know you’re always welcome here, so why’d ya leave without even speakin’ to me?’
‘Because I don’t want to be an inconvenience,’ you admitted, running a hand through your hair as you tried to keep your voice even. ‘I miss you and it’s selfish because you’re working so hard and you can’t help it, but at the same time I’ve felt so lonely without you.’
Hearing his breathing on the other end of the line, you thought initially that you had made a mistake when he spoke up again.
‘You’re not an inconvenience sweetheart, I wish you’d just stayed to talk to me. You know I’m always happy to see you.’
‘I’m sorry…’
‘Come meet me at the entrance to the hotel and I’ll pick ya up.’
‘Yeah, I’ll see you in a few minutes, wait for me,’ he responded, leaving a warm smile on your face as you came off the phone and instantly put on a pair of shoes before leaving the room and heading downstairs.
Walking through the lobby, you went outside and found Mamoru awaiting you, having evidently left work right after he called you.
Pulling you into his arms, he knew that you must have missed him when you didn’t try to insist that you shouldn’t be doing that in public.
Stroking your hair with one of his large hands, Mamoru smiled as you seemed to content yourself in his arms, breathing in the familiar scent of cigarettes and his cologne.
‘Come on, let’s go,’
‘Go where?’
‘I’m takin’ ya on a date, to make up for not bein’ there enough lately,’ he admitted, a slight blush on his cheeks as you smiled.
‘You were worried about me?’
‘Course I was. I never want ya to feel lonely sweetheart…so let me make it right?’
Nodding softly as you reached up to kiss him, Mamoru leaned in to whisper in your ear.
‘I hope ya gonna take responsibility for that later…’

Eisuke - It had been a busy couple of weeks at Tres Spades. With the weather being sunny and beautiful, there were several more bookings at the hotel, meaning more work for both you and Eisuke. Though lately, you hardly seemed to have any time to spend together.
It left you feeling understandably disheartened when you caught sight of him around the hotel, but he was too busy talking with various businessmen and women to notice you there.
While the other guys had tried to encourage you speak to Eisuke when they realised how lonely you had been feeling, you tried to shrug it off, ensuring them you were fine, though they were able to read you quite easily.
‘I just don’t want to bother him while he’s busy,’ you admitted, quickly excusing yourself to return to work, though your mood continued to deteriorate as the days wore on.
Unbeknown to you, however, Eisuke had been missing you just as much. He hated being required to oversee so much of what was going on around the hotel currently. It left him very little time to do the things he wanted to do and to make matters worse, your shifts had been making it nigh on impossible to see you.
While he told Kenzaki to ensure that you weren’t overworking yourself, it annoyed him to think that he couldn’t just watch over you himself.
Though it became apparent that you were missing him when Baba mentioned it one evening.
Having gone up to the penthouse after work, you found the penthouse lounge unusually empty, but disregarded it as you went up to Eisuke’s floor and breathed a sigh. Putting your belongings down on the counter, you decided to go and take a shower, hoping that it might make you feel a little more relaxed.
Starting the hot water running, you exhaled as you leant your hands against the sink and glanced in the mirror, trying to figure out when you had last spoken with Eisuke. Though as you heard footsteps just outside the door, you saw a familiar face look in.
‘Hey,’ you smiled, though you saw the way Eisuke studied your expression as he approached you.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked, his voice tender as he looked over you.
’N-nothing, it’s just good to see you…’
Feeling his hand caress your cheek, you swallowed as you looked down though Eisuke gently took your chin and brought you to look in his eyes.
‘Talk to me,’ he remarked, seeing the tears shining in your eyes as you finally spoke up.
‘I’ve been really lonely without you Eisuke…I’ve seen you around the hotel and I realise just how different we are. What I am in comparison…and I-’
‘Stop,’ he interjected, though before you could look at the expression in his face, he pulled you into his arms.
‘Don’t ever tell me that you are not worthy again. You are my woman. No one else can compare to you, because you are the woman I love. If you ever need me, all you have to do is tell me and I will always make time for you. If you doubt my love for you, then I evidently need to remind you of it…’
Feeling a tear slip down your cheek, you hugged Eisuke tightly as his hands gently ran there way up and down your back.
Leaning down to kiss you softly, it quickly deepened into something much more passionate as his body pressed up against yours.
‘Come, let’s get in the shower…it’s been much to long and I can’t wait for you any longer,’ he breathed in your ear, making you blush deeply as you kissed him, your hands intwining in his hair as you felt his surprise at your bold move. Moaning in approval, you knew that there was no way Eisuke was going to let you go anytime soon…

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Based on the prompt ‘Hook bonding with Regina’ from theastronomicalwitch.

Also at ao3.

Killian hovered at the edge of the gathering, watching Emma and Henry talk to David. He felt no need to interrupt or join in. For the moment, he was content just watching them all together.

A female presence appeared by his elbow, but not any of the ones he might have expected.

“Regina,” he greeted her without turning.

“Pirate,” she said in retaliation. They were silent for a minute, both watching the small family on the other side of the room.

“Did you have fun with Henry on the ship?” she asked suddenly.

Killian turned to her. She was attempting to sound casual, but Killian could see the genuine longing to know in her eyes. The woman missed her son.

“I did. He’s a good lad. Very bright.”

Regina nodded. “Thank you. For helping him and spending time with him. Since I can’t.”

“My pleasure,” Killian said seriously.

There was a pause and Killian looked back to Emma and her boy.

“You seem to have managed to ingratiate yourselves into their lives quite well.” Killian frowned at Regina’s tone and turned, facing her.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked harshly.

She shut her eyes and took a deep breath. “I apologise. I didn’t mean that how it sounded.”

Killian searched her face and saw that she was anxious. He recognised the defensive technique of verbally lashing out when feeling nervous. It was, after all, a favourite of Emma’s.

“What did you mean?” Killian softened his voice slightly and waited.

“I mean…you’ve managed to become a kind of unit with them. I was wondering how you went about it.”

“It isn’t something I ever mapped out in a plan. It just happened naturally.” Killian was now very curious as to where Regina was going with this conversation.

“I see,” Regina replied. She hesitated. “But you do find ways to spend time with them. You…,” she made a sound of frustration and stopped.

“What is it you are really asking, Regina?”

She studied him, until she eventually must have come to a decision of some sort. “How do you know that you are worthy? That they want you there? You seem to have such faith that you have changed, that you deserve them, even though she hasn’t said it. I’m just…” Regina apparently ran out of confidence at that point and shrugged.

Killian’s gaze flickered over to Robin, where he was sitting with Roland sharing some ice cream. He and Regina really did have much in common. “Maybe the fact that I want it so badly makes me blind to the truth,” he began. “But Emma made me believe in the possibility of a better version of myself, and that is a powerful thing. I do believe I’ve changed, that I have redeemed myself. And it is easier to trust in that once others start noticing it, too. But I imagine each journey is different.”

Regina nodded. “Thank you for you honesty. Both of us were villains for a long time, and I sometimes wonder if we can ever truly change.”

“Neither of us began as villains. We are just returning to who we were always meant to be.”

The words seemed to have an impact on her, as her eyes went wide as she heard them. She turned to leave, not even saying goodbye.

“Regina,” he said, stopping her. “Like I said, it is easier to believe when others see it, too. I’m not the only one that’s noticed.” He gestured to Robin and Regina followed his gaze. The bandit smiled and lifted his hand in acknowledgement.

“Thank you,” she said again, her voice low with emotion. Regina made her way over to the Hood males as Killian watched.

“What were you two talking about?” Emma’s voice sounded behind him. Killian turned to see her standing unnecessarily close and grinned.

“Boys,” he replied, amused. Robin would kill him if he heard that he had called him a boy, but Henry certainly counted.

Emma looked taken aback. “Boys?” she glanced over to see Regina at the table with Robin and Roland and gave a little huff of laughter. “You were giving her advice on her love life?”

Killian shrugged, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. “We are both in similar situations. I was just sharing my experience.”

“And what situations are those? Are you secretly crazy about Robin like she is?” Emma smiled teasingly.

“Well, I am crazy for a reformed thief. But not that one.”

Emma sucked in a breath and her face went blank. “Oh,” she murmured.

Killian just watched her impassively, waiting, as always, to see how she would react.

“Do you think they’ll be good for each other?” she asked eventually, looking up at him hopefully.

He gave her a slow smile. “I have no doubt they will.”

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robin-of-locksley  asked:

Outlaw Bandit + 14. things you said after you kissed me

Her kiss spoke a thousand languages that her mouth could not, told him things her lips would never speak, formed words her tongue wouldn’t dare to. She told him of the future, of a life soaked with adventure, with excitement and with love. She promised him things that had his heart fluttering with the tilting of her head, with the tongue stroking against his own as she took him in a much gentler manner than he ever had guessed when he’d thought of doing this very thing.

It was only the whisper of the wind through his tent flap that reminded them that they had somewhere to go, a royal to relieve of his riches that would never be missed. They had a village waiting for food, for materials to keep their children clothed and warm, knew there would be a meagre supply of bread and fruits spread out for their arrival, the only thanks they were able to give.

She only told him one thing when they pulled apart, just one hot whisper of breath against his lips before she was leaving with that damn smirk on her face (one he now knew he was permitted to kiss from her lips whenever the desire struck him).

“This changes nothing, my thief.”

My thief…what a wonderful notion that was.