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“I finally understand”

I was supposed to write this for April 3rd, on NaruSaku day, but as I told you guys I was super duper busy, and sadly wasn’t able.

But here I am with it now. :D Hope you enjoy! I also have such a beautiful imagery in my head, too bad I cannot draw. T_T

The warm breeze danced with the last remaining cherry blossoms before their departure, and birds were chirping their lithe spring song. A beautiful and peaceful day, perfect for receiving Sasuke’s visit to Konoha after his long travels. 

They were supposed to meet at the bench, that fateful place that was witness to their teammate departure for revenge, and yet today, it was one to the changed winds of the present. Sakura was already there, thinking back and forth about the past and the present, smiling from time to time, thinking at how much things had went up and down. Naruto was supposed to have been there, but as time passed, he seemed to borrow from Kakashi’s old habits of being stuck on the “path of life”.

“That baka…” she thought to herself while a warm smile curled her lips. “Always running here and there, never really standing still in one place” her thoughts continued flowing into her mind. “I just hope you’ll make it on time and not make Sasuke-kun wait. After all, you kept going on and on about how he’s so late to visit us, and here you are now, not even being able to keep your end of the bargain.”

It wasn’t long until in the distance as you looked inside the village’s gates that a glowing silhouette could be spotted. With his heart racing and his breath quite abrupt after the long run, Naruto finally made it and saluted her.

“Sakura-chan! Sorry for being late, but you see, I left home earlier and on the road here I stopped at Ichiraku’s to salute the old man and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: a free bowl of Ichiraku, since now I am one of the heroes who saved Konoha and the entire shinobi world…”, he spoke in a hurry in order to try to explain Sakura as quick and as objectively possible so she could understand and not get mad at him. But as he was relating his granted not fully excusable experience, he stopped when he saw Sakura laughing.

“Sakura-chan… what’s so funny?” he asked puzzled, not understanding exactly Sakura’s reaction, as he would’ve expected her to lash at him rather than… well, this.

Sakura stopped laughing as serenity took upon her and looked at him warmly. 

“Remember us in the old days, more explicitly in our genin days?” she asked.

“Yeah, you were so cool back then!”, Naruto replied quick and as if it was an instinct, an extension of his self. 

“No, I wasn’t!”, Sakura quickly corrected him as her brows furrowed for a moment but quickly tuned back to their relaxed state. “I was only a bookworm. A bookworm with no resistance and skill in combat whatsoever. You know, for a long time I thought that I would never make it on the front, there, with you and Sasuke-kun, and that I could only watch you guys from the back”, Sakura continued as flashes from those old times were going through her mind.

Naruto stopped his story and looked at her without interrupting. For a moment, her story reminded him of all the times he felt unsure with his own power and place inside this world.

“I thought that what I had learned, what I had stored in this big forehead of mine was all for nothing, that there was nothing I could do”, she added. “That my Heaven wasn’t going to help at all in my Earth problems”, Sakura kept going as she remembered Iruka’s lesson from the times of the genin exam.

“But I couldn’t just give up. I had to do something, somehow. There had to be something I could do with everything I had learned”, she continued as passion started boiling in her veins and enveloped her self as she was telling Naruto all those things, clenching her first.

“With this big stubborn forehead of mine”, she added when she changed back into a more relaxed state, bringing her hand over her seal, as that serene smile came back to her face.

“I had to find a way to protect you two” Sakura said as her she caressed gently her forehead seal. “I couldn’t just give up” she told him, looking straight into his eyes.

At that moment, Naruto’s pupils grew large, as two memories at the same time flashed inside his mind. One was of those times when Kakashi had asked him if he was serious about not understanding her genin exam fight with Ino, and the second, at the same time, was of when for the first time he understood why he liked her so much.

“I finally understand”, he thought to himself as he reflexively moved closer to Sakura, took her hands into his and kissed her forehead.

He couldn’t explain from where this courage on his heart, as he always feared that she could straight punch him into the Hokage faces if needed be, but this time, he couldn’t just keep it for him, his impulses and such strong feelings were far beyond his control up until now.

“You always had a charming forehead. Made me want to kiss it for so long”, he added as his lips detached from her forehead.”

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WHAT?! You're working on an actual fic about those two?! *-* Oh, I can't wait to read it! But honestly, how do you even manage to become even more awesome than you already are? (Could I maybe ask about the plot or idea of thos fic? Just, if you don't mind telling us...)

Never! ^-^

The basic premise is Utakata being found by Kiri while he’s wandering earlier than in canon, so he flees and ends up outside Konoha. Iruka finds him, wounded and unconscious, and takes him home to care for him. Mainly, I’m having fun picturing what Naruto would do if he met another jinchuuriki when he was a student, and how to kind of wrangle Iruka and Naruto into a deeper relationship than canon before the whole Mizuki incident. 

A Twist in Time - Sasusaku

I’ve recommended this fanfic before but I feel the need to do it again.


So read it 🙊 –> https://m.fanfiction.net/s/3799701/1/

Summary: In the midst of the fourth shinobi war, Sakura is sent on a last-resort mission to save the ninja world by travelling to an alternate universe in the past. Join her in coping with her old body’s shortcomings, testing the natural laws of time, falling in love all over again, exploring the depths of her mind and rediscovering who she is. Time-travel. SasuSaku. Rated T for language, violence and sexual themes

I promise you’ll never regret reading this! I’ve already reread it like 3 times waiting for an update (whoops)


The two legendary shinobi leaned against the railing of the steps leading to the hokage mountain to look over the village. The sun was just setting, and Naruto had to get to work, but he had to ask his friend once and for all what his intentions were. Rumors were circulating around the village about Sasuke’s frequent returns. He normally was gone for months at a time, but recently had been returning home once a week. His stays were normally for a night or two, but his last return has been for at least four days.

“Sasuke,” Naruto said, not looking at him just yet, “have you decided to stay?”

Sasuke kept his eyes on the village lights that began to flicker on in different areas. Street lamps lit themselves and allowed the village to have the familiar glow he grew up with. “Yes,” Sasuke said finally, his voice soft.

Naruto eyed his friend carefully now, trying to find a hint of a lie on his pale face. “Why now?” he asked, concern in his voice. “You projected you’d be gone for at least another year.” He raised his hand as a method to reassure Sasuke, “It’s not that none of us want you home, it’s just that some people haven’t fully gained your trust yet and they’ve misunderstood your coming back.”

Sasuke gave a bitter chuckle at the thought. Only his friends from his Academy days were more than welcoming towards Sasuke. In fact, they’d offered him places to stay within their own homes during his visits home. He readily declined them, though, knowing that he always had a place to stay in the village. “What strangers have to say about my intentions doesn’t concern me,” Sasuke replied.

“Then why?” Naruto asked, studying his friend’s face.

Sasuke looked across the horizon and saw the sun’s final rays reaching out as a method to pull the blanket of darkness over the village. There was a dull pink that was curling under the night’s blues that made his heart whisper warmly. “Because of her.”

Naruto raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Sakura…chan?”

Sasuke didn’t reply. He didn’t have to.

“I see,” Naruto murmured, then looked to his friend. “She’s very popular in the village, Sasuke, especially with other men.” Naruto followed Sasuke’s gaze and watched as the pink disappeared beneath the deep sky. From the corner of his eye, Naruto saw his friend’s jawline grow taut as he grit his teeth. “But you know, Sasuke,” Naruto continued. “She never once gave them a chance. Not one.” A weak smile played on his face.

Sasuke looked down at his right hand and clenched it into a gentle fist. While he was pleased to hear something like this, he knew that he felt troubled by their conversation, by his own feelings.

Knowing that Sasuke still was not in the mood to give a reply to his words, Naruto heaved a great sigh. “Tell me, Sasuke,” Naruto began, “do you love her?”

Sasuke remained quiet.

“Well,” Naruto said, “I do. You know I was infatuated by Sakura-chan for a long time. But now I love her like a sister, like family.” Naruto turned to his friend and narrowed his eyes. “Sasuke, she was hurt very badly by you all those years ago.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Sasuke scowled. Naruto tried to gauge his friend’s reaction, but realized there were still things about him that he doesn’t understand. “I’m well aware of what my actions did to her in the past.”

“Then why now, Sasuke?” Naruto asked, a tinge of anger in his voice. “She has loved you until her heart shattered and you waited so long to make up your mind.” Naruto gazed out, his own scowl forming on his face.

“I’m back, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but for how long, Sasuke?” Naruto pushed off the railing but maintained his grip on the metal handle. “How long until you leave her again, huh?” Naruto looked down at his feet. “I could never leave Hinata for as long as you have; I can’t even imagine it, but you’ve done it so many times to Sakura-chan.”

Sasuke glanced at his friend.

“I’m trying to make sure she will be safe with you, that her heart will not break anymore, Sasuke,” Naruto explained. “She deserves to live without pain.”

“I will not do it again to her,” Sasuke said, his voice low and sure. He let go of the railing and turned to face his friend. Naruto did the same.

“Tell me, Sasuke,” Naruto urged, “man to man.”

Sasuke clenched his fist.

“Do you love her?”

Sasuke made sure he looked Naruto dead in the eye, hoping that his sincerity would be understood by him. “Yes,” Sasuke assured him. When Naruto didn’t reply, he continued, “My journey of redemption was a personal one, a mission that I could only complete alone to reconcile my sins. However,” Sasuke said, looking down at his hand and slowly releasing his grip on air, “I realize now that I was not reconciling my sins against her. You can tell the village that I have nothing planned for it, but don’t tell Sakura I have something planned for her.” Sasuke looked up at his friend. “She has waited long enough.”

Naruto raised his eyebrows. He had never seen such vulnerability in Sasuke’s eyes before. They had switched from his usual serious expression to one that was warm and hopeful. He realized, then, that Sasuke needed to love again, to feel the warmth of a real family again; he realized Sakura was that family he needed. He rested a hand on Sasuke’s shoulder as a smile broke out upon his face. “Take care of her, will you?”

Sasuke gave a small, but confident nod. A small grin formed on his face. “With my life.”

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Just out of curiosity (and I hope you don't mind me asking), how much of your reverse outline have you gotten through now?

I don’t mind at all! It’s currently…about 2/3 of the way through the first arc? Mostly. I can’t decide whether to combine a few bits, in which case it would be about ½. 

Just for reference, though, before anyone thinks my outlines are anything remotely serious, this is what it looks like atm:


Get Naruto somewhere safe. Also, ditch the Freak Squad. (Fuck, what is this, you’re just throwing all the socially inept genius idiots at me now, screw you.)

-Try Suna. Okay, never mind, bad idea. Shukaku is a fucking psycho. Well, at least Naruto made a friend. (But hold up, why is he following us?)

-Okay, really need to ditch the Freak Squad. They’re starting to get on my nerves.

-Oh hello Kakuzu, you fucker. You’re hunting me too? Fantastic. You guys can compare techniques, I’m gone.

-Should probably send Taki a note to let them know I really didn’t meant to steal their jinchuuriki.

-Fine. Matatabi’s mostly reasonable. Her host is also 13. Oops. (Wait a second, why are you following me?)

-Last resort, Utakata. Saiken’s a freak, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’ve still got Kakuzu/the Freak Squad up my ass. And everyone else, what the fuck is this I hate everyone.

…Yeah. Let’s pretend I know what I’m doing and say we’re 2/3 of the way through the road trip arc. Uh, yay? *jazz hands*

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ya know,last night after reading WTL for the third time (this is the best story btw) i had a dream where all the captains and lieutenants in WTL (even the one Hisana never met)are watching an anime about Hisana as naruto (like she is the kyubi jinchuriki and how the villagers treat her to the fourth great ninja war or something) and omg i wish somebody would write a fanfiction about it like Byakuya's reaction would be :How dare they treat her like that she is only a kid. or something like that

Huh, that’s an…interesting dream. Although with Hisana being someone who generally has a very low tolerance for bullshit, she’d definitely call the villagers out on their behavior. For example:

Hisana (to asshole shopkeeper): Honestly, it’s a wonder you’re still in business if this is the kind of service I can expect. Tell me, do you always sell your customers rotten vegetables? No? So I’m a special case then…I see. Trying to take advantage of an orphaned child by selling them rotten merchandise, huh? Wow…tell me, what does it feel like to sink that low?

Hisana (to asshole parents): Really? Calling me names, now? What would you do if someone treated your child the same way you treat me? And you have the gall to call yourself a good parent?

Hisana (to asshole medic): Refusing to treat a child? It’s a wonder you ever became a medic with that kind of attitude. *cracks knuckles* Allow me to pound your oaths back into your head then, since you appear to have forgotten them. Don’t worry, I’ll patch you up afterwards– unlike some people I could name, I am a professional. 

After that, I imagine watching her childhood would be like the thrilling saga of Hisana adopting any lonely people nearby, which consists of most of the shinobi population. 

“Why is she leaving food out on the windowsill? Oh wait, there’s a note… ‘To the masked nin who apparently have nothing better to do than stalk a six year old, you’re giving me hives with how pathetic you look sitting in the rain like that. So out of the goodness of my heart, I’ve decided to offer you something to eat. Don’t worry, it’s not poisoned.’”

“Did she really have to start hanging out with that freaky eyebrow kid? Like out of all the people she could have chosen to befriend…”

“At least that Itachi kid seems sensible.”

“Wait, never mind.”

“Damn, she can eat a lot of ramen. Kudos to her though, for managing to guilt that gray haired kid into paying for it.”

“Interesting rivalry she’s got going on with that Uchiha kid. I admit, I’m pretty impressed that she managed to break him out of his funk…although I’m less impressed that the method she used to do it was to insist that ‘tomatoes suck.’ Still, at least she’s not a fangirl.” 

I'll make a home out of you.

Happy holidays, @sicanfly !
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I tried to stick to the prompts as much as I could, I hope you enjoy this.

“Are you sure about this Naruto? You should come home and spend Christmas with us. I’ll cook you whatever you wish.” Kushina said, even though she hadn’t raised her voice he could tell she was upset. This was the first Christmas he was spending away from home. Was it really home though? It hadn’t felt like it for a while.

“I’m sure mom.” He gritted.

“But the holidays should be spent with loved ones, not alone in your couch in a city where you know no one.” He sighed and pushed his cart, picking up his favorite Christmas cookies and placing them on it. If he was going to spend Christmas Eve alone, he might as well stuff his face while he was at it.

“Too many memories back home, mom. I haven’t enjoyed living there for two years, you know that.” The line was silent for a while after that, although he could hear his mom sobbing softly through the phone. He closed his eyes in pain.

“Don’t cry mom. I might be back next year, I just need time to move on.” He assured her. Or maybe he was trying to assure himself. He really didn’t know anymore.

“I know. I’m not crying for me. I just hate seeing you in pain like this. I wish I could change what happened, I wish it everyday of my life.” He smiled sadly even though she couldn’t see him. Memories from that day came back to his mind. The denial, the pain, the anger.

His world had fallen apart when he’d found out Sasuke had left.

Logically, Naruto had a never ending faith in his best friend. He thought for the longest time Sasuke would come back. Or that he’d call him, contact him in any way. But he hadn’t. Sasuke had simply left a note on his bed that said.

“I’m sorry, Naruto.”

He waited for months for his friend to contact him again, tried to get answers from Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha. But none of them seemed to want to talk about it, changing the subject no matter how many times he brought it up. Itachi didn’t either, but Naruto could tell he hadn’t been the same ever since. Sometimes Naruto wondered if Itachi felt the way he did. If he felt the same longing and ache. The same emptiness.

He had searched as much as he could. Even tried visiting the airport but they wouldn’t give him any information. Sasuke had changed his phone number and deactivated his social media accounts.

He’d spent the past two years trying to trace his best friend. But none of it ever worked. He never felt whole. He saw Sasuke everywhere.

He saw him in the autumn leaves that were Sasuke’s favorite. He saw him in the blue skies that Sasuke loved to observe at night. He saw him in every cup of tea he brought close to his mouth, specially green tea, since it was Sasuke’s favorite.

Whenever he’d go to his favorite coffee shop, he’d remember all the times he and Sasuke had picked up cinnamon rolls at two am. Whenever he’d go to the movies, he’d remember tossing pop corn at Sasuke’s face during the movies they watched together. Being in his room reminded him of all the hours they had spent there, laughing and bickering. Everything. He’d built a memory or more in each part of his town with his best friend. It was unbearable to live there.

He’d only met Sasuke a year and a half prior to his disappearance. And even though they had clashed at first, they soon became best of friends. Spending all day together. Doing everything together.

As soon as he had graduated four months ago, he had told his parents and friends that he was leaving. They had been angry at first, of course, but they eventually understood. They knew how Naruto had felt ever since Sasuke had left. They knew asking him to stay would be cruel.

He left home four months ago and didn’t look back, keeping in touch with his closest friends and family. If he wanted to move on, he needed to be in a place that held no meaning for him.

New York was beautiful and full of opportunities. His job was good. He had found a reasonably priced apartment. He had no complaints. He needed a change, a city to keep him busy so he wouldn’t think of Sasuke anymore.

“I’m working on it, mom. Tell everyone I love them, yeah? Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas baby. We love you.” He ended the call and placed his phone back in his pocket, browsing for more snacks to eat. Today he’d sit in his home and get very, very drunk. Christmas was always a holiday he’d hoped he could spend with Sasuke one day. But they had never gotten the chance to. Their plans were always different.

He picked up everything he needed for his meal. He was about to turn around and head towards the cashier when he heard it.

“No, Kakashi. Thank you for your invitation, but I think I’ll stay in today.”

For a moment he wondered if he was going insane. If he had started hallucinating. He didn’t want to believe it. He was afraid to. His body was frozen in the middle of the aisle.

“Alright, I’ll see you in January.”

But he knew that voice all too well. That deep, low voice that haunted his dreams on some nights. A chill ran through his spine as he turned around. He pushed his cart to the other aisle. His knees felt weak, his arms were shaking. He didn’t know if he wanted to be right or if being wrong would be easier.

The air seemed to leave his lungs as he stopped in front of the aisle. His eyes widened and he felt dizzy. He had to grip the car handle a little harder.


Despite remaining hopeful, he had accepted a few months ago that he’d probably never see or hear of him him again. But there he was. Eyeing the wine bottle he held in his hand with interest as he put his phone back in the pocket of his black pants.

Sasuke, the subject of his biggest dreams, his happiness and his sadness, was standing right in front of him. He looked absolutely beautiful, the years had only been kind to him. He still had his lean, muscular body. Still had his hair with the same style Naruto teased him about but loved. Still carried the same aura of elegance and perfection around him. In that moment, Naruto could see no one else. Not one thing mattered.

He didn’t even notice the small, desperate sound that left his throat. Sasuke looked up from the bottle at the sound, his eyes scanned around and then he glanced at Naruto, he was about to turn around until he realized just whom was across the aisle.

He almost dropped the wine.

He blinked, once, twice, thrice. He wondered if his mind was playing cruel tricks on him. If he’d reached a point of ache and longing that made him see things. If the holidays and missing Naruto were making him imagine the impossible.

Because it couldn’t be.

They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, although it could have been a few seconds.

“Sasuke.” Naruto breathed out, voice thick with unshed tears. A shiver went through Sasuke’s spine when he heard his best friend saying his name. God, he’d missed that.

“Naruto.” Before he could think of what to do or say, he felt a pair of strong arms circle him.

Naruto was hugging him.

He almost let out a choked sound at the feel and warmth of his best friend. Oh how he’d missed his smell, his face, his skin, his voice.


He wrapped his arms around Naruto and hugged back. Just as tight. Letting himself feel for the first time in years. If this was just a dream, then he wanted to make the best of it. If he was going to wake up in his bed with dried tears, he would make sure they were worth it.

They held each other for a few minutes. Neither wanting to let go. After a while Naruto pulled back, but didn’t pull away, keeping his arms around Sasuke’s waist.

“How- how are you here? How did you find me?” Sasuke hated how broken his voice sounded. How the world around him seemed to be spinning. He’d convinced himself that he’d gotten over this a long time ago, but apparently he hadn’t.

Naruto was scared to blink or let go of Sasuke. He was scared Sasuke would disappear. Vanish before his eyes. He couldn’t take it a second time, he wouldn’t survive it. God, how had he lived without seeing him for so long?

“I - I left home. I graduated and moved here.” Sasuke’s eyes widened and he tensed up.

“But your parents-”

“They know. I didn’t do what you did.” Anger and hurt flashed in blue eyes. Suddenly Naruto unwrapped his arms from around Sasuke. Sasuke pretended it didn’t hurt. He had to stop himself from pressing closer.

“Why did you leave?” He said. Naruto chuckled bitterly.

“I couldn’t stay home. Too many memories of you. So I got a job here and moved.” Sasuke stared at him in shock. It was already too much of a coincidence that he and Naruto were unknowingly living in the same city. But to run into each other at the supermarket? Really? That was almost impossible. If he didn’t know Naruto didn’t lie, he would have thought he was stalking him. His heartbeat picked up even more after he registered Naruto’s words.

“Too many memories of you.” He had known him leaving would hurt Naruto. But not to this extent.

“When?” He bit out. Breathless.

“Four months ago, after I graduated.” A memory of them discussing going on a trip together after graduation flashed through Sasuke’s mind. He looked away.

“Why did you leave, Sasuke? Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you never message me again? Were you embarrassed of me? What happened? Was I really such a burden to you?” Naruto asked, fists clenched at his sides.

“That’s none of your business, dobe.” he hissed, crossing his arms.

“Yes it is. You’re my best friend damn it! I deserve to know. Everyday of my life I had to tell myself you weren’t dead! Everyday I had to tell myself you didn’t hate me!” the blond shouted. His eyes were red and watery. Sasuke shook his head, ignoring the curious stares of other shoppers. But Naruto was right.

“Not here. Let’s- my apartment is ten minutes from here.” Naruto’s eyes widened and he nodded numbly. His hands were still shaking at his sides.

Once they had paid for their groceries, they got in Sasuke’s car and rode to his apartment. The entire time Naruto was staring at the window, brows furrowed and lips in a thin line. Sasuke’s heart clenched, he couldn’t believe the blond still had this power on him. No matter how far away he’d gotten or for how long, Naruto was still his everything.

It hurt that Naruto wouldn’t look at him. Even after they’d put away the groceries in the kitchen. Even after they’d sat down in the living room.

“Naruto, look at me.” Naruto’s expression hardened and he scowled.

“How could you? How could you leave me like that? Why didn’t you call me again? Did you expect me to forget you like you forgot me? Do you know how much Itachi misses you? How much I miss you?” He said angrily, now looking at him.

“Naruto, I had to leave. I was kicked out of my house!” He snapped, Naruto stiffened before his eyes widened.

“What? You- that’s not true. You’re lying.” Naruto whispered, gaping at him.

“No I’m fucking not!” He said.

“But why.. how?” Naruto whispered, his expression softened. How could it be? Mikoto and Fugaku were amazing parents, they wouldn’t.

“My dad kicked me out because I’m gay.” Sasuke felt as if he would throw up any moment, the nervousness he felt was overwhelming. Naruto stared at him for a while. He hadn’t come out to him before now and he sincerely hoped the blind wouldn’t be disgusted, as far as he knew Naruto didn’t have a problem with the LGBT community, he hoped that hadn’t changed. Naruto gaped at him for awhile, processing the information he had received.

A part of him was angry, furious, hurt that they would put Sasuke through that for being gay, that they’d disown him. The other part of him kept repeating the words “Sasuke is gay” and connecting them to “Sasuke likes men and I’m a man” repeatedly.

“Does Itachi know?” He choked out, Sasuke shook his head, he tried to blink away the tears that threatened to spill.

“Oh god, Sasuke.”

Leaving Naruto behind had been like leaving a piece of himself behind. Sasuke hadn’t felt complete in two years. Something was always missing. Naruto. No matter how much work he drowned in, no matter how much he drank, no matter how many nameless blue eyed blondes he fucked at random clubs, he had never let go of him.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Sasuke? I would have come with you, I would have helped you, why would you run away and never talk to me again? That makes no sense!”

That was the question Sasuke was truly afraid of, he tried to come up with some sort of lie, but as he looked at his best friend. It felt as if he couldn’t lie anymore, he needed the truth out. He took a deep breath and braced for impact.

“Because I was in love with you! Because I could never have you because you’re straight and you were dating Hinata! Because it fucking destroyed me to watch you two together!” He screamed. Naruto was silent for a long time, looking like he’d been burned.

This was it, this was the moment everything would crash. He prepared himself for the rejection. Naruto walked towards him and he raised his arms up to block the punch he knew would come. Instead, Naruto grasped both of his wrists and hugged him again.

He leaned into the muscular, warm body despite himself.

“A month after you left.” Naruto started, pulling back and caressing his cheek, he gasped as he noticed the adoring expression Naruto was aiming at him “Hinata broke up with me. Wanna know why?” He asked softly. Sasuke felt as if his entire existence was being redefined and he’d lost control of his own body. He nodded, just barely. He couldn’t believe what was happening.

“She left me because I couldn’t stop thinking about you, she said I needed to accept that I was in love with you no matter how much I denied it.” Naruto said, Sasuke could only stare at him, this didn’t feel real, he must have died on his way to the supermarket and gone to heaven, because there was no way Naruto was saying what he thought.

“Shut up, Naruto- don’t-” his words died in his throat when Naruto nuzzled his nose with his, still caressing his cheekbone with his thumb. He let out a breathy sound, his bottom lip trembling.

“Turns out she was right. I had been such a fool for not noticing, for not being able to tell. Fuck, Sasuke. You were all I thought about, every plan of my future had your name in it. I thought of you before I went to bed and when I woke up. I wanted to do everything with you, watch new movies, spend the day, travel the world. How could I mistake that with friendship? I’d dream of you, dream of seeing you again and my heart would break when you weren’t there. You owned my soul the entire time and I was too stupid to realize it. When I did, you were gone and it was too late” Sasuke was sure he was crying by now, if Naruto’s reassuring sounds were anything to judge by. It felt like a Christmas miracle, like an angel had finally looked down on him and blessed his life. The loneliness and the pain he’d felt throughout these years were all worth it for this.

“Can I kiss you?” Naruto asked softly. He nodded weakly, Naruto chuckled sadly and pressed closer, till their chests were touching.

Sasuke had heard some sappy shit of fireworks that were supposed to explode when you kissed your true love. But this, this was not fireworks, the feel of Naruto’s warm lips against his felt like he was floating. Like he would always be young. Like the world didn’t exist outside of this feeling. He had never done any big drugs, but if this was the reason people did them, if the feeling was anything close to this, then he wouldn’t blame others for becoming addicted, for risking their life for one more taste.

Naruto tasted like infinity.

He moved his mouth against Naruto’s eagerly, clutching the blond hair and pulling. Naruto groaned in his throat and licked his lower lip. Sasuke opened his lips and their tongues touched, shy and exploring, like they were getting to know each other.

In a sense, they were.

Their hands explored each other’s torsos, wanting to touch as much as possible. Naruto could hear Sasuke make those sounds for the rest of his life. He swore to himself he’d never let a day pass where he wouldn’t make Sasuke feel good. Where he wouldn’t tell him how loved and amazing he was.

When they pulled away, Naruto kissed the corner of his mouth and used his thumb to wipe the tears on Sasuke’s cheeks.

“You deserve better.” Sasuke said suddenly as they held each other.

“Huh?” Naruto cocked a blond brow.

“You deserve someone who hasn’t hurt you the way I have, someone who is normal, someone with a family, someone who isn’t so fucked up-.” Naruto kissed him again, pressing a chaste kiss to his mouth.

“Shut up.” he said against his lips “I’m yours, teme. You are mine. I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. You’re the most incredible person I know. It took losing you to realize what you meant to me, if anything, it’s me who hurt you.” Sasuke shook his head, it was almost impossible to believe those words. Naruto would soon realize that and he would leave.

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. I’m not easy to deal with, I’m- ”

“I’ve dealt with you before, I know too well how much of a bastard you can be. But I’m a hassle too. I know you, Sasuke Uchiha, I’ve seen you at your best and your worst and I’ve loved you through all of it. I always have. I always will. You’ve always been mine to deal with.” A part of him wanted to run away. He was scared to believe Naruto. He was afraid Naruto would eventually get tired of him. But the other part of him didn’t care handing his soul to his best friend, even if he ended up hurt, it would be worth it, just to have Naruto in his life again.

“I - Naruto.” Naruto shushed him and kissed his nose.

“Shhh. I know.” He whispered.

Many hours and another trip to the grocery store later. They were laying on Sasuke’s couch drinking wine, tummies full of the delicious food they’d cooked together. They’d spent the hours laughing and catching up, telling each other everything they’d missed. They had bickered like the old times, it almost felt as if those years hadn’t gone by. They both felt nostalgic of having been apart for so long, but preferred to focus on the fact that they were now together.

Sasuke was still shocked at the discovery he’d made while they cooked, Naruto had pulled up his sleeves and he’d seen his tattoo. At first he hadn’t understood what it was, but then he noticed it was an “US” written in cursive.

“US” as in “Uchiha Sasuke”.

He had gaped at Naruto for a good thirty seconds till the other had noticed and had followed the direction of his eyes. Naruto had soon realized what Sasuke was so focused on and his face had gone a bright pink, right up to his ears.

“What’s that?” Sasuke had asked shakily. Naruto had nervously scratched his neck.

“It’s - uh- yourinitialspleasedontkillme.” He had said, Sasuke had approached him slowly and grabbed his wrist, examining the beautifully done tattoo and caressing it with his thumb.

“You” he had whispered. “Are an absolute idiot.” Then he closed the distance between their lips.


They chatted about everything and nothing, their jobs, their careers, what they wanted to do. Sasuke had promptly refused to wear the ugly Christmas sweaters Naruto had bought at target. They couldn’t get enough of each other, kissing whenever they had the chance. After a while of sitting in comfortable silence, Naruto spoke.

“Ss'ke” he slurred.

“What, moron?” Naruto had always been a light weight.

“Have you considered talking to Itachi again. He really misses you.” Sasuke frowned. He missed his older brother as well, Itachi was the only one who understood him besides Naruto.

“Yeah. I think I should.” He said. Naruto beamed at him and leaned in to kiss him again, tasting like wine and vanilla and hope. He pressed their foreheads together and said softly.

“We’ll make New York our home.”

Sasuke didn’t doubt it. Home was where Naruto was.

Live Spectacle Naruto - Satou Ryuji’s blog translation

Re-reading Satou Ryuji’s thoughts and message to his live spectacle naruto’s comrades and I’ve decided to translate his message for his beloved team 7 :3 Mind you, it’s not 100% accurate but I tried my best both english and japanese aren’t my first language.

Kakashi-sensei. This time, we’re almost always together. I’m sure it exceeded everyone who’s reading imagination when I say ‘we’re almost always together.’

Really, Kakashi’s broadmindness helped/saved Team 7, he’s really is a teacher through the end. I, too, have been saved by him. His costume covered his face almost entirely that it is hard to see his facial expression. This may sound contradicting, but his expression was always kind.

Sakura. The only female ninja in team 7. As a part of team 7’s flower (I guess referring to her name), Sakura blooms and grows beautifully. Also, the side of her who always love Sasuke no matter what the situation is. The fact that Yui (Sakura’s actress) cried during the part when Sasuke left the village remained as a huge impression to me even now. I, as someone playing Sasuke, fully realized the love Sakura has for Sasuke and I think that he’s the luckiest/happiest person.

And then, Naruto. Koudai really outdid himself this time. I know it because I’ve been by his side and Koudai, too, know me well. I think?

Even during practice, there were lots of time when we moved perfectly in sync to the point that it shocked me.

It became especially apparent during live shows (In here, Ryuji was actually making a pun, he himself admitted it ww 本番になると-> honban ni naruto, naruto here refers to ‘when it comes to/during’ but it can also mean the main character Naruto), take the scene at the valley we just did our own part but as if we were able to read each other’s mind, our movements flow naturally.

I want to meet Sasuke again. I still haven’t been able to fully understand him, and from now on there are still lots of things I wanted to learn from Sasuke but I guess time never waits and that’s why, I’ll be taking off Sasuke’s costume. For the time being, I’ll bid my farewell.

Until the day we meet again.

Ignore me if someone translated this already I just found this beautiful ;w;

Worth It

A fanfiction by me/IMissNaruto

The forest during winter was a place filled with beautiful wonders. The fireflies would be mingling around, the flowers were in full bloom, and the lake would reflect the marvellous beauty of the mysterious night. A black-haired girl sat at a rock, holding onto a red scarf with what looks to be stitches along the middle of the scarf. She sat and pondered.

“Wait for me. I’ve something to tell you”

Those were the words spoken to her from the boy that she grew up admiring from his back, the boy that inspired her to be stronger everyday, the man of her dreams, and the person she came to fall in love with. Tightening her hold on the scarf, she clutched it closer to her chest. The scarf signified so many things to her, the bond that they had as children, as well as the unending love she had for him. This spot that she waited at, was the exact place where she passed him the scarf, the place she first fell in love with him. Her heart quickened in pace. This is not going to be like her previous encounter with the blonde ninja. She would not faint upon meeting him or hesitate any longer.

A few weeks back, Hinata stood near the ramen stand, and just looked at the blonde hero, enjoying his meal with beautiful ladies beside him. The pink-haired ninja was the first to spot her and offered to give up her seat for her. This alerted the blonde to her presence. Flustered, Hinata began walking away, before Sakura chased after her.

“I’m gonna help you to get him, Hinata-chan!”

Those were the words promised by the talented pink-haired medic. Hinata felt assured, but then again, at that time, she never did realize that there was somewhat a forced smile, as well as a pained look in those emerald orbs. Hinata looked up into the endless sky.

‘There are so many stars tonight.’

At a distance away, a figure wearing orange leaned on a tree, his head facing down, he was thinking. In his thoughts, Naruto reflected on what had transpired within the previous weeks. Hanabi got kidnapped, Hinata got kidnapped, he flew to the moon, and saved the world again. But he couldn’t help but think of the actions of the pinkette that he held dearly to his heart. In the previous month, he noticed that she had been pushing him further and further away from her, and closer and closer towards the woman that confessed to him. He frowned his eyebrows, and bit his lips.

'Can I do this, can I really do this?’

That was really the question. Could he really go through with this? Sure, he had gotten to know Hinata better in this ordeal. He knew that he was closer to her than before. But could he really throw away those years of unrequited love for the pinkette?

Turning, Naruto took a deep breath and began advancing towards Hinata. Each step felt like lifting a ton of heavy weights. Taking another deep breath, he called out.


Hearing that voice calling her name, Hinata’s heart soared, she had not expected this. She had expected to end up being alone in the forest. Turning to look at him, her lips opened as she spoke with that gentle and elegant tone she had been taught with since young.

“You came…You really came..”

Letting out a sheepish grin, Naruto could only react awkwardly. It was almost as if, the tables have turned. Naruto being the shy one, and Hinata, being her opposite.

“Yeah. I did ask you to wait for me, right? I can’t go back on my word, can I?”

Smiling, Hinata remembered his nindo: 'Never Giving Up, Never Going Back On My Word’. It was an inspiration for her, she had even adopted it to be her own.

“Yeah. Your Nindo.”

Upon responding, an awkward silence fell between both of them before the blonde ninja spoke out.

“Look Hinata, I really have something important to tell you. Something concerning about my feelings.”

Hinata blushed, she had expected him to be direct, but not this direct. Naruto on the other hand, struggled as he tried to continue what he wanted to say.

'I can do this, I can do this’

“I….I know that you love me for so long, already, and I’ve been a fool for not noticing it. I should have-”

“It’s alright. Naruto-Kun, it’s alright.” Hinata smiled.

“I just want to tell you about how I really feel about you, Hinata. The past few weeks with you have been a roller coaster, but I got to know what a wonderful personality that you have. You’re beautiful, caring, talented, so feminine, and strong.”

“What matters is your true feelings, now. Not in the past, Naruto-kun. The past does not matter anymore, it’s the now that should always matter.”

“Hinata, I….I really li..”

“What is it, Naruto-kun?”

'I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this’

Stuttering, Naruto continued to insist in his mind.

“I really…”

Hinata smiled, as if knowing what he was going to say. Not in an overconfident manner, but rather, something she had waited for for a very long time. She wanted this. She wanted this so bad.

“Hinata, gomen.”

'I can’t do this.’

Her eyes widened. Why’s he apologizing to me? Shouldn’t he be saying that he has the same feelings towards me as I do to him?


“Gomen, Hinata! I came here today, really trying to find with all my heart, to confess to you, to tell you that I have the same feelings as you, to tell you that I like you the way you do towards me.”

“You’re such a nice person, you really are. And I know, I know, that your love towards me is so great. Really, I do.”

Tears began brimming in the eyes of Hinata, her lips quivered as she felt her heart slowly breaking into a million pieces. To the boy she had fell in love with, and to the man, she gave her heart to. Naruto, seeing her, at the brink of breaking down, he wanted to stop, he wanted to comfort her, but he needed to continue. He needed to make sure she stop suffering because of him. He needed her to stop waiting for him.

“I do not have the same feelings towards you.”

Pausing to look her in the teary eyes, Naruto continued.

“If I told you I did, I would be lying to myself. It won’t be fair to you, if I lied to you. It won’t be fair to me as well.”

Now tears flowed freely down the face of Hinata, she sniffled uncontrollably, as she struggled to get words out of her mouth.

“I-I c-c-can w-wait for you.”

“But for how long, I won’t know how long will it take, Hinata. Weeks, months, years, maybe never.” Letting off a sad smile, he probably was in the same situation as her.

“I understand how you feel. How, it feels to wait for somebody for so long. How it feels to suffer so hard because you love the person. How it feels to love and know that the other party will never feel the same way that you do.”

Her eyes shining with tears, she looked up to see the bittersweet smile pasted on the whiskered face. Looking up, Naruto continued.

“I..I have this person. I’ve known her ever since we were so young. She was the prettiest girl at that time, and she still is the prettiest girl to me. Everyday, I would try my hardest to get her to notice me, to get her to know me, know that I like her. There was always this one thing she hated about herself. But I’ve always felt that it’s the most beautiful feature about her. I was always so tempted to place a kiss on that wide forehead of hers. But I knew, that she loved another guy. She would fawn over him, over the little things he did, over how cool he was, and then when he left, she cried so much over him, she hurt so much because of him. So I guess, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. Unrequited love-”

“It’s Sakura right? The person that you’re talking about.” Hinata asked, as she began wiping her tears.


“Remember that night at the ramen stand? She came out to tell me that she’ll help push you more towards me, that she’ll help to make you fall in love with me.” The sudden knowledge flooded into the mind of Naruto and everything slowly began to click. Sakura pushing him towards Hinata whenever she was alone, Sakura always singing Hinata’s praises, complimenting her on how Hinata looked. Everything made sense now. Frowning, Naruto began making connections and asked.

“So she really doesn’t feel the same way towards me.”

Finally done wiping her tears, Hinata felt as if she was starting to do the correct thing. Now, she understood, if Naruto were to be with her, both Sakura and he will never be happy. The happiness and love of the people around her, now was linked to her, just like what Neji said before dying,

“The lives of many people are linked to you, Naruto,”

'Maybe, it’s time for me to be selfless and move on’

“I.I….I understand. I can’t force someone to love me can’t i? That would be very unfair towards you, Naruto-kun.” Looking up at her, Naruto apologized again, only earning a shake of her head.

“You don’t really need to apologize. Love can’t be forced, and it should never be done out of pity. Then it wouldn’t be called love isn’t it?”


“Go to her, Naruto-kun. Confess to her, if she still refuses you, I’ll be here for you.”

“Hinata..I don’t want you to be the rebound-”

“I’m willing. Go to her.”

“Thanks Hinata!”

Turning, Naruto began to leap tree after tree, to search for the person that his heart always has been with, leaving the Hyuuga princess behind, alone again. Giving a sad smile, Hinata dropped the red scarf into the deep waters of the lake. It meant a lot to her, but she knew she had to let go. Like Neji, the bird yearned to be free.

'I know you won’t be coming back here anymore, Naruto-kun. Sad as I may be, but it’s better to have experienced than to never having to.’

Stopping in front of a brown oak door, Naruto raised his hand to knock on the door, but hesitated. What if he got rejected, what if she didn’t feel the same way, what if he was right. There were so many what ifs going through his mind. But gathering his courage, he decided that he’ll go with it, rather than lie to himself.

*Knock Knock*

Naruto waited, and he heard footsteps rushing towards the door. Opening the door, Sakura was surprised to see Naruto standing right in front of her. Hinata had told her that tonight Naruto had asked to meet her in the forest. She knew of the Hyuuga’s feelings towards her teammate, ever since she almost sacrificed her life for her teammate. She was in conflict, in actuality. Throughout the years, her crush on the Uchiha began to disappear, and her mind was filled with the goofy smile of the blonde idiot. But if she accepted his feelings, it would’ve been unfair to Hinata, who’ve always loved her.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have something to do?”

“Sakura-chan..don’t act like you don’t know anything. I bet Hinata has already told you everything, from her feelings to me meeting her tonight. Don’t you?”

“Don’t change the subject, what are you doing her-”

She couldn’t complete her sentence as she felt his lips coming into contact with hers. Her first kiss. Her eyes widened as she realized what was going on. Naruto was kissing her.
Sakura knew it felt so right; yet so wrong as Hinata should be the one.


“What the hell are you doing?!” She screamed at him. Rubbing his reddened cheek, Naruto groaned from the stinging pain. And then, shit hit the ceiling.

“What do you mean what I’m doing!? I’m kissing you!”

“Well, I never gave you permission to! Who the hell are you to kiss me!”

“Then who!? Sasuke? That idiot never saw anything in you, that idiot never even loved you!”

“Who says!? He’ll come to love me one day!”

“15 years and you’re still harping on his ass! What has he ever done for you?”

Sakura gulped, her walls were coming down, and she needed to get rid of Naruto before everything came down.

“He’s way more handsome, more cooler than you’ll ever be! Why the hell are you even here anyway?!” Sakura yelled before smacking him in the head. Grabbing his head and groaning from the pain, Naruto exploded.

“What the hell! You crazy bitch! I came all the way here just to tell you that I love you! I LOVE YOU, HARUNO SAKURA!”

Her eyes widened. This cannot happen, this absolutely must not happen. Hinata deserves it, Hinata deserves it. But his confession tore down every wall she has prepared for when he did this. It just wasn’t strong enough. Rushing towards him, she hit him on his chest repeatedly. Tears fell as she continued to punch his chest.

“Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Why!? Why!! Why must you fall in love with a bitch like me!? Why!? Why must you choose the person that treated you like dirt, why must you choose the person that was always the burden to you, why!! Why!? Why didn’t you choose her!? She’s so much prettier, she’s so much sexier, she’s more talented, and she’s loved you for so long?! You can’t do this Naruto!! WH-” Sakura was stopped in her outburst, by another kiss. She tried pulling away, but this time, Naruto would not budge. He held onto her as if she was a lifebuoy out at sea, letting go of her means that he would lose the will to live. Slowly, Sakura began to close her eyes, as she returned the kiss. It took a while before they parted, before Naruto places his forehead on hers.

“Because I love you so much. I don’t care, even if you say there’s people more prettier, more curvier, more patient, more kind, more caring than you. The only person that I want is Haruno Sakura. And you’re the only person that I can’t live without. Without you, I would have no life at all, because all my life, I didn’t know what love is until I knew you. I love you so fucking much, Sakura-chan, and I absolutely can’t fucking lie to myself.” Sakura could only cry as she processed his confession. No matter how many times she had pushed him away, he always came back. Sniffling into his chest, Sakura’s tears flowed like a river.

“W-why? Why would you choose to love someone like me, someone as selfish as me?”

“Because, that’s how it is. Because that’s how love is. An indescribable feeling. Anything and everything for you will always be worth it. And you’re not selfish, nor are you a burden. You’re my Sakura-chan” Naruto smiled into her hair. Looking up at his cerulean blue eyes, Sakura couldn’t help but tear up even more.

“You i-idiot. I l-love you too. Sorry that it took s-so long to finally realize it.” Wiping her tears, Naruto just smiled at her, and pressed his lips onto his, in which she gladly returned this time as her hands went around his necks, while his snaked around her waist.

Parting their lips, Naruto held her waist close to her, as she nuzzled her head into his chest. Naruto never ever want to let her go again.

- Months Later –

Sakura was tending to patients in the hospital, smiling to a child as he held his mother’s hand and left the room. Her job was always driving her nuts but it was still the most rewarding to always see patients get healthy and happy. As she walked down the hallway, she admired the jewellery on her ring finger. The diamond had a unique green glow shining from within, in which had the most perfect cutting that she had ever seen before. She sighed peacefully as she held her hand closer to her chest. Naruto had proposed the week before on top of the monument head of his father. It had been a surprise, at least to her, and she had been completely taken aback the moment he proposed, but she recovered just in time to say the word. She smiled at her big goofball. He was at the Hokage Office, training to take over from Kakashi, which would be pretty soon as well. She was excited for him, for she would be right there to witness the culmination of a childhood dream. With those thoughts in mind, Sakura did not pay attention to where she was walking as she bumped into a certain Hyuuga lady.

“Ow, sorry!”/”Gomen!”

“Hinata-chan!”/”Sakura-san” Both of the ladies hugged one another, before moving to another location to talk and catch up. 2 months ago, Hinata Hyuuga was appointed the new clan head of the Hyuuga clan, and the first thing she did, was to eradicate the caged bird seal in the clan. She understood that it was a barrier between Hyuuga members, and she believed firmly that every Hyuuga deserved a chance to shine for their clan. Removing the barrier in-between, the Hyuuga clan was unified and was heading towards greater glory than before.

“So, I heard he proposed. Congratulations are of order then.” Hinata said.

“Thanks, but I’m sorry, Hinata-chan.”

“For what? It’s not your fault that he loves you so much. I’d rather him be more happier with you than live a life of lies. I’m so happy for you, Sakura-chan!”

“Thank you, Hinata-chan. Coming from you, it means so much. Why did you stop by anyway?”

“Looking for you! As Hyuuga clan head, I’m to be leaving on a year journey to master the arts of the Hyuuga clan, and I suppose you’re someone that I wanted to bid farewell to.”

“Did you tell Naruto?”

Shaking her head, Hinata replied, “No, he doesn’t really need to know about all of these anymore. I don’t want him to be filled with guilt when it’s not even his fault. Besides, Hanabi-chan will be coming with me!”

“Oh, alright then. Have a safe trip, and write to me, alright?” Sakura smiled, as both ladies exchanged one last hug before Hinata left.

Entering into her office, Sakura plopped down on her seat. She stared at a large stack of paperwork that needed to be done, as if trying to get rid of it just by staring at it. Just as she was about to start, a pair of arms wrapped around her neck and hands covered her eyes.

“Guess who?”

“Lemme guess, it’s orange idiot.”

“Mou, Sakura-chan, that’s mean!” Naruto folded his arms and turned his head to the side in a childish fashion. Smiling, Sakura stood up and wrapped her arms around him for a hug. Placing a chaste kiss on his mouth, Sakura beamed at the foxy grin that Naruto gave.

“I love you”

“Love you too” Naruto replied.

how i feel about the dreams well.....


dont worry Hinata all the naruhina fans want this to happen i know i do 


still like Sasuke ..okay and you like Sai still okay… you want yourfather to be proud of that …okay 


shikatema FTWWWWW! yeah just married her already 


no worries choji there is a girl out there for you 


i agreed and question: is  Akamaru in this dreaming system too? 


Where would you find that? 


Yeah tenten, Neji right about that needing to be comment lol (why aren’t you together in your dreams.. oh wait that's my dream never mind) 


No surprises here 

and Gaara…

The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree | ch 1 |

Summary: Lilacs, for memories and first love. Plumeria, for new beginnings. Peonies, for happiness. White lotus, for eternity. The language of flowers was one their family knew best.

Title: Their Secret Garden
Pairing: NaruHina, sunshine family
Prompt: From chapter seven of the Konoha Hiden: where Naruto talks to his plants and Hinata presses flowers.
Chapter: 1 | 2 
AN: This was always meant to include Boruto and Himawari but it got so long I split it into two chapters. I absolutely love anything to do with flora and the sunshine family (as does ammeja so this is also for you!) so it was only a matter of time before I wrote something based off these wonderfully canon and dorky traits. Enjoy! The second part should be up in a few days.
(Also on ff.net)

Hinata hummed as she watered the cluster of stargazer lilies, taking care to give them just the amount that Naruto told her would be good for them. She patted the soil to feel the texture and nodded in satisfaction. She sighed as she sat back and wiped her cheek with her free hand, feeling a streak of soil left behind in its wake. The summer sun shone relentlessly overhead and she mentally patted herself on the back for remembering her wide-brimmed straw hat. The last time she forgot and joined Naruto in gardening, she burned rather badly and he had fretted over her for the rest of the week with each wince and hiss of discomfort from her. He had been more than happy to help smooth aloe lotion over the sensitive skin though.

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Reactions to an Ino/Sakura wedding

Requested by xxxxanimebitchxxxx!

How would various characters react if Ino and Sakura decided to get married?

1. Naruto “Sakura?? You’re marrying Ino?? But I thought….never mind, it actually kinda makes sense. What with you being childhood rivals and all. Over a boy you both fell in love with. Go figure.”

2. Sasuke “Ouch, that stings.”

3. Sai “Girl on girl action? Hot. Wait, Sakura, why are you advancing towards me with your fist up? And why is Ino tearing up my wedding invitation?”

4. Chouji “Sweet, free cake!!”

5. Shikamaru “I’m not really surprised. They’re both aggressive, pushy and stubborn….perfect for each other.”

6. Kakashi “Oh I am so proud of you Sakura. Putting aside your differences and finding things you had in common. Which is mostly beating Naruto up. Still proud.”

7. Tsunade “That’s it Sakura! Show men that women can be independent as well! Girl power!”

8. Hinata “I’m so happy for you Sakura! And you too Ino….please don’t bully Naruto too much though! Especially now that you’ve teamed up…”

9. Sasori “I cannot believe that anyone would want to marry a woman with a punch so forceful. I would fear for my life.”

10. Jiraiya “I have been advised by many people not to comment on this. As such I will refrain from doing so. Happy, Tsunade?”

Title: Excitement
Wedding Planning - NaruHina Month Day 7

A/N: I had this idea for a pretty long time and had written down bits of it. I realized that it somehow fit the prompt for today (okay it’s more like wedding preparations and excitement but whatever) and I really wanted to contribute something, so here it is. Please forgive me for any errors. It’s the first time I publish something in english and I still have to learn a lot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading.

[other entries]

Naruto’s head jolted up when he heard the front-door snap shut. He remained in this position for several seconds, without moving an inch, and pricked up his ears but silence was the only thing that followed. Since he had been in the midst of dozing-off he toyed with the idea that he just imagined the noise.

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Naruhina Month, Day 4

Day 4: First Sleepover

Summary: It occurred to Naruto that he’d never slept with a girl before. Not in any romantic capacity, at least. He’d done it while on missions, even with Hinata on occasion, but that was different. That was with his friends and comrades. That involved separate sleeping bags and usually two or three other people. Hinata was his girlfriend now. He wasn’t entirely sure what the etiquette was. He was yet to ask Sai for a book covering that particular subject.

FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11705776/4/Walking-Beside-You

Day 3: http://spyder-m.tumblr.com/post/136519829917/naruhina-month-day-3

Naruto sighed, folding his arms behind his head as he gazed up at the blank, darkened ceiling above him. No matter how what he tried, no matter how still he lay or comfortable he made himself, sleep would just not come to him. The room had felt stuffy and the air stale, so Naruto had opened a window, thinking the fresh air would help. But the wind just made him feel cold. He retrieved a thicker blanket to try and combat this, but just ended making himself too warm.

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Sleepover with Senpai; jongyu; nc-17

They hadn’t talked about what they’d do when they got here, not in specifics.  There had been ideas, passed back and forth over IM whenever Jonghyun was feeling brave, but nothing concrete.  Jonghyun wasn’t prepared for the tension, or the anticipation, or the realization that they had hours to do nothing but touch and no one to stop them.  

Jinki moves first.  He exhales, and Jonghyun freezes, staying perfectly still as Jinki’s arm stretches out and searches through the sheets.  He finds what he was looking for in Jonghyun’s hand, and he holds it softly, thumb running slow across the back of his hand in a way that makes the room feel too small.

i wrote this for the lovely fleckle for her birthday! (happy bday again dearie!) this is a few days late posting, but i got it to her in time. this one takes place in our weeaboo jong au, in case it wasn’t obvious from the title. it takes place before the wonderful fic she wrote for me for my birthday.  hope y'all enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

why dont you like narsar

That’s a really good question actually (and sorry for the wait, but this answer will probably be very very long and i got this ask at 2 am last night)

Why i prefer SasuNaru over NaruSasu:

I’ve never been 100% sure why i prefer SasNar over NarSas, but ill try to explain it to the best of my abilities. Please keep in mind that all of this is just an opinion. 


All his life, Naruto has had to work his ass off to keep himself standing, to take care of himself, to be accepted and loved. (something that comes pretty much naturally for others).

I feel like during sex he’d finally be able to let go of that. I feel like during sex, he’s able to completely break down the walls he has build up around himself, (and you know he has those) to just let go, let his guard down, to be completely vulnerable,  and allow Sasuke to take care of him, allow Sasuke to take all the weight for him, for a change. I feel like that is something Naruto needs (even though he’s not actually aware of that) to keep him sane and happy. 

I think Sasuke himself would revel in this. I think he would never (willingly) admit it, but nothing makes him feel more valid, more special and more important than him being the only person in the entire world that gets to see Naruto completely vulnerable. For him, it’d be confirmation that he really is Naruto’s most important person, and that Naruto really needs him just as much as he needs Naruto. And that kind of confirmation, that kind of love, trust and acceptance, is also something i feel all Uchiha’s (but especially Sasuke) need. 

That protective, caring nature is something we know Sasuke, and pretty much all Uchiha’s, have/has. It’s a really important, relevant part of his personality. 


Some time ago i read an argument from a person (i honestly don’t remember who it was) who preferred top!Naruto because they believed Sasuke and Naruto would fight over who would top, and Naruto would almost always win because he has more stamina. 

Now, while i do agree fighting over little stupid things is a very important part of them and their relationship, i’ve always thought sex would be a big exception to this rule. I also think that by the time our boys have matured enough to actually BE in a functional relationship together, their constant fighting would have died down a bit (not completely though, they wouldnt be sasuke and naruto without it) and they’d both have become a bit more mellow (at least towards eachother)

(plus if you need to fight over sex positions it’s probably better to not have sex in the first place) 


Another reason why i think Sasuke would top (most of the time) is because I feel like, especially the first time they have sex, Naruto would be all bark, no bite. 

I bet Naruto would be like “Sex? Hell yeah i can do that. Off with those pants Mr. Uchiha, the great Uzumaki Naruto will show you how it’s done!” 
And Sasuke would just chuckle lightly and raise an unimpressed eyebrow at him.

But then, when the pants actually come off, i think Naruto’s behaviour would change drastically. He’d get nervous, start fidgeting and maybe even stutter a bit. He’d never admit it to Sasuke, but even though he definitely feels he’s ready for this, he’s still nervous as hell. 

And Sasuke would just understand. He doesn’t say anything, but he knows exactly what’s happening because this is Naruto and nobody knows Naruto better than Sasuke. He doesn’t make a problem out of it, doesn’t even comment on it (not even to tease Naruto) He just calmly takes the lead and takes care of Naruto in that way he knows Naruto needs. 


Ofcourse, especially at the start of their sex life together, they’d try switching as well. But i think ultimately, Sasuke would never be completely comfortable with it (and this doesn’t need to be a mental issue, he could just not really like the feeling), and while i think Naruto would like topping too, he’d still prefer bottoming. 

I believe the first time they have sex would be like that, with Naruto getting nervous and all, but after a little while, and after they’d have had sex more often (and switched, to see what they prefer), i think they’d just mutually agree that, since Sasuke isn’t comfortable with bottoming and Naruto likes both but still has a slight preference for bottoming, they just decide to keep going with top!sasuke and bottom!naruto.


Personally, I’ve never even liked the idea of NarSas. It makes me uncomfortable to the point where ill actually stop reading a fic if it  has NarSas instead of SasNar. Which is actually pretty damn pathetic since it’s literally just sex positions and who gives a fuck as long as our boys are together. 

And oh, I really wish i could just be like “ah fuck it who cares”, but sadly my brain just refuses to work that way. I’m a strictly SasNar kinda girl, and i think i’ll always stay that way, and frankly, i’m at peace with that :)

The Art of Letting Go.

“I’m not understanding.”

There was nothing to understand. It was very simple. She had broken up with him two weeks ago. She just didn’t understand how he didn’t notice it until now!

Hinata ran an annoyed hand through navy tresses and replied, “I - I told you I was l-leaving.”

His dark brows dipped heavily at her words. Confusion was written over the Uchiha’s face. “To the store…”

Hinata mouth gaped a few times. “From our r-relationship,” she corrected. Even if she did go to the store, he wasn’t concerned that she hadn’t returned in two weeks!

See, this is why she broke up with him - or at least tried.

“It doesn’t count,” Sasuke crossed his arms, completely serious. “We’re together.”

“No,” Hinata squeaked. “I w-was gone for two weeks.”

He sighed. Why did it matter? He noticed and came to find her. Better late than never, right?



“Come home.”



“Why should I?”

Hinata waited for a reply. He stood there and had the nerve to get upset. He JUST noticed they broke up and only because Naruto asked him about it. Sasuke was going through his mind on why she should come home…there was nothing that wasn’t selfish.

“You’re - pretty.” He offered.

Not pretty enough, apparently. Hinata shook her head. “This is y-your fault.”


“So?” She repeated.

Sasuke extended his hand to her. “Come home.”

Hinata looked at the offending limb. “No, no-” he took her struggling hand and intertwined it with his own. “Sasuke!”

He moved down to one knee. “Marry me then?”

Hinata could feel the civilians staring at this - this mess. He didn’t even look as though he remotely cared that he just proposed. It was as if he was asking if the sky was blue.

“No,” she whispered.

He stood from his position on the ground. “I don’t have time for jokes,” Sasuke supplied. Hinata was still stuck on the fact that he didn’t realize she was gone. “Come home.”

Hinata sighed in pseudo defeat. “Okay.”

He gave a curt nod before awkwardly patting her back. “Good.” After that he walked away. Hinata watched his retreating form with rising anger.

She wasn’t coming home to a man that’s only reason why she should be with him because she’s pretty.

Hinata pulled back on a smile and turned in the opposite different until a strong arm locked with hers. Sasuke was standing there again.

“Second thought,” he started. “I’ll give you my undivided attention.”

This happened every few months.

Hinata couldn’t stand the stupid Uchiha but one of these days she would successfully get away from him but until then-

“Let’s pick up some tomatoes,” she suggested.

He nodded. Sasuke inwardly smirked. There was no way he was letting this little mouse get away.