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Mon Seul (My Only)

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,592ish
T/W: None! (just gets a little steamy)
A/N: For Anon’s request: “What about a fic where reader is Laf’s daughter and her and Phillip grew up together and he’s a little older than her and they date but hide it from their parents and then everyone finds out?”
Hope it’s okay that I gave the reader a little french accent/speaks French, I mean she’s Laf’s daughter, I thought I was only appropriate. I did make it a little different, so just let moi know if you want something else. I’ll be glad to write it.
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“Mon beau, Philip,

I am greatly anticipating my return to America. Though it has only been two years since I left, I have been counting the days until I return with my family, we will be staying at my father’s land in New York. France is beautiful this time of the year, everything is in…how would you say, bloom? I often sit in the garden and think about when we were children, how you would always pick the flowers and bring them to me. I do miss those days, just as I miss you. I cannot wait to see you. You are much more interesting (and handsome) than any nobel my father could ever introduce me to. Do not worry mon amour, my heart belongs to you alone. I often lose myself in the thoughts of you lying next to me those Summer nights when you snuck into my room. I only hope we get the chance to revisit those memories this Spring. 

Forever, Y/n”


“Ma moitié, 

I cannot wait for your arrival, I am jealous of every nobel that has gotten to spend time in your presence. I too remember the days when we would play in my father’s garden. I brought you as many flowers as I could, but they all paled in comparison to your beauty, my love. I only wish you hadn’t moved back to France, so I could remind you of that everyday. I know your father is important and needed, but it was painful to say goodbye, I only imagine it will be harder the second time. I too hope to revisit those memories while you are staying in America. My love, I miss every part of your body, and only wish to have it near. My heart beats for you alone.

Always, Philip”

“Are you excited to see your friends again?” your father, Lafayette walked up beside you as you saw America’s shoreline come into view. 

“Oui, I am very excited,” you stared out at the port, “Are we going to see the Hamilton’s while we are here?”

“Yes my dear, I know you don’t like me working so much, but I do have some business to discuss with Monsieur Hamilton. In fact, I have arranged a meeting tonight, it will be late, but we will try not to keep you up .”

Your heart fluttered, “That sounds perfect!”

Once you arrived on shore a group of girls from your school came up to welcome you back, they took your hand and walked with you into town. You answered all sorts of questions about France, and meeting the King and all the nobel’s that were cashing after your hand. Many said you were lucky, but you felt so alone when you attended the balls in France. Your heart longed for only one…

“Someone’s waiting for you behind the theatre,” your closest friend whispered.

You smiled widely at her, she had been your best friend while you grew up in America and she now helped you and Philip exchange letters when you sent them overseas. She nudged you to get going as you said goodbye to your other school friends and hurried, almost at an unladylike pace. You made your way to the theatre and slowed down to a normal walking pace, making sure no one was watching you. You made your way around the theatre, before you knew it a strong pair of arms came around your waist. 

“Je t'ai manqué mon amour,” was whispered in your ear.

“Philip!” you spun around, hugging him around the neck.

“How I have missed you saying my name,” Philip pressed a kiss against your neck.

“And how I have missed your lips on my skin,” you pulled back to see those beautiful brown eyes, “I have news that your father is meeting with mine tonight, late…are you up to revisit some memories?”

“I’d visit them right here, right now if I could,” Philip leaned closer to you. 

“As do I, but we cannot,” you slid your hands down Philip’s biceps, “I must get back to my family, they will be wondering where I have been, but I look forward to seeing you tonight, my love.”

You hugged him tight one more time before heading out of view. You bit your lip and smiled to yourself as you walked back to where your family was. You anticipated the night more than anything. As it usually went, the day felt like it would last forever and it felt like a flutter of butterflies were trapped in your stomach as you went about your day. You simply couldn’t stop thinking about Philip.

That night, you spent a little time with Eliza and Alexander, updating them on how your life in France had been before heading up to bed while they discussed business with your parents. You went to your room, quickly changing out of that heavy dress, you slipped on your night gown, revealing much more than your father would approve Philip seeing you in. You untied your hair as you waited on the edge of your bed. You nervously ran your hand through the ends of your hair in anticipation. Soon you heard your bedroom window open, swiftly turning around you saw Philip climb through your window.

“Philip!” you hugged him as tight as you could, burying your face in his chest. 

“Ma belle,” Philip stroked your hair.

“I- I have missed you,” you pulled back to look into his golden brown eyes. 

“Not as much as I have missed you,” Philip held your face in his hands, seizing your lips in a passion. 

You immediately responded back, wanting as much of him as possible. Your hands made quick work of the buttons on his vest. He removed his coat and vest, when his hands returned to you, he lifted you up. Evoking a little squeak out of you as he squeezed your ass, you wrapped your legs around his wait. Peppering his face with kisses as he walked the two of you to your bed. He laid you down before climbing on top of you. Sadly, the transition wasn’t as quiet as you had hoped. You didn’t realize the stack of books that were on the end of your bed until you heard them hit the floor.

“Philip, what if someone heard that?” you asked with genuine concern in your voice. 

“I doubt anyone did,” Philip slipped a hand under your night dress.

“Mmm- Philip, how I’ve missed your hands on my body,” you whispered as he slid his hand further up your thigh. 

“I’ve missed the sensation of your skin against my hand,” he dipped down to sweetly kiss your neck.

Without warning Philip began to nip at your sensitive skin, evoking a small yelp from you. He continued to bruise your soft skin as your hand found his curls, you tangled your fingers into his locks.Your other hand found its way under his untucked shirt and your nails slightly scratched his skin as you drug them down his bare chest. You pushed your hips up against his, provoking a slight growl from Philip. 

“Baby, I-”

“Are you alright ma chèri? We heard a-” your father suddenly opened your door to see Philip on top of you.

“Father!” you exclaimed, wide eyed.

“Philip?” Alexander appeared at Lafayette’s side.

“Dad…” Philip smiled, trying to play it off.

There was an awkward silence before you pushed Philip off of you and sat up. Both of your fathers look petrified. You looked frantically between the two men, but just as you were about to say something.

“Ah, so your son, just like you can’t keep it to himself, mon amie?” Lafayette crossed his arms and turned to Alexander.

“My son? Who says your daughter didn’t escort him to bed?” Alex questioned back.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any worse, your mothers arrived. 

“Is every thing okay, Lafayette? Oh-”

“What’s going on Alexan- Oh-”

You stood to explain, but your father took sudden action, wrapping his coat around you, as you were not in appropriate apparel to be seen by young men. Philip muttered something under his breath about having seen you in less, but quickly got up to get out of Lafayette’s range. 

“Atta boy! About time you found a girl!“ Alexander swung an arm around Philip’s shoulders.

“Why you-”

“Alexander,” Eliza stood in front of her man as your mother did the same.

“Lafayette, I think we all need to try to understand that our children are in love,” your mother explain.

“Yes, and though they didn’t tell us for some reason,” Eliza glared at Philip, “they are very obviously in love.”

“We wanted to tell you, but we were afraid that you might try to separate us and I might be forced to marry a nobel, I just- I don’t want to leave America father, I love Philip,” you rushed to Philip’s side, holding his hand with both of yours.

“My darling, I would never make you marry against your will, I want you to find someone who will love and cherish you,” your father uncrossed his arms and came over to you, “and if Philip is that man, so be it. You have my approval.”

You smiled and practically jumped into Lafayette’s arms thanking him, but then took sudden pause. 

“Monsieur Hamilton? Madame-” you began

“We would love to have you as a part of our family!” Eliza held her arms open for a hug, which you gladly accepted. 

“Imagine that, huh, our kids getting together?” Alexander smirked at Lafayette. 

“Love is love, mon amie.” 

Snapshot of You - Yoongi

Snapshot of You - Yoongi

a/n; This is going to be a looonnng series, so be prepared. I didn’t come up with the idea though, it was @sugaforyou who gave me the Idea and even helped me out by picking a title and not to mentions the places we’d discussed, so this is also a shout out to @sugaforyou  💜 I hope you will like it because I’ m definitely having fun writing it.

Part; | Masterlist | 0 | 01 |

Pairing; Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Fluff, Adventure

Word count; 2.293


“Traveling is about finding those things you never knew you were looking for”

After planning this trip to Europe for years, you never thought it was really happening until your best friend Min Yoongi showed up with a suitcase and plane tickets.



“What do you want to be when you grow up?” you asked Yoongi as you were watching the tv in your living room and as he first closed his eyes, probably to think, it was one of his annoying habits but you endured it as usual and waited for him to say something. “I want to be an architect.” you rolled on your side to study him because this must be a joke right? He was always scribbling down words and rapping them, so this was really the last thing you thought he wanted to become.

“Architect, why?”

“Because I love to make things and discover old things as well. I mean look at those buildings, they have so much history to them.” he gestured to the television and as you focused on the program you saw it was a traveling show. He had a point as you looked at the Eiffel Tower, it was awesome to see buildings like that but to become an architect just because of that didn’t seem reason enough to you. “But an architect, come on don’t you think you would be more suitable in the music world?” You looked at you and smiled. “I guess so but I don’t think my parents would support me.”

“I will though.” you sat up and reached for a music notebook, which was full of his scribbles. “Look, you are an amazing songwriter already, why don’t you try to see if they want to use your songs?”

“I’m only fifteen years old, I don’t think they want songs from me, maybe after a few years,” he flicked you gently against your forehead, which resulted in the two of you fighting, this was a normal routine for the two of you but it never got out of hand, okay it did one time but that was purely by accident, the thing was Yoongi had gotten stronger at one point and when he playfully hit me, he used more strength than normal and it resulted in you walking around with a blue cheek but after that he always held back. After a few minutes you were both completely out of breath and as you were watching the show again, you noticed a lot more places and they were all in Europe, that’s when a thought entered your head. “Yoongi, you know what we should do?”

“What?” you pointed at the tv and as he followed your finger he cocked his eyebrow and looked at the tv confused. “I want to do that.”

“Yes, but what is that exactly?”


“You want to travel?”

“Yes let’s do that.”

“But where? I mean we can travel through South Korea by train if you want.” You shook your head and playfully pushed him. “No not through South Korea babo, I mean go to Europe.”

“You want to go to Europe?” you nodded eagerly and waited for him to say something as he was clearly thinking about something. “Well don’t you want to?”

“It’s not that but how are we going to do that, we don’t have any money.”

“I’m not talking about now but when we’re both adults and have saved money.”

“I don’t know. I mean just the two of us?”

“Yeah why not, we’re like family.” he chuckled and ruffled your hair, which was annoying as it was already too warm and now he made it even worse. “Yah, don’t do that.”

“How can I just travel with you, you’re still a girl.” you shrugged because in your eyes that wasn’t important right now. You only wanted to see beautiful places and you wanted to do that with your best friend, which wasn’t that weird right? “We’re best friends right?”

“We are.”

“Then it shouldn’t be a problem right?”

“I guess not and we will do this when we are adult right?” you nodded again and looked at the tv again as they showed the coast of you think it was France and as Yoongi followed your gaze he suddenly smiled and sighed deeply. “Okay let’s do it.”

“Wait really?!”

“Yes, do you want me to promise it?”

“That’s for the best, you never know.” you held out your pinky and as he entwined his pinky with yours, you almost couldn’t hide your excitement and as you both stamped it, you were already thinking of ways to save for this trip. You went out to look for part-time jobs the day after and the next two years you worked your but of and Yoongi eventually went to the underground scene to rap, it often broke your heart to see him so tired all the time but he was chasing his dreams but thanks to this you lost contact and you grew apart. You once bumped into him and was shocked to see him because the last time you saw him he still looked healthy but the person in front of you looked too skinny and when he met your eyes, you saw that he was embarrassed. “Min Yoongi?” You approached him slowly and he quickly put away the money that you saw him counting before. “Are you okay?” His expression hardened and that surprised you. “I’m doing fine, can’t you see that?!” You were taken aback by his harsh tone but you also knew that he did this because he was embarrassed. “Do you need help?”

“I don’t need any help.” He started to walk away but you quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Don’t give me that! Let’s go eat okay?”

“Look I don’t need your pity.”

“I just want to have dinner with a friend.” He knew there was no use in being stubborn so after he gave in, you ate in silence and after that, you never really saw him again and that promise you once made got shoved to the background but you never stopped saving not even when you started university to become a teacher.

13 July 2013

“Unni!” you turned around and watched how your best friend Sunhee came running excitingly with her phone in her hand. “What?” you had books in your hands as you had to study for your exams. “You have to check this out!:” she shoved the phone under your nose and pressed play. IT was definitely a male kpop group and you couldn’t help but smile because this girl was absolutely crazy over kpop groups. You didn’t really watch it but the music was good when you heard a familiar voice rapping. You immediately focused and your mouth dropped to the floor when you saw no other than Min Yoongi. “They’re good aren’t they?” you nodded absentmindedly because right now you couldn’t believe your eyes and ears because he did it. He finally did it and he even got into a kpop group the thing he never wanted but still, he was there looking like he was having a good time. “Yah, how are they called?”

“Oh, Bangtan Sonyeondan but BTS for short.” you nodded again and couldn’t help but smile, you felt proud and could finally feel at ease after that last encounter because you had been worried nonstop about him and that never went away even though you never spoke again. “What are their names?”

“Wait I will show you the beginning again because Rapmonster introduces everyone.”

“Rapmonster?” what kind of name was that. You even chuckled at it but shut up when you saw SunHee’s narrowed eyes.  “Ahem, sorry about that.” This time you did pay attention. Rapmonster first introduced himself, then it was Jin, Jimin, Jhope, V. Then there was a little break and that’s when Yoongi appeared and to your surprise, Rapmonster introduced him as Suga and after Suga it was Jungkook. After the Mv was over you were still completely blown away and you knew they had gained a fan. “So what did you think?” “I think we should be fans together.” at that she hugged you and as they gained popularity you couldn’t help but feel proud and even after you graduated you continued to be their fan.


Two years later you still kept an eye on them and even owned a few sweaters and their albums, you never made a secret of it but as you started to teach you tried to keep it a secret but that failed miserably when your students had found out about it when they saw you waiting for your coffee. It had become a bit colder so you were wearing a BTS sweater and when you heard the word “teacher” you knew you were screwed and nowadays they all teased you about it but in a good way, it definitely brought you all together, which was a good thing especially as this was your second year as a teacher.

“Teacher, are you going to the BTS concert?” you blushed a bit when one of your students asked you but you couldn’t lie because you had tickets to see the show. “Hmm, yes I will be going.” the girls giggled and a few showed you their tickets as well. “We’re going to.” you stuck your thumb up and you couldn’t help but smile at this and as you walked home SunHee called you. “Unni, where are you?”

“I’m on my way home, why?”

“Oh, nothing but I’m just so excited, who would have thought we would still be fans after two years?” you chuckled because you had expected it from her. She always had a weak spot for male groups and that wasn’t going down anytime soon even if we were turning twenty-four in a few months.

“I will pick you up tomorrow, don’t worry.” you hung up and entered your house and as you put on water for a cup of tea, you couldn’t help but look through old pictures of Yoongi and you. It was funny to see pictures from more than ten years ago. You missed him lately but what could you do, it was not like you could just show up at his front door and asking if he wanted to go on a trip with me. It was not like he had time for that. You sighed as you looked at a picture of Yoongi and you in front of the travel agency. You actually looked so innocent but even though you still were, there was no way Yoongi still was. He had traveled all over the world without you, so why would he want to go on that trip and he probably doesn’t even remember that promise you made to each other. “It’s time to move on,” you mumbled as you poured the water in your cup.

The next day you picked up SunHee to see them in concert. You felt excited and as you took your seat you were happy that you had spent the extra money to see them up close, this way you didn;t have to struggle with the binoculars. “These seats are daebak, thank you Unnie.” SunHee hugged you and you chuckled at her fangirl modus, she completely forgot that she was turning twenty for in a few days. “Teacher!” you turned around and saw two of your students.

“Hi, are you girls excited?” they started to tell how excited they were but when the music started, they immediately started to scream, so you quickly turned your attention to the stage and within minutes the lights went out and when “Not Today” started to play even your best friend lost it. You were definitely having fun and as they started to walk around the stage you held your breath because Yoongi was at your side of the stage and even looked in your direction but he didn’t see you and even if he did, you did change. You just decided not to be offended and enjoyed the concert but at the final stage, where they started to “play” with the crowd he came back and this time you did lock eyes and his eyes had gotten big as he recognized you, he even pointed at you and you just waved and stuck your thumbs up. You couldn’t stay until the dome was empty but you did leave him a note and the picture you had found of the two of you in front of the agency and maybe he would respond.


With summer break came boredom as you didn’t have a place to go, You were happy you still lived at the same place as when you were younger because if you had moved to the big city you would definitely be bored and as you were hanging the laundry outside, you decided to see how much money you had saved because maybe you could go alone on that trip. You were craving to go exploring. Even though this was not too bad, because your mother came by every day to eat with you, it still didn’t satisfy you completely. You felt restless these days and you knew this was because you were done waiting. That night you had counted your money and felt proud about the amount you had saved until now and as you were looking through different travel sites, your doorbell rang. You looked at the clock and felt a bit uneasy when you noticed it was already past midnight and at first you didn’t really want to open the door when you heard the bell again. You got up and walked slowly to the door and as you unlocked the door, there was absolutely no sound, which freaked you out even more but you still opened it and was stunned when your eyes fell on no other than Min Yoongi, with a suitcase and plane tickets.

“Let’s go to Europe.”



Requested by anon.

“Okay, this year it’s just a little cupcake, lots of wine and the two of us.” you say Klaus through the phone. He doesn’t answers you and you open your door and–

He’s sitting in the middle of a thousand roses and smiles.


He stands up, takes a rose and comes near you.

“Happy birthday, love.” he whispers. “Don’t worry, it’s just two of us.”

“So…” you try to hide your smile and walk through the roses on the floor. “What is next?”

“I thought you didn’t want anything more than me this year.” he teases you. “Now you are the birthday girl.”

You roll eyes and throw yourself to the couch.

“I called a friend in France month ago.” he continues as he opens a bottle of wine. “She sent me this little friend of hers that I had made for her back then.”

You raise an eyebrow.

“Really? An ex?”

“No, an old friend.” he corrects you. “Anyways, this wine is more than two hundred years old and waits to be treated like the star of the day.”

“It certainly is.” you giggle and drink the half of the glass. It’s really delicious. Klaus knows how to treat you, you’ll give him that.

“And I a little bird told me you like Mexican food.” he says. “I ordered from Mexico so… It’s original.”

“You love being Original – pun intended.”

“If you want to skip dinner, I suggest a bubblebath, don’t you think?”

“Do you mean-?”

“I can be quite impressive young lad when it comes to bath.” he grins and takes you in his arms. “Let me show you some of my skills.”

“You are absolutely taking advantage of me!” you exclaim. “Wine, dinner and bath? This is really better than I thought!”

“That’s just the beginning, love.” he says as he undresses you. “You’ll be shocked when you see how we’re gonna spend the night.”


So like I said, I just reached 1200 followers which is incredible awesome and yeah. A lot of stuff happend since my last follow forever around christmas last year, so I wanted to do one anyway. I was in England, I’m back home since.. three weeks (?) now and first of all, a big thank you for all of you who supported me in this time. It was rough sometimes but your support meant a lot to me - you’re awesome.

A lot of football stuff happened as well, Basti and Iker left (I’m still not over it), Barca won something but we don’t talk about it and my blogging during the break was a bit low and I’m very sorry about that - but hey, Bundesliga starts on Friday, better times are coming!

I actually don’t even know where to start, but I have to start somewhere so let’s start with the most important people here on tumblr before I come to the blogs you should definitely follow, some of them are bold (mutuals or people I really like and who have an insane good blog) and the rest is normal but their blogs are pretty cool as well.

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vamos-realmadrid: Julie oh my god I miss you so much. Next week I’m coming to visit you and god, like I already said, I really miss you. We haven’t seen each other for over 9 months now - still can’t believe it. You’re my best friend, I absolutley love talking to you (would be bad if not) and our discussions about weird things sometimes. God we really have to do stuff otherwise I always have to mention the stuff we did 9 months ago, like Berlin or the weekend I was at your place and we..cooked xD France next year is a sure thing and we really have to go and get Donuts again! God I miss you honey, take care of you and I can’t wait to see you again. Love you a lot xx

buy-me-a-color-tv: babygirl. light of my life, my sun and stars. I have absolutley no idea where to start with you. This whole thing with us, how it started, how we finally met, it’s just crazy and insane and god I love you so much. I never thought I would end up with a girl and here I am, happier than I ever was before. We managed to have this long distance thing and tbh, I’m still so fucking proud of you - of us. And I’m still very happy that I booked the plane tickets on this day and came home for you. You make everything better. This all feels just so right and easy with you and tomorrow I’m seeing you again and ah, I’m actually just very happy. Take care baby, see you tomorrow. All the love baby, I love you - a lot.

worriedducks: Trinaaaa, my favorite American. Things are not easy for you at the moment, they definitely aren’t, tbh they really suck. But I admire you so much, how you go through all of this, how you stay strong and all. I wish every day I could do more than just text you, just take a plane to the U.S. and hug you till you’re getting better. But I can’t and this sucks even more so I’m going to sent you a care parcel very soon - already got most of the stuff. You’re an absolutley beautiful, astonishing woman who dserves all the best in the world. I love texting you and you never - NEVER - bother me. I really hope you’re feeling better soon, that you’re without pain and everything because you really deserve it. Take care of yourself love, love you a lot. xx

rowan-fcb: Roow I still can’t believe it! It’s two years now and we STILL haven’t met! God dammit, I really hope September works out well for us, because I really miss you and even when we text less, our friendship still means so so much to me. Your support, our discussions and just everything. You’re so skilled and talented and I also admire you a lot. All the shit you went through and you’re still so happy. I probably will never forget our first phone call after the World Cup final when we just screamed at each other and had a sore throat :’) I can’t wait to see you love. All the best for you, love you. xx

dramagneto: Jess my favorite girl from the Netherlands! I hope you are okay ? We haven’t texted for a few weeks but I really hope you’re doing great. Your support during the last 8 months meant a lot to me and I’m so glad that I have you. I hope you’re doing well with University and that everything’s alright - we really should talk more again! You mean a lot to me, you really do. You’re so beautiful, inside and outside and I’m so glad that I can still call you my friend. AND HEY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY IN TWO DAYS! I was confused shortly because you changed your URL and I was so scared that I wouldn’t find you again :’D But hey, here you are :) I really hope we can meet someday :) Take care love, love you very much xx



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USWNT v France game notes

  • The look on Lloyd’s face when I said Broon was captain today lol
  • Solo is so scary that her glance alone scared off Le Sommer from a surefire goal
  • Btw have you seen the new USWNT kits? Utter shite. Doubt even Ali Krieger can save these.
  • Accidentally referred to Alex Morgan as Fernando Torres for some reason.
  • Dawn Scott is loving this first half. France have the ball 90% of the time and our girls keep chasing them around. Great for our cardio.
  • Hope Solo is actually earning her game cheque today, what a rare sight to see.
  • I’m not saying I’m not happy with our free kicks, but I did try to call Holiday out of retirement during halftime.
  • Remember in the World Cup how we didn’t have to play France? Good times.
  • “Play Ashlyn!” they said. “No, Ali.” I said.
  • Carli Lloyd not Ballon D’or material??? Well no one got closer to scoring on Hope Solo than she did.
  • Surprised France hasn’t scored. Kling is still in there and everything.
  • We have 2 Ballon D’or finalists in our attack, so of course a 17 year old kid is our best attacker.
  • Wait is France making subs??? We can make subs?!?! Oh crap– dammit ladies, start warming up!!!
  • Kelley doesn’t need to be in this game anymore & I got an empty seat next to me :) 
  • Weather the storm of a strong France team that attacks and attacks over and over again and controls the ball with ease and wait until they slow down more and more over the course of 90 minutes & then BAM! Torres Alex Morgan goal! Just as I drew it up. 

After living for 2 years in Ireland, voilà, I am back in France. 

I am so grateful ! I had the best time there, great experiences and above all, I made such good friends…

These are the Good Bye cards that I gave them, I will miss them so much, but I know we’ll see each other again very soon ! :)

A new adventure is about to begin and I can’t wait !

i don't care about soccer
  • My house smells like onions and bacon. Good lord it’s good.
  • I’m watching “Hannibal” (season 2, episode 2), and oh my god! Gillian Anderson is such a babe. Can I be her when I grow up?
  • Today went way too quickly, but I did take a killer nap and I read.
  • I started “Cuckoo’s Calling,” (finally) and it’s good so far. It’s also giving me the itch to read the Harry Potter books again soon. It’s been about … a year?
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, I’m getting an HP tattoo soon. Dork cred, where you at?
  • Season two of “Orange is the New Black"was fantastic, as expected. The worst part of watching all the episodes in one weekend is how long we’ll have to wait for the next season.
  • Scott is at his first CrossFit class. Baby is growing up.
  • Remind me to start drinking more water. Seriously.
  • The Tour de France starts soonish, and I’m REALLY EXCITED.

Hey taylorswift

you probably already know this but I just want to say thank you again because you are the reason so many people meet and become friends. 

longlivethemagicwemadetayy and me are the perfect example for that!

We met over Twitter one and a half years ago and we’ve become so close friends since then. 

We already had so much time in the short time we had. We laugh, cry and fangirl togehter. We even went on holidays in France and had the best time ever. This is just one example of the many friendships you’ve created in this fandom. 

Thank you so much for this!

We can’t wait to see you on tour together in Cologne next year! It’ll be the first concert we’ll be at together! SO EXCITING!