wait shes so cute omg


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My first photos to kick off this birthday!
Rhino beetle and Shuka. (It was crying “gyaaa”)

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I love that Neon is tall, because Starfrost is about the same height. That explains why Northern Lights is so big! XD

Height friends!!!!


eunji trying to take a picture of the fans


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Rajjo waiting for Chulbul (Dabangg 2)

i wanna talk about richonne and jessick for a moment

i think jessie is beautiful, just like i think michonne is beautiful but y’all’s inability to see how michonne is just as worthy/favorable as jessie was is what’s fucking disgusting to me. it says a whole lot about you if you have a problem with michonne and rick being together just because she isn’t blonde and white. trust me michonne is NOT the problem here, she has proven multiple times how dimensional she is against the shallow kiddie pool that is jessie.

the problem here is y’all who can’t possibly believe a dark skinned black woman (w natural hair) is romantically linked to a blue eyed white guy. rick being in love with michonne isn’t OUT OF THE BLUE.. have you guys been watching the same show as i? for seasons rick’s been flirting with her in subtle ways, touching her, expressing minor affections, listening to her ideas, staring at her ass, i mean oh my goodness he can’t even look her in the eyes without getting lost in them. 

jessie IS out of the blue, but she’s also a plot device aka she’s what helped rick move on from lori (jessie is rick’s closure) officially so he can be healthy enough for michonne. do you guys think rick would’ve been with michonne if he was unhealthy and still emotionally damaged? no. rick would never want to put her through that, i can guarantee you rick knew just how special she was and waited until the timing was right for him. (((so cute omg)))

y’all don’t believe in rick and michonne because y’all don’t believe in a white man loving a black woman. rick grimes loves michonne *shrugs*