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I understand Dre wanting Demika out if she wants to stand a chance at winning the game. What I don’t understand is why she is wanting to do it so early, like they will always be a bigger target then her as well as, they are two people who have her back 100% of the time!!!

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How about Dex finds his old clothes (that still fit cuz w/e) and there like old 90s kinda grungy clothes, you getting me?? Any how he wears some and nursey swoons. This probs doesn't line up with the time line and shiz but w/e XD



He’d known, before he and Dex had even moved into Lardo’s room, that it was only going to be a matter of time before he lost all of his chill. He’d just….he’d been hoping that Dex would have gotten sick of his shit before then and moved out.

Dex – the stubborn ass – hadn’t. Just glared, turned up the volume on his headphones, and ignored Nursey until they fought. About whatever.

But this – this latest shit Dex was pulling – was beyond the pale. Apparently his mom had found some older pics, reminded Dex of some past life of flannel-grunge-punk that had Dex quietly adding in some hot combination of oversized shirts and tailored jeans. And it should have been gross – this throw-back grunge thing he had going.

But – it wasn’t. It really wasn’t.

There was just something about it. About Dex. When he was comfortable. Confident. At ease in some way that he hadn’t really seemed to be before.


“You’re staring, Derek.”

“Like hell, Poindexter.”

“I can feel it.”

“You wish.”

“Only sometimes.”



Nurseydex & Acting Class

Eyoooooooooooooooo, the CP Resident Shakespeare Ho/Theater Major is back with more shamelessly using these characters as a means to talk about my major Nurseydex Antics!

As anyone who follows me knows by now, I’m a theater major. Dex and Nursey are comedy gold, and the thought of them working with any of the texts I’ve worked with is just DELIGHTFUL.

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So without further ado!

  • Dex needs and art credit. Just one more fucking art credit. But his schedule is insane and there’s only one he can take this semester
  • it’s an acting class
  • He doesn’t want to do it. Mostly because his boyfriend will be I N S U F F E R A B L E
  • But he just wants to get this over with so he registers and just waits for Nursey to find out
  • Nursey is delighted. And registers for that class, too.
  • “YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER ART CREDIT, DEREK!” “Dude, you really think I’m gonna miss this?”
  • Dex doesn’t really know what to expect going in, but he definitely wasn’t expecting the prof (let’s call him Casey) to be this hot middle aged guy who dresses like Indiana Jones and lives in a cabin and recites Shakespeare to trees
  • (we’re talking Adventure Indy, not Professor Indy)
  • (what no I’m not basing him on my prof Kerry who is also currently directing me in Julius Caesar why would you think that)
  • Nursey and Casey hit it off because Casey is this great mix of Passionate and IDGAF and Nursey wants to be him when he grows up
  • Dex’s main reaction to him is “?????????” until he starts talking about his cabin in the woods and then they bond over Practical Shit like fixing window panes and Nature
  • (the rest under the cut because this always happens my posts are always long af)

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