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1. things that inspire you

Inspiration is such a funny thing. When I’m in the middle of a story, I don’t bother waiting for it to grace me with its presence. I really only feel inspiration before I start a story, and it can come from just about anywhere: a line in a song, a funny turn of phrase, snippets of overheard conversations, a cute house I’d never seen before, passing a person with a striking physical feature. Most of the time, though, my inspiration comes either just before I fall asleep or in the shower, when my brain is likelier to make unexpected connections.

42. do you plan or do you write whatever comes to your mind?

I’ve made the mistake of overplanning before, and I’ve also learned through experience that I run out of steam pretty quickly if I try to pants it. I try to aim for that sweet spot between planning just enough to have a general idea of where I’m going and leaving myself enough room to explore as I become more acquainted with my characters and their world. Endings in particular I like to keep vague until I get closer to them.

37. canon or AU?

While I definitely enjoy reading a good AU, I’m more naturally inclined toward writing canon-compliant fic. More specifically, I like to write within the holes in canon. The less information canon has on a particular event or character, the more likely I am to look at it and think, “Yeah, I can work with this.”

  • Harry: Ron, what I've been meaning to tell you all this time is...fuck, why is this so hard? Um, well I guess I should just say it. I'm gay
  • Ron:
  • Ron:
  • Ron: are you fucking kidding me?
  • Harry: I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I totally understand. I promise I'd never-
  • Ron: All this time I've been worried about you stealing Hermione or Ginny when really I should've been worried about Fred or George? This makes things so much simpler. Hell yeah
  • Harry: Wait, you don't mind? I just thought since-
  • Ron: So, Fred or George?
  • Harry: Actually Bill is pretty damn fine

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Hey um, I'm actually really nervous to meet you at pax east. I'm scared I'll be really anxious. You wouldn't mind me asking for a pic or anything, right?

Absolutely not! I can’t wait to meet you! I know sometimes it’s a stressful thing meeting people at conventions. If you see me, no matter what I’m doing, just say hi! You are never interrupting or anything like that :)


I very much love Garcia Flynn. Definitely too much. We don’t deserve a character so complex and tragic. But also yes I do. Give me more. I earned this. I’ve sat through so many black and white characters. Give me all those shades of gray.

As for the group picture near the end, you know I’m on the Lucy is Flynn’s wife train. All aboard. I will hold out for this until they blatantly tell me no. Probably not even then really. And if it isn’t true, boy, do I have enough observations and theories to make a kickin AU.

Found What I Need

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Characters: Y/n, Draco, Neville

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Word count: 1672

Warnings: Angst, death of family member, sadness, little bit of fighting, comforting, fluff.

Summary: Draco notices the sadness in Y/n’s eyes, even when no one else does. 

A/N: This was a request from anon​ - Sooo I might totes wanna request a Draco x Hufflepuff!male reader ;v; The reader being a very outgoing, short, slightly chubby and uplifting person. The reader is also close friends with Neville, I’m a sucker for angst and fluff so combining those things would be perf too. Made it gender neutral and didn’t do the whole chubby short appearance, cos I never really use descriptions when it comes to the reader. Hope u don’t mind!! And hope u like it!

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“Neville! Wait up!”

You ran to him, holding your books tight to your chest as he smiled back at you.

“Hey, y/n”, Neville greeted, sounding…strange.

You, of course, noticed it.

Neville was your best friend.

Sure, he might have been clumsy, forgetful and just downright ditzy. But he was your best friend.

He had been since you started at Hogwarts.

So you knew when he wasn’t feeling well, or when something was on his mind.

And right now, he definitely had something that was bothering him.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, your tone practically demanding an answer from him, yet still comforting.

That’s what you were like. Everyone knew you as the cheery one. The optimist. The uplifting one.

Hell, you even tried to help out Slytherin’s when they needed it.

You were outgoing and tried to be there for everyone whenever they needed someone to talk to, even if they weren’t the type most people thought deserved any sympathy.

But Neville was still your best friend and you’d get to the bottom of this.

He sighed, feeling your stare, his shoulders dropping as he played with his robe.

“I…uh…I lost my wand”, he mumbled, cheeks turning a soft shade of pink as he avoided your eyes.

You smiled at his cuteness, nudging him with your shoulder as you pushed him forward.

“Come on, moron. Time to hunt for a wand”, you said dramatically, making a small laugh escape Neville.

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Tabimatsu: Christmas Event Story 5

Story 1 | Story 2 | Story 3 | Story 4 | Story 5

EP 005: MERII KURISUMASU / メリークリスマス
EP 005: Merry Christmas

merry christmas? merry christmas. I present to all of you this absolutely wild bullshit ending (tag yourself I’m osomatsu).

Osomatsu: …That Santa just scolded us. Supernatural beings are scary.

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Phantom of the Opera - Bruce Wayne x Reader

A/N: I didn’t do nearly as much with Two Face as I intended but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Prompt: Hey! I’ve been waiting so long to request this. A phantom of the opera modern au with Bruce as Raoul, batmom as Christine, and two face as the phantom. Please and thank you. I really love your writing. ❤️

Despite being raised in a wealthy cultured household, he had never been all that fond of the opera. He just simply had other things on his mind. Tonight his mind was focused on the rumors that a ghost haunted this opera house. A murder had taken place and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. The police had written it off of a freak accident but Bruce suspected there was something sinister at play here.

He was escorted to his private box by a friendly, smiling usher. He sat down in one of the plush seats and waited for the show to start before he would slip out and begin his investigation while everyone was distracted. The curtains pulled away and that was Bruce’s cue to begin his work but before he could leave the box your beautiful familiar voice filled the theatre. He stopped in his spot turned to see that it was in fact you standing on the stage, the perfect picture of elegance.   

“Can it be?” He whispered to himself.  “Can it be [Y/N]?” You had been but a memory for him, all but forgotten in his past. You were his first friend, his first crush, his first girlfriend, his first everything. He smiled to himself thinking of the beautiful woman that you had grown into. Maybe once all this is over he could drop in backstage to say hello to an old friend.

Bruce forced himself to turn away from your enthralling performance and he traveled around the shadows performing his investigation. He found a few clues but little pointing to an actual culprit. He would need to come back when the theatre was empty to some of the areas that were just simply impossible to get to while a performance was going on.

Normally this would be the point where Bruce would go home and work on the case in the cave but he felt compelled to stay this time and listen to you sing. It had been so long since he heard your voice, he had forgotten how amazing you were. When the performance was done he snuck backstage and let himself into your dressing room.

“You were beautiful out there tonight.” He said. You back was turned to him. When you heard his voice you gasped and turned around in surprise.

“Bruce?” You asked, not quite sure if the handsome man in front of you was indeed your childhood friend.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” He asked with a laugh. You got up from your seat and rushed over to him to envelope him in a tight hug.

“I’ll say! Look at you! You got all handsome and dapper on me!” You said jokingly.

“Are you implying I wasn’t always handsome?” Bruce asked in mock offense.

“Well we were kids. I couldn’t always appreciate it then.” You rolled your eyes. “So what brings you here Bruce? You never really liked the opera when we were kids.”

“Tastes can change can’t they?” Bruce reasoned, avoiding giving you a real answer. He should have known you would see right through him. You were always uncannily perceptive, even as kids. “Fine. I heard rumor of a murderous phantom haunting this place and I was curious.” He answered a little more honestly when you gave him a look that said you didn’t believe him. Your face went pale at his second answer.

“The phantom?” You asked fearfully.

“Don’t tell me you believe in the Phantom of the Opera.” Bruce laughed. You were always so logical, he couldn’t believe that you so suddenly developed a belief in the paranormal.

“No of course not.” You whispered lifelessly, your gaze not meeting his. “Um, excuse me Bruce. I have to go check on something. It was great catching up with you, truly.” You said hurriedly. Before Bruce could protest you rushed out of the dressing room and ran down the hall. Sensing something was terribly wrong, Bruce ran after you calling after you.

“[Y/N]! Wait! Tell me what’s wrong. I can help, whatever it is.”

“The Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind, Bruce.” You cried. Your eyes shone with tears which Bruce wiped from your cheeks.

“What do you mean, [Y/N]?” Bruce asked searching your eyes for the answers he was looking for. You wrenched your eyes shut and shook your head.

“He’s real Bruce. The Phantom’s real and he’s always here in my head, whispering to me.” You sobbed. Bruce wrapped his arms around you and brought you to his chest, gently rocking you back and forth.

“These voices-?” Bruce started to ask before your eyes shot open and you gave him a hard look.

“You think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! I’ve seen him Bruce and I’ll never be able to forget that grotesque deformed face. He’s killed people Bruce. You need to leave. If he finds out that you’re here with me, he’ll -” You cried, panicking. Bruce cut you off with a firm kiss. Your lips moved desperately along with his. It had been so long since you broke up that you had both forgotten what this felt like. “He’ll kill you.” You murmured against Bruce’s lips when you separated briefly. Bruce only grunted in response before reconnecting you lips.

You’re mine. Your chains are still mine. I will get rid of this suitor and I’ll teach you once and for all who you belong to.’ The Phantom’s voice hissed in your ear. Your eyes shot open, wide eyed in fear. You pushed Bruce away and fell to the floor hugging your knees to your chest.

“What is it, [Y/N]? Please talk to me. I’m here, nothing can harm you.” Bruce encouraged, taking you hands in his.

“He’ll always be there singing songs in my head.” You whimpered.

“You said yourself he’s nothing but a man.” Bruce asked. You didn’t responded and just stared blankly in front of you. The Phantom’s voice filled your head and his threats chilled you to the core. Bruce didn’t know what he could do to help you. He didn’t even know if he could help you.

Bruce stared at you searched for some sort of answer when he noticed the earrings you were wearing. He remembered you always wore them when you were younger. They were one of the few items that belonged to your mother who died when you were just a young girl. You rarely ever took them off.

“Are those your mother’s earrings?” Bruce asked bringing his finger up to your ear to get a better look at the small pearls.

“Yes. You remembered.” You smiled softly.

“[Y/N] I need you to trust me. Take the earrings off.” Bruce said. You looked up at him with the utmost trust in your eyes. You reached up and took off the earrings, feeling naked when they were both out.

To your surprise, the voices in your head ceased when you removed the earrings. You let out a sob of relief and threw the earrings to the side. You closed the distance between you and Bruce and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Take me away from this nightmare, Bruce. All I want is freedom, a world with no more night.” You sobbed against his chest. He gently ran his fingers through your soft hair and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“You’re safe, he won’t find you ever again. Your fears are far behind you, [Y/N].” Bruce reassured you.

“Promise me.” You insisted.

“Anything.” Bruce responded immediately.

“Promise me you need me with you now and always. Promise you’ll stay beside me to hold me and hide me.” You continued. “That’s all I ask of you.”

“If you promise me something in return.” Bruce said gently intertwining his fingers with yours. “Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you, here beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too. [Y/N], that’s all I ask of you.” He said in return.

“Say you love me.” You prompted weakly, reaching your hand up to gently cradle his jaw. You wanted to hear the words that had been too long foreign to you.

“You know I do.” Bruce swore, leaning in and connecting your lips in a passionate kiss. No more wasted time, no more obstacles. You loved each other and you weren’t about to let each other go ever again.


He is waiting, because Sherlock needs to make tea.

Never mind the text at half past eight this morning, never mind the promise of something interesting and exciting and mind-boggling. Now, when he should be ready to leave, Sherlock is faffing about with a teapot.

“Are you sure you don’t want some?” he asks, pouring tea into the first cup from much higher than is necessary.

He’s even a show off when making hot drinks.

“No, I’m fine, really,” John replies, raising a hand in polite refusal.

Sherlock pours more tea, and at this, John’s eyebrows twitch.

Unless Sherlock has gone deaf, this strikes him as odd behaviour. He opens his mouth to say something, but the words catch in his throat, as Sherlock busies himself with milk and sugar.

Before he can squeeze the question out, Sherlock disappears down the hallway, mug of tea in one hand, and steps into his bedroom, closing the door quietly behind him.

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13. A Sorry Kiss; You x Idol Namjoon || Can you do this one pretty please? (If it's difficult, you can change to any member, I wouldn't mind 😊) I really love reading your stories.. THANK YOU! 💕💕

thirteen_a sorry kiss

namjoon was never the type to keep you waiting up.

but when his track has been rejected three times, opted for changes in totals of all the fingers on one hand, it’s excusable. he returns home to a sight that makes his heart swell, lifting up the tired eye bags dragging down surfacing up with your effortless ability to do so, making it lighter than it is, he smiles.

he closes the door and stalks over to you quietly. getting down to his knees, he gently pulls his your shirt down over your torso before positioning your arms within the sofa and then he wakes you up with the cooing of your name and a soft squeeze on your shoulder.

it doesn’t take a while for you to start whining to a wake, incoherent noises being sounded from your throat as you move bit by bit in a kitten-like manner, testing the waters with small movements instead of big ones that could trigger sore muscles from falling asleep on the sofa, he strokes your cheek when you come to a wake.


“hey,” his voice is equally soft, for different reasons, but both of yours lace together as tired. he opens his arms and allows you to crawl into them, and he makes a move to stand while cocooning you to his chest, feeling your legs lock behind his back in the best way possible. as he heaves you up and makes way to the bedroom.

upon nudging the door open and stepping in, proceeding to sit on the bed with you still on him, he tries to explain why he’s late with murmurs in your hair and he presses his lips against your temple, making up a small kiss as an apology and it makes you purr in delight, nuzzling your face in his neck as you inhale his presence with the light shaking of your head.

“it’s fine, i just want to sleep with you now,”

his smile grows, so does his heart, “let’s sleep then.”

((”you know i’m really sorry, right? we’ll go out to dinner tomorrow,”

“…don’t make promises you can’t keep. i’ll come over to the studio with takeout after work instead,”

“…i love you.”))

Wait for Me

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Waiting for Yongguk was nothing new. In fact, if you had to look back on your relationship, you would say that you’d spent the better part of six years waiting for Yongguk. If you were being honest, though, you never really minded. It was just a part of your relationship.

Your waiting for Yongguk began before you were even an official couple. In fact, it began before you even met him. The two of you met through mutual friends when he was still going by the name Jepp Blackman and performing in dingy clubs to less than fifty people.

The night that you met, Yongguk promised to meet the group you were with as soon as the show was over. Forty-five minutes after his performance and he was a no-show. The group you were with knew him better than you. They knew him well enough to know that, as well-meaning as he was, he could lose track of time much quicker than any other human being. That was why, after waiting for so long, they were all willing to just head to dinner without him.

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So I planned to actually scan this and make it cleaner but honestly if I waited any longer it may never get done haha.
This method of making sigils is really really versatile, and really great if you’re trying to keep your craft lowkey since you can easily pass them off as just doodles! :)

Some things to keep in mind:

• Any alphabet/lettering system will work, as well as any orientation! Make it a circle, make it with only vowels, make it with more than one of each letter. Its up to you!

• The steps of connecting the dots & drawing in stars are interchangeable. You can connect first just as well as you can make the stars first, whichever you prefer!

• You don’t NEED to make them stars. Make them hearts, just dots, something that appeals to you personally & fits your needs. I sometimes make the stars colored on letters only used once, and open on ones used multiple times.

So, I hope I haven’t missed anything and maybe I’ll put forth a larger effort to make a more coherent guide at some point!

Have fun & thank you for reading!

(side note: I meant to include a typed out version of the text since my handwriting can be super sloppy but I just don’t have the energy, feel free to do so if you feel inclined!)

Always You- Kili (Part Three)

Pairing: Kili/OC

Prompt: sango-hentaitenshi asked:
Can I request a Kili x Reader where Kili thinks she’s into Fili and it takes someone pointing it out to him that it’s KILI the reader is really crazy for? Bonus points if Fili knows this and uses it to wind Kili up and flirts hella hard with Reader. Thank you!

A/N: Last part! Eek!

Part One  Part Two

I had known there was an entire world beyond my front door, but never had I imagined a place as beautiful as Rivendell. The word paradise had come to mind the moment we had stepped out from the cliffs to see the city waiting below us. Waterfalls, trees that twisted toward the sky, lush gardens, buildings beautifully crafted from stone. Almost as beautiful as the elves who resided there.

I sat curled up on the stone floor, my back resting against the wicker chair Kili was lounging on. The warg riders felt like a distant nightmare, now that I was safe and fed. 

“There’s part of me that wishes I could stay here forever.” I admitted, glancing up at Kili.

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Spoiler alert - but your characters in blockbuster franchises die every time. Is this your sneaky way of never having to do a sequel?

Mads Mikkelsen: It’s not really my choice, though! I guess in the Marvel world there’s always a comeback, anything is possible, but it’s just been a coincidence. I don’t mind, I haven’t done a sequel of anything and I’m kind of pleased with that. I think ‘that’s what we did, it was great, move on’. But maybe it would be great to do a sequel.

Mads, wait, you were in two Pusher films!

Mads Mikkelsen: Yes, that’s true, but it’s a different animal. It wasn’t like, ‘That was a great audience success, let’s patch something together and see if they want to see it’, it was a natural development of the characters.

[ Mads Mikkelsen – the villain that’s so easy to love - www.dazeddigital.com/]

Transformers Starters - Multiverse Edition

>> “Haven’t you heard? The war is over.”

>> “It seems that the coordinates were wrong–mind telling me if you’re friendly and where I am?”

>> “Have you ever really thought about what you would do when the war ends? If it ever ends…”

>> “Wait why does the energon look like that? That’s the wrong color!”

>> "I can’t believe you’d pick THAT as an alt mode. You’re going to give us away, you know.“

>> "So, what were you thinking when you got THAT paint job?”

>> "How would someone your shape and size even interface?“

>> "Is there something wrong with you? Your optics are such a weird color, I’ve never seen anything like them.”

>> “Do you really think Primus exists?”

>> “So, any conjunxes? What about a spark mate?”

>> “You’re just a dirty Deception/Autobot/Neutral, why should I help you?”

>> “Geez, with how big you are, you MUST be a combiner, right?”

>> "If you could’ve been anything other than a soldier, what would you have been?“

>> "I learned this game from the humans, want to give it a try?”

>> "Do you really think the ones that got away from it all were able to establish colonies somewhere?“

“You son of a bitch!” – My honest and long-winded thoughts about the Season Finale

If you had asked me yesterday what I thought of the Season Finale, I might not have had many great things to say about it. I watched the episode after being awake for nearly 24 hours and hyped up about it for two weeks. The first word that came to my mind was “anticlimactic”. I re-watched Season 3 over the weekend and was waiting for a huge reveal about this absolutely bad thing Robert did. Something that was so much bigger than him not returning home asap. After all, it was a mystery for two episodes and Jasper made it sound so bad. Watching the episode, I felt like nothing was really happening:

-          We did not get anywhere with Jaspenor - which was to be expected - though him finally telling her that he loves her was so overdue (even Tom was confused it was never said before). But in my overtired state, not even their conversation felt as dramatic, loving and passionate as any of the other ones beforehand.

-          And Robert, well, apart from him knowing about Liam and Kathryn and calling her a whore, there was nothing new. I expected him to have had bad parting words with his dad, meddling in Jaspenor’s relationship and we all “feared” (?) there might be something starting with Willow. Sure, him inviting Sebastian and firing Spencer (GET HIM BACK!!!) was really bad, but not this huge revelation that I hoped for. He is an asshole like I expected, maybe a bit more mentally deranged than I thought but still, I did not feel satisfied by the episode. It would have made a great mid-season finale but a season finale? Not so much in my eyes.

I knew even yesterday, that my feelings were due to me being so tired and my brain not being able to spare cells for being compassionate and excitable and I, myself, hyping this episode up so much in my head. I tried to make gifs to stay connected to the episode, but as much as I love Mark directing episodes, it’s a bitch to gif his close-ups with the E! Logo taking up half the character’s faces. So, I was even more annoyed after that and finally decided to go to sleep. Me being in Europe, meant it was 4am when the episode aired and I finally went to bed at 9am, after being awake for 27 hours. Obviously, I wasn’t able to really sleep enough (luckily, I took the day off work beforehand, knowing that I wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind to go to work) and felt disappointed by it all for the rest of the day. To get my mind off things, I decided to spent the day watching all eight episodes of Jo, starring our lovely Tom Austen. If you are even remotely interested in Tom Austen and haven’t watched it yet, you better get on it. I am no fan of Crime Dramas, even left the room when my family watched them at home, but with the right eye-candy, even I could be persuaded. The whole show is so good and Tom is delectable. Think Season 2 Jasper in unbuttoned Henley Shirts. Watching it, put me in a better mood, even though I’m a bit sad now that it was only eight episodes.

Now it’s 7:15 pm on Tuesday and I finally am calm and composed enough to give the Season 3 Finale another chance and will write down my (new and improved) thoughts on it below.

Okay, I don’t even really know where to start. I still don’t consider it the best or the strongest episode, but I like it way better now that I’m of sound mind. I think it’s easiest to once again go through all the characters.

Let’s start with Cyrus:

I am super glad that we get to keep Jake Maskall for another season. As much as I disliked him in the beginning, as glad I am about his comic relief in every episode now. Compared to Robert, he is actually quite sane and likeable. I can’t wait to see what news his doctor has for him – hopefully they are good. Two seasons with cancer should be enough for that poor soul. Wow, I never thought I see the day in which I felt sympathetic for Cyrus :D


He really is the only one who was able to see through Robert, sad that it only comes across as jealousy to the other ones. Him going to Cyrus in the end does shows the newly determined HRH we need for Season 4. He needs a new purpose just like in Season 2. His character arc always goes from lovesick puppy in the odd seasons to fierce badass in the even seasons. He was so weak with Kathryn and broke Willows heart, it’s time for him to stay away from girls for a while. I’m still not ruling out a possible Kathryn pregnancy, depending on Christina Wolfe’s availability for Season 4. To be honest though? I can totally live without it and won’t be sad to see her go.


The moment Robert gave her the list, I expected her to be on top. Well, we all expected it after 3x07 and their HP conversation. I do not necessarily expect her to find out what Robbie really is like, but I don’t think she will marry him. She would make in amazing queen, but not with this king by her side. She was so into Liam and he is the polar opposite of Robert – in looks and character - so I can’t see her falling for him. Sure, he can be immensely charming, but Willow is one of the few people on the show who is not after the crown. I’m also certain that Robert just saw her dumping an insane amount of tickets into Liam’s box at the People’s Gala and wants to get even. We’ve had enough love triangles this season to last for the rest of the show. So either Liam just will not give a damn or Willow will be tough on Robert and show him that she’s not to be messed with.


BRING ME BACK SPENCER!!! I NEED SPENCER!!!!! The look on her face when Spencer hugs her and the one at the end when she realizes what kind of monster she helped put on the thrown were amazing. She needs to be in cahoots with Cyrus and Liam to bring down Robert.


Liam might be the better king in real life, but this is a TV Drama and King Robert is the best thing that could have happened to the show. No matter if it’s true of not, I will always believe that Robbie is the one responsible for Simon’s death. This guy went mental because his brother kissed his Ex and his mum and sister are in love with the help. Planning to kill your father who told you that are the worst thing that could happen to the UK, only sounds reasonable after that. And being stuck on an island for months gives you the best alibi. (Loved that we go to have Vincent Regan back for an episode – he really is a great dad.) Robert, Robert, Robert… As much as I hate this son of a bitch (sorry, Helena), Max Brown is AMAZING! I really needed all of these episodes to come to terms with the fact that we have to live with Robert and will not get rid of him. It’s okay now. He is just the manipulative asshole the monarchy needed. And there always needs to be a character you love to hate. There is still so much that needs to be uncovered about him and I do hope we get more than one more season to find out what he is truly like. More than anything, I do hope that Len and Jasper will find out what he did.


If you read through the beginning of my post (and stuck until down here), you know that I’m riding the Tom Austen bandwagon pretty hard right now. To be completely honest: I didn’t even consider him good looking in the beginning of the show. I blame Season 1 hair 😄 Looking back now, I don’t know what was wrong with me back then! It might have been the hair, it might have been Jasper’s bad boy attitude which I’m not a fan of unlike the majority of girls out there or it might have been the fact that, being a Narnia fan, I was so focused on Liam that I just didn’t waste a thought on Jasper/Tom. Now I want to ride him as hard as I’m riding the bandwagon and I think my neighbors might have actually heard me squeal during Jasper’s “I love you”. I really think that there are only a few moments in which Tom looked better than during that speech. His eyes, his mouth, his stubble and damn his voice! I am such a sucker for voices which makes it so strange that I completely failed my linguistics class twice. If you are still with me after this Ode to Tom, I want to get back to Jasper. My poor puppy finally poured his heart out to his girl! And if I believe someone to just “see the girl he loves be happy” – even if it’s without him in her life – it’s him. They will get their Happily Ever After. They have to! And if Mark is not giving it to us, there is always our imagination – and fanfiction! I haven’t rooted for a couple this much since Luke & Lorelai back in Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. They need to be endgame! With a Royal(s) Wedding and beautiful little godchildren for Uncle James and Aunty Sara Alice. Speaking of James and Sara Alice, I do hope that we will get them back for Season 4. There can be no Jaspenor without their cheerleaders / pseudo-dad & fake-daughter / sister (they really have the weirdest relationship). Usually protecting the king would be James’s job but now he has Jasper and I still believe that it is the worst thing that could have happened. First of all, Robert hates him and second, he wants Jasper because “he is the best at what he does”. In Robert’s eyes that means “the best at stealing, deceiving and not caring for the law”. And Mark hinting at a possible friendship between these two just makes me throw up in my mouth. We will get to see less of Liam and Jasper together, as Liam has a new alley now, but I need them to stay BFFs. I just need that! It’s inevitable that he and Robert they will get closer during Eleanor’s absence though.


I hate to see her go, but it is what’s best for her. She can’t put her life on hold for a guy. Even if that guy is Jasper. She needs time away from the palace to finally become her own person. Not influenced by her mother or her brothers. If even Jasper can’t find anything wrong with Sebastian, I will have to start liking him – even though I really don’t want to. He might be a great friend for her, but I would much rather see her hang out with Rosie and Liam. It was about time that she got the storybook and saw how much Jasper loves her, but even thought I hoped it turned out differently, I’m glad that she did not run back into Jasper’s arm. She is not a weak character and he really hurt her one too many times. Two of my all-time favorite quotes are “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and “Home is where the heart is”. I think both will play a great deal in Len’s life during her six months away.

Season 4:

So, where will we pick up in Season 4. As nothing is written yet, it’s just a wild guessing game. I’m sure we will start 6 months later (5 months and 3 weeks to be exact). For one, so Jake can keep his sideburns, but also because we need to see how the kingdom changed under Robert’s rule. What is actually Liam’s plan? Does he want to expose Robert? Which team is Helena on? Do we get Spencer back?!!! How friendly will Jasper and King Asshole be? Is Willow actually dating Robert? For whatever reason, I do get the feeling that Eleanor will cut her hair a bit / keep it shorter than usual like Alex does at the moment. A new hairdo for a new ‘her’. It will probably not happen, as long hair just looks better on TV (and on a princess) but who knows. If it could choose what I want to happen in the first episode, I would love Len to come back home earlier as she couldn’t stay away any longer. Or Jasper keeps tabs on her via the media and even though they say she’s dating Sebastian, he sees that she is wearing his necklace… Or whatever. I don’t actually care what happens, I just want them to start filming and airing now 😄 I take everything as long as it doesn’t feel like a lifetime until the new Season.

Okay, this is WAY longer than I intended it to become. I wish I could have written 2369 words for my fanfiction in the past week. If someone here is reading my fanfiction, I’m sorry for the lack of update. For one, my family and work is keeping me from writing, but also the Season Finale and my real-person Tom Austen (who would have thought) fiction were keeping my mind occupied. Now that the season is over, I hope my head calms down a bit and I can concentrate on what is important again: give people as much Jaspenor as possible.

And now I will leave you with a picture of the possibly new Royal Family incl. Queen Wilhelmina and Jasper, Duke of “Whatever it takes to make it happen”


even though it’s 2017

For: @greeneyeswhitehair

I hope you like it, I feel like it’s not my best cause I had to do it 3 time, and I’m sorry for making you wait till the last day! I had some computer issues. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -NekoZuki

Wes Weston always knew.

Ever since the “Wishing Ghost” incident, Wes knew exactly who Phantom really was. Hell Fenton didn’t even try to hide in that panicking crowd, but Wes knew. He SAW it.

The only problem he had was that no one believed him.

“Fenton? Ahahaha! That wimp could never be Phantom. You got some crazy ideas in that mind of yours Wesley!”

“Isn’t his family a bunch of ghost hunters? They’d totally know if he was Danny Phantom.”

“They don’t look alike at all!”

Wes was so tired of hearing it all! No one believed him, even after all these months, and he didn’t know if it was because everyone couldn’t comprehend that one of Casper Highs students was disguised as a ecto, or because he wasn’t one of those stupid A-lister popular kids. Seems like if you weren’t a football star or cheerleader, you didn’t matter. Basketball players were always second best.

However, if Wesley couldn’t convince his fellow classmates that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom, maybe he could get the proof himself.

Walking through Casper High School’s hallways as usually, Wes couldn’t help but wear this smug smile.

He had the perfect plan.

Wes currently had a tape recorder smuggled safely away in the pocket of his basketball shorts. If no one would believe his word, perhaps they’d believe Fenton’s!

He had never spoken to the freak before. Nor had he spoken too Sam or Tucker. They were deemed some of the lowest geeks on the Casper High social totem pole. They were even below Mikey because Mikey could at least do the A-Lister’s homework for them.

Wes’s green eyes shifted slightly upward to see the trio walking to Danny’s locker. He hated to be seen anywhere near the band room. They were, or course, some of the lowest on the social totem pole depending on which band geek you wanted to talk about…

After a few moments, Sam and Tucker departed from their black haired friend.
“Now’s my chance…” Wes said to himself as he calmly walked towards Danny Fenton. The Blue eyed boy was currently muddering something about not being able to find his math homework when Wesley tapped on his shoulder.

“GAH!” Danny dropped his things on the floor and turned around quickly, positioned in a defensive fighting style like position.

“Ah, erm. Hi?” Wes blinked, confused as to where such a reaction came from.

“Oh,” Danny dropped his position and chuckled slightly. “You’re Wes Weston aren’t you?” He smiled at the redhead innocently.

Wes only nodded quickly. “Wes, I mean, Yes. That’s my name.” His green eyes shifted uneasily, causing Danny much confusion.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m Fine Phan- Fenton.”

Danny’s eye’s widened a bit at the slip up. Surely that was just an accident right? This boy couldn’t know his secret? He didn’t want to take any chances though. “Did you almost call me Phantom? Haha! That’s really funny there Wes! That guy is so cool. It must be nice to be a hero!” Fenton smiled brightly, but Wes narrowed his eyes.

“Wouldn’t you know?” Wes stiffened up a bit, trying to regain some confidence.

Suddenly, Danny’s ghost sense went off as some girls down the hall screamed. “Oh no…”

Wes glared at him, as if he knew what that blue puff meant.  "What is it Fenton? Got somewhere to be?“

Danny gritted his teeth and Wes could’ve swore his eyes flashed green.

"Look, whatever your name is-” Danny started, but Wes cut him off.

“It’s Wesley Weston, Danny Fenton…” Wes pointed his finger nearly an inch away from Danny’s nose. “Why don’t you tell me you secret now before someone gets hurt! Normally, Phantom would be here now, but I don’t see him…I don’t suppose you know where he is, do you?!”

Suddenly, the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle (AKA the RV) plummeted through the school wall into the hallway. As soon as the vehicle came to a rest, Jack and Maddie Fenton jumped out and raced down the hall where screams on terror were heard.

Danny smacked Wes’s hand away as his parents came to fight the threat. “Looks like Phantom wasn’t needed this time anyhow.” Anger burned in Danny’s eyes as he walked away from the accusing teen.

Wesley stood his ground, crossing his arms and returning the glare. “You can’t hide it forever Fenton. I’ll get my proof! I’ll always know who Phantom really is!”

“Guys, this is serious!” Danny threw his hands up in the air. Currently, he was in his room. His two best friends Sam and Tucker were leaned up against his bed. “He could pose a real problem. He could make it super hard for me to go ghost, or worse, he could actually get proof!”

“Lighten up Danny,” Tucker started. “Did he tell you he knew?”

“Actually, Tucker, Yes. Yes he did.” Danny scowled. “This is just great.”

“Well it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any proof yet…” Sam started, obviously deep in thought as she spoke. “Maybe you can somehow prove that you’re not Phantom. If you did that, maybe he’d get off Danny Fenton’s case.”

Tucker sat forward a bit, “That’s not a bad idea. But Danny can’t be in two places at once.”

“Actually, there is a way-”

Both Sam and Tucker jumped up at Danny, “WE ARE NOT USING THE FENTON GHOST CATCHER AGAIN.”

Danny threw his hands up in defense, “Alright Alright! Geez, it was only a joke.” He sighed in defeat. “What do you supposed we do then?”

“Hey wait. Do you still have any contact with Danielle?” Sam smirked.

Tucker and Danny shared an uneasy glance.

“I do, but why is that relevant?” Danny asked, very curious to what Sam was plotting.

“I’ve got an idea is all…”

The next morning at Casper High was quiet. All was pretty normal, specially in a place like Amity Park. Wesley Weston, making sure his recorder was on in his pocket, knew he could pry it out of Fenton today. He had even convinced a few friends, with some cash,  to take a video of their encounter today.

Yes, Wes had truly come prepared for almost anything today.

However, so did Danny.

Wes walked in the school, heading straight in the direction on the band room. He could just feel it! The adrenaline was pumping inside him. Finally! Maybe people wouldn’t call him crazy. Just one word, a picture, maybe even video proof! The Fenton’s secret would be gone.

Wes reached the band hallway and looked at at the lockers sternly. Fenton was leaned up against them, alone. He was staring at the ceiling. Wes felt like something was off about him. He was wearing a red beanie and a blue jacket over his normal T-shirt. His face seemed a little softer edged compared to what he remembered from yesterday too… Maybe it was his imagination though. It’s not like Wes actually knew the kid. Heck, yesterday was the first time he’d ever even talked to the raven haired boy.

Danny looked up at him as Wes approached him. “Ahh, Wesley Weston yes? Come back to harass me some more?”

“Cut the crap Fenton,” Wes started. His voice seemed so much softer. It almost sounded like a girls. “You are Phantom. I saw you change months ago.”

Danny backed up against his locker the best he could as Wes walked closer and closer with every word. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Wes! There is not a ghostly thing about me! I’m as human as human can get!”

“Yeah right, I know better than that. You disappear too much for that.”

“Can I help my uncontrollable bladder problems? Should I just pee on the floor all the time to please you?” Danny spat back.

“Why are you and Phantom never seen in the same place then huh?”

Danny looked to the floor, “I’m scared of ghosts, okay?”

“Liar! You’re from a family of ghost hunters!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not scared of ghosts!” Danny threw his hands up into the air. “Phantom is a ghost, so when Phantom is around, I am not!”

Around the corner, Sam, Tucker, and the real Danny Fenton covered their mouths as the quietly snickered.

“Man, your cousin is better at coming up with excuses than you are when you’re parents ask who that naked girl on your computer was!” Tucker sneered, almost chocking on his laughter.

“Dude I know, who knew honestly!” Danny replied, obviously enjoying seeing Wes get angry at his own interrogation.

“Alright guys, think it’s time for step two.” Sam laughed, looking around to see if anyone was around. “You’re clear Danny!”

“I’m going Ghost!” Danny called out in a whisper yell, throwing his arms up at his entire body was engulfed in the white rings, fully transforming him into Amity Parks well known hero, Danny Phantom.

Meanwhile, Dani’s interrogation continued.

“Alright fine, you have severe bladder issues and you hide under anything  and everything wherever there is a ghost nearby! That still doesn’t explain what I saw!”

“Personally, I think you here hallucinating! There is no way that I could be Phantom!”

“You know, He’s right!”

Wes spun around to see Danny Phantom floating behind them. “Wait! How is that-”

“GHOST!” Dani let out this terrified girly scream and took off down the hallway.

“Bahaha! Man, that boy cracks me up. Specially being the son on the Fenton’s.” Phantom laughed.

“Look, you, you, ectoplamic ball of fame!” Wes struggled for a god insult, but failed badly.

“Hey Kid, seriously, you were wrong.” Phantom smiled and shrugged. “No need to hate me for it.”

Wes growled in anger. “This isn’t over… I know exactly what I saw Fenton. I know it!”

“Man some people are just so stubborn….” Danny floated over to Wes and whispered into his ear, “But now that there is video proof that Danny Fenton isn’t the ghost boy…” He gestured over to his two friends with the cameras. “No one ever truly believe you.”

Wes’s face grew annoyed. “Not unless I get real proof!”

“Haha! I’m a ghost, Wesley Weston. That’s all the proof you need.” With that, Phantom phased through the floor.

Dani peaked her head around the corner, and Wes’s friend came out of his hiding place. “Woah man! I can’t believe you got that close to Phantom!”

“He is gone…right?” Dani said, looking around uneasily.

“Bahaha! Man, I knew that wimp wasn’t Phantom.” Wes looked at his friend then back to Dani.

With a defeated sigh, Wesley finally nodded. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

Later on that day, Wes walked sadly down the hallway when suddenly someone pulled him into the dark janitors closet. “Woah!”

The light came on to reveal former A-lister Valerie Gray.

“Oh great. What do you want? To laugh at me some more?”

“Actually, no.” She paused a moment. “ I saw your video Wes. We need to talk…”


anonymous asked:

God my hatred and disgust for srydia is so big I rather see all of my other ships (both from teen wolf and from other fandoms) crash and burn to motherfucking ground if it means seeing that brought by the devil ship DIE!!!

I feel you. I really do. Srydia is a… a mix of EVERY goddamned trope and cliché I HATE in ships.

  1. The nerdy guy and popular girl.
  2. The nice guy who is an undercover asshole and the bitch queen with heart.
  3. The friendship ruined for a ship.
  4. The let’s put them together, because they have never hooked up and it’s 6th season, who cares it doesn’t make sense.
  5. The she is blind and doesn’t see how he loves her.
  6. He deserves it, because he was waiting for so long. He is gone so suddenly she loves him and looses her mind.
  7. The we love each other and we don’t give a fuck about anybody else.
  8. The I’ve never said I love you.
  9. The our love is fanservice and ruins everything else, but who cares, the most fanatic fandom demands it.
  10. The he was asshole more times we can count, he never said sorry but he saved her, so we forget and forgive.
  11. The she is awesome, but not when she is with him, when she is with him she is suddenly dumb and a decoration for his dick.
  12. The trophy princess.
  13. The she owes him.
  14. The they have the strongest connection and you can’t compare any other relationship to them, because this is the most epic love story halleluiah and let’s lick their asses.
  15. The nothing else matters, only their love story.
  16. Their past relationship are shit when we compare it to this ship, or so the writers say. Romanticizing abusive and gross things and telling us it’s perfectly ok, because it’s love.  
  17. Making girls emotionally weak because of guys.
  18. The idiotic dialogs with cheesy music in the background.
  19. Killing plot for romantic shit.  
  20. And seriously, it EXISTS.

I can do it all day. So high salty five my friend.

Feel free to add more.