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Diana takes Angie to Peggy’s funeral. (Major Character Death, obviously.)

Also on AO3, can’t link because it won’t show up in the tags, thanks staff.


She buys gas station flowers. Peggy hated flowers, much preferred a bottle of bourbon, and if it was a special occasion a bottle of bourbon with a red bow around it.

She buys gas station flowers though, because whilst Peggy hated flowers, Angie loves them. Angie who’s chatting with the guy working the forecourt, leaning on her zimmer because she refused to sit in the car and wait for Diana.

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Hooked On A Feeling

My first ever Overwatch fic! :D My AO3 is scarfytheshipster


“TIMTAMS!!!!!!“ screamed Junkrat, grabbing an armful off of a store shelf and proceeding to run out the door, alarms blaring as he set off a concussion mine in his wake and rocketed into the sky.

Just a typical shopping trip.

Roadhog waited around the corner in their getaway car, commandeered exactly four minutes ago. He hit the gas right as Junkrat landed with a heavy thud, sprawled over the backseat and perfectly unharmed. “Loot?”

“Timtams! Oooohohoo they’re sooooooo good!” Junkrat shoved a handful in his mouth and squirmed from excitement and an oncoming sugar high.

“And?” Roadhog grunted.

“Ooooh, yeah that’s right!” Junkrat handed over a pizza, a wallet, a handful of lighters, a can of WD40, and a bunch of bananas. “I think our next stop should be even more exciting!”

Roadhog took the pizza and ate half of it in one bite, only unzipping part of his mask to eat. “Kill omnics.” He had simple tastes and goals in life.

“Yesssss! You have the best ideas, mate!” Junkrat grinned and rambled through Timtams, spewing crumbs in the previously immaculate cabin of the sporty convertible. “I hear omnics can’t feel pain! Or they do, and it’s in slow motion and in great intensity! Heeheeheeee!”

They sped through town in search of mischief to add to. Junkrat kicked his foot and peg up on the dashboard and reclined with stolen sunglasses over his eyes. He turned the radio up, blaring aggressive rock music and bobbing his head. As far as he was concerned, life couldn’t get much better.

Roadhog generally ignored about ninety percent of what Junkrat said to focus on missions. To be fair, he said a lot. He assumed it wasn’t terribly important, and he got away with it fairly often. Junkrat was catching his attention, though-

“-you’re lucky I love strong and silent types, Roadie! I figure after our next little bit of fun we crash in a hideout and have supper. You know the best way to make marshmallows? Grenade em! Just gotta be careful about shrapnel. See? Lookit my tongue! LOOKIT!” Junkrat stuck his tongue out to show off a scar. He beamed as he exclaimed, “I almost DIED!”

Those were a lot of words to process. Roadhog mumbled, “Be careful, next time.”

“Don’t you worry about me!” Junkrat finger gunned at him. “Haven’t died yet! And I got you! We’re unstoppable!”

Roadhog turned the radio down. “Omnic group up ahead. Warehouse.” He didn’t want to talk. Per usual.

“Hellllllllll yeah.” Junkrat sat up and grabbed his grenade launcher. They parked a block away and Junkrat stayed close to his partner. He laid a trap at the entrance on their way in and walked in with a manic smirk, straight into an encampment of omnics.

The omnics turned towards Junkrat and various weapons clicked and powered on. Junkrat struck a pose, gun pointed at the group. “Robots and other robots, this is a robbery! Give us all your stuff, or I’ll scavenge you for scrap!”

Several omnics disappeared in fear but one of the remaining ones glared directly at them. “Leave us alone-”

“FIRE!” roared Roadhog as a bullet storm rained down. Junkrat and Roadhog shot up in the air to a catwalk as Junkrat set off a mine, firing grenades wildly. A few omnics exploded and Roadhog blew others to smithereens, always keeping an eye on Junkrat.

“They’re wanted criminals!” called out one omnic. “Capture them! Call the police!”

Junkrat was blissfully unconcerned. “Awwwww, how sweet! I’m wanted! Hear that Roadhog? We-”

He was suddenly knocked away by a bullet and lost his footing, falling down into a crowd of omnics. Roadhog growled and landed on one, firing as best he could to not hit Junkrat, but it was becoming too risky.

Roadhog turned his back.

Junkrat struggled, setting off explosives from his pockets only to be grabbed by more omnics, the robots considering him the leader. “Roadie! MAKO!”

Roadhog ignored his shouts, instead pillaging the omnic living area, grabbing cash while they were distracted by Junkrat. He turned back around to see Junkrat thrashing and screaming as he pocketed the money.

Junkrat realized that nothing was stopping Roadhog from simply walking out the door. His trap had already been triggered by a fleeing robot. He had cash, and the ability to go on the rampage for even longer. Something like grief crossed Junkrat’s heart, and he even stopped struggling for a second, processing that his best friend could leave, that their contract or agreement couldn’t be enforced if one party didn’t want it to be so.

A handcuff snapped on one of Junkrat’s wrists and he snarled, about to detach his hand to get free. “YOU CAN’T GET ME! I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO MY OUTBACK! I’VE TAKEN OUT FIFTEEN ‘A YOU, AND-”

The air left Junkrat’s lungs as a hook and chain whipped around him, pulling him out of the mass of robots and directly to Roadhog.

Roadhog had him.

And they were so close.

Junkrat’s mouth brushed against Roadhog’s mask in an impulsive kiss, a joyous giggle bursting from him. “You saved me, Roadie!”

Roadhog made a noise in his throat of surprise, but ran outside as police sirens neared. Roadhog let out a volley of scrap shots at the warehouse, buying just enough time for them to make it to the car, slamming on the gas like a brick.

“SO LONG, SUCKERS!” Junkrat laughed as Roadhog barreled through the streets, whipping Junkrat’s wild hair in the wind. Junkrat flopped down in his seat and gave Roadhog a grin. “You had me goin’ there, mate. I never should'a doubted you.”

“After rescuing you, I wouldn’t have had time to get the money.” Roadhog rarely spoke so much, and Junkrat listened intently. “I would never leave you behind. Or come back empty handed.”

Junkrat patted Roadhog’s stomach. “I know that. I uhhhhh, well. I hope I didn’t make anything weird between us. Adrenaline, explosions, kissin’ the only person you care about- well. It made sense at the time. You aren’t upset, are you? I was just feelin’ like a damsel in distress, life flashing before my eyes when you hooked me.”

Roadhog huffed with amusement. “You were scared.”

“WHAT?! Scared? Now that’s absurd! I was perhaps concerned, or having a low moment.”

“We’ll talk later.”

Junkrat, for once, was quiet. They’d found a junkyard to lay low in, to have some dinner and sleep in the skeletons of old cars and to find new parts to recycle. For them, it was like home. They took shelter in an Omnic-Bus (dubbed so when omnics took over many industrial factory jobs).

“Roadie.” Junkrat set their snacks and dinner down as Roadhog counted the money he’d took. The silence felt thick. Junkrat didn’t like it. “Listen to me, I’m beggin’ you. I meant it, that I care about you. As for kissin’ you, well. It’s not really my area I mean, I’d be down to do it again, but if you didn’t want to? It’s okay, mate.”

Roadhog set the money aside and unzipped his mask, taking it completely off. Junkrat had seen his solemn scarred face before- rather liked it, in fact. “You’re my partner.”


“I would never let you get hurt,” Roadhog rumbled. He thought carefully about what to say. “This cannot only be an impulse. You want this?” He cut Junkrat off before he could say anything. “Be serious about this.”

“Yes! YES!” Junkrat leapt up. “I like you! I just didn’t know how to ask.”

“I’m old, little rat.”

Junkrat grinned. “You got silver hair, I got gold. Works perfectly, don’t it?” He approached Roadhog, almost shy. “I’m half junk myself, but I’m all yours. I go where I want do what I want- and I never even think of girls- cause I got you.” Junkrat chewed his lip. “I don’t want to share my life with anyone but you, and it’s not just because the profits would go to thirds instead of halves.”

Roadhog laughed in appreciation. “Very well. If you’re sure.”

“Believe me, I wouldn’t, oh, haha, pull your chain about this, I-”

Their mouths met suddenly, Roadhog pulling Junkrat in with one arm around his waist to stop any more puns. He unclipped the tire from Junkrat’s back and held him properly, their kiss staying soft. Junkrat fumbled around and settled with his hands on Roadhog’s shoulders, feeling immensely comforted by his warmth and size. Roadhog stopped for a few seconds to let Junkrat breathe before kissing again, this time with a little more insistence.

Junkrat sighed, thoroughly enjoying being kissed. He felt safe. He smiled and was euphoric as Roadhog pulled back.

“Jamison?” A smile without a trace of madness was rare.

His name caused a pleasant stir inside Junkrat. “You should call me that more often!”

Roadhog playfully set his hook around Junkrat, raising his eyebrows as Junkrat spun and purposefully tangled himself in the chain. “How romantic,” he grunted in the deepest voice possible.

“Hooked on a feeling, am I right? Hehehee! We’ll never be apart, right?” Junkrat grinned and kissed Roadhog again, looking at him with hopeful eyes.


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so yeah he wants to go in the village they ask for his id and he's so cute bc he makes up an excuse why he doesnt have his license so we get in and he drops us off near my street bc my mom would kill me on the spot if she saw me get out of a car with boys in it like no chaperone or anyone. so i thank them both and they drive off and i realise my mom told me she would pick us up at the gate holy shit i forgot to mention that my mom called while i was in first dude's car... (part 6/?)

dude couldnt you just wait for ur mom tho :o

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

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CHALLENGE: post the most ''embarrassing'', ''self-indulgent'' thing you've made in the past moth! (that's not smut, if you're embarrassed about that!) (but it could be smut) (pleasebemucklespleasebemuckles)


WELL OKAY I NEVER RUN SHORT OF EMBARRASSING SELF-INDULGENT STUFF.      SO.  I was thinking about Motorcity and Disney movies and I saw Atlantis on Hulu or Netflix or something and I was like……………………


I’m going to go lie on the floor how dare you make me do this GOD

Hey I almost made myself cry with this thought so I had to share it:

Imagine a Cybertronian, regardless of faction but I imagined Autobot, just tooling around in alt mode, checking out Earth and doing car stuff.

So they’re at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green, and they overhear some humans talking. There’s a parent and their young child, and one of the parent’s friends. They’re talking about kids and work and stuff and the cybertronian starts tuning out and then the friend asks the kid “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

And it’s the first time the cybertronian has ever heard anything like that. They put their hazards on because their engine has just stalled while they think about that, just kinda going “wooow… what do I wanna be when I grow up? I never got asked that… i hope that kid gets their dream job.”

And also because I’m imagining this kid like four they look over and see the cybertronian and just kinda go [vehicle type], whatever the bot’s alt is and instead of saying no, the parent just laughs and goes “okay, you can be a [vehicle]”

And the cybertronian is like “i have to protect this planet”

I have this very strong image in my mind of Adam and Ronan impulsively deciding to get married at like 3 am and then going to the courthouse at soon as it’s open and like

Driving to get blue and Gansey:  Ronan getting their attention with something resembling the wedding march on his car horn 

Gansey and blue start panicking about putting on clothes and getting presents. Gansey is trying to write a best man speech on a breakfast napkin on the front lawn. confusion and Chaos 

Ronan is still honking his horn and screaming “THE NUPTIAL BUS LEAVES IN THIRTY SECONDS”

a very confused, sleepy, and kind of annoyed Gansey and blue have to get in the car in their pajamas 

Henry is already waiting outside of the courthouse in a tux when they get there, with flowers and a wrapped gift. none of them know how this is possible

they set up facetime with matthew so he can watch

the ceremony lasts like 3 minutes and is not romantic at all. everyone cries anyway

Undercover Cops/Warning for Drug Blogs 6/13/17

Hey everyone sorry for not posting on here for the last week, I’ve been laying low after a frightening incident that happened to me regarding undercover police and someone I met here off Tumblr. Yes, police are targeting people (drug users primarily) on here by making blogs that have nothing on them (no reblogs, no personal content, not following any other blogs but Tumblr Staff and YOU) and messaging drug addicts in private telling them that if we help them score they will give us money/let us keep like half the amount of stuff they’re asking for, etc.

I was debating on whether or not I should post this since the person this is about doesn’t know I know they’re a cop/working for cops, but I want to keep everyone on here safe from this kind of stuff happening to them, so I might as well share my experience.

Basically a blog on here that had nothing posted on their blog and that wasn’t following anyone except for me and Tumblr Staff (two key sketchy signs right there) messaged me asking for help getting H saying that they had just moved from out of state and needed help with a new connect and offered me close to $100 each time for helping them. It seemed sketchy but I desperately needed the money, so I decided to help.

I met with them twice before the third time, being extremely cautious the first two times (watching my surroundings, asking important questions, sending someone else to bring the stuff back to them instead of me, etc.). Then on the third time they asked for a much larger amount than they had asked for the first two times (which is something cops trying to do an undercover buy do, they buy a couple of decent sized amounts and then on buy number three they buy a large amount and try to pop you with it when you return back to them with it.)

On buy three I carefully watched my surroundings. I noticed undercover cop cars around keeping an eye on me, after I walked off I had a bad feeling.

I got a confirmation that my sketched out feelings were right when while the person was waiting on me to come back with dope my friend that knew what I was doing gave me a call and told me that they were over in the area that that person I’m helping is in and that there’s over 5 cop cars and a drug task force vehicle waiting on me to come back so they could bust me. There was also unmarked vehicles with cops looking out the window with binoculars driving up and down the streets looking for where I went. I’m not going to say what happened after this in case the person I wrote this about finds it. I did the smart thing and decided to be safe instead of sorry.


I’ve met probably close to 20 people off of Tumblr, some just to hang out, some for whatever else, and none of them were sketchy people until this last incident.

DON’T HELP BLOGS THAT ARE NEW AND DON’T HAVE ANY CONTENT ON THEM! (aka no reblogs, no personal content, only following you and Tumblr staff or a very unusually small handful of people.)


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If anyone has anymore questions about avoiding these types of situations, about signs and tips on how to spot an undercover cop, or anything else feel free to message me privately. The area I’m in recently hired 110 more undercovers to do drug busts right now, I’m sure Seattle isn’t the only place with this sort of thing going on right now.

PLEASE, PLEASE BE SAFE EVERYONE. A get well, a high, or a chunk of cash isn’t worth a felony and your freedom.

Please reblog this message so everyone in the drug community on here can see this and be made aware. Tumblr isn’t always a “safe place” like we would like to think it is.