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and even is over the moon when isak says i love you because he'd been waiting for isak to feel the same before saying anything. he didn't want to scare isak but was also so scared isak would never feel the same way and part of him feels "this is too soon you've peaked it's not gonna last" but then he looks at how beautiful isak is in the morning and how he takes care of him and does everything he can to make even happy and thinks "i could do this forever" (i dont think this made sense sorry)

even has been compiling a list of reasons why he loves isak valtersen in his head ever since isak told him “just take it one day at a time“ (he would have been doing it sooner, but under the weight of depression he hadn’t really had time to think further than getting himself through the days.)

it’s on that wednesday that he really realises it, though. he’d thought it from the day he’d gone back to where they’d met, the day he’d thought he’d lost isak - he loved him then, but he didn’t really know it. he didn’t feel it deep in his body, settling into every corner of himself, making him feel lighter and surrounding him with warmth that only increased in isak’s presence.

so that’s reason number one - he makes the world brighter.

and even’s aware, he really is aware, that a person can’t cure depression - and isak doesn’t do that. but reason number 2 is that he doesn’t try to. he just stays anyway, he settles beside even and speaks when he needs to and not when he doesn’t, and he always says the right thing somehow.

even finds it hard to believe that this is the same person from a few weeks ago in the locker room, who said everything wrong (and even still, foolishly, liked him) but he’s grown so much in just a few weeks, and maybe that’s reason number 3 - he cares enough to change his mind.

this is where the problems start, though. even’s brain is loud - deafening, even, and it tells him, yeah, he cares about you, but he won’t love you. it’ll all crash down again at some point. you’re too much work.

but then isak is back in the room, and his brain quiets a bit, he focusses on isak’s warm smile, his soft hand running across even’s check and through his hair, the comforting press of his body against even’s, the calming tone of his gentle words. and he just knows, maybe isak won’t love him back yet, or ever, but he loves isak. maybe he’ll keep it to himself, he won’t say it until he’s sure isak is ready to hear it, but he loves isak.

and he’s trying to focus on one day at a time, because those words marked the moment that he fell in love, but he can’t help but think that isak feels a lot like forever.

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The Ashi ending was fine. She was written fine. She was basically a tiny microcosm of all the relationships Jack had built in the future. Her death was the realization that he can't have those again; he had to make the choice of the greater good in lieu of maintaining what he'd built for himself in the future. She, along with all Jack's friends, existed because Aku existed. I do think it didn't make sense that she waited so long to fade away though. That's nonsensical.

Okay, look: I don’t fundamentally have a problem with Ashi disappearing at the end, but I hate the way that it was handled. And she was not “written fine.”

Ashi does have a personality and a character arc…sort of. The issue is that literally everything she ever did revolved around Jack. She was a complete satellite love interest, and even when horrible things happened to her, the focus wasn’t on how it made her feel but on how it made Jack feel. I mean, shit, she only found the strength to break free of Aku when Jack said he loved her! All of her accomplishments were because of him and she was written as a prop to bolster him, not as a character in her own right.

“But the story is about Jack!” Okay, uh, how about the other (male) friends that he made throughout the original series? I think most of them had actual personalities and made decisions that didn’t involve him. Let’s face the facts: Ashi had this issue because she was a love interest. And I’m sure the fact that there wasn’t a single female writer on the staff for Season 5 didn’t help.

The fact that she disappeared doesn’t bother me, because you’re right: everything in the future depended on Aku’s existence. But you know what does bother me? That Jack never expressed sadness over the fact that all his other friends would vanish! All he cared about in the end was Ashi – we never even saw him reunite with his family, they were treated as a throwaway consolation prize. He no longer cared about his family or his original goals; the romance completely overrode his character and made him nothing but an angsty male hero whose main objective is always his lady love.

Hell, have you noticed that large swathes of the fandom think the ending is sad because Jack’s life sucks, and not because Ashi had her whole life taken from her? That’s how the ending is written, and many fans internalized that. (And then they come yell at me for pointing out how poorly Ashi is written when they don’t really give a shit about her.)

Ashi could have been a great character. She could have sacrificed herself with full knowledge of what she’d be giving up, and her disappearance would be poignant. But nope, it was all about Jack’s Manpain, from beginning to end. And that’s why I and a lot of other fans are so pissed at the last episode.

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Sorry if you don't want to hear some anon ranting I understand you can just ignore this but is it just me or did Ashi's death not even make sense? Why didn't she fade away until the wedding? She should have faded away once Aku exploded because that automatically erased her existence

It’s ok I’ve been waiting to get this out myself.

It makes absolutely no sense as to why Ashi would remain for as long as it would take to plan a wedding, it literally only took so long so it could be used as a gut punch, a poorly executed gut punch. Tbh it made me feel releaved.

Like you want us to feel somthing for her? Make so that she vanishes instantly whilst talking to Jack and he freaks out but she just rolls with it, having known it would be the cost of a greater future. Soon after she’s gone he reunites with his family and friends. (which is a greatly extended scene) Show us him being happily reunited with his parents and hugging them so hard he nearly crushes them whilst crying tears of joy, he then greets all his old teachers in various ways.

If you need to end on the note with Jack in a romantic relationship, have Ashi throw in “oh and btw, date someone in your own time, for my sake”.

And then idk have him marry that girl he met as a kid. Have him happily married to a grown woman, not an emotionally unstable teenager.

The ending we got was not the ending he deserved. Jack would never sink into such a depression over a woman he barely knew while discarding all the other friendships he made over the years.

Ashi didn’t deserve this either, she didn’t deserve to be sacrificed on the altar on manpain while only finding inner stregnth because a man validated her.

I mean for fucks sake

Even goddamn SMOSH understood this

U know u read it in their voices (✿´ ꒳ ` )
  • Alice: You... oozing sore of depravity... Children wearing their names around their neck like they are breeding livestock!
  • Bumby Angus: A declaration of their pedigree. You could use one. They're proud to display their provenance. [laughs]
  • Alice: You brute! They can't remember who they are or where they're from. How many minds have you twisted into forgetfulness?
  • Bumby Angus: Not enough. Yours would have been a triumph! Still, you're an insane wreck. My work is done.
  • Alice: You've used me and abused me, but you will not destroy me.
  • Bumby Angus: No, the damage is done. The old Alice and her Wonderland retreat are demolished. You can't even recognize what's happened. And you're powerless to change it or move against me. I've made certain of it.
  • Alice: You corrupted my memories, but you failed to make me forget.
  • Bumby Angus: I could've made you into a tasty bit. Clients out the door waiting for a piece from a raving delusional beauty, with no memories of the past and no sense of the future. But you wouldn't forget; you insisted on holding on to your fantasies. You're mad! Like your sister.
  • Alice: Don't speak of her! You didn't know her...
  • Bumby Angus: Your sister was a tease. Pretended to despise me. She got what she wanted... In the end.
  • Alice: I'll see you charged. In prison, some half-wit bruiser will make you his sweetheart... And then you'll hang.
  • Bumby Angus: Indeed? A hysterical woman, former lunatic, roaring outrageous accusations against a respectable social architect and scientist. My God, Alice, who would believe you? I scarcely believe it myself.
  • Alice: You, Monstrous creature.... Such evil will be punished.
  • Bumby Angus: By who? By what? Psychotic, silly bitch. Your madness will be punished. Now leave, I'm expecting your replacement.

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Saying they were waiting until Sept 6th never made me think it was going to be Jenna. People were thinking they were waiting to see how far she went on SYTYCD. Did they think DWTS was like oh wait she went further now we have to go to a pro and say "look we didn't want you at first but this other girl went farther than we thought on that other dance show, so yeah even though we didn't want you and we are now in a jam, could you help us out.". It just didn't make sense to think she could do both.

Oh, I never thought they were doing something shady like that.  I just thought maybe they weren’t announcing until the 6th to build anticipation in general and if it happened to be either Jenna or Allison, it would have made sense to wait until the 6th to announce it.

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Wait so the nikah is like a pre-nup? Wow I honestly didn't even know you could actually amend create a nikah....I thought it was like a pre-made form more or less universal for everyone and you just sign it? Wow ok I don't know anything about Islamic law/marriage laws at all!

Well, in a sense, it is pre-made, but many sign pre-made kitabs with stipulations that are culturally constructed.

So, one day, a long time ago, someone put in the kitab “women can’t eat cheese” or whatever, and then it became a standard issue kitab, and people just kept signing it because they asked their local Sheikhs about hypothetical marriage questions and then when it came to game-time, they signed something, and now they can’t eat cheese.

In a sense, a kitab/nikkah is like a pre-nup and a marriage contract in one, so, let’s say you want your husband to give you kitkats every Monday for life, you can put it in there. I mean, I regret using that example already, because I feel like I’ve opened a pandora’s box for horrendous requests, but you get the picture, I hope.