wait i almost have as many followers as posts


Almost 30000 notes on that post and more than 100 new followers, thank you guys so much :’)))
You’re all welcome ❤️ I hope you can all feel comfortable here, I appreciate every single one of you!! I love you guys very much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy pride! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

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I'm really excited you're back!! I've been waiting for almost a year! Ilysm💗 I heard you have an Instagram? I NEED TO FOLLOW YOU!! Also do you know when requests will be open? And can you give me your masterlist? Sorry I have so many questions 😬😬


My insta is mandyrosie. It’s mostly my dogs and my aesthetic and sometimes my art and lots of nature and food. SO if you’re into that kind of thing follow me up and I’ll add you! 

Just posted a link to both the master lists and you can always find them linked at the top of the blog or via the search tool!

Requests will be open very, very soon. I won’t be any more specific than that for now. :D

One final thing:

Love ya!

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Hey! i wanted to stop by and say hello, i love your blog, and i wanted to know if you know any other blog of BTOB who also post gifs? i follow a few where i get to see photos of them but i havent found almost any with gifs of them, so if you could help me, and have a nice day! (excited cause is peniel´s turn on piece of btob)

i LOOOOOOOOOOVE @luxingjae !!!!!! they make super high quality gifs super quick literally a gift sent down by the gods 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and yessssSSSSSS i am so excited for pob vol3 too!!!! puni has been dropping so many spoilers i hONESTLY CANT WAIT AND THAT WE ARE GONNA GET A STUDIO VERSION OF PENIEL SINGING I…. WOULD LIKE TO THANK NOT JUST GOD BUT JESUS

*Tears in my eyes*

As you may or may not know, I’ve been having major internet trouble. Being so I’ve hardly looked at tumblr in the past few weeks.


I looked today and almost burst into tears. I’ve got over 200 followers.

I know it’s not really that many, but it’s so many to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who follows and likes and reblogs and comments. Really. Thank you.

I am still in the midst of my internet saga so I may not be super active for a little while yet. But I’m still working on stories that I can’t wait to share with you.

To my dear followers who happen upon this post I have a few questions. I’ve been contemplating writing a continual piece. Like something where I’ll release a chapter a week and such. Except I’m not exactly sure which direction to take. So I ask you, my friends, do you have any suggestions? Any stories of mine you’d like to see continued? Particular ships? Modern au? Comment or send an ask or whatever. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Thank you all again!

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Just curious, if you're all about diversity, shouldn't there be a white character in your header image? I'm a huge advocate of diversity, don't get me wrong, I'm just genuinely wondering if you excluded white people on purpose and why that is?

Just curious, if you’re all about diversity, shouldn’t there be a white character in your header image?

Let’s see, in my header image which is actually an art piece by the lovely @dmolech we have:

Tiana - African American, Pocahontas - Native American (specifically Powhatan), Jasmine (ethnicity unconfirmed but the film is a mixture of Middle Eastern and South Asian elements), Nani - Native Hawaiian, Esmeralda - Romani, Mulan - Han Chinese. All from very different racial/ethnic groups.

diverse dʌɪˈvəːs,ˈdʌɪvəːs/


  1. showing a great deal of variety; very different.

I mean…it’s almost as if…non-white people/people of colour are… wait for it…diverse??? Shocking I know…

And maybe that’s what I’m trying to show with this tiny blog and that’s why you won’t find any white characters here?

Besides white characters in Disney and the media in general are very, very well represented anyway (unlike characters of colour- which is why I decided to make this blog in the first place) so jot that down mate!


*party dance*

…wait…now is 199…

oh well…

I want to thank all my follower for caring about the silly Rhink art I post almost everyday, I’m so happy and I feel so loved, you have no idea!

Also I want to thank with all my heart @remembertherandler, @jacularmetteld, @mythicalea, @ladycynthiana, @rhinksexual@lovelyrhink and @hitbs128 for always reblog and appreciate my stuff (I’ve done the maths and the stats don’t lie <3).

I love you all and give you so many hugs you probably can’t breath anymore!

Valve <3


Thank so much for 600 followers!!! Its amazing that my little blog has so many followers, im really thankful for each and every one of you! (cant wait to tell my mom) Its kinda hard to believe that someone like me managed to have so many followers, WOW.

Id also like to thank everyone who read my tokyo ghoul meta post! I was so shocked when I woke up and it had over 100 notes~ I almost cried.

Anyway, once again thank you so much for sticking with me! 

I deleted my blog accidently...

because I’m a huge idiot :(

I was able to get my url back but EVERYTHING else is gone. I’m trying to find everyone I was following, but I know it’s gonna be super hard so if y’all would help me out by reblogging this/spreading the word some how?? I don’t know. I’m just kinda super upset because I’ve had this blog for almost a year now and I worked so hard on it and it’s all gone. I know I told y’all I was gonna do a botm or tumblr awards because I’d hit 3k followers and I promise I’ll still do that but it’ll have to wait until I get my blog back in order. Sorry :(

Posts you may have missed

I hope you have all had a great week (can you believe it is almost March? before we know it will be Easter!)  I’ve been trying out so many new products this week and can’t wait to share some of them with you in my February Favourites video. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with everything going on with Makeup Tips and whilst you’re at it follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Newsletter, and youtube as well!

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2014 is almost over and I know i’m not gonna be on my PC on new years so im gonna post this thing now.

i started this list in the middle of the year i take this shit seriously as fuck.  i hope nobody changed their goddamn urls.  anyway as per usual i probably missed a few people i just love so many of u guys.  most of the people on here are mutuals and some i’ve been trying to get to follow me for 20 years.

ya’ll make my dashboard worth waiting to load for 10 minutes :’)

have a great christmas or whatever it is u celebrate, be it nothing at all.  have a wonderful new year my friends.  stay safe.  i love you.

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