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Tips on dating for when YOU have BPD

I’ve seen so many articles and posts on “how to date someone with BPD”, or worse “warning signs your partner has BPD” or “how to recover from dating someone with BPD”. But I could only find ONE article giving advice to people WITH BPD in relationships. So, I’ve made my own. Here are some tips on maintaining a good relationship when YOU have BPD:

  • Be open. I know you’ll be scared that if you’re too honest, you’ll scare the partner away. But you need to be truthful, or you’ll end up bottling things up, and then they explode.
  • Saying that, sometimes it’s okay not to express your fears. Small fears such as how your partner hasn’t texted back as fast as normal, don’t need to be expressed when they occur. Once you’ve calmed down, take the time to express it. Say “It makes me a bit sad when you don’t reply fast, but I understand that sometimes that happens” This way, your partners understands your fears, but also knows that you understand their limits too. Sometimes our fears are small and go away if we wait, so take a minute to thing logically (if you can).
  • It’s okay to show symptoms! Don’t be mad at yourself if you have a mood swing in front of your partner, it;s not your fault
  • Avoid expressing when you’re splitting. It’s hard not to let every things out when we’re mad and splitting, but try not to if you can. Try and suppress for a little time and express your feelings once you’ve settled. This way you can express them neutrally, without bias, and make sense when you do so.
  • Keep reminders of your partner’s care for you. Screen shot texts and keep them in a folder. When you feel unloved or the person isn’t responding, read through these to remind yourself that they love you
  • Ask your partner to give you small reminders. Ask “every now and again, can you remind me you love me?”. This isn’t a big ask- a small text once a day is not manipulative or needy, and your partner should be ahppy to as this makes you happy
  • Set guidelines. It’s okay to have certain things you get paranoid about. Tell your partner that there are some things you don’t like- e.g. “I don’t like it when you use full stops, it makes me think you’re angry, could you avoid doing so? I understand if you mess up though.” A relationship is about caring for each other and making each other comfortable, so your partner should be ahppy to make small changes to make you happy, just as you’ll make small changes to make them happy!
  • Be prepared to compensate. Sometimes we get paranoid about things that we just have to let happen. We get worried when our partner talks about other people, when they see other people. It’s okay to express this, but we have to learn that we can’t stop our partners doing this. This is hard, and something I struggle with myself, but it’s needed to make our partners feel comfortable. If your partner is out doing something you don’t like, distract yourself. 
  • Find someone else, with BPD is best, to vent to. I have a close friend or 2 who I vent my worries to, and they have BPD as well. They understand and validate my fears, so that I don’t feel needy or mean. This way you can express these fears without controlling and hurting your partner. E.g. I say to my friends “My partner is seeing his ex today. I get that’s his right to but it’s pissing me off and I just wanted to tell someone.” 
  • Remind yourself it’s okay to express yourself. Telling your partner you’re scared they’re going to leave you isn’t automatically abusive or manipulative, it’s true.Tell them you feel suicidal isn’t manipulative, you deserve support and love.
  • When splitting, learn to distance yourself. If you notice you’re splitting for an unfair reason, it’s okay to distance yourself. It’s okay to walk out a room, to stop replying for a minute to compose yourself. This way, you won’t lash out, and you can avoid getting more angry. Inform your partner you are splitting, so they can give you space.
  • Don’t let yourself be invalidated. If your parter says something invalidating, mean, or hurtful, tell them. We get scared that if we tell our partners they hurt us they may leave, but it’s important not to let our partners hurt us.
  • Tell your partner about your BPD- and if not that- about your symptoms. Tell them you split (you sometimes hate people for no reason), tell them you have abandonment fears (get scared they’ll leave you). This way your partner can adapt and help you. Give them tips to help you. e.g. “If I’m scared you’ll leave me, tell me you love me, and tell me why you love me”
  • Learn to say sorry. Sometimes we lash out, sometimes we get irrational and hurt our partners. this may not be our fault, but it is our responsibility. Learn to say “I’m sorry I lashed out”.
  • You deserve someone who’s willing to help you. You deserve someone who is willing to send you little messages, who is willing to validate and support you. Don’t settle for someone who gets mad at you for your mood swings or invalidates your feelings.
    We deserve a kind, loving, supporting relationship as much as anyone else.
Guide to Borderline: #2
  • ((Before I start, I want to point out that there are other types of bpd, not everyone fits in this "guides" but if you agree feel free to like/rb the post.))
  • x
  • What BPD People Think When You Tell Them;
  • x
  • Let's go out sometime!: When? Everyday is a possible "sometime" so you gotta be specific. Also, should I call you/text you first? Because I will totally wait for you to do it.
  • x
  • Get ready! I am coming to get you! : No. Just no. When I have to go outside I have to prepare myself for days you ain't getting nothing friend.
  • x
  • Why didn't you tell me? : I probably hinted it and you probably missed it because it was a way too small hint so I still secretly blame you for not asking more so I have reasons but they gonna sound stupid.
  • x
  • What is wrong: If you don't want me to keep repeating my "I wanna die because" list then you should stop asking stupid questions.
  • x
  • You are overreacting: Ok I am not, but I can't explain that I am not overreacting because you would see that overreacting too but my settings are just higher then yours so my normal is overreact for you.
  • x
  • Do you miss them?: Honey I miss everything. I miss my fucking self what the hell do you think?
  • x
  • Calm down: Omg what is next? Get yourself together?? Go get your life and hopes and ambitions back?? Which universe you live in pal that ain't happening.
  • x
  • Wanna tell me? : I want to tell my whole life story to people that is passing by the street rn of course I want to tell you. The real question is, you wanna hear a real sad and fucked up story that is my life?
  • x
  • I love you: For now.
You’re Fired || Bucky Barnes

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your asshole supervisor until you go out for drinks with him. 

Warnings: like a tiny bit angsty, i don’t even think there’s swear words except asshole, and uhh fluff

Words: 1727 words

A/N: this is like an asshole bucky who isnt actually an asshole cause bucky barnes is pure

Almost incoherent apologies fell from your mouth as you weaved in-between people and traffic trying to get to the small coffee shop you worked at. You couldn’t have been anymore glad that you decided to wear running shoes instead of your usual flats as you were darting from across town in only ten minutes.

You had stayed up much later than you intended binge watching your favourite show and didn’t remember to set an alarm, thankfully your body clock managed to wake you up somewhat on time. 

You also knew if you got fired from this job you’d never hear the end of it from your father, who got you the position. He was friends with one of the supervisors that worked there, Bucky, and claimed that he was the nicest man on Earth. 

Unfortunately, it turns out Bucky is an asshole to you. You really tried your best to be nice to him and you don’t know if you ever did anything rude to him, but something about you ticked him off clearly. 

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Bad For Me (Grayson Smut)

Summary: Texting with Grayson goes from texting to.. Well, sexting.
Word Count: 2,244
Warnings: Smut, sexting, explicit words, overuse of baby, yada yada.
A/N: I’ve walked around with this on my mind for months now so I thought now is a good idea to just write down whatever comes to mind and just go with it. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS. Leave love, hate, whatever. Much love to you guys!!! xxxx

BOLD is Grayson, and you are ITALIC. Keep it in mind!


I was struggling to keep my eyes open, training them on the screen of my iPad where it laid on my stomach. A huffed breath escaped my lips as I blinked, forcing my eyes to open and look at whatever episode was playing of Modern Family.

It was nearing close to nine P.M. and I was struggling to keep myself awake because I knew that if I went to bed early, then I’d probably wake up earlier than I wanted. And it was, after all, a Friday night. I frowned, thinking of Grayson and what he must be up to.

Probably filming a video with Ethan like he said he would. But he had promised to stop by whenever they were finished, to which I had insisted on because I knew how filming sucked the energy out of him and I’d rather him sleep than stay up late with you, doing something useless like lay around and watch a movie or browse the internet.

Baby are you awake?

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Owari no Seraph Chapter 57 TRANSLATED

Part One: Read Here!

Part Two: Read Here!

Part Three: Read Here!

Part Four: Read Here!

Translations by: @panadabro​ (Thank you for dying with me.)

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope​ (It’s 2 AM I’m going to hate myself so much in the morning…)


(( Okay normally I would make an effort to put a long note here, just to review what I think and stuff about the newest chapter - AND BOY DO I DO but goddamn I’ve already stayed up way too late, and I’m going to hate myself so much tomorrow so WHATEVER BLEGH LET’S BE QUICK!


DAMN SHINOA GOT THE BEST DEMON OUT OF EVERYONE HERE LOLOLOL BUT I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW THE VAMPIRES WOULD REACT IF THEY SAW SHIKAMA this is mainly just an excuse for me to want to see Lest being angry or sad I don’t know just give me more of my son please AAAAAA

Alright I got more to say but whatever sleep calls for me so PLEASE ENJOY AND HAVE FUN READING! ))

Assistant to the Captain pt. 3

Prompt: Natasha convinced Steve he needs an assistant even though he’s convinced he can do it all himself. He gives in and that’s where you come in.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2285

Warnings: slow burn

A/N: ah. my slow burn aka my favorite way of torturing you all. enjoy this next part. it’s kinda long compared to what i normally do, but i’m sure that’s all right with you all. enjoy! (:

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Part 2


Originally posted by christophers-haven-evans

Saturday, a day off. The week felt long because you were learning the ropes and learning everyone’s personalities. But then again, it felt short because of those exact things. You’d met Tony Stark and a younger woman named Wanda as the week went on. You were surprised that with this job— one that was constantly demanding and changing— you got the weekends off. It was a perk. It enabled you to make plans with your family. And that’s exactly what you had planned. It was 6am when you left your house, ready to make the three hour drive to the suburb your family lived in. You had a breakfast date with all of them. And with Derek, your boyfriend.

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Loose Tooth (Dad!Shawn)

Requested: Okay I need more dad Shawn in my life after seeing those pictures/boomerang of him and skyla !!!! Ps u are so talented and I love u

A/n: Thank you, you’re sweet! I was just feeling some dad Shawn so I wrote this really quick. I hadn’t been planning this one at all, but I hope you enjoy. 


When Shawn is away for work, you have to hear your daughter ask when her dad is coming home every single night you put her to sleep and every morning when she wakes up. It breaks your heart every single time. It’s hard to see her missing him so much, almost as much as you miss him. Shawn is an amazing dad, and you wouldn’t want to share the responsibility of parenting with anyone else, but his career makes it very difficult for the three of you sometimes. He tries to be home as much as possible, but he loves touring and performing, and you couldn’t imagine him not doing it.

She’s five now, so she knows when he’s home, and she misses him when he’s gone. This morning, on your way to drop her off at school before heading to work, you almost started crying right there in the car because you missed Shawn so much and you hated that she was missing him too. You hated that he was missing out on weeks at a time of watching her grow. Her tooth is loose, and getting looser everyday, but she’s desperately trying to keep it from falling out. Normally kids are so excited for their teeth to fall out, and she is too, but she wants to wait until Shawn is back home before she lets it come out. That’s what she was telling you on the way to school. That’s what made you almost start crying. 

Shawn isn’t supposed to be home for another week, but you don’t have the heart to tell her now that based on how loose it already is, he probably won’t be back before it falls out. It is these small moments and so many more that make it so difficult to have Shawn gone so often.

Shortly after lunch, you receive a text from Shawn. When you open it, you see that it is a picture of your daughter. At first, you think it is strange because you’re normally the one who texts Shawn pictures of her when he’s away so why would he be texting you an old picture of her randomly. The picture doesn’t have a caption, so you just stare at it for a few moments. By the background, you can tell she’s standing outside of her school, and she looks so happy. You don’t remember taking that picture. Just as you realize she’s wearing the same thing she was wearing when you dropped her off at school this morning, another picture comes in. It is a selfie of Shawn in his car and you can see your daughter in her car seat in the back.

It can’t be. He’s supposed to be in New York right now. Is he home?

She just finished school, so he could have easily picked her up. Normally she goes to the after school care because you don’t get off of work until 5pm. But when Shawn is home, he always picks her up straight after school when he can.  You immediately text Shawn, Are you playing a prank on me?

I’ll see you at home 😉 Is the only response he offers and you want to call him, you want to leave work right now to see him, but you know you can’t.

The next picture you receive from Shawn is your daughter with a big ice cream cone and an even bigger smile on her face. The next three hours until five pm can’t pass fast enough.

You push the speed limit all the way home. And when you enter your home, you can hear a John Mayer song playing over the speakers Shawn insisted on having specially installed. Upon entering the kitchen, you’re hit by the amazing smell of food, and you realize how much you missed Shawn’s cooking. Your daughter is sitting on the kitchen counter, something you never let her do, but Shawn always does. 

“Mommy!” She shouts when she sees you. 

“Hi babe,” You tell her, but you can’t help but head over to your husband first. He immediately wraps you up in his arms and kisses you. “You weren’t supposed to be home until next week.” You say when you finally pull away. 

“I missed my family.” He says simply. 

“We missed you too.” You tell him. “Did you have a good afternoon with Daddy?” You ask turning to your daughter.

“Yes!” She shouts, happiness practically oozing out of her, and your heart is so happy too. Having Shawn home always feels like everything is just how it should be. 

“Tell mommy what happened this afternoon.” Shawn prompts her. 

She opens her mouth wide in response, and then tries to speak with it still open. “I ost ay toot.” She says, keeping her mouth open to show you. 

“You did!?” You say, matching her excitement. 

“I told you it was waiting for daddy to come home.” She says innocently, returning to speaking normally. 

“I guess it was, huh.” You say with a smile. 

“The tooth fairy is coming tonight!” Shawn says excitedly and you shoot him a look. He always insists on leaving a lot of money for her from the tooth fairy and then she goes to school and her friends tell her how much they get from the tooth fairy and they’re all asking why the tooth fairy doesn’t give the same amount to everyone. This has already happened multiple times. While you still struggle to come up with a response, Shawn just says, “I guess the tooth fairy likes you better.” You don’t know what you’re going to do with him. 

Shawn shrugs off the look you gave him and just leans in to kiss you on the cheek, then he kisses your daughter on the cheek as well before saying, “Dinner’s ready, lets eat.” 

Surprise (M)

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Word Count: 4916 words

Plot: It’s Baekhyun’s birthday and he’s in for a surprise.

Happy belated birthday, Byun Baekhyun. ❤️ This guy right here is the love of my life. My ultimate bias and the light of everyone’s life. I hope he stays happy and healthy forever. He deserves all the happiness because he blesses my life and many others with it everyday. Thanks for everything, Baekhyun. ❤️❤️❤️

It was the day before Baekhyun’s birthday. The boys were on their way back to their hotel in Macau for a show which they had just completed and a festival which they would be performing at the following day. The day of Baekhyun’s birthday.

Baekhyun engaged in conversation with Junmyeon, Xiumin and Yixing as the four of them sat together in the small van. The other five members were in a different van because there was no way all nine of them could fit into the vehicle. The driver hummed to himself, not at all paying any mind to the chatter resonating across the car.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (19)


Part 19 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18  Part 20

Word Count: 3,300(ish)

Significant time jumping in this part

The series is slowly coming to an end :( 

Minseok’s P.O.V.

“Sehun please…open the door.” He stood in front of Sehun’s room with his forehead rested against the door feeling defeated. “Sehun I’m sorry just please open the door.”
No answer, just silence. Minseok let out a loud sigh; how could he forget his best friend’s birthday what was wrong with him? Obviously his ego had been dented. “Oh Sehun… I sincerely apologise, open the door…”

“Honestly Minseok give him some time, he’s really upset.”
Minseok turned his head slowly to see Tao leaning against the opposite wall. “He’s too drunk to think straight right now just let him sleep it off.”
Minseok frowned at the taller male he stormed over, grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him up against the wall.

“You knew and you didn’t say anything. Why the fuck didn’t you remind us?”

“Because it wasn’t his duty to remind you!” Sehun’s voice called from behind the door, his words were slow and slightly slurred. “You should’ve remembered, you should’ve been the one reminding him. Asshole. Now get lost I’m trying to sleep!” 

Minseok sighed deeply, shaking his head he let go of Tao and walked down the corridor to his bedroom where his wife was relaxing on the bed.

“Y/N.” He dropped down beside her, resting his head on her chest. “Do you think that I’m a bad person? I should’ve remembered shouldn’t I?”
She hummed in response. A bad habit the she had picked up from Yuna. Raising her hands from her stomach she brought them up to Minseok’s head and slowly began to brush her fingers through his hair.

“Yes Minseok you should have remembered. You know he came to speak to me earlier. I was pretty shocked. He was crying, he just really doesn’t want you to forget about him but I’m guessing you forgetting his birthday kind of just reinforced his fear. This must feel like the beginning of the end for him. You just need to try and make this right somehow Min.”

“He cried…to you?”

She hummed in response again.
If that was the case whatever it was must have been really bugging the younger male and he needed to talk to him sooner rather than later.

“Just go to sleep Minseok and try talking to him again tomorrow okay?”
He nodded shifting his head upwards he placed a soft kiss on her cheek.


Y/N’s P.O.V

The next morning you had woken startled by the sound of Kris’ voice booming down the corridors.

“Wake up it is urgent!” He called. “NOW!” You groaned as Minseok who was beside you began to stir.

“What’s going on?” his voice was husky and deep; he frowned rubbing the sleep from his eyes. You shrugged your shoulders.

“I don’t know.” You shifted from your space on the bed.

“No babe, come back. Stay here.” Minseok pouted, he reached for your waist and pulled you back gently towards him.

“Min he said it was urgent. Maybe it’s Chanyeol.” You unwrapped his hands from your waist and shifted to the edge of your bed again standing up. You walked over to your wardrobe and changed into something less revealing. “Come on Minseok, we’re wanted downstairs.”

You walked sleepily to the all too familiar board room where everyone was waiting for the both of you, their faces looked blank they were unreadable and it was making you feel uneasy.

“What’s going on?” You took a seat beside Baekhyun who passed you a portfolio without saying a word. Why was the atmosphere so cold in here?

“It was on the floor beside the front door when I woke up this morning.” Kris mumbled, staring at you intently waiting for you to open up the yellow file. You looked around the table, everyone was staring at you now and your hands began to shake unconsciously.

“Open it babe.” Minseok whispered sitting down beside you. You nodded slowly opening the file, deliberately dawdling as you were scared to see what you would find. Your mouth dropped open at the sight in front of you. You laid each photo card out slowly in front of you. There, on the table were 6 photos; Yourself, Junmyeon, Baekhyun, Jongin, Kris and Tao. All of you were sleeping. Your breath hitched as you gasped, your heart beating dangerously fast you managed to get a glimpse of the underwear you were wearing, you could just about see the top of your bra strap. It was purple and embroidered.

“Oh my goodness! This was taken last night” You cried looking between Minseok and the photos on your desk. “Who the fuck took these?” You spat slamming your hand down hard on the table, causing half of the people gathered to flinch in their seats.

“We don’t know.” Junmyeon frowned, looking at his photo from where he was sat. “But it’s supposed to be a threat.”

“Of course we fucking know who it is, it has to be Chanyeol!” Jongdae hissed throwing his hands up in the air. But Yuna shook her head in response.

“How can it be Chanyeol when that note says otherwise?”

“Note?” You frowned “What note?” Minseok put his hand back inside the yellow file and pulled out a small A5 sized sheet of paper, he handed it over to you. You could just about make out what the messy handwriting said.

This isn’t a fluke or an empty threat, so do not treat it as one. If you’re not willing to hand over Y/N and Junmyeon we’ll go so far as to kill Baekhyun, Kris, Tao and Jongin and if we don’t get a reply from you by tonight then we’ll be taking Chanyeol too. We’ve waited long enough. Send a blank text to 3356793 when you’re ready to talk this through.
Someone will die, you just need to decide who you’re willing to let go.
You already know who this is.

Your heart stopped beating for a second, and your breath was knocked right out of you. This was no empty threat, Luhan wanted you, and he wanted you dead. He made it clear that one would die regardless of who it was. You swallowed hard and looked over at Minseok, who had grabbed the note out of your hand and was reading it furiously, his eyes darting across the page.

“Bullshit!” He shouted. “I’m calling bullshit!”

“How can it be bullshit, you know Luhan never lies about these types of things. Besides he’s been laying low for so long that he’s probably hit his peak.” Sehun mumbled, he kept his eyes trained on the table. Still too upset with Minseok to look him in the face.

“Listen he won’t kill Chanyeol, he’s bluffing.” Jongdae ran a hand through his hair as he shifted forward in his seat, signalling for Minseok to pass him the note.

“But it says so in the letter. How can you even be willing to take that chance?” Yuna pouted looking over at you who was visibly shaking by this point. She was right, you didn’t particularly like Chanyeol now but the thought of letting your oldest friend go…it gave you the shivers and you weren’t sure you could let it happen.

“Of course he won’t die! Chanyeol still has the key to this house; he’s probably the one who dropped this by in the first place! Besides, Tao said he saw him with one of Luhan’s men anyway, if Luhan really wanted to kill him don’t you think he would have been locked up in some dirty old cellar by now? Why would he kill someone that is working for him.” 

You frowned Jongdae had a point and now you were lost, you didn’t know what to think; was your best friend a traitor or not? What was going on?

“What’s that?” Minseok squinted, pointing at the back of the sheet in Jongdae’s hand across the table from him? You all turned your head to look at the back of the sheet of paper.


“A sequence of numbers which look extremely conveniently suspicious.” Baekhyun whispered as he pulled his phone out from his back pocket and took a picture of the number sequence. “I’ll do some digging, maybe this means something?” He rushed out of the room and down the corridor you assumed it was so that he could get on top of things immediately.

“So what do we do then? Clearly he wants an answer, and fast.” Yixing spoke up, his face blank and his voice a tone deeper and darker than usual, Luhan was bringing out the worst in everyone and it was becoming increasingly apparent why he was to be feared.

“Well we’ll just have to let him take Chanyeol.” Minseok frowned, leaning back in his seat.

“Minseok!?” You gasped. How could he say that? How could he suggest that they kill your best friend of 10 going on 11 years.

“What Y/N!?” He hissed, whipping his head in your direction, his eyes bloodshot red. It was too early for this. “Chanyeol has been walking over all of us this whole fucking time, don’t you see!? Why would you be defending him now? Besides over my dead body am I letting Luhan take you away from me… or the baby! It’s not just your life on the line anymore it’s both of you!”

“I agree.” Junmyeon nodded, making you gasp. You were doing everything to keep the tears back but it was useless they came flooding down anyway. “Why should one of us innocent one’s die when this was all his dirty work? He should take the wrath.”
There were nods and grunts of approval around the room and you felt defeated.

“So that’s it then. We’re just all going to let Park Chanyeol be killed.” You continued to let the tears drop from your eyes.

“Yes.” Junmyeon nodded. “Yes we are.”

You felt sick and deflated. How could it come to all of this? The man that you had grown up with was going to die and you could do nothing to stop it. A mixture of emotions was bubbling up within you. You were mad. Mad that Chanyeol would do such a thing but at the same time devastated. You and Chanyeol had ended on such a bad note and that would be your lasting memory of him. You stood up from your seat walking away from your glass chair. You felt Minseok reach out and grab your wrist but you yanked it out of his grip and walked off speeding up the steps. You cried furiously into your pillow and before you knew it, it was soaked. You had developed a migraine from crying too much and you were almost certain that this wasn’t healthy for your baby. Why me? You thought to yourself, why did life have to turn out this way? You had been crying for half an hour straight when you heard a light knock on your door.

“Go away!” You coughed into your pillow. Not in the mood to talk to anyone, you heard the handle turn slowly and the door open. “I said go away! What part of that didn’t you understand?” You looked up from your pillow to see Kris standing there.

“Junmyeon sent the text, so I’m not really sure what happens next.” Kris cleared his throat looking down at your dishevelled body on the bed. You were a state.

“If you’re here to make me cry more than I already am, then you are going the right way about it.” You sniffed, spluttering as you did so.

“No…” He sighed. “I came to see how you were. Minseok didn’t make the decision to spite you. Trust me when you have to pick between a friend and people you love then you have to make that hard decision. I would know; remember. It was either Baekhyun or Ara. And I would do anything to bring Ara’s mother back; even if that meant having one of the guys killed. You’re about to be a family soon and Minseok is just trying to protect that; I’m sure losing Chanyeol won’t be easy for him either okay.” You let a sigh which just resulted in you crying again.
“Listen Y/N. Time is a healer, you’ll never really get over it but it will get easier.”

4 Months later

It had been unusually quiet; Luhan had said nothing, but you assumed that was because he had gotten one kill and was making you all suffer and wait before he took his next victim and you knew that it would be you. You had heard nothing from Chanyeol and no one had spotted him around, so Luhan had kept true to his word. He really did get rid of him. He crushed your heart over and over again, every time you thought about it and if it hadn’t had been for Baekhyun you were sure that you would have spiraled into some sort of depression. It was hard without Chanyeol and it got even harder when you thought about how you had left things with him. You missed him so much and  you just wanted him back. You just wanted your best friend back.

Time had most certainly moved on; allegedly things between Kyungsoo and his girlfriend had gotten deeper. Sehun had spoken to you a lot more often than he used to and only recently repaired his friendship with Minseok. Yuna had threatened to divorce Junmyeon at one point as the stress of this lifestyle had proven to be too much for her, she thought she could take it but she was mistaken, however for now she was stable and coping with it all. Everyone was growing ever so tired and you assumed it was because of the intense training and Junmyeon still insisted on feeding you broccoli on the daily. As for you, you were now 5 ½ months pregnant and every now and then the baby would move. It was weird but fascinating all at the same time. Everyone had a feel of your stomach; intrigued by the movement, all apart from Jongin.
You walked down the corridor to the garden where you liked to lounge around during the afternoon when you felt someone following you out-back.

“Why are you following me Jongin?” You frowned, turning around as you lay down flat on your back on the overgrown grass, your hands roamed around your stomach as you were trying to find some comfort. He walked closer towering above you from where he stood.

“We never spoke. We’ve not spoken properly for the past 4 months.” He pouted placing his hands on his hips. “I can’t believe you let him get you pregnant…”
You laughed in disbelief as you looked up at Jongin.

“Are you being serious right now? He’s my husband, that’s what married couples do, they have babies Jongin. I’m 5 ½ months pregnant and you’re still crying over this? Get a grip you asshole.”

He rolled his eyes down at you and knelt down beside you.

“I’m not arguing with you Y/N I just…I’m shocked. And I still don’t know what to do next. I get these urges to come onto you but…I couldn’t do that to Minseok or you… It’s not fair; but it’s hard. Did you ever consider how me, Yixing…and Chanyeol felt. It’s not easy for us you know. Rubbing your relationship in our faces like that when we’re still trying to get over rejection. It would been a lot easier if we never kissed…but we did.” He sighed running his hand through his hair.
The sound of Chanyeol’s name was enough to reduce you to tears but this time you tried your hardest to hold it back in.

“I did consider how you all felt, and I felt awful. But you have to let it go now Jongin. There are a million and one women in this world find yourself another one who you’ll care for more.” That’s all you could say before you were interrupted by a shout from the house.

“What the heck was that?” Jongin frowned as he turned his head towards the door. You shrugged. He helped you up to your feet as you both began to walk slowly to the house. Upon opening the door, a cloud of smoke choked you and Jongin.

“Oh my goodness. What is this? What’s going on?” You were beginning to feel extremely dizzy as you began to struggle breathing against the smoke.

“I don’t know.” He coughed, “Stay out here I’ll go and check.”

Jongin’s P.O.V.

He covered his mouth with his arm and held his breath as he walked back through the house. He squinted trying to see through the thick cloud of smoke through the passage way but it was proving to be difficult. As a result Jongin had ended up on his hands and knees and was crawling down the corridors.

“Oi!” He shouted, uncovering his mouth and covering it back just as quickly. “What’s going on! Where is everyone?!”

“Jongin! In here!” He heard a voice call which sounded as though it belonged to Kyungsoo. “I’m in the living room!” Slowly but surely Jongin had crawled on all fours into the living room. His breath was half restored as he noticed the smoke was not as thick in this room, since the window was opened. Kyungsoo was laying on the floor with hands on Junmyeon’s chest.

“What’s happened Kyungsoo?” He panicked trying to help Kyungsoo up into his chair.

“It was a flash-bomb; you know those firework things. It just flew in through the door. I don’t know maybe someone got it through the letterbox. It blew up right in front of Junmyeon and stunned him. He’s unresponsive at the moment. Go and get Baekhyun.” Kyungsoo’s breath was heavy and fast; too panicked to even speak coherently. Jongin nodded wasting no time in finding Baekhyun, getting back on his hands and knees he crawled out of the living room again.

“Baekhyun!” He called. “It’s Junmyeon, we need help!”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

“So what happened?” You whispered, stood in the Op room with Baekhyun and Junmyeon who was laying on the bed with patches over his eyes.

“A flash-bomb or something? It blew up in his face. Luhan I suppose. I thought that that bastard had been quiet for too long.”
You looked down worriedly at Junmyeon, it was about 5 hours after the bang and even now the smoke hadn’t completely cleared. Yuna had just left the Op room 5 minutes ago; after Baekhyun finally convinced her to get some sleep as she was a crying mess.

“So can he see?” You asked Baekhyun, you really couldn’t do with another disabled person within the household; it was less than ideal especially not the leader.

“Yeah I can, it just stings and it’s hazy. My colours seem to be off too, but I’m sure it will correct itself soon enough.” Junmyeon answered himself, you nodded at his response despite the fact he couldn’t see you. What was Luhan playing at; why was he doing all of this? He had already taken Genesis down, it was at it’s all time lowest. If he wanted money and success then surely the newly re-branded Hanul was raking in millions by now; so why did he have to go this far?

“Look since we’re here with each other I need to tell you something.” Baekhyun frowned; looking more so at you  since Junmyeon couldn’t see. “I noticed 4 months ago, I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to worry you guys. But the night we received those photos with you guys sleeping I discovered there’s another safeguarded phone in this house, I’m unable to hack this one as well. It’s locked tight. There’s two phones; it’s possible that we’re under a double threat.”

soulmate! Vernon (pt. 2)

For @tehxfany : “soulmate Vernon part 2? XD”

Admin note: Be ready for cheesy fluff, the fluffiest I hope…

recap: in which your eye color matches your soulmate’s hair color and vice versa

part one

  • so after that first meeting
  • everything kind of just took off from there
  • like you still don’t know how it all happened
  • did you really just meet your soulmate?
  • did you really just meet a freaking cute and good looking rapper idol?
  • did you really kiss his cheek?!?!?!?!?
  • since you’re both busy, you with school, and him with their comeback activities and preparation, dates have to be pretty chill and lowkey
  • you both often get cheeseburgers and eat them in the practice room
  • you like it though, you both sit side-by-side just chilling
  • he might ask you for your opinion on some lyrics
  • you’ll be typing something on your laptop
  • and out of nowhere, he’ll snake his arms around your waist and give you a cuddle and you’ll both just be giggling like crazy
  • it’s comfortable
  • it feels as if you’ve known him all your life, you both just click
  • though if Seungkwan ever hears you’re hanging out with Vernon
  • he’s always banging on the door asking to be let in to “supervise the children”
  • casually and shamelessly squeezes in between the two of you sitting together
  • “I have no idea what you’re complaining about, I was here first”
  • “Yah! Vernon is my puppy first and then your soulmate second.”
  • you and Hansol have to work together to shoo Seungkwan out of the room so you two can have a date
  • and then he’s outside the door trying to eavesdrop or singing random lyrics from various Svt songs through the door
  • “Seungkwan, can you stop?!?!” Vernon often yells back
  • y'all call Joshua for help, Joshua ends up dragging Seungkwan elsewhere
  • all of Svt already treats you like family
  • “Noona, are you looking for Hansol?” the maknae reading your mind
  • “I think he said he was going out somewhere, he should be back in ten minutes, you can wait upstairs in the studio.” Hoshi tells you before turning back to showing Jun and Minghao the next dance step
  • “Oh y/n, you here to wait for Vernon?” Seokmin laughs
  • Seungkwan trails behind Dk giving you playful glares and sticking his tongue out at you
  • “Ah y/n, you’re here” Jihoon walks in with Joshua, “go ahead and sit down, he should be back soon”
  • “y/n!!! Annyeong! How are things with Hansol? Do you need me to hit him for you?” Jeonghan asks
  • “Haha, no. Just going to have dinner together.”
  • “Feel free to wait here, we just have some recording to do” Jihoon tells you
  • “Hansol told me you found your soulmate recently too.” you give a small laugh
  • “I’m going to kill Hansol, tell him I said that” Jihoon responds with blushing and quickly shakes his head
  • “He just texted me telling me to tell you, he’s waiting outside.” Joshua hides a smile behind his hand before opening the door for you
  • “Thanks!”
  • you walk back downstairs and outside where you see
  • “Hey y/n!” he’s waving as best as he can with the thing he’s holding in his hand
  • Are those….?
  • “Hansol, did you get me flowers?”
  • “No, I picked these up for Seungkwan. What did you think?”
  • “That’s so cheesy, but I love it!” you take the small bouquet from him and give him a small squeeze
  • “Ewwww Hansol get a room.” Mingyu and Wonwoo were standing behind him
  • “Annyeonghasaeyo!” you say with a small bow
  • “He dragged us along and it took like an hour to pick those, I hope you’re happy.” Seungcheol laughs while herding Mingyu and Wonwoo back inside
  • “Be back soon, Hansol, we still have lyrics to work on.”
  • “Shall we?” Vernon raises his arm up for you to hold.
  • “Gapsida!”
  • you can’t really get over how easy it was being with Hansol
  • how easily you both connected over your shared love of music
  • and lyrics
  • how you both had similar humor (especially annoying Seungkwan together)
  • how his hand fit perfectly into yours (ew did I just write that)
  • you’ll be talking about how your day went and he’ll just stare dreamily at your face until you stop talking
  • “what? do I have something on my face?”
  • “nope. I just think you’re pretty so I’m staring.”
  • “Hansol, are you sick?” you say jokingly while blushing, “you’re so extra cheesy today”
  • “I’m just happy.”
  • “Did something exciting happen today?”
  • “I got to hang out with you.”
  • “omg stop” you both start laughing
  • later back at the studio, you’re trying to finish your term paper
  • Svt’s comeback is soon and Hansol and the others are downstairs rehearsing
  • you look around the empty practice room and sigh happily, taking a break to stretch your arms before returning to type up the stupid aspects of an interesting title and why it’s necessary in modern media
  • Vernon comes into the practice room a little after midnight to check up on you
  • “Y/n it’s almost 12:30am” he says sounding exhausted
  • “I was just waiting to say bye to you, since it’s been officially a week now, I’ll just say happy one week anniversary since I’m hella cheesy also.”
  • he breaks into a huge grin
  • “I was going to say that too, omg, get out of my head.”
  • he takes both of your hands in his and swings them back and forth while smiling at you
  • you’re blushing
  • “well it’s getting late and I got to say goodbye so…” you laugh but he still doesn’t let go of your hands
  • you can hear the other svt boys shuffling by outside and one voice in particular among the chatter catches your attention
  • “Is y/n still here? Oh they’re inside? Hang on…” Seungkwan pops his head in the door
  • Seungkwan would probably have said more but you and Vernon laugh as you hear the others dragging him away
  • the sudden outburst is replaced with a comfortable silence
  • “I won’t deny that I kind of like what Seungkwan suggested…”
  • “Hansol what-” and he leans down, gently pressing his lips to yours
  • your heart flutters and it’s beating fast enough to fly out of your chest
  • it was sweet and short
  • he pulls away, blushing and smiling like crazy
  • you raise a hand up to your lips, as he looks down at his feet still smiling
  • you’re grinning like a fool
  • “ahem, well, it’s late. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting-”
  • he stops suddenly when he feels you pulling him closer as you press a soft kiss to his lips too
  • when you pull away, you’re both blushing and smiling uncontrollably
  • “Happy one week-iversary, soulmate, and remind me to thank Seungkwan the next time I see him.”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


Bar Hopping ~ Kim Taehyung

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* work sucked 

* i hate my job

*best friend is happily in love

*that’s gross

*life’s gross


*mom is on my case about marriage

*got a call from my landlord


*old guy just winked at me

*i internally barfed

*gonna need more alcohol before i even consider getting with anyone


*what am i even doing here?

*oh right life sucks

*ooh a cute guy just walked in..


*danced like there was no tomorrow

*he’s walking over here now

*says his name is taehyung

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*dang he cute

*i wanna give him a taehug

*gotta blast before i get too attached

*on to the next bar


*i like this vibe

*not as many old men here

*ordered a water so i won’t throw up

*WAIT i know him from somewhere

*oh shit its him again

*he still cute 

*so precious

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*i want to squeeze his cheeks

*i did it

*i don’t think he liked it very much

*he’s still here though

*he says he’s in a band

*i challenged the hotshot to a karaoke battle


*we took a cab to the nearest karaoke bar

*BOI he’s really goooood

*he’s letting me choose the next song 

*BANG BANG BANG (banga banga banga)

*he singing a ballad

*its so angelic

*i’m getting.. tire..d…



*WHERE THE HELL AM I????????????



*nah, I wouldn’t do that


*he’s awake

Originally posted by jeonjam

*he’s really cute 


* apparently i passed out in the karaoke room

*he helped me get into my pjs??


* i yelled at him

*he became very small

*i think he’s ashamed

*i mean i guess he was only trying to help

* i apologized

*he apologized

*we good


* back to the bar again 

* life sucks

* i can’t even remember the last time i felt genuinely happy.

* oh wait

*the karaoke room

*that was the last time

*ah man i should’ve asked for his number

* it’s too late now 


* ah the fresh taste of regret 

* i guess’ i’ll check my phone. there is nothing better to do.

* ew my friend texted me.

* s-she’s pregnant?

* wow i didn’t realize how badly i want kids.

* but good for her.

* yeah, good for her


* am i crying?

* wow i should probably stop.

* i can’t stop.

* this must look tragic.


*oh! it’s him!

* he handed me tissues

* OH! his number, i gotta ask for it!.

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* he’s writing it down,

* holy smokes this kid is even more gorgeous than last time.

* how ? what kind of genetics?

* uh oh

* he caught me staring. 

* he would probably make beautiful children.

* i don’t really feel like drinking anymore 

* let’s bounce.


* i convinced him to go to the park across form my house.

* we’re walking now

* it is so nice here at night

* the park is quiet, no children, no dogs, just peace.

* uh oh

* i caught him staring.

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* we sat down on a bench.

* i thank him

* he doesn’t understand why.

* he doesn’t understand how he makes me happy even when i’m depressed.

* he doesn’t understand that for some odd reason a stranger can completely shield me from any stress or doubts i’ve ever had.

* i told him that im thankful for his company.

* i’m gonna do it.

* i asked him to stay with me.

* he said yes.


I walk towards the park that was near my old apartment. So many things happened here. Depression, fear, fun, but most of all love. Little did i know that taking home a stranger from a bar would be the best decision i would have ever made. Soon after Taehyung and I got together, I quit my job and continued to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Photography. Now, I get calls from fashion designers, newly-wed couples, and even people who just want pictures of their dogs. I have never been happier. I look to my left and see my sunshine jogging towards me. He called me here today, i don’t know what for, but whatever it is it sounded important. Taehyung finally reaches me and wraps me in his arms. He points me toward a bench. “ Think back to 2 years ago. You dragged me out of the bar to this park. You caught me staring at you and i smiled knowing you were embarrassed. This is the same exact bench that we sat at when you told me you wanted me to stay. Well, now it’s my turn.” Taehyung knelt down on one knee and took a small box out of his pocket. “ Will you stay with me for the rest of our lives?” 

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“Birthday Sex”

Tig Trager x Reader 
(GIF isn’t mine)


This is for you doll @mjcumberbatch Happy (early) Birthday!


[Your Perspective]

“Your birthday is coming up…” he trailed off as he held the phone to his ear.

“Yes it is,” you smiled in response, “but you know I’m not big about birthdays Filip.” You could tell by how awkwardly he brought up the subject that he had something in mind. You were hoping he’d come back to Easterhouse to visit the family, but you knew that was a long shot. Filip hadn’t been back since he left as a teen. You were the only family he was even close to anymore. The rest had labeled him a black sheep and moved on with their lives without him.

“So why don’t ye come out here an’ spend your birthday in California?”

You saw that request coming from a mile away, “I don’t know Filip I–”
“–Lass you haven’t visited in years. Me an’ the guys, we all miss you… Tig too,” he added, causing you to blush. There was a teasing tone in his voice that antagonized you. Chibs knew you had a small crush on his outlaw brother, but he also knew, unbeknownst to you, that Tig had grown fond of you the last time you visited on your birthday four years ago.

“Alright, fine,” you spoke finally, feigning annoyance, “I’ll come. I’ll text you my flight details when I know them.”
“I’ll be waiting at the airport for you when you land, lass,” Chibs smiled and hung up the phone, pushing away from the desk in the office at TM and walking out into the garage where Tig, Bobby, Opie, Clay and Jax were all working on bikes and cars for customers.

“Just got off the phone with (Y/N)…” Chibs paused as he saw everyone’s attention turn to him, but none’s head whipped around quicker at the mention of your name than Tig Trager. Chibs grinned, “…She’ll be joinin’ us in Charming for her birthday next week.”
“That’s really good, brother,” Clay smiled, patting the Scotsman on the back, “It’ll do you good to have your family around for a little while.”
“Yeah…” he smiled back, looking across the garage at Tig whose mouth was agape as he stared off into space. Chibs didn’t know what it was about his younger cousin that made Tig so nervous, but it was entertaining to watch.

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The Most Awkward Semester Part V

This one goes out to @pattonscardigan. Hope you feel better soon!

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Part I Part II Part III Part IV

Virgil coughed, feeling his body ache with every motion. Groaning, he rolled over and pressed his face into the coolness of the pillow. Fuck, he felt awful.

He sniffed, reaching up a hand to wipe his nose. He was supposed to be meeting with Logan today for another study session, but then he’d come down with this stupid cold on Friday. He’d been hoping that it would have turned out to be nothing, but it had only gotten worse. Now he couldn’t even drag himself out of bed, his entire body aching and exhausted.

There was no way around it. He was going to have to cancel. Letting out another groan, he forced himself to sit up a little so he could grope around on his bedside table and grab his phone. Not wanting Logan to hear his currently scratchy voice, he opted to text.

hey sorry but have to cancel for today

feeling sick

meet up on monday instead?

As Virgil waited for a response, he let himself sink back into the pillows, trying to ignore the pounding sensation behind his temples.

It didn’t take too long for his phone to buzz.

Squinting at the screen, which right now seemed stupidly bright, he read the reply.

That’s sounds unfortunate. What illness have you contracted? And please do not trouble yourself about the work. Your health takes priority.

Why did this guy have to be so stupidly nice?

Virgil sighed, once again reminded of the futility of his crush, and began to text back.

im fine its just a cold and still feel bad

ill make it up on monday i swear

This time the reply was almost immediate.

Cold’s are far from pleasant. So please, just allow yourself to rest and recover without expending energy over worrying about the project. Such anxiety only hinders your recovery. I hope you feel better soon. I assume your parents are taking care of you?

Virgil let a small smile tug on his lips. Logan had a point, but that didn’t really change much. Worrying was what he did. He decided to point that out to Logan.

worryings kind of my thing dude

and nah my parents are on a business trip

There was a pause, but then his phone buzzed again, this time with call from Logan. Puzzled, and a little concerned, Virgil answered.

“Hello,” he rasped out, stifling another cough.

“Salutations,” Logan replied curtly, “And I’m sorry to bother you while you’re unwell, but your last message concerned me. Is there anyone else there with you right now? Your friend Roman perhaps?”

“I’m fine,” Virgil said, this time not quite managing to muffle his coughs.

“Your coughing indicates otherwise,” Logan said dryly. “And you didn’t answer my question. Do you currently have someone taking care of you.”

Virgil sighed.

“No,” he said, “But it’s no big deal. It’s just a cold. I’ll get over it in no time.”

“Hmm” Logan replied. He didn’t sound convinced. But Virgil didn’t know what to tell him, and he was too tired and dizzy to come up with any clever arguments. So instead he just let his aching eyes drift shut, as he waited to see if Logan had anything else he wanted to say.

Then Logan spoke up once more.

“I’m coming over,” he announced. “I’ll be there in less than an hour.”

Virgil felt his heart stop.

“What?” he spluttered. “What do you mean-“

But in his haste to get the words out, he had irritated his throat, and thus got sent into another coughing fit. As he struggled to get his breathing back under control, Logan continued.

“Leaving you on your own would be irresponsible,” he explained. “And as I can help, I feel I should. I’ll pick up supplies on my way over. Try to sleep if you can.”

With that he hung up, leaving Virgil staring at his phone in horror and confusion. Great, just great. The last thing he wanted was his crush seeing him when he looked like the extra in a low budget zombie movie. But there wasn’t anything he could do. Logan had sounded pretty determined.

Tossing his phone back on his bedside table, Virgil let himself flop down. Maybe he should take Logan’s advice and get some sleep. Heck, maybe this would all turn out to be some fever dream. He hoped so.

Logan forced himself to stay calm and to not clench his hands on the steering wheel. He wasn’t sure why he was so agitated, but ever since he had seen the texts from Virgil, he’d felt his stomach churning with worry.

Part of him could admit that his reaction had been somewhat disproportional. It wasn’t as though a cold would be fatal, after all. But after learning that Virgil was sick and alone in his house, he knew he couldn’t do nothing.

Besides, he knew from his relationship with Patton that such a reaction was perfectly normal in a budding friendship. After all, the last time he was sick, Patton had brought him soup along with his homework, and had stayed and chatted with him for several hours. This was much the same.

He glanced at the bags next to him in the seat. He’d hoped he’d brought enough supplies. He had gone to the grocery store almost immediately after he finished his call with Virgil to pick up all the supplies he though might be necessary.

He had, naturally, bought chicken noodle soup, canned, sadly, he didn’t know how to make it from scratch. He made a mental note to practice that sometime in the future. It seemed to be a valuable skill to have. He had also bought two types of juice, crackers, three types of cold medicine, tissues, four kinds of tea, and a jar of honey. He really hoped it would be enough.

He could see Virgil’s house ahead. He’d only been here once before, after he’d dropped Virgil off after the movie two weeks ago. He and Virgil had ended up spending a few hours in a nearby bookstore after the movie was over, so Patton had gone home with Roman, and he’d offered to give Virgil a ride.

As he pulled into the driveway, he paused. He hoped that Virgil was well and coherent enough to answer the door. That was something he hadn’t considered. As he rang the doorbell, he fidgeted slightly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. There was no sound of the door opening, but there was a beep from his phone. Pulling it out, he saw there was a text from Virgil.

key under flowerpot right of door

Ah, that was much easier.

Finding and fishing out said key, Logan unlocked the door and stepped inside. He looked around for a moment. He hadn’t actually gone in last time. It was smaller than his home home and with darker furniture, but still quite nice. Still this was no time to sit around and stare. He assumed Virgil’s room was upstairs, so that’s where he went. Upon reaching the second level, the sound of coughing was more than enough to guide him.

As he stepped into the room, Logan let his gaze settle on Virgil. He truly did look miserable, pale, with flushed cheeks and a red nose, the circles beneath his eyes looking even darker than usual. Setting down his supplies. Logan made his way to the bed.

Placing a hand on Virgil’s too hot forehead, he asked gently, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” Virgil said sniffing. “You’d didn’t have to come all the way out here. I know you’re busy a lot.”

“Nonsense,” Logan said briskly. “It’s no hardship at all. And I had no plans for today besides spending it with you. That we’re not working on the project, but rather helping you recover is only a minor change.”

He hesitated, clearing his throat, before continuing, a little less sure.

“Besides,” he said quietly. “I- I’d like to think we’re friends, and friends help each other. Is that not correct?”

He hoped he was right.

Virgil looked startled.

“Wha- uh- yeah, of course we’re friends, I’d love to be friends” he babbled, before his voice gave way to coughing.

Logan couldn’t help but feel relieved, although also oddly unsatisfied. He wasn’t sure why, Virgil’s friendship was more than pleasant. But the coughing reminded him of why he’d come, so he went and fetched his supplies.

“Here,” he said, handing Virgil one of the cold medicines, the one designed to especially help with coughing. “Take this, and I have some juice to help it go down. Do you prefer apple or grape?”

“Um, grape” Virgil replied, eyeing his bag, as Logan poured the juice into an empty cup sitting beside Virgil’s bed. “How much stuff did you buy?”

“Only what I though might be necessary,” Logan explained. “Now while you wait for the medicine to kick in, I’ll go downstairs and start on the soup, and some tea to soothe your throat. I’ll be back shortly.”

“Okay, sounds cool” Virgil mumbled, struggling pills out of their container.

Taking pity on him, Logan plucked the container from his hands, and opened it himself.

“Here,” he said, handing it back. “Much easier.”

“Thanks” Virgil replied popping the pills in his mouth. “Hope these work.”

Giving Virgil a small smile, Logan nodded.

“I, too, hope that they’ll be effective,” he said. “I’ll go to make the soup and tea now, but text me if you need anything.”

Virgil nodded as Logan stood up. He then paused a moment, looking down at Virgil. When Patton had come over while he was sick, he had done one other thing. Deciding it couldn’t hurt to try it, Logan leaned down.

“Feel better,” he murmured, his lips pressed gently to Virgil’s forehead.

Pulling back, he nodded at Virgil once more, before turning and striding out of the room.

As he walked down the stairs, he noted that he was feeling a little flushed. He hope he wasn’t coming down with something.

Tama Tonga NSFW Alphabet

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Because he’s a shithead. I still love him though

This was inspired by @roman-reigns-princess and @running-ropes (I can’t seem to tag that blog though)

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A: (Aftercare - what they’re like after sex)

He’s a total cuddlebug. After he’s got a chance to come down from the high a bit, he’ll (gently, of course), pull out then go get a washcloth to wipe you off then make sure you’re okay (he’ll do so by asking repeatedly if you’re alright.) He’ll also wrap his arms around you and pull you close so you can rest your head on his chest. Some nights, though, he’ll probably fall asleep right after.

B: (Body Part - their favorite part and their favorite part on their partner’s body)

He actually loves his entire body. Man doesn’t spend 5 days a week in the gym for nothing. His favorite part on you is your legs. You might hate them but he loves them, especially when they’re wrapped around his waist in bed.

C: (Cum)

He loves seeing his cum on you, especially on your tits and stomach. He also loves to cum inside you (only if you let him - the rest of the time, he’ll wear a condom (safety first, kiddos!)) He really, really likes seeing your cum on his fingers and if he gets you really excited, it gets in his beard - that drives him crazy in the best way.

D: (Dirty Little Secret)

He would never admit this out loud and if you tell anyone, he’ll be pissed, but he would totally be down for a three way between you, him, and Finn. Hell, he’d probably get off watching Finn fuck you.

E: (Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

This wild Tongan is definitely experienced. Remember when he first got to Japan and was pretty much partying all night, every night? He wasn’t just drinking and having a good time with Karl and the Good Brothers of the Club, if you know what I mean. 

F: (Favorite Position)

He looooveeesss doggy style. Mostly so he can smack your ass and pull your hair while he’s fucking you from behind. He also loves you on top so he can grip your waist as you ride him.

G: (Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc))

He’s kinda silly at times - I mean, have you seen his comedy matches? He’ll have your sides splitting with laughter at times. Other times, he’s rough and dominant but he’ll always make sure you get off first.

H: (Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.))

His hair may be a bit wild and fluffy when it’s dry (hey, curly hair is a bitch at times - I speak from experience) and he keeps his beard trimmed. He also shaves everything else.

I:  Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

There are some nights when all he wants to do is “take it slow just as fast as he can” (thank you, Sam Hunt for that lyric) and he’s very romantic and intimate with you. Other nights, he’s ready to rumble and that means being a little rough and dominant with you, so don’t wear anything you’re gonna have to replace later.

J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

He’s the type that will jack off if he absolutely has to (meaning if you’re not around or can’t answer the phone when he’s in Japan), but most of the time he’s fine if he doesn’t do it.

K:  Kink (One or more of their kinks)

As mentioned earlier, he would be down for a three way but won’t act on it. But he does love seeing you tied to his bed with a blindfold on. Definitely is into spanking, especially if you decide to be a brat in bed. If you tell him yes, he’ll also choke you a little - not enough to make it unbearable, but enough to make it good. He’s also the type that will edge you while in public; just enough so that you’re raring to go as soon you get some alone time.

L:  Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Heh heh. He loves fucking you in his bed but his favorite place to do it is in the living room - the danger of someone walking in at any moment is enough to turn him on. He, and don’t tell his brother this, actually fucked you in his brother’s bed once and he giggles like a maniac sometimes when he thinks about it.

M:  Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

You, basically. He loves seeing you in anything, everything and nothing. When you’re at the gym and you’ve got those black yoga pants on, when you’ve got a little red dress on for a night out, that yellow polka dot bikini at the beach, just his tshirt (that’s his absolute favorite thing to see you in, especially when you’re wearing absolutely nothing underneath), and of course, when you’re naked in his bed.

N: NO  (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He’s not going to be overly rough with you and certainly won’t degrade you in any manner - his mother (and pretty much his entire family) would kill him; so he won’t leave any bruises and stuff on you - quite a few hickeys though if the mood strikes.

O:  Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He loves receiving, but he really, really, really likes giving. It’s like his third favorite thing to do to you in bed. He’s super skilled at it, as well - all that time in Japan has certainly taught him a few things.

P:  Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Both. He’s into the slow and sensual route some nights, and definitely up for a rough and tumble session.

Q:  Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He is down for a quickie or two. There was that one time in the locker room in Japan when he was supposed to be painting his face - his brother couldn’t look either of you in the eye for like three weeks after that.

R:  Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Again, the quickie in his locker room that one time. Most of the time, if he’s feeling particularly devious (he’s not named the Bad Boy for nothing, after all), he’ll get you going in public and then when you two are alone, all bets are off.

S:  Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Boy, oh boy, does Tama have stamina. He can definitely go quite a few rounds and during his cool down periods, his time is spent with either his head between your legs or his fingers between them while he’s making out with you.

T:  Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

He doesn’t own any for himself but he does have quite a few for when you come over. He likes using them on you, particularly a nice little vibrator when you’re tied up in his bed. Most of the time, he prefers using his hands and mouth on you.

U:  Unfair (how much they like to tease)

This motherfucker is a total fucking tease at times. When you two are on a date, he can’t help himself. He’ll slip his hand under your dress and tease you til you’re wet. When you’re just hanging out with his friends, he loves having you sit on his lap so he can grind against your ass a bit. When you’re in bed, he’ll tease you relentlessly til you’re begging for it.

V:  Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s got a dirty mouth and when he’s getting close to climaxing, he’ll for sure let out a string of “fuck’s.” Most of the time, though, he’s talking dirty and telling you how beautiful you are. On the slow nights, he’ll ask if you’re alright a lot.

W:  Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He loves waking up next to you in the mornings. The feel of you in his arms makes him feel a little tingly inside. He also adores taking you out dancing or watching you do anything - he’s a total sucker for you.

X:  X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

If those tight pants or those Sleefs he wore last year for G1 don’t tell you anything, idk then, bub. He’s a pretty good size - not too big and not too small, definitely not average though.

Y:  Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Boy got a sex drive like no other. When he gets home from Japan, he is allllll over you for days at a time. He’s got a decent cool down period, but once that time is up, he’s ready to go.

Z:  ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He tries to wait until you fall asleep before doing so himself, but if he’s just home from Japan, he’ll probably pass out right after. Same if he’s in the rough and tumble mode.

SM’s New Trainee

nct marklee scenario: same age smtrainee from canada. sm introduces you to nct so the english speakers can help you. you’re in the next room playing guitar & nct’s curious to who is playing&singing. anyways MARK FLUFF where you guys becomes bffs and fall in love. SORRY IF THIS IS SO SPECIFIC :( you can alter it anyway you like. (pls make it a long scenario)

Character: Mark (NCT)
Word count: 3114
Summary: Trainee life is hard. But having someone to help you through it makes it just a little easier. Especially if that person is Mark Lee | #fluff

a/n: I don’t think this is all that fluffy but I like the way it turned out! I hope you do too, anon :)

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The first meeting was rather awkward.

That’s how it felt to you anyway.

The least awkward out of everyone present was Johnny, although he could charm a fish out of water. He was easy going and funny and that put everyone at ease. Well, almost everyone. You were still on edge. Leaving your family behind had not only been scary but daunting too. You felt that you were too young to maneuver through life alone, in a different country. But you reminded yourself to focus on the one thing that brought you to Korea in the first place: your passion.

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Surprises// Park Jinyoung

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Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You missed him so much; and it was clear he missed you too.

Author’s Note: this is random bye

xoxo Sara

the suns rays entered the small room through the slightly tilted blinds, a small detail you hadn’t noticed last night due to the overflowing darkness of the room and the extreme fatigue you felt after coming home, but something you wish you had noticed because now, although they were warm, the rays were directed painfully into your eyes. you sigh lowly and begin to shift in bed, hoping to escape the harmful sun, when you realize that the space that’s usually occupied by him was left empty yet again. 

There were countless mornings where he wouldn’t wake you up although you begged him to, claiming later in that day when he saw you that you were too peaceful while you were sleeping to be disturbed. Though you found his words touching, you still wanted to wake up to his smiling face and spend time with him before he went off, because without those twenty or thirty minutes in the morning, you don’t see him until late at night. You had been swallowed with school work for months and, somehow, it never seemed to lighten. The load that the professor gave you each night, it’s chapter you had to read in your textbook though your eyes were ridden with sleep, the notes upon notes you’d have to take immediately after you read before you forget, caused you to spend most of your days in the library.

Some nights, you’d even come until it closes; but you’d still make it home before him. By that time, you were worn out and almost unable to stay awake to spend time with him. You sighed as you stared at his pillow, slowly pulling it closer to you and letting the smell of the cologne you had bought him for Christmas fill your nose. You laid for a few minutes in bed wondering what time he’d be on break. You would send him texts every morning telling him to do good while he practiced and to make sure he eats on his breaks, but he responded few hours later with emojis and with a quick ‘I love you’. 

Not that you minded, though. You were glad he loved what he did and how dedicated he was. It was what drove you to him in the first place. Along with the radiant smile, his loud laugh and bright eyes. After a while of lying alone, you decided to text him and tell him that you were heading to he library. He knew too well that you spent all of your days there while you waited for him. You got dressed and made yourself a small breakfast, not wanting to waste any time in eating when you had a fairly large chapter to read by the end of this week.

 You carried your books in a bag over your shoulder and headed down to the library. For once, the weather was nice. The sun was shining, it was warm but there was a cool breeze, the snow from previews weeks had finally melted away and the grass began to grow again. Spring was finally coming, and you couldn’t wait. Usually in winter, you two would have home dates, where you’d spend the day together, but in the spring and summer, he loved to take you out on adventures.

You smiled to yourself as you felt a buzz in your pocket, his familiar vibration that he set himself going off against your upper thigh. You quickly took it out and smiled at his name across your screen.

Don’t work too hard today. Make sure to take breaks! I love you so much (Y/N).

Usually you were the one sending these texts, but getting one from him made your heart soar.

You reached the library and pushed the doors in to enter, going back to your usual round table that laid slightly outside the teen books, a place where no one came often so it was always quiet. After about an hour or two of reading and taking notes, you felt your phone buzz again.

You look adorable with your hair up.

You raised and eyebrow and looked around you, though there was no one in sight.

How’d you know that I have my hair up?

Look up.

You tilted your head up to the second floor of the library, where he leaned against the railing and smiled at you, waving at you with his phone in his hand. You smiled back and began to stand, but he beckoned you to sit down. He walked down the steps and made his way over to your table, reaching over and pressing his lips to your forehead before sliding into the seat in front of you.

“what are you doing?”

“We got let out early today. We’ve been practicing late all week so they decided to let us off easy.”

“You’re lucky,” you giggled, taking a colored quarter sized sticky note and placing it inside of your textbook, “I wish I could have a break.”

“That’s why I’m here,” he hummed, taking the side of your textbook and lifting it to the other side to close it. “You work really hard. But you need a break too.”

“I can’t,” you sighed, beginning to open the textbook, when he pressed it shut again, “I can’t take a break. I have to read this by the end of the week. ”

“You have a couple of more days, baby,” he sighed pulling the textbook towards him and crossing his arms over it before leaning his head against his arms, “I never get days off, and I miss you. You can study tomorrow, can’t you?”

You looked at him, the sides of your mouth tugging into a smile; he looked too cute in the position he was in, his big brown eyes looking st you while his bottom lip puffed out.

“The weathers really nice,” he said lowly, taking your hand in his before standing and taking the textbook in his free hand, “I want to take you out on a date. And then we can go home and cuddle a little. And then tomorrow you can bury yourself in your books again.” He kissed your knuckles softly, a smile adorning his lips as he raised an eyebrow. “Deal?”

You sighed softly as he lifted your bag from the side of your chair and placed your textbook in it along with other things, before slinging it over his shoulder. His fingers intertwined with yours and he tugged on your hand slightly, pulling you from your seat and making you tumble into his chest.

“Hey!” You whisper-shouted, pressing your free hand to his chest as he smiled down on you, “don’t do that!”

“Come on,” he whined, free arm wrapping around you and suffocating you in a bone crushing hug, “just for today. Please?”

You smiled and let out a fake, exasperated sigh, before turning on your heel away from him. “Okay, deal.”

Before you could begin walking, he tugged at your hand again, making you spin around before he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

“Not in the library,” you groaned, cheeks flushing as you turned and began dragging him towards the exit.

“More outside, then?”

Exchange Romance

A/N: Here it is! My first attempt at a Bughead fanfic. The formatting is a bit weird here because I wrote this on Google Docs. I haven’t written in a while and I edited this myself so sorry for any mistakes. I’m actually really proud of this and might possibly turn this into a multi fic if you guys like it so please let me know!

Summary: Betty Cooper is an exchange student from New Zealand who goes to America to live with the Lodge’s. She becomes fast friends with Veronica and her boyfriend Archie, but will how will she get along with their other friend Jughead?

Word Count: 6,101 (sorry guys, I got a bit carried away)

Part 2: https://daisy-chain-gardens.tumblr.com/post/162947052535/exchange-romance-part-2

25 hours flying and an hour long bus ride should be enough to tire anyone out but Betty Cooper was too excited to sleep. She was just minutes away from meeting her host family, the Lodges. Veronica, the daughter, had talked to Betty on social media a bit and she seemed really nice, and really rich. The photos on her Instagram showed Veronica wearing clothes worth more than Betty’s house and she was always tagging various models or socialites in her Facebook photos. Her life here was certainly going to be a big change from her life in New Zealand, and she couldn’t wait.

The bus pulled into the station and Betty recognised her instantly; a short Latina girl with immaculate hair and flawless makeup. Pearls, that Betty soon came to realise as her staple accessory, were strung around her neck, shining under the yellow light of the street lamps. A slightly older woman, who Betty realised was probably Mrs. Lodge, was standing next to her. Veronica ran up to Betty as she climbed out of the bus, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Hi B! I’m Ronnie. It’s so good to finally meet you in the flesh!” The older woman walked up behind her, sky high heels clicking on the uneven pavement.

“Miha! I’m Hermione. How was your flight?” Betty followed them to a long black car and filled them in on her trip.

“Oh my god, B your accent is to die for! All the boys at school are going to be crawling at your feet.”

“Um, thanks, I guess. When does school start?”

“Monday. Hopefully that’ll give you enough time to get settled and catch up on some sleep. Maybe Ronnie could even introduce you to her friends so you’ll know some other people before you start.” Hermione replied, her voice softer than her daughter’s but just as friendly.

The car trip back to the Lodge’s apartment only took about ten minutes but Ronnie took it upon herself to fill Betty in on all of the things which she deemed ‘essential’ to survive at her new school. Her boyfriend Archie and his best friend Jughead seemed to pop up a lot so she guessed that she would be seeing a lot of them over the next ten months. The excitement that Betty had felt on the bus was still there but now dominated by sleepiness. She managed to make it through dinner without closing her eyes for too long but she went out like a light as soon as her head hit the soft pillow.


The screeching of her alarm woke Betty up with a start much earlier than she would have liked. She got out of bed slowly and changed out of her pyjamas, not wanting to waste her first day in America lying in bed. She wandered into the dining room to find a full breakfast spread already on the table with a note from Hermione saying that she’d be back late this evening due to an event she had to attend. Ronnie hadn’t woken up yet so Betty helped herself to coffee and french toast before heading back to her room to finish unpacking. About half an hour later, the doors burst open and Ronnie strutted into the room. She looked like she’d been awake for hours, although Betty had a feeling that was due to the large mug of coffee she was holding with both hands. She was wearing makeup and a nice dress but no heels. For someone so small she definitely knew how to command attention.

“All right B, we have a big day ahead of us. First up, shopping, of course. Your wardrobe is adorable but I think we need to spice it up a bit. Don’t worry, it’s all on me. Daddy is very generous with my spending money and there is more than enough to go around.” Betty nodded in response, slightly overwhelmed by her energy but also happy that she had planned something for them to do. Ronnie didn’t mention her father very often but given the Lodge’s lifestyle, she assumed that he was very well paid and therefore very busy.

“Then, I asked the boys to meet us at Pop’s for lunch. Their milkshakes are to die for. I don’t know what we’ll get up to this afternoon but we’ll probably end up at Archie’s watching the boys play video games or something. Sound good?”

“Let me just finish this and then I’ll be good to go. Give me five?” Betty replied while continuing to fold the stack of clothes on her bed.

“Five minutes! Betty are you insane? It’s gonna take a lot longer than five minutes to get me ready to go out. I’ll come and get you in half an hour, maybe more if my hair is going to misbehave like it was yesterday.” Betty tried to suppress a laugh as Ronnie paraded out of the room. She didn’t quite understand why Ronnie would wear that just for lounging around the house. Betty used the extra time to sort out her desk and organise the few belongings that she’d bought with her. Although she had bought a sizeable stack of books, she couldn’t help but miss her extensive bookshelf at home. She made a mental note to ask Ronnie where the nearest library was as the two Lodge woman didn’t exactly seem the bookish type. How wrong she was. Ronnie still hadn’t emerged from her room 45 minutes later so Betty decided to explore the apartment a bit. The third room that she peeked into was huge with books covering every spare inch of the walls. She walked inside, awestruck, and started running her fingers along the shelves. She didn’t even hear the her host sister as she entered the room five minutes later.

“I thought I might find you in here.” Betty jumped at the sound of her voice, startled into dropping the book she was holding.

“Sorry Ronnie, I finished unpacking and you weren’t ready so I w-”

“It’s fine B. This is Daddy’s library. I must admit, I’m more a movie person than a book person and since Daddy is always away for business trips it doesn’t get used very often. Help yourself to whatever you want. And by the way, my close friends call me V.”

“Thanks V. You all ready to go?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to show you around. The shopping scene here definitely isn’t on the same level as New York or Milan but it’ll be enough for now.” She linked her arm with Betty’s, pulling her away from the books and into Riverdale.


Four hours later, the blonde collapsed into a red vinyl booth while the raven haired princess sat down elegantly across from her. Betty could have fallen asleep right then and there, and it wasn’t entirely due to the jet lag. Veronica may be small but she was a force to be reckoned with when she was armed with a credit card. Between the two of them they had bought more clothes than Betty had bought with her from New Zealand, proved by the numerous bags surrounding them in the booth.

“Archiekins just texted me saying that him and Jughead are on their way. They should be here in five. Do you want to order now or wait for them?” Ronnie asked her while fixing her makeup in  a small compact mirror she had whipped out of thin air.

As much as Betty wanted to order now, she couldn’t get her mother’s voice out of her head. Telling her to be polite and wait for everyone else before starting because no one likes a greedy girl. “We can wait, as long as they don’t take too long. Who knew shopping could be so tiring?”

“Oh my sweet innocent Betty, how else do you think I stay in shape for cheerleading? Heaven forbid having to go to the gym. Just the thought of it makes me gag. People seeing me sweaty? No thank you.” Betty’s laugh was covered by the twinkle of the bell over the door. “Archiekins!” Ronnie jumped out of the booth and wrapped her arms around Archie’s neck, kissing him deeply. “Hey Ronnie, long time no see.” She giggled as they sat down in the booth across from Betty.

A tall boy with dark hair, covered by a crown shaped beanie slid into to booth next to her. “No kiss for me Ronnie? I’m crushed.” He put a hand over his chest, feigning hurt although the twinkle in his eye revealed his amusement.

“Haha, very funny Jughead. Boys, I want you to meet Betty. She’s from New Zealand and she’s staying with me for the year so please try to behave. I’ve grown immune to your childish behaviour but I don’t want you to scare her off.” Ronnie shot Jughead a look full of ice and even Betty was a bit intimidated for a moment. Jughead gave Ronnie a innocent smile before turning to face the blonde sitting next to hi.

“G’day mate.” Jughead’s face held a huge grin as he put on a what he thought was a New Zealand accent, causing Betty to burst out laughing. “What?” His face fell slightly but he kept grinning at the sound of her laugh.

“It’s nothing it’s just that’s an Australian accent, and a god-awful one at that.” She answered, her eyes wet from laughter. Jughead’s face turned red and he ducked his head a bit, his grin shrinking from embarrassment. Luckily the waitress chose that moment to come and take their orders.

They sat in the diner for the next couple of hours, talking and laughing and eating. The boys spent a lot of time mocking Betty’s accent and she spent a lot of time laughing at how clueless they were about New Zealand. She felt like she had known these people all her life. The smile glued to her face showing how happy she was with her new friends.


Just as Ronnie had predicted, the group left Pop’s and ended up in Archie’s room after stopping of at Veronica’s apartment to drop off their shopping. The boys set up their video game and then started playing on Archie’s bed, leaving the girls to sit on Jughead’s bed on the other side of the small room. Fred came into the room at about 6pm to tell the boys that he was going to be out late and seemed surprised to see a pretty blonde girl sitting next to Veronica.

“Hi, I’m Fred, Archie’s old man.” he said, reaching out his hand towards Betty.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Andrews. I’m Betty, Veronica’s exchange student.” She shook his hand firmly, a friendly smile plastered on her face.

“Oh yeah, Hermione mentioned something about that. New Zealand right?”

“Yes Mr. Andrews. I just arrived yesterday.”

“Well welcome to Riverdale and please, call me Fred. Are you two staying for dinner? I was just going to leave the boys some money for pizza.” Betty looked back over at Ronnie questioningly, not really sure what was normal in situations like these.

Veronica piped up from her spot on the bed. “Sure we can Fred. Someone’s gotta keep these boys out of trouble when you’re not around.” She looked over at Archie and flashed him a playful smile. Betty’s eyes met with Jughead’s and a small smile crossed their faces.

Fred started to leave the room. “Knew I could count on you Veronica,” a grin on his face once his back was turned. He’d seen the look that Betty and Jughead had shared and recognised the look on his face as one he saw on his son’s face when he looked at his grilfriend. Jughead had a crush on the new girl.


Shortly after, the four of them were sat in the Andrew’s living room, waiting for the pizza to arrive and watching cartoons. Archie and Ronnie shared a large leather armchair and Betty and Jughead were sitting on a couch in the middle of the room.

“Why would you order a hawaiian pizza Jug? Everyone knows that pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza.” Archie said from his chair. His thumb drawing small circles on Veronica’s hip as she curled into him.
“But pineapple on pizza is the best thing. I honestly don’t understand how you don’t like it Arch.” Betty countered from her side of the couch.

“Thank you Betts. At least someone here has good taste.” He sent her another one of his small smiles and she felt butterflies in her stomach at the sound of her new nickname, sending her into panic mode. How could she have a crush on this boy already? She had only met him a couple of hours ago but they just seemed to click. Her panic was interrupted by her mother’s voice, always present in the back of her head. “This year is for academic purposes Elizabeth. You need to have something interesting on you CV for university applications ok? This means no boys. They will distract you and then that’ll waste this whole year for you, do you understand me?” Betty returned his smile before quickly looking down at he nails, picking at the chipped nail polish. The doorbell rang before they could continue their discussion. Jughead got up, grabbing the cash off the coffee table before disappearing down the hallway. He returned moments later with five pizza boxes stacked in his arms.

“Why do we have five pizzas if there’s only four of us?” Betty asked, opening the box containing the hawaiian pizza and helping herself to a slice. Ronnie untangled herself from Archie before reaching forward to grab a slice of the vegetarian pizza.

“Well, that’s one pizza each plus two for Jughead.” Ronnie answered matter of factly. Betty almost choked on her mouthful. One pizza each? If only her mother could see her now. After years of controlled diets and calorie counting this was certainly a change. Burgers for lunch and then pizza for dinner? It was a miracle that her new friends were all so in shape. Especially Jughead, considering Betty had picked up the vibe that he wasn’t exactly the sporty type.

“I’m a growing boy.” Jughead stated as if he could read her mind. He picked up one of the boxes and set it on his lap, causing the other three to burst into laughter as he started on his first slice. They kept talking and laughing until the pizza was finished. Betty only managed to eat three quarters of hers so Jughead happily finished off the remaining slices. They watched cartoons in comfortable silence until Betty felt herself drift off to sleep.


She woke up and felt someone stroking her hair. She sat up quickly, causing her to smack her forehead into Jughead’s chin.

“Ow. Oh my god I’m sorry.” Betty exclaimed, reaching up to run her fingers over the red spot on his face. “How long have I been asleep for?”

“A couple of hours, it’s about 11pm.” He replied, removing her hand from his face and holding it in his.

“Where did Ronnie and Archie go?” She asked while fixing her ponytail.

“Umm, they went upstairs a while a go so I thought it might be safer to stay downstairs with you. Plus you kind of fell asleep on my lap so…” He was thankful that the lights were off so she couldn’t see his cheeks redden. She was thinking the same thing. Not only because she’d fallen asleep on him but also because of his implication of what Ronnie and Archie were doing.

“I’m so sorry about that. Sadly one good night’s sleep isn’t enough to get over my jetlag.” He chuckled a little and stroked his thumb over her hand.

“Do you want me to walk you home? You probably don’t know you’re way around yet and you might have to wait a while for Ronnie.”

“Yeah that would be great thanks. I think I left my phone upstairs though.”

“No worries. I’ll tell Ronnie to take it with her when she leaves. Is Hermione home?”

“No she left a note this morning saying that she would be out late tonight. I don’t think that she’d mind though. I mean I only met her last night but she seems pretty understanding. Unlike my moth-” She broke off and looked up at Jughead who was looking back at her, waiting for her to go on. “Nevermind. We should probably go.” Her voice was soft and quiet as she looked down at her nails. Jughead took the hint and stood up. Leading her out the door. Her hand still grasped in his.


They walked home in a comfortable silence. Jughead occasionally pointing at things that they walked past to explain it or tell her about something stupid that Archie had done there when they were kids. His hand held hers the whole walk home and Betty was disappointed how quickly they arrived at a familiar door. She turned around to face him.

“Thanks for walking me home.” Her voice was soft and she looked up at him. It took her several seconds to look away and then she stood up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “Goodnight Juggie.” She quickly turned around and walked inside, closing the door softly behind her. He stood there, frozen in the summer breeze. He lifted his hand up to brush his cheek where her lips had been just seconds earlier. He turned and walked the whole way home with a smile on his lips, fingers brushing his cheek.


Veronica proved to be a lot more effective than an alarm clock since she managed to wake Betty up an hour after her alarm was supposed to go off.

“Good morning B! Ok, so, Jughead came back to Archie’s last night with a smile on his face. I have seriously never seem him smile like that. Ever. So spill. Don’t you dare forget a single detail because I will find out.” Betty yawned, slowly sitting up and stretching her arms over her head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about V. I fell asleep on him while we were watching cartoons at Archie’s and when I woke up you had disappeared with Archie. Jughead offered to walk me home since I didn’t know how to get back here. That’s it. Nothing happened.” The blonde said sleepily. She didn’t need to look at Ronnie’s face to know that she would have a small pout on her lips.

“So you didn’t kiss him?” Disappointment evident in her tone.

“No V. We didn’t kiss. We did hold hands while we were walking but I don’t think he meant anything by it.” Betty tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice by getting out of bed and picking up one of their shopping bags from yesterday.

“You did WHAT? You held hands with Jughead? Oh my god B I think I’m gonna pass out from excitement. This is too much for this time of day. I need more coffee.” With that she was gone. How she managed to move so quickly in heels was beyond Betty. She chuckled and started to put away the clothes Veronica had bought her yesterday. Ronnie returned just as abruptly as she had left, this time accompanied by two large steaming mugs.

“I think you’re going to need some coffee to get through this conversation.” Ronnie said, offering Betty a mug. She accepted it with a grateful smile and took a slip before setting it on her desk and then sitting back onto her bed.

“B I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation. Jughead is great but he’s not really a people person, let alone a girl person. Archie is basically his only friend and I think the only reason he puts up with me is for Archiekins. They’re basically brothers. There were rumors going around school last year that Jughead was gay but Archie helped stomp those out pretty quick. Jughead holding hands with a girl is like Archie losing a football game. It just doesn’t happen.” Betty blushed at Ronnie’s words and smiled down at her coffee as she felt the butterflies wake up in her stomach. Jughead liked her. Holy crap.


Monday came around a lot quicker than Betty expected. She had spent some more time with Archie and Jughead over the last couple of days. They’d hung out at Pop’s and then at Archie’s which led Betty to believe that this was some sort of routine they have. Nothing had progressed with her and Jughead which left her feeling a bit discouraged but then she remembered it had only been four days and she was there until the following June. Plenty of time to get closer to him. She was a nervous wreck on Monday morning. The nail polish on her fingers was completely destroyed and her bottom lip was turning red due to her teeth attacking it. Veronica went to school with her early to get their timetables from the office and give her time to sort out her locker. Archie and Jughead came and met them before class. Archie wearing a blue and yellow letterman jacket she hadn’t seen before and Jughead wearing his signature beanie which Betty had definitely seen before. She said hi to Jughead as Ronnie and Archie made out against Veronica’s locker.

“What do you have first Betts?” Jughead asked as his hand reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. He had to lean in a bit to be heard over the noise of the corridor and Betty picked up a scent which she had begun to identify with him. It was comforting to have something familiar in such an intimidating place.

“American History with Mr. Moreau.” She replied, her voice raised slightly.

“Oh cool. You can, um, sit with me if you want. I know Ronnie’s not in that class.” His eyes dropped from hers from a second but returned quickly. She could tell that he was nervous and the butterflies in her stomach obviously felt the same.

“Yeah that sounds great. You might have to help me because I know nothing about American history.” Betty sent him a small smile which made his eyes light up. He loved her smile. It was so warm and friendly. It was so Betty.

“Can you walk with me to class Juggie? I don’t know my way around yet and I think Ronnie’s busy.” He looked over at his best friend and laughed.

“I think that this is becoming a pattern Betts. Class is this way.” He’d grabbed her hand and pulled her gently through the crowds of students. It felt so natural, holding hands. Ronnie’s words came back to her and she smiled down at her feet.


The four of them had their after school routine down to a science. Archie would drive them to Pop’s after school for milkshakes. Ronnie and Archie would head back to school at about 5pm for cheerleading and football practice respectively while Jughead and Betty would walk back to the Andrew’s or the Lodge’s to do homework. Betty had asked Ronnie, during one of their gossip sessions, why Jughead lived with Archie and Fred. She had shrugged it off and said that something about Toledo before going uncharacteristically quiet. Betty decided not to push the subject and instead asked Ronnie about some new heels she’d seen on the doorstep that morning which perked her right up again.


Although they had a certain routine with Ronnie and Archie, Betty and Jughead also had their own little tradition; old movies and late night take out. They found out pretty quickly that they both shared an appreciation for old movies, especially Tarantino much to Jughead’s delight. It was a Thursday night and they were watching ‘Rear Window’ in the Lodge’s extravagant living. Their burgers were finished hours ago and they were curled up on the couch. Betty’s head in Jughead’s lap as his fingers ran through her hair.

“Juggie.” Betty said, turning slightly to face him. “What happened to your family?” Her voice was so quiet he could barely hear her. His fingers kept playing with her hair and he looked down at her, sending her that small smile that woke up the butterflies in her stomach. His eyes looked slightly sad and Betty suddenly felt guilty for prying, hearing her mother’s voice in the back of her head scolding her for being nosy. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer if it makes you feel uncom-”

“No, Betts, it’s ok. I had a feeling that you were going to ask at some point. I mean it’s not exactly normal to be rooming with your best friend in high school but since when has anything about me ever been normal?” He tried to hide the darkness of his statement behind a laugh but Betty could hear the sadness in his voice. She reached over to grab his other hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Um, so my Dad isn’t really in the best place. He, um, he has a drinking problem and one day, oh god. Betts, one day my Mum couldn’t take it anymore and she took Jellybean and left. I ,um, I haven’t seen them since. That was four years ago” He wasn’t looking at her anymore but Betty could still see the wet tears on his cheeks. Her eyes started to tear up as well. She sat up and stroked his cheek, one of his hands still stroking her hair. Betty leaned forward to place a kiss on Jughead’s cheek and then hugged him tightly. Jughead’s sobs were becoming audible as Betty shook against his chest. They stayed like that until the credits stopped playing and they’d run out of tears.

Betty let go first, untangling herself from Jughead’s arms but staying close. He caught her eye and then bought both hands up to cup her face.

“Jug?” Her eyes were wide and filled with wonder. He leaned forward quickly, almost as if he was trying to stop himself from getting psyched out. He pressed his lips against hers. Softly at first, as though he wasn’t sure of himself. He pulled away and waited for her to open her eyes, hoping he hadn’t just ruined everything. The smile that he’d fallen in love with crossed her lips slowly before her eyes opened to look into his.

And then she kissed him. Again and again. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear. At some point his beanie fell off his head and she ran his fingers through his hair while he did the same to her, her hair tie long gone. Eventually they pulled apart and fell back into each other’s arms, staring up at the black screen, their smiles bright enough to light up the dark room.


From then on, Jughead and Betty’s tradition changed. Not much, but enough. Their homework sessions were interrupted by stolen kisses, movie nights accompanied make out sessions and their takeout dinners always took a lot longer to finish. Somehow, their friends were still oblivious. Ronnie hadn’t pulled Betty aside to talk about how she looked at Jughead for a little bit longer than normal at Pop’s or how they always seemed to stand just that bit closer together. Neither of them were particularly surprised that Archie hadn’t noticed anything. Betty had only been in Riverdale for a handful of weeks and even she could tell that Archie wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. It was a Friday afternoon and the four of them were sitting in their usual booth at Pop’s, sipping on various milkshakes. Ronnie and Archie stayed for a bit longer than usual because there was a game on that night. The red headed boy and the raven haired girl were trying to convince their friends on the other side of the booth to come and watch the game.

“Come on guys, it’ll be fun! And what else are you going to be doing tonight anyway? Watching boring old movies?” Veronica practically yelled at the pair before taking another sip of her chocolate milkshake. She had a certain glint in her eye which Betty had come to come to associate with determination. She looked over at Jughead and saw a similar gleam in his eyes.

“First of all Ronnie, we were planning on watching ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ tonight which isn’t a boring old movie, it’s a cinematic masterpiece.” He paused to let the point sink in but Ronnie just rolled her eye. “And second of all, why would we want to go and see a football game? You just watch some sweaty jocks run up and down the field and occasionally barrel into one another. No offense Arch.”

“None taken bro. What do you think Betty?” Archie took his attention away from Ronnie for the short time that it took to ask Betty the question.

“Well, I’ve never been to a football game before so-”

“WHAT? How have you never watched a game of football before? I know that New Zealand is a long way away but do you guys live under rocks? Honestly B. There’s no debate now. You have to come, even if it’s just to watch me cheer, ok?” Ronnie flashed Betty a sweet smile as she stuttered in agreement, still not used to her host sister’s ways of negotiation. Almost before she could blink, Betty and Jughead were sitting in the back of Archie’s car on the way back to Riverdale High.


Betty walked into the football stadium and was slightly overwhelmed. Even though it was relatively empty due to their early arrival, it seemed impossible for a school to need such a large stadium, especially just for football. Jughead watched her quietly, a chuckle falling from his lips as he watched her gape at her surroundings.

“Nothing quite like this where you’re from, huh Betts?” He quipped. He threw his arm around her, making the most of their friend’s absence.

“No not really. I mean, we have stadiums like this for regional rugby games but definitely not for any sort of school games.” Betty couldn’t stop looking at the expansive concrete jungle she was currently walking around. Jughead couldn’t stop looking at her.

“You really are something else Betts, you know that?” He said, pulling her closer and kissing the top of her hair. They found a seat in the middle of the stadium and sat in a comfortable silence. The seats around them slowly filled up as they watched the various athletes warm up. After about the first five minutes of the game, Jughead turned to look at Betty.

“Hey Betts.”

“Yeah Jug.”

“Do you even know how football works?”

“Not a clue.” Betty replied with a cute smile on her face. Jughead kissed the end of her nose and then proceeded to teach Betty all of the rules of the game. All those years being Archie’s best friend obviously payed off. She wasn’t really listening to what he was saying but watching him all the same. He was surprisingly enthusiastic about football and was actually cheering for his school by the end of the quarter. Betty was getting into it as well but mostly just copying Jughead since she still had no idea what was going on. She did cheer enthusiastically for Ronnie when she performed at half time though. Veronica had taken it upon herself to explain all of her routines and workouts to Betty when she first arrived. Even though she had no desire to actually be a cheerleader, she definitely had a new appreciation for them.

By the end of the third quarter, Betty thinks that she understands the basics of the sport and is starting to understand the need for such a large stadium. It’s addictive to watch and the atmosphere is unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. No wonder everyone comes along to watch the games.

Archie scored the winning touchdown just as the time ran out on the fourth quarter. Jughead went mental, along with the rest of the crowd, and kissed Betty square on the mouth. She forgot where they were and kissed him back, hard. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he lifted her up and spun her around. It was a bit hard in the confined space of the stands but it didn’t matter. They pulled away and smiled at each other, slightly out of breath before Jughead set her back down on the ground. Betty’s face changed suddenly. Eyes grew wide with panic as she looked around, searching frantically for Ronnie and Archie on the field. Archie was celebrating with his team and Ronnie was bouncing towards him with the other cheerleaders.

Betty stopped panicking and wrapped her arms around Jughead’s neck. Her fingers played with the dark hairs that had escaped his beanie. She kissed him soft and slow. A complete contrast to their last kiss but just as breathtaking. They broke apart slowly before walking down from the stands to congratulate their friends.


As soon as Archie’s car disappeared around the corner, Ronnie turned to Betty.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Jughead? How long have you guys been going out? How did this happen? Oh my god B, you have to tell me everything! I just have to get changed and then we’ll have some girl talk, ok? Be back soon.” Veronica disappeared and then reappeared half an hour later in silk pyjamas. She still had her pearls on. Betty smirked. Trust Veronica Lodge to look fabulous in pyjamas.

“Ok so spill. I want to know everything.” Ronnie said as she sat down on the edge of Betty’s bed.

“Well we kind of … had a moment a couple of weeks ago. We were watching a movie on the couch and I asked him about his family and it just sort of happened. He kissed me and then we’ve kind of been together since then, I guess.”

“Omg B, I’m so happy for you! What did I tell you about that accent? I can’t believe he told you about his family. I’m pretty sure Archie is the only one who knows what really happened. The only reason I know is because my dear, sweet, lovely Archiekins is the worst secret keeper ever. Jughead seems to really like you.”

“I really like him too. We haven’t really talked about it but it feels right, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. You guys are the cutest together!”

“Umm thanks, I guess V. By the way, how did you find out?”

“You two were sooooo obvious at the football game. And by the way, that kiss at the end of the game was totally hot.” Veronica teased before getting up and sashaying out of Betty’s bedroom. Betty flopped down onto her bed, her cheeks on fire. She quickly fell into a peaceful slumber, dreaming about grey beanies and flannels.


Fred had the boys helping him out on the construction site all weekend so Betty didn’t get to see Jughead until Monday at school. The two girls found Archie and Jughead leaning on their lockers waiting for them.

“Sorry for the delay boys but this hair doesn’t look like this by itself.” Archie smiled at his girlfriend whilst Jughead rolled his eyes. Betty leaned up and kissed him, leaving a surprised look on his face.

“What was that for?” He asked Betty before looking over at the other pair that made up their friend group. Archie’s faced was shocked but Ronnie just winked at the blonde girl.

“Oh, um, Ronnie saw us at the game so I just kind of assumed she would’ve told Arch already.” Betty trailed off, trying to hide her embarrassment by picking at her nail polish.

“Hey.” Jughead said softly. He grabbed her hands, forcing her to look up at him. He kissed her softly before pulling away and flashing her a butterfly-inducing smile. “I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s figured it out by now.” Betty smiles back at him. He wraps his arm around her shoulder and kisses her forehead. The duo walk together to their first class, leaving Ronnie to deal with an awestruck Archie.

“But, but, but I never even saw it coming!” Archie explained to Ronnie as she slowly dragged him in the opposite direction.

“I know my dear Archiekins. I know.” She replied, a smile crossing her face as she thinks back to Betty’s display of confidence. “But it kind of makes sense doesn’t it?”

If It Means A Lot To You - Pietro Maximoff x Reader (April Song Challenge)

Words: 1930
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Mentions Avengers
Summary: Based on the song If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember, Pietro and you, a normal citizen, have been dating for two years. Recently, he is always away for his work, and it has been getting to you. Finally, someone reaches their breaking point.
Authors Note: APRIL SONG CHALLENGE! This month’s theme was I would write Angst…and Jadyn would write fluff. So yeah, it’s real angsty. But I love this song a lot…so heck yeah.

Pietro / Song Challenge / Full Masterlists

Ao3 / Jadyn’s Challenge

One would say it would be hard to be a normal person and date an Avenger, one that was enhanced as well. And while months ago you would have defended your stance, nights where you sat alone in your loft staring out into the city waiting for a call, you agreed with them.

Pietro and you had been dating for almost two years, and recently his place in the Avengers was becoming more needed. You weren’t anything like an Avenger, just a normal job and trying to get by. You started living together after a year, and had been living together for another year now. But living together was relative; he was gone majority of the time because of the duties of being a superhero.

He promised to call every other day, time depending on what he had going on. But you were worried, it had been three days with no sign that he was still alive. No calls from him or Wanda to alert you if anything happened, but you knew you couldn’t jump to conclusions. You read articles online to see if the Avengers were still fighting or if they were headed home, but there hadn’t been recent updates on the fight for days. No one had much idea what was going on with them.

You jumped when you heard your phone start to ring the Sonic themesong, indicating it was Pietro calling. “Finally!” You groaned and picked up the phone. “Hey!”

Hey darling,” Pietro said into the phone, a low and quiet voice, but you could hear the smile. “I hope you’re good tonight.

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All the Time in the World

Pairing; Taeyong/Reader

Genre; Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2002

A/N An early birthday present for @taeyongbelviso since she turNS 18 SOON 

“NCT 127’s Lee Taeyong seen spotted with SM’s newest female artist! Are these two just friends or ever more? SM has yet to release a statement but told fans days prior to expect a new collaboration. Fans have taken to social media to support the two in whatever they-”

The reporter was cut of abruptly as Y/N shut the TV off, not wanting to hear a dating scandal about her boyfriend. Throwing herself back onto the couch of her apartment she stared at the ceiling and sighed.

She knew what she was getting into when she started Taeyong. The idol made sure to bring up every point he could when they boy confessed to each other. His busy schedule, absence, possible scandals, collaborations with female artists, he went on just to make sure she really knew the toll their relationship would take.And even with the long list, she still wanted to make their relationship work.

It had been a year and the two made it work. They called, texted, facetime’d when they could, well, when Taeyong could, but Y/N didn’t mind since it showed he had still made effort to be with her. That he didn’t find the distance too harmful.

Even with hundreds of miles apart he made sure to send her at least one message every day. Whether it was a simple “I love you” to a late night paragraph of how much he missed her and couldn’t wait to be back. Even on tours he managed to surprise her with small gifts at her door that he had somehow sent. With each item, a selfie was sent to the man of her holding it up, a bright smile always on her face.

She had assumed that now that he was back in Korea that they could see each other more, but it seemed to be the opposite of her assumption. If anything he was even more busy, working on a future comeback and the collaboration. Y/N understood, it was his life and she was more than happy that he was getting the opportunities he was. But with all of the dating rumors passing from news outlet to news outlet about her boyfriend dating this new artist, she couldn’t help but feel a sort of anger.

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