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Lynn have you considered this: bakery!AU with the Foxes. Like Wymack opens a bakery with Dan and Renee as a way to help kids with broken home/fucked up background to get back on their feet and find joys again in all that sugary goodness (i mean, baked goods are like the fastest way to happiness okay???). Dan takes care of marketing and logistics at first. Like she's what holds this bakery together and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Renee is a genius at cupcakes and she makes the prettiest-

decorations on them. Then comes Allison, who got her inheritance taken away since she wants to pursue a career in culinary arts instead of taking over her parents’ resorts. She’s insanely good at PR and knows what will appeal to customers so she changed the bakery’s humble and plain look into something not too fancy but #aesthetic af and attracts a bunch of hipsters okay?? Then Wymack took in Matt and he’s a pro at making drinks and Allison puts him at the counter as eye-candy :)) Nicky and- 

the twins are there too ofc. Nicky is the cute and smiley cashier that is basically sunshine in human form and the customers love him so much. The twins work in the kitchen and avoid having to deal with customers in general, since you know, minyards dont do social. Aaron is really good at things that requires a lot of precision like French pastries and he doesn’t let anyone interfere with his work since he doesn’t trust anyone with pastries. And Andrew seems like he doesn’t care abt anything- 

usual but he makes cakes with the most creative decorations ever like how are not fine arts??? He always talks as if pastries are just ~foods~ why is everyone so serious about it but deep down decorating cakes is the only thing that he finds comfort in after his strings of awful foster homes. Kevin was raised with the Moriyamas, who train chefs for the most obnoxiously pretentious restaurants and 5 stars hotels, but then Riko got jealous of his skills and broke his dominant hand that he uses- 

for cooking so now he left the Moriyamas to come work for Wymack as a waiter and only bakes occasionally. But it’ll get better later for him okay?? Maybe he bribed Andrew into helping him to make beautiful cakes and other delicacies with his less dominant hand or something. Then Neil came there to hide from his murderous dad. He thought a lowkey bakery like this will shield him from his dad’s minions. He works as a waiter with Kevin but he’s so tactless with his mouth that Nicky and Matt have- 

to constantly keeping an eye on him and apologizing to customers that he offends. Idk probably he works in other positions too but I don’t work in a bakery so :| Anyway I just want to see my Foxes finding comfort in baked goods and having fun after all the shit they’ve been thru okay ;~;


Where do I start….. the fact that I love chef/baker aus so much when it gets down to the actual cooking skill…… Neil and Kevin as waiters….. in a fucking bakery…. #aestheticallison…… aNDREW BASICALLY BEING CAKE BOSS……. Allison putting Matt at the front because #aesthetic…… the potential….. the rAW POTENTIAL…… IM SO JEALOUS I DIDN’T COME UP WITH IT FIRST….

You know the Foxes’ bakery actually reminds me of a similar restaurant I used to go to back in Hanoi! It’s called KOTO (Know One, Teach One) and offered jobs to underprivileged youth in Vietnam. They had good food for cheap and my boss would sometimes take us out there for some killer lunch specials so thanks for the unintentional nostalgia!


  • NEIL AND KEVIN IN WAITER OUTFITS that look PERFECT (via Aesthetic Allison) and are p much eye candy so Wymack is on board
  • Wymack being a former high class patissiere. Met Kayleigh while he was studying in France. Teaches Kevin how to make sweets despite his injury and unknowingly teaches his own son how to be a patissiere.
  • Aaron doesn’t really like meeting customers so sometimes Andrew just goes in his place when people ask for the baker and pretends to be Aaron and always uses Aaron’s name when people commission him so nobody not close to the store actually knows Andrew exists.
  • Andrew giving Neil a small cake for his birthday that’s so simple yet stunning that Neil almost doesn’t eat it until Andrew sits them down in the bakery after-hours, when everyone is gone, lights dim, pressed up in a quiet corner table, and threatens to shove the entire thing down Neil’s throat. 
  • Everything looks like it’s lost until Kevin (the Waiter) faces off Riko with everything Wymack’s taught him. Thanks Dad. 
  • Andrew and Aaron are suddenly two people when Andrew reveals his presence and they completely DESTROY.
  • It turns out that all that time Neil spent in Germany he spent making fucking bread. It is gorgeous fucking bread. So warm and soft.
  • Renee handing out free cupcakes to the homeless and underprivileged children on the weekends. She has her own little stand outside the store that’s really popular and she meets so many people who love her.
  • Their shop is right across from a law firm (why are there so many lawyers in these aus i swear to god) where Thea Muldani works at she regularly comes to talk to clients and eat good food. Kevin is the only one allowed to wait her table and they have really bad sexual tension involving cannoli and inappropriate Godfather references.
  • One time a group of nurses came in and one of them wanted to talk to Aaron and Andrew went out but Katelyn got lost trying to find the bathroom and walked in on Aaron in the kitchen instead and there was huge skirmish about the Flop and they ended up just talking and Aaron took an early break to show Katelyn around the kitchen and listen to Katelyn talk about gross organs and he fell in love with her.
  • Nicky is also in charge of deliveries but he never goes alone so there are always “Nicky Cake Trips” in which someone spends 15 minutes to 6 hours in a car with Nicky on a life-changing adventure. Nicky’s Cake Trips run on Murphy’s Law, so trips range from unknowingly dropping off a cake long lost family to running into the mafia to there being at least one romantic misunderstanding.
  • Riko is very skilled with sushi and other various seafood dishes. He is. Very skilled with a knife.
  • Jean, Kevin, Neil, and Wymack all yelling at each other in French in the middle of a competition and everyone around them being like “oh no they’ve gathered”
  • Jean has been trained in Eastern cooking as well but is well-rooted in his French origins. He originally wanted to be a patissiere before he was sold to the Moriyamas. Baking gives him a sense of comfort.
  • Andrew dragging Neil away from waiter work to go into the back with him to bake. Wymack gets really annoyed by it but they end up with a lot of bread at the end of the day and everyone ends up snacking on it before Allison makes them sell it and they were literally two protests away from calling it “Products of Andrew’s sexual frustration”