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Loki sex head canons pls por favor? Wait actually I might die if u do this TBH plan my funeral ( you know who it is yeeeeeeet)

S T O P  E N C O U R A G I N G  M E. 

You’re not getting a proper funeral, leave me alone. 

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-When: It’s a weekly occurrence. Usually, he’s too busy smiling as Frigga fusses over him. 

- Location: It never happens behind closed quarters. One time, he had you sprawled across the throne promised to him…His maids have caught you in the library before (of course, they saw nothing except his perfectly sculpted ass

- Why: 99% of the time, it’s because he’s either angry or extremely frustrated with the Asgardian lifestyle. (You’ll be casually reading a book and he’ll walk in, his posture stiff and his mouth set in a frown. Next thing you know, you’re naked, the book is thrown on the floor and he’s crawling over you with darkened eyes)

- Noise level: Magic is useful, isn’t it?

- Position: Doggy-style. He’ll hold your hair back, tugging at the strand as if he has reins in his hand as he thrusts into you, his other hand gripping your hip to keep you still on the bed. Loki loves to watch the way that your face contorts in the mirror you’re facing, the way that your arms shake as you try to hold yourself up to keep a level position…)

- Rough? Gentle? : Usually, it’s rough. There are barely any boundaries, hence your need for a safe word if he does, in fact, get too into it and hurts you. There’s always bruises and you always struggle to walk the day after. As the maids dress you, all you can do is bite your lip harshly at their every teasing remark as they see the numerous marks littering your body. 

Every time that you see him around the palace throughout the day, you receive a deliberate smirk that sets your heart racing and makes blood rush to your face. You end up forcing your gaze away with your heart pounding in your chest as the images from last night flash through your mind. His smirk widens. 

- Activities: 

             * cLonEs. He’ll make clones that’ll have you squirming on the bed within mere seconds and Loki will simply watch, stroking himself, his eyes darkening further with every sound that leaves your lips. 

            * Masturbation. Let me get this straight, he loves watching you as you touch yourself with his bottom lip held hostage between his teeth, biting nearly hard enough to draw blood. His eyes are focused on your face, watching your mouth stay wide open in an attempt to catch your breath, your eyes dazed and barely open….and when the faintest moan of his name leaves your lips….

            * BDSM. Loki is a kinky little fuck. He wants power and when you’re tied down to the bed, mewls of his name filling the air as his fingertips just brush over the expanse of your ribs, he has the exact power he wants. 

- Aftercare: He’ll press slow kisses over the bruises he left, making his way off the bed slowly to get some towels to clean up. 

After, he’ll get back in bed, pulling your exhausted frame closer and whispering that you’re his queen no matter what. You both fall asleep together, tangled in the sheets together. 

Always In Your Heart

Owen Grady x reader

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The day had started as any normal days. You had woken up, dressed yourself and eaten breakfast as you were on your way to work. The trees sped past your car, but within a few minutes you stopped the old truck in front of the raptor exhibit.

The sun was up and it had already started to heat up the air, even the workers that walked around had already started to sweat with the few minutes as they had started to work. “(Y/N)!” you turned around by the sound of your name, as you looked in the direction and up - Barry leaned over the railing and waved. 

“Barry - good morning!” You called out and the man smiled. He answered in French as he knew you did not like when he talked in his mother language. You narrowed your eyes at him, but the scowled turned into a smile as Barry laughed at you. “Don’t be like that, (Y/N),” Barry said with his thick accent, as he leaned away from the railing and pointed towards the direction of the other steel bridge. 

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