wait i almost have as many followers as posts

To all my followers

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything for some time or answered any personal chats. I’ve not been well and have been in an extreme amount of pain and very fatigued for many weeks now. I am scheduled for surgery which has now been expedited which is very welcoming news. Also received good news that what I have is not cancer and I’m not going to die anytime soon. It took almost 4 weeks to get that good news but two of those weeks were very grim while I was waiting to find out about my results.
Recovery period from surgery will be up to two months but I’m hoping I’ll be feeling stronger much sooner than that at which time I will refocus on my blog.
Thank you all for following my blog. I never imagined I would have almost 11,000 followers in just over 8 months.
Looking forward to healthier and horny days ahead soon! 😘

Tumblr deleted my account!

Hey guys!
My KS blog used to be the-architect-analyzes and tumblr deleted my account for no reason. I emailed them twice and haven’t gotten an answer yet. I will have to wait 48 hours apparently. This is a temporary/backup account I made for now. If they don’t restore my old account, I will have to use this and start all over.
I had over 2k followers and almost 800 posts. So many drafts, arts, important messages, asks, they’re all gone.
I’m glad at least some of my good followers and mutuals reblogged most of my posts so if I don’t get my account back, at least I can still find some of my posts.

I don’t know if I can get my acc back and I’m really bummed but whatever happens, thanks for all your support all this time. <3

17k Followers [Update]

Just to let you all know, we hit 17000 followers on the blog recently! I had planned on making a nice big post about it a little while ago, but I’m still waiting on the final pieces for my computer, and man I really hate writing posts on this app! 😜 But yay! The blog just keeps growing, man. Y'all are great.

So I also want to add that my new computer is almost complete! As many of you know, my laptop broke so I’ve been doing all my work from my phone. My monitor and PC have arrived, but I’m still waiting on a cable I need to connect my monitor to the PC and then I’ll be up and running! Should be back before the end of the week :)



*party dance*

…wait…now is 199…

oh well…

I want to thank all my follower for caring about the silly Rhink art I post almost everyday, I’m so happy and I feel so loved, you have no idea!

Also I want to thank with all my heart @remembertherandler, @jacularmetteld, @mythicalea, @ladycynthiana, @rhinksexual@lovelyrhink and @hitbs128 for always reblog and appreciate my stuff (I’ve done the maths and the stats don’t lie <3).

I love you all and give you so many hugs you probably can’t breath anymore!

Valve <3

@everlastingdaisy replied to your post: @everlastingdaisy replied to your post: …

wait who do you mean by ‘those guys’? the ones who served in the military with frank? fuck i’ve watched DD so many times and now i can’t recall the scene/s u mean fhbekght

karen at the beginning of s01 starts following the story around and they catch her and she almost dies because her boss i think tells her to stop looking for the story but she doesn’t

which i found her v v kickass and we should have got a tv show about karen being a superhero tbh

I deleted my blog accidently...

because I’m a huge idiot :(

I was able to get my url back but EVERYTHING else is gone. I’m trying to find everyone I was following, but I know it’s gonna be super hard so if y’all would help me out by reblogging this/spreading the word some how?? I don’t know. I’m just kinda super upset because I’ve had this blog for almost a year now and I worked so hard on it and it’s all gone. I know I told y’all I was gonna do a botm or tumblr awards because I’d hit 3k followers and I promise I’ll still do that but it’ll have to wait until I get my blog back in order. Sorry :(

Posts you may have missed

I hope you have all had a great week (can you believe it is almost March? before we know it will be Easter!)  I’ve been trying out so many new products this week and can’t wait to share some of them with you in my February Favourites video. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with everything going on with Makeup Tips and whilst you’re at it follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Newsletter, and youtube as well!

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10 ways to use eyeshadow

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2014 is almost over and I know i’m not gonna be on my PC on new years so im gonna post this thing now.

i started this list in the middle of the year i take this shit seriously as fuck.  i hope nobody changed their goddamn urls.  anyway as per usual i probably missed a few people i just love so many of u guys.  most of the people on here are mutuals and some i’ve been trying to get to follow me for 20 years.

ya’ll make my dashboard worth waiting to load for 10 minutes :’)

have a great christmas or whatever it is u celebrate, be it nothing at all.  have a wonderful new year my friends.  stay safe.  i love you.

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here’s to year 5 on this dumb website.