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I love and adore Finding Marley but I can't wait to see what you have thought of. I understand if you don't have time to write it, but I hope that you end up with it. You know I'm madly attached to your stories and I know anything you do or come up with will be incredibly amazing and I will be starstruck. Also, SIX PAGES OF NOTES?! That is impressive in ways I can't even describe. ♥ Love you boo.

I love and adore Finding Marley too! And don’t worry, I’m definitely going to finish it! But honestly, I am so incredibly excited to get started on my next story too! If I had more time on my hands I’d write them both simaltanously, but I just don’t 😞

Yes aha, I’ve already started planning my next story, and it really excites me! I will definitely be releasing some kind of teaser before Finding Marley is over! When I first started posting Finding Marley I was pretty inexperienced at this whole story telling thing! So, I’m excited to be able to start a new story from scratch, knowing everything I know now, if you know what I mean? 

Thank you so much, my love. I’m so glad to have friends and followers as wonderful as you!! You always give me far too much credit! I love you too boo! 

  • Phichit: I don't like you
  • Chris: the feeling is mutual
  • Victor and Yuuri: *do something cute*
  • Phichit and Chris: *taking pictures* oh my gosh they are adorable I have to post this
  • Phichit: Wait. You love them too?
  • Chris: Of course.
  • Phichit: Where are you posting those pics?
  • Chris: to Twitter, Instagram and my
  • Chris and Phichit: Victuuri Tumblr blog
  • Chris: Did we just become best friends?
  • Phichit: I think we did

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a nervous cutie introducing their first radio program  ♡♡