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Stop You Myself

Request: Can you do a reggie imagine based off of these please 😊 22 23 24 26

Prompts: #22 “You had one job!” #23 “How is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?” #24 “You need to stop.” #26  “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.

a/n; I love Reggie, and I’m really annoyed by how bad this turned out

Word Count: 508

Pairing: Reggie Mantle X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Reggie.” I muttered under my breath as I searched through his bag, he had left it with me well he went to do something, I can’t really remember, right now I’m more concerned about the fact that my River Vixens uniform top isn’t in here, it’s a long story and it’s nothing like it sounds since I’m saying my boyfriend should have my shirt. “You’re in trouble.” I heard faintly, making me look up to see Moose looking between Reggie and I. I crossed my arms, patiently waiting for Reggie to come over here, “you had one job!” I sighed, as he sheepishly looked at me. 

“You couldn’t have just put the top in there when I texted you?” I asked, pouting up at him, his friends found it quite amusing how easy it was for him to listen to me. “Sorry.” He laughed under his breath, picking his bag up off the chair, searching around in it. He glanced up at me and raised an eyebrow, “how is it that you’re a complete flop at everything you do?” He remarked, pulling the top out of the dark back pack.

I tore it from his grip, “how?” I mumbled, narrowing my eyes at him. “You’re pushing your luck, Mantle.” I warned, he rolled his eyes, “sure I am.”


“You need to stop.” Reggie stated, and I froze, pizza slice half way into my mouth. “What?” My voice was muffled by the food, “this.” He motioned to me sitting peacefully on his bed, eating a piece of pizza I stole from him. “What?” I asked again, this time not having any food in my mouth. I raised an eyebrow, “stealing your food?” I asked for confirmation, he nodded, continuing his pointless workout, he can skip one night, to hang out with me. 

“Babe.” I whined, watching as he did push ups, laughing at my child-like tendencies, “if you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself.” I stated, being completely serious, he only laughed again. “Sure you will, Y/N.” He rolled his eyes. I raised my eyebrow, putting the food down and standing up, trudging over to him. 

My feet were directly in his sight line as he continued his actions. I sighed, lowering myself to be on the floor, sliding under him like I’ve done many times before. He always falls for it, he just doesn’t realize it. Every time he lowered himself down he would peck my lips, not that I was complaining. 

He kept doing this until I placed my hand on the back  of his slightly damp neck, keeping him from going back up again. I smirked against his lips as I felt him stop trying to pull back, “damn it.” He mumbled as he moved back so we could breathe, “you fall for it every time.” I smirked up at him, he rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, yeah.” He sighed, lowering himself down once again, now this is a better way to spend our time.

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Scenario where reader is trashikawa's twin sister and they fall in love w/ iwaizumi???

clenches fist im a sucker for this scenario cliche okay i lOVE IT

“Tooru?” You asked poking your head in the gym the brunette almost jumping out of his skin when he hears your voice, “W-What are you doing here?! I told you to wait outside!” Oikawa exclaimed, the team behind him only looking at you with complete confusion.

“Is that his girlfriend?”

“No way, she’s too cute to date someone like captain.” Hanamaki answered Matsukawa not even bothering to whisper making him and Matsukawa laugh before Iwaizumi spoke, “Even if she was I feel pity since she has to deal with trash.” He added making the duo only laugh more.

“Iwa-chan!” Oikawa whined with a pout before looking over at you already seeing your eyes wide with pure excitement, “Iwaizumi?!” You shouted looking back at the male.

You almost let out a squeal before rushing over to the male, “[Name]-chan!” Oikawa whined as you rushed to his best friend.

You didn’t seem to care about your brother and his whines seeing as you grabbed Iwaizumi’s hands and looked at his face with an excitement. One thing was for sure.

His hands were warm and he had definitely grown compared to the last time you saw him. His jaw was more chiseled, his arms were bigger, he was taller and he had grown more attractive.

Time had done him well in your eyes.

“Ah you’re so much taller! I can’t believe it’s really you!” You rambled with excitement Iwaizumi’s face practically growing red when he put two and two together and realized it was you from his childhood with Oikawa.

Sure enough you were still the cute girl he was always staring at back in the day. He had probably walked past you multiple times in the hall and hadn’t even realized it was you, most likely because he had to put up with Oikawa’s shit.

He was baffled as to why he hadn’t see you once in the gym waiting for your brother to finish his training.

But he was bluntly reminded as to why, “[Name]-chan you’re cute.” Matsukawa stated bluntly making you stop your rambling as you snapped your head over to the male. You blinked twice before your face burst into red, “Ah, she’s so small that makes her even cuter.” Hanamaki stated making your face grow even more red (if that was possible).

No doubt Oikawa always told you to wait outside because of the two next to him.

“[Name]-chan! Quit holding Iwa-chan’s hands!” The brunette whined stubbornly coming up to the two of you, “And you two!” He shouted pointing at the duo that went on about how cute you were, “Stop perving on my cute little sister!”

“So she’s a little sister? But she’s nothing like you.” Hanamaki grinned making his partner in crime snort as Oikawa looked like he was literally about to blow a fuse at the duo.

You only let out a sigh before looking back at Iwaizumi with a red face, “I better go before he starts something with those two…” You muttered before a smile grew on your not as red face.

“I have to see you again, Iwaizumi! I’ll stop by tomorrow to talk to you again, okay?” You said, the male only letting out a word seeing as he felt like his mouth wouldn’t do him justice.

You were still the same cute girl; you were still easily excited by something that could be so little; you had grown taller (but still shorter than him); and you would still stand on your tippy toes when you spoke excitedly.

“Great!” You excitedly said letting go of Iwaizumi’s hands and grabbing Oikawa’s shirt, “Come on, Tooru! Mom’s waiting!” You cheered pulling him with ease making him fall to the ground as he whined.

“[Name]-chan! Stop pulling me!”

As soon as you left Iwaizumi’s face finally bursted into full red as he took note of your words that you were coming tomorrow and you’d probably hold hands with him again if he was lucky enough.

“Ah, he blew a fuse.” Matsukawa noted, “Captain got so embarrassed over a girl, how cute~.” Iwaizumi glared at the duo, “Shut up!”

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Hi ^^ BTS reaction to you meeting them for the first time at a fansign

Taehyung: He he would find you one of the cutest things he had seen all day. He would want to leave a good impression on you, something that you would go home and replay in your head for the next few hours if not days. He would move the loose hair out of your face or tuck a few strands behind your ear if you let him.

You’re too sweet- How am I supposed to be cool around you?”

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Yoongi: I think he would like Taehyung and try to make an impression on the person so that he would stand out from the rest of the boys. He would compliment the person and listen carefully to what they had to say to him, holding your hand in the process.He would nod along and reply softly to what you said.

I’’m listening, please keep talking.” “What a brat.” “I’m really glad that’s working out for you-”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jeongguk: Boi the fan service in this one is strong as it is, so if he saw someone who caught his attention, this would multiply by three. He would hold your hand the whole time if you let him, laughing at the things you said and just overall enjoying your company. Taehyung would tease him and try to steal your attention, causing Jeongguk to playfully shove the other boy

Wait your turn! Can’t you see we’re having a very important conversation?”

Originally posted by payperclyps

Hoseok: He would instantly melt when he saw you, especially since you were so nervous. Whenever you got over to him, he would do his best to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while you spoke with him. He would ask if you were going to one of their concerts, pouting slightly when you said you couldn’t because of a test.

Ahhh, you’re not?- That’s too bad, I really wanted to see you again, I’m really enjoying our conversation! Wishing you luck on your test, you’ll do great, I’m sure of it!” 

Originally posted by hoseokwhy

Jin: He would get lost in your conversation, not listening to the things around him, just you and your voice. He would nod here and there and smile softly at certain things you said. Your voice was just so soothing to him. Whenever you asked him if he was okay, he would take your hand in his and smile. 

Of course, I guess I just got lost in your voice. Please, continue.” 

Originally posted by bangtanjaemi

Namjoon: He would be very into your conversation, listening very carefully in the loud, crowded area just to make sure he heard everything you had to say. He would be quite giggly, showing off his precious dimples. When you gently poked one of them he would become a little shy before grabbing on of your hands and making you poke yourself in the cheek. 

You’re too cute-” *poke* “So that’s how it’s gonna be?” *poke*

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Jimin: He would be the one to get flustered the most when you compliment and tell him that you’re extremely proud of him and the other boys. Overall, you supporting him and telling him how them and their music makes you feel would make him gush, reaching for your hand when you looked as if you were going to cry. Using his other hand to lift your chin so you were looking into his eyes, he would give you a warm smile. 

Don’t cry. If you cry then I’ll cry, and trust me. I’m nowhere near as pretty as you when I cry.” “If you ever feel bad, just listen to me sing, listen to my voice. If that doesn’t work, cheesecake makes everything better.”

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Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you enjoy!


Ah, Ah, you woke up with a sharp pain. “Hey baby Styles calm down,” you said to your protruding belly. You rubbed your belly for the next few minutes hoping to calm the baby down. Why is he so fussy tonight you wondered? You hadn’t been able to sleep more than thirty minutes at a time. Okay, you thought, maybe this will subside soon, if not you’d call someone.

About twenty-five minutes later you felt the pain again. Shit this really hurts you thought. Maybe getting up and walking around will help. As you started to get up you felt something slick in your underwear. You can’t be in labor could you? 

You weren’t due for another two weeks. And Harry wasn’t here to help you because he was finishing up their tour, thinking that if he was back next week it’d be fine. You made your way to the kitchen to get some water. You stood by the sink sipping the water hoping the pain was gone, unfortunately five minutes later you clutched your abdomen waiting for it to stop so you could move.

Okay you were definitely in labor. You grabbed your phone and called an Uber because you definitely weren’t in any condition drive. You tried calling Harry, but he wouldn’t answer. Are you fucking kidding me Harry? I know you’re probably busy, but dammit this is important! You called Niall next, knowing that he normally always picked up his phone. It’s 5 am here in L.A. which means that it’s 1 pm in London. Niall thankfully picked up on the third ring.

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A/N: If you get the reference in the title, I will love you forever! Hint: Charles, Xavier. -Admin Germane :3

Originally posted by fawnave

Word Count: 1482

You first saw him at a club a few days ago. You normally didn’t frequent these places, and were feeling out of place in your little black dress. You had only come to listen to the new band that was performing, but the booze was plentiful, and soon you were tipsy and starting to become bold in your actions. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed him sit down next to you.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing in a crappy place like this?” he asked you. His voice was smooth, his eyes dark, and his face was beautiful. Honestly, he was prettier than most people in the world, and it was a wonder why he was talking with you.

“I needed to…release some tension.” you said. You picked your words carefully, his lean but muscular body was eye candy for you and you had to bite your cherry stained lips from releasing a groan.

“Oh, is that so? Have you been able to release this tension?” he smirked, placing his hand on your left thigh. His thumb stroked the exposed skin carefully, thoroughly, before his hand squeezed softly. You licked your lips, subconsciously moving towards his touch as you shook your head. The man tsked, his eyes growing darker as his hand moved higher. He leaned down towards your ear, nipping the skin softly before speaking.

“Would you like me to help you feel good?” his voice grew husky and his lips were plush, hot, and wet against your skin.

“Please?” you moaned softly. The man led you out to the dance floor, molding himself to you as his hips moved sinfully against yours. You returned his passion, moving your hips and throwing your arms around his shoulders as your lips nibbled at his neck. You could feel the man growl in his throat and he leaned down to place a hot kiss on your lips. You melted in his arms, kissing him back with fervor. His lips were so soft, you didn’t want to stop kissing him. But the nagging voice in the back of your mind woke up and red sirens flashed in your mind.

“H-Hey,” you mumbled, pulling his hands off of your body. “I-I’m sorry, but I have a boyfriend.” you admitted softly.

“What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.” the man smirked, leaning down to capture your lips again but you stepped away.

“I’m sorry. You’re really attractive and an amazing kisser, but-”

“Then stay.” he tempted, trying to get closer to you but you kept stepping back.

“I can’t. Sorry.” you rushed, making a run towards the door but he grabbed your wrist.

“Will I ever see you again? I didn’t even get your name.” he looked at you with pleading eyes and your heart skipped a beat.

“Don’t count on it. I’m sorry.” you ripped your hand away and left the club in a rush. You felt awful for betraying your boyfriend, but why did you feel even worse for leaving this mystery man behind?


You were out of milk. That was the only reason you went to the grocery store two days later. It was supposed to be a get in, get out mission, but the coupons and sales at the door tempted you. Before you knew it you were ripping out coupons and putting bargain priced foods in your shopping cart.

“Hmm, there’s a buy one get one free deal on pints of ice cream. Should I?” you muttered to yourself, looking down at the ad wearily. You had already picked up deals on discounted pasta, peanuts, and salad mixers. Also grabbing a deal on tomatoes and garlic for 69 cents a pound. You turned down the frozen isles subconsciously, staring at the ice cream in the case with a glare.

“You’re the devils food, you are.” you muttered, grabbing one chocolate and one cookies and cream. Your roommate was on her period, and she’d thank you later for picking up her favorite ice cream. That’s when you saw him.

He stood at the other end of the isle, looking at the frozen vegetables. He looked different from when you last saw him; he wore dad jeans and a pastel pull over sweater, and he had large, circular wire-rimmed glasses perched over his eyes. His hair was tousled and messy, but that somehow only made him look more attractive. His lips were just as you remembered; pink and plump. You were so shocked you dropped one of the ice creams, and it rolled and rolled, gently hitting his foot. He looked down, picking up the ice cream and searching for the owner when his eyes locked with yours. He moved towards you, a small smirk etched on his lips.

“I believe this is yours?” he asked, handing you the ice cream.

“You look different.” you spoke without thinking, and he chuckled at your outburst.

“I could say the same about you,” he eyed you carefully, staring at your low-cut shirt, gray sweatpants, and black converse.

“I didn’t expect staying here for long.” you admitted, running a hand through your messy hair.

“It’s alright, I’m a bargain hunter too. You look cute though.” he smiled and you stared at him in shock; whether out of the compliment or that you met someone that liked couponing as much as you did.

“Do you mind if I shop with you?” he asked, you bit your lip hesitantly.

“I guess.” you agreed, and the man’s face lit up.

“It’s Seokjin, by the way.” he held out his hand to you when he brought his own cart over to yours. You took it.

“Y/N.” you allowed a small smile to spread over your cheeks.

You forgot to buy the milk.


After the shopping incident you allowed Seokjin to become your friend, letting him over to your place more and more; mainly to have a fun cooking buddy. He was sweet, corny, but seductive at the same time. Multiple times you had to remind him of your taken status when his hands traveled too low during a hug or when his eyes lingered for too long. And multiple times you had to excuse yourself, trying to stop your racing heart.

You were at his place today, curled up on his couch as you watched a chick-flick with him. Your boyfriend didn’t like the sappy romance much, but Seokjin did, so he became your movie buddy. You both were watching “The Notebook” today.

“Don’t you think it’s so romantic Seokjin? He wrote to her, every single day.” you gushed. Seokjin chuckled, the arm he placed around your shoulders tugging you closer.

“Yeah, it is. But I’m a much better kisser than Ryan Gosling is.” he tsked, watching the kissing scene in the rain with dissatisfaction.

“Oh c'mon, that scene is iconic! You’re just jealous.” you protested.

“Am not! I can prove it though.” he smirked, leaning his head down closer to yours. You scooted away.

“I have a boyfriend, remember?” you reminded him and he groaned.

“Alright! Fine! I cave Y/N, you win! Now please, just kiss me. I haven’t kissed you in a week, your boyfriend is dying here.” Seokjin begged, giving you the biggest puppy dog eyes in the world. You giggled and gave him what he wanted.

His lips attacked yours, savoring the feel and the taste that was purely you. You smiled at his eagerness and cupped his cheeks, giving him more stability to work with. His hands ran through your hair, pulling you closer in a frenzy of passion and pent up frustration. He made out with you for what seemed like forever, his tongue joining the party somewhere in the mix, before he finally let you go, both of your faces flushed and lips bruised.

“Jesus babe, I didn’t think you’d last that long.” you laughed as he brought you into his arms.

“What can I say, I’m pretty amazing, but your acting is getting better baby!” Seokjin encouraged, giving you a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you, but you owe me dinner now, and it better be beef. I think I deserve it for not touching my boyfriend for a week.” Seokjin scoffed.

“You?! What about my pain? I had to flirt but not touch to stay in character, that was torture when you looked so pretty.” he whined.

“You broke character first, and rules are rules.” you teased, and Seokjin pouted.

“Fine. But we’re not doing another role-play session for a while; I need to memorize your body again, it seems like it’s been forever since I last touched you.” he said, letting his hands wander down to cup and squeeze your ass.

“You’re so needy Seokjin.” you moaned softly, and he smirked.

“You’re one to talk babe. C'mon, I don’t think I can wait any longer before I lose my self-control.”

Guilt Part 2

A/N. Sooooo, this was so highly requested that I just had to do another part. (I also wanted to because holy mother of gods I’m so into writing this and I’m stopping myself from making it too fast paced and it’s so hard but yeah) But this will be the penultimate part, I’ve decided. I’m just so invested in portraying Draco as the character he really is - he’s truly a kind and caring person, but of course he’s got this dark side and idk he’s BEAUTIFUL AND HOT. But I hope you enjoyed this, and for some reason this chapter reminds me of ‘Famous Last Words’ by MCR, so if you want to give that a listen, go on ahead :)

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Warnings: Choking, voyeurism.

“Babe, I know you’re really nervous about this but I promise everything will be okay.”

You nodded at Bobby’s soothing words before you leaned up to press a chaste kiss to his lips. He stood still, letting you reassure yourself for a moment, before he pulled away and reached for your wrists. You let him lead you to the bed and tried your hardest to avoid glancing at the figure just out of reach.

Bobby brought his hands to your cheeks and held your gaze for what seemed like forever before he spoke. “Just watch me,” he murmured, “keep your attention on me.”

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Omg I found an bnha imagine bloggg!b!! If it's not a problem can I request a jealous kaachan please?

It’s not a problem at all, I hope you enjoy this! 

Bakugou had never really noticed ___ before, then again he didn’t care for anyone at the school unless they left some kind of mark on him. However, after the Sports Festival he started to notice ___ more and more, now she wasn’t just some person he never cared to remember. She gained some recognition from Bakugou when he noticed how truly powerful her quirk was, even if it didn’t seem so at first because of its draw backs. But, while he may have noticed ___, he also noticed that she was actually relatively popular among the 1st years, whether it be with the boys or the girls. It didn’t sit well with him at all, it made his blood boil whenever he saw someone flirting, or even speaking with her. He couldn’t even understand why, they weren’t even friends. Not for the lack of trying of course, she did try to befriend him multiple times before but he’d either ignore her or tell her to shut up. 

One day, however, when Bakugou thought he was running out of patience, he saw someone else talking to ___ and he noticed something. She looked extremely uncomfortable, but the guy talking to her either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Bakugou blew a fuse when he saw the random guy try to make a move on her. Bakugou rushed to where they were, wrapped his arm around ___, and pulled her close to him. He glared at the offending male and snarled out, “She’s mine, you bastard. Now get out of here before I decide to blow you to bits!”

Knowing full well Bakugou would, he ran off. While watching him run off Bakugou heard ___ soft laughter, “I really appreciate the help, but I don’t think you needed to scare him that badly.”

“Well, maybe, ____, if you hadn’t seemed so pathetic I wouldn’t have needed to come help in the first place.” She looked up at him questioningly, “What? No thank you for my services?’

“Since when have you actually known my name?”

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?!”

“You don’t know anyones name. Wait, were you actually jealous?”

At the mention of that, Bakugou immediately let go of her, “W-what reason would I have to be jealous over someone as pathetic as you?!?!”

___ gave him a knowing smile, she put her hands on her cheeks and pouted, “Awww, Bakugou, why did you let go of me? You were so warm~”

Her comment made his face turn completely red, “Oi, shut up!”

“I knew it, you were jealous! Who knew you had such a cute side.”

“Call me cute one mo-”

“Don’t worry,” she grabbed hold of his hand and looked up at him, smiling, “I won’t tell anyone as long as I’m the only one who can see you that way.”

Bakugou just looked away and called her an idiot under his breath. 

The Marble Machine

((Not a prompt, just something I felt like writing based off of this video. (Y/F/N) stand for Your Full Name. This also takes place in the GTA!AU. -Mod Kim))

The Marble Machine

Michael Jones only took one day off of work every year. He never requested time off for if he was sick or injured or extra vacation days. Every year he would request a single day off and every year Geoff said yes without thinking much of it. But after five years of Michael being in Geoff’s crew and asking for the same day off every year Geoff is bound to get curious so when Michael came up to Geoff with the customary “time-off” form filled out, Geoff asked about it.

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A New Way Of Life ch. 6

Warning: Cuss words. Stuff/things.

Ch. 1              Ch. 3              Ch. 5

Ch. 2               Ch. 4

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

“Oh god Negan!” you moaned as Negan thrusted back deep inside you as you wrapped you legs around him trying to keep him as close as possible.

“That feel good baby girl?” he asked as he continued to thrust. You moaned feeling him deep inside you. He seemed to get joy from the noises of your pleasure under him. “You have to wake up now.”

Confusion painted your face as you looked up at him as he stilled inside you.

“Come on doll wake up. Wake up!”

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Dads Never Approve of Dates

From this request: ReaderXGabriel fic where the Reader is either Sam or Deans kid but Gabe doesn’t know?


“Yoo-hoo. Boys!”

The voice startled you, causing you to grab a weapon, just like your dad and uncle had taught you. You jumped off the couch and crouched behind it, lying in wait for the intruder to show his face.

A man who looked to be the age of your uncle walked into the room. He had a shock of dirty blonde hair and a self-righteous attitude.

“Dean-o! Sammy boy! Where are you?” The man turned and finally saw you. A look of surprise crossed his face. “Well, hello there. Who are you?”

You said nothing, simply studied the man. You’d learned a lot over the past few months from the two men who lived here in the bunker—things about analyzing a situation and the people who may or may not be dangerous.

“Come on, little one. It’s okay. I’m a good guy, I swear.”

You stood, holding the knife in front of you.

“Huh,” he said. “Not so little, I guess.”

It was true, you’d gotten your height from your dad. “Who are you?”


“Gabriel? As in the archangel?”

“So you’ve heard of me,” Gabriel said, cocky smile on his face. “I’m flattered.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“This is my home.”

“Since when?”

“About six months ago.”

The angel nodded. “Well, I’m looking for the Winchesters. You know where they are?”

“They’re off on a hunt.”

“Is my brother with them?”

“You mean Castiel?”

“What other angel do you know that hangs out with them?” Gabriel asked. “Wait. Are they hanging out with another angel besides Cas and myself?”

“What are you, jealous?”

The angel pouted slightly. “No.” He studied you for a second. “But if you’re gonna be around here, maybe I can get some lovin’ from you.”

“In your wildest dreams.”

Gabriel winked before disappearing.


Over the next few months, the angel became notorious for popping in on you when you were alone. It was tempting to call him a stalker.

But that word had such a negative connotation and Gabriel… Gabriel was one of the sweetest men you’d ever known.

The night he stole a kiss from you was quite possibly the greatest night of your life.

Until the next night, when he brought you flowers.

And the following night, when he brought you a box of chocolates (which you more than willingly shared with him, knowing all about his sweet tooth).

The two of you eventually came to an understanding that you were each other’s one and only.

And yet, you still hadn’t told your father about him.

Nor had you told Gabriel who your father was.

From the bits and pieces he’d said, you knew that he thought of you simply as a sidekick for Sam and Dean, an extra hunter they happened to pick up.

You couldn’t find it in yourself to correct him, to change his view.

Until that fateful night when your dad walked in on you and Gabriel cuddling on the couch.


You jolted up at the sound of your dad’s voice, turning and finding him standing behind the couch. “Hey… Dad.”

“Whoa, what?” Gabriel said, pulling his arm away from you.

“Gabriel, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Calm down, Sammy. It’s not what you think it is.”

“It looks like you’re trying to make a move on my daughter.”

“To be fair, I didn’t know she was your daughter.” Gabriel turned to you. “Though that sounds like a piece of information I should have been privy to.”

“I’m sorry,” you started, staring apologetically at the angel.

“Y/N, get over here.”

You knew better than to argue with your dad. You stood and walked over to him. The second you got near to him, he pulled you behind him, using himself as a barrier between you and the angel.

“Dad, I’m sorry.”

“Not now, Y/N.” Sam turned his attention back to Gabriel. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“We can be adults about this.”

“She’s not even legal, Gabriel!”

“Whoa, it’s not like we were doing anything naughty. Come on, I have more respect for her.” Gabriel studied Sam for a moment. “Besides, last thing I knew, you didn’t have a daughter. Let alone one who was a teenager.”

Sam shifted slightly on his feet. “I didn’t know about her until about a year ago.”

“So, what. She was a mistake from your teen years? A one and done and the mom kept her a secret?”

“Y/N’s not a mistake.”

At that moment, Dean walked into the room. “What’s going on here?”

“Gabriel’s dating Y/N.”

“Whoa, what?” Dean turned to you. “What are you thinking?”

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Like hell it isn’t.”

“Dean, please,” Sam said. “I’m trying to handle this.”

“Hey, I’m on your side, Sammy.”

“Dad, Uncle Dean, please. Gabriel has done nothing wrong. He… he’s the sweetest man and he would never hurt me.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that he’s centuries older than you,” Dean said.

“I don’t want you two spending time together anymore,” Sam said.

You frowned at your dad. Then an idea came to you. “You do realize that if you don’t let me see him, I’ll turn into a typical teenage rebel, right? I’ll run off with Gabe and–”

“Sweetheart, you forget that your dad and I have a lot of tools and tricks to keep you locked up here,” Dean said.

“And you underestimate the sulk-power of a teenage girl who believes her parent and guardian are treating her unfairly.” You cocked your head to the side. “Think… PMS times twenty.”

A small wave of fear washed over Dean’s face. “You’re on your own with this one,” he said to Sam before hightailing it out of the living room.

You turned to your father. “Please, Dad. You know me. You know I won’t do anything stupid.” You took a step forward. “Please, trust me with this.”

Sam stared down at you, understanding (not for the first time) how others felt when he pegged them with his ‘puppy dog’ eyes. He sighed before turning to Gabriel.

“You touch her or hurt her, I’ll skin you alive.”

“You got it, Daddy-o.”

Sam turned back to you. “No bedroom at any time. You stay in ear-shot of your uncle and I at all times. And don’t even think about inviting him over when we’re not here.”

You ran to your dad and wrapped your arms around him. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Preference #51: Saturday Nights

Calum: “You did not just say we should Netflix and chill,” you gawked at Calum. Chin rested on the palm of your hand and elbow rested against the counter. Calum began to stutter, scratching at the back of his neck. “Maybe,” he mumbled, dragging out the vowel. Your eyebrow rose at him in question, lips pursing to the side. He gave you a sheepish smile then shrugged. “I’m not talking about Netflix and chill chill,” he explained “I meant like actually chilling. Pajamas, blankets, and snacks ya know?” You giggled at his sudden shyness, rolling your eyes and sliding off the bar stool. “Okay we can Netflix and chill,” you mimicked in Calum’s voice. You began to head towards the living room, stopping in track then turning back to look at him, “I need to borrow some pjs,” you timidly told him. Calum grinned at your words, walking pass you and into his bedroom to grab you some clothes. Soon the two of you were cuddled up on the couch watching The Emperor’s New Groove and munching on some Reese’s Pieces. Calum’s body was emitting warmth, making you want to fall asleep. You felt his chest rumble as he laughed at Kronk’s angel and demon personas bicker. “What if that actually happens in real life,” Calum mumbled. Your eyes opened at his words and you looked back at him with furrowed eyebrows. “What do you mean?” you asked, words morphing as you yawned. He looked down at you in shock, almost as if he wasn’t expecting you to reply. “Uh the like good and evil side of you popping up on your shoulders to give advice,” he said, “Like instead of the inner voices, we just get our tiny selves on our shoulders.” You laughed at his words and shrugged, “I think I’d get annoyed by them.” The conversation ended at that, your attention being turned back to the movie and once again sleep overtaking you.

Asthon: Ashton’s laughter rang out into the night sky, echoing out in the forest. “It’s not funny!” you giggled, blowing out the flaming marshmallow. A frown made its way onto your face as you looked at the charred ‘mallow. You groaned, peeling the now gooey treat off the skewer and tossing it in the trash. “I’m not cut out for camping,” you sighed, grabbing another marshmallow from the bag. Before you could even place it over the fire, Ashton stopped you. “Maybe I should roast this one,” he suggested, you looked at the fire then back to Ashton. So far you had burned two of the marshmallows and you weren’t prepared to make it three. “Good idea,” you said, handing over the skewer and taking the smore he had just made for yourself. You had no idea how Ashton convinced you to go camping with him, but here you were now at some camping site, pitched tent, crackling fire, and trying to make smores. You weren’t cut out for the wilderness. Never had been and probably never will be. You were born and raised a city kid, camping was something way at the bottom of your list. Ashton on the other hand sought adventure and was up for anything. “Now this is how you roast a marshmallow,” he said, handing the skewer over to you. “Perfectly toasted on each side and not a flaming mess,” he chuckled, nudging your side when you rolled your eyes. You placed the marshmallow on top of the chocolate then placed the graham cracker over it. “I could’ve done that,” you pfted, giving him a sly smile. Ashton rested his head on your shoulder, staring at the fire in thought. It had been a long day for you both; finding a campsite, then hiking for most of the day. He was happy that you had gone through it all, not once complaining except for the marshmallow fiasco. This adventure only brought you closer as a couple.

Michael: Saturday nights in the Clifford household was usually hectic. With three children, you always had to have something planned on the weekend. Whether it ranged from movie night or bowling allies, Michael always made sure your children had a great time. Everything was always a family event. It was almost as if Michael thrived on Saturdays. He enjoyed spending time with his children, not being able to see them part of the time due to his career. This time around was different, when Michael got home from work it was chaotic as usual, but not in the way he thought. “Whoa hey Mia, where are you going?” Michael questioned, stopping the twelve year old in track. She looked at him in confusion, Michael pointing down to the bag under her arm. “I’m spending the night at Delilah’s remember,” she said, trying to refresh his memory. Before Michael could even answer Miles, the oldest of the three, raced down the stairs while throwing on his jacket. “Where are you going?” he asked the teen, now staring at both the kids. Miles eyebrows rose, similar eyes to yours widening. “I thought you had to work late,” he slowly said, glancing down at his phone. “I’m always home on Saturdays, where are you going?” Michael asked again. Miles grinned at his father, “I have a date and if I don’t leave now I’m gonna be late,” he quickly said, “Bye, love you!” A sigh left Michael’s lips and he looked at Mia, shrugging his shoulder and nodding his head towards the door. “Mom’s waiting in the car isn’t she?” he asked, earning a nod from her in return. “Alright go, I guess I’ll just watch a movie tonight…ALONE!” he shouted the end as she ran out. He turned around, stopping in track when he spotted the five year old, the little girl practically a replica of him. “I’m still here,” Myra pouted, referring to the words her father just said. Michael grinned, bending down to pick her up. “Yes you are sweet pea! And since it’s just you, we can do whatever you want tonight,” he said, poking her in the chest and walking towards the kitchen. Yeah this Saturday night was different, but it gave him some one on one time with his youngest child.

Luke: His eyes stayed trained on your face as you poured the drink. A smirk making its way onto Luke’s own face when you slid the shot in front of him with a smile. “Enjoy,” you said, beginning to grab some more liquor off the back wall and pouring someone else’s order. When Luke didn’t leave from his spot you rolled your eyes. Walking back over to where he was, you rested your elbows against the counter with a sigh. “What?” you asked him sweetly, giving him a smile. Luke looked down eyes lingering on your cleavage which was slightly sticking out from the top you were wearing. “Eyes up here you ass-hat!” you said, hitting Luke upside the head. He jumped at the slap, glaring at you. “I am a customer right now Y/N, you’re not supposed to hit your customers,” he exclaimed, the smirk on his face growing even more. You gave him the evil eye and Luke laughed loudly. “I’m so glad this place hired you,” he commented, head beginning to bob to the music playing out around the club. You shook your head at your best friend, playfully rolling your eyes before heading to grab another customer’s order. Once the bar had partially cleared you walked back over to Luke. “Are you not gonna go out and dance?” you questioned, “I see some girls giving you the look.” He looked out at the crowed, face scrunching up before shaking his head. “Nah it’s not the same without you being on the floor with me. Need my partner in crime,” he told you with a pout. You mimicked his expression, pulling out another shot glass and pouring yourself the same drink Luke had. You rose your glass up, clinking it with his then drowning it. Luke slammed the glass onto the counter with a loud clank then smiled. “Well at least I have you here to entertain me and chase off the pervs,” you last said, pouring him one more drink and going back to serving other people.

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For the drabble please, Gratsu and 26 <3

26) Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave

“Gray,” Natsu sniffs back moisture, “Gray please!”

Gray’s back stiffens, his resolve wavers. Does he have to sound so broken? “It’s for your own good, Natsu.”

“No, please,” Natsu sobs, grabbing onto Gray’s arm. “I’ll be better this time, just don’t leave me!” His voice cracks in a way that has Gray’s heart dropping into his stomach, fresh tears run down his cheeks.

Gray grits his teeth, yanks his arm out of Natsu’s grasp. “This is your own doing. You have to deal with the consequences.”

Natsu lunges for him again, gets ahold of his sleeve and clings with everything he has. “I said I was sorry! Don’t do this to me, Gray, I love you!

“Sorry doesn’t take back all that sugar you ate!” Gray snaps, whipping around to glare at his boyfriend. “You have a cavity and you need to have it worked on.” He rips his sleeve from Natsu’s hand.

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My beautiful Omega - Dean Winchester x Reader (Alpha/Omega & Teacher/Student) - Pt. 5

Title: My beautiful Omega

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,806

Warnings: Age gap, A/B/O dynamics, Teacher x student relationship

Original imagine: Imagine Dean being an Alpha who has not met his Omega. He doesn’t think that he has a mate so he has decided to live with Lisa Braeden, a Beta, whom he’s engaged to. He thinks he’s happy and in love until the day he meets you. His Omega and mate. Only problem is that you are a lot younger than him and a new student at the school he is a teacher.

Read other parts: Part 1 here! l Part 2 here! l Part 3 here! l Part 4 here!

“Try getting it into your fucking head! Damn it! She is my Omega! She is my mate!” he shouted at her angrily and Lisa’s eyes widened. Dean’s last words lingering in the air.

Dean breathed heavily. He had never shouted at her, never raised his voice at her but this time was different. He needed to make himself clear. He needed to explain how the situation truly was. He couldn’t just let her accuse him of something that was only natural. Of something that he had almost no control over. Of something that he could not help himself from. Of falling for you.

“What?” she breathed out in disbelief.

Dean dared to look up into her eyes, only to feel his heart ache more. He really wished things were different. He really wished there was another way for her to find out. He really wished he didn’t have to hurt her like this, but he could not do otherwise. He couldn’t help that, Lisa was his mate in word only, but you… you were the one, the one made just for him, his perfect match, the two of you born to be together. And Lisa could not get that. She would have never been able to get it. Lisa couldn’t understand, she was a Beta. She didn’t understand how it was between Alpha and Omega mates, how they’d just know.

“No, no no” she breathed out shaking her head “Dean, I-I’m your mate. She- she…” she trailed off, putting a hand on her forehead.

“Lisa, I’m sorry but-” Dean started, trying to comfort her, but she cut him off.

“Sorry for what Dean?! For looking at another woman the way that you did?!” she all-but-shouted.

Dean let out a sigh and, despite the anger he felt, he composed himself and spoke quietly “I told you. She. Is. My. Mate. She is not just another woman Lisa!” he clenched his fists, preventing himself from shouting.

Lisa did not hold herself from shouting, though “I am your mate Dean!”

“She is not! She is not your mate! She is noth-” she started shouting again but Dean cut her off, his anger having taken the best of him.

“SHE IS!” he roared “Damn it Lisa! She. Is. My. Omega. She is my true mate!” he shouted and then tried to calm himself “I’m sorry. But I have known it for a long time. Ever since I saw her all those years ago I… She is the one Lisa” he ended up saying in a low voice.

“No- no” she shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks “She- she can’t be. I-I… I am your mate Dean. She can’t be” she ended up saying in a broken voice. Before Dean could say anything else Lisa had ran off.

Dean followed her, only to be stopped by the guest room’s door to be slammed on his face. He let out a sigh and looked down, mumbling a last ‘I’m sorry’

He went downstairs after that, deciding to occupy himself with school work and checking out essays instead of staying outside the room’s door; waiting for her to come out. He knew that she was not going to come out any time soon and even if she did, Dean was not sure what he was going to tell her anymore. He ate what was left of yesterday’s dinner, neither him nor Lisa having cooked anything else for today, and started correcting yesterday’s essays.

He let out an exasperated sigh as he finished checking the last essay. He had a few more but he really was not in the mood to continue, it was late and he really had no more energy to go on. He closed shut another book, putting aside the essays he had already gone through, and got up from his chair.

He made his way out of his desk-room and upstairs to where Lisa was. He saw the door still closed, knocking on it and waiting for a response. When none came he decided to speak.

“I’ll go by Sam’s, might go at a bar later” he mumbled and turned to walk away.

A 'Don’t get too drunk’ was heard from the other side of the door and Dean nodded at her words, although he knew that she couldn’t see him.


“Yeah, yeah don’t worry I’ll check her blood results myself” Sam said, taking the envelope from Meredith’s hands.

“Alright then, so I will go check up on Elena. She hit her head pretty hard and I’m waiting for the x-Ray” she said with a smile at him.

“Oh Jo checked up on her before. She’s doing fine, and Jo said that the x-Ray will be ready in a while.” Sam said and she smirked at him.

“Sam Winchester are you trying to make me stay here with you?” she asked with a laugh.

“Maybe” Sam said sheepishly.

“So you want me to neglect my job?” she smirked at him more.

“What? No! Of course not! I just… want you to spend some more time with me” he admitted with a shy smile. He and Meredith had known each other ever since they were kids and were really happy to see each other when he started working at the hospital. They had really gone well with each other. It did not take long for each other, though, to realize that they were actually made for one another. Forming a relationship just a few years ago.

“Sam, I want that too. But we have job to do now. Besides, can’t you just wait a few more hours till we go home? Then I will be all yours” she tried to reassure him, pecking his lips as he pouted.

“But I want to spend some more time with you now” he said with a puppy face.

“Yeah, well, too bad for you Moose. You are not!” Dean said leaning on the door frame. Meredith smiled at him and Sam just rolled his eyes.

“Hello Dean” she said sweetly.

“Hey Mer” he replied.

“Well I will leave you two alone and go check up on Elena, because I seriously doubt Jo could have actually checked up on her from her house. Seeing as it’s her day off today” Meredith said with a smirk and after pecking Sam’s lips she made her way out of the door.

“How can I help you Dean?” Sam asked, though he seemed a little bit exasperated.

“Well good to see you too Sammy!” Dean said sarcastically.

“Sorry, Dean.” Sam smiled softly “I just had a rough day”

“Welcome to the club” Dean muttered, mostly to himself, and took a seat at a chair that was near Sam’s desk.

“Why?” Sam asked, having heard what Dean said.

Dean let out a sigh and looked up from his hands to his brother’s concerned face “Can I trust you with something?” he asked and Sam immediately nodded.

“Anything, you know it” Sam mumbled and after he let out another sigh, Dean began explain the whole situation. Starting from the very first moment he saw you, the moment he realized you were his mate, to just a few hours ago when he saw you again at the school.

“Whoa whoa wait a sec! So, you’re telling me that Lisa actually got angry at you for checking out another woman at school? A student at that!?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, Sam, and when I told her she was my true mate, Lisa just… she lost it” Dean shook his head.

“Man” Sam let out a sigh, leaning back on his chair “You’re in such a big mess.” he said and Dean only nodded.

“Dean, she is so young. So so younger than you. Hell, she is not even old enough to be legal” Sam said.
“Damn, I know it Sam! I know! But I can’t help it! I can’t help myself Sam. I can’t help what I feel for her. She is my mate Sam. My one and only” Dean ended up saying in a low voice, looking down at his hands.

Sam felt a smile appear on his face, happy that he brother had found his other half, the one that was meant for him “Tell me about her” he said.

Dean felt a smile spread on his face at the thought of you. He looked up at Sam and spoke “Man” he breathed out “She is the most beautiful woman- girl, whatever, I have ever seen in my life. Sure she was a cute and pretty girl when I first met her but now- Man, she is all I could ever ask for, not only appearance but in personality too. She is truly meant for me, I am more than sure about that. Damn, she has those beautiful big/small (Y/e/c) eyes, so innocent and beautiful that I could stare at them for hours. She had those amazing (Y/h/l) (Y/h/c) hair that I could run my fingers through them endlessly. And that freaking body that-” Dean continued and Sam cut him off.

“Whoa dude, take it easy. Don’t make it all Fifty shades of Gray here” Sam said with a chuckle and Dean laughed too.

“(Y/n) would have definitely been way better than that Anastasia chick” Dean said laughing more, though Sam’s chuckle was stopped abruptly.

“What?” Dean asked as soon as he took notice of his brother’s face.

“What- what is her last name?” Sam asked in a low voice.

“(Y/l/n). Why?” Dean frowned.

“All this time you’ve been talking about (Y/n), (Y/n) (Y/l/n)?” Sam asked again.

“Yeah, I don’t understand what’s the problem Sam?” Dean asked back.

“Does she look like this?” Sam said and pulled out a photo from his wallet, handing it to Dean.

And sure, there you were; probably a couple years younger, looking back at him with those beautiful innocent eyes he had grown to love. He brushed his hand softly over the photo and breathed out a “Yeah”. He stared at the photo for a while before realization down on him.

“Hey” he suddenly looked up at him"Why do you have a photo of her?“ he all but accused Sam of something.

"Hey, hold your horses Alpha. Your Omega is yours and only yours, no need to be jealous of your brother.” Sam said trying to make Dean relax “I just have a photo of her because she is-” Sam started speaking again, only to be cut off by another voice.

“Excuse me?” it was a soft voice, belonging to the person Dean wanted more than anything to see.

They both turned to look at the door. Dean felt his heart skip a beat at the sight in front of him. At you standing there.

At his Omega being there.

A Lost Bet (Taehyung smut)

*Sorry for going missing in action, school just started up again for me and it’s taking my time away*

You patiently waited for your boyfriend to come home. This time was different from the other time you were waiting.

You and your boyfriend, Taehyung would let bets and dares for each other. You both could be very playful with each other, making almost anything a bet or a dare.

But you lost the last one. Resulting in him doing his little victory dance and kissing your cheek while you pouted. You both challenged each other to beat each other’s high score on Piano tiles.

“There’s no way you got three crowns! Did you tell Kookie to play on your phone?”

“No, Y/N. He didn’t play when I asked him to.”


“I played for hours, I even played after you went to bed. Although it’s hard to pay attention when I had you cuddling me. I wanted to cuddle with you so bad that I lost on the first tile so many times.”

“Mhm.” You blushed, you loved when he cuddled with you. He was always cute about it, demanding cuddles with his cute aegyo.

“But it was all me, babe. I promise.”

“Let’s just start, I won’t go easy on you.”

“Best two out of three?” He held out his pinky, you hooked yours and pressed your thumbs together.

Three tries later, you had a new score on your phone and you were pouting about his game.

“It’s not fair.”

“I still love you, this won’t change anything between us.” You hit his chest as he tried to hug you. You just accepted his hug but not hugging him back.


“Since you won, what do you want?” Your bets were pretty free ended, usually you could decide what you wanted when you won whenever. Sometimes you would wait days just to torture him a bit.

“A lap dance.” He said rather plainly. You were blushing hard at that request.


“Are you going to reject it? I wouldn’t mind, then you could be my slave wife for a week.”

“Slave wife?”

“You do everything for me, but I treat you like my wife still. That includes changing me and washing me, baby.” He winked at the end and your mind wandered to what that would be like.

The thoughts alone made you blush.

“F-Fine, I’ll give you a lap dance.”

“Don’t forget to surprise me, Y/N~”

This lead you into now, still waiting for him to come home. You’ve never done anything sexual with him, the most being his touching your chest.

Sometimes he just randomly touch them. One time you were making dinner for both of you and he just randomly come up behind you and just squeezed your breasts.


“They’re so soft..” He kissed behind your ear, still caressing your breasts.

“When’s dinner going to be done? I’m hungry.” He stopped touching them, just wrapping his arms around you.

“I-In a few minutes.” He kissed your cheek and went back to the living room.

Amongst your reminiscing, you sat in the chair you had ready for him. You heard the lock to your apartment click and you readied yourself.

He opened the door, tired from practice and he looked at you. You curled and teased your hair which flowed into your shoulder, wore nothing but your underwear and his buttoned shirt and took the time to wear red lipstick and eyeliner.

Regardless of your attempt at being provocative, you felt comfortable and nervous about he thought.


“Take a seat, baby.” You walked over to him, taking his hand to guide him to the chair. You made him sit and you played Naughty girl in the background.

You played around with your hips, trying to act teasingly. You straddle him, his arm reaching for your butt as you slowly grind on him.

No doubt you were blushing, never doing something so provocative and sexy for the first time. He bit his lip, probably enjoying it all and you looked at him.

“So naughty, Y/N. You’ve caused a problem.”

You looked down and blushed more, he was aroused by this and you had no idea what to do.


“I’ll guide you through it.” He tucked strands of your hair behind your hair before kissing you softly. His breath was hot and breathed on your neck, letting goosebumps. He kissed your jaw and touched your breast. He groped one while kissing your neck.

“T-Tae.” He pulled away, just licking your collarbone.

“Your skin tastes so sweet, baby.”

“Let me help you.” You got on your knees, still trying to be sexy and took off his pants. You pulled down his boxers, and saw his cock.

It was big, and thick, and you grasped it with your hand. You looked at him for his reaction.

“Keep going, baby.”

You pumped him slowly, seeing him bit his lip again. You let your self take the lead, wanting to see his expression. You played with the tip a little, lightly sucking his tip and hearing a low moan from him.

“Don’t tease, baby.”

“Am I making you feel good?”

“Just wrap your pretty little mouth around me, baby.”

You take him into your mouth, and try to take in more of him. Your tongue wrapped around him and you bobbed your head.

“So fucking good, baby.”

You kept bobbing your head, taking more of him and stopping to lick him with your tongue.

“You’re a natural, baby. Shit.”

You pumped him with your hand, still licking his shaft and went back to taking in him in your mouth. A few licks later, he cursed loudly and his cum shot into your mouth.

“You really are a natural, baby.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi, can you write a wolfstar/jegulus story where they learn to dance? I love your writings:-)

Regulus groaned as James Potter stepped on his foot for what felt like the millionth time. “This is so stupid!” he exclaimed, stepping back. Peter cut the music and glanced over at Sirius and Remus. 

“Come on,” Sirius said, dropping his hands from around Remus’ waist. “it’s for my wedding. Can’t you stop being a little shit for two seconds?”

“Sirius,” Remus said chidingly.

“We’ve been taking ballroom dancing lessons since we could walk,” Regulus reminded his brother in annoyance. “And why do I have to dance with him?” Regulus pointed at James accusingly.

“Get that the fuck out of my face, mate,” James growled lowly.

“Because you two are the best men,” Sirius reminded them. “And therefore you have to dance together at my wedding. I want the wedding to be as gay as possible. I mean gay gay, not happy gay. Although it will be that too.”

“Losing the point, love,” Remus steered him gently. 

“Right,” Sirius said, nodding determinedly. “You’re both my brothers and for fuck’s sake you’re going to dance at my wedding! Got it?” 

Regulus rolled his eyes. “Check out bridezilla over here.”

“Do not start with me, Reg,” Sirius said warningly. 

“Why don’t we start the music again, huh?” Remus said, trying to be the peacekeeper as usual. “Peter?”

“On it,” Peter said, starting up the music again from his ipod and playing it through the speakers they’d set up.

Regulus scowled as James put his arms around him again and began to follow the steps they’d been taught. “I’m not exactly happy about this either,” James whispered to him quietly.

“Oh really?” Regulus spat out bitterly. “Do tell.”

“Well, you know, things have been a bit awkward between us,” James said, biting his bottom lip in concentration. He glanced down at their feet and Reg quickly tilted his face but up by his chin. “Since that night and…”

“Whose fault is that?” Regulus asked, purposefully stepping on James’ foot.

“I know it’s my fault,” James snapped at him. “We got drunk, we slept together and then I bailed. It was a shitty thing to do and I know that. But you didn’t tell me Sirius and Remus were staying with you while they finalized the paperwork on the house.”

“I didn’t know you would be ashamed of being with me,” Regulus shot back angrily. “If I had known, I never would have made a move on you.”

“Um, excuse you, I’m the one who made the move,” James said vehemently. “I’m the one who asked you out for a drink that night.”

“Yeah, well I’m the one who kissed you first,” Regulus reminded him. 

“Yeah, after a few pints,” James responded.

Regulus shoved him away. “This is so pointless,” he shouted, turning on his heels and heading for the exit. His hands were shaking and his gut was twisting and all he wanted was to get the hell out of there. 

“Reg, where are you going?” Sirius called after him. 

“I need a cigarette,” Regulus called back over his shoulder. 

Regulus sat down on the front steps of the dance hall and grabbed the packet of cigarettes from his breast pocket. He shook one loose and then lit it, inhaling deeply. 

The door behind him opened and shut and Regulus quickly debated who would come after him - Sirius to give him another lecture, Remus to try and coax him back inside, or James to continue talking. Regulus hated the idea of any of them.

“You shouldn’t smoke.”

James Potter it was then.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Regulus answered, taking a long drag of his cigarette and tilting his face up to blow the smoke out towards the sky.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” James said, walking forward to sit beside him.

Regulus eyed him disdainfully but didn’t say anything. After a few moments of silence, James sighed and tugged his fingers through his unkempt hair. “Look, I owe you an explanation.”

“No you don’t,” Regulus said quietly. 

“I do, actually,” James said, taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. 

Regulus sat there and waited, smoking his cigarette silently. The only noise was the light traffic on the street and Regulus’ soft exhales of smoke. “Well?” he said finally.

James gulped audibly and glanced over at Regulus. “I never told Sirius I had a crush on you,” James blurted out suddenly. “But I did, ever since school, and I never told him.” James rested his elbows on his knees and cupped his face in his hands like a pouting child. “That night when I heard him and Remus come in there were a million things running through my head. But the most persistent thought was I never told him and I didn’t want that to be the way he found out. I didn’t want him to think I was taking advantage of you or something. I wanted to tell him properly so he didn’t think I had shagged his little brother for a laugh.”

“He wouldn’t have thought that,” Regulus interjected, flicking the ash off his cigarette. “For one thing, you’re his best friend. For the other, he knew I had a thing for you. He used to tease me about it relentlessly. He never told you though because I begged him not to.”

James blinked at him and then groaned, burying his face in his hands. “I’m such an idiot.”

“Yeah, you kind of are,” Regulus said, wiggling closer and putting his arm around James. “So what was your plan then?”

James peeked out from behind his hands and sighed heavily. “I was going to ask you out properly and talk to Sirius. It sounds so old fashioned, but I was going to get his blessing. But the next time I saw you you were so angry with me, not that I blamed you. You wouldn’t even look at me and I thought I had ruined everything.” 

“You did,” Regulus informed him. “Nothing that can’t be fixed, though.”

James turned towards Regulus and nodded. “What do I do?” 

“You kiss me, idiot,” Regulus said with a smirk.

Sirius and Remus found them a few moments later, snogging passionately on the steps of the dance hall. Sirius cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest. “Excuse me, we have dance steps to learn.”

“Fuck off,” James and Regulus said in unison.

Sirius sputtered an looked at Remus for support. “Moony, do something!” 

Remus shrugged. “Why don’t we practice our first dance and give them some alone time,” he said, dragging his fiancee back inside. 

“But Moony!” Sirius complained as he was hauled back inside. 

“Maybe we should go back inside,” James said, craning his neck to look in through the windows.

“No way, James Potter,” Regulus said, turning his face back to look at him. “You owe me.”

James laughed and nodded. “Fine then,” he said, tugging Regulus forward. “I’m all yours.”

Regulus grinned and kissed James deeply. “Damn right you are.” 

Weasley Twins x Reader Part 3 (Final)

(Sorry anon, but I can only do fluff. Hope you enjoy this!)

Lately, people have been giving you weird looks and some of the girls even glared at you. People never noticed you before so how come—oh right. Fred and George Weasley. Dating you. Oh how cliché you thought.

“Is there something the matter, y/n?” Fred, who was on your left asked you.

“Nothing serious, it’s just that I’ve been noticing people glaring daggers at me. Not that I’m not used to it. Well, I kind of understand them since I’m, uh, dating you two.” you faked cough, your face heating a bit.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t think about it much. The important thing is we are together now and I really don’t care what people think.” George who was on your right shrugged, slinging his arm around your waist.

“Just like what George said, no worries at all. Are you having problems with both of us dating you, y/n? We can break up if you want.” Fred said hesitantly with a concerned look and at this you hastily replied to him,

“Merlin, I didn’t say that I wanted to break up! It’s just that it feels so cliché right now. Like some kind of a fairy tale.”

“You say fairy tale, but we say a dream come true for the both us.” George smiled, not just him but Fred also. Their smiles are really contagious that you can’t help but to smile too.

“That reminds me, you said that you have been waiting for me to confess to you guys. How long did you know that I have a crush on you two?”

“About that, it started since we knew that you drew a portrait of us.” Fred answered casually,

“Though, we didn’t confirm yet if it was really us that you were crushing on so we didn’t say anything about it.” George added,

“Until you yourself spitted it out saying that we are attractive, funny, and hot.” Fred and George chuckled at that.

“Oh bloody hell, shut up. I didn’t know someone was eavesdropping on me and Luna.” You huffed while pouting at it.

“Don’t worry darling, we found it cute when you confessed to us like that.” Fred pecked at your cheeks.

“We are still waiting for the kiss on the lips though.” George smirked.

“You know I can’t do that yet. I feel embarrassed doing it.” You said exasperatedly. “This dating thing is new to me since.. this is my first time.” You looked away, face redden more at the statement.

“Are you serious? Not joking around?” Fred asked and he with George looked surprised at this, and you shake your head ‘no’.

“Merlin, guess we are the first one then.” Both of them smiled at the new information they got.

“Yeah, you should be honored.” You rolled your eyes playfully at them.

“Say, you never did once kissed us. Not even a peck on the cheek. Why not trying it now? It’s better now than never.” George raised his eyebrow at you.

“I guess so.. Just a peck on the cheek though. No funny business. Just, low down your body a bit. You’re freakishly tall for your own good.” At this, George rolled his eyes and bend his body down a bit, enough for you to get close to his face. As you were almost about to give a peck on his cheek, he turned his head and your lips ended up on his own. You pulled away quickly, your face flushed bright red and your mind trying to comprehend what just happened.

“Hey, no fair! You get to kiss her first on the lips!” Fred pouted, smacking his brother while at it.

“First come, first serve.” George smirked at his twin.

Your mind finally clicked and you were so ready to leave them and thinking about what the heck just happened. Unfortunately, the twins noticed this and managed to get a grip on your waist.

“Look, her face is really red right now.” Fred laughed.

“y/n, you look really cute right now. Merlin, I want to kiss you again.” George smiled again, feeling content that he finally got to kiss you and trying to resist the urge to kiss you senseless.

“No,no. Lord, just let me go I’m so embarrassed right now and want to go hide in a hole right now.” Your arms flail, trying to escape from the twins grip.

“Next time, it’s my turn dear brother.” Fred huffed at his twin, clearly dissatisfied with him stealing your first kiss.

“Stop talking like I’m not here!”

“Ah y/n, we are almost late to class. Come on then, move along.” Fred and George said in unison, dragging you with them to escort you to Transfiguration class since you were a fourth year (You always said to them that they didn’t have to escort you to class but they insist and knowing the twins, saying no won’t stop them). You spotted the Golden Trio and Hermione along with Harry waved at you, even smiling at your situation. You huffed in annoyance but not really and you waved them back, smiling. And this is how you spent your everyday life with the twins, and it was pure bliss. You were glad that you somehow managed to confess to them at that day and them accepting you. Not once did you regret making that choice. Well, except for the times when they pranked you. But it only happened once in a while so it’s okay. It was in their nature to prank people anyway.

(And that’s it folks, the ending for this story. Feel free to send any request or prompt ^^)

Of Age

anonymous said: For my request, could you please write a high school setting Kai scenario where he’s your older brother’s (Sehun?) best friend and you’ve known him since you were little so he’s always kind of treated you like a younger sister too, like protective and all, and you’ve been trying to catch his attention and make him see you as more than a little sister figure by wearing more revealing clothing and physically interacting with him a lot, and even kissing him during a party game of spin the bottle?

I love sibling dynamics with the EXO members, so I’m glad you requested this!

“Hey _____!” Jongin greeted as he stepped through the door.

“Hey Jongin!“ He joined you in the kitchen, grabbing something from the fridge before asking about your older brother. "Sehun should be down any minute now. Mom made him sort the laundry upstairs,” you replied with a lopsided smile.

You heard the shuffling of feet and Sehun came into view, giving Jongin a nod as he fetched an apple from the counter.

“We’ll be home by eight. Stay out of trouble.” Your brother ruffled your hair and you tsk‘ed in annoyance.

“See you later _____.” Jongin patted your head and went off.

Internally, you were kind of disappointed with the way Jongin treated you. Of course, he was your brother’s best friend and you’ve known him since you were little, so it only made sense that you were also like a little sister to him. But as the years passed, you developed feelings for him yet didn’t feel like they were being reciprocated. You had wanted to do something about it for the longest time, but weren’t exactly sure what.

* * *

“Hey, I’m at Jongin’s house and I forgot my stats binder in my room. Can you get it and bring it to me?” Sehun asked over the phone.

“And what’s in it for me?” you countered.

He scoffed, “Me not telling mom that you got a parking ticket last week. Seriously, what did I tell you about fire lanes? You never listen to me.”

“Whatever, I’ll be there soon.”

“And don’t go through my room.”

You hung up and went to your closet to change out of your pajamas. A light bulb went off in your head and you thought, hey, maybe this is my chance. Digging through your closet, you found a pair of high-waisted shorts and a crop top. You didn’t usually wear these types of clothes, but you’re pretty sure they’d catch Jongin’s attention so you put them on anyway. Entering Sehun’s pigsty of a room, you fished out his binder and headed over to Jongin’s house.

After a short drive, you rang his doorbell and awaited an answer. Jongin opened the door and immediately noticed the change.

“Hey! You look different today!”

“I hope that’s a good thing?”

“Yeah. It is.” He gave you a grin and let you come inside. Sehun was on the couch, too engrossed in a video game to notice. You shoved the binder in front of his face until he accepted it, thanking you but quickly doing a double take. His face contorted and he paused his game, looking at you with distaste.

“What are you wearing?!”

“What? What’s wrong with it?” You crossed your arms over yourself, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

He pulled you aside into a small hall in front of the bathroom.

“What is this?!” he questioned, pointing at your shorts.

“They’re shorts!”

“Those aren’t shorts! They’re underwear! And why’s your shirt five times too small?!”

“It’s called a crop top, Sehun.” You rolled your eyes at his fussiness.

“_____, do you want to stay for dinner?” Jongin called from the kitchen.

Sehun glowered at you but you yelled a “Sure!” in response. He grunted and took off his cardigan, wrapping it around your waist. With a click of the tongue he walked back to the living room to resume his video game.

* * *

Jongin had invited you to a party held by a group of upperclassmen. It was sort of a farewell party, since both him and your brother were graduating this year. Your good friend had let you borrow a few dresses for you to try on, so you picked out a fitting black mini dress and did your makeup, and you were ready to go.

“Are you ready yet? We’re leaving soon,” Sehun yelled through the door.


You hurried out of your room but Sehun pulled you back on the spot.

“Oh no. Definitely not. Go change.”

“There’s nothing wrong with this,” you retorted.

“Yeah, if we were going to a club!”

You rolled your eyes and made your way to the living room.

“Stop acting like dad.”

“I’m not acting like dad, I’m acting like your older brother, and as your older brother there’s no way-”

“Wow! _____, you look great!” Jongin complimented as you walked in.

You turned to Sehun with a wide grin. “See, Jongin approves.”

Sehun gave you a bitter stare but told you to wait in the car for him. You sat in the backseat with Jongin and talked about the night to come.

“Oh, you’re going to love it. They throw the best parties, especially since it’s our last year before we leave.”

His last words dealt a small blow to your spirit.

“What am I going to do when you leave?” You pouted genuinely and he chuckled.

“Well, you have junior year to look forward to. Plus, you’ll still see me and Sehun during holidays and stuff.”

“But I’ll miss you,” you whined. You scooted closer to him and wrapped your arms around his torso, resting your head on his chest. “Don’t leave me.”

He placed his arm around you and gave your shoulder a squeeze. “Hey, I’ll miss you too. But it won’t be so bad, I promise.”

Sehun got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Okay so it-” He paused when he saw how you and Jongin had gotten touchy. “What the…”

Jongin raised his eyebrows innocently. “What?”

Sehun pointed a finger between the both of you with a grimace. “No! You guys c-can’t be… be…”

“Be what? There was nothing going on!” Jongin assured.

Sehun could only glare disapprovingly as you gave him the most angelic smile possible.

* * *

Jongin was right, this was a pretty sick party. You knew some of the upperclassmen there because Sehun would bring them over to the house on weekends, much to your protests because you could never even hear yourself think when they were around.

“Hey! It’s you!” One of your brother’s friends, Chanyeol, waved at you from the living room. “Wow! You grew up! You were so little the last time I saw you…”

“You saw me like two weeks ago, Chanyeol…”

“Really?” He looked off into the distance as if he was trying to recall the memory. “Anyway, we’re playing spin the bottle. You should join us!”

He pulled your arm before you could get a word in and sat you down on the couch. You looked around the circle of participants: Chanyeol; Minseok; Chen; Jongin — okay, now you were excited — a few girls you didn’t recognize who were probably seniors; and Sehun, who raised his eyebrows at you but you simply shrugged and nodded in Chanyeol’s direction.

Chen spun the bottle next, landing a kiss with a girl he’s had a fling with before apparently, and now it was your turn. You spun it tentatively, waiting as it slowed down.

Please Jongin. Jongin. Give me Jongin.

It came to a stop.


The guys — minus one — erupted into an ’ooh’ and egged you on. You could only laugh and slightly blush at their whistles. Since the table was pretty large, you made your way around it towards Jongin who welcomed you with open arms. All eyes were on you two, as well as Sehun who looked like he might explode any second as he gave you both a death glare as if to say “Don’t you dare.” but you ignored him.

Placing your hand on Jongin’s neck, you pulled him in for a sweet kiss. He smiled into it and you lingered there, perhaps a little longer than needed but everyone seemed to be cheering you on anyway. You finally pulled away and he gave you a sideways grin, telling Minseok to scoot over so you could sit next to him for the remainder of the game. Sehun looked more nauseous than he had been when you dared him to use the boys’ bathroom after the spicy beans and tacos eat-a-thon at your school last year. You only stuck your tongue out at him as Jongin pulled you closer onto the couch with him.

* * *

The end of the school year came around and summer passed by in a breeze. Sehun and Jongin packed their things for college and you had driven them to the airport, now awaiting their flight to be called. Regular boarding was soon announced and you helped get their baggage in order.

“I guess this is goodbye?”

“We won’t be gone long,” Jongin comforted.

“Promise me you’ll call me when you land?”

“Of course.” Your boyfriend pulled you in for one last kiss.

“My best friend and my little sister. Unbelievable,” Sehun muttered.

You smacked him on the chest and crossed your arms.

“I guess I’ll miss you too.”

“Don’t act like you won’t,” he retorted.

“You’re such a brat,” you spoke while hugging him.

“Of course, where do you think you got it from?” he quipped. He held your shoulders and looked you in the eyes. “Hey, take care of yourself, okay? If anything happens to me, you know-”

“Sehun, you’re going to college, not war.”

“Come on, or the flight will leave without us!” Jongin urged.

“Gotta go. See you soon.” He kissed the top of your head and you watched as your two favorite boys boarded their flight.

See you soon.

Note: I was having so much fun writing Sehun as the older brother and I hope I didn’t make this too much about him. ;; But I hoped you all liked it regardless!