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Title: Splintered

Word Count: 54,280

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 11

Status: Incomplete

Tags: Romance, UST, Memory loss, Borderline personality disorder, Grief/Mourning, Violence, Sex

Submitted by: roksed

Author: @daxcat79 / AO3

Plot Summary: Murdering his own father has left Kylo Ren splintered into two personalities representing darkness (Kylo Ren) and light (Ben Solo).   Rey’s strange bond with him has her caught in the middle, struggling with conflicting feelings of her own.

Thoughts: I read the first chapter and my wig was snatched. I am so excited to read more. I’m also in love with the concept. Thanks to this writer for existing! –Admin

Shit I’ve heard/said sentence starters:

Feel free to change pronouns as necessary!

  • “If your house needs repairs, you don’t set it on fire.”
  • “I can’t wait to shove myself into the abyss of sleep.”
  • “It’s called imagination, dumb ass, ever heard of it?”
  • “My ass is a religion.”
  • “Welcome to reality, bitch.”
  • “I’m only brilliant when I’m half dead.”
  • “There is nothing here to upset me, aside from everything.”
  • “I punched him into blindness!”
  • “Would you stop being the laziest motherfucker on the planet?”
  • “We would love to have you over for murder… I mean dinner!”
  • “I’m going to… throw you off a cliff.”
  • “Friends set friends on fire.”
  • “How do you accidentally throw a brick at someone?”
  • “She dead now because I loved her too hard.”
  • “It’s amazing you’re not a giant fat ass.”
  • “Wake up you piece of shit.”
  • “Procrastination includes hiding from everything, including things I enjoy.”
  • “Eventually you’re covered in curry and sobbing in the corner because you have no self control.”
  • “That’s a special brand of fuck you.”

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Hello. Sorry to bother you but someone pm'd me to say that a story on your latest list by me is attributed to someone else. I took a look and there does seem to be a mistake, the tumblr post was called 'His Life's Work'. Again, sorry to bother you.

It’s not bothering me - I need to know these things! I have fixed it. Thanks for letting me know!

sea-room submitted:

Spotted in Miami

Oh shit Avior’s A340!

I’ve been told there’s a 6-month long waiting list to get a ticket for one of these, as thanks to Venezuelan government regulations, almost all international carriers left the country, leaving a grand total of three national airlines to handled international travel, where Avior is the only one with long-range capacity. 

I have also been told you can bribe your way into a ticket, but if you do that, you’re basically screwing over another costumer, things are that fucked over here. 

okay so the doctor i spoke to was really nice and he explained everything really well

he also told me it would be possible to stealth transition as i wanted to, and that i basically just need to have my two inperson assessments to get an official “diagnosis” of gender dysphoria, at which point i can start hormones

they also said that the NHS covers vocal coaching and some laser hair removal for my face which is great too

the waiting list for the assessments is about 5-6 months apparently, so if everything goes my way then i could be on hormones by the end of the year c:

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Oops, a little too late, but we finally posted more Ouma content. Please bare with us, there’s plenty more on the waiting list.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Progress
(Fall 2017)

Fukurodani Cast List

Bokuto Koutarou - Yoshimoto Kouki
Akaashi Keiji - Yuuki Kousei
Konoha Akinori - Higashi Takumi
Washio Tatsuki - Miyake Jun
Sarukui Yamato - Matsunami Yuuki
Komi Haruki - Takane Masaki

Happy birthday @brewka!!! <333

I hope you like my present for you and that have a wonderful day :))))

  • 707: I changed my password on everything to "incorrect".
  • MC:
  • 707: That way when I forget it, it always reminds me that my password is incorrect.
  • MC: ...Aren't you supposed to be a professional hacker?

a requiem of time [ot7/immortal oc]
↳ collection of seven short stories that follow the protagonist’s journey through her endless days.

spotify playlist 

clouds and starlight — astronomer kim taehyung, set in 1830
downhearted blues — writer min yoongi, set in 1924
moonlight cocktail — soldier park jimin, set in 1945
at last, sunrise — traveller jung hoseok, set in 2017
a glimpse into the past — nostalgist kim seokjin, set in 2055
views from neptune — space tour guide jeon jungkook, set in 2400
before I disappear — archaeologist kim namjoon, set in the far future

The last words your dying mother whispered in your ear did not make much sense, but you’re aware that the reason for your perennial heartbeats and ageless skin is found in them. Born in the dark, cloudy 1600s, all you can remember is running — from ghosts and people and even the darkness, which finally claimed the life of your family and left you with a heart that is too big and empty, too alive.

You have wandered on your own ever since, pathless and future uncertain, always asking yourself if your end will ever come. But you get up no matter how many times you fall, even when you beg your legs to stay on the ground.

Even so, the passing years are not all that hazy. Through the fear of losing your humanity and the ever so evolving mortals, there are seven fixed points in your life that you can always look back on with glossy eyes and a buoyant smile, all so different but connected through the love you have given them unconditionally.

They are the seven times you fell in love, and those seven times you never forgot.

coming soon