wait rude to him or the monkey

JHope, Suga and Jin react to their girl friend chewing gum and trying to blow a bubble

SUGA:(you were waiting for him to finish his work)

 SUGA:*Sees you trying to blow a bubble* Y/N what in world are you trying to do??
Y/n: Are you blind or is it because  you’re getting older?
SUGA: *smacks you on the head* I’m asking you because: ONE, you’re weird and TWO, you look like you’re constipated monkey so shut the fuck up you little brat.
Y/N: *gasps* You’re rude!! As I was going to say, I’m trying to blow a bubble with my piece of gum *tries to blow a bubble but fails*.
SUGA: Well you look like you’re trying to poop so stop it
Y/N:*mutters under your breath* fucking old man
SUGA:*throws a shoe at you* I heard you, you little shit
Y/N:*gets hit by the shoe* OWW!!

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JHOPE: (you were at the dance studio, watching him practice )

Y/N:*tries to blow a bubble one more time**fails yet again*  FUCKING SHIT!!!!
JH:*startled**screams*AHHHHH WHAT, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!
JH:*pouts*Aish why did you yell you idiot? You scared me..
Y/N:Well I was trying to blow a bubble with the gum you had in your bag but, your gum sucks
JH: *Scoffs* *crosses his arms over his chest* You’re stupid
Y/N:Well you’re very no fun

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Jin: (you were in the kitchen watching him cook because he couldn’t trust you with the maknae line)

Y/N:*Whiny* Oppa, I’m bored
JIN: *sighs*There is some gum in my backpack you can have it
Y/N:*runs to search for the gum in his backpack* Found it!! *grabs a bunch of gum and starts chewing it*
JIN: *looks at you**laughs a little*Jagi you look like a squirrel with all that gum in your mouth haha.
Y/N:*smiles at jin* *blows a big bubble* oppa look!!
JIN:Y/N just be careful it can pop and get all over your face
Y/N:It won’t pop*bubble pops and sticks to your face* *tries to take it off but pieces are still stuck on your face*
Oppa it won’t come off
JIN:*face palms*Oh lord what did I just  tell you?? Bring some ice cubes so we can get this off of you
Y/N:Sir yes sir

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