wait five days and they will all be alcoholic

Be More Chill Whump Week

Hello, all!  As we haven’t seen any Whump Weeks for BMC, the mods and I decided to make one!  


What is this?

Well, it’s a week centered around hurting the characters from the musical adaptation of Be More Chill.  It’s a lot like Voltron Whump Week and Voltron Whumpmas as well as Whump Weeks from many other fandoms, but it’s for BMC and BMC only.

When is this?

The event is scheduled to take place from January 22 until January 29.  Of course, we will still reblog content from the week for about a week after the 29th, but after that, this account will most likely become dormant.

What is whump?

Whump, according to Urban Dictionary, is a fandom term to describe mental and/or physical pain or abuse put upon a character.  

How do I put my content on the mods’ radar? 

Well, it’s simple.  You can tag this blog (@bmcwhumpweek2018) or put “bmcwhumpweek” or “bmcwhumpweek2018″ in the tags of your post.

If you prefer to stay anonymous, please submit your work to this blog.

What kind of content are you looking for?

You can create fanart, fanfiction, both, or something else.  Posts can be nsfw if you create them (though it’s a tad bit weird for us since they’re highschoolers… but you do you).  Content does not need to be a particular word count, it doesn’t have to be professional.  It can be a few days late, too, or you can skip a day if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

What are the themes?

Day One: Cold

Day Two: Emeto

Day Three: Injury (broken bone, head injury, etc.)

Day Four: Mental Illness

Day Five: Intoxication (alcohol poisoning, getting hurt while intoxicated, etc) 

Day Six: Allergic Reaction

Day Seven: Infection

Day Eight: Free day!

But wait, I still have more questions!

Please, feel free to contact one of the mods or all of us







Because he owns my soul that’s why

  • The strong, silent type
  • Which is why when he starts talking, his lackeys better fucking listen
  • He runs everything from his desk in HQ
  • He keeps all his info electronic
  • Laptop, desktop, external hard drives, flash drives, it’s all there
  • That way, if things go pear-shaped, he can just delete the files and empty the recycle bin
  • It’s much easier than burning individual sheets of paper
  • He’s eco-friendly like that
  • He really doesn’t talk to his goons much
  • If they hear his voice, it’s usually either because he’s about to kill them or he’s about to promote them
  • Everyone always assumes it’s the former and nearly shit their pants whenever he so much as opens his mouth
  • His organization has their own form of sign language
  • “What should we do with him, boss?”
  • A zipping lip motion across the mouth means “sew/staple his fucking mouth shut”
  • A locking the mouth motion and throwing away the key means “cut out his tongue”
  • A shrug and a smirk means “whatever you sadistic bastards want. Go nuts”
  • If you’re the recipient of the third option, don’t even bother hoping for mercy
  • He’s cold and cruel, and his underlings are even more so
  • His organization’s territory is huge; rumors say it spans the space of a country
  • He’s the king of the underground and he fucking loves it
  • And if there’s any rule in the king’s castle, it’s to never ever disrespect the queen
  • There’s a rumor that’s been flying around the organization since it was a budding little gang
  • Says that once, a newbie tripped and spilled wine on you at a party celebrating some newly gained territory
  • The poor kid– that’s what the rumors call him, since no one knew his name– was never seen again
  • The organization specializes in the arms and drugs trade, with a hot night  club as a cover
  • You man the bar and act as an information broker, getting members of rivaling groups drunk on the brink of alcohol poisoning and letting them spill everything out, secretly recording everything they say
  • On those nights, you have at least five men with their eyes on you at all times, keeping an eye out for any real threats
  • It’s rare that anything serious does go down, but when they do, you’re dragged out of the club and into a car out back where Wonwoo is already waiting for you
  • He checks you over as you drive off and dismisses your concern for his men with a quick, “They’ll be fine. Are you okay?”
  • Within a day, the two of you are in a completely different part of the country, in some hotel controlled by his group 
  • He’ll be typing away at his laptop, planning out his next move, and you’ll be there with him, making sure he’s eating and sleeping properly
  • Other than that, you’ll be staring out the window, wondering when it’d be safe to go outside again
  • Knowing how much you hated being locked in like a caged bird, he’d kiss your hand in apology and say, “Just a little bit longer, darling.”
An advantageous case of autocorrect

SummaryGreat. Do you want to eat me out after picking me up? Marcus nearly drops his phone. She can’t be serious. He doesn’t know how long he keeps staring at this screen, but it soon lights up with another text. Marcus? Hello?! With shaky fingers, he types a reply. Uhm. Are you sure? Abby immediately responds. Of course, I’m sure. It would be much easier than doing it myself. Not to mention more pleasurable. AKA Abby accidentally messing up a text and Marcus freaks out about it.

Honestly I have no idea where this idea came from. Special thanks to @zoemorgans  for making sure it wasn’t complete nonsense, and to @blizzaurus and @ultrahotpink for well being themselves!

Entering his office, Marcus turns on the light and just as he’s about to take his coat off, his phone pings, alerting him of a text.

Whiskey or scotch?

Chuckling, he sits down as he reads the text. After taking a sip of coffee, he promptly replies.

A bit early for a drink don’t you think? It’s not even 10 am.

He has barely sent the text when a new message appears.

I’m not talking about right now you idiot. I was referring to our camping trip.

With a smirk playing around his lips Marcus wastes no time in typing a reply.

Drinking while being surrounded by teenagers? I am appalled. What would principal Jaha think or say? That’s not proper conduct for a member of the school board.

At her responding text, he can’t help but laugh out loud.

I don’t give a damn about Jaha. If I’m going to be hauled up with a bunch of teenagers for five days I’m going to need some alcohol. So scotch or whiskey Kane? Reply within the next minute or the bottle’s all mine, whatever I choose.

After taking another sip of his coffee, Marcus types back.

Uhm, I think you mean a bunch of teenagers and yours truly, thank you very much. I’m pretty sure I can’t be described as a ‘teenager’. And whiskey please.

He has to wait a couple of seconds, but soon enough his screen lights up.

Sorry, someone came into my office with a question about one of my new patients. Consider the whiskey added to the list. And you’re right by the way. Teenager is definitely not the word I’d use to describe you :D

His brows furrowed, Marcus rereads the text. Was she flirting with him? He quickly shakes his head. No, that’s absurd. Although – before he can change his mind, he sends a new message.

Oh? And how would you describe me doctor Griffin?

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When I was thirteen, I had this
perfect image of myself at seventeen:
Sneaking out at midnight to meet the boy of my dreams,
getting drunk and waking up at
my best friend’s house,
taking the car and driving until dawn…
A life filled with adventure
and excitement
Instead I wake up, I dress up
Aware of my reflection
the dark bags under my eyes after a sleepless night spent studying.
And I work hard to meet the expectations
high school and society
have set.
Play by the rule,
Keep the mask on.
And I spend hours,
confined between walls, that if capable of speaking,
would spill our darkest secrets.
the late night discussions
the music obsessions
and the whispered confessions

And every night I lay there,
thinking of the light I once had in my eyes,
and the hopes in my heart.
I used to kick and shout to avoid the bath,
but now
not one day goes by without me closing my eyes,
and waiting for the water to
wash everything away
I used to fight my brother for five minutes of my mother’s attention
but now
all I do is avert my eyes
knowing she is the only one who can really see what I’ve become

Because parties have turned into a habbit
Cigarettes and alcohol, like close friends,
make me laugh and forget
The Vodka burns my throat
and with it my darkest thoughts
The music blasts from the speaker,
threatens my ears,
and shut that door.
I lose myself to the lyrics
and understand the words as they become
my story
I am happy
we all are.

I realize we are the poisoned youth.
Our generation is full of unreachable expectations, fake smiles ans stupid pride.
We are happy ans sad
Outgoing yet shy
We want many things bur settle for

—  my english poem
Happy Without Me

Chapter Ten – They Don’t Know You Like I Do

A/N – Yes, it’s angsty but I promise it’s necessary. Keep the faith.

Summary: Sure, everyone says long distance doesn’t work. But if anyone was gonna make it work it was supposed to be them. They’ve always beat the odds – until now. Now, Amy is just walking away like they don’t have two decades worth of history. Karma doesn’t know why Amy made so many promises when she wasn’t going to follow through with any of them.

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