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Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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All the members of your polyship are living apart for some reason, and decide to set up a group Skype call. Which one of them fails at technology? Which one is having connection issues? Which one is having the time of their life laughing at the others?


“TMNT’s Valentine’s Day”

Hey! I missed to draw these guys and I couldn’t resist draw something for this day! But as you can see I’m not so good with the backgrounds :T

Whatev’s! I hope you like it! And Happy Valetine’s Day! My best wishes to you and your “husbandos”, “waifus”, Friends, etc..

TMNT © Respective authors/Art by Me (@KoreBb)

OMG… I forgot Ice Cream Kitty D: </3

Jungkook As Your Boyfriend

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  • k if you get to date jungkook you are the luckiest thing on earth because who doesn’t want to date that nerd
  • so he would be extremely nervous before confessing because he wouldn’t just go to a random someone he found cute and ask them out oh no no he would totally fall for a best friend
  • and guess what you are the best friend
  • and the nerd didn’t even realise he liked you in the first place he was literally just like “huh hyung aren’t they amazing if i’d date someone i wish it would be them”
  • and jin is literally facepalming for the fifth time because “jungkook maybe u CAN date them just ask”
  • but kook is like “wait no i can’t hyung we are best friends are you dumb or something”
  • but then something clicks in his head or jin is hitting his head bc kook’s stupid af and you turn around and smile at him and he just realises
  • he just knows he already fell for you
  • and then he nearly faints
  • but yeah back to it he decides to confess after some weeks or months idk he’s pretty much a loser
  • so what better way to confess than write a message because he is still a loser and he knows that if he talks to you he’s gonna screw it all up
  • so here’s the thing, being your best friend, kook doesn’t really write you messages and even when he does they are short because he knows you won’t get mad
  • but he literally stood all night up to write a long ass message before sending it at like 7 am
  • you still don’t know that he worked so much at that message but namjoon is forever blackmailing kook with it
  • woah this backstory is long af
  • anyway badabing badaboom you two are together because you actually had a crush on him who wouldn’t have a crush on jungkook
  • he still doesn’t like texting but he tries to send you morning texts and good night texts
  • you also get to wear his white t-shirts and he complains about it but he finds you sexy when you wear his clothes so he lets you wear them anyway
  • you two watch the marvel movies and you secretly like iron man too but you say that captain america is better just to annoy kook
  • alright back to the story
  • so jungkookie wouldn’t be big on skinship at first
  • he would be afraid to hold your hand
  • so when he does hold your hand he just internal screams and is like “good job kook you did good”
  • but then he regrets everything because his hands get sweaty so he immediately tries to find a context to stop holding your hand
  • he is also afraid to kiss you
  • and when the boys see that none of you is taking initiative on kissing they come up with a plan
  • so they play the pepero game
  • and yeah, taehyung and hobi kiss again and jimin gets slapped by yoongi bc they kissed but it’s all worth it when they shove both your heads into one another to see you kiss
  • and this is the story of your first kiss
  • jungkook likes hugs though
  • he would hug you 24/7 if he had the time
  • he gives good hugs too like he likes to hover over you if you are shorter or snuggle his head into your neck if you are tall enough
  • he would also like cuddling, especially spooning
  • but he would love to be the big spoon, even if you are 6 feet tall he. is. going. to. hold. his. baby.
  • and you can’t do anything about it
  • he still whines about his arm being numb after you two get up and he denies ever wanting to be the big spoon so you are still the bad one
  • after he gets comfortable enough with you he would start making out with you
  • and BOI would he love making out yes he would
  • he’d be pretty good at it too like he would love to hover over you while you two kissed (he would also dominate the kiss he’s a dom fiGHT ME)
  • he’d put a hand around your waist if you were standing and he would gather your hands over your head if you were sitting
  • he loves when you straddle him but he will never ever ever tell you
  • he also gives good neck kisses
  • he would pepper close mouthed kisses over your neck and they would be so light you would barely feel them
  • and when he gets to your collar bone you think he’s done buT HE GOES BACk to your neck and just bites
  • he bites
  • and then he starts to sloppily kiss all over your neck and he starts biting and sucking and licking everywhere he can reach and he gives you s o many hickeys and god forbid you hide them nope you gotta go out with your neck fucked up i’m sorry you got no choice
  • and he gets so smug and proud when people point out your hickeys or bruises and he smirks and he just w i n k s at you when you look over
  • but this fucker would headbutt you into your nose if you gave him one faint faint pale hickey
  • so yeah i guess you found out that your sex life is pretty interesting
  • of course, if you are ok with sex bc if you are not jungkook is still a happy bean
  • k so i already said that jungkook is a dom and i will forever support this statement with my whole heart
  • anyway, the first time he wouldn’t be as confident as he was with making out
  • bc apparently making love is different
  • and he’s scared of hurting you
  • so you have to take the wheel
  • and your first time is gentle and cute and somehow awkward but you enjoyed it nevertheless because jungkook kept on repeating praises and he also left those heavenly moans out
  • spoiler: after the first three times kook flips you two over and fucks you into oblivion
  • another spoiler: you never get to dom ever again
  • from then on it just gets wilder and wilder
  • i don’t really see him into dirty talk but i actually see him into dirty talk???
  • like i don’t think he will dirty talk every time but if you get him angry enough he will get into lowkey humiliation mode
  • sometimes calls you slut but apologizes for it 50 times after it’s all over
  • will never ever do anything that will hurt you because he may be a dom but he’s not going to ever hurt you so u are in good hands
  • a big one on fingering i dunno i don’t see him eating you out but he’ll finger you at any hour every day he’d finger you hours on no end if you would let him
  • also loves fucking your mouth if you are ok with it but still apologizes for it 10 times
  • spoiler: if you let him fuck your mouth then he will totally do it and if you gag or struggle he will chuckle and be like “come on, you can take more than that” and just continue. feels bad for it later
  • anyway, if you look uncomfortable with something or you look like you just can’t anymore he will stop because he doesn’t want to push you past your limits
  • and apologize again like 70 times because he is good at apologizing
  • if you guys ever fight he will be s o scared but only after it’s over and one of you walks away
  • i mean, he gets into it and he is pretty competitive so when you fight he wants to show you that he is right even if he isn’t
  • so he doesn’t notice that what you two do is bad only after you walk away
  • so he gets very very scared and he’s !!! “hyUNG WHAT DO I DO THEY LEFT”
  • and jin is like “calm down kid they’ll come back i promise”
  • and you do come back and jungkook is in literal tears his cheeks are all puffed out and his eyes are red and his lips are even redder and he looks like he can’t breathe anymore and he just clings to you and he repeats “please never leave me alone don’t ever walk away like this please i’ll do everything let’s just never fight i don’t like it” and he is ugly sobbing and whining so you just hug him and cuddle him and wipe away his tears and you can’t even remember why you fought in the first place
  • that was your first fight so after that one jungkook avoids the fights like the plague
  • if you guys start fighting he drops everything and hugs you very very tight because he is scared you will walk away again so he sits you down somewhere and he sits right next to you so your legs and arms touch because he needs to know you are there 
  • and you two just talk and never fight again
  • he also gets you little cute presents because “i just saw it there and it reminded me of you so i just bought it”
  • so your room is full of little things from jungkook because he doesn’t really like presents but will forever buy you stuff because he highkey likes to spoil you
  • you are so spoiled istg the only time he doesn’t spoil you is when you say “why do you spoil me” and he just denies everything
  • he is totally whipped but he doesn’t acknowledge it
  • and you guys tease each other every day and every time people see you together you bicker but at the end of the day you are still his and he is still yours
  • he knows he can trust you so WAIT NOPE I FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING IT’S NOT ENDING YET
  • he is so jealous
  • i mean, it’s not that he doesn’t trust you, because he does, but when he sees other men around you he just goes on protective mode
  • the problem is he doesn’t know how to react when he feels like this so every time it’s different
  • one time he pulls you away, one time he joins the conversation, one time he just says something salty to the other person and forcefully grabs you and takes you somewhere else
  • actually, it’s always different with jungkook, whatever you guys are doing, be it dates (sometimes you go to a cafe, the next time you go to the gym and sometimes he takes you to the zoo or a carnival), or kisses (he will forever kiss you in a new way, two kisses will never be the same) or even talk (you guys will never talk about the same thing twice)
  • and that is because he knows he doesn’t know what to do so he wants to make sure that you are still interested in him and still love him and he’s forever afraid that he might screw up so he tries his best because you are honestly the world for him and he doesn’t want to lose his sun and moon and stars
  • because you make him feel things he never felt before and you are his only source of calmness and peace when everyone is stressing him and only your scent can relax him
  • and he knows he can trust you because you have been there before he even knew who he was. you were always there to remind him why he is wonderful and why he is doing what he is doing and you always supported him through his darkest times. you always protected him and he didn’t even know
  • so now he is forever grateful for what you’ve done for him and he wants to do so too. he wants to be there for you and he wants you to cry on his shoulder, not on someone else’s. he wants to be the reason you smile and he wants to protect you and he wants to remind you why you are breathtaking
  • he just adores you and everything about you and he still can’t comprehend why you love him the way he loves you and every night he has to remind himself that you are his, that you are there for him and that you are ok with it
  • so your relationship is more than bickering and presents
  • because jungkook is way deeper than he shows and he is a person that feels everything so very deeply and sometimes he is afraid of his own feelings and this is why he needs you to show him that you feel the same way and that he isn’t crazy or something
  • your relationship is one where you aren’t just lovers, but best friends too, which means that you know everything about each other, but are still eager to absorb everything that means the other’s existence
  • your relationship is built on sleepless nights where you just stare at each other and warm blankets and 3 am dinners and soft shy kisses and sweaty hands even after years of being together and mistakes because they are always there but you two learn to overcome them and he wouldn’t have it any other way
  • this got very long

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Sorry, can I use your shower?

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Excessive fluff???, a few swear words

Word count: 1918

A/N- Some of you may have seen this story before. I wrote it a while ago on a side blog that I used to run. I wanted to transition my writing onto a main blog so I’m going to repost it here to get my account some more recognition! Don’t worry I’m not steling anyone else’s work :) enjoy

Summary: Your shower stops working at the end of a very long day. You are forced to ask your next door neighbor, who happens to be the winter soldier, to bathe in his apartment. Fluff ensues.

Your POV

 The door to your apartment creaked open as you entered and you slammed it shut behind you with your foot.You placed the four groccery bags in your hand onto the kitchen counter and headed straight for the bathroom. Today had been a very long day and you were in very desperate need of a shower.
Working in customer service isn’t exactly the most stress free job. People are rude to you even though you did not cause the laptop they were going to buy to increase $30 in price from yesterday. The hot water and lavender smelling soap would solve everything, so you striped naked and grabbed a towel out of the cabinet under the sink.

As you slung your towel over the wall of the shower, you reached inside to turn it on. A loud hissing noise emitted from the shower head as you turned the knob. No water came out, it just kept hissing. You turned the shower off and proceeded to bang your head against the shower wall. This is not what you needed right now.

Naked and frustrated, you put on your robe and securely tied the ribbon around your waist. Tugging your Y/H/C hair into a bun-like-mess, you stomped through your living room and out the front door.

“I’m going to take this fucking shower if it kills me”

You turned to the door of your closest neighbor and marched down the hall. You knocked on the door and waited for whoever lived there to answer you, trying not to think about the fact that it is nighttime and you are walking around your apartment building in a robe.

Your neighbor came to the door and looked relatively flustered to see you standing there in only a robe with some sort of frustrated scowl on your face. You smiled up at the man. He was very handsome with shoulder length dark hair and striking blue eyes. It was surprising that you had never noticed him around the building before.

Bucky’s POV

Steve and I were in the middle of watching an episode of Bob’s Burgers on netflix when a relatively aggressive knock sounded at my front door. I looked over at Steve and rolled my eyes.

“You didn’t order a pizza without telling me so you could pick the toppings again, did ya?”

“Nah not this time Buck, I swear”

He smirked at me mockingly and I rolled my eyes again, but got up to answer the door. I strode through and kitchen and to the front of my apartment preparing to tell whoever it was to fuck off when I realised it was my neighbor from down the hall.

But not just any neighbor. This was the neighbor I had been obsessing about since she moved in just over 2 months ago. I just never gathered enough courage to actually speak to her. She was absolutely beautiful, and charming in the way that she walked and I was captivated since the first time I saw her.
I looked down and realised that she was only covered in a robe and immediately lost any words that I could’ve thought to say.

“Hey, I know it’s late and I don’t mean to interrupt you if you’re in the middle of anything but you see, I had a really long day and I’m so tired and then my shower wasn’t working.Oh my gosh and we don’t even know each other’s names; I’m Y/N by the way; and now I’m just rambling. What I meant to say was: Sorry, can I use your shower?

Flustered I looked at her and then behind me inside of my home and managed to get out the word “sure” and let her inside.

I led her inside and closed the door behind us. Steve looked up from the TV when he heard me talking to someone. He raised an eyebrow at me when he spotted Y/N walking in front of me. He knew about my little crush and was always pressuring me to gather enough courage to talk to her. He shot me a look that clearly said now is your chance, you jerk and then turned back around to continue watching his show.

I rolled my eyes behind his back and began to lead Y/N to the bathroom.

“Oh I’m Bucky, I don’t think I told you my name out there. It’s nice to officially meet you Y/N”

I was practically shaking but I finally spoke to her. She looked at me and smiled big.

“It’s nice to meet you Bucky. Thanks for letting me use your shower. Today has been quite a mess for me and I really need to bathe”  

Her tone was light and airy I grinned. This was going well.

I continued to lead her to the bathroom and once we got there I showed her how to operate the shower.

“Yeah you just have to pull the knob out and then twist it counterclockwise. The water is a comfortable temperature right around here. Sorry about all this, you know how touchy showers can be”

She laughed and nodded her head in agreement.
“Oh don’t I know it. Thanks for everything Bucky. I won’t be long and then I’ll be out of your hair”

She touched my arm as she said this and my skin tingled. I nodded at her and smiled as I left her to shower.

I walked back into the living room and tried not to draw Steve’s attention. He knew how much I adored her and he was sure to make a big deal about all of this. I only talked about my cute neighbor from down the hall all the damn time.
Steve didn’t say anything obnoxious for the first few minutes after I sat down, but then he couldn’t control himself anymore. He looked over at me and just smirked before he said something that only Steve would think to say at a time like this.

“Sorry to say this pal but she’s way out of your league”

“Steve, I already figured that out”

“You should definitely ask her out” He smirked at me but I could tell he was serious.

“You just said that she was out of my league”

“Buck, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask her out. I know how much you like her” I rolled my eyes at this.

“But wouldn’t that be weird. We’ve never even talked before today. I don’t know Steve, I’d be kinda devastated if she said no”

“Oh come on Buck, when have you ever been one to be shy around the ladies?”

“Since I genuinely like one of them” Now it was Steve’s turn to roll his eyes at me.

“Just think about it”

We were both so caught up in our conversation that we didn’t hear the shower turn off a few minutes back and the bathroom door slowly open as Y/N listened to us talk about her.

Your POV

The hot water did wonders for your nerves, but determined to keep your promise to Bucky you made your shower short and was finished in a matter of minutes. The towel he laid out for you was soft and you dried your hair and body quickly before putting your robe back on.

You could hear voices from down the hall and curiously opened the door to the bathroom as quietly as possible and crept down the hall a little so that you could hear the voices clearer.You weren’t aware that Bucky had a friend over which made you tug the robe around your body a little tighter.

“You just said that she was out of my league” Bucky said, sounding kind of annoyed.

“Buck, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask her out. I know how much you like her” Were they talking about you? You had only met him today. Not that you would be upset about seeing Bucky around more. The thought of going out with him actually made heat rise to your cheeks. He was very handsome and very sweet.

“But wouldn’t that be weird. We’ve never even talked before today. I don’t know Steve, I’d be kinda devastated if she said no” Yup, they were talking about you.

“Oh come on Buck, when have you ever been one to be shy around the ladies?”

“Since I genuinely like one of them”

“Just think about it”

You smiled big at this and waited a few seconds to make your presence known. You then walked into the living area and cleared your throat.

“Hey Bucky, I’m all finished in there. Thanks again for everything. I hope I didn’t interrupt your evening”

“Don’t worry about it Y/N. It was no trouble really”

“I’ve got to be going then” You told him hoping that he would stand to walk you out.

“I’ll walk you back to your door, if that’s alright” You nodded your head and he followed you out of the living room.

As you walked next to him down the hallway, you felt yourself gravitate towards him and you realised that he was probably too nervous to ask you out like you had hope he would. This one would be up to you. Every now and again you brushed your arm against his “accidentally” and smiled to yourself. Finally you reached your door. You both looked at each other for a few seconds before speaking.

“I was wondering-” You both said in unison but quickly cut yourselves off and smiled. Bucky motioned for you to go first, while blushing.

“Well, I was just wondering if maybe you’d want to go out sometime. Maybe we can grab some coffee tomorrow. I’m buying” His blush spread all throughout his face.

“Yeah I would love to Y/N” he managed to stammer out while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Okay great, how does 9:30 sound?”

“Good” He responded seemingly in a daze.

“Alright well I’ll see you tomorrow morning then” you said and squeezed his hand. He waved as he turned to walk down the hallway. But suddenly he spun around as if he forgot something.

“Wait, would it be completely inappropriate if I kissed you right now?” You shook your head at him, took a few steps forward, and wound your arms around his neck. He bent down to kiss you and carefully placed one hand on your waist and the other on your cheek.

You pulled him closer to you and heard him sigh happily into the kiss. You both pulled away simultaneously, breathless and blushing. He gently took your hand and raised it to his lips and left a ghost of a kiss there.

Bucky’s POV

As I walked away from her down the hallway my confidence swelled so I turned to look at her.

“Until tomorrow” I said softly and winked at her before heading inside my apartment and sliding my back down the door. I rested on the ground for awhile before getting up and heading towards my bedroom with a big smile on my face.

“So I’ll assume that went well” Steve smirked as I walked passed him.
But all I could think to say was “I’m going to marry that girl someday”

Goodbye Kisses

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 3.5 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 (final)

Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: He was scared…he was scared of losing you over one stupid kiss

Word Count: 2958

Warning: cursing

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The sunlight along the horizon was wearing thin marking the beginning of dusk. It wasn’t that late into the night, but you had insisted for the boys to go home and get some needed rest. They did have promotions starting tomorrow, and you didn’t want them to be all tired out staying late at your house warming party. 

“Wah, noona. Thanks for having us.” Namjoon smiled, his dimples revealing themselves on his cheeks.

You pat his back as he and the other boys stand at your door ready to leave, “It’s no problem, Joon. You guys are welcome over any time now that I got a bigger place.”

“I mean, I guess Jin-hyung is free to come over whenever he likes am I right?” Hoseok joked, poking Jin teasingly, “Hmm, I wonder if we should leave without Jin-hyung. Let the two love birds break in the apartment, what do ya think?”

Jin and you stand there, awkward with heat rushing to both your faces. Jungkook could sense the discomfort Hoseok’s joke was causing you,

“C’mon, hyung. Quit joking around.”

Hoseok looked at Jungkook with his trademark ‘nope’ face, “What? I was just kidding.” 

“Anyways, I think we’ve overstayed our welcome. Plus we got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.” Yoongi butt in. Namjoon agreed with him and began to shoo the other members out of the house. Jin was the last to file out of your newly bought apartment, but before he could step out the door you pull his arm,

“Wait, Jinnie. I think you forgot something.” Jin was wide-eyed with confusion. He looked around and in his bag, but he was still confused,

“I think I have everything, jagi-ah.” 

“Oh really?” You smile and stand on your toes leaning so that your lips could collide with his. However, Jin, in a small panic, takes a step back just as you were about to kiss him. You blinked rapidly, obviously consumed with disappointed at his reluctance to give you a goodbye kiss. 

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exo as “those” customers


- “this is cheaper at___ can’t you match the price?”

- “why isn’t this the same price I saw online?”

- “you can just keep the receipt”

-  “why can’t I return this? I haven’t even used it!” clearly, it’s been used

- stares at you while you’re on the phone at the register

- you’re leaving since your shift is over, you have your jacket on and carrying your bag but xiumin grabs you aside “sorry! I know I caught you in a bad time but….” :) you leave 20 minutes later


- “oh? it didn’t scan so this must be free hahahahaha!”

- “this doesn’t have a price tag, it must be free then! hahahahaha!”

- “working hard or hardly working huh? hahahaha”

- “the total comes to $4.50″ he hands you a $50 bill

- you ask him “how are you today?” and he tells you his life story

- tries to use old coupons and promotional flyers even though you explained for 20 minutes why you can’t value them


- walks into a store and spends 2 hours there, leaves and buys nothing

- “I’m just looking!”. you didn’t even ask, you were just walking by

- “excuse me, do you work here?” he asks as you’re in uniform with a big name tag

- calls the store to ask “are you guys open?”

- your shift is over, but he’s still talking to you :)

- he tries to ask you for help even though he can see you clearly going to your lunch break


-you can see him peek through the window after you just flipped the close sign, he gives up after struggling with the locked door 

- gives you attitude at the counter but his card gets declined :)

- tries to get larger discounts because he is a “loyal and long time customer”…you’ve seen him twice in the past year

- pays with just coins sometimes

- struggles with swiping/tapping his card because he didn’t wait even though you said “please wait”

- after you have rung everything up, he decides he doesn’t want half of the stuff anymore


- ignores you when you greet him entering the store

- interrupts you when you’re helping another customer and demands for help

- constantly flirting to get discounts

- places items in random spots because he feels he doesn’t need it anymore

- places his rubbish in random places eg. juice container in the corner of an aisle

- leaves the changing room a mess as he leaves the clothes he tried on in there


- ignores you when you ask him if there’s anything you can help him with

- who then taps on your shoulder when you’re on the business phone wanting help

- always asks “how do you know you don’t have this in the back?”

- you entered the amount given to you in the register but he then gives you a bunch of coins to “make things easier”

- he’ll try to use your employee discount by saying he’s your best friend from “back in the day”

- uses a “card only” self check out booth when he only has cash


- “well maybe I’ll take my business somewhere else!”

- “you just lost one customer, I’m never coming back to this store again!”

- he asks to speak to the manager even though they’ll tell him the exact same thing you told him

- “this is a bit expensive for a ___ isn’t it?!”

- complains about the prices like you were the one who sets them

- puts the money on the counter even if you already extended out your hand


- the store closes in 5 minutes and you already started packing but… in walks Kai

- you flipped the close sign on the door but he shows up and says “please I’ll be quick I know exactly what I want!” you let him in and he leaves 1 hour later

- takes an item from the bottom of a display which makes everything tumble down 

- gives very, very vague descriptions of items he’s looking for

- “oh wait, I forgot to grab something can you mind my stuff I’ll be two secs!” now you wait and smile at the 10 people waiting in line at the checkout 

- “I forgot my wallet in my car I’ll be right back!” 


- picks up the piece of clothing on top of the pile to look at and places it back as a lump also you fixed that display just 5 minutes ago :)

- hangs clothing back on the wrong rack or lets the clothing slip of the hanger to fall on the ground and he ignores it

- tries to take in more than the limited items of clothing you can take in to a changing room

- always asks you to “look out the back” for a certain item or size 

- if you don’t have it he’ll ask you to call the other stores in town and the shop’s warehouse

- always on the phone at the register

nrk: i think we’ve made them wait enough should we give them the bloopers now
julie: no not yet, let them wait a little longer
julie in 2067: i just feel like i forgot something


Anon asked: Headcannons of dating Lydia Martin and being deaf ❤️

Warning: mention of sex

(A/N): I love this idea guys , Lydia x deaf!reader is my favourite pairing <3. When I say terapy I mean when a deaf person goes to the Speech therapist, and help the deaf person talk ,  a friend of mine is doing it and although it’s fucking hard , he can almost talk completely normal.

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

  • she already knew sign language, but she is still going to ask you if she is doing it right or sometimes mouth some words
  • gossiping with signs (she loves it)
  • not having problems with her screams
  • but also being sad cause you don’t have the chance to hear her voice
  • if you want she will help you with therapy, scratch that, she will do it even if you don’t ask for it (Speech therapist)
  • Lydia sometimes will dance out of the nowhere when her favorite song comes out the radio, she will drag you and make you dance with her. She will tap your shoulder at the rhythm of the song
  • super overprotective girlfriend
  • like wow, you won’t know if someone says something bad about you , but she hears everything
  • She will sign you something like “I’ll be right back love, I forgot something to do, wait for me on the library” she will kiss you cheek walking away with a smile, but once she is close to that person who insults you, or said something bad to you, she will put that “bitch you’re dead” face.

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