wait he's beautiful


The look of utter horror on Dan Stevens’ face when the journalist said she saw the suit

+ bonus gif


a nervous cutie introducing their first radio program  ♡♡

I don’t wanna be an option. I want to be a priority. I want someone who doesn’t have to think twice about it and who would always chose me. I want someone to look at me and really find me beautiful. I want someone to write me stupid poetry, someone that relates every cheesy love song to me. And that’s why I won’t wait for you thinking you might love me enough someday. I will not waste my time being your second choice, cause I’ll be busy searching for the person who’s first I am.
—  Me to the boy that cheated on his girlfriend with me

i procrastinated again i’m so sorry mother

i absolutely love the garrison trio but i don’t draw them that often… but here they roll

also silly keith is my thing and he’s sleeping and i believe he can fall asleep anywhere


이코"저 군대갑니다.“


Brian d’Arcy James performs “Unusual Way” from Nine at MisCast Gala 2017