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Father shiro and Mother Allura x Child reader

Prologue is here : https://drabblesrus.tumblr.com/post/163308242786/voltron-fanfic

“Who wants to join?” Quarava asked.

Allura looked at the paladins, who seemed a little skeptical about having their DNA sampled by and old alien living in a hollow tree. “Well, if no one else wants to do it.” She said, standing up.

“Wait! Princess..” Shiro started, standing up with the Altean, “I will pair with you.” He said with a small smile. Their relationship had been under wraps for a while now, the only person really knowing is Coran. Quarava beamed and took their hands, inspecting them, “Excellent, two strong beings. The child of voltron will be something to be feared.” He said before taking a thin scalpel and putting a small cut on the tip of their pointer fingers. “Place your hands over the incubation chamber, and let a single drop of you or blood drip in.” He said before quickly running to get some bottled ingredients from the shelves.

“Lets see, they will have the fairness of an Altean, but the strength and will of the earthling donor, now all we need is something to call their own.” He mumbled to himself. Lance scoffed, “Why don’t you make them a graceful dancer.” He began with a laugh, “Like that could help anything.” The grayed man grinned and pulled a pink bottle down from the top shelf, “This should do it!” He said before dripping it in and closing the small chamber. The chamber fizzed and rocked and bounced, Shiro stepped in front of Allura in case the thing were to do something dangerous.

Once it opened, some fog cleared, and out popped a young child, looked to be about seven or eight years of age. They had (H/C) hair, with a white streak in their bangs. “I added in a bit of Amazon, so they may look like you, but they are actually quite strong.” Quarava explained. The child looked around at the group, and got a bit nervous. They were just born like two minutes ago and now there are all these people. They ran up and wrapped their arms around Shiro’s leg, him feeling the most familiar.

Shiro tensed for a moment, not used to sudden physical contact, and from someone so small. He picked up the child, “Umm… Thank you sir.” He stammered out before looking over at allura with a gleam of joy in his eyes. He never thought he would see the day that he would actually have a family. Allura was just as excited, to have an Altean child running around, sure it was only half but that meant their child was special, there was no one in the universe like them.

“What are you going to name them?” Hunk asked as they all walked back to the castle. “Yeah, and are you sure this will even work?” Kieth questioned. Allura tapped her chin, before looking over at the child, “I like (Y/N), what about you Shiro?” She asked her new partner in parenthood. “It does fit them. (Y/N) Shirogane of Altea.”

“Why you gotta make them sound all fancy and stuff? We can just call them (Y/N)…” lance shrugged. Allura whipped around to look at lance, “Are you saying my child doesn’t deserve an official title? They are of the Altean royalty, so of course they’ll have a title!” Pidge checked her watch, “You’ve had the kid for ten minutes and you’ve already gone mama bear Allura. You don’t even know what the kid is like because they’ve clung to Shiro since their creation.” Allura crossed her arms, “Alteans have a strong bond with children.” She said before they reached the castle. Tomorrow we will see what this child will be like in our lives, but for now everyone get some rest.” Everyone went off to their quarters to sleep, except for Allura, Shiro, and (Y/N).

“I suppose we should make a bigger room for the three of us huh? Or at least us together and our child next door?” Allura asked with a small chuckle, “That’s so odd to say but… I do have to admit I like it.” Shiro nodded in agreement before feeling the young half breed fidget in his arms. They looked at the both of them, “Are you my mom and dad?” They asked. That was the first thing they had said to anyone.

Allura smiled and nodded, “Yes darling, I am your mummy. And this loving man holding you is your daddy. You’ll be living with us from now on (Y/N).” She said with a soft smile. (Y/N) reached her hands out to touch Allura’s face, “You’re a pretty mommy…” Shiro looked over at the curious little one and smiled, “I think so too.” He whispered before setting them down. “Now lets get you to bed, we can get all sorts of things done in the morning.”

(Y/N) nodded and yawned, “You both can stay in my quarters tonight, there is more than enough space.” Allura mumbled, yawning a bit as well. Shiro agreed, they could think about plans tomorrow, but for now, they needed to rest up. Because having a child meant more sleepless nights than usual, with one more thing to worry about. Their own flesh and blood, and the constant fear of them getting hurt. But this was not only for bonding the entire team together as paladins, this was to bring them closer as a family, because they were all each other had until Zarkon was defeated and they could actually go home. But for now, this was enough for the Black Paladin at least.

End Chapter 1

(This is a continuation of my first post, the plain Voltron x Reader, and I wanted to do Shiro x Allura first because they seem like the most popular ship besides Klance. If this gets 15 likes ill post a part two, because idk how much people like this lol)

Dance that lasts a lifetime

@huxlolidays I did it! I finally got one of the prompts done and it’s actually on time? What? crazy.

A little dance related fluff for @smolwars and fluff friday as well!

While his home world was officially Arkanis he had only been there for a short time, the empire had fallen and his family had fled Arkanis and it’s manor houses and lush green seas of grasses, with its festivals and it’s balls.

No, Hux’s home world had been a series of outer rim outposts that turned a blind eye to the imperial jacket hanging off his father’s shoulders and only cared for the imperial memorabilia and jewels and well worn finery they and the other refugees were willing to part with (and sometimes not so willingly). And when they had grown too hostile and when the children tugging at apron strings and arm sleeves were finally grown enough to spend more time off planet with no ill effects Hux’s home world had become a series of space ships and defunct stations.

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Ahh, look what I decided to do! And boy was it ever fun!, I can’t wait to do Frisk and Asriel with this as well! (I couldn’t possibly leave them out guys)

Here’s Frisk for those interested: https://crisy1001.tumblr.com/post/145161579359/

and Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, but he’ll be here when I’m done!




So yeah, long post ahead (I swear I’ll try and figure out how to do the read more feature someday!……Aaaannd, it’s actually incredibly easy……wow…..great job me…..great job -_-

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Hamilton Song title starters 1/2

•Alexander Hamilton - My muse is enjoying a night out when they hear your muse talking about them.

•Aaron Burr, Sir - Your muse is walking down the street when they hear their name. They turn to see my muse looking for them. They don’t know who my muse muse is, nor are they sure they want to.

•My Shot - My muse is out drinking a couple mates and yours decides they want to hang out to. Problem is, my muse is the only person in the group who likes them.

•The Story of Tonight - My muse and your muse are drunk and have no recollection of what they’re doing, but they’ve gotten themselves into a very “deep” conversation.

•The Schuyler Sisters - My muse at a rally for gender equality and yours is too. They both have similar ideas on that topic, but when the discussion starts to change they discover their view are actually quite different.

•Farmer Refuted - Your muse is ranting to their friends about something when my muse overhears. My muse decides they need to put their two cents in on the subject.

•You’ll Be Back - Our muses recently broke up and my muse is still sore about it. They won’t stop bugging your muse.

•Right Hand Man - Your muse is extremely stressed about something and wants my muse to help calm them down, but my muse has no idea why they’re even upset in the first place.

•The Winter’s Ball - My muse has fallen head-over-heels in love with someone they just met. Your muse doesn’t like this one bit.

•Satisfied - Our muses are at a mutual friend’s wedding and they’re both upset that the two are officially now taken.

•The Story of Tonight (reprise) - Your muse has recently started dating someone, they’re trying to keep it on the down low, but rumors are flying like crazy. My muse wants details.

•Wait For It - Our muses are waiting in line for something and mine is getting increasingly more impatient.

•Stay Alive - Our muses are both soldiers that have recently been deployed.

•Ten Duel Commandments - My muse has agreed to fight their life-long bully, while your muse believes this is a horrible idea they’re going to help.

•Meet Me Inside - My muse is going to get in big trouble for doing something they definitely shouldn’t have, but they haven’t been caught yet. They go to your muse in hopes of getting advice on what to do.

•That Would Be Enough - Our muses are friends who met on the Internet, and your muse just found out mine is a soldier, whom at this point has slightly lost the will of wanting to come back alive. What does your muse have to say about this?

•Guns and Ships - My muse is boasting about how great they are, but your muse decidedly thinks that my muse would be better, if they were included.

•History Has Its Eyes On You - My muse is older now, past their glory days, and reflecting on their life, your muse is valiantly listening and giving their thoughts on the matter.

•Yorktown (the world turned upside down) - Our muses are both tumblr nerds and guess what? TUMBLR CHANGED IT’S FORMATTING AGAIN. So, they’re ranting about how horrible this is, it’s like everything was turned upside down.

•What Comes Next - Our muses have been broken up for awhile, but my muse is still bothering yours. Oh wait, they finally got a new partner, maybe things’ll be better. Nope, now they’re just gonna brag about their new datemate and question you about your life choices.

•Dear Theodosia - Our muses are both proud parents and they have the same “Parent and Me!” class. Problem is they don’t like each other, nor are they very sportsmanship like. Chaos will ensue when to pride-filled parents go to war.

•Non-Stop - My muse hasn’t slept in a long time and they’ve been working constantly. Your muse is getting really worried, but when they go to say something my muse gets snippy and rude. Should your muse even bother to try and continue?

Judy is a barista at Nick’s favorite coffee shop. 

A/N: I am utter Disney trash. Deal with it.

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