wait he's reaching out to me

How to attract a dragon

Shake that booty.

Oh wait, we’re not talking about that kind of attraction. (Or are we?)

If you’ve read my few texts talking about Mr.Dragon, maybe you know he reached out to me on his own. Because of this, I’ve been asked more than once how to attract a dragon that easily. Both to just have a dragon approach them, or to aid their summonings and callings and active seeking of a dragon spirit. 

With Mr.Dragon in specific it’s a bit hard, because we met in a past life, and he reached out to me on purpose, because we have some pending business. But! Even since getting into spirit work, I’ve talked with many dragons, and they’ve all liked me. Some more reached out to me too. These are the kind of things that got those dragons interested in me:  

-I hoard dragons. Or more specifically, dragon imagery. Posters with dragons pictured on them. Paintings of dragons, done by my own hand. Dragon figurines. Books about dragons. Books with dragon protagonists. Music featuring dragons. Dragons, dragons, DRAGONS. If you love dragons, you probably already have lots of these. This gives you a certain vibe. It makes them know you admire them, and they could come after knowing they’ll be pampered, or heard without prejudice which is the only thing some dragons need.

-I hang out with other spirits. My first spirit companion wasn’t Mr.Dragon, it was my guardian angel. It’s usual for spirit workers to have spirits reach out to them often, since their messages won’t fall on deaf ears. If a dragon sees you talking with spirits, they’ll know you’ll be able to hear them. And if on top of it, you have a varied spirit family, the more shy ones or the ones who don’t want to deal with people treating them badly if their lifestyle doesn’t fit into usual human moral standards will know they can reach out to you too.

Also, you could actively attract a dragon through a ritual. The dragon imagery will make it obvious you’re interest, but also you could bring the elements you want to use, raise up all the protections to want, and actually speak out ‘I’m looking a dragon to befriend/A dragon who’ll be my partner in spellwork/etc., I have this to offer in exchange, and would like someone who is patient/enthusiastic/low profile/a vulcano of energy. I’m a bit shy/a hardworker/artistic (whatever you want to let them know about yourself). If you’re interested, please answer.’ Really, it can be that simple.


singlikeyaminit: Hey guys,so last night was a pretty special evening!..so here goes a story about how powerful and unifying music can truly be: Last week an artist named YoungJae @333cyj333 reached out to me on social media,posting a screen shot of my new song with Sanjoy called “Obvi” …he’s a member of a K-Pop band called GOT7 …after direct messaging,we exchanged info and he proceeded to tell me that he auditioned for the band by singing my song “Wait For You” ….this is in Seoul Korea mind you,a country I have yet to visit or experience!!…fast forward to a couple of days later, he invites us to the #Got7 fan meet show last night at the Pasadena Civic,which just so happens to be where The Green Mile portion of American Idol was taped during my season…I hadn’t been back there since!…so as some of my fondest memories were conjuring up as I walked into the auditorium,I couldn’t help but think of how amazing this journey has been…the places it’s taken me…the people I’ve met…people who’ve inspired me…people I’ve perhaps inspired,and touched in some small way with my music…and it was all playing out right in front of my eyes last night!…so,needless to say,we had a blast getting to meet YoungJae and the rest of the band members..I want to thank him,his team,and his endless community of fans for reaching out and making last night possible!..I am forever grateful! Namaste!

The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer. Psalm 6:9
I waited patiently for the LORD; He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:1-2
Are you tired of waiting? Maybe, nothing seems to be happening. Maybe, you feel God is not hearing your cry for help. But your cry has reached the Lord your God. Wait for Him to intervene with His divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding. His answer or guidance is going to be the best.

“give me a call when you feel like it ❤”

is so soft, though? it is so pure? the choice of words … not if, but when. because you know what isak’s saying here to even?

that i accept you. as you are. and it’s not if you wanna call me, then you can. it’s WHEN you wanna, then do so. because i’ll be right here, whenever, all you have to do is reach out, and i’ll be right here, ready and waiting, to listen to everything you wanna say.

not if, when. because there is no room for “ifs”, because even and isak are. they already ARE. it’s whenever even is fully ready to put into words whatever he wants to say to isak, and isak’s just a dial away from him.

and their little ❤, its isak’s way of showing their normalcy that they have between them. that NOTHING has changed from his end. he’s still the same isak, and even’s still the same even he’d send ❤ to at the end of their texts.

ugh, how can ONE text message be so soft, and pure, and so full of fondness and affection, and certainty and sureness? i don’t know, but THAT text conveyed ALL of that.

Wanna Bet? III

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Reader


Warnings: SMUT. Oral (both), face sitting, rough, daddy kink, dirty talk

Word Count: 1,707

A/N: This is my fic, I’m just re-posting onto my sideblog

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you, baby girl. I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Jimin looked at you with a smirk. He pushed you off of his thigh and moved down the bed so that his head was now on the pillow. He motioned for you to move closer to him, eyeing you as you crawled closer. When you got within his arm’s reach, Jimin grabbed your waist and brought you on top of him, facing his legs. He pulled you by your thighs, so that you were now hovering above his face, the realization of what he was about to do sinking in, “I’ve been dying to find out how you taste baby, don’t make me wait any longer.”

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theory: trump is a cockroach,  WAIT hear me out

He’s trying to build a wall, right?

You know what likes walls?


You know what could survive a nuclear blast?


Trump is going to build a wall on the Canadian border, hear me out. 

He’s going to box Americans in. 

And then he’s going to lay his little eggs in our homes and wallgreens and kmarts and Dave and Busters’. 

And then we’re all eaten alive, screaming and begging for help but unable to reach anyone cuz Trump fired all the ambassadors and he’s built up walls, political and physical, to trap us in his cockroach hive. 

But the outside world hasn’t heard from America in years, right?

So the day Trump finally tears down the wall and the world, tear-stricken and clutching their hankies, finally about to see the Americans again after all these years of utter radio silence, what happens?

It begins. 

The War. 

The War of the Roaches. 

He’s been preparing his nuclear arsenal. 

Humans never had a chance. 

The roaches are free. 

They are coming. 

They sweep Mexico and South America and Canada and what can we do?

Nothing, our biggest weapons are powerless to the roach hoard. 

We are powerless to their hardened exoskeletons and ability to survive. 

Europe thought it was safe. 

But the roaches are a highly evolved form of roach. 

Those years of hiding have paid off. 

They are coming. 

In drones. 

They fall onto the city and there’s nothing to be done, they have an immunity to bug spray and they’re impossible to smoosh, their skeletons are battle-hardened and prepared from years and years of training in American soil. 

They overtake Western Europe, and begin once more to build walls. 

Humanity is losing. 

Humanity has poisoned its water and food supply, but cockroaches can eat anything. They will survive.

They watch as humanity resorts to fighting one another and murdering each other instead of coming up with a way to preserve the resources they have left.

Meanwhile, roaches begin to collect plastic and create boats out of the Pacific Garbage Heap. 

They begin their tertiary siege.

Soon, they will begin to take over the freezing regions. 

They will create a resistance.

They have assimilated human technology. 

They will adapt.

Humans and their cultural adaptation, well.

Humans are in a disarray ever since Trump came into power.

They are no longer a worthy opposition. 

The roaches will rule. 

They are a hive, a collective, a united front. 

They do not see the differences of their shells, merely their similar form, their DNA, their shared kinship. 

Humans, individuals, are weak and squabbling.

They argue over battle tactics and what is a human life, is it worth losing one, is it right to quel the opinions of dissenters in a time of war?

Are other humans worth saving? 

Meanwhile, the roaches are preparing. 


They develop bacterial agents designed to turn humans into mega roaches. 

Their DNA will be infused with our own. 

We will lose our human minds and find ourselves with only antennae and the desire to serve the Trump, our queen. 

And still, humans flounder. 

We kill ourselves  from within before our enemies can kill us. 

It’s not even a hostile takeover when they finally breach Asia and begin the process of doing the same thing. 

It’s a plea for swift assimilation, for cockroaches merely want to assimilate and eat us. 

But humans?

Humans will do things cockroaches could never do to one another, to members of the same collective hive.

Within the human consciousness, we were desperate. Hungry. Thirsty. Desiring nothing but survival and willing to doom every other member of our race to extinction if it meant living just another day.

Cockroaches share no such selfish desire.

They are one with the hive, and the hive is one of them. 

The hive will live forever, if the individual does its duty, and thus the individual does its duty with eagerness. 

For the good of the hive, for the good of the hive. 

Humans have no hive.

Humans do not see one another as friends, only enemies. 

Humans shall fall.

For the hive. For the hive. 

And who began the real cracking, the devastation, of human unity and reason?

Of human dignity and cohesion, the strands between all of us, the genetic connection between brother and sister? 

His name is Trump. 

He is the cockroach queen. 

He begins with us. 

He’s coming for the entire human race.

Be ready, brothers and sisters.

It’s us or them. 

restart [yoongi&you]

Summary: yoongi clearly seemed to have moved on after a misunderstanding, but why is he knocking on your door later in the night with a bruised lip and knuckles?

a/n: fhjsakdkadkalda just updating something early for ya before my bornday

Originally posted by sugakookiefactory

“It’s okay,” you mutter under your breath as the rain comes pouring. “It’s really okay, Yoongi.”

“But wait, you didn’t even listen to me yet!” Yoongi yells, his hand reaching out to hold onto your wrist but you pull away from him immediately. “Please, let me explain.”

You stare up at him with a forced smile and shakes your head. “I have always listened, Yoongi. I’m always waiting and listening to you, but you never did the same for me,” you mutter before jumping in your car and driving off from where the man stands.

Three weeks ago, if only you could turn back in time, would you have been able to fix everything?

You had no idea that Yoongi would move on so quickly, despite the chances he would have with different girls after what he witnessed. Nevertheless, must he date the one person your heart had assumed would who one day become his? Your tears pour out of your eyes and you had no idea how long since you’ve been home and is crying on your driveway.

It was a misunderstanding and Yoongi didn’t care to find out about your situation. He couldn’t even look at you in the eyes and listen to your story, yet with his friend Namjoon, their friendship rekindled and is better than ever. So where does this leave you? Who are you really to Yoongi if his body, his mind, and his heart now belongs to his best friend, Kwon Jihyo?

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God, did not see the tears of the traveler. He did not become attached. He did not have to break free. Man built the road, to get away from home, to reach exile. The road is calling out my name… it tells me…  today is the day to break free…  A small backpack full of memories on my trembling shoulders. From all the good and bad people, from all that happy and sorrowful tales, what has remained for me but memories? A vague image in the speck of dust on the window. The road has put out its arms… waiting for me… I am singing the bitter story of goodbye even though my lips are closed. To leave behind all memories. All the love. All the attachment. It’s hard but I have no choice.
Planetarium // Nurseydex

a/n: short drabble based on the commission @wheeloffortune-design was doing today on their livestream. i’ll link back to that when it’s posted. EDIT: here’s the link.

“The binary star Algol is located 93 light years away. It used to be known as ‘al Ghul’, the demon star….”

”Yo, Dex,” Nursey whispered, nudging Dex’s arm. “Where’s she pointing? I can’t see what the laser is pointing to.”

“It’s the one on the left, over there.” He pointed.

“Oh, I see,” Nursey said, reaching over Dex to take a handful of popcorn. “No, wait, I don’t see.”

Nursey, it’s right—hey.” Some of the popcorn in Nursey’s fist fell out onto Dex’s lap. “C’mon, you just spilled popcorn all over me.”

“Whoops,” Nursey said, sounding entirely unapologetic. He picked a piece off of Dex’s knee and popped it into his mouth, grinning.

“The binary star makes up part of the Perseus constellation. It represents the mighty Greek hero….”

Dex threw a piece of popcorn at Nursey’s face, who immediately threw it back. Dex raised an eyebrow. “I was going to give you some of these M&M’s I smuggled in,” Dex said quietly, “but now I’m having second thoughts….”

“Eh, it’s fine. I’m more of a skittles guy anyway,” Nursey replied, shrugging. He bent his knees and propped his feet up on the seat in front of him.

“God, I can’t believe you’re such a candy snob, It’s sugar.”

A couple of rows in front of them, an older woman turned around, putting her finger up towards her lips. “Shh!” she hissed.

“Sorry, maam,” Dex apologized. He did his best to look repentant.

They tried to be quiet for a few more minutes, listening to the woman explain the science behind stars and the meaning behind constellations. The planetarium was mostly dark. They could barely see each other in the dim lights cast down from the artificial stars above them. Despite himself, Dex found that he was actually really enjoying this date. It had been Nursey’s idea, of course—who else would turn down a normal date plan like going to the movies in favor of a planetarium. But Dex had been talking about how he missed being able to see the stars, and Nursey must have remembered that, and that was pretty sweet, he guessed. Slowly, like a high schooler on a first date, Dex put his arm over the back of Nursey’s chair and let it fall onto Nursey’s shoulder.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the constellation Aquila is associated with the eagle who kidnapped Ganymede, son of one of the kings of Troy….

“You know,” Nursey whispered into Dex’s ear, “Ganymede and Zeus banged a lot.”

Dex couldn’t help it—he started giggling. “What?” he said, doing his best to keep his voice down. “I thought Achilles was the one who was into dudes.”

“All the Greeks were into dudes, Dex,” Nursey murmured. “The founders of their democracy were a same-sex couple.”

“That sounds fake, but I don’t know enough about Ancient Greece to argue with you.”

“It’s totally true,” Nursey said. “You know who else is into dudes?”

Dex sensed a trap. “…Who?”

“Me,” Nursey said. He leaned in and planted a kiss on Dex’s cheek.

“Oh my god.”

The older woman from before turned around a second time, giving them a look. This time they managed to keep quiet until the end of the show.

“So, what did you think?” Nursey asked as they left the planetarium. “Was that better than a movie?”

“Dunno,” Dex shrugged. “I guess I could be convinced.”

“Hm, I could definitely convince you…” Nursey said. He leaned in and kissed him.

“God, you’re such a sap,” Dex murmured against his lips. But he kissed back all the same.


Fluffy/Angsty Baron/Best Friend little drabble thing I wrote tonight after watching Survivor Series, about Baron acting out.

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A mission gone awry leaves Hanzo fighting for his life, and McCree in limbo, waiting for him to come back…wanting to take revenge, and realising just how much Hanzo has come to mean to him.

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Wanna Bet? III (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Reader


Warnings: SMUT. Oral (both), face sitting, rough, daddy kink, dirty talk

Word Count: 1,707 

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you, baby girl. I haven’t even fucked you yet.” Jimin looked at you with a smirk. He pushed you off of his thigh and moved down the bed so that his head was now on the pillow. He motioned for you to move closer to him, eyeing you as you crawled closer. When you got within his arm’s reach, Jimin grabbed your waist and brought you on top of him, facing his legs. He pulled you by your thighs, so that you were now hovering above his face, the realization of what he was about to do sinking in,“I’ve been dying to find out how you taste baby, don’t make me wait any longer.”

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Gally x Reader

“Hey (Y/N), here let me give you a hand.” Thomas smiled as he grabbed one of the baskets you’d been carrying.

“Thanks, so how’re you settling in the first couple of days are always hard.” You smiled as you set the baskets down so Frypan could sort them out and headed back to the gardens to fetch another basket.


“Yeah it’s a lot harder than you guys make it look, pretty sure my backs going to hurt tomorrow.” He chuckled and you let out a laugh.


“(Y/N)!” You turned to see Gally waiting for you to come over to him and patted Thomas’ arm.

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“You’re scaring me.”  Stiles piped up from the couch.  You halted in your pacing, turning just enough to stare at the anxious boy in front of you.  His knee was bouncing up and down as a way to release his nerves as he had watched you pace silently, waiting for you to tell him why you had texted him an ‘SOS’.  “Just tell me.  What’s wrong?  I can handle it.”

Taking a deep breath you reached into your back pocket and pulled out the pregnancy test you had taken.  The two prominent pink lines displaying that you were pregnant.  Stiles leaned forward to study it for a second, brow furrowed in confusion before realization settled across his face.  He leaned back, body almost collapsing against the cushions as he breathed out.

“I didn’t know how to tell you.”  You said quietly, fingers twisting together as you waited for Stiles to say something.  To say anything.

“We can do this.”  He had been silent for so long that when he finally spoke it shocked you.  Slowly his big brown eyes rose to meet yours and he reached out a hand to pull you down into his lap.  Arms wrapping securely around your body and anchoring you to his chest.  “It’s not what we had in mind for our future, but we can handle this.”  He murmured, lips pressing against your forehead as you curled into him.  “We deal with the supernatural on the daily.  Handling a baby’s going to be nothing compared to that.

You know what kills me? Isak’s probably not texting Even because he’s terrified, he’s terrified Even won’t care or he’ll say something wrong, or even worse Even replies and tells him to leave him alone, he’s terrified because once he sends that text, Even either replies or he doesn’t, and to Isak, if he doesn’t, then it really is over and he can’t bear the thought of everything they had to be over so soon, so he waits and he waits in the hopes maybe just maybe Even will reach out first and say it’s not over…

dating Mingyu would include

Note: this is my first time so please bear with me

Also note: the reader in this is shorter and younger than Mingyu.

  • if you’re smaller a lot of teasing
  • “Hey jagi can you reach up and get me-oh wait.”
  • lots got glaring BECAUSE of the teasing
  • him using you as a arm rest
  • “Mingyu stop.”
  • “No, I’m comfy.”
  • calling you short evERY DAY
  • being the little spoon when it’s time to cuddle
  • having him cook you food even if you decline
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • “Just try this!”
  • “No.”
  • “Just do it.”
  • “Ugh, fine.”
  • him spamming you with texts when he’s away or even at practice
  • “I miss you.”
  • “You’ve only been gone for a hour Mingyu.”
  • “So?”
  • Him freaking out whenever you call him oppa
  • “Babe, can you say it?”
  • “Say what?”
  • “You know what.”
  • You’d stare at him confused until you realized.
  • “No.”
  • “Jagi.”
  • -note the ton of pouting-
  • “Nope.”
  • After he’d just stop asking and continue to pout.
  • Which you eventually gave into.
  • “Oppa.”
  • You have no idea how happy you made this child by calling him that.
  • Him always wanting to play with your hair or do it.
  • “Babe can I do your hair?”
  • “What? No.”
  • “Please?”
  • “No, the last time you did it I had a huge knot that we had to cut out!”
  • Holding hands, literally everywhere.
  • Like, you’d be in the supermarket and he wouldn’t let you go get milk without him.
  • “I just need to go get milk, wait here.”
  • “No, I’m coming with you.”
  • “Mingyu, you’re not a child.”
  • He’d end up coming with you, gripping your hand so you don’t leave him alone.
  • You know that post about if a dog could talk?
  • Yeah, that’s Mingyu.
  • Being best friends with the Seventeen members.
  • Mainly Wonwoo.
  • He practically lives at your house.
  • “Babe, can Wonwoo come over?”
  • “When did you ever have to ask?”
  • “Good point.”
  • “and when was the last time he didn’t come over.”
  • “Right.”
  • Listening to the members say how gross he is.
  • “He’s still in the bad habit of wiping his snot on us.”
  • “You thought it was bad when he did it to Jun’s hair? It got on my face!”
  • “Not only that, he’s constantly talking about your sex life.”
  • **NSFW below!**
  • Speaking of your sex life
  • Your two were inseparable
  • Like a few times you just spent the whole day in bed.
  • And you weren’t just watching TV.
  • With Mingyu it’s unpredictable how the night goes.
  • Sometimes he wants to be passionate, sometime rough and possessive.
  • him constantly complimenting your body
  • running his hands along your curves
  • kissing up your skin until he meets your lips
  • expect his head between your legs a lot
  • he’d probably expect something in return
  • but he won’t make you
  • lot of heavy breathing instead of moans
  • some moans but not a lot
  • “you’re so beautiful”
  • “how’d I get so lucky?”
  • “Mingyu.”
  • “yeah?
  • “Shut up?”
  • anyways
  • dating mingyu would be 
  • fun
  • exciting
  • very passionate

Okay I know in the past 24hrs there’s been more dad!bellamy posts then you can shake a stick at but I just had to make post number 2846226
So let’s dive in shall we:

in the top two pictures you see the scene where Harper reacts to seeing the slaves & Bellamy immediately reaches out to grab her out of instinct is it to comfort her? calm her? protect her? (probably all 3) but then the camera cuts to the little girls close up reaction of seeing Bellamy be protective over Harper & the look on her face is like “that’s the one I’ve been waiting for, he’ll save me”
like in that one tiny second she knows what kind of person Bellamy is. We all know what studies & such say about kids instinct usually being correct about people & how they are always more apt to see into someone’s soul etc.

& this abused fearful little girl took one look at Bellamys habitual action, & was like “that one will help me, will keep me safe”
& like she just automatically trusts him? & she drops the note at HIS feet, and looks crushed when she thinks she might be wrong about him? But then he comes through for her?!?
and that’s why she clings to him later. He SAVED her. Bellamys earnest heart gains trust guys! It got Clarkes, Jaspers,Echos, Pikes, Kanes, and now this little girls.

Bellamys earnest heart may very well end up saving humanity before this story ends. The heart of a father, The heart of a mother. He has both. And that’s his strongest weapon. He made the right choice to that little girl.

Now I bid you all goodnight as I go back to my nightly weeping over Bellamy Blake.

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“Y/N, wait!”

You turned around as you reached your door to see Sam jogging up your garden path towards you.

“I thought you had somewhere to be?” you asked, unable to keep the smile from your face.

“Yeah, well,” he trailed off, grinning down at you.

You tilted your head to the side, biting your lip.

“What’re you doing back here?”

“Can I take you out tonight?” he asked, and you grinned.

“I was waiting for you to ask,” you admitted, causing him to smile even wider.

“So that’s a yes?” he clarified, and you nodded. “Great, I’ll pick you up at eight?”

“Sounds good to me,” you agreed, and he surprised you by leaning in and placing a quick kiss to your lips.

“See you later,” he murmured, before turning and jogging back to his brother’s car.

He got in, the grin still plastered on his face. He licked his finger, holding it in the air, while Dean shot him an unimpressed glare.

“Told you I’d get the girl,” Sam laughed, and Dean grunted in response. “You snooze, you lose, man.”

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