wait i forgot what manga this is from

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Wait, can you remind me what are the two rings that Ciel is wearing? There was one that Sebastian fetched out (presumably from the twin's body) and one that Madame Red handed to him upon his return, yes? So which ring signifies what? Also, which one is the one that Elisabeth broke at the beginning of the manga/anime? I forgot that there are two rings and now I'm confused @_@

Hi there!

Ciel wears two rings: the Phantomhive ring on his left thumb and the seal ring on his right middle finger.

Phantomhive ring (aka “blue ring”):

  • the “ring” everyone is talking about in regards to the “who stole the candy from my tummy” message (ch128)
  • Lizzy once broke it but Sebastian later fixed it (ch2)
  • it has been handed down to each head of the Phantomhive family (Vincent used to wear it, too)
  • it’s made of blue diamond
  • it’s not clear how Ciel retrieved this ring after he was freed from the occulotists, but a popular theory is that he took it out from real!Ciel’s body after he died

Seal ring

  • has probably no plot-related importance
  • Madam Red handed it back to Ciel after he returned from captivity (ch62)