wait i saw this as an orphan black post

I just saw a post on my dash about how the new Annie shouldn’t have been a black girl because white people don’t get adopted too and the company just did it to include diversity.

Are we seriously back to this?!

Guess what, in the United States there are long WAITING LISTS for white babies and white orphans under the age of 6-7. The majority of adoptive parents want a white baby. In some states, there could be up to 36 couples in a waitlist per white baby. For white Annie not to be adopted is way out of the norm. I’m not saying that there aren’t white kids in the foster system because there are. I’m just saying that it would be a lot less likely for a while Annie not to be adopted. The majority of kids who don’t get adopted are black and hispanic in the Americas. Hence in a modern set Annie that she is black and not white. 

When Annie was first made, it was at the time when a lot of people looked down at the Irish immigrants. That’s how you got little redheaded orphan Annie. Parents didn’t want to adopt her both because of her gender and because she was Irish. And if you watch the older movies, most of those kids in the orphanage are Irish as well. That is not the case now. People will wait for years and years just to get a girl like the traditional white Annie. 

And if they wanted to add more diversity, so what? It doesn’t make sense for Annie to be white because the majority of kids in foster systems and orphanages at this time, as the movie was in, are black and hispanic. And it’s a good thing that we are getting more diversity. A new ‘white girl Annie’ wouldn’t have captured hearts now like the black Annie did. Not so many people would have connected with it, and it would completely disregard the truth that most white kids get adopted very fast, that there are waiting lists for white children. Not to mention that no one would want another typical, remade Annie. We have a lot already. This one was different and I think it was for the better. It was more realistic. And it had more diversity, which is not a bad thing. 

If you didn’t like the new Annie because you were upset she wasn’t white then don’t watch it. Be in your delusion that black kids aren’t adopted like white kids.