wait it's a sweater* not a sweatshirt

Starting to show

Harry Styles Pregnancy Series

Word count: 642


Preview: Harry catches the first glimpse of your swollen stomach. This opens up a new chapter in your relationship. 

Ever since you saw the first glimpse of your child you and Harry have been on a baby high. You can’t stop thinking about your future life. It will be amazing. It seems so far away, but you know that the time will come and go in no time. 

And even though you are enjoying your short time in your pregnancy you know that when it ends you will have something yopu love so much more. You will have something that is yours forever.

As you brush your teeth you dream of the years ahead of you. A small child running around. You and Harry parents. Even just the simplest of thoughts make you smile.

Once you finish washing your face and brushing your teeth, you tie your hair up into a messy bun.

You step out of the bathroom. Harry is sitting on the bed with a book in his lap. You go into your dresser and pull out a pair of pink fuzzy socks. You have on one of Harry’s old sweaters. You have your own sweatshirts of course, but you like wearing Harry’s clothes because the are worn and they have a little more meaning.  

You look at yourself for a moment in the mirror. You can’t wait until your a big. Of course you will miss your clothes and pregnancy clothes never fit quite right. Its going to be amazing, absolutely amazing.

“You okay?” Harry asks when he notices you are looking at yourself.

“Yeah, Just thinking.” You say. You smile a little at the end.

“About what?” Harry asks. He sets down his book and sits up so he can see you better.

“Me.” You say simple.

Harry gives a confused look and says, “You?”
“Yeah.” You say, “Just thinking about my stomach.” You then lift off Harry’s purple sweater and turn around to toss it on the foot of the bed. You then turn around and look at yourself in the mirror once again. You turn to the side and run your hand down your stomach. Nothing.
“C’mere.” Harry mumbles. He shifts to sitting on the side of the bed and you stand in-between his legs.

He places his hands on each side of your waist and slowly rubs up and down. He then places one hand on your lower stomach.

“Look.” He says. Harrys then focuses on his thumb as he rubs it in circles on your lower abdomen. While his finger circles your stomach you feel it rise up and down. His finger never leaves your skin. “See, you do have a bump.” Harry says.

You couldn’t tell because your were expecting a bump much larger than the one you have now. “That’s our baby.” You whisper. You can’t believe your eyes when you finally notice it.

Harry doesn’t say a word. He simply smiles and places a gentle kiss an inch below your belly button. He then leans his his forehead in the spot he had kissed moments before. You kiss the top of his head.

You originally were excited for these moments as a huge deal. A moment that changed your life forever. Nothing would ever amount of be better than this. This is what you are excited for. You are excited for the years to come and the outcome of your pregnancy, but right now you are in the moment. These small little pieces are the parts of an even bigger puzzle. They all add up, but they are also very important in their own little way. You and Harry will share these moments together. Something that you will have to look forward to.