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Hey don't know if you guys do this sort of thing but I wanted to recommended it's always sunny in Ohio by heyitsbabz ITS SO GOOD OMG

we do post recommendations some times actually! -Madi

it’s always sunny in ohio by heyitsbabz (9/10 | 21188 | Not Rated)

“Uh, my date—my date is, uh.” Tyler stutters, feeling his cheeks flush. “Can’t it be a surprise?”

“Absolutely not.” His mom eyes him like a hawk, waiting for him to make the wrong move and it doesn’t help that Tyler’s brain just keeps shouting abort mission!

“Spill, Tyler.” Maddy leans forward, her elbows resting on the table.

“Josh,” Tyler blurts out, his eyes widening as soon as it’s out of his mouth. “Josh is my date to the wedding. Are you happy now?”

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you : 

I was tagged by commanderbellarke. thanks to my fellow slytherin (:

what was your: 

last drink: coffee
last phone call: my mom
last text message: my friend (trevor)
last song you listened to: colors by halsey
last time you cried: idk like 3 weeks maybe a month ago?

have you ever:

dated someone twice: nope
been cheated on: nope
kissed someone and regretted it: omg lol yes i was at a party and wanted to kiss someone cause i was drunk and kinda pissed at my crush for not liking me? so i kissed this gr 12 i didnt even know and he ended up being such a skeevy guy who followed me around and kept putting his arm around me and even though i was so out of it i said stop and dint want him around but he kept fucking being with me ugh i regret that
lost someone special: no
been depressed: maybe?
been drunk and thrown up: no im v proud actually
list three favourite colours: green, black, and pink

in the last year have you:

made a new friend: yes
fallen out of love: no
laughed until you cried: yes
met someone who changed you: yes
found out who your true friends are: yes
found out someone who was talking about you: yes
kissed anyone on your fb friends list: yeah it was that aforementioned guy if he counts cause he added me the next morning cause he is a creep


how many people on your fb friends do you know in real life: mostly all of them
do you have any pets: one dog named decker 
do you want to change your name: nah
what did you do for your last birthday: lol nothing is that bad cause i turned 16 and did absolutely nothing
what time did you wake up today: 1 30 ish
what were you doing at midnight last night: pretty sure i was on tumblr
name something you cannot wait for: probably to get a job because i need money
last time you saw your mother: like an hour ago
what are you listening to right now: 240 by modern baseball?
have you ever talked to a person named tom: probably
what’s getting on your nerves right now:  by goddamn friend who sucks and also the dude i like
blood type: idk 

nickname: madi, mads, my parents call me maddie-b or madelena 

relationship status: single
zodiac sign: taurus
pronouns: she/her
favourite tv show: the 100 or friends 
tattoos: no
right or left: right
first surgery: never had surgery?
first piercing: my ears when i was like 8
first best friend: kyra or grace 
first sport you joined: horseback riding or dance or soccer
first vacation: barbados i think? 
first pair of trainers: i dont know lol 

right now:

eating: nothing 
drinking: nothing 
i’m about to:  text trevor
listening to: the sounds my computer is making
waiting for: trevor to respond
want kids: no not right now at least jesus 
get married: yes definitely but not right now
career: none

which is better:

lips or eyes: lips
hugs or kisses: ksses
shorter or taller: taller
older or younger: older
romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
nice stomach or nice arms: arms yass
sensitive or loud: sensitive
hook up or relationship: relationship
trouble maker or hesitant: idk whatever

have you ever:

kissed a stranger: yep
drank hard liquor: yepper
sex on the first date: no
broke someone’s heart: i think
had your own heart broken: no
been arrested: no
cried when someone died: no
fallen for a friend: yeah 

do you believe in:

yourself: nah not really but not like in a sad depressing way
miracles: yeah i guess lol
love at first sight:  yes except it isn’t really love but i still believe in it
heaven: idk,  not really, but maybe there is heaven
santa claus: no lol i did up until grade 6
kiss on the first date: yesssss
angels: not really but i like the idea of them and if they were real that would be super cool no yeah maybe i do

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so its the end of the year and i decided i would make my first follow forever!! this year has been p okay for my tumblr!! my follower count probably duplicated in size and i’ve met so many amazing people, some of which i am glad to call my best friends!! even if your name isn’t on this i love you and appreciate you!!

you guys are … so good i’d die for all of you. also please unfollow me i post really embarrasing stuff lmao
@benaffleckismydad (jared, the love of my life); @blue-nectarine (kenz);
@h-exqirl (felix i love you so much and i cant wait to see u again!!)  @mayleavestars (katia, the other love of my life); @noolatnap (ava, ilysm);  @papaiyya (maddie, the other other love of my life); @potato773 (mara); @sadlycat (julianna, my sun and stars and wife);  @snoopchihuahua (mickey, gay)          

i love you guys so much oh my god i get like …. teary eyes when i think about how important yall are to me….
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A1 since day one squad
you guys are the first friends i ever made on this site and wow … its been a wild ride i love yall and im so glad to call you guys my best friends!
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my ride or dies
y’all always here when its like … 3am … i love y’all and im sorry for what you have read on my blog
@11thsense (emily, inventor of art); @boyheroics (arry, you fuckin furry freak i miss you);  @brucewaynesgirlfriend (claire, i sob ugly tears when i think of u …. my other half); @catbro (max, FUGH J I LOVE YOU!!!!); @corazcn (yamil, my CHILDE); @deadtimdrake (sarah, our love will never be broken and neither will our snapchat streak); @forestkiid (cabes, i fuckin love you!!!); @goblinfoody (nathan, betty/veronica enthusiast with the cutest face!); @jacontodd (kesh, AAAAAAAAAAAAA); @kamalakhan (safa, you’re so wonderful i love you!!!); @nichtwing (jess, thank u for watching argo with me fkljsfdljs); @sapphicdianaprince (kae, mom i’m sorry for what i’ve put you) @sprigganroot (nicholas, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANd LIKe?? you’ve been mutuals w me for like 3 years i love u); @timdrakee (gemma, i love you my childe); @wikifallen (ash, its always so wonderful to talk to you i love you and stay awesome!!) 

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