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I’ll just start this off by axing off a HUGE group of characters right off the bat: the traitor is not a teacher, has to be from class A and cannot be from any other class, and is not a “minor” member of class A, such as Mineta or Sero. I am assuming that those characters who have been somewhat involved in the main plotline of the story are those that have the potential to be the traitor. After cutting it down from that, I’ll just run through specific instances.

Of course it’s not Midoriya, or the story would make no sense; same with Bakugou due to having been kidnapped. I’m cutting out Iida, Todoroki, and Momo for their involvement in helping to rescue Bakugou in the AfO arc, and also because they all have a family history in heroics.  Froppy I’m cutting out more because of the way the story is written makes her a really awkward fit as traitor. Denki is one of the theories I’ve seen floating around, but I think that from the most recent arc, there’s a little too much leaning away from Denki having the capacity for being a traitor.

Kirishima, although I definitely wouldn’t be too surprised if it did turn out to be him, still doesn’t fit the bill for me. My initial reason was that Kirishima obviously wants to save Bakugou from the villains during that particular arc - he initiates the entire thing. While even despite on that, I was open to the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, but thinking on it there are two other reasons I can’t sink my teeth in. The first is that Kirishima is just… so honest?? and also Bakugou’s kinda-probably best friend? If the villains really wanted Bakugou to join the villain side, Kirishima probably would have known, and also he could have easily spoken to Bakugou about STUFF and weeded out whether or not Bakugou was really villain material. He also strikes me as honest enough to bide his time with Bakugou and then when the time came, literally just saying ‘hey, Bakugou join me on the villains’ side.’

My second reason is crucial: Kirishima is just not AS close to Midoriya as pretty much every other main character. While I’m sure Midoriya would be upset if Kirishima was the traitor, it wouldn’t have the same effect as a lot of the other main characters in the series. The shock factor for Midoriya, appropriately, would be more like “oh no, how could you?”  and I don’t think that’s what Horikoshi wants. Good traitor reveals are big, painful, and close to the heart. They’re someone who the main character trusts, and a lot of the time, a character who’s been there from the start.

So who is left?

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(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 3 + Tokuten

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Furukawa Makoto

T/N: commissioned!! ok to be honest this cd is such a Ride, like i hate it at first?? but then i like it?? and when the Good Engrish comes i hate it again?? and then there comes the parts in the cd when the plot finally uncovers and im like!! wow i love this cd, everything about this series makes sense now!! like bruh, im so conflicted, should i love it or hate it? the whole cd just makes me feel like:

I mean voice-wise he’s not my type since it’s so…daddy lmao but ngl this is one of the best-crafted smutty cd series, except for the fact that mc is always a rookie… like why. WHY would you send a NEWBIE…for an undercover operation…. against a highly dangerous man, to boot. chief suou what the heckie r u thinking!? lmao.

wait was that a spoiler?? ………

ok just…listen to the cd first then… i’ll…meet y’all at the end of the post.

(also, there are a lot of literature/history/medical/alcohol names references that i might have mistaken so feel free to correct me.)

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Memorial day Weekend from Hell

Hello so last year I submitted a story about a seasonal pizza place at the New Jersey shore. So last year creepy dude got fired and the rest of the year went off perfectly.

Flash forward to this year…
The first two weeks we opened was slow. But its normal we only had about 4 people on the line and things seemed like we were going to have a record breaking Memorial Day weekend. It was busy. And when i say busy i mean line out the door and down the boardwalk on Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( Monday is normally slow because people are leaving). I am called in early as I expected. I came in around 2 in the afternoon and I could barely get to my station. Pizza is being made in the back because we couldn’t keep up in the front. Customers complaining about the wait time even though they can see how long the line is. Im running slices, on fryer, on grill, phones and im in charge of everyone who wasn’t making pizza.

Friday we seemed to have a good idea of what to do. The issue comes on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was insanely busy. Probably the busiest day of the whole summer. I was helping top pizza because it was that busy. One pie came out and it was already gone hat cycle repeated. The customers were complaining. People were taking other people’s orders it was chaos. The owners were even messing up people’s orders. One lady wanted us to bring 3 whole pies( our table seat 4 and are pizzas are 18") to a table for her. Which would be no issue but when they were ready she already changed her mind and wanted them in boxes. Then she was angry when the corners got a little squished. ( we make our pizzas a little bigger when they are eating in the restaurant). So it was just a mess. Someone also was so drunk that she threw up on the floor and counter.

Sunday comes and let me tell you, we only have one drink machine…but apparently we had two soda girls. I dont like telling people how to do the job( unless im training them) but if i ask for help i don’t appreciate this girl talking to her friends and leaning on the counter. Im going to call this girl A. So A doesn’t seem to care that we have people out the door and the tables are dirty and the floors need to be swept. But A can talk to her friends? No in the place i work its if you have time to lean you have time to clean. I asked her to please sweep the floors and she told me no there are too many people there. So i had to stop what i was doing on the grill and swept up.

Now we have specific ways of answering phones and giving out orders. She somehow managed to give out free food to alot of customers making everyone else remake the food for the right customers.

Long ass weekend only made worse by shitty customers who have no respect and a coworker who refused to do her job

Cheers to her.
Cheers to this young lady that’s only 21 but has as the wisdom of a 42 year old woman
Cheers to this lady that’s able to handle two works related activities with an injury and without complaining
Cheers to this lady that always know how to stay classy and fully appreciate a moment
Cheers to this lady that fight both daily sexism and racism with a polite smile but know how to change her anger into a ferocious performance, her worst experiences into a dazzling dance, her reserved-self into a show beast
Cheers to her tonight because you know that she’ll have the stature of great ladies later

Cheers to this girls who survived a hurricane and will make the world sorry for it 

As a fan I can’t wait to see her grow even more.

It’s been a long way, @normanikordei and -us Harmonizers- can’t wait to see what’s next for you, 

So, cheers, Normani, and Happy Birthday! 🍻

What I’m Excited for in Crystal Dream/Supers

so the dream arc is probably my favorite of the manga arcs (followed very closely by stars and infinity, tbh a three way tie for #1 because REASONS) and considering infinity is about to start next week, i feel its time i go ahead and make my usual “this is what i cant wait to see in *insert crystal arc here*” post that i’ve made ever since crystal was announced.

anyways without further ado… (under the cut because LONG POST IS LONG) 

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i was busy all day and i only just find out now obout the new chapter and i'm screaming and oh my gowd it's even a tianshan one and i'm crying and momo is so hot in the shower and he reads horoscope like me, he is so fucking cute and his mom likes his kid's boyfriend and he tian proposed to help him jerk off?! and ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh someone hold me!!! this is a happy day!!! and sorry for all the "and"s i'm just so asdfdsgaeddfhasga


it’s been a whole day and im still !!!!!!!!! so excited about this chapter, i know im starting to sound redundant but it was just!!! so good!!! as much as i like the angst and the mafia side of the story, these are the moments i love the most, the ones where they are free to act like the dorky teenagers they are, and the relationships between the characters are allowed to progress naturally, and everything is quirky and light-hearted, but still meaningful and poignant from time to time

i also love that we’re starting to see the boys’ families more and more often, all the different dynamics are just so interesting to me!! and i realise i might be a bit biased, but guan shan’s relationship with his mom is definitely my favorite, it’s just!!! so open and affectionate and adorable!!! and she already loves he tian so much!!! she's​ gonna be so supportive when guan shan and he tian will finally get together, she’s probably already planning the wedding lmao

on another note, it’s just now fully dawning on me that he tian basically told guan shan that he wouldn’t mind just stand there and watch while guan shan jerks off, i just;;;;;;; HE TIAN PLS;;;;;;;;; why is this boy so thirsty and as subtle as a brick to the face (not that i blame him, i mean…..look at guan shan!!!!)……but at the same time, the poor boy has tried everything to make guan shan understand he is into him and still guan shan thinks he tian is just having a laugh, like NO SON YOU DON’T GET IT HE WOULD GLADLY JERK YOU OFF HIMSELF IF YOU LET HIM

(tianshan is the living embodiment of ‘wait, did you just flirt with me’ ‘have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing’, amazing)


So my mom and I are conversing in our native tongue in a Walmart line and a white lady starts whispering something to her other white lady friend. And Im not stupid, I was born in America and have experienced and understand the stereotypical qualities of some of these people so I play along and continue to converse in our native tongue. Im waiting for this lady to say something, because I can feel the urge radiating off of her and finally, she turns and gives my mother and I a dirty look while whispering, “foreigners” under her breath. So I look at her and smile saying, “ I’m sorry could you repeat that statement? I couldn’t hear the crap coming out of your mouth.” And the lady is so in shock that I speak perfect English and called her out on her shit that she couldn’t even speak. Seriously though, if you have the confidence to be rude and ignorant to people then have the same confidence to back your shit up when you’re called out on it.

fairy godmother, wasn’t mad

stop with the future lady stuff

all this yellow is terrible, did i ever mention i hate yellow

:0000000000 WHAT

Uma is so beautiful



carlos looks like he’s ready to rip Ben apart, even Lonnie. 

IM sorry but the picture thing is hideous 


she jump, she glow, she gonna attack. I love Uma


BEN is so extra

no don’t give it up to the museum

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omg I can just imagine the trios first reaction to Nyaa-chan in your Three Musketeers AU "KNIFE!" "BAD GUY!" "STOP HER!" "... oh no..."

Lol yeah Totoko enjoys the tackling far too much and it’s Iyami who has to remind her to call them off (she may be her lady in waiting but that doesn’t stop the cutest idol girl competition between the two haha)

Give it a rest Kara not in a million years

ahhh yes, a few hours and we’ll get a new episode of got.

can’t wait to see another scene when p.b is badly written, all the people celebrating cuz giòsnò chokes him and stuff, and all the other ugly things
ah yes im so hyped wow like im not bitter at all ha aha yes

Stand by me: Yes, I am a lady.

You dont know how the group had gotten you to join this little twisted adventure- Oh wait- You did. Teddy. Little Itty bitty teddy had dragged you along. You loved the boys since you had met them four years ago but you were not as close with them as they all were. You loved them all like brothers though. You had lost  a brother just like Gordie. You walked with chris and Gordie. Your heart ached for these two. just as you two were about to chime into another musical song the group stopped.

“Whats that?!” vern cried, pointing to a medium sized pool of water and dirt- A swamp.

“swamp.” Chris groaned.

“Shrek’s swamp!” cried teddy.

Followed by a few chuckles, Gordie tested the deepness with a stick and it seemed shallow enough. The boys stepped in but you hesitated. chris took you hand and slowly pulled you in, In a few steps you all fell into the swamp so it covered you all completely. All the boys swam out quickly while you struggled.

“CHRIS!! GORDIE!! HELP ME GUYS!!” the swamp was thick around you to the point where you struggled for movement. Chris, of course quickly pulled you out as a girlish scream erupted in the woods. 

‘Leach!!!!” Teddy cried, pointing to gordie who quickly stripped himself of his shirt.

low and behold, leaches covered him, which sent everyone in a panic. Clothing flew everywhere. You ended up in your bra and spandex. As you checked yourself vern cried loudly with a whimper.

“Y/N!!” vern pointed at your bra that was leach covered.

“Oh god…” Seeing all the blood and leaches made you dizzy, you stepped back and fell against chris as everything went black,

As you awoke, The boys surrounded you. You looked at your body that was leach free. 

“y..Y/n…” Vern swallowed hard.

“W-Wha…?” You weakly responded.

‘W-what is that..?” He slowly pointed at your chest.

you quickly rose, terrified something worse than a leach was on you when you looked at your chest though, all you seen was your black bra. You giggled a lot,causing the boys to chuckle.

“That my bra, Verny!” 

‘w-whats it for? why are you wearing it..?” 

“Verny, I’m a girl. Girls have boobs. okay..?”

“OH MY GOD!” vern cried. 

“y/n.. you broke him..” teddy began.

“well…uh…boys, learn first and foremost that i am a lady!” you stood up, throwing you clothes on.

“But….Your one of us…:” vern began.

You smiled and giggled again. “vern. That dosnt mean im a boy..” 

“But…. wait…’

“VERN!! dont you realize?! dont you get what this means boys?!” teddy grinned largely 

“what…?” gordie asked

“WE ALL SEEN A GIRL NAKED!!” teddy cried causing an eruption of laughter and high-fives to explode throughout the woods.

“Oh shut up!!’ and as if on que the boys began

“i don’t shut up! i grow up! and when i look at you i…” the boys didn’t even wanna finish that because, well… you all knew the next part was untrue.

“when i look at you i see a naked girl!!” teddy cried.


I work at a chinese fast food joint where there is no official manager. Only a regional manager who visits a few times per month. At the moment the store is being run by ‘PIC’ or people in charge. I have been a person in charge for a couple of months. I just turned 17 and I pretty much do everything a manager does. Everything from handling money to watching out for my other coworkers. Im still making starting wage.

The day before Thanksgiving was unusually busy for a wednesday. I was working on drivethrough because out of the 4 of us working that day i was the only one who spoke fluent english. Usually we are fine on a Wednesday morning with 4 people. But it was absolute chaos because th fryer was broken and food was taking twice as long to make. Cars were piling up in the drive through and we were running out of food fast. And of course customers lost their patience fast.

So this one lady orders 3 bowls and i told her it would be a 5-7 minute wait on one of those bowls because we are still making the entree. She says yes thats okay. I ask her to pull forward to the parking lot and ill run it out to her as soon as its ready.

5 minutes pass and its not ready. I take a few more orders. Frantically put them together. 10 minutes have passed and the entree for her order is finally ready. I put her order together as fast as i can and run it out to her car. Her 8 year old is giving me a death stare. I feel really bad but theres no point in explaining my excuse for it being 3 minutes later than i said it would be. I just apologize for the wait. I thank her for waiting and run back inside because more customers are waiting. I hate my life at this point. I feel like everyone in the restaurant is staring at me in pity or in disgust as im rushing around. The phone keeps ringing and ringing. I cant answer it because im busy. And the cook is cooking as fast as he can. I wanted to die.

Not even 3 minutes later that lady comes in. ON CRUTCHES. I know something is wrong with her order and my heart sinks. Shes furious.
“This is NOT what i ordered.”
“Im sorry, whats the problem”
She just grabs two of the bowls and holds them in front of my face like im an idiot and waits. She expects me to know what’s wrong just by doing that.
“I ordered chow mein in this bowl not fried rice. Does that look like chow mein to you?!”
“Im sorry” is all i can say as i quickly remake that bowl.

As im doing so, she mutters “it shouldnt be that hard to get an order right. Stupid. Youre so stupid.”

Her daughter is right there with her, crossing her arms. I cant believe my ears. Did she really just call me stupid. I just give her the fixed order. And she walks out. I just stood there in shock. I suffer from really bad anxiety and began to have a panic attack. Her words just keep playing in my head over and over. I just start crying. I cry in the back of the store for 10 minutes. The customers wait in the drive through for that whole time because no one else can take over. I hated myself for messing up and even more for not keeping it together. I just broke.

Eventually i toughen up and finish helping customers. I think most of them saw that id been crying so they didnt argue with me for the wait. I felt like such a wimp.

At the end of my shift i checked the messages that were left on the answering machine. I call back one of the numbers left and it was HER. I ask her for the full details about ME and she explains them to me thinking that im the manager. She explains that she waited for 15 minutes even though she waited for about 8-10 minutes. She said i apologized and fixed her order but on her way out the door she (thought) heard my coworker say to me “i wouldnt have been able to handle the way you did”

I said “i was actually that girl who took your order. I promise you i didnt say anything when you walked out the door… *long pause* i might be wrong but i heard you call me stupid as–”

“I didnt call YOU stupid. But it was just a SHAME i had to come in ON CRUTCHES after waiting and being busy is no excuse to get my order wrong!”

“Okay… Im sorry i messed up your oder. Im a human and i make mistakes. We dont have a manager at this store unfortunately. But if you stop by again with your receipt i can give you a full refund for the inconvenience or a free meal if youd like.”

“Umm… no…”

“Sssoo…. what would you prefer i do?”

“Um idk?! But being busy is no excuse to mess up my order.”

“…ok… im sorry. I guess i dont know what else to tell you besides im sorry. ”

“Yeah… i accept your apology and thanks for calling me back”

what about ladrien

There’s all this marichat but think of ladrien. Think of people kidnapping adrien for ransom from his dad. But ladybug sees them in the act and rescues him from the warehouse. And she holds him princess style as she’s thinking of how warm she is and how nice he smells and she’s trying to make conversation about how chat is being delinquent and adrien is a stuttery fumbling mess and as she returns him to his balcony he grabs her hand before she leaves and asks if she wants some tea or something while waiting for chat to finally show up (cause adrien knows he wont) and they talk a bit and learn they actually have a lot in common. And ladybug makes a point to stop by his room and one day she finds him crying cause his dad was an ass and she comforts him and hugs him and tells about how she feels pressured being ladybug as well. And he asks how her life is different from her civilian life and even tho she doesnt want to share she wants to get his mind off his dad and talks about she how she really enjoys her life even with a certain annoying mayors daughter bothering her. And one day chat asks her where she spends her time and she blushes and says its a secret, and under his mask he blushes too because wait ladybug is embarressed to visit him??? And ladybug one day sees chat entering adriens room and yells at him for being jealous of adrien, even though adrien is such a kind and caring and gentle person– And then chat’s kissing her, but there’s something familiar in the way he’s holding her hand, and then chat turns back into adrien– And dear god im gonna write a fic just watch me

rose-owl replied to your post “the only way the shape of water could be any better was if it was gay”

Your loss then

oh im still gonna watch it and get my rocks off violently to this lady and her fish boyfriend you seem to have missed the bit where i said the only way it could be better was if it was gay weird how you missed like the whole sentence anyway i maintain this movie would be even better if this were a lady and her fish monster gf and im not  wrong

Rhea stood by one of the tables, not paying attention to the event at all. She had a cup of tea in her hands and stared off into the space in front of her, daydreaming about being anywhere else but here. Before she could stop herself, she let her cup of tea tilt forward, spilling some of the contents out onto the very nice floor. The lady-in-waiting caught someone’s eye as she quickly set the cup onto the table. “I didn’t do it,” she said, shifting her eyes nervously. “I mean… I kinda did it but I didn’t really do it.”