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I’m Right Here (Barry Allen x Reader)

Part One

Prompt: Barry and you were living a great life, until Barry runs back in time to where his parents weren’t dead. He thought life was perfect until he realized that he had lost his one and only love. You.

Word Count: 1,712

Author’s Note: Hey guys, so in this ‘Flashpoint’, everyone is still friends with everyone. I know in the show it’s different but oh well just fyi in case you guys were confused lol BASICALLY it’s the same as the regular timeline. There is no Kid Flash (sorry Wally), and Barry is still The Flash in Central City AND Roy is in here…I’m sorry I love Roy so much I cried when he left Arrow so I just had to bring him back.

“Barry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Barry,” you whispered as your boyfriend of 2 years sobbed silently into your shoulder. Tears welled up in your eyes, daring to flood, and your heart clenched at his pain, but you knew that you had to stay strong for him. For Barry. 

Zoom had just killed his father right in front of him, and Barry couldn’t do anything to stop that murderer except watch. You couldn’t even begin to imagine what Barry must’ve felt in those few seconds. He ran back to Joe’s house where you were waiting outside, worried and helpless. You sat on the front steps with Barry clinging onto you like you were all he had left, and you basically were.

“Barry,” you said softly, running your fingers gently through his soft brown hair. He looked up with you with red eyes, somehow the green in them standing out more than usual. You cupped his face. “I’m right here, okay, Bar? I’m not leaving. You’ll be okay. I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

Barry smiled at you and kissed you deeply. He loved you so much. He knew that he was going to live the rest of his life with you. But he was going to live the rest of his life with you and his parents. Barry had made up his mind: he was going back in time to save his mom. 

“I love you, Y/N. I will always love you,” he said in a hushed tone, his warm breath fanning over your cold nose. You kissed him back lightly. 

“But I can’t live like this. I’m going to go save my mom,” Barry announced as he pulled back slightly.

This made you sit back, looking at him. “What, Barry, you can’t. Barry, you can’t do something like that. It’ll change everything,” you warned.

He sighed deeply with a sad smile. “That’s the point.” He let go of your hands and began to stand up. You followed after.

“Barry,” you started, your voice raising slightly, “Don’t do this. You’ll regret it. I know you, Bar. You’re not going to feel right doing this.” You opened your mouth to stop him, but he cut you off.

“Y/N, you’ll finally be able to meet my mom,” he looked at you with his sad green eyes, “she’d love you.” Your heart broke slightly at his yearning for his parents. You too wanted so badly to meet his mom. Barry’s dad was the kindest person you’ve met, and you knew that his mom would be the same, if not better. But you knew of the consequences and you also knew that Barry would come to regret this decision. 

Barry gave you one last loving look before running away, the lightening and wind the only indications that he was even there. He had gone to change the timeline.

Barry Allen, what have you done?

*in Flashpoint*

“Mom! I’ve missed you.” Barry hugged his mom as if he hadn’t seen her in years, which to him, he hadn’t. 

“Woah, Bar, calm down. You only came back from work,” she laughed but hugged him all the same.

“What’s going on here?” Henry asked as he walked in the room with a newspaper tucked under his arm. Tears welled up in Barry’s eyes, so happy that he finally had both of his parents here in the same room with him. Nora shrugged before going back to finishing her coffee. 

Barry smiled at his dad before smuggling him with a bear hug as well. “Nothing, I’m just so happy to see you guys,” he said.

“Alright, son, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but your friend Cisco called, asking for you.”

“Oh, really?” Barry was going to call you but maybe you were already at S.T.A.R. Labs, so after saying a quick ‘goodbye’ to his parents, he ran over to the lab, excited to see everyone. But most importantly, you.

As he walked in everything seemed the same. Caitlin and Cisco were at the computers and Harry was chilling in the corner with a coffee in hand. But he realized that you were gone. Maybe you were in the bathroom.

“Hey, guys!” Barry greeted with his famous smile.

Caitlin said a ‘hi’ in return, and Cisco turned around in his chair to look at Barry with suspicion.

“Hi…why’re you so happy today?” Cisco questioned with his eyes squinted.

Barry shrugged. “What? I can’t be happy today?”

Cisco turned back around in his chair and pretended to be nonchalant. “No, no, it’s good. It’s all good…”

Barry glared at him before asking the question that has been on his mind since he walked in.

“Hey, where’s Y/N? Is she out?” Barry asked the group. 

Caitlin looked up from her computer. “Y/N? Why do you need her?” she asked in confusion. Barry laughed. “That’s funny, Caitlin. Do you know where I can find her?”

“I’m pretty sure she’d be where she always is,” Harry piped from the corner, interested in a contraption that he’d been working on. 

“Which is…” Barry trailed off, pretending to know where you’d be, but in reality, he had no idea.

Cisco finished your sentence with the same confusion laced in his voice as Caitlin did. “…in Star City with Oliver. Barry, you are one weird speedster today. Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, laughing a bit to himself.

Star City? Why would Y/N be in Star City? 

Questions floated around in Barry’s head but he pushed them away. It doesn’t matter why you’re in Star City, as long as he gets to celebrate his new family with you. 

“Great! I’ll be right back, guys!” Barry announced, getting ready to speed to Star City, where Team Arrow was located, to get you.

“Uh, where are you…going?” Cisco started but didn’t have the chance to finish his sentence as Barry had already disappeared. He looked at Caitlin for answers but she just shrugged and went back to her work.

Barry entered Team Arrow’s secret hideout while in his Flash suit. The green lights illuminated the place, leaving the middle a bright white. It was quiet, and he could hear the clacking of Felicity’s keyboard and the sound of her voice as she spoke to someone. It seemed like she was talking into the earpiece that Oliver’s team uses when they go on missions. As Barry rounded the corner, there was no one there except for the blonde genius. 

“Felicity?” Barry called.

Suddenly, she shrieked and flew out of her chair. Barry’s eyes went wide as he went to help her. 

Felicity slapped Barry on the arm before talking back into her earpiece. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” she started as she glared at the speedster, “It’s just Barry.” A pause. “Don’t worry, I’ll ask him why he’s here, Oliver. You just finish the job and get back.” Felicity then pulled out her black earpiece and slapped his other arm. 

“Ow!” Barry exclaimed, rubbing both arms in soreness.

“That’s for scaring me! Barry Allen, you know better than to do that to me,” she scolded. She situated herself back into the leather chair before looking up at the unexpected visitor. 

“So, why are you here, Barry? Do you need Oliver’s help?” Felicity asked.

“Actually,” he started, “I was looking for Y/N. Is she here? Cisco told me she was in Star City.”

Felicity looked as confused as Cisco and Caitlin did. “Yeah…Y/N’s here. Why?” 

Now it was Barry’s turn to seem confused. More frustrated than confused. “Why is everyone asking me that? What’s wrong with wondering where my gir-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence because he heard a voice behind him. A voice that he’d missed even though it’s been only hours.

“Barry? What are you doing here?” you called out. You smiled at him and went to give him a hug. His face changed into one of happiness as he wrapped his arms around your waist. He missed your body against his.

As you went to pull back, Barry took your head in his hands and pressed his lips against yours with passion. This is what he wanted. Both of his parents alive and his girlfriend right beside him. But something was off.

Your eyes went wide as you felt foreign lips against yours. You didn’t know what to do. Shock took over your body and you froze. Felicity stared in surprise as well, unable to form any words. You were about to push him away when a voice cut through the silence. An angry voice.

“What the hell is going on here?!” 

That pulled Barry away from you to look at the speaker of the voice. Team Arrow had come back from their mission. Oliver, Diggle, and Theia all watched as Roy stalked up to Barry. A moment passed before Roy’s fist came flying towards Barry’s face. Fast.

Barry stumbled backwards and knocked against the table, his right hand holding his hand to his cheek. Your eyes got wider. Roy took a step towards Barry but you held his arm back. He looked at you with anger, than concern. Roy held your head in his hands, his eyes roaming your face for any injures.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” you whispered, “it was nothing. It was just an accident.”

But then Barry got up. “What the hell was that for?!” he yelled.

“Barry,” you warned.

Roy scoffed, his douche stance taking over. “It was because you kissed my girlfriend, you ass.”

Suddenly, Barry’s heart stopped cold. He looked over to you, slowly feeling his perfect life break. 

“You’re..his girlfriend?” he asked quietly.

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Yes, Barry, for the past two years. You knew this too. What’s gotten into you?”

Barry looked around at the commotion that he’d started. Everyone was staring at him like he had spoken a different language. 

“I need to go,” Barry said. Again, he sped off without a response.

You were Roy’s girlfriend. Not his. Tears pricked his eyes. But…you love Barry. Barry loves you. A sob escaped Barry’s mouth as he forced himself to run faster until his legs burned. You weren’t his anymore. He had all of this love to give you, and you were loving another person.

Then, his perfect life shattered.

Part Two

To Build a Home (2/3)

Rating: M

So…this got away from me and will now be in three parts because I needed to add some Captain Cobra.

Killian throws the note in the water and Emma waits in a house that is no longer a home.

Part One here

Henry is wondering, not for the first time, if he is the only sane person left in this town.

(And really, last time he thought that, he had totally been right. Cursed and all.)

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Love Potion #9

Happy (day after) Valentine’s Day!  This is a collaborative story written by @ bixisarusher, @flslp87 @hellomommanerd @snowbellewells and @whimscallyenchantedrose.  A big thanks to @duathadun for making the above graphic!

Summary:  When Cupid puts a love potion in Storybrooke’s water supply on Valentine’s Day, all kinds of chaos ensues.  Can the heroes find a way to reverse the spell and bring peace back to their overly loving community?


Valentine’s Day dawned crisp and clear, the sun shining down on the snow that had blanketed Storybrooke overnight, making it sparkle like tiny diamonds.  Emma woke slowly, enjoying the warmth of her bed and the security of Killian’s arms around her.  

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drugsbust  asked:

main 2 things that have been bugging me about the john's dream tfp theory: so how does john know about redbeard? and if eurus shot him wouldn't that imply that both she and the events of t6t and tld actually happened? cause i'm an emp supporter lol, and i can't see any of s4 being "real" (the glowing skull painting, everyone being ooc, water imagery, etc) and if we were suddenly to enter john's mind, then that means the events leading up to it would have to have actually happened.

1. Thank you so much for your incredible meta! I love this fandom like crazy. 2. According to the theory that TFP is John’s near-the-death dream… How can we explain this - when Sherlock found out that “Eurus killed Viktor” we hear her words about deep water and see the shots of TGG pool and (!) Reichenbach fall from TAB? Why this piece of Sherlock’s MP in John’s dream? I stuck on this…

LOVE theory of TFP being in John’s mind after he is shot! So is it Eurus that still kills him? I’ve read metas where it explains Eurus and Sherlock are the same person, so then Eurus doesn’t really exist..? But she still shoots John? Or is this in John’s min while we are still in Sherlocks MP on the HLV plane? Kind of MP inception or something? :)

so I thought I would compile these 3 asks here cause they’re all basically asking the same thing. <3

So, here’s where I’m at right now: to me a ‘Garridebs’ minisode would be the most likely way of hiding a secret ‘4th episode.’

1) It doesn’t have to be long, it could take place during the suspicious “missing 10 minutes” from John’s therapy appointment as I say here, like a Series 4 version of Many Happy Returns. 

2) The fact that I think the ending of The Lying Detective is an allusion to the James Bond ‘red’ title screen (see here) gives us a clue that this is going into John’s point of view, because of his watching Bond films. To me this also explains Moriarty’s weird “red alert/klingons/cowboys/Darth Vader” line (see here)- they’re all allusions to things John would have watched on T.V.

3) The way Mycroft is acting apparently out of character to me is explained away by this being from John’s PoV- John doesn’t think Mycroft is impressive at all, see here

 I still do like/ have written this being a dream from Sherlock’s PoV, but I’m warming to John’s version of TAB much more now because it parallels how Sherlock ended up creating TAB:

  • Sherlock is faced with a mystery: Moriarty’s ‘miss me’ message. Overwhelmed by the drugs he is taking, he loses consciousness and retreats into his mind, and invents TAB- his mind seemingly focused on solving that mystery. Except, rather than this really solving the Moriarty thing, the whole thing is dependent on him and John being together“There’s always two of us.”
  • John is faced with a mystery: Sherlock has a secret sister. He gets shot, loses consciousness from the pain and retreats into his mind, and invents TFP- his mind seemingly focused on solving that mystery. Except, rather than solving the Eurus thing (too many loose ends), the whole thing ends with John and Sherlock back in 221B.

In my opinion, this is why we are faced with a literal ‘dangling Garridebs’ scene in TFP (I can’t believe I actually typed that haha @waitedforgarridebs): it’s a clue that the real Garridebs moment going on behind the scenes is left ‘dangling’, unresolved. John is stuck in limbo, waiting for Sherlock to save him.

And his mind fixes on the last thing he was told: that Sherlock has a secret sister. He is left reeling, trying to come up with explanations. This explains the major loose thread at the beginning of TFP: we gloss past and ignore the “mutual friend” who gave Eurus Faith’s note because John still doesn’t know this. 

So, what about Redbeard? I still think John doesn’t know who/what Redbeard exactly is. All he has to go on is Sherlock’s reaction to Magnussen saying “Redbeard” in HLV. So, what does he do? I’m going to quote @marcespot here:

I think because clever–oh so clever– John, figures out what many of us have been speculating. That Sherlock just cannot be this traumatized over a dog, it is painful, yes, but a grown man still not over the loss of a dog? He saw the look on Sherlock’s face when Magnussen brought it up. It can’t be a dog. It just can’t, and John is always right. Remember John was very invested in Henry’s trauma in THoB, tellling Dr. Mortimer: “because I have another friend who might be having the same problem.” Henry had replaced the memory of a murderous man for that of a dog because he couldn’t cope. John made his deductions. Remember John announcing in TLD “I’m gonna make a deduction”. He deduced Mycroft must’ve had made up a lie to protect Sherlock from some horrible truth… why not the death of Sherlock’s only special childhood friend. Note how John equates himself with Victor because the whole point is that he thinks that’s the reason why Sherlock grew up under that imposed ‘conceal don’t feel’ lifestyle, which had to be born out of a trauma because John knows Sherlock, and how emotional, friendly and in need for a companion he is. He literally told Sherlock he needs to get himself a romantic partner! Some great loss must’ve happened for Sherlock to develop any kind of issue with interpersonal relationships, and ever choosing to put on the sociopath façade. (x)

And here’s the thing: this could both mean that John has got very close to the truth (that Redbeard is Sherlock’s past “great loss” or even love)… but to me it also explains why the Holmes family background seemed so weird and contradictory in TFP. We know that behind their facades, Mycroft and Sherlock are “ordinary”, we even have TEH show us how very ordinary Sherlock’s “lovely Mum and Dad” are.

So, why the change to this odd big Holmes mansion cliché? (x) Because John the writer, with his imagination and his adoration for Sherlock, is left reeling from the Eurus reveal. He’s trying to explain it, and to do so he simply has to go back to Sherlock’s childhood. And John is a Romantic so of course Sherlock would have this epic childhood backstory, of course John would imagine him as little Sherlock the Pirate off on adventures, after hearing Mycroft’s “Initially he wanted to be a pirate” quip. And the fact that Mycroft’s description of “the ancestral home” (there was always honey for tea) is an ALLUSION TO A POEM BY RUPERT BROOKE… just makes me think of the poet John, writing unspoken things on his laptop. Poetry or truth, John? He makes Sherlock into a Gothic Hero, and gives him a grand ancestral home, because to John Sherlock is so extraordinary, so everything around him would be, too.

i can see the clouds are moving faster now (1 of ?)

This is my CSSS gift for @thegladelf! It has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you, Margaret, and I hope you enjoy this actually-married-but-pretending-that-they’re-not thing! This is the first part of… a few. Not sure how many at the moment. 

Many thanks to @literatiruinedme and @becauseyouwantme-itwouldbeenough and also my sister for reading over this also.

Merry Christmas to all!

Emma Swan Jones woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. Judging by the sound, she had left her phone in the kitchen last night. Killian, lying beside her with his arm tight around her waist, groaned into the pillow.

“Your turn,” Emma muttered. It was probably Ariel, their next-door neighbor with absolutely no concepts of boundaries, probably asking to come over and watch Netflix. There was literally no one else in the world save their boss who liked risking the wrath of the Joneses prior to 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday. And literally no one else in the world save their boss knew that they were, in fact, part of the CIA. The go-assassinate-someone part.

“Nope,” Killian whispered back. She pinched his back. “Fine,” he muttered, standing slowly and kissing her briefly before slumping to the kitchen. Emma grinned after her husband. His hair was gorgeous all scruffy, and he really needed to shave. Adorable.

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A CS Group Prompt Fic

Prompt: David’s reaction to walking in on CS during a compromising/private moment

My take: It’s Halloween-themed and humorous. I hope you enjoy this 1,600 words of awkwardness and fun!

Thank you to @duathadun for the edit and to @flslp87 & @ilovemesomekillianjones for the wonderful prompt & group post planning.

There had been a short but glorious lull in villainous activity in October of the year of the Untold Stories. There was something deeply unsettling about it – what, was the Evil Queen just chillin’ for a while in the Blind Witch’s candy-cabin preparing for a super kick-ass trick-or-treat?

Probably not. Ok, definitely not. But Emma was exhausted – mentally, emotionally, magically – and she needed a damn break. So when her seize-the-moment mother Mary Margaret suggested a Halloween party (with that head tilt and eye squint that indicated she was 97% her snarky super hero daughter would veto the proposal before it was even out of her mouth), Emma surprised the whole room of half-fairy-tale-creatures with a resounding yes.

(She spoke up pretty quickly to stipulate no one was allowed to dress as themselves or each other – Killian was still doing some girlfriend/sheriff-ordered community service for punching Whale that night he decided it would be a fabulous idea to dress as mustache-and-too-much-red Disney-style Captain Hook.)

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You're Not Alone

Summary: Barry’s too late and your parents pay the price for it but Barry is determined to fix what he can.

Warnings: Death

“You—You should go.” You said to Barry while you rummaged through your drawers for something clean, and preferably less bloodstained, to wear. Your world felt like it had shattered so quickly that you didn’t even know the proper way to react anymore. Everything seemed so grey and bleak.

Barry leaned against the door frame, unwilling to let you out of his sight for any longer than necessary while also trying to give you the space that you needed.

“Didn’t you hear me? Go! Get out of here, Barry!” You snapped, not even caring about how rude you sounded. All you wanted was a warm, comforting hug from your mother—a hug that let you know that everything would work itself out eventually—but that would never come now.

Barry shook his head. He knew this wasn’t the best time for him to speak up yet but he had to show that he was listening and still here for you. Talking back now would only dig him into a deeper hole, one which he couldn’t afford. He had to wait for the perfect time to interrupt and plead his case.

You tugged your dirty clothes off, not even bothering to shield yourself from Barry’s wandering eyes as you changed into your pajamas before turning back to face him. “You’re a hero, Bare. The Fastest Man Alive. But when I needed you tonight, you weren’t there.”

That felt like a stab in the gut. You had always been his top priority and when you needed him, he was with Iris. Granted, it was only him helping her with information for a newspaper piece she was doing on the recent spike in crime in National City, he would’ve left in a heartbeat if he had know that you needed him. But he found out too late. And he could never undo that but he could always try to ease the pain.

“I’m not leaving you.” He said gruffly, standing stiffly in order to hold his ground—he couldn’t cave in this time, not when so much was on the line.

“Like hell if you aren’t. All I want is to be alone.” Alone. That word seem to echo through your mind. You were alone now. And you definitely didn’t want to be alone. Being or living away from your parents is one thing, but knowing that they aren’t even around anymore is something completely different and some you never thought your experience until you were much older.

He repeated, shaking his head. “I’m not leaving you alone. Not when you need someone now more than ever.” After he watched his very own mother die, all he wanted was a warm hug from his dad that conveyed that he’d still be there for Barry but he wasn’t even allowed that as Henry was dragged off to the police station for her murder. Barry knew what this felt like (though he assumed that it must have felt twice as worse for you since although Henry was gone, he was still alive and that was more than you could say about your father).

“My parents are dead, Barry! I called you over and over again and you ignored me. That meta, he—he tied me and my father up and made us watch as he killed my mom before he moved onto murdering my dad.I couldn’t do anything but as soon as I realized I could reach my phone without being noticed, you were the one I called.” And it felt like the man I loved didn’t even love me enough to come rescue me when I needed him the most, you thought, biting your tongue to keep the hostile idea to yourself. You couldn’t help it. You were angry at the world for taking your parents away while also being heartbroken that you’d never get to see them again.

“I know and—”

“At any moment,” You interrupted him to continue your rant. “I had expected you to burst through the door and save the day like always.” Tears were now escaping your eyes but you did nothing to wipe them away and continued your rant. “You somehow always manage to be late but you usually get there just before someone is fatally wounded or even dead. But it was too late this time and now I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

Your parents were always your rocks. They had taught you everything and had guided and supported you for your entire life (now that was what parents were supposed to do but you had always been particularly close to each of them). And now they were gone and you’d never be able to see them again or tell them about your day or express how much you actually loved them. It left a hole in your heart–a hole that could never be filled by anything or anyone else.

Your mother specifically had loved Barry and was thrilled to finally meet him after how much she had heard from you about him—especially since he had been the first boy since high school that you had told her about.

“He’s just super sweet and funny in a sort of dumb way.” You said to her over the phone. It was nearly eight at night and you had just gotten home from yet another date with Barry (making this your 5th one so far, not that anyone’s counting), and you were just full of so much pent up energy that you had to call someone and released it. Your mother was the first person that came to your mind. (Sure, your friend Alyssa would listen to you but she wouldn’t actually understand just how much all of this meant to you).

“And, he’s not really funny in a conventional funny way but his passion for the science jokes he tells really make the jokes that much more funny.” You smiled recalling the chemistry joke he had told you (“What’s the show cesium and iodine love watching together?” “I don’t know, what?” “CSI!”).

She continued to listen to you tell her about this man who had so quickly seemed to capture your attention and she beamed in merriment. Your mom had always wanted you to find a love like she had with your father and, right now, you sounded just as she had when she started dating your father: excited and enthusiastic.

Finally, her little baby was with someone who seemed trustworthy and would truly be there for her.

She had loved seeing you with Barry almost as much as you had actually loved being with Barry. And now it just felt wrong to be around him; like now that she was gone the relationship you had with Barry just seemed tarnished.

“You gave me this stupid ring,” You made what could be considered a rash decision to some but your emotions were at an all time high and this seemed like a good choice at the moment. “To promise me that you’d always love and protect me and even marry me one day. But when I needed you most you were no where to be found and I just don’t know if I can get past this.” You said as you roughly ripped the sparkly gold ring off your ring finger and threw it in his general direction, hearing a small clink on the floor to signify it had fallen.

You weren’t sure whether you were looking for a fight or a comforting hug but the malicious voice in the back of your head hissed that your father would’ve known how to calm you instantly and help fox the situation.

“I like him, sugar.” Your father had said to you after you had shown him the sparkly engagement ring Barry had splurged on for you. “Im glad that he’s the man you picked for marriage… Though I can’t believe my little girl is gonna get married.” He leaned forward and hugged you in congratulations though he soon became reluctant to let go of you.

“Well, I mean I am a twenty three year old with a masters degree in law and two antisocial cats. I think it’s about time I actually focus on a life outside of college and work. Preferably a life with someone other than my cats.” Between work, college as well as spending free time in your apartment with the cats, you had begun to lack a social life. But Barry seemed to make you want to be more social and outgoing and you were suddenly willing to spend an night or two away from your cats Pickles and Eugene for a night at the West household with him.

“I think that he’s the first boy of yours that I actually like.” He joked but you knew that there was some truth behind his words. He had always from something wrong with the other few boys you hard brought home (“He looked at you like a piece of meat.” “Doesn’t he seem a bit too old for you?” “He’s got too many tattoos.” “What if he’s in a secret gang?”).

Barry was the only one of your boyfriends that your father would actually insist you bring him with you to visit. And while Barry had always been awkward, he’s still a joy to have around. “He better keep it up though, because I can refuse to walk you down the isle if I change my mind about this whole ‘my little girl getting married’ thing.”

And now, whether or not he wanted to walk you down the isle was out of the question–not that you were even sure a wedding would happen at this point. Everything seemed to be falling apart at it’s seams now and there was no way to sew it back together into its previous state. Maybe things could be patched up, but it could never be as good as new.

“Please remember that I know what you’re going through, y/n.” Barry spoke up, finally stepping forward from his spot against the door. It was now or never for the both of you. “I lost my mom and while I still had my dad, it was like I still didn’t because he was in prison and I could rarely ever see him.”

He paused for a moment to assess if you were open to his attempts at comforting you or if you actually wanted him to leave. When he saw that you were willing to listen, he continued.

“And after she was gone–” it still hurt too much to say that she was dead so he was careful to skirt around the wording. “–All I wanted was for someone to comfort me and tell me that she was in a better place but instead my father was being charged with her murder and I was being questioned at the police station for any details.”

“You had Joe and Iris. I’m alone, Bare.” You protested, feeling the tears you had been holding in finally brimming to the surface once again.

“You’re not alone, y/n.” He reiterated as he made the decision to tug you forward so he could hug you, which you willingly accepted at that point. “You have me.” He muttered into your ear. “You have Cisco, Caitlin, Joe and Iris. We are all here for you and we always will be. Please don’t forget that.”

His heart broke at your anguish. Someone as innocent and flawless as you should never have to feel this way and Barry felt like he was at fault for this because he wasn’t fast enough. But he didn’t have time to dwell in his own regret, no, now he had to focus on gluing you back together again.

When you finally accepted his presence, you snuggled into his embrace. He was so warm and it seemed to thaw you out in a way–making you momentarily numb to the pain you felt.

With you face buried in his neck, he gently rubbed your back as you cried.

“We can get through this.” He whispered quietly.

While his words were meant to comfort you, they seemed to have the opposite affect as they only made the tears quicken. “A part of me doesn’t wanna get through this.” You cried into him. “That means that I’m basically forgetting them and everything they’ve done for me. And I don’t ever want that.”

“You can move on without forgetting them.” Barry dismissed, gently leaning back so that he was able to look at your face. And despite how blotchy and red you were, he still knew that you were the most beautiful girl he’s set eyes on–crying or not. “I live everyday with the knowledge that my mother is gone. But I distract myself day to day from the pain of it with things and people that I love.”

You thought about his words. He had witnessed his mother die at such a young age but he didn’t let that change who he really was. Sure, after that incident he lived his life the way that he knew would make her proud but he was still Barry. Your Barry. No event could ever change him to a point where he’s wasn’t the Barry you knew and loved.

Sensing your hesitation, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to yours, his eyes searching yours for any sign of unease due to this gesture. Sensing none, he continued with his speech.

“That meta-human is gone and you will never have to see him again. I can promise you that. I know how tough it is to get through something like this but you need to know that I will always be here for you, y/n. I don’t care if you never want to see me again after today but if by chance you happen to call me up two years from now at two a.m. looking for company, I will be there without a doubt.” He reached up to wipe the tears off your stained cheeks, his eyes never leaving yours as he continued. “I will be there for whatever you need, whenever you need it.”

CSJJ Day 14: Star Struck

Here’s my contribution for @csjanuaryjoy, day 14!

The prompt I used was: “I ran you over and all my attempts to make amends are making it worse” but as you’ll see I put a celebrity twist on it too :P

rated T, about 10.5K words (as usual, I got hella carried away). 

Read on AO3

To say that Emma’s been having quite the start to her weekend would be the understatement of the century.

It had all started late Thursday night; after a long, frustrating day of work (in which she’d learned that three of her latest ‘clients’ had skipped out on their bail) she’d just been ready to go to sleep, to at least try to get some peace and quiet after the horrid day, when her cellphone rang.

To add to her annoyance, it was Neal.

He, as usual, had ignored her complaints that it was late and why couldn’t you have called tomorrow, Henry is already asleep and just announced that he and Tamara, his girlfriend, were coming up to Boston tomorrow.

Emma hadn’t been expecting that; they were just here a few weeks ago for Christmas, spending Christmas Eve with Henry, so she hadn’t been quite sure why they decided to make the long drive back to Boston so soon. The memory of Christmas had made her grit her teeth together, increasing her aggravation at Neal’s call. He and Henry had only re-connected a few years ago (running into Neal with Henry during a school trip to Manhattan was one of the worst days of Emma’s life) and it had just worked out to be their first Christmas together. And like with the other holidays they’ve spent together since their reunion, Neal had given no thought to whatever Emma and Henry’s usual traditions of Christmas were, and his mention of this impromptu trip to Boston had put Emma on guard. Sure, there are no holidays in sight, but it’s not unlike Neal to change the game without telling her.

She had demanded to know what was going on but Neal was vague and unhelpful, and just told her that he’d tell her and Henry together when they were all at dinner tomorrow.

He’d hung up with a don’t be late, Emma! before she could even protest the assumption that she and Henry would be free for dinner with only a day’s notice. Never mind that Henry’s favourite television programme is on Friday nights and hell if she doesn’t have the hardest time trying to drag him away from it, but Fridays are Emma’s busiest day at work – the last day of the bail court for the week – and that usually means she’s home hopelessly late on the best of days.

And this Friday evening, as she half-slips and half-slides down the icy sidewalk to her apartment, is not a best day.

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school shooting ft. ziley (friendship), larkle (friendship), mackle (friendship), rilaya (friendship), smilaya (friendship), rucas, smarkle, joshaya, zucas (friendship), clique six friendship, + riley & josh uncle/niece relationship

WARNING: this could be triggering, just warning you here.

It all happened so fast. One moment, Riley Matthews was walking down the hallway of her high school, arm linked with one of her best friends, Farkle Minkus, and the next thing they knew, everything was chaos. They saw Henry Edwards with a gun pointed at them, and Riley froze. It was Farkle that pulled her to the ground and shielded her with his body.

And then everyone was running, and Farkle was dragging her through the crowd to the nearest classroom. Her grip on his hand was so tight, but neither friend cared, they knew all that mattered was that they got to safety, together. But in the midst of all the craziness, Farkle felt Riley slip out of his grip, and instantly panicked. He turned around and she was nowhere to be seen.


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Ugh Can We FINALLY Talk About...

The Seventh Time It Happened?!

Hey guys! I am seriously so insanely sorry for the super long wait :( I just got caught up with some stuff. If you’re new to this, this is part 7/? of the story of how Captain Killian-can’t-get-enough-of-his-daughter Jones can’t stop waking up in the middle of the night because he’s just too stinkin in love with his little girl, Leia.

Here’s some links if you missed any of the first 6 parts:

I. II. III. IV. V. VI. 

@mayquita@galadriel26@thegladelf@captainswan710@naiariddle@flslp87​ @vigilantewives@iswearonouat@onceuponiwishmytime@that-one–book-nerd


The seventh time it happens, Emma isn’t even home. Leia is 4 months old and for the first time in her daughter’s life, Emma is spending the weekend out of town. She wanted to do something special for her mother’s birthday, so she and Snow are spending the weekend in New York, seeing the sights and staying in a ritzy hotel. (In truth Emma loves New York, and wants her mother to be able to experience it whilst not on a Storybrooke-saving mission.)

Leaving Leia had been much harder than she’d anticipated. When she booked the trip two weeks prior, Emma assumed that by the time the day of departure arrived she’d be grateful for the reprieve. Leia had hit a streak of crankiness and sleep-resistance, and Emma had looked forward to a quiet weekend away with her mom. But, when the time came to leave her big blue house and pick up Snow at the loft, she found herself in tears not half a minute after leaving. She had to pull back into the driveway and run up the porch steps to Killian and Leia, who had been standing there waving goodbye.

“Emma, what did you forget this—“ Killian stops speaking when he realizes Emma is crying as she charges up the steps. By the time she reaches the top he has her figured her out, and has Leia held out in front of him.

C’mere baby girl,” Emma mutters, shaking her head at herself as she takes the baby from Killian. She shuts her eyes and holds her close, pressing her lips to Leia’s forehead again and again. Killian has his hand at the small of Emma’s back, rubbing soothing circles there. “I love you so much, Leiabear. Daddy’s going to take such good care of you, okay? Yeah, he will. Mumma will be back. Yeah, sweetheart. Mummy will be back soon. I’ve just never left you before, little love. It’s making Mummy cry.”

Emma kisses her head a few more times, before taking a deep breath and handing her back to Killian. “Okay,” she breathes out, trying to steady herself. “Okay. It’ll be okay. I’ll call you tonight, okay?”

Killian smiles at her widely. “Sounds perfect, love. We’ll be fine. Daddy’s got this.”

“I know you do,” she assures him. “You’re such a great dad.”

He beams at her. “I think you need one more hug,” he says, and she presses herself against his chest, his hooked arm snaking its way around her. “Enjoy yourself, darling. We’ll miss you dearly.”

“I miss you already,” she admits, but bravely pulls back from him.

“Bye-bye, Leiabear. I love you, honey. Keep your daddy out of trouble.”

Killian laughs and Emma manages to smile and wink at him as she skips back to the car, sad to leave but confident that her little family will be okay without her.

Now it’s 3:00am, and Emma is awake in the sitting room of their New York hotel room. In truth, her boobs woke her up a couple of hours ago. After four months of nursing Leia on a schedule strictly kept by a captain of the high seas, her body knows when it’s time to go. So she’s awake, and after trying to ignore her discomfort for two hours, she’s submitted to feeling like a milked cow at the hands of her breast pump.

She can’t help but let her mind wander to Storybrooke. When she’d called Killian earlier, he’d been enthusiastically proud of himself, assuring her that everything was absolutely fine. He and Henry had taken Leia for an evening sail and she’d been lulled to sleep as the sun sank beneath the waves.

Emma smiles to herself in the dark, picturing Leia sleeping in the crook of Killian’s arm as Henry expertly captains the Jolly. Unable to stop herself, her right hand wanders to her left, to where Liam’s ring sits on her ring finger. She’s stored a bit of magic there, and she selfishly decides she wants to use it now, just so she can sneak a peek at her snoozing little love. She can’t help it. She misses her.

With a rub of her index finger against the ring, the tv in the sitting room flicks on, and she finds herself looking in at Leia’s room. At first glance, she balks, and she squints to confirm what she’s seeing. Yep, it’s no illusion. The crib is empty. She sighs, waving her hand at the tv so that she can see the rocking chair. She scoffs in disbelief when it too, is empty.

“Oh you didn’t, pirate,” she whispers, waving her hand to change her view again. This time her and Killian’s room appears on the screen, and she nearly dislodges the breast pump as she leans forward to study the screen.

It’s dark, but there’s a little light thrown into the room by their adjoining bathroom. Their quilt has been kicked to the foot of the bed, and she can see Killian leaning against the headboard, a small and pink-clad little princess snuggled underneath his chin.

Emma rolls her eyes dramatically at the screen, reaching for the remote so she can crank up the volume. Damn pirate. She knows he knows she’d never let him get away with hauling Leia to their room in the middle of the night, so he’d waited until Mummabear left the den. Sneaky Daddy.

She sighs, thinking of the one hundred times she’s lectured him about Leia needing to stay in her own bed. He’s messing with her at the wrong hour, her boobs hurt and it’s the middle of the night and she’s too far away to swat him, so instead she’s going to have to pick up the phone and just give him a piece of her—

She’s thinking all of these thoughts as she’s turning up the volume, and when it’s high enough, his voice gives her pause.

“—and she was so lonely, Leia. For 28 years, save the months she had Baelfire, Mummy was all by herself. There was no one to hold her when she was sick, no one she could go to if she was upset and needed a hug. And I don’t even want to think about how many nights she went to bed cold. Mummy gets cold so easily, little love. She even shivers sometimes when Daddy’s holding her. That’s why you and I have to always give her big, warm snuggles. I can’t imagine how many times she felt cold when she was small.”

Emma feels tears spring to her eyes suddenly and she hastily unhooks the breast pump because it is making loud noises and she needs to hear Killian. She’s yet to figure out why he’s telling Leia about this, but she’s sure there’s a reason. He always has a reason.

“But even though we were both alone, Mummy even more than Daddy, it made us both tough, little love. It made us who we are and honestly, it’s part of what brought us together. Mummy and I could always understand each other, even before we fell in love. Or, I should say, even before Mummy fell in love. Me, well. I’ve already told you dozens of times how I’ve loved her since the moment I saw her.“

Leia chooses that moment to gurgle softly, and Killian smiles at her, scratching his nails against her back gently. She nestles her head further into him, clearly blissed out in her father’s warm embrace. Emma could hardly blame her. There was nowhere in the world more blissful than Killian’s arms.

“And I’m so sorry Daddy has to tell you all of these sad stories, my littlest love,” he says, and Emma turns the volume up higher because he’s whispering now. “But I’ll tell them to you more than once. I just need you to understand why it’s so important to me and your Mum that you know you’ll never, ever be alone. I promise you, sweetheart. Daddy’s here and Mummy’s here, even though she’s in New York. She’s right here,” he explains, pointing at her heart. "You’ll be a tough lass, Leiabear, but not because you had to grow up too fast or fight demons by yourself. You’ll always have Mummy and Daddy to hold you when you’re sick. And you won’t have to build big walls around yourself to protect your heart, my sweet love. Daddy will protect it, alright? And you’ll never be cold, my darling. Daddy would light his soul on fire to keep you warm, Leia. I have you. Daddy’s right here.”

Emma is losing the battle she’s waging against her hiccuping sobs. She has her hand pressed over her mouth and tears are spilling against her fingers. She watches her husband bring her daughter’s cheek against his own, nuzzling her ever so gently, not wanting his scruffy beard to scratch her too hard. He tilts her back slightly and kisses her tiny pink lips, her head cradled in his hand, his thumb worrying patterns against her temple.

Emma smiles through her tears at his tenderness, in awe of him and the love he has for his daughter, so great that its warmth reaches her even though she sits in a dark room, miles from where they are. Leia looks so happy and peaceful and safe in his arms, and Emma is so honoured and proud to call Killian the father of her child. She giggles and cries at the same time as he eskimo kisses her before plucking up her hand and kissing each of her fingers. Totally mesmerized by the screen, she doesn’t hear the approach of someone behind her.

“What are you doing up, sweetheart?” a groggy voice asks from behind her. Emma turns her head at the noise, and a sleepy Snow White falls into her line of view.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” she apologizes, “Did I wake you?”

“Not really. I just turned over in the bed and realized you weren’t in it.”

Emma smiles. She knows how that feels.

“Sorry. I had to pump. Then I decided to spy on Leia. And now I’m just totally blubbering because of Killian.”

It’s then that Snow first looks at the screen. “Wait. That’s Killian?”

“Yeah. I stored some magic in my wedding ring. I missed them,” she explains. Snow rounds the couch and sits down next to Emma, beckoning her over with open arms. Emma scoots over and leans against her mother’s chest, taking one of her hands. They both watch Killian’s quiet movements for awhile. He moves from Leia’s fingers to kiss her toes.

“He’s quite something, isn’t he?” Snow marvels, eyes wide in wonder at the Captain’s gentle ministrations.

Emma nods against her. “He loves her so much, Mom,” Emma stresses. “I thought he loved me a lot. But it’s nothing compared to how much he loves his little girl. She’s everything to him. He can literally never get enough of her.”

Snow chuckles. “Your father is the same way,” she tells Emma. “Even when I was pregnant with you. He barely talked to me anymore. He spent all his free time talking to you.”

Emma smiles. “And he won’t stop going in her room when she’s asleep. He’s literally addicted to watching her sleep.”

Snow’s grin widens. “It seems the pirate’s found his treasure.”

Emma’s gaze flicks back to the screen, where Killian is still lovingly cradling their daughter, never going more than a few seconds without kissing her. “Oh yes,” Emma agrees, her heart swelling, “Oh yes he has.”

And that was the seventh time.

The Kids Are Alright (Part 2)

Originally posted by insidemyvisualmind

Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: Here it is! I didn’t expect to have the second part out so soon, but once I started writing it, I just couldn’t stop. I really hope you guys like it! Enjoy ;)

Warnings: Language; awkwardness

Tags: @peace-full-mind (I forgot them last time, sorry!)

Part 1


The weeks seemed to fly by. Between work and Henry, everything passed so quickly that I felt like I had whiplash by the time I found myself walking into Henry’s classroom for my first parent-teacher conference. It had snuck up on me so fast that I hadn’t even had time to find a babysitter, having to ask Derek to step in as an emergency. Thankfully he had no problem spending a couple hours with Henry, and I knew that Henry would definitely be excited to have some guy time.

“Ms. Y/L/N! How are you? Please, have a seat,” Lydia said as I walked into the room. I smiled and sat across from her.

“I’m doing alright, just been busy with Henry, thank you for asking.”

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biancaros3  asked:

your future cs fics make me want to make an appointment with my dentist, they're so sweet! if you're taking prompts how about this one: CS + first night away from their first baby. (could be a date night or anything else, knowing these two and the trouble they get in)

Bianca you’re so wonderful <3 I hope you like this! 

“Swan,” Killian grumbles tiredly against his pillow.

She doesn’t open her eyes. She just growls and smacks her arm against her forehead as she arches her back and attempts to allow sleep to find her again. 

“He’s your dog when you choose to feed him that close to bed and only walk him once.”

“It wasn’t me.” Killian snaps back. “I wouldn’t do that again.”

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“Peter we can’t just keep that woman from her child!” You jerked yourself away from him, his touch making your skin crawl at the moment. 

“We need to save Neverland’s magic! He’s willing to do it! He’s been in Felix’s tent all day, and he hasn’t tried to run once! The Lost Boys like him and-,” 

“I don’t want to hear it, Peter! This isn’t right!” You crossed your arms over your chest as you looked around for the boy that Peter was talking about. He must be around here somewhere. If the Lost Boys like him he’ll never get to rest, the’ll be hounding the poor boy like no one’s business. 

You finally found him sitting on a log on the other side of the camp. You knew that he was too far to hear you and Peter argue, but he was watching you two curiously. You glared at Peter, cutting off his next argument as you walked over to where the little boy was sitting. 

“Hello,” You smiled, sitting down on the leg next to him slowly, your hands in your lap and you tried to keep a serene smile on your face not to worry him. 

“Hi,” The boy greeted. 

“I’m (Y/N),” You offered your hand for him to shake, and he turned his body enough to let him. 

“I know. Felix and Peter told me about you. I’m Henry.” He said and then let your hand drop back onto your lap. 

“Oh they did, did they? Hopefully only the good things,” You tried to keep a light hearted discussion, but it’s been so long since you’ve had to try to be civil and nice since Peter is anything but and you don’t have to pretend. And the Lost Boys seem to only answer to sharp tones and annoyed eye rolls. 

“Defiantly only the best,” Henry nodded at you, smiling. 

** A few days later **

You and Henry were getting along really well. You two would tease the Lost Boys together, sometimes go for walks in the woods together. ((But you were only allowed to go barely beyond Peter’s line of view.)) and you would sleep under the stars together, after spending hours admiring them. You would wake up with Peter curled around you most of the time, because you refused to sleep in his tent with him. You hated this since you slowly started being less mad at him the more you saw how innocent he looked in sleep, but you kept those feelings pretty closed off. He kept this charade up all the time. The “big bad Peter Pan”, but you knew better. You knew that he might have been the King of this land, but you were his Queen, and he would do anything for you. You believed that with all your heart. But.. You were mad still as far as he knew and you were keeping it that way. Serves him right.

“It’s time.” Peter said, walking towards you and Henry when you were sitting by the fire. You two were discussing Storybrooke and the relationships that were all over, and even about Hook and Emma. It stung at first, knowing that your dad forgot about you, and replaced all the adventures you had together with this Emma, woman. But then you started enjoying them, and laughing for real when Henry enthusiastically told you all about all the crazy and dangerous things that happen all the time. His life is full of all new adventures now, and that’s great. 

“It’s time for what?” You asked, angling your head so you could look Peter right in the eye. 

“Time for Henry to save magic,” Peter grinned down at the little boy, and offered you his hand to help you off the log. You raised your eyebrows, you were allowed to come? And waited for Henry to finally nod and stand as well. 

“I’m ready,” He said in a steady voice, and you gave him a small smile. 
You knew what had to happen, you weren’t 100% naive when it came to this, and you hugged Henry once more, keeping your arms around him while Peter transported you to Skull Rock. 

You and Henry jogged up the steps while Peter put the protection spell down, and waited together while Peter explained everything that had to go down, that had to happen for magic to be saved. 

And then it happened. Emma, Regina, Hook; they were all rushing in and you were immediately overwhelmed. How did they get in here? You don’t even really know where this place is?

You knew Peter was angry, the curling of his lips, and heavy glare was an obvious sign, and you wrapped your arms around Henry, trying to shield him the best you could from Pan’s wrath that was going to come. 

“Henry!” Emma  breathed out, seeing you two stand together, you shielding him, and his head pop out from behind your shoulder to smile at his mom. 

“Mom!” Henry returned, but didn’t move from your arms. You even loosened them so he could leave, but he just squeezed your waist as he watched Peter. You looked at Peter to see him looking worse than before. 

“This is your time to choose, Hook. Your lovely daughter or your love’s little boy.” Peter snarled. 

“You need to go, Henry,” You murmured into his ear. “You need to go with your mom and rest of your family,” 

“But Pan needs me, and everyone-,” 

“Your mothers need you more than anyone,” You murmured. 

“But you-,” 

“I will be more than fine. Emma looks like she’s gonna have a heart attack right now though,” You teased softly, and you knew that almost no one else heard the full conversation, just snippits and laughter. 

You pushed Henry away softly, and nodded at him when he turned back around to face you. You smiled a little when Regina and Emma immediately enveloped him in their arms. 

“How heroic of you,” Peter hummed, a smirk tugging at his lips even though you could see cogs working away in his head trying to turn this to his advantage. You turned away, biting your lip gently.

“I would leave Never land, if I were you. Shadows aren’t exactly understanding nor patient.” You warned.

“(Y/N),” Hook shook his head. “It’s not right, I shouldn’t leave you again,” Hook denied. 

“You’ve fought this fight before, Hook. We both know Peter Pan never fails. You can’t take both me and Henry. Henry belongs in Storybrooke, he belongs with you now. I accepted a long time ago that I don’t anymore,” You smiled, hoping it was dark enough to hide the tears welling in your eyes.

“(Y/N),” Hook tried again. 

“Go, I believe in you,” You nodded towards the exit, and after these four words alone, the hourglass that held all of Neverland’s fading magic, glowed more than it ever has as long as even Peter Pan has seen it. Everyone stared at it in awe, and then Peter looked at you with wide eyes. 

“It’s you.” He whispered. “You’re.. You’re the one..” He muttered. 

You met his eye, not sure what he meant. And then you saw the glow. It moved from the hourglass and enveloped you like a warm soft blanket. You felt powerful- like you could take the whole room on and win too. More importantly than that though, it felt safe. It felt nice. 

“(Y/N)!” Hook yelled this time. “I swear to God, Pan, that if you even think of ripping my little girls heart out, I’ll-,” 

“Dad,” You muttered softly, but everyone stopped nonetheless, just staring at you. “Go,” You nod towards the door. 

You were okay with this. You were finally ready to say goodbye.

And when Hook looks back once more, he saw Peter Pan making the perfect girl for himself. Ripping out the heart of one of the purest maidens of them all, and using it to make the hourglass glow. 

He saw you fully embracing this, and taking the fate that he made for you so many years ago. 

He saw the end of his little girl, and the beginning of an all powerful Neverland. 

And then he swore, he swore to himself that when things cool down with Emma he would find you guys, and he would drive his sword right through Peter Pan’s skull.

Call Me Back, Maybe

Okay, so this sucker is actually a collab project between me and @emmandhook. You should totally go check out the gifset Pearl made. She took my measly little idea and not only encouraged me to write it (aka gave me the kick in the pants I needed to write it), she also brought it to life. Seriously, it’s fantastic and if you haven’t seen it, check it out. (Story is also on ff.net if that’s your jam.)

Enjoy! And please, go send Pearl some love!

Emma waits for moments when Killian is out and about to listen to the twelve voicemails he left her. She knows this probably makes her the worst girlfriend in the world, but she can’t help it. It’s impossible to forget the way he blushed when he returned her phone and scratched that spot behind his ear as he sheepishly suggested she simply delete the messages.

In all honesty, she was impressed that he kept it down to twelve. He is prone to obsess at time, so that felt like a reasonable number—the  Killian Jones version of double texting—especially considering that twice the number of messages would have been waiting for Killian had their places been switched. His behavior stirred up her curiosity and it stays stirred up until she finally starts listening

“Swan, it’s Killian. Call me.”

The first one is straight forward, the words neutral, but she smiles at the irate edge to his voice. He wanted to say more, that much is evident, but held back.

Only until the next message though.

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A Father’s Love

Set in the Underworld, on one of their first nights there, Robin and Henry talk about Neal–all the while, Robin reflects on how much he already misses his children and on Regina’s reunion with her father.

For @sometimesangryblackwoman who requested that Robin gives Henry an engagement ring to hold onto and for Henry and Robin to talk about whether or not Henry should cal him dad (I changed this one–it’s more Robin reflecting on his role in Henry’s life and Henry opening up to him–sorry, the fic kind of took on it’s own direction). And for the anons who requested: Robin’s thoughts about Henry Sr. after meeting him, Henry asking Robin about his intentions with Regina, and a family moment for Robin, Regina and Henry in the UW.

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You’ll Know It’s Him

This is a completely canon-divergent “Emma finds Killian in the Underworld” story. It’s not based on any speculation or spoilers, just my own imagination.

This was both unbelievable and unbelievably confusing.

She was in hell. Literal hell, not just, “Ugh, I’m in hell right now” hell. Real, actual hell, where people went when they died. But why she was in hell was even more confusing than the fact that she was there in the first place.

Emma replayed the video on her phone. It was unnerving seeing her own face, tears streaming down it, and hearing her own voice, pleading for her to just believe.

Believe that she, Emma Swan, had chosen to travel to hell itself to find the man she loved and bring him back to life.

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anonymous asked:

You should write Killian reacting to his daughter's first date!

Thanks for the prompt, Nonnie! I hope you like it!

Killian struggles with his daughter attending her first dance. Good think Henry and David are there to help. Poor Philip never stood a chance. Happy helpings of Captain Swan, Captain Charming, and Captain Cobra.


Dancing Princesses

Over the years, Killian had come to better understand David Nolan. It was a process, of course, being that the pirate and the prince had a number of preconceived misconceptions about one another, compounded with the fact that Killian very much was trying to court David’s daughter. Killian did attempt to empathize with David’s feelings during the more tumultuous points their relationship, even if he tended to enjoy doing and saying whatever things possible to get a rise out of the so-called Prince Charming.

It wasn’t until the nurse had placed his newborn daughter into his arms that he really understood David, and the past few years of his fatherly protectiveness truly made sense. Fourteen years after that moment, well, no one could blame him for taking inspiration from David when a young lad came to pick up his daughter for her first dance.

Killian wasn’t exactly happy with this development. As far as he was concerned, his daughter was still the little girl that wanted nothing more than to play pirates and princess and for him to read her stories before bed, not the teenager who wished to dance with boys. It was his prerogative to think that way. After all, he was sure that David thought of Emma as the infant he placed in the wardrobe. Unfortunately, Emma didn’t feel the same.

“What do we even know about this boy?” Killian groused after their daughter announced that this boy had asked her to prom, and that she had said ‘yes’. “How do we know he isn’t some cad or a villain in disguise?”

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