wait guys for his album .~~

Harry on Dermot O’Leary

Quick recap of Harry on BBCR2′s Saturday Breakfast with Dermot O’Leary (starts at 1:34) for @jlf23tumble and anyone else who missed it!

I’m only writing down stuff we didn’t hear in any other interviews so far so this won’t be too long:

  • Harry’s a morning person, usually gets up before 8am
  • He talked again about how putting the single out is like giving birth, I love it
  • They weren’t sure at first if they wanted to put SOTT out first or keep it for later
  • One song on the album he wrote about 3 years ago
  • Talks about writing the song, playing the piano himself, writing with the guys from his new band and how he felt comfortable with them, learning from them and being inspired by them as a musician
  • DERMOT MENTIONED JAY I’M CRYING not her death or anything and Harry didn’t say anything about her, Dermot just mentioned she once said “my son went off to X Factor and never came back home” and they talked about Harry taking some time off at the start of the hiatus. But I’m still crying tho
  • He misses performing and touring and he looks forward to doing it again at some point
  • Dermot asked him which Paul McCartney song to play and Harry chose Maybe I’m Amazed because he’s a GIANT SAP
  • The album will be out soon-ish, he didn’t want to wait too long
  • Doing Dunkirk was one of the best experiences of his life, he loved being the new guy, being out of his comfort zone and not having any idea what he was doing

And because I know you care:

  • No mention of girls or exes or dating
  • No mention of any babies other than the song
The Only One

Originally posted by harryisart

Two requests in one! As always, thanks for the love and support. Keep being amazing. xx - L

Harry comes home from tour to see you for the first time in a long time, and gets jealous when he sees another guy flirting with you.

Warnings: smut(ish)

Word Count: 1,677

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Fic Rec #3

New weekend, new fics to read!! 

the pink album by suspendrs  @suspendrs

They don’t really discuss how hard it is to be in this situation, or to be doing the things they have to do to continue being together. It’s just something they don’t talk about, and that’s alright. Or maybe it isn’t, but they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.

Or, a love seven years in the making, inspired by Harry’s debut album.

**I have been keeping up with this fic for a long time and I will add it ti my ‘canon’ Larry fic rec. Read this, guys. 10 chapters on each of Harry’s songs.

if it’s me you’re looking for by eleadore @eleadore

Louis has a bad habit of getting drunk before he confesses–or maybe it’s the other way around. AU.

**I dunno why I waited so long to read this fic. It was great!

I Don’t Wanna Hurt Anymore by offwiththeirheads @hazzabooween

Harry walks a thin line between breaking his best friend’s heart and fighting a losing battle.

**This was so good guys! It is short but powerful!

Never Too Late by dimpled_halo  @dimpled-halo

Harry’s confused for a moment before it hits him: the little boy is signing. Harry squats down to get to the boy’s level again and mirrors the same action.

“Dad?” He inquires. Harry learned basic sign language after having met a fan who was deaf. He made it his mission to learn signing so that he’d be able to communicate with other fellow hearing impaired fans.

The little boy smiles brightly, his tears now long gone. He goes on to extend both hands, palms up as if he’s asking where? Followed by the previous sign which means Dad. Harry smiles to himself at the amazing little guy standing in front of him.

He stands up taking the boy’s hand, “Let’s go find your dad,” he tells him making the motion with his hand.

Just having come out of the closet and recovering from vocal surgery, famous recording artist Harry Styles needs to get away from LA to work on new music needing to prove to his label that his career isn’t over. Little does he know that his life is about to change forever when he runs into an old friend at the city he’s decided to escape to.


give me things to stay awake by embodied @crossnecklace

It’s shitty and it’s counterproductive and it’s self-indulgent, but he lets it become a thing. On Saturday nights Harry goes out and gets so pissed he can’t stand, and when the bartender cuts him off he rings Louis and is in his car within an hour. It’s not a cycle he’s proud of, but it’s also something he can’t resist, and he keeps doing it as long as Louis keeps showing up.

AU. It’s been a year since Louis broke up with Harry.

**This is a break up/getting back together fic. So be ready with those tissues (seriously, you will need them)!!

If It’s Meant To Be (It’ll Be, It’ll Be) by lululawrence @lululawrence

“So, anyway. I’m done here and on my way to the airport. I think I’m expected to be there in the morning, around ten. I’ll let you know when I’m getting close.”

“Sounds good.” Harry pulled back from the window and threw himself onto one of the beds. Once he got comfortable, he steeled himself and then went for it. “It’s been too long this time, Lou,” he finally whispered. He watched as Louis bit his lip and nodded slowly.

“I know,” Louis agreed, just as quiet in return. “We have to swear to never go this long without seeing each other again. Two months is just…unacceptable. I’m gonna go now, but I’ll see you soon. ‘Kay?”

“Yeah. See you. Be safe,” Harry said, far too fondly for his best friend. He couldn’t help it though. It was how he always had been and probably always would be.

They hung up and Harry threw his arm over his face.

“I am so in love with him,” he whined to himself. “Fuck.”

** This fic was so adorable, guys! MUTUAL PINING!!!

We’ll Be Seamless by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate) @dinosaursmate

Green reblogged an old photo of himself. It was from back in October, a Halloween special. A pulse shot all the way through Louis because this photo was his absolute favourite, and it had taken the rest of the year for him to wean himself off of it.

Green was on his knees, arms stretched out in front of him with his fingertips digging into the surface of his bed. He was wearing a pair of cat ears on his head, his curls falling forward. His back was arched, and in the foreground of the picture, Green’s bum was high in the air, a long, black cat tail sitting neatly between his cheeks.

Louis spends all his spare time scrolling arty nude blogs on Tumblr but amongst them all, Green is his favourite.

**I dunno why I did not come across this fic before because it is GOLD! I love tumblr fics and this was so awesome!! (Also, check out the blog this fic is based on…life changing *cough*)

Like a Bullet in the Dark by Vurdoc  @vurdoc

Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

A Will & Kate Au- with a twist.

**This is sorta WIP because the author is writing a series. Saying too much about this fic will probably ruin it, so.. just read it!

Take Me To A Dream by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate) @dinosaursmate

“Hiya,” Harry said, beaming up at him. “These sandwiches any good?”
Words failed Louis, and he felt his shoulders shrug. “They’re fine for, like, eating.”
Harry paused, mid-swipe of Louis’ staff discount card. “I don’t use my sandwiches for much else, personally.”
Louis sighed to himself, embarrassed. A small smile was playing on Harry’s lips, dimple denting his cheek. God, Louis felt like a bloody idiot.

There’s just something about the new checkout boy that makes Louis lose his cool and act like a complete idiot, which doesn’t escape the attention of Liam or Niall. As much as Louis hates embarrassing himself, there’s something about Harry that keeps Louis coming back for more.

**Erm… same author twice. But both fics are so different! This is FLUFF!!

i want you so much (but i hate your guts) by becauselarry (WIP) @obviouslybecauselarry

AU in which Louis gets accepted to play for the Manchester University Alpha-Beta Football Team. The only problem: Louis is actually an Omega. He is determined to make it big in the football world, though, and he can’t do that bound to an Omega team. With the help of a faked doctor’s certificate and some pretty strong suppressants he is ready to fight for his dream.

That Harry Styles (Alpha, second year and youngest football captain of the A-B team in ages) doesn’t seem to like him complicates matters, though.

**I know its WIP but its so good!! And ENEMIES TO LOVERS! Go and read it! 

i’m still learning to love by stylinsonau (WIP)

“Hello there.” Louis crouches in front of the small child, brunette with light sleepy eyes. He smiles fondly. He looks a lot like his father, but with a little less laugh lines, and frowns, and grumpiness.

The child continues to rub at his eyes, clutching at his little shark before he asks, “Are you gonna be my new Dada?”

Harry stiffens.


An au where Harry has almost everything in the world except for the will to move on.

** ANother kid fic! Babysitter Louis! 

I wanna rec so much more. But its getting pretty long. And DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A KUDOS AND NICE COMMENTS FOR THE AUTHORS!! 

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!



It sounds beautiful 💕💕😭😭😭

FP Jones/Andrews family /Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 5

Originally posted by archiiandrews

AN: This fic has gotten such a positive reaction and I’m so glad all of you are enjoying it!

Catch up here: (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,956 (This chapter is a little short, sorry!)

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic,

“You dragged me over here because you can’t find your wallet? That is what you need me for?” You laughed with disbelief, FP only shrugged his shoulders and rose his eyebrows. 

“Hey, the more people, the quicker I find it.” FP said as he continued to look around the trailer to which looked like a bomb site.

You wanted to say some snarky comment about him having any other friends but in all honesty you were happy he had called you and even thought of you when it came down to something like this. 

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Imagine being a member of the Supernatural cast and during a panel being asked about you and Brendon.

“Hey, first of all I am really happy to be here and see you all!”

“Hey sweetehart” you smiled at the girl as did Jared, Jensen and Misha.

“So uhm this question is not very very relevant to the show but uhm since I have the chance I would like very much to uhm ask (Y/n)…” she trailed off at our name and you smiled at her.

“Go on” you laughed “I won’t bite”

“You mean hard!” Jensen pointed out and you rolled your eyes at him.

“I bite hard only at the people that annoy me to no end!” you said matter-of-factly and he gasped audibly, putting a hand over his chest.

“What are you implying?”

“I am not implying anything. I am stating it. You are annoying!”

“It was just one freaking kissing scene!” he eclaimed.

“Which I had to get right but couldn’t because you kept making funny faces! Or let’s not mention supposedly forgetting your lines! Hence- annoying!”

Jensen kept opening and closing his mouth but no words were comign out until- “My feelings had just been hurt” he pouted visibly as he looked at the crowd.

“Better than me hurting something else of your” you grinned and Jared and Misha laughed.

“Oh please when that happens I would like to be there and filming everything!” Misha laughed and so did you.

“Anyway, guys we have a fan here waiting to ask a question. Let’s not be rude. So what was it?”

She giggled slightly “Well despite that, it was an amazing scene for us but I wanted to ask about something that has to do with your real life and it’s…”


“What’s going on between you and Brendon Urie from Panic! at the disco?”

you instantly felt heat rise on your cheeks as the crowd ‘Woo’ed along with Jared and they clapped, cheering.

“Oh uh well-” you laughed nervously “About that-”

“Wait- what Brendon do they mean? How have I not met him yet?” Misha piped in and you mentally thanked him for a second.

“Oh you actually have. It’s the tall dude you found on (Y/n)’s trailer the previous I think week”

“Oh. Oh! You mean the one she seemed to be making out with?”

Yeah, not thanking Misha after all.


“Uh yes, yes. I actually liked him. He’s pretty much as crazy as I am!”

Jared laughed “Yeah that one” he shook his head.

“Oh wait a sec- is that the guy she’s posting photos with all the time? Hey I thought she was just going to collaborate with his band on their next album!”

“We actually are” you spoke up before any of them could say anything more, not that there really was anything left “Thanks a lot by the way” you glared at them and they laughed.

“But yeah, although I think you got your answer, Brendon and I- well, we wanted to wait a little while to make it official but yes yes we are dating.”

No sooner had you finsihed your sentence than the crowd errupted into cheers. They clapped and you laughed shyly.

“Yeah uh- neither of us can really tell you how this started. We- we’ve actually been friends for so long, went together in high school and quiet honestly if you asked me back then if I imagined myself in ten years, dating him I’d say no immediately but well-” you chuckled awkwardly “Her we are. I- I don’t really know how to describe it. But for the time being there is only one word that can describe how I feel when I am with Brendon, doing crazy stuff like when we were teens. Happy”

The crowd errupted into ‘Aw’s as did Jensen, Jared and Misha.

You laughed “Yeah, he uh really makes me feel happy. Like I got everything I need and after all this time of knowing him I am just sure there is no single thing that could pull us apart now.”

More ‘aw’s were heard and you smiled sheepishly at them.



“We’ll need to have a talk with that lad huh?”

“Oh hells yeah.”

“Good. I’ll go load up the guns”

13 Reasons Why (Daveed x Reader)

Sooooooo this took me literally forever to write, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!! Lil shoutout to Becca ( @angeilca-s ) helping me with some of the reasons ;) feedback would be lovely, and enjoy! 

Warnings: ANGST, swearing, it gets a little heated at one part but other than that I think it’s all good?

Words: 5447 (dang this took forever)

One - Constantly distracted

You mindlessly scraped the food around on your plate, your eyes glancing from the food up to your boyfriend, who obviously had something much more important than your three year anniversary on his phone.

“Babe, can you please put that away?” you hinted, glancing down at his phone when he looked up at you.

“Oh, yeah, mhm,” he nodded, sliding it into his back pocket and looking at you. That’s one of the many things that killed you, was the way he looked at you. No matter what you looked like, what you were doing, it didn’t matter. His chocolatey brown eyes bore into you like you put the stars in the sky and made the earth spin on its axis. You sighed and continued eating.

“Babygirl,” he strung out, letting the word slide right off his lips like music to your ears.

“Yes?” you responded, once again giving him your attention.

“I love you, I promise. So much,” he grinned, reaching over to take your hand. He rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand, something that you had always found calming.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling back. It was a truly genuine smile. You couldn’t be more in love with the man sitting across from you.

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Forgive or Forget IV

Forgive or Forget IV
[Sometimes effort isn’t enough]

◇ Forgive or Forget I  ◇ Forgive or Forget II   Forgive or Forget III

This was all for the better.

That had been your mantra as you actively distanced yourself from Christian. You couldn’t get mad at Kiseok for not putting his all in the relationship when you weren’t doing the same thing. Christian was only filling a void in your heart and with some effort Kiseok could mend the very hole he caused….Couldn’t he?

Not too much had changed between you two. Kiseok still had busy days where he was pretty much ghost and he made up for that with overly affectionate days. However, you were happy that you were able to have a mini vacation and visit his parents in Busan and enjoy your time together. Any time you were able to get away reminded you why you loved him so much.

“Mm..Kiseok-Oppa?” you yawned rolling over, seeing Kiseok get up from bed. “Where are you going?”

“Baby don’t get up.” he stretched, slipping on his pants. “Jay just texted me and told me that the file for the new song got corrupted, I gotta head down there.”

“This late? Can’t it wait?” you sat up in frustration.

“I’m gonna need to re-record everything. I don’t wanna put it off, and the compilation album is almost done. I can’t let down the guys”


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jikook radio!au📻

part 19/?

Jimin is an idol with his fame rising steadily in Korea. To promote his new album he is being interviewed by Radio Bangtan.

Jungkook has been working for Bangtan Radio for a little over two years now and he finally gets to interview his favorite singer.

(Based on the idea from promptsfordays)

here it finally is, sorry for the long wait guys! tell me what you think please!!!!!

let’s just be us

summary: based on this post by @bleebug (rockstar!killian and movie star!emma secretly dating, but those pesky fans figure it out…)

word count: ~3500

an: thanks to @swans-and-pirates for being a stellar beta! <3

Emma Swan likes to think she has it all in order.

Being an A-List celebrity is hard enough as it is, with paparazzi discovering her when she so much decides to go visit Starbucks for ten minutes. But, she has a plan and she has tricks that keep her relatively average.

Trick number one: private social media accounts.

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i spy a cheater

Request Prompt; Can you write a Shawn imagine where he’s been distant lately and sleeping at his friend’s house more often so when you confront him, you find out that he cheated and was too scared to tell you? So you’re about to leave him but he’s sobbing and you can tell he’s sorry so you decide to stay?

Warning; very slight use of some foul language


You and Shawn were definitely an inseparable couple. The two of you guys came in a pair, and it only made your relationship with the rising artist even stronger. Just as well as the two of you guys worked together, your trust levels were through the roof.

Although it was a bit weird at first, you learned to accept that Shawn’s career would always have him surrounded by girls that were practically in love with him. Even at the beginning of the relationship, Shawn assured you that the only girl he wanted was you. This of course made you more comfortable in the relationship and ultimately helped you through your now seven month relationship with Shawn.

Shawn was beginning to write his newest album, which required him to stay later at the studio than usual. This was nothing new to you, but you started worrying after he stopped answering your texts. You sent an occasional text every other hour to check up on him, but it was as if you were texting a wall. It had been like this for the past few weeks – Shawn wouldn’t answer your texts, he’d come home late, and by the time you’d wake up, he’d already be off at the studio.

When you got the chance to ask him, he gave you the quick excuse that he was sleeping at his friends house every other night since it was closer to the studio. Of course you bought it, but it was often a thought that bothered you.

The thought of him cheating on you never occurred because he’s never given you a reason to think that he would stab you in the back like that. He gave the relationship as much time as his job would allow him, and you didn’t complain. He knew how to treat a girl well, and he never had trouble making you feel like the luckiest girl out there.

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BTS Reaction: You Cry on Stage

A/N: so this was requested. The gifs make my heart hurt a little. I know we’ve been missing for quite a while, but finals were killer this year. Anyways thank you for requesting we love that you guys are requesting. We know it is taking a while to get these up, but hopefully our posts are worth the wait. Hopefully you enjoy!!!

send in a request masterlist

Can you do a BTS reaction of him seeing you his ex (also an idol) on stage (or on tv) crying because she sang a song that reminded her of him. Thank you, sorry if you didn’t understand me.


You and your group had just come out with music. Your entire album was a brand new style of music. You had written a couple of songs on the album and the fans loved it. You and Jin broken up before you began writing and of course you decided to channel those emotions into your songwriting. You had written a song about your relationship with him and how amazing it was and the fans loved it. It had blown up. The moment you stepped on stage you saw Jin’s face. He was sitting at a table towards the front. The entire group of boys fell silent when you and your girls came on stage. You began to sing, not knowing if you would cry or not. Unfortunately, midway into the performance your big solo was coming up and tears began to fall. Jin didn’t know what to do, so he sat there with a broken heart.


You and Yoongi were never official. You hanged out together all the time and did all the things couples would do. There had been rumors of the two of you dating, but when you were asked if the two of you were dating, you both denied it. You began to develop feelings for Yoongi, but you didn’t know if he was. You had confessed your feelings for Yoongi, but when you asked him if he felt the same, he left. That was the last time you had seen him. So here you were standing on stage ready to perform. You stood on stage telling yourself not to cry. Yoongi was not there, but you knew he was watching at home. Towards the end of the performance you began to cry, but you went on. Yoongi was heartbroken. He had left you thinking that he didn’t love you, but he did.


Namjoon didn’t know what to do. You were up there with tears streaming down your face, your group trying to console you, and you still trying to give your acceptance speech. Namjoon was happy for you because you had just gotten your first award, but when you mentioned all the people that made it possible, aka Namjoon, you couldn’t help but feel a bit your heart break inside. The man you loved was no longer yours.


Hobi was upset. The two of you were really good friends since forever. You had been there during all his highs and all his lows. You began to have feelings for him at one point. You kind of just kept that hidden. No one knew you had fallen in love with him. Or so you thought. The boys had left for their tour and you were left alone. Rumors started to appear all over the place “J-Hope’s New Girlfriend?” “J-Hope of BTS, Hookup!” The headlines went on and on. Your eyes began to water, you didn’t dare to open any of the articles, you had a performance that night and couldn’t afford to be in a bad mood that night. You were warming a couple of minutes before your performance, when you heard some of the workers talking about Hoseok and the mystery girl. You tried not to let it bother you, but it was too late. The performance started well, but the moment you saw a fan holding a picture of you and Hoseok, you broke down. It was all over the internet the next day. Hoseok was worried he didn’t know why you had reacted that way. It wasn’t until Yoongi explained to him that he was an idiot for not seeing how in love you were with him.


Jimin would have to find out that you cried on stage through an interview. He was so busy on tour and he couldn’t find the time to watch anything. The Interviewer had asked him how he felt about you crying during your performance and after your performance. Jimin was confused. He didn’t know. The interviewer played a clip of you on stage, the camera had zoomed into your red and tear stained face. Jimin sat there trying not to freak out and call you at that exact moment. He sat there, remembering that he couldn’t call you anymore.


You and Tae had barely been dating for a couple months, when you broke it off. Both of you had been on tour and you never had time to see each other, the both of you had decided to break it off. Tae had decided to go to one of your shows. During your performance you could not take your eyes off of the the beautiful boy. You began to realize how much you missed him. The moment tears started to stream down your face, Tae got worried. He couldn’t jump on stage and wipe them away, so he had to stand there and wait for you after the show.


Everybody knew why you were crying. Rumors were flying all over the place. You and Jungkook were no longer together. Everyone had asked you if you were ok and if the breakup was harsh. The only questions you were asked during interviews were about Jungkook. Jungkook this and that. No one took into consideration that you didn’t want to talk about Jungkook. So when the camera panned to Jungkook during your performance you couldn’t help but get angry. No one was focusing on your performance, they wanted to see The juicy gossip. Tears started to form in your eyes, you could see jungkooks face of confusion on the bid screen. That’s what they wanted.

Everything we know so far about Liam Payne's debut album

The countdown is on: it’s T minus two days until our ears are blessed with new music in the form of Liam Payne’s debut single (put Friday 19th May in your diary, stat).

The former One Direction member is joining Grimmy in the studio on Friday morning to drop his much-anticipated single and chat all things solo career. If you can’t wait until then, here’s everything we know so far about Liam’s upcoming album…

1. The sound

Strip That Down featuring Quavo lands on Friday and, so far, all we’ve had is a teaser vid featuring a whole lot of ‘yeahs’. Not familiar with Quavo? Sure you are. He’s one-third of in-demand hip hop group Migos, the guys behind Bad and Boujee.

Opting for R&B vibes and recruiting a whole lot of heavyweight collaborators in the process (more on that later), Liam’s sound massively differs from Harry’s, Niall’s and Louis’s solo offerings. So far, so catchy. We’re into it, Liam.

2. The artwork

So we might not totally know what the single sounds like but we know what it looks like. Capital letters are a thing of the past. You heard it here first.

3. The collabs

It’s no secret that Liam’s collaborated with Quavo- he features on the debut single, after all - but it seems that Migos (comprised of Quavo, Takeoff and Offset) might have played a part in other tracks on the album.

Speaking to Tim Westwood, Quavo said: “I just came from a video today. My boy Liam from One Direction. We just shot that. Crazy vid. Crazy visuals. Crazy team. Cool guy, nice guy. It’s goin’ up. I wasn’t even supposed to say that. It’s gonna be a surprise though.”

But the collaborations don’t stop there. Liam’s hinted at working with both Drake (“great to see a genius at work last night” he captioned the Instagram post) and Pharrell (“Great few days working with @pharrell pleasure working with you as always”) and, as if that wasn’t enough, has mentioned that Ed Sheeran penned a song for him. We are, in a word, psyched.

4. The producers

He’s worked with Danny Boy Styles and Ben Billion$ - the producers responsible for some major tracks from Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj - as well as Bibi Bourelly - the songwriter responsible for Rihanna’s BBHMM.

Tagging all three in a clip shared on Instagram back in November, the R&B-heavy track features the very apt lyrics “all the best things take a little time.” We’re waiting, Liam…

Listen to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Friday 19 May 2017 to hear Liam Payne premiere his debut solo single (via Radio 1)

Mad Sounds [Modern!Kylo x reader]

Summary: Moving to a new place comes with its headaches… and its perks. Your new neighbor Kylo appears to be a pain at first, but your acquaintance will help you out in a surprising way.

A/N: I had a quick idea this morning and I ran with it… and it turned into 1600 words! I feel like this might be able to go on, but it’ll be a one shot for now. If you have any ideas, I’m open to anything! (Also, I wrote this on my phone and briefly reviewed it. Do not be afraid to point out any errors. I’m a staunch proofreader, but even I miss things. Do not be embarrassed to tell me! On this or any of my fics.)

Warnings: Minor language, assault/implied assault, violence.

Word count: 1,600+

Living in an apartment was not as glamorous as you had hoped. You had fought your parents tooth and nail about moving out of state. You wanted a new beginning on your own. And, boy, did you get it.

For the last 3 months, you had been blessed with the realities of apartment life: constant maintenance calls and upstairs neighbors. At least the maintenance was the responsibility of the property managers. The neighbor nuisance, however, was solely yours.

He wasn’t a bad neighbor, not really. It’s just that he walked with a heavy foot. You almost wondered if you had moved in below a bowling alley.

You were in the apartment for a week before you got the courage to confront him. It was particularly bad that night, the stomping and the clatter of who knows what banging against your ceiling.

The metal stairs banged under your feet as you climbed to the second floor, foolishly imitating your neighbor’s practices. You wanted him to know you were coming.

Knocking hard five times, your heart raced. The anger-fueled adrenaline had worn off and now you were scared, too frozen to turn around and go back downstairs.

The lock clicked and the handle rattled and sent your heart into your throat.

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Distractions pt 9

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt. 9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2465

Originally posted by bwipsul

“Hyung?” Jimin whispered as he peeped his head from behind the bedroom door. It wasn’t surprising to see a blanket burrito stuffed with only the most premium of geniuses: Min Yoongi. All that was needed was a side of guac.

“Hyung, are you awake?” With every step Jimin took, the ground beneath him creaked just slightly. From within the encased ball of cloth annoyed groans could be heard,

“Does it look like I’m awake?” A small tuft of black fluffy hair and the tired, irritated face of its owner could be seen from a teensiest of holes that breached his fortress. 

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Suga Scenario

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Anon: “Could I request a Yoongi scenario Where he has a crush on a Solo Idol and the other boys find out about it and at First tease him but agree that she would Be Perfect for him and help him to getting close to her? 😍 PLEAse ❤️”

“A/N: I shall grant your wish, my sweet anon. I hope everyone likes this. I think these one shots are so fun but time consuming so I’ll close requests for now. But I can still do BTS reactions and ships if anyone wants them so hit me up. Please enjoy, share and give me feedback on this. It’s a lovely idea!”

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader, Yoongi X Idol

Deep breathing, you psyched yourself up, ready to go on stage. You could hear cheering already as they announced a next star guest. Your name was called out and that was your queue. You’d been doing this for two years now and you still got jittery before a stage performances. Heading onto the platform, your eyes scanned the crowd. Your eyes landed on your parents and you beamed them a big smile. They didn’t always come to see you perform but when they did, it was always a better experience. Your eyes continued to wonder and you spotted some famous idol groups who were there for the rest of the awards ceremony but it made your heart race to think they’d hear you perform.

Being a solo artist, you never got the group vibes and family feel that the other idol groups got. It saved you having to live with strangers but you could tell some groups had really become families of their own. You registered a couple of the main groups in the crowd. Exo and Got7 caught your eye and you felt a tad light headed at the sight of JB. He honestly had the most satisfying face. When you saw Bangtan, your interest perked. They were an interesting bunch, not many female idols mixed with them and they were such a tight nit group. They were all looking at you, including Suga, their rapper who you’d noticed always seemed quite dismissive in these things. 

All of this registered in your head in the space of about 30 seconds and the music began to play. Forgetting all the people watching, you sunk into the song and let your soul flow through the lyrics and spread across the arena. Your songs were soulful, unlike most idol songs that got you dancing, your music induced a silence that spread across the arena. On your final note, you opened your eyes again and the silence cut with a round of applause. You smiled and thanked everyone and headed to your seat. 

You were seated between Got7 and Bangtan, it seemed they had practically meshed into one group. You saw them when you went to events like this and you mingled sometimes. You hadn’t interacted much with Bangtan, they were very invested in themselves but it was fun to watch. They had gotten up to perform a short while later and you really felt their stage. Eyes following each member, you ended up following Suga. His eyes met yours multiple times through their performance and he looked dashing. 

By the end of the event, most managers forced their idols to head to the after party to at least make an appearance. You actually enjoyed after parties because it was the only time you could really mingle with other idols, having all of your rehearsals alone and performing alone. 

“Y/N, I can’t come to the after party but I’m good friends with Bangtan’s manager and he has a space in one of the cars to take you. He’ll take good care of you, don’t worry. Go quick, before they leave you.” Your manager whirled you around and shoved you into one of the members as they started filing out. 

“I’m so sorry, my manager-” a sweet smile silenced you as you tried to apologise.

“I-it, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Suga nodded and turned back around and clutched onto one of the members for support, everyone was trying to leave and it was packed.

“I heard you’re going to the after party with us, we’re split into two cars so you should go with my hyungs.” Jimin, the heart throb gave you an eye smile and pointed to the rapper line. “Our car is always really noisy and,” he paused to look at Suga before continuing with a smirk, “they are pretty calm anyway. I’m sure they’ll enjoy your company.” Feeling uncomfortable, you thanked him and followed the three getting into the big black car. They let you in first and then someone crashed into you as you sat down. 

“I’m so sorry!” Suga turned around to the boys getting in behind him, giving them an icy look before looking back at you, “I tripped.” He sat next to you, clearly looking awkward. He put his head back and closed his eyes and he was gone. The other members introduced themselves and you all had conversations, with Suga between you all, in another universe, unaware and not part of this world. 

Yoongi’s POV:

The show was a mess. The first time he shows any interest in a singer, they think it means something. You sounded like an angel and you moved him with your voice. He couldn’t deny, he had a little bit of a crush but he tried all the same. He tried to look calm and collected for the duration of the show but that’s rarely possible when you have the maknae line poking and whispering in your ear for the whole show. By the end of it, even Namjoon had started. 

“I heard she’s riding with us to the after party,” he looked at you, eyebrows dancing with a smirk slapped across his face, “manager hyung said she’ll have to come in our car so Taehyung and Jungkook don’t scare her.” Yoongi rolled his eyes in response.

“The hell if I care.” As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt someone crash into him. He turned around to face you. Normally people could sense the annoyance he would radiate when things like this happened but there was no annoyance to be sensed. He felt himself falter and smile uncontrollably as he told you it was okay. His legs felt like jelly so he quickly turned around and latched onto Hobi before he fell flat on his face. 

Once they shoved him in the car, he had no will to live anymore. He had reached the pinnacle of embarrassment and it left him drained. Your thigh was wedged next to his because the other members had purposely spread out so that the two of you were close. He closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep through the journey but he still listened to all of the conversations going on. 

His eyes snapped open as you shook his shoulder lightly to wake him. You smiled at him and he gulped, unable to speak. You were honestly stunning, in your silky dress, with subtle makeup done, his eyes were glued to you. When he finally peeled them away, he realised you’d arrived at the party. He thanked you for waking him and he emerged from the car, waiting for everyone to get out so that they could leave. Everyone got inside, the whole band regrouped and decided to reside in a booth. 

“How could you sleep through the whole journey? We tried so hard to get the two of you together and you wasted it!” Jin sighed and looked his roommate in the eye, the look of a war hero on his face as he continued, “I had to sit between Jk and Tae, I took one for the team! Then I find out it was for nothing?” His hyung was having none of it, then again, neither was Yoongi, he had a bit of willpower left to keep on the denial act. 

“I slept through the journey because I was tired, and why did you try so hard to get us to sit together, I don’t care. I don’t get what everyone is reading into.” He sighed and sipped his drink, he knew they saw through it but he was stubborn. 

“Ah don’t lie, I caught you listening to her album when you were trying to sleep the other day” Jin would not let anything go. He knew more than the rest of the members, being his roommate. If he continued to expose him, it’d get ugly, he had to fess up.

“Caught in lie~” the maknae sung, as they all looked at him, waiting for him to crack.

“Yeah yeah fine. So what, she isn’t interested and it’s just a crush, it’ll pass.” Everyone smiled at the development. They had noticed from the very beginning. Back to not long after your debut, at your first awards show when they heard you sing. When he bought your album and smiled when he listened to it. When his attention would perk up if it was ever your turn to go on stage. 

“Okay guys, tonight is the night! She’s a solo artist, she’s always on her own, go to the bar, maybe she’ll come up to you.” The boys had already started scheming and he knew he was done for. He went with it because he knew they’d continue annoying him otherwise. 

Namjoon put his arm around the older man and pointed to the bar. “You’re gonna go up there and we’re gonna get her to come to you. All you have to do is talk to Taehyung and we’ll do the rest.” He didn’t understand but he was beyond caring. Tae grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bar.

Reader’s POV:

 Your drink was running out and you were getting bored. The struggle with being a solo artist. Small interactions with people that congratulated you on your work and asked how you were, were always so brief. The most interesting time you had was in the car with Bangtan. They were genuinely nice guys. 

Speaking of the devil, you saw Namjoon and Jimin approached you. You were glad to see some friendly faces. You hoped it wasn’t going to be as fleeting as every other conversation you’d had. You were considering going home already. 

“Y/N, how are you finding the party?” They plopped themselves next to you. Jhope greeted you and joined in too, bringing drinks for his friends. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t get you a drink, shall I get you one?” You smiled and declined and told him you’d go to the bar yourself soon.

“The party is fun!” You exclaimed unconvincingly. The men weren’t stupid either. They all looked at you with deadpanned looks that read, you’ve been sitting alone with an empty glass so where’s the fun? You sighed. “Okay I’m bored. No one talks to me for very long and I don’t have any band mates like you guys. I’m really lacking any kind of conversation with substance.” You complained to them and they all nodded sympathetically. 

“We have to admit, we do well at these parties, with each other for company. The only one who isn’t feeling it is Yoongi hung.” Namjoon explained, pausing to look over at the bar, where he sat with his head on his hands as V spoke to him. As soon as he said this, the boy left Yoongi on his own and went to join Jin and Jungkook at their seats with drinks. “We have to go greet people but why don’t you go talk to him. He’s an interesting guy and he’s as bored as you.” They all smiled at you mischievously as if you couldn’t see their elaborate plan to get you to talk to him. They may be the kings on stage but they definitely aren’t the kings of subtlety. 

You said goodbye to them and picked up your empty glass and headed for the bar, pretending you couldn’t hear them high fiving each other because of their victory. You were grateful that someone would be interested enough to talk to you during the party. Maybe you could strike a friend so you’d no longer be alone at these events. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N, need some company?”

At the record store

I’ve never done this before and thought I could give it a try. I’ll probably delete it in the morning. If you’re reading this, enjoy! :)

It was cold and it rained and you felt like an actress in a music video. Everything around you was a mysterious shade of blue, the sun rising quietly in front of your eyes.

In your neighbourhood there weren’t lives people would take the time to write stories about and the fact that everybody was ok with living a life so monotonous that they would get scared if something new happened drove you insane. Not only insane tho, also out of the city, and out the state and it led you and your brother to a city where you heard everything was possible. As you headed down the highway you saw yet another sign confirming you were getting closer by the minute to the oh so known and loved, City of Angels.


“I don’t have any experience but I learn fast and music’s-” you were thinking up excuses and phrases to prove to the uninterested man in front of you that you were the right person for this job. That’s when he cut you off.

“Miss, I can’t have you out there working with customers when I have no guarantee you can actually make a sell.” He was completely unfazed by your eagerness and it was off putting but most of all irritating. But he did have a point. “If you’re interested I can give you something part time, carrying, wrapping, unwrapping, boxes. You can work in the back and help whenever some one needs you”. It was not what you hoped but judging by his bored stare and the fact that while talking to you he was scrolling through his phone you accepted. This and you were willing to work for something that you wanted. Also you needed money.

For the next few weeks your days consisted of your exaggeratedly sugared coffee, long and hurried walks to your workplace, beads of sweat swipped from your forehead with the back of your hand, instant noodles and what you loved the most, the nights. The nights you’d spend drawing until your knuckles hurt while your brother played the guitar beside you on the floor in your modest but straight out of a 90s movie living room.

As time passes you learned when your boss wouldn’t be around and never failed to make your way to the front of the store to try and persuade another soul to buy or even listen to the albums that changed your life.

You were browsing the ‘B’ labelled shelf of the record corner when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

“Hi, sorry, I’m looking for.. I’m not sure what I’m looking for exactly” he said chuckling. You turned around only to be towered by a guy looking down shyly into your eyes, his right hand going through his brown curls. He had that 'I look good even if I’m not trying at all’ look and you were hooked. It took you a moment to come back from whatever cloud you felt you were in, but you put a smile on your face and decided to do this right.

Before you could say anything, not that you knew what, he continued.

“It’s a present. For R- a guy I just met but I know he’s really into old rock music” he was mumbling. Normally it would’ve made you feel more confident but right now, you were too busy thinking about a good album, what could you recommend? Old rock.. Kinda vague. You were lost. For a split second you thought about telling him you don’t work in this field but you soon came back to your senses.

“Um.. what about David Bowie? Do you know him?” you asked him. You hoped he didn’t or if he did that he liked his music. He looked a little lost and you saw in his eyes that he wanted to say something decent, and come off as cool, composed, cultured and he almost did.

“He’s the guy with the, the.. the lightning bolt and..”

You knew he didn’t care what you thought and that he was completely in his world thinking, and so were you, but yours consisted of those damned deep brown eyes and his little frown, that jaw-

“He’s the guy that wrote Space oddity, right?"  He was more confident now. He tucked his left hand into his jeans pocket and looked at you for a second before turning his gaze to the multitude of album’s laying behind you.

"Yeah, yeah, that’s one of his first songs actually, I wouldn’t think twice before recommending his music to anyone” you said.

Slowly becoming you again.

“I think 'Young Americans’ is a good choice” it was one of your favourites.

His brows were furrowed and you could tell he was not convinced. Maybe because he didn’t know anything about the album, or maybe he didn’t trust you.

“Wanna listen to it?” not the best idea you ever had but you couldn’t let him slip like this from your fingers. You gathered your courage and looked him in the eyes as soon as you finished your question.

“Now?” he asked. He was a bit confused but mostly intrigued and then, when you saw that smile creep on his lips and you felt your cheeks getting warmer, you snapped your head to the door to the storage.

“Yeah, yeah.. if you want to..” you answered avoiding his stare. You nodded your head towards the door.

“Am I allowed back there” he asked as you slowly pulled him by his elbow.


He threw you an exasperated look but he was not complaining.

“Ok, look straight ahead and look busy. People don’t question you if you look like you know what you’re doing” you said grabbing the record.

“Really? How often do you use that, I doubt that it-” he was straight up laughing now causing you to turn to him with a stern look on your face.

“Shut up and walk beside me, c'mon”

You two made your way to the back of the store with none of your coworkers seeing you. You felt like you looked cool and not suspicious at all but you knew that in reality that probably wasn’t the case.

The room was messy and full of books and records and boxes that you had no time for.

“Hey, what’s your name? I’m Shawn” he stated as he hoped on the table.

“I'm  (Y/N)” you said over your shoulder as you turned on the music.

He nodded, not getting a chance to respond before the music started blasting from the speakers.

“Shit shit” you muttered as you hurried to it turn down.

“No point in being so stealth coming in here if you’re gonna-”

“Don’t even think about it” you snapped back. It was playful. Maybe flirty but you knew you were never gonna see this guy again and he was already back there with you so you thought 'why not?’. So you settled to his left on a chair, waiting to hear his reaction. You tried not to look at him, not to pressure him or anything but you were really nervous whether he liked the first track of the album.

While listening, he would turn to look at you every now and then with a concentrated look on his face. You could tell he knew his music and that he wasn’t listening to it like most people do. He seemed to take in every part of the sound that filled the small room and the professional air that surrounded him only made you want to get to know him more. After 'Fascination’ ended he hopped off the table and leaned on the wall opposite to you, which was still pretty close, considering how small the area was.

“This sounds really good, I can’t put my finger on it..” he paused “its got a plastic soul, i love it..”

You rested your elbow on the table with your chin in your hand and slightly tilted your head upwards to meet his gaze. You nodded at his statement but didn’t say anything. You wanted to say something, didn’t want to let him just buy the album and leave but you couldn’t think of anything. Also would you have been able to make a move if you thought of one? You were pulled from your thoughts when you heard him speak. You could listen to his voice all day, wondered what he’d sound like singing.



Hi guys as you all requested the album of the week is Michael Jackson’s Invincible.
This is the seventh album of the artist which was published in 2001. It was also his comeback from 6 years in which no new music of his was published.
In my opinion this work is a masterpiece on so many levels and it was worth the 6 years of wait.
Last but not the least in this cd the singer hosted so many talented artists such as Babyface who arranged “You are my Life”, Santana who brilliantly plays the guitar in “Whatever happens” and Notorious B.I.G for the rapped part in “Unbreakable”.

This album is a perfect mix of beautiful ballads and brilliant upbeat songs.
In my opinion this is Mj’s most innovative work for many reasons.
First of all the sounds are modern and this is the proof of the musical and rhythmical evolution of the artist.
Additionally this is probably the most various work the MJ has ever produced. In fact this is not just an album full of pop songs but we can also listen to some rock influence, or R&B sounds and of course some pop songs with a funky influence.
Moreover we can see the genius of the artist in using new technologies to produce new and fresh sounds we can for example listen in Unbreakable. In this song the artist brings back to life the passed away rapper Notorious B.I.G.
Speaking about sounds and about the instrumental part of this track we can affirm that it is divided in two parts. The first part corresponds to the verses and it’s brilliantly made by piano and new technologies used as a background sound which are almost difficult to hear. As to the second part corresponding to the chorus we can listen how Michael switched the instruments and uses the piano as a background sound and the new technologies are the prevailing sounds. The bridge of the track sung by Notorious is still made by the piano used as a background to let the rapper’s voice prevail over the instrumental part.
In regards to the lyrics these are in my opinion some of the most powerful lyrics ever written because finally Michael found the way to denounce all that he’s gone through. Thanks to some greatly written lyrics he found the strength to sing to the world out loud what people have done to him and that no one of them can “touch him” because he’s “Unbreakable” and stronger than what everyone of those people think he is. Furthermore another song which was touched by another influential artist is “You are my life”. The whole arrangements were made by Babyface. What is standing out in this work are its lyrics. In fact these are so beautiful and pure. This record was written, composed and dedicated to Michael Jackson’s children who have always stood by his side. The meaning of those words are so beautiful because though this song he tells his children that they’re the sun, the stars, the moon and the entire life to him. Additionally in the track he expresses how much his children helped him to get through everything negative he was experiencing. I really recommend you guys this song because it is really touching and the arrangements are brilliantly made.
Furthermore another relevant work in this album is 2000 Watts. The distinctive traits in this track are Michael’s voice and the instrumental part which goes so well with the lyrics and the title of the song. Speaking about Michael’s voice it can be listened how he used a deeper tone than usual which is something totally new. In my opinion Michael’s voice is almost unrecognizable to the point that I thought it wasn’t him the artist singing in that song. Speaking about the instrumental part, MJ used new technologies to create that “electric” sound which goes so well with the lyrics and the title of the song. No matter what people say about this work i think these particularities are contributing to make it even more mesmerizing and unique.
I particularly loved “You Rock My World”. In my opinion it is a masterpiece from its spoken introduction to the cool rhythm and the brilliantly arranged harmonies not to mention the vocals that are an ulterior proof of MJ’s genius. Starting from the introduction we can hear Michael’s and Chris Tucker’s voices. Michael’s smooth voice gives the song even more sensuality. One of the remarkable characteristics of this masterpiece is the funky sound. I believe the artist took funky, modernized and refreshed this genre, its sounds, rhythms and harmonies. Furthermore the freshness of this work is what makes it so unique and easy to remember.
As regards to “Invincible” and “Heartbreaker”, these songs complete each other. In both of them the artist tells the story of a woman who’s hurt him. The particularity of these is that each one of the two, is contributing to create the profile of the girl described.
I think “Heartbreaker” is the continuation of Invincible.
Among the artists who collaborated to the creation of this masterpiece, there’s Carlos Santana. In “Whatever Happens”, Santana is giving such a brilliant performance with his guitar, more specifically an acoustic guitar.
Personally I believe the sound of the song is something extremely relevant. In those harmonies there’s the unmistakable mark left by Santana.
“Break of Down”, “Heaven Can Wait” and “Butterflies” are the three works characterized by a greatly made R&B sound.
What makes “Break of Down” so unique is Michael’s voice. In the track MJ uses almost his whole vocal range. The vocals parts in this song go from a soft chest voice to a strong whole head voice. In this song Michael proves one more time how immense and mesmerizing his voice is and all the things he was capable of doing with it. Such a pure talent.
“Heaven can Wait” is the second work characterized by a cool and sensual R&B sound. Michael’s voice is one more time the distinctive trait. This song is characterized by some quick passages from low to very high notes and i think it’s really phenomenal how easily it was for the artist to perform all those changes.
“Butterflies” is the third R&B record in the album. The song is very smooth. MJ’s voice and the sensual lyrics are contributing to make this song even smother and more sensual.
Moreover two other remarkable works I particularly loved are “The Lost Children” and “Speechless”. These two masterpieces are both dedicated to children and their purity. In my opinion the lyrics are probably the purest he’s ever written while the arrangements and harmonies are so ethereal you could almost see children on their playgrounds and smiling if you close your eyes when you’re listening to them.
Furthermore “Threatened” and “Privacy” are two other brilliant songs in which Michael expressed and let out all his fear and anger for being controlled by mass media, paparazzi and his record company. I believe these are so powerful because he finally put all his anger, fear and concern into art which is in my opinion the greatest way to express something he could not put into words.
Last but not the least “Don’t Walk Away” and “Cry” are two other good songs. In “Don’t Walk Away” Michael is practically begging a woman not to leave him because otherwise “all his dreams would be broken”. The vocals in this record are so unique and Michael could reach those high notes like almost nobody could.
“Cry” is such a good song and the message it is communicating is so important. The lyrics written by R.Kelly are the impressive part of the track but what is even more remarkable is Michael’s interpretation of the lyrics. Only someone like Michael Jackson could communicate such a strong message of unity and love and get to people’s hearts and minds with it. This capacity is something huge and special, something only special people like MJ had.

To sum up the freshness, the new sounds, the variety of the lyrics, rhythms and harmonies make the album one of the best works Michael Jackson has ever produced, a real diamond. Michael once said “good art never dies” and he was right because this album and his music in general will live forever.