wait does this count as laura

Day 3: ‘you were the cashier giving me weird looks when i bought a ton of ugly christmas jumpers so i told you they were for my grandma but you happened to be at a party i wore one to and you saw me au‘

Laura was rather proud of her Christmas sweater collection. But every year some got stained, or ripped, and she needed to replace them. She wore one every day until Christmas, and Laura wasn’t ashamed to admit it. 

Well, usually, anyway.

Laura scanned the registers at. There were a few open, but she was looking for one in particular. She’d been working there for a few months, and whenever Laura got the chance, she’d get checked out by her. In more ways than one.

Of course, she only went to her because she was fast. Not because she enjoyed the flirting or anything.

“Well, good morning cutie,” she said; she ran a hand through her hair, moving dark bangs out of her eyes so she could get a better look at Laura. “You’re here early.”

“I’m throwing a party later for my friends and I’m just getting some last minute things,” Laura said, smiling and putting her stuff on the conveyor belt. Carmilla nodded and started scanning snacks.

“Small world. So am I. My friend is letting me go as a plus one.”

“Really? That’s cool.”

She shrugged. “Eh. It’s more their idea than mine. Apparently I need to socialize more or something.”

“I don’t know, you seem pretty good at it,” Laura answered, then blushed a little. The checkout girl smiled.

“Most girls think so,” she said, raising an eyebrow, “But they seem to think I’m an ‘asshole.’ Eh. Probably right. But, hey–”

She stopped when she got to the first of the Christmas sweaters. Laura pouted when she stifled a laugh.


“Nothing. Just,” the checkout girl held up a sweater with a big, smiling elf on it. “Didn’t know you were into this.” She looked at the rest of the sweaters still waiting to be checked out. “Very into this, apparently.”

Usually Laura would have admitted they were hers. But, well…checkout girl was hot. And maybe sort of flirting with her? Laura didn’t want to ruin it.

“They’re for my grandma,” Laura blurted out.

Her grandparents had all died by the time Laura was twelve.

“Grandma, huh?”

“Totally. Good old grandma Marjorie–”

Neither of her grandmothers were named Marjorie.

“–Yep, she loves sitting on her porch with a cup of eggnog wearing her sweaters.”

And, for some reason, Laura couldn’t stop.

“Right,” checkout girl answered, clearly not paying anymore attention as she rang up all of the stuff, “Have fun at your party, cutie.”

“Um, you too.”

She grabbed her bags and walked out as fast as she could.

“Laura, this is your best Christmas party yet!” Perry exclaimed, “Especially the refreshments.”

Laura smiled. “Perry, that’s because you started baking when you got here.”

“Well, this new recipe I tried works,” Perry answered, “Besides, we all know you’re not the best cook, dear.”

That’s true,” Danny said, walking up behind Laura with a grin. Laura huffed.

“Wow, really nice guys,” Laura answered, “Hey Perry, when is LaFontaine showing up?”

“Soon. They had to pick a friend up first.”


“I don’t know her well. But they were friends in high school.”

“Well, it’s not like they’re missing out,” Danny answered, wrinkling her nose “Unless they wanted to see Kirsch try and chug the entire bowl of eggnog in under a minute.”

“Wait, wait–KIRSCH!”

Kirsch startled, dropping the bowl he had been tilting above his mouth, contents spilling on the floor. “Sorry bro, I’ll clean it up!”

“Who told him to do that?” Laura asked, looking around. She saw Danny’s guilty expression. “You of all people?”

“He bet me ten bucks and I knew he’d never do it,” Danny mumbled. Kirsch glared at her.

Nuh-uh D-Bear, this does not count, I dropped it before I could finish!”


Laura stopped when she heard the front door open and a cheery, “Merry Christmas to all! Or, like, week before Christmas. Point is I’m here.”

“Hey, LaF!” Laura explained, walking into the front hallway, where they stood in the doorway.

And Laura froze.

Hot checkout girl.

“Hey, Hollis. This is my friend Carmilla. We were on the Mathlete Team in high school. Met to catch up a few days ago and thought she needed to get out more. Carmilla, this is my friend Laura.”

Carmilla looked surprised for a moment before stifling a laugh. “Nice to meet you, stranger.”


LaFontaine spotted Perry and waved, walking off to meet her. As they stared at each other, Carmilla slowly walked toward Laura.

“So,” Carmilla said, smirking, “Your grandma’s, huh?”

She pointed at Laura’s sweater with a large picture of a grinning polar bear.

“Okay. So I might have wanted to wear a few. As in all of them.”

“You have a collection of Christmas sweaters?”

Laura crossed her arms. “You were a mathlete in high school?”

This time, Carmilla did laugh. “Touche, cutie. But do you really have any right to be so surprised? You didn’t even know my name until a minute ago.”

“We could change that?” Laura asked hopefully. Carmilla looked like she was mulling it over.

“Will there be alcohol?”

“Sure. You like to drink?”

“Not that often,” Carmilla followed Laura back into the kitchen, “But I’ll need some if I’m going to be looking at that sweater all night.”

Laura rolled her eyes and shoved her playfully.