wait for the boy

I’m kinda nervous to post today’s arts because it’s… kissing practice. As in, practicing drawing kisses and different poses than I’m used to. I'm also shipping hell this month, so…. I’m gonna put it under a read-more. Feel free to take a peek of you like SigKlug…. or even if you don’t, I won’t judge

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jack drury draft interview. pretty polished already at 18.

Waiting for midnight to roll around to exchange presents with the besties~ *:・゚✧

a list of artists i’ve listened to while twenty one pilots have been MIA

  • glass animals - the literal best band in the whole world

  • harry styles - his solo album is actually surprisingly extremely good

  • declan mckenna - more people should know about this boy you will not regret please

  • jesse rutherford - for a good time with some relateable lyrics

  • the neighbourhood - because you can’t listen to jesse and not his band (completely different sound and just as good)

  • lorde - why wouldn’t you listen to lorde melodrama was the best thing to come out of 2017 (also gotta support the fellow kiwis)

  • the 1975 - idk why i didn’t listen to this band when absolutely everyone was blasting chocolate back when i was in school but i finally did it and there are some great songs 100%

  • halsey - the new album is amazing and i love it

  • fall out boy - they only have like three new songs and they are completely different to what you would expect but after a couple listens they are actually great songs please do not fight me

  • catfish and the bottlemen - i mean with a band name like this???

  • billie eilish - watch is such a good fucking song and her voice and she’s like 16 or something and it’s great

  • bastille - i will never not listen to this band and i’m finally seeing them live so the hype is real

As it was and as it always would be…

It’s been a long, wonderful journey and Voltron Season 6 was everything I hoped for. My heart is still raw from bawling over the beautifully scripted, animated and voice acted work of art. Here’s my contribution to the massive outpouring of love and affection for our favourite boys and the amazing team behind it all.

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