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Abort Mission - Steve x Reader. Drabble

Authors/Notes: This was so fun to write! Thank you, love!

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Sent by: My lovely Emma (who sent like a billion and i love her for that!) @girl-next-door-writes

Note/Warnings: Fluffy fluff, kissing, nervousness

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 Steve had just pulled his shirt off and was heading to the shower when you knocked on his door. He walked over curiously but smiled when he saw you standing just on the other side of the frame.

 “Hey, I was just about to shower, what’s up?”

 “Oh,” You flushed at the site of his bare arms. “No, It’s- it’s nothing. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. It can wait.”

 Steve picked up your distress from your first word and his brows furrowed. You turned to leave when he reached out and gently took your hand. “(Y/N) wait. What’s wrong?” As he pulled your arm to lead you to his room he noticed a rise in your body temperature.

 “I just- really it’s nothing important-”

  Steve’s voice was gentle when he cut you off. “(Y/N).” He looked you with those stupid blue eyes. Those eyes that told you you can trust him. 

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stucky + 22 because i am trash for angst 😃

22. Muffled, from the other side of the door

Steve pressed his hand against the door, waiting. Hoping.

There was only silence on the other side.

He sighed, head rocking forward until his forehead hit the hardwood. “Bucky.”


“Bucky,” he tried again. He’d lost track of how long he’d been here, on his knees, then on his ass, then on his knees again. “Okay,” he said after a minute, changing tactics. “It’s okay, you don’t worry about talking. Just listen. God I hope you’re there and not in another room, I’m gonna feel mighty stupid if you are.”

There was no response, still. He hadn’t really expected one. But the air seemed almost… expectant. Steve swallowed, let his fingers curl against the wood. “There’s a lot of words, a lot of attempts, to try and name the … thing … between us. People call us brothers, call us friends, call us best friends. Call us every word under the sun if they can get away with it. I know it can be too much, it can be invasive, it can be… confusing. To see people say things and not know a rat’s ass about us.”

Steve paused hopefully, but there was nothing, no comment, so he pressed on. “It must be disconcerting to have memories that build one story and have people tell you another, especially after everything you’ve been through, are still going through, to get those memories back. And a lot of this is my fault. I didn’t talk about you much to those sorts of people, your … death still fresh. I didn’t correct them when they started making assumptions, started compartmentalising what we had. I’m sorry for doing that, for not speaking up.”

“But most of all, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry I sat back and let you explore the world yourself without telling you what we were. I had my reasons, but they all seem pretty pathetic, looking at them from the other side. I’m sorry for doing that to you, Buck.”

Steve paused, hopeful, but there was still silence. He wasn’t sure how he knew, but he was certain that Bucky was on the other side of the door now, when he hadn’t been so sure before. “I told myself I’d stop running from it, but I haven’t done a very good job of that either.”

He took a deep breath. “I love you. I’m always going to love the you we left behind, the you of the past, but I love this you as well. More, even. The you that dances in his socks when he doesn’t think anyone’s looking, the you that glares at the coffee machine in the mornings until you remember how to work it, the you that’s dragged me out into the middle of nowhere to look at the stars on a clear night. The you that works through everything that’s been done to you and still manages to smile whenever you see someone walking their dog, or picking flowers.”

The words barely had time to come off his tongue when the door cracked open.

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Inktober: Jubilant

[A/N: Special thanks to @mysenia for beta reading this and all of the Inktober prompts for StarkSpangledWinterHawk Month!

Inktober prompts can found here.]

The sun beat down on Clint as he swung Bucky’s knapsack off his shoulder and into the trunk of Tony’s car. He twisted around in time to see Bucky and Steve haul the ice chest out of their home. He stepped back on the cracked driveway and gave them room to stuff the cooler into the trunk.

Tony adjusted his sunglasses as he held on to Steve’s duffle while he waited for Steve and Bucky to finish loading the cooler.

“How much did we pack into this again?” Bucky asked. He pushed the ice chest around in the trunk then slapped the top of it. He held out his hand for Steve’s duffle, which Tony relinquished.

“Enough that we could drive for days and only stop for rest and to take a piss,” Steve answered.

Tony wrapped his hand around the back of Steve’s neck and peck him on the mouth. “Just as planned.”

“And just what I need.” Clint yanked open the passenger door and flopped into the seat with his feet hanging outside. Clint had been feeling trapped in the suburbs for months now. He needed to get out. He didn’t care if it was city or country. He was restless. He’d sensed it in his boyfriends too. They all needed a break from their monotonous lives.

“Any plans for where we go first?” Steve asked. He opened the back passenger door and slid into the car. Bucky slammed the trunk shut and crawled in behind Steve.

Tony hopped into the driver’s seat, slammed his door shut, yanked on his seatbelt, and put his keys in the ignition. “No. Just going to get on the first freeway out of here and not stop until we have to.”

Bliss melted into Clint at Tony’s words. “Perfect.” He finished getting into the car and strapped himself inside.

Tony started the engine. He rolled down the windows and took off down the road.

Clint threw his hands up and leaned back in his chair as happiness and relief filled every cell of body. “Freedom.” They’d barely started their journey and already Clint felt lighter. All of his negative feelings were flowing out of him, and leaving him with all only the positive. 

Bucky and Steve sighed in the backseat.

“This is going to be so good,” Bucky said.

Clint couldn’t agree more.

  • Peter: Dad, Steve.. I-I think I'm gay.
  • Steve: Oh, honey, we love and support you no ma-
  • Tony: HI GAY I'M DAD




And if you’re gonna do this rip the plaster. If you’re gonna hit me, hit me harder than this.