wait he does that in every movie he's in

RFA + V and Unknown finding out the M.C is a Broadway actress?? Thank!!1


  • He’s never really been into theater
  • But right when you tell him, he’s ready to watch everything you’re in 
  • Super happy when you take him to shows and rehearsals cause like
  • You’re just so amazing??
  • And he never thought that he’d attend a Broadway show, let alone travel outside of Korea
  • He has such an admiration for your acting and singing skills 
  • This cutie is always so supportive 
  • When you’re practicing at home, he’ll lovingly watch you
  • and set out snacks and such
  • If school isn’t in the way, he’ll make sure to attend your performances so he can cheer you on
  • There’s a bouquet waiting for you after every show


  • She thought she recognized your face from somewhere
  • You were in the movies that she’s seen (that didn’t feature Zen)
  • Honestly, she’s already your #1 fan and she hasn’t even looked into a lot of your work yet
  • But she eventually does and wowie wow wow 
  • Is it possible to fall harder in love with someone?
  • Sorry Zen, but Jaehee has a new muse and her name is MC
  • You make sure she gets VIP seating to your shows or backstage passes, spoil this woman
  • She’s such a fangirl because you can always hear her loud cheering at the end of every show


  • When he first met you face to face, he could swear that the world stopped
  • Dude
  • You’re like his biggest inspiration 
  • He’s literally dating his idol
  • It’s so cute though, he’s always asking you for tips and pointers, what made you want to be an actress, and how you ended up on Broadway 
  • or how you climbed the ladder of success (HSM reference ftw)
  • He loves singing with you around the house, your voice just goes with his so well
  • And he’s more than willing to help you practice lines at home
  • Zen makes it to every single show, no questions asked; he also attends most of the rehearsals
  • You always snag him VIP tickets to any of the shows (even the ones you’re not in) 
  • He loves you so much, you’re such a blessing to him


  • He only really ever attends Broadway shows with his father (and his father’s girlfriends because they were mainly the ones who wanted to go)
  • But he did go on his own once to see ‘Cats’ the musical for obvious reasons
  • When you tell him, he’s very intrigued to find out more
  • He didn’t want to see you rehearse at home when he first found out so that his first experience of your skill is portrayed on stage
  • And dear god
  • You were stunning, amazing, talented, the list could go on
  • He can’t make it to every show, but he tries to
  • After every show he’ll take you out to dinner to celebrate
  • If he couldn’t attend, he’ll ask you how it went over dinner still
  • “I wonder if I could get Elizabeth on Broadway…”
  • “Jumin no.”


  • Of course, the background check he did on you gave it away
  • He thinks it’s amazing that you’re in Broadway of all things
  • Eventually, he becomes quite the fan of your work and theater
  • mainly just for you, he couldn’t care less about the other people
  • He can only sometimes go to shows because his work gets in the way
  • Plus the big crowd just isn’t his thing either
  • But every single freaking time he does go, at the end of the performance he’s throwing roses at you
  • “Saeyoung stop I don’t think people do that anymore,” (I actually don’t know if it’s still actually a thing)
  • In reply to that, the next time he just threw a whole rose bouquet at you, knocking you down on stage
  • goddammit saeyoung


  • He’s been to New York a few times, so he’s seen a few Broadway shows 
  • Maybe he’s seen you in a show once? He can’t remember
  • i mean he can’t really see either way amirite? (i’m so sorry)
  • When he sees you practicing at home, he already thinks you’re amazing
  • But right when you hit the big stage, he was in a w e
  • He got blessed with such a goddess, what did he ever do to get someone like you?
  • Utterly loves attending your shows and is always so supportive of you
  • After every show, he’ll take a celebratory photo with you (sometimes still in costume) and put it in a scrapbook
  • If you’re ever nervous before a show, V gives the best pep talks 
  • He’ll always love your performances no matter what though


  • “What’s Broadway?”
  • “Oh so you’re like Zen but better.” damn straight
  • He’s kinda interested to see you perform live but the big amount of people make him uneasy
  • Instead of just buying dvds, he’ll watch from a tv backstage
  • It still technically counts as seeing you live, and he’s making a sweet effort
  • He really gets sucked into the storylines and it’s cute to see him so into it
  • No matter how the play goes, he’ll always give you a big hug afterwards and tell you that you did great
  • It’s traditional to always get icecream afterwards as a reward
  • Holster: [to the team before a game] "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today.
  • Bitty: [to Ransom] What the hell is he talking about?
  • Ransom: He does this every year.
  • Bitty: Seriously?
  • Holster: We're fighting for our right to live!
  • Bitty: Wait...is this--
  • Ransom: The speech from Independence Day.
  • Holster: The day the world declared in one voice--
  • Ransom: It's Holster's favorite movie.
  • Holster: "We will not go quietly into the night!"
  • Bitty: He doesn't know any sports speeches?
  • Ransom: I don't think he cares.
  • Holster: Today, we celebrate our independence day!
Headcanon malec watching some hp

How about Malec on a rainy day curled up on the couch with some popcorn watching a Harry Potter marathon.

• Magnus complaining on the horrible wardrobe of Dumbledore “how could he ever used such horrible hats”

•And Alec being completely fascinated by the whole plot in the movies, asking dork questions every once in a while
“If they have magic, why doesn’t he makes the scar disappear?”
“Wait, where is his nose?”
“Why his hair is so greasy? Does shampoo exist?”
“Why they don’t just travel back in time and save Harry’s parents? Dah!”

• Ok but now imagine it is super late and they are on the last movie but Alec ends up falling asleep with his head on Magnus chest

• And Magnus is also super tired so they end up staying the whole night on the couch