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Joker Imagine- Project 6277 PART 5

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Joker’s P.O.V.

My eyes looked at the clock I had on my office desk. It was almost midnight so I should go and join the party downstairs. I smiled happily. She was perfect for my little project. Too bad idiot John hurt her today. We didn’t want that. The only one who was allowed to leave physical marks on her delicate skin was me and even that would hopefully only be gentle things. Y/N was rather kind. As said she was perfect. This would be easy as long as we’d be in same terms.

I got up and made sure I had bullets in my gun before I walked out of my office. My henchmen were standing silently around the highest floor. They were loyal to me and they knew that one mistake cost them their precious little lives. Before I entered the elevator, I saw that they all were somehow nervous. I squinted my blue eyes at them, but nothing happened. If I found out something was wrong, these pals up here probably know about whatever had happened.

As the elevator took me down, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My green hair was put well with some gel and I had washed the blood out of my face. I looked great even if I say so myself. So clean and crazy. The elevator doors slid open and I was down. My henchmen nodded at me as they saw me so I walked up to them. Obviously something had happened since they didn’t just do that without a reason.

“She’s not here” A henchman called Michael told me. His voice was a little nervous and I knew he was worried. “What do you mean she’s not here?” I questioned him above the loud music. Some people looked at me wide eyed as others ignored me since they were drunk. “Y/N is not here. No one has seen her in two hours” Michael let me know without stuttering. I felt like my veins would pop any second as anger filled my blood. I didn’t want to believe him. So I clenched my jaw and looked at the bar. I could only see one bartender behind the bar as the others were giving out drinks.

Then I growled and hurried to the man behind the bar. He noticed me and I saw how scared he got. “Where is she?” I hissed angrily and made fear full his eyes. His name tag said Rick. “Are you talking about Y/N sir?” He asked me politely. “Hell yes I am. Where on earth is she?” I spat angrily on the verge of losing my mind. “I’m sorry. I haven’t seen her. She came down a couple hours ago and I haven’t seen her since” Rick told me with a small voice. But he was nearly crapping his pants so I believed him. I hit the bar with my hands and looked around. People were dancing here and drinking, but I couldn’t see Y/N. Where the hell was she? Did she run away from me?

Then I realized that I had cameras all around the place. I hurried back to Michael and stepped right in front of him. “Look at the security footage from two hours. I need you to find her” I demanded rather coldly. Michael nodded and I saw how scared he was of me. I watched as he walked off quickly to solve this riddle called ‘Where’s Y/N’.  If she had ran off, tried to escape, I’m afraid I would have to punish her. I didn’t want to be bad to her, but if she was bad to me, she deserved it.

                                                                                             My eyes were glued on the mannequin in my office. Since our plans moved, they put it back. The costume was made out of fine material, sewn perfectly to fit her. It was beautiful to look at, but it would be even more beautiful on my project here. I had planned everything out in my head. That’s why it would be extremely important that they would find her sorry ass.

“Boss” Michael’s voice broke the silence. I was sitting on the floor with a few knives around me. I was sharpening them all so that’s why they were scattered on the floor. I looked at Michael’s black sunglasses angrily. “There’s something you need to see” He let me know and handed me a tablet. I grabbed it harshly and then looked at the screen. He had recorded the security footage and I saw Y/N in the video. She was outside innocently about to grab the glasses from a table. A man dressed in black walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her.

I could see how startled Y/N was even tho the quality sucked.  She tried to escape, but the man yanked her hair roughly. It made my blood boil from anger. I watched as he had pushed her into a black car and they drove off. Bad for him I saw the license plate. Why the hell had someone taken Y/N away?! “We found an address connected to the car” Michael let me know. My eyes moved from the screen to him. “Give it to me. Grab two guys and we’re going there” I growled and stood up. “Of course boss” Michael nodded and hurried out. I stretched my neck and arms and felt anger flowing through my body.

Whoever the guy was, he would be fucking sorry for ruining my plans with Y/N tonight. They were important after all. So I walked out the room and put on my purple coat. Michael was waiting for me with two henchmen, Jordan and Kyle. I nodded at them so they would follow me. We were all armed. Michael told us the address and I already knew where to go. The address wasn’t so far away from the factories. It was in the rich neighbourhood of Gotham where sorry ass people lived.

“When we get there, find Y/N. Don’t let her escape. You may only use a little force to hold her back if needed. If you hurt her, I will shoot you” I told the guys as we got in the elevator. I heard three 'yes sir’s and it pleased me. These were my trusted henchmen. They never took my word for granted and I really hoped that Y/N wouldn’t either. To be honest I was already keen to her. Whoever the guy was would be very sorry for yanking her hair like that and pushing her into that ugly car.

                                                          In less than a quarter we were in front of the house that the address belonged to. I saw the car parked onto the lawn and even one of the doors were open. So I got out of my car with my three henchmen walking behind me. The house had two floors and it was white. It was outside the heart of the city, but we could still see all the city buildings from the neighbourhood. So we got behind the door and I noticed that the damn fool had left it open. “Is he drunk or something?” I whispered as we walked inside. As soon as we got inside, I smelled alcohol strongly in the dirty air. Things were sprawled all across the carpeted floor and I was sure this guy had troubles.

Then I heard a sob coming from ahead of us. We all walked closer and then I heard glass being broken. “The next time it will hit you!” A man yelled angrily. I grabbed my special made gun and then walked to the mess. I saw a living room that was completely trashed. In the  middle of everything I saw a man with a dirty black hoodie and jeans. On the floor I saw a crying woman covered in blood and bruises.

Suddenly my eyes widened. It was Y/N!

“You’re such a whore..You’re sleeping with a damn ugly clown man” The drunken man hissed and it angered my henchmen as well. “I would not say that if I were you” I cleared my throat and walked up to the man. He turned around the same second as I hit his face with my gun. He covered his nose with his bloody hands immediately. Then I nodded and my henchmen attacked him. I let them take care of that sad loser and I turned to Y/N who could barely keep her eyes open.

The sight made me feel strange even tho I had seen gore and blood for years now.

Y/N had a black eye. Her clothes were ripped off and she was wearing her underwear and her jeans that were by her ankles. She had bruises around her neck, shaped as fingerprints. She could barely keep her eyes open, especially the one that was swollen and bruised. Shards of glass had cut her skin on her shoulders and arms. She was covered in wounds and there was a large bruise on her ribs. I just stared at her in shock. I couldn’t imagine that something this bad could happen to her.

“Y/N” I said her name softly and suddenly she moved her eyes up to me. They were red from crying that I had already seen once. “D-Don’t..” She whimpered weakly in fear as I tried to touch her. I didn’t intend to hurt her, but she was completely taken by fear. It made me so angry. I had an amazing plan for tonight but this asshole had ruined everything. How did he dare to hurt 6277 like this?!

“Michael, help her into a better position” I demanded and turned to look at my men. Michael nodded and hurried to Y/N. I stared at the pig that was being held against the wall by my other two men. I loaded my gun and looked into his ugly small eyes. The man that thought he had been so tough looked like a ghost. His skin got pale as he saw me.

“Who the fuck are you?” I hissed angrily and pointed my gun against him. “Y/N’s boyfriend” He spat some blood. I’m glad he had gotten a punch. Confusion washed over me. She told me she didn’t have a boyfriend. “Well at least not anymore you pile of trash” I growled and hit his face with my gun. His nose cracked and I knew I broke it this time. Tears stung the man’s eyes and I knew he was blinded by the pain. “You fucking idiot clown” The man gasped with a harsh voice. I moved my finger in a no motion.

Tsk tsk, I would want to watch my mouth if I were you” I warned him and then smiled. His eyes got filled with fear. He would die tonight. I put my hands on his shoulders and then hit his crotch hard with my knee. He yelled out in pain, but I just repeated smashing his most sensitive parts with my leg. “NO! STOP! PLEASE!” He was bagging in raw pain. It was like music to my ears. “This is for hurting Y/N” I let him know and then hit his forehead with the gun. He was crying by now and I enjoyed the sight.

“If I had nowhere to go, I would stay here to play with you, but I need to go” I sighed and then pressed the tip of my gun under his chin. He tried to beg for mercy, but I pulled my trigger and then a loud bang echoed in the house. The bullet pierced through his skull and life escaped his eyes like an exploded light. I smiled and stepped back. My henchmen let him go and the numb body fell onto the floor. I blew the smoke out of my gun and put it in my pocket. Then I turned back to Y/N who was now on her back with a pillow under her head. Michael had covered her barely clothed chest with a blanket he had found from the couch.

I wasn’t sure if the asshole had been her boyfriend or not, but I still felt sorry. And I thought I was the bad guy here..

I leaned down and carefully wrapped my arms under her body. Then I picked her up in my arms bridal style. At that point I didn’t really care if I got blood on my clothes. Y/N was mine, even tho we weren’t in a relationship.She was my bartender, my project and we had plans tonight. Even tho I hated to admit it, I didn’t like to see her in pain. After watching her for months from afar, making sure she was perfect for this little project, I had grown very keen into this woman. This was simply unfair towards her.